This is a story of two brothers whose bond held even though they found different directions for their lives and the struggle for one through puberty, sexual choices and the friends they influenced along the way and the love of family that made it possible. This story has an agenda that is to help understand the meaning of choices and the roll family plays in our lives. I hope you enjoy it. If you do let me know.

The Twins and Friends

My brother and I were born 13 years and 3 months ago which makes us just barely 13 years old. We have auburn hair and sky blue eyes and are 5’5” and weigh approximately 112 pounds. We are one of just a few hundred twins in the world that were born from a single egg. This means our DNA is exactly the same in every respect. We are so identical only our parents can tell us apart and even they have trouble at times. Because of this problem we have our initials on every shirt we own. The oddity of our birth also created a bond between us so strong we often know what the other is thinking or going to do. The medical profession calls it telepathic dependency, what ever that means. We love each other dearly and no one dare come between us. For some reason my brother chose me to be in charge of our private world. Neither of us is sure why it just is. I was born just a few minutes before my brother so maybe that had something to do with it. In any event Jas said he liked it that way.

We had slept in the same bed since we were born but we each had our own rooms we could use when we felt the need for privacy. Everywhere we go we are stared at and people whisper as we pass so we stay away from crowds as much as possible. Our oddity has been difficult on our parents at times but they love us and support no matter what comes there way because of their unusual sons. There had been many writings in several book and publications but our parents never allowed us to be interviewed. There were those in the sciences who wanted to prod and test us but our dad would have none of that. Dad did once place us in separate rooms and ask each of us where the other was. We both gave correct answers. It only happened once and he never quizzed us again. We would have never made it this far in life without their continually help and loving understanding. Our mother named us Jeremy and Jason. To each other it’s Jer and Jas but no one else is allowed to call us that, not even mom or dad. It was something private just between us, something the outside world wasn’t allowed to use. Our father is a well known heart surgeon and is known for his work with children. Our Mother is a Dietitian but she thought it best to put her career on hold in order to take care of he unusual children. We live in Bolder, Colorado and attend a private school for gifted children.

It was early Saturday morning in late May just after school let out. As he woke Jas leaned over and kissed me on my cheek.

Good morning Jas and thanks for the wake up.

I always wake you that way.

Yes I know but I don’t always tell you how much I like it.

You don’t have to tell me I already know how much you care.

Yes but don’t you think it’s nice to be told once in a while?

Yeah I do like to hear it.

I rolled over and took Jason into my arms and gave him a big hug.

Jer, just think we have almost the entire summer to ourselves. We need to make some plans.

Okay but let’s just take a few days and do nothing but what comes to our minds.

Sounds good to me.

I pulled the sheet back and crawled out of bed and looked back to take in Jer’s beautiful smile. Even though we were identical for some reason he looked much better than me looking in the mirror.

Jer got up and we went to our shower. Our ritual was he washed me and I washed him. It had been that way ever since we were old enough to take showers.

We got dressed and went down stairs where mom had breakfast ready. She was a smart one she new when the shower started just about how long it be before we came down so breakfast was always ready.

Good morning mother. (we spoke in unison)

Good morning boys and what are we up to now that school is out?

Jer suggested we just do what comes to our minds for the first few days.

That sound like a good plan to me.

We ate breakfast and headed outside. It was a beautiful day so we got on our bikes and rode down to the recreation center for boys that was part of the gated area we lived in. Bob Gnat was the centers director for our private compound met us and said there was going to be a boys swimming team this summer and wanted to know if we would like to be part of it. We were now older and more confident with how the outside world looked at us so we told him we would. He said practice was at 2 pm and to be sure and bring back the permission slips he gave us.

We had always shied away from team activities previously because we felt uncomfortable, like we were on display. We now felt we needed to give it a try.

Jas I think this may be fun.

I hope so. We need to get more use to other kids outside our school.

We went home and worked in our wood shop. Dad had taught us a lot about wood working and we knew what electric tools we were allowed to use. They were the one’s our dad had taught us to use. He made sure they had all the protective devices on them available. We had been working on an oak chest of drawers for some time and it was nearing completion. When it was finished dad told us he knew of a family that could really use it. We both like the idea.

Mom called us to lunch on the intercom so we cleaned up the tools and went to the house.

When we finished we told ask mom to sign the release paper for swimming. She did so with a smile on her face.

I’m glad you two are going to meet other kids your age.

Yeah Jer and I hope it works out.

We got on our bikes and rode to the rec center. When we arrived there were 9 other boys our age there. The coach said only 6 could be on competing teams so we would have trials. We were all introduced to each other but we could tell they were confused about us. I ask the coach if I could talk to everyone in a group. He said fine and I stepped out in front of the group.

Listen guys I know my brother and I are something you are not use to seeing. We are identical twins and everyone has a problem identifying us. I took the small can of grease paint I had in my hand and rubbed a black circle about the size of a nickel on my forehead and said the black means Jason. They all clapped their hands. It looked like things just might work out. The coach came to me.

Good Job Jeremy. I am sure glad you did that because I was getting concerned how this was going to work. Only one thing.

What’s that coach?

I need to put the same mark on the back of your neck so I can tell who you are in the pool.

That’s fine with me.

He took the can and put a circle on the back of my neck.

Okay boys lets get started.

We all swam three times under a clock and when we were finished he called the names that made the team. Jas and I both made the cut. We were elated. Those of us who made it practiced against each other for a couple hours.

Dad was home when we arrived. We were so excited we both were talking at the same time.

Hold it boys one at a time.

Sorry dad. Jer and I just made the Arlington swim team.

Oh that is great. I am so glad you two are going to start mixing with other kids your age.

