Wanna Have a Feel?

A short story by Ivor Sukwell


This little fantasy is a `boys will be boys' story. Some readers may find it recalls a distant past when there was no such thing as the internet and social media meant women's magazines.
Boys were boys though and did the sort of things that boys have always done and always will do if they have the chance so you know what to expect.

Wanna Have a Feel?

Fishing was just something to do. He wasn't very good at it and he wasn't a member of any club or anything like that. He didn't fish in rivers where you needed a licence if he had a spare ten bob, which he never did, he'd find something better to spend it on than a licence to drown maggots in a river.

You couldn't really call the Lea a river, more like a canal, really. No proper fisherman, someone who'd paid for a licence, would dream of dangling his hook in the Lea. Barges chugged their way up and down, full of coal on the way down and scrap on the way up, and if you got one that was being pulled along by a horse you had to put your rod down so your line didn't get messed up with the tow-rope and hope the horse didn't tread on it, or worse, much worse, dump a load on it.

Only boys came here to chuck their hooks, baited with maggots or worms, in the mucky water, and nobody ever expected to actually catch anything. It was a way for bored boys to escape from their houses and while away a summer holiday day.

David didn't know the kid who decided to stand beside him, unspeaking while he twisted a worm onto his hook and tossed it in the water. It didn't matter that he didn't know him; that was part of the attraction of coming here, meeting kids he didn't know, kids who went to a different school, kids who didn't know you.

This kid looked to be about the same age as him and he wasn't a posh kid either. Posh kids had stuff to wear that wasn't school uniform for when they weren't at school and this kid was wearing the same sort of stuff as he was, the shorts and shirt he'd wear for P.E. and Games at school.

He had a whole empty river bank to dangle his hook from, but he'd come to stand beside David, so David knew they'd start talking soon, once the kid had established his right to stand there, unchallenged and unrejected.

"Alright?" David opened once the kid's worm was safely drowning.

"Yeh. You?"

"I spose."

"Ever catch anything?"

"Nah. You?"


They watched a coal barge chug its way past, the most exciting thing to happen since the kid arrived.

"You wanna fag?" the kid suddenly asked, producing a packet of ten Nelson, from inside his shorts.

David watched in admiration as the kid peeled the cellophane from the unopened packet. The `Yes, please,' he wanted to say unsaid because he had no fags of his own to offer in return later. Fags weren't difficult to obtain, any shop would sell you them if you said they were for your ol' man, but you had to pay for them, and a packet of ten would take half, more than half, of the half-a-crown pocket money he got each week.

"Better not, thanks," he said sadly, "I ain't got none to give you one back."

"Don't matter," the kid shrugged, "Din't buy these," he explained, fully aware of the financial constraints that faced boys of their ages, "Nicked `em off me ol' man."

"Won't you get into trouble?" David asked, "Won't he know you nicked them?"

"Probly not," the kid shrugged again, "He just got back from the pub so when he finds he ain't got none he'll likely think he forgot to get some."

"Yeh, ta," David said, taking the offered fag; as they were nicked, not paid for, he could take one without any guilt feelings. He would have to offer something in return a bit later, but that was later.

David's float bobbed and, excited at the possibility of there being a fish on the end of his line, he jerked hard, too hard, and a tiny, silvery shape dropped back into the murky water.

"Balls," David cursed. "Nearly caught something."

"Not worth catchin'," the kid sneered, "Weren't no bigger than me cock," thus moving conversation to an area where the conversations of boys of fourteen frequently go.

"Got a monster one, have you?" David teased.

"Bigger than that fish," the kid grinned.

"Have to be or you wouldn't be able to find it to piss," David insulted.

"Does more than piss with it," the kid grinned, "But don't spose you'd know about that, would yer."

"Course I does."

"Yeh? Lots?"

"Lots enough."

"How often?"

No easy, quick answer to that. David had no idea how often other boys wanked; well, he knew about some, mates he wanked with at school, but had no idea what would be a usual number of times for other boys. If he said a number that the other kid thought was too many he'd be called a sex maniac, and if it wasn't enough then he'd be treated with contempt, not a real boy.

"Twice, I spose," David at least halved his usual exercise routine, "Mornin's and nights, sort of thing."

"Yeh, me too," the kid agreed, also, unknown to David, halving his daily average.

"You ever," David hesitated, wondering if he dared ask, "You ever do it with anyone?"

"I ain't no homer seckshall," the kid said.

"What's one of them?"

"Blokes what does it with blokes."


"They does it with boys an' all," the kid warmed to his theme, "I read about it in the News of the World, some bloke what the cops caught doin' it to a boy in some toilets somewhere or other."

"I spose the boy must have been letting him do it," David said thoughtfully, "I mean, can't get wanked off unless you wants to be wanked off, can you."

