Disclaimer: This is a complete work of fiction. It involves one boy teaching another boy about masturbation. It's also the first story I'm posting here.

The Unseen Helper

Hey mom, I'm going to run to the bathroom. Will you hold on to my bag for me?”

Oh sure, just put it in my teeth,” his mom responded sarcastically as she held up her three bags before smiling and saying, “Just throw it in one of my bags.”

Thanks,” Rick responded, slipping the DVD into her bag.

I'll be in the Hallmark shop.”

Okay,” the brunette called over his shoulder as he headed for the bathrooms.

The twelve-year-old didn't really like shopping with his mom, but the mall had been having a lot of trouble with kids, or really teenagers, recently. The mall had finally decided that anyone under eighteen had to be accompanied by an adult. Rick kind of found it offensive, but it wasn't like he actually went to the mall that often anyway. He wouldn't have even gone today if there wasn't a movie he wanted to buy coming out.

Turning down the hallway that led to the bathrooms he noticed an elderly woman standing at the end of the hallway where it split into a T, with the right leading to the men's room and the left to the woman's. It was strange, but he dismissed it without much thought.

As he turned to go into the bathroom, though, she spoke up. “Excuse me, but could you help me out?”

Rick was a bit startled as he tried to get a better look at the old woman. She didn't look crazy or anything and he relaxed a little and smiled, “Maybe - what's the problem?”

She smiled back at him and the wrinkles moved in such a way that made it seem like it was a familiar expression on her face. “My grandson's been in there for a long time and I'm getting worried. Could you see if he's okay?”

What's his name?”

Joshua,” the woman responded.

Sure, I can do that,” Rick responded. He had a little brother and a little sister so he had a vague idea of what might be wrong.

Thank you,” the woman said, sounding relieved.

No problem. I have a little brother so it's no big deal,” he said as he pushed open the door.

Stepping into the bathroom he took it in at a glance. There were five urinals and four stalls, only one of which had a pair of little feet showing from beneath them. They hardly touched the ground and by simple process of elimination he determined this was Joshua.

Walking over to the stall he knocked on the door and said, “Are you Joshua?”

The kid must've been startled because he didn't answer at first, and when he did he sounded clearly nervous, “Yeah.”

Rick smiled to himself at the sound of the voice. The kid sounded older than his brother, but really it was hard to tell. “Your grandmother asked me to see if you were all right. She said you've been in here while, so: are you all right?”

Again there was a long silence before he said, “Yeah, I'm all right.”

Okay,” Rick said, suspecting that the kid wasn't all right. “I have a little sister and a little brother, so if you did have a problem, I probably helped out with it before.” He made a face even as he said that. He wanted to put the kid at ease, but it was pretty sure he just sounded like an idiot instead.

Again there was a long silence, but voice from behind the stall eventually said, “Really?”

Yeah, really,” he said, trying to sound reassuring.

If I told you, would you promise not to tell?”

Of course, cross my heart.” He didn't add that if there was something seriously wrong he would break that promise, but he didn't think that was the case.

There was a silence again and it was a bit longer than the other ones. Eventually, though, the boy on the other side of the door said, “It's hard.”

Ricks mind was thinking of bodily functions and for a second he thought the boy was referring to his poop, for lack of a better word. However, that didn't seem right and he wondered if it was something else that could become that way. “What's hard?”

My,” the boy paused for half a second as if he was trying to decide what word to use, “penis?”

Rick smiled to himself, “Is it sticking out and hard almost like a bone?”

Yeah,” the younger boy said sounding astonished. “We-were-walking-and-it-started-to-get-hard-and-it-was-starting-to-hurt-so-I ran-to-the-bathroom-and-it-won't-go-down-like-it-normally-does-and-”

Joshua, it’s okay,” Rick said, cutting the boy off before he started to cry. “What you have is called an erection and every boy gets them eventually. If you want, I can tell you a way to get rid of it.” Even as he said that, he glanced over at the door, hoping that no one was about to walk in on them.

Really, how?” the boy demanded.

Okay, listen carefully and do as I say. Take your thumb and index finger and form a circle with them.”

Index, that's the one next to your thumb, right?”

Yeah,” Rick said as he leaned down to show the boy with his own hand. “You got it?”

Yes, but now what?”

All right, take your hand and put your penis through the circle you made with your fingers and then tighten it so your fingers are touching your penis all around.”

Got it,” the boy said through the door.

Now,” Rick said closing his eyes and trying to visualize what he was explaining, “bring it forward almost to the tip, but not past it and back again. Keep doing it, but not too hard or you'll hurt yourself. If you feel like you're going to pee, that's good. It means you're almost done so keep doing it and you'll get this good feeling. Then your erection will go away.”

Will I?”

Pee? No, you shouldn't.”

He waited for another question, but it didn't come. After a minute he leaned a little closer to the door, trying to hear something. The idea that there was a boy on the other side jerking off for the very first time was kind of arousing and he had to adjust himself to prevent his own growing erection from showing.

Eventually, he heard a sharp intake of breath and he knew little Joshua had just had his first orgasm. He pressed his hand against his own erection, enjoying the sensation and wishing he could find his own release right now.

In the silence of the bathroom, though, he could hear Joshua stand up and pull up his pants. A second later the door unlocked and he got his first real look at the boy as he tried to appear as normal as possible. Joshua was probably nine or ten years old and had curly black hair. He also had quite a nice smile with very white teeth.

For a moment the two of them stared at each other, each taking the other in. It was Rick who looked away, embarrassed.

Thanks,” Josh said, “for your help. I didn't know what to do.”

It's all right,” Rick said, trying to sound casual. “Just remember that what I told you to do is like going to the bathroom. Everyone does it, but you really shouldn't let anyone else see you doing it.”

Yeah, I thought it was something like that,” Joshua said. “Um,” he started.

Is there something else?” Rick asked.

Well, what if it happens when I can't get to a bathroom or something?”

I just tuck it under my waistband when that happens.”

Oh, thanks,” the boy said, heading towards the door.

You should wash your hands,” he said, before the boy could take three steps.

Oh, yeah, I guess I should,” the boy said, turning to him with a nervous smile.

I'll tell your grandmother you're on your way.”

Wait! You said you wouldn't tell her what happened.”

Rick smiled, “I won't. I'll just tell her you ran out of toilet paper, okay?”

Yeah, that sounds good,” Joshua said, heading towards the sink.

Crossing the room, Rick poked his head out the bathroom door to where Joshua's grandmother was still standing. “He'll be out in a minute.”

The elderly woman turned and asked, with concern in her tone, “Is he all right?”

Rick smiled and said, “He's okay.” Lowering his voice he added, “The bathroom stall he was in didn't have any toilet paper and he was really embarrassed to ask for me to get some.”

She smiled in relief and said in a similar quiet tone, “I see.”

Excuse me,” Joshua said from behind him.

Rick stepped of the other boy's way to let him pass and said, “Take care, Joshua.”

Joshua paused and turned towards him. He smiled and said, “I like being called Josh.”

Seconds later Rick was left alone in the bathroom and he retreated into a stall to fix his problem. As he jerked off he played a very different scenario in his mind. In his world of fantasy he had given Josh a blow job and the boy had been so grateful that he had returned the favor. It was a nice fantasy, but it would never have happened that way.


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