We decided it was time. We figure we are old enough to handle all the questions.

You don’t know how happy that makes your mother and me.

He hugged us both at the same time and kissed us on top of our heads. We need to talk

after dinner, there are some things we need to discuss.

Okay dad. (we spoke in unison)

When dinner was finished we went to the den and sat down.

Boys you are old enough for me to cover some facts of life you need to know now that you are into puberty. First you two have been sleeping together all your lives. I’m going to use simple words so there is no misunderstanding. If you two are having oral sex or in simple terms sucking each other your mother and I understand. It’s Normal for you’re your age to experiment and help relieve each other. If it goes farther than that you need to know the social and physical consequences. I have a book for you two to read about what being heterosexual, gay or bisexual is like and what social consequences are involves. When you have red it we will talk again. At this pint you are probably too young to make any determination on your sexual preferences. Am I right to assume are you into oral sex?

Jas and I have been for a short time.

We I am very glad you waited and most of all felt like you could talk to me abut sexual matters. He went on to show us a chart of the male body. He told us what to do and how to do oral sex so no one got hurt. He explained all the functions of the male reproductive system and how it worked. He said his intent was not to encourage us in any direction but it make sure we were well informed about the male body. He continued on to explain the same about the female system telling us about such things as pleasure zones. When he finished we had learned a great deal of information other kids our age would never be told due to parental ignorance, religious beliefs or both.

Thanks dad. You have given us a lot to think about. After your talk I now realize there is a lot of miss information out there. This has been a tremendous help.

I hope it has Jason. There is nothing worse than the unknown or the misinformed.

Yeah dad that goes for me to. Thanks for the info.

We got up and kissed our dad and he gave us both a big hug. Knowing you are loved and understood by your parents gives you a warm and safe feeling.

We went up stairs to our area. When our house was built our dad had us a suite built with a bedroom on each side of a large study and separate game room with a mini kitchen so we could entertain as we got older. Our rooms were connected through the study. Jas seldom used his room.

Jas and I don’t care about the rest of the world. We only care about our world. The rest of the world thinks were are a side show anyway.

In the past several months we had learned to take care of each others sexual needs so as we undressed and slipped into bed. I reached down and pushed Jas’s leg over, moved down kissed and licked the inside of his leg next to his balls. It always drove him bonkers. While he squirmed and whimpered his penis became hard as usual and I took it into my mouth and sucked and tongued the end of his slit until he moaned and climaxed. For the first time he had let a couple drops of precum dribble into my mouth. I didn’t say anything but it tasted just like him. We fell asleep with my head lying next to his boyhood.

The next morning he woke me with kiss on the cheek

Good morning Jer.

I like what you did for me last night. It felt a little different, like something was going through me.

Yeah you beat me. I tasted you precum for the first time and it taste just like you.

You mean it? I really put liquid in your mouth.

Yeah you did.

Let me do you and see if you can do the same.

He took me into his mouth and I instantly became hard. He sucked and ran his tongue across my slit until I climaxed.

Don’t worry Jer it will happen soon.

I know it will. When something changes in one of us the other is always right behind.

I always loved how innocent and sweet Jas was. From my first remembrance he had been sweet, gentle and always accommodating me in my childish whims. His thoughts always placed me first.

We showered and went down for breakfast. Mom kissed us both as we came in.

Good morning mother (in unison)

Good morning boys. Swimming practice this morning?

Yes mam. We need to be there in 30 minutes. We are our breakfast and went to the pool. When we arrived we headed for the locker and shower area to get changed. Just as we finished undressing Randy Philips one of our team mates came in. He stood there just staring at us and then finally broke his stare.

Man you guys please forgive me I didn’t mean to stare at you I have never done that before I’m embarrassed.

Its okay Randy Jason and I are use to being stared at although not in the nude.

No it’s not alright. A guy has no business staring at his team mates when they are naked. I just have never seen bodies as good as yours. I’m sorry I will quit talking before I get my self in real trouble.

There is no trouble Randy. There is nothing wrong with a boy thinking another boy looks good. Most of us do it but will never admit it. We appreciate your honesty and thanks for the complement.

Oh geeze I thought I had really put my foot in it this time. Thanks for being so nice about it.

You worry too much Randy.

As we slowly got on our swinging trunks Rand finished undressing.



You look pretty darn good yourself.

Thanks Jeremy for making me feel better.

I wasn’t trying to make you feel better I was be honest, you do look good. Maybe talking over lunch would help us get to know you better. Will you join us after practice?

Yeah I would like that. I just have to call home and let Jana know.

Okay lunch it is.

The practice went well and we both were feeling good about our decision to be part of the team. We practiced for the usual two hours and went to the showers. When we finished we got our bikes and Randy rode home with us. I had called mom before we started practice to tell her were bringing company for lunch. When we arrive mom had prepared a fancy table setting on the patio by the pool. There was ham, cheese and all sorts of cold cuts along with a frozen desert.

Mom this is Randy Philips.

I’m very pleased to meet you Randy.

Thank you mam. The table setting and food look great.

Why thank you Randy. Most boys don’t notice table settings, I like your manners. I’ll leave you boys to enjoy your lunch.

Thanks mom.

Yeah thanks mom.

We ate our lunch, talked and generally got to know Randy better. He seemed like a lonely kid and tried his best to be polite. His mother and Dad were both professionals and worked long hours so he only had Jena there mother’s helper to be with most of the time. When we finished.

Randy would you like to go to our room and play some video games or open the internet.

That would great.

We went to our room and showed Randy everything we had in the way of electronic gadgetry.