"Spose yer can't," the kid agreed.

"I mean," David chased his thought, "If some bloke wanted ter wank you, then you wouldn't let him, would you. Unless you wanted ter get wanked, of course, an' then you would."

"Yeh, spose I would if I wanted to, but I ain't a homer seckshall."

"You done anything with a girl?"

"Nah. Would if I had the chance, course."

"Me too," David agreed.

"Wanna another fag?"

"If it's alright with you."

"Course it is."

Some puffs and a couple of barges later, the kid asked, "You do it with a homer seckshall? Like if one asked yer if he could wank you?"

"Dunno," David said truthfully. He'd never heard of homer seckshalls till now, so being wanked by one had never entered his mind. "Probly do it with a boy, though. I mean, if one wanted to, like. Might be better than doing it meself."

"Ever done that?"

Now, David decided, was not a time for complete honesty.

"Nah," he denied, and then, not for the first time in his life, asked, "Wanna have a feel? See what it's like?"

He'd been working towards something like this from the moment he offered David a fag, but he knew better than to rush things now. He'd be willing to bet a week's spunk that David's cock had been wanked before and he wanted more than a quick feel of it now.

"Can't here," he shrugged, nodding towards the passing barge.

"Can down there," David urged, indicating the bushes that grew at the bottom of the tow path bank. "Wank down there sometimes," he giggled daringly.

"Dunno," the kid pretended.

"Go on," David pleaded, "I needs a wank now, anyway, all that dirty talk. You can just feel it if that's all yer wants ter do."

"Spose I could," the kid reluctantly conceded, "But just a quick feel. Nothin' dirty or homer seckshall."

"Course not," David agreed, his cock already hard, visibly hard because he had nothing on underneath his shorts.

"Dirty bugger," the kid sniggered, "You got a hard-on already."

David, waiting desperately for the kid to stick a hand down the front of his shorts, or up the leg of them, it made no difference, his cock was unobstructedly available either way, could only answer that he really needed a wank.

"Get `em down, then," the kid ordered, "Want me ter feel yer proper, don't yer?"

David did, and, careless of danger, pulled his shorts down, right down, down to his ankles.

"Nice cock," the kid approved as he felt David, felt him in a way that gave the lie to any claim that he'd never felt cock before.

David had had his cock felt before, he'd had it wanked as well and he knew he liked having it felt and wanked, but this was better than anything so far. It wasn't better just because the kid feeling him was really good at doing it, it was better because it was so dirty. Standing in the bushes, only a few yards from the tow path with his shorts round his ankles and his shirt pulled up to his shoulders was really dirty and really daring as well.

David had tugged his shirt up as high as he could get it so the kid feeling him could see him as naked as he dared to get. He wanted to pull his shirt right off but he didn't have that much nerve it was too dangerous to do that, someone could walk past at any moment and the bushes weren't really dense enough to stop them from seeing what was going on.

It was exciting, though; dangerous enough to make having his cock felt so thrilling. It was always a bit of a thrill when he had a mate feel it through the hole in his pocket while they sat in class at school. That was dangerous as well. Not as dangerous as this, though, cos if the teacher walked around the classroom his mate could whip his hand from his pocket and they could both pretend that nothing had been going on.

They both knew that even if the teacher suspected something, nothing would be said; the teacher would not stop and say something like, "Leave Smither's cock alone, Edwards, and concentrate on your work." Anyway, teachers were grown-ups and grown-ups didn't know anything about the things boys did.

It would be different if some grown-up walked past and saw him almost naked with another kid feeling him; he'd certainly get into trouble if that happened.

It was dangerous, but so dirty! So dirty that he wanted more; more than to be just felt.

"Rub me if you want," he offered.

But the kid didn't rub him, he just kept slowly moving his skin up and down and juggling with his balls.

It was nice, it was more than nice, but it wasn't enough. Not now.

"Toss me off," he pleaded.

"You done more than just get wanked?" the kid asked instead of rubbing him.

That surprised David. What else was there to do?

"No," he admitted, "What else is there?"

"You never been sucked?"

"No." David was shocked! Suck cock? Did boys do that? None of the boys he wanked with at school had ever talked about that! "Have you?" was all he could think of to say.

"Yeah," the kid said. "Wanna try it?"

David's excitement level shot up to critical. If what he was doing now was dirty and daring, his cock getting sucked, his cock in another boy's mouth, wasn't dirty, it was unbelievably filthy!


"Can't do it here," the kid said, still feeling David's cock, "Too dodgy."

"Yeah," David reluctantly agreed, common sense driving urgent desire into the background.

"Gotta do it in bed, really," the kid said in a way that made it seem obvious that it was the only way it could be done.

