Useless Jason

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, youthful, male/male Copyright Larkin 2009

Useless Jason

My bed was covered with CD's, game controllers, manga books and dirty clothes. I pushed them mostly off on to the floor which was also full of junk.
My Mother says I'm a disgrace. I suppose she is right.

When I finally made room for myself on the bed, I lie out and relax. Looking up at the ceiling, I thought that maybe that's a good place for a poster. Maybe something hot, like a yellow Pikachu with a pink unsheathed cock or some furry lion so ready to fuck a cute cub. For some reason my parents don't seem to pick up on to that stuff, maybe they would if they looked closer, but they don't.

I stick my hand down my pants and give myself a tug. Sticking my hand down further, I probe my butt hole with my finger. I pop off my Nikes and take yesterdays take sock off my foot and dangle it over my nose. Yes, I know I am gross but my sock smells really good. Expanding on that idea, I search around and find a pair of my dirty underpants under the pillow. I hold them up and smell all the different parts like where my butt hole rubs or where my pee drips. I would really like someone who smells like me and I bet they would like me too.

You know, I love my dick. I think I love it more than anything in the world, especially when it gets hard and starts that throbbing thing.

"Oh Yummy!"

At the start, I don't exactly get undressed. I just push all my clothes out of the way. You know, push my pants down around my ankles, my underwear stretched between my knees and my shirt pulled up and tucked under my chin like I was in some incredible sexual traffic accident. I reach around and stick my finger way up my butt hole and imagine, what if someone could see me with my butt hole all exposed like that. I sit up and spit several times at my boner and rub it all over. If this is supposed to be so disgusting and bad why do I have this wonderful streaming feeling all over my body?

I asked my Mom for a mini-cam. She looked surprised and said, "Jason, what do you want something like that for?"

I said, "I don't know?"

I am so useless. I got nothing better to do except to stretch my out J.O. session into something totally intense. I stole a very large carrot out of the kitchen and it has been warming all night under my pillow. I imagine this carrot belongs from this kid I know from school and it is his big ole stiff cock just ready to cum and I stick it in and out of my mouth. I close my eyes and think of him here doing it. I push all the way to the back of my throat so that I gag and make lots more spit. Then gather the spit up and push it up my butt hole and rub the rest on my dick. When I finally begin to stick the big carrot up my butt I imagine that guy from school doing it to me.

It's really obvious to me that I need help doing all these things.

I prop myself up on my elbows with my butt and legs in the air. That that way my boner is pointing down towards my face and start a nice deliberate stroke. The carrot sticks up out of my butt hole. I push it in and out while I stroke. The more I stroke the more I can't resist opening my mouth. I stroke harder aiming my cock at my tongue.

I like me but I wish someone else was here to play with me, like Sammy for P.E.

I can't hold back any longer and my cum begins to pour out of my cock and into my mouth. Then all over my face making me look so stupid but I like it. I would want some cool guy to do this to me and I wouldn't care if it made me look stupid. I even wouldn't rule out certain teachers.

Slowly I slide the big carrot out of my butt hole and sit up. I am a total mess. The spell is lifting but not totally gone. I look at my face in the little mirror next to my bed. I stick out my tongue and show myself the pool of cum jiggling there on my tongue like white jello.

I smile at myself, swallow and say, "Yum."