I like your rooms. The play room is great and the study is a reflection of you guys, it seems to fit your personalities. There is one thing I would like to ask, If it is to personal just say so. I only see one bed, do you guys sleep together?

Jas’s bed room is on the other side of our study but to answer your question yes Jas and I have slept together since birth.

Boy that must be nice to have a brother to sleep with on cold nights.

Randy the nights don’t have to be cold and it doesn’t have to be a brother.

He gave me a look of complete fright.

Randy I would like to ask you a question that you also may chose not to answer.

Do you like boys?

This is terrible, am I that obvious.

No we are just about as observant as you but not quite.

Oh god, please don’t tell anyone or my parents would die.

We never gossip Randy. If you want something to stay between us just say so and it shall never be spoken of. Believe me we know how hard it is to keep a private life.

Yeah I’ll bet you do. I’ve seen several unauthorized articles about you two.

I don’t have what you would call real friends. They are just people I know.

Well I think I can speak for both Jer and I. We would like to have you for a friend.

Yeah Randy that definitely goes for me also.

Thanks guys I really would like that.

We played several video games by then it was get near dinner time.

Randy would you like to have dinner with Jas and me and we very much would like you to stay the night.

We I know my parents are seldom home for dinner. I will have to call Jana and give her all the details.

He pulled out his cell and call Jana. I’m sorry if you have dinner ready but I’m going to stay.

Sorry you guys Jana still thinks I’m a little kid and tries to be my mother to much. She is real good to me but can’t understand I am getting older. I’ll call my mom later on her cell and tell he about the overnight.

I called down on the intercom and told mom we were having Randy for dinner and he was staying the night. She said she would have Stacy prepare a room for him.

I really want to thank you guys, I have never stayed at anyone’s house for the night.

Neither of us has had anyone stay overnight either so it’s a first for all of us. Let’s enjoy it.

Jer we better let Stacy know which room to put him in.

Who is Stacy?

She is our mother’s helper. She is a great lady.

Jer why don’t you call her on the intercom and tell her to put him in the room next to ours.

Oh I forgot I didn’t bring anything to sleep in or a change of clothes.

Not a problem just look at us, we are all the same side. You can ware some of ours.

Thanks, I don’t know what to say. I have never been treated by other kids like this.

Say nothing you’re at our home now.

Thanks Jer.

Uh Randy I don’t want to sound like a snob or anything but due to our unusual birth we have had very little to call private between us so the names Jer and Jas are our pet names that only we use. Our parents don’t even use them.

Oh god, I’m sorry I had no idea.

It’s not a problem you didn’t know.

I think that’s great you two found a way to have something just for you. I can respect that.

We went to dinner and he met our dad who immediately liked him. The dinner conversation was guided away from asking Randy personal questions. Our dad says that’s the best and most polite way to make a recent acquaintance fell comfortable.

When we finished we excused ourselves and went to our quarters.

We played X-Box and a couple other games and by then it was 11 pm. So we decided to go to bed.

We pulled some nice clothes together for Randy to ware the next day and gave them to him.

How bout some Pajamas, boxers or what ever to wear to bed.

Oh sorry Randy we don’t wear anything to bed so I didn’t think of it.

You sleep nude?

Yes Jas and I have since we were out of diapers.

Boy have I got a lot to learn.

I know it would be nice to have someone to sleep with but to be nude also. You guys have a haven in you own rooms.

If it’s okay with Jas why don’t you sleep with us tonight? No pajamas required.

You would really let me sleep with you guys and in the nude?

Like I said if it’s okay with Jas.

It’s fine with me.

We all undressed and crawled into our king bed.

Randy why don’t you get on the outside and I’ll get in the middle with Jas on the other side.

Geeze this feels funny without clothes of any kind.

Yeah I can tell by the tent you just erected over there.

Oh man how embarrassing.

Getting a stiff dick is nothing to be ashamed of Randy.

Yeah but I’m in you guys bed.

If you want I’ll work on lowering your tent.

Now I know you’re playing with me.

I haven’t yet but I would like to. Seriously have you ever been sucked off?


Well then would you like to.

Yes but.

No butts I only do cocks.

With that I removed the sheet covering us and moved down and told his well over 4” hard cock in my mouth. I ran my tongue across his slit and sucked him but he didn’t last long. He raised himself with his back arched high and groaned as he reached his dry orgasm.

Oh man I can’t believe what how much has happed today. I done more today than all of last year. I feel like my dick just went to heaven.

As he talked Jas and I were laughing our heads off.

When all was quiet.

You guys don’t know how much today has meant to me. My social life has been non existent. I go to a private school that is full of old money and they look down at me as a misfit. They only speak to me in passing.

What you really need Randy is a good friend.

Aren’t you and Jason going to be my friends?

Of course we are. That’s not the kind of friend I’m talking about.

Let’s face it you are inclined to look at boys for your sexual fantasies. What you need is a boyfriend to share your feelings with.

Yeah I’m pretty sure you’re right but how can that ever happen. First I have to find someone, which I consider impossible and then that someone would have to be as secretive as I will need to be. The worst part is he would have to live in our compound and there aren’t very many of us our age living here. I just don’t see anything happening until I’m much older and away from home.

There are those out there saying the same thing you are. There is someone and I’m sure you will find him.

I really appreciate what you what you’re saying but I think you are over estimating my chances.

Okay doubting Thomas.

Oh one other thing you guys aren’t identical? I saw the little red hart on Jason’s butt.

Yeah you right mom let him do it when he was 10 because he was mad at me at the time and didn’t want to look just like so to keep him from being so upset mom gave in and let him have a small hart on his little butt. It’s so small I’m suppressed you saw it.

Remember I’m observant.