"In bed?" David squeaked. He'd had thoughts about wanking with one or other of his mates like that, of course he had. He was fourteen, and, though like just about every other kid of his age, he had no real ideas about what sex was, he did know that wanking was loads better when he did it in bed, naked and thinking about having one of his mates, usually Jim cos Jim had a really nice cock, there with him, doing it for him while he did it for Jim in return.

"Wanna try it?" the kid tempted him.

Course, David din't really need tempting, did he. If wanking were better just thinking about doing it with another kid in bed and naked, then actually doing that was bound to be really exciting, wicked and dirty, but even temptation has its limits and David ran straight into one.

"Where?" he asked, being practical, "I don't live near here."

"I does," the kid said.

"Does yer?" Excitement and interest rose together. "What about yer ol' man, though? An' yer mum. Ain't they at home?"

"Mum's at Nan's all day, won't get home till six at least. An' the ol' man's gone ter work by now, ain't he."

"Yeah, okay then," David agreed, having no wish to turn down a chance that may not come again.

"Come on then," the kid said, letting go of David's cock, "We can walk there in about twenty minutes, or get a bus if one come along."

Shorts and shirt restored to body, David collected his rod and the kid did the same, and set off up the tow path to the bridge and the main road, keeping an eye out for a bus once they reached it.

"Bet yer wanks more than a couple a day, don't yer," the kid said as they walked along, "Bet you's a bloody sex maniac, ain't yer."

David considered the very real, to him, possibility that he was indeed a sex maniac. He went around whenever he dared like he was now, nothing on under his shorts because he liked how it felt and he liked the daring nature of it. Course, his shorts were too long for anything to dangle out and he didn't have the nerve to wear his running shorts like that, they were really short and he'd be on show almost all the time. He'd tried it once at athletic practise and it'd flopped out before he'd run more than a couple of yards, so he had to go back to the changing rooms and put his pants on again, so he'd never tried it again. He did roll the top of his shorts over a couple of times, though, so they were shorter than if he didn't, but they were still too long for anything to show.

He always had a good look around when he was in the showers at school, after games or P.E. and he made sure that other kids could get a good look at him if they wanted to as well. That was how he got to wank with Jim, looking at each other in the showers and guessing that they both liked what they saw.

He thought about cock a lot as well so he probably was a sex maniac. Jim thought about cock loads but most of the other kids didn't seem to think of it as much as he and Jim did.

"Does it usually four or five times," he admitted shyly as they walked along the pavement.

"Thought yer did," the kid nodded, "Same as me."

"Does yer?" David's face brightened; praps this kid was a sex maniac as well. David hoped he was. "Thought yer said yer only did it twice."

"So did you," the kid grinned, "Din't wanna let on yer can't leave it alone."

"Can't," David admitted, surprised at himself for being so honest, "Thinks about it all the time."

"Yeah, me an' all," the kid agreed, and volunteered the information that he had, now and again on Sunday mornings when he didn't have to get up till late, done it as much as five times on the trot.

"Bugger me," David breathed in awe, "I ain't never got past three."

"Cock were sore after," the kid confessed, "Din't have another wank till tea time."

"You, you know, like with boys at your school?" David asked as they reached a row of Council houses.

"Couple," the kid shrugged, "On an' off like."

"Me too," David confessed.

"Grammar School kid, ain't yer," the boy stated, "Probly easier there than where I goes. Classes always muckin' about."

David felt the need to explain about Colin, the boy he sat next to and about the holes they had in their trouser pockets.

"Dirty bugger," the kid giggled approvingly, "Me an' me mates just bunks off, goes fer a fag an' a wank if we's feelin' like it."

David was shocked by that. There were a few kids at his school who bunked off now and again, he knew that, but they weren't `nice' kids. They'd passed the Eleven Plus and got into Grammar School, but they didn't really want to be there, left as soon as they were able to and were always in trouble before they did leave.

Still, the thought of being able to bunk off when you wanted to, miss French or Science and have a fag and a wank instead, did make him slightly jealous.

The consequences of doing that, though, were too horrible to contemplate. He'd get detentions and probably get dropped from the School football and cricket teams as well; they'd say he wasn't a suitable person to represent the School and he'd never become a Prefect when he went into the Sixth Form, if they even let him go into the Sixth Form. He'd settle for feeling Colin through the hole in his trouser pocket, rather than suffer any of those horrible things.

Obviously it was different for kids who went to Sec Mod schools, and for David, those kids might just as well have come from Mars; he didn't know any. There were a couple who lived not that far away who didn't go to a Grammar School, but in David's universe, a couple of streets away was no different than another planet, he may have kicked a ball about with them in the street when he was younger, but he didn't know them, didn't even know their names.

"I'm David," he announced, prompted by that thought and by the idea that if he was going to wank with this kid, wank with no clothes on, even have the kid take his cock in his mouth and suck him, they ought, at least, to know each other's names.