The next morning we all went to swimming practice. We did or usual two hour routine and hit the showers. When we finished Randy tanked us for the great time and started home.

Jer you see that cute little blond over by the dressing area?


He came to try out but I heard the coach tell him he was to small and light weight and didn’t give him a chance. He’s been here every day every since. He watches us swim and take our showers but I noticed no one really pays him any attention. I guess they just look at him as a kid and pay no attention and go on.

So what are you saying?

First I think it stinks because he wasn’t given a chance to try out. Second he lives just down the street of us. Third I think he’s cute. I’m going over and talk with him and find out more about him. If both of us go I’m afraid he will scare off.

Jer left for home as I walked over very casually toward the kid. He was real cute with blond hair and blue eyes and an appeared to be about 5’tall. His features were small and delicate looking. He had a nice tan, as I approached a beautiful smile came across his face.

Hi I’m Jason Grant.

Hi my name is Chandler Hill but everyone calls me Chad.

I’m pleased to me you and I’m sorry you weren’t allowed to try out for the team?

Oh thanks but I knew my chances were next to nothing. The coach doesn’t have much use for us little guys.

Well you know I have to give your credit for giving it a try. Not just anyone would try knowing their chances were slim. How old are you?

12 ½.

What grade will you be in next year?


You must have skipped at least one grade.

Yeah I skipped 3rd and half a year of the 5th.

You seem to be just between the younger kids and our group

Yeah and there aren’t any in my category. I have my age and my size against me.

Don’t worry about you size you will grow.

Yeah I know but I will never be big it’s in my family genes. My dad is only 5’6”.

You have any plans for this afternoon?

No my parents own a business and I don’t see them until around seven. That’s why they bought in this area so they could feel I was safe with all the security we have. I don’t much like it. It takes an act of congress to get in and I can’t leave without my parent’s permission.

Where do you stay in the day?

We have a live in that looks after me. She’s nice but makes me feel like a little kid.

You want to come to my house for a while.

Sure I’d love to, just let me call Mia on my cell.

After he called we went to my house.

Mom, Jer this is Chad Hill he lives a couple block away.

Hello Chad you sure are a fine looking boy.

Thank you mam.

Hi Chad I’m Jeremy, Jason’s brother.

Yeah I’ve seen you. How in the world can anyone tell you apart?

It’s hard but once you know us well you can pick up small differences in our personalities.

I would probably be an old man before I could pick that up.

Boy’s lunch is ready by the pool.

Gee that’s nice of you Mrs. Philips.

We went to the pool patio and sat down for what turned out to be a very pleasant lunch. Chad could carry on a very adult conversation and had a wide knowledge of a lot of subjects. He and Jas seemed to hit it off real well. As they talked I got up and went to the house, they didn’t notice I had left. They sat there for an hour at least before I left and went to see Randy.

Jana answered the door. Oh I know who you, your all Randy could talk about since he came home from you house. As she spoke Randy came up behind her still wet from the pool.

Well Jana let him in.

Hi Jeremy what a nice surprise. Come on in.

I went in and he showed me the house. It was almost as large as ours. After I had the tour he took me to his room. It was nice and big and reflected his personality. He had a large built in book case full of books of many interest and a small setting area near by. He told me to have a set and pealed off his swim suit.

You look good that way Randy.

Are you making a pass at me? (giggle)

Yeah I might be.

He walked over and sat next to me.

Well if you going to make a pass make it a good one.

I reached over and ran my hand over his well developed for a 13 year old stomach and chest. I rubbed his nipple and he took a deep breath.

I like you Randy and if you want to play around that’s okay by me but you need to know beginning to really like girls. I truly want to be friends because I like you and you’re fun to be with. Playing with each other at our age is okay but I just needed to be fair with you so you wouldn’t think I could be a boyfriend.

I appreciate you telling me. I can’t say I’m not disappointed but I do understand and your friendship means a great deal to me. If I can’t have a boyfriend then can I depend on you to be my friend?

Of course you can. You’re a nice guy and fun to be around.

Mean while back at the Philips home.

Chad you want to go to my room.

Sure I’d like that.

We walked up the stairs to Jeremy and my suite and gave him the 50 cent tour.

Man you guys have great place to get away.

Oh I didn’t show you my room as I took hold of his hand and led him through the study to my room. As we looked I realized we were still holding hands. He had small delicate hands and they felt small in mine. As I showed him around I made no attempt to break our hold. As we walked back into the study he looked at me.

Do you like holding my, I like holding yours.

Yeah I do, you have such small and delicate hands. Chad do you think about boys in a sexual way.

He blushed and shuffled his feet.

Yeah I do sometimes.

I sat down and pulled him to my lap with my arms around him.

We sat there just looking at each other when he suddenly moved his head and kissed me on the cheek.

I’m not just some little dumb kid. I know about sex and love and how sometimes boys love other boys. In the hours we have been together you have treated me like an equal not a little kid. I want you to know I like you very much and want to get to know you even better.

Yeah at first I wasn’t sure, I’m sorry I thought that. You are a bright for your age and I want to know you better also. You know there is only 6 month between us. It’s that not very much.

As he sat on my lap I rubbed his stomach and caressed his face. He moved my arm and took off his shirt.

I like skin to skin don’t you?

Yeah I do.

He had a very nice upper body for his age and size. He told me his dad let him use some light weighs to build his chest and arms. He said he knew he wasn’t old enough to do heavy weights without perhaps doing harm.

Can we undress so I can see you again? I’m not very much to look at against your body though.

Chad your body isn’t what makes you who you are. But Yes I would like to see you also.

So we stood up and he finished undressing and I took off all my clothes.

Not just his hands had fine features but his whole body did. The fine feature didn’t make him look like a little kid or a sissy boy but complemented his equally portioned and well defined body right down to his small feet. His feel was solid and well filled out. To me he was more beautiful than any boy I hand ever seen naked and I had seen at least 14 at our swimming club.

You have a beautiful body Chad. You have nothing to be a shamed of.

Are you just being polite or do you really mean it?

I would never kid you about your looks. I think you have a beautiful body.

That really means a lot to me. I try hard not to feel inferior but sometimes it’s hard.

Listen to me there is nothing inferior about you. You are smart and good looking. Please don’t judge yourself by your size.

Thanks Jason I will try and remember that.

He said he was 4’11’ and weighed 96lbs. He was 16lbs lighter than me and 5” shorter but he was just right for me. As he stood there his cock began to grow and to my surprise it must have been a good 5” hard. It was only about 2 ½” when it had been soft. He was uncircumcised.

Well Chad it is for sure you are big enough where it counts.

As he blushed very red.

Yeah it’s the one thing I do have that is above normal for my size at least when it’s hard.

If you want to lie on my bed I will take care of that for you.

Really! I’ve never done anything like this but I trust you Jason.

The bed was high so I picked him up and lay him down gently and crawled in next to him.

If at any time you are uncomfortable with me doing this just say stop and I will. Okay


I took his small balls in my hand and rolled them as I took his manly cock into my mouth and with my other hand to hold of his cock and pulled the skin down so I could run my tongue over its delicate and sensitive head. To my surprise he held on for at least 5 minutes moaning lowly. When he came it wasn’t dry. He put a small shot of precum in my mouth.

As I lifted my head he was breathing slightly heavy but had a big smile on his face.

How did you like it?

Well I’m not usually at a loss for words. It just felt nothing like I never imagined. I guess I would describe it like candy to a kid the more you get the more you want.

Why didn’t you tell me you could shoot?

What. I shot. I have never done that before.

Well you had a master to work on you.

Yeah well you can master me any day.

He sat up and crawled over and kissed me on the mouth.

Jason I think I care about you very much.

Yeah I think I’m about at the same place.

Your little body gives me chills just looking at it. Your are like ice cream on a hot day. I very much want to keep you around. You think you would be allowed to spend the night.

You really mean it. You want me all night

Yeah by the time I’m through eating you there won’t be anything left to send home.

Oh god what a way to go.

He pulled out his cell phone and was dialing before he quit talking. He called his mother at her office and explained who I was and as it turned out she knew my dad because her work was connected to the medical profession. She was okay with him staying.

I have to go home for some clothes.

No we will find you something for you to wear. I have some I out grew I think will fit you.

Oh do you really have to find me some clothes. I thought you like your ice cream without clothes.

Oh I do but as slow as I would eat you my tongue would be frozen before I finished.

We both laughed and I went to my walk in closet and looked in a bottom drawer and found so clothes I had worn two years ago. He tried them on and they looked go on him.

We sat without our clothes on and played a video game until the call came for dinner.

Jeremy had returned home and was entering the dining room as we came down.

Well Chad your still here.

Yeah and I get to stay all night. Jason invited me.

Oh is that right.

Yeah I get to sleep with him in his room.

Dinner was pleasant as usual and Dad as how Chad how his mother was along with the usual chit chat.

After we finished we excused ourselves and Chad headed up the stairs ahead of me.

Sorry Jer I really like him and want him to stay with me for as long as he will have me.

Jas don’t be sorry I’m happy for you. Besides I think you have felt I was straight.

Yeah I guess I did that’s why I started looking for someone for me because I knew when you found the right girl I would be by myself and you know I don’t operate well without someone to love. You on the other hand can pick up and move on with ease. In a small way I envy you that.

Jas you and I have had a good time together and still can if you want but only if you want. There is the possibility I may be slightly bi but I like girls better. At our age sex is sex until you meet the right person.

I’m sorry Jer but you and I look at relationships differently, I’m a one person guy. We are still brothers and I will always love you but we are changing as we start into puberty. At our age there will be many people in and out of our lives. The most important thing is to keep as many of them as friends as possible as we go through life.

You always were the wise one. You look farther ahead than I do and I’m sure you will be the better for it. I’m happy for you.

I went up to my room to sleep by myself for the first time in 13 years.

As I walked up the stairs to my room to Chad I knew the close bond of 13 years had taken a hard hit and I only hoped we could still be close brothers. Only time would tell.

I thought you got lost.

No I needed to talk with my brother.

Something wrong?

No things are just changing and we needed to air our differences. What I need now is you.

I walked over looking down at his beautiful face I rapped my arms around him a put all my fears and disappointments into a kiss that washed them away. This small little bundle of joy had changed my life for ever, I was in love for the first time in life.

I undressed him and then myself and we rolled into my bed. I kissed and licked his body until I found ever little place that tickled or gave him pleasure. He was so excited and exhausted he was like a rag doll.

Oh god you were right if you had gone on much longer you would have nothing left to lick.

I told you I liked ice cream. Chad flavor only. (he giggled and giggled) Oh he was beautiful.

The next morning Jer and I went to swim practice. Chad had already gone home.

Coach Gnat can I speak with you alone?

Sure Jason, what can I do for you?

Why didn’t you let Chad try out for our team?

Well I wanted to have a team that really stood out. All of you on the team are within a ½” of each other and no more than 5 lbs apart. If by chance Chad made the team we would have been less than what I wanted to present to our challengers.

Just so you will know coach I timed him and he beat 4 out of 6 of us.

Well that’s and interesting piece of information but it is of no consequence because I wouldn’t let him swim.