"Brian," the kid said. "Can't wait to have a proper wank with you; your cock's really nice."

"Thanks," David blushed, like all boys of fourteen, flattered by another boy thinking he had a good cock.

"Bloody good job you're a Cavalier," the kid David now knew was Brian, grinned, "Much better to wank than Roundheads."

"You're not a Roundhead, then?" David felt a surge of pleasure.

"No bloody way!" Brian declared, "Proper Cavalier, me."

"That's good," David approved.

"Wait till you see it," Brian grinned, "Reckon I'd be a general. Well, colonel at least."

"Like me," David grinned back, both boys boasting about the amount of foreskin they possessed.

"Roundhead cock's okay, like," Brian said, "If it's what a kid's got; but it ain't that easy ter wank it, is it. Yer gotta grip it so low down ter get enough skin to wank it with, an' if a kid ain't got much of a cock ter start with, it's bloody hard ter get a decent handful out of it."

"One finger and thumb," David sniggered.

"Yeh," Brian agreed, "Ain't a lot of fun in that, is there."

"Royalists are best," David declared. He'd wanked with a couple of Roundheads but he had to agree that they were not as much fun as a Cavalier, especially a Cavalier who was in the officer class.

David had never seen a Council house before and was more than a little surprised. All the houses in the street were the same, and the same as the houses in the other couple of streets they'd walked through as well. They were all like one big house but with two front doors, so he guessed that each of them was really two houses joined together.

The houses in his street were all in rows of six, but round the corner, in Adelaide Road, they were in rows of four, and in the road off that, Perth Crescent, they were actually individual houses, no two streets the same. They were built of red brick as well, not like these Council houses that seemed to be built of concrete blocks.

"Come on," Brian urged, fishing a key out from under a flower pot by the front door and opening up. "We can go straight up to my room an' get started if yer wants."

David did want.

"Yeah," he agreed and followed the other boy up the stairs, his cock getting hard again in anticipation.

"Dirty bugger," Brian grinned, not for the first time, when he saw David's shorts bulging out at the front, "Can't wait ter do it, can yer."

"Bet you can't either," David sniggered back, though he couldn't see any tell-tale lump in the kid's shorts cos he obviously had his pants on under them.

Both boys kicked off their plimsolls and peeled off their shirts, but when David went to pull his shorts down, the kid stopped him.

"Keep `em on fer a bit," he said, "An' get on the bed."

Surprised, David did what he was told, wondering why, if the kid wanted to wank him, he wanted him to keep his shorts on.

"Bit dirty, I know," the kid said, "But cos you ain't got nothin' on under yer shorts, I wants ter put me hand up them an' feel yer like that fer a bit. Don't mind, does yer?"

David didn't mind, he didn't mind at all!

That was how Jim had first felt him, one afternoon out on the School playing field in a Games lesson. They'd been doing athletics standards and were just laying about, waiting till it was time for them to do the long jump. It was a few days after they'd looked at each other's cocks in the showers and David had felt Jim's hand go under him, up his leg and right on up under his shorts.

They'd been his normal shorts, the same ones he was wearing now, not his athletic ones, so, as usual, he hadn't had any pants on under them and Jim's hand had gone straight to his cock.

That had been so dirty! Being felt out on the School field like that; it'd been probably the most dirty, most daring thing he'd done and it had felt really good.

Jim had still been feeling him when the teacher shouted that there wasn't going to be time for them to do the long jump so they might as well go in and get changed. Course, they'd gone straight to the toilets and wanked each other off and it had seemed like one of the best wanks ever.

"Nah, that's okay," David said and lay back, hands behind his head while the kid slid a hand up the leg of his shorts and felt his hard cock.

It was going to be even better when they both had all their clothes off, David thought, but being felt like this was great. It was, he knew, what he always wanted to happen when he didn't wear any pants under his shorts, that some kid or other would take the opportunity to grab a feel or two.

"Thanks," the kid said when he'd had a good feel, and sniggered, fractionally embarrassed, "Dirty, I know, but I just wanted ter do that."

"Yeah," David agreed, and in a burst of generosity, offered, "You wanna wank me like this? Can if yer wants; I don't mind."

"Wouldn't mind," the kid said, "Be filthy dirty, but not dirty like doin' it in bed will be. You ain't never done it that way, has yer?"

"Nah," David agreed, he hadn't ever done it that way, "But I really wants ter try it."

"Bleedin' filthy dirty," the kid enthused, and, correctly guessing that David was, like himself, a sex maniac, added, "Believe me, you're gonna love it."

The kid got off the bed, stood and pulled down his shorts and Y-fronts, standing for a bit so David could get a good look. Brian, like David, liked showing