Thanks coach that’s all I needed.

Where are you going aren’t you going to practice?

No, the next time I practice it will be with another coach.

I walked over and sat on a bench pulled out my cell phone and called my dad as he was off duty today.

Philips here.


Jason what is the matter you voice sounds upset.

I am dad please come to the pool.

In a few minutes my dad arrived with Chad who had come to the house looking for. I handed dad my miniature tape recorder.

Just play it dad it speaks for it’s self.

He turned on my tape player and listened to the entire conversation I had with the coach.

Coach Gnat I need to speak with you.

In a few minutes I have to finish this timing.

Shut of that dam timer and get our ass over here.

The room went silent.

The coach walked over to my dad. Dad handed the tape player to him running. When it finished.

Coach Gnat The tape says it all. As director of the Arlington Country Club Estates I am herby dismissing you. Your services are no longer need or I might add wanted.

He walked over to the intercom that connects the guard house.

This is Doctor Philips, please send a guard to watch Mr. Gnat collect his personal belongings and escort him from the premises and delete his card identification.

Mr. Gnat I despise people like you. I guarantee you I personally will see to it that you never obtain a position at a facility dealing with children and that is a promise.

My dad turned to my team mates who were frozen in their tracks.

Gentlemen please forgive me for my conduct and the use of improper language.

You will have a new coach just as soon as possible.

A huge cheer went up as he finished.

Dad turned to Chad.

Young man you had better get you a pair of red trunks to match the others in this room.

Dad turned back to the now relaxed and chatting boys.

Gentlemen I’m new at this what number should Chad have put on his trunks.

A huge simultaneous cry of “NUMBER ONE” went up from our team mates.

The smile on Chad’s face was one I will never forget. He ran over to me and through his arms around me and planted a kiss on my lips. As we parted I turned to our team mates.

What can I say guys he loves me.

Everyone laughed and went on with their conversations. I don’t think they gave it another thought.

As everyone left dad told them they would get a call from him as soon as the new coach was hired.

Dad received a call from every parent of my team mates thanking him for his decision.

A medical convention of Surgeons was coming up, dad and Chad’s mother were going to attend so we talked his mother into letting him stay with me the three days of the convention. He was at my house when it was decided.

I’ll go home and get some clothes,

You know I have clothes that fit you. Just stay.

Yeah you don’t want me to leave because you will have less time to play with my body.

You’re a smart boy.

We both acted like little kids and giggled our selves into a laughing fit.

Meanwhile back at the Grant home.

Hi Jeremy, I thought you were on a date,

Yeah I was, I took her home a few minutes ago

Well how did it go?

Okay I guess. She is real nice but making out almost made me mess my shorts.

Well let’s go to my room. I think you came for service work didn’t you.

Yeah I guess but I feel like I’m taking advantage of you. We can just talk.

I know you to well. You’re the kind of guy that if he doesn’t get relief it hurts in you balls doesn’t it?

Yeah it does but a hand job can cure that.

Look didn’t we agree it would be alright for us to take care of our mutual needs.

Yeah we did.

Okay then get undressed. I’m in need also.

They both undressed and lay on the bed.

Here is some lube you can do me.

Oh that’s not fair and that’s not what I came for. I can’t screw you because I’m horny over a girl.

I didn’t ask you to. I just need more than sucking.

I’ve never fucked anyone before!

I know but I want you to be the first.

Rand took hold of Jeremy’s cock and covered it with lube and the rolled over and dropped his legs off the side of the bed with his butt showing.

With this high bed you should line right up.

Jeremy stood up and placed his cock at Randy’s hole and began to push. Rand groaned in pain but Jeremy kept on pushing hard until he was in.

You know you could have gone slowly, that really hurts.

Jeremy just kept on fucking him with each stroke getting faster until he shot in him repeatedly.

Randy was crying softly in pain.

Through his tears.

You crazy mother you hurt me.

Jeremy rolled him over and pulled him into a hug.

Oh god I am so sorry I must be going nuts I just couldn’t stop. Can you ever forgive me?

My emotions have been driving me crazy for days. I feel like I can’t control myself.

Ok, Ok take it easy you didn’t ruin me.

No it’s not okay. I better leave before I do something else crazy.

Look Jeremy you know how I feel about you. There is no damage. Just quiet down and lets see if we can work this out.

I have read a lot about being a very young bisexual. What you are going through is very much what was explained in my book. Frustration, fits of anger, guilt and I bet you aren’t sleeping well either.

Yeah guilt to all the above.

Jeremy let’s work this out. I love you and am willing to share you with a girl if necessary.

Your really would wouldn’t you. I have been so stupid and the worst part is I hurt you. That’s not me I don’t do things like that, but I just did.

Jeremy can we just forget the last 30 minutes and start over.

I’ll try, and I think you are right I could be bisexual.

Just remember Jeremy you can go either way or you can go with only one. But going both ways will be the hardest and will cause more conflict and pain. Just give it time until you figure it our. I will be here for you either way.

Can I just spend the night with you?

You already know the answer to that question. Call home and let them know.

Mean while back at the Jason’s home.

Chad, roll over hear and lay on my stomach.

He lifted himself on me and laid his head on my chest which placed his cock just below mine. I started rubbing his back and but cheeks with lotion.

Oh if you only knew how good that feels.

I don’t mind as long as I have you on me.



Have you ever thought about being in me?

Yeah I have.

You can if you want.

I don’t know Chad.

I do. Please do it for me.

He rolled off me onto his stomach and pulled up his knees so his butt was up in the air.

Some time ago I had purchased a tube of lubricant. I also purchased one of those nozzle extensions with perforated holes in it. I had already screwed the nozzle extension on the lubricant. I had thought about this some time ago and when I decided it was the best and most efficient way to be sure the lubricant got inside when I was ready for it. I always figured I would be the one it was used on.

I returned to the bed and squeezed a little of the lube out the holes so it would go in his butt hole easier. I pressed the nozzle to his butt hole and it slid right in. I squeezed a goodly amount in him and the put some on my cock.

I could see that things weren’t going to line up properly so I roll him over on his back and pulled his body to the side of the bed. I stood up and we lined up perfect. I told him to pull up his legs tight. As he did so I pressed my cock against his little hole and put pressure on it. I was suppressed when it started in very tight but the resistance seemed bearable by the look on his face.

Okay I’m in.

Man I thought it was going to hurt something awful but I only felt a little pain.

How does it feel know?

Like I’m full and satisfied.

Okay I’m going to start fucking you now.

Well it’s about time.

You horny little demon you really do like me in your butt don’t you.

I’ve been wanting this since the first day we meet. Now do me!

I fucked his very tight little hole for a good 10 minutes with both of grinning at each other. He was enjoying it just as much as me. As I shot into him time after time filling his little body with my cum I reached down and pulled him up with me still in him and he wrapped his legs around me and embraced and kissed and then we collapsed on the bed.

How was it?

Jason I love you.

Mean while back at Randy’s home...

Randy had laid Jeremy on his stomach and was rubbing his back and shoulders.

Are you feeling better?

Yeah thanks that feels good. I had no idea I was that tense. You are a good friend Rand, much better than I deserve. Thanks for being here for me and for being so forgiving.

To love is to forgive.

If you let me up I’ll relieve your tension.

You got a deal.

In my selfish pursuit of self indulgence I had had forgotten how beautiful a body Randy had. He was 13 and still as hairless and smooth as a baby.

I laid him on his back and spread his legs apart and lay between them so I could take all his boyhood in my mouth. His balls were still small so I took them also. I sucked and rolled them both while he sucked in his breath. I ran my finger over his hole several times and it could tell he was about to climax so I let off for a few moments and started again. I took him to the brink several times until he said.

Oh god Jeremy please finish me off.

I finished him off as he lay trying to catch his breath.

Am I forgiven for my stupidity?

I told you there is nothing to forgive. I may be young but you can have anything anytime you want it.

Randy you’re the best friend a guy could ask for just bare with me until I figure this out.

What ever it takes as long as it takes I will be here for you.

The next morning Jeremy went home. He went to his room and just sat and thought. He decided he needed to have a talk with his dad. When is father returned home late that afternoon.

Dad can we talk?

Yes son lets go to my office.

Dad I have a problem I can’t seem to deal with.

Okay why don’t you just start from the beginning and tell me about it.

We I’m sure you and mom have noticed me being a real grouch and snapping everyone’s head off. Excuse my language but I have been a real dick head to all my friends and family.

It hadn’t gone unnoticed son.

Well as you know I took out Mandy Peters last night and we had a great time. When I took her home we made out a little. When I left I was so frustrated and I didn’t know why. Then I realized I was sexually stimulated and my groin hurt. In the past when I felt that way Jason and I took care of each other and that always relieved my tension. Jason and I as of a couple days ago no longer do that. He has become very dedicated to Chad and told me he knew it was only a matter of time before I found a girl and that would leave him out. He knew he would always like boys so he found Chad which I told him was a good choice. He’s a great kid.

When I went of Randy’s it was for selfish reasons. I knew he like me a lot so I took advantage of or relationship and had sex with him. I felt just awful but he said it was okay that he would be there for me anytime. I still feel awful and can’t figure out if I like both boys and girls or what. Can you help me?

My dad walked over to where I was setting and put his arms around me and said.

Son you will never know what it means to me that you would come to me about such personal matters particularly at you age when parents are seldom including in your choices.

First let me say you are a Heterosexual. You are confusing your need for sexual relief with the need to be with a boy. Because Rand likes you so much he would do anything you ask and he is without much doubt going to be a homosexual as an adult. You felt an attraction to his feelings about you and because you are such good friends you felt an obligation to that attraction. Randy is a good friend and you don’t want to loose friends gay or straight. They are too hard to come by. First it wouldn’t be fair to him to just use him for your sexual need even though he is very willing. Second if you continue he will still feel he may have a chance to win you over as a boyfriend. That is neither fair nor right.

You have given me a lot to think about dad. I need so time to put the puzzle together.

I have every confidence you will.

I need to go to the library so I will late for dinner.

I’ll drive you.

Thanks dad but I already called Stan at the club and he is taking me in the courtesy car. He’s a real nice guy. He acted just like a chauffeur on my date last night.

Yes he does like to drive that new Lincoln town car we bought.

At the library.

With several books in front of him on sexual choices.

Hi I don’t mean to interrupt you train of thought. I’m Austin Marks.

Hello I’m Jeremy Philips and no you are not interrupting anything. I think I found what I was looking for.

I couldn’t help noticing the material you were researching. I have been doing some of that myself and was hoping we may have something in common.

I’m guessing you are gay.

Yes I am and it has been very difficult coming to a new city.

How old are you.

I’m 14. Are you gay?

No I’m not gay and I’m sure being gay and moving to a new city is tough.

Yes has been real tough. I had a boyfriend before we moved.

We talked for some time and he seemed very intelligent and lonely. He was a nice looking boy about 5’6” and I would guess 125 pounds.

Look I may be stepping out of bounds here but I have a best friend that is gay. He’s 13 and my size. He also is lonely for some companionship. Would you like to meet him?

I don’t want to cause a problem.

There is no problem. I hope I would be doing something good for both of you.

Well I guess I have nothing to loose.

Okay let me call and let him know we are coming.

I don’t have a ride.

Not a problem. I do.

I dialed Stan and told him I need a ride back.

Gee it sounded like you called a limo.

Well I sorta did.

Where do you and this guy I’ going to meet live?

Arlington Country Club.

Whoa, you guys are way out of my league.

You don’t know us. My dad has taught my brother and me that people count not money. I don’t judge people by how much their parents make. Just give us a try we aren’t so bad.

Okay I hope this isn’t a mistake.

Stan arrived with the limo and drove back to Randy’s house.

Jeremy what a surprise, and who is this?

Randy Meet Austin Marks, I think you will find you two have a lot in common.

Well let’s go to my room.

Randy Austin just moved here and had to leave his boyfriend. He’s had a tough time getting acquainted.

Can I leave you two to get acquainted and when Austin is ready to go home Stan will take him.

Austin will you excuse me while I see Jeremy off.

Sure no problem.

Down stairs.

Jeremy what’s going on?

I’m sorry to just barge in with Austin but it seemed the only chance I would have. Randy dad and I had a long talk about my sexuality. He explained a lot of things and I checked out some at the library. I’m not gay and am not going to use you for a sex toy. I just can’t do that to my best friend. Just give the guy a chance you both need someone. Please do it for me.

Hell why not he looks good maybe he’ll taste good. I know you doing it for me. I guess I should thank you.

Friends don’t have to thank friends. I just hope it works for both of you. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Austin I know this is awkward for both of us but let’s just sit down and get to know one another.

Sounds good to me.

How old are you.

I’m 14.

And how many months?


I barley 13 and hairless as a little kid.

That okay with me. I only have a patch about the size of a silver dollar.

Well Austin we could speed up the process if we could see what each other looks like and continue our conversation.

Well I’ve come this far what the heck.

What time do you have to be home?

My curfew is 11.

Well its only 7 now so we have plenty of time.

Would you like me to undress you or do it yourself?

I never had anyone undress me except my mother when I was little.

What kind of a boyfriend did you have?

Shy, we only did a lot of kissing.

Well I sure hope you would like to do more.

Yeah I would.

Then I’ll undress you.

As he undressed him he kissed his shoulders and then down to his nipples.

If you don’t stop that I’ going to blow before you finish.

Randy finished undressing him.

Man I’ll take it just like it is, unwrapped.

You are beautiful. You have mussels I don’t and a six pack. How big is you dick?

It’s almost 6”.

Augh the six pack isn’t very noticeable.

You are much too modest, come on and lay on the bed with me.

So you don’t shoot before you want to I can relive some of the pressure.

You want to suck me?

That’s what I had in mind.

I can’t believe this.

Believe it and roll on your back.

Randy took all his cock he could and stroked it with his hand as he sucked and licked his sensitive uncircumcised head. Poor Austin was going nuts when Randy rubbed his butt hole with his finger. Austin shot so many times it was running out Randy’s mouth and onto the sheet. When he finished he still had a semi erection.

Man how long have you been saving up.

Uh I did a hand job yesterday! Randy I’m not a big talker but that was the best feeling I have ever felt. (long pause) I think your smooth body looks great. I like you and hope we can have a relationship. In time I really hope it’s is more than that.

Austin would you do me a favor.


Would you fuck me with that big cock, I want to feel what its like.

Man are you sure. We just met.

Yeah I’m sure and I know this is not the last meeting is it.

No I want this to last.

Randy lubed Austin’s cock and put some on his butt.

Randy lay on his side and pulled up his legs so Austin could get easy entry. Austin moved behind him and slowly started to push into him. He got in about two inches and asks if he was okay. Randy said he was but to go slow. Austin continued to push slowly until he was buried in him.

Are you okay?

Better than okay!

Austin started slowly pushing in and out almost the full length of is cock and as he did he increased his speed slowly. This went on with Randy moaning for a considerable time. When Austin was about to climax Randy shot two short shot of cum.

They got up and went to the shower where Randy bathed Austin slowly and sensually.

Man Randy where have you been all my life.

I don’t know Austin but I hope I’m in the rest of it. I’ll get you a gate pass tomorrow and a ride anytime you need it.

I only live about a ½ mile from the front gate so I can ride my bike.

Months went by

Randy and Austin became inseparable. They had found what they both had hope for, someone to love.

Doctor Philips had Jeremy’s old bedroom turned into a guest room by remodeling so there were on openings into Jason’s new area. The setting room was enlarged to accommodate his books and a study room was made from part of the old Play room.

The area that was never used over the garage had an opening made at the end of the upstairs hall and Jeremy had a large game room and small galley and bed room built in.

Chad’s parents were told about he and Jason and had already figured it out. Chad was allowed to stay with Jason most of the time as his parents worked such long hours. It saved them a mother’s helper and they knew he was safe and happier than they had seen him since he was a child. The two of them were like rabbits so sex was an every night event. Where you saw one the other was near by. They had found a true bond.

Jason and Jeremy came to understand that their individual needs were different but the love they had created as youngsters lived on. The love of brothers was never broken.

Jeremy continued seeing Mandy and by the end of summer they had consummate their feelings for each other. There were nights she was allowed to stay at the Philips home and the guest room was just a place for her close. Her love and body belonged to Jeremy, in his bed.

Family is forever so love, cherish and communicate you feelings. Its only when you communicate you are understood and with understanding comes the love that creates a family that loves without reservation.

Youth is a fleeting thing, grab hold and live it to the fullest for what you do in your youth is what will sustain you when you are old, no one ever forgets their youth.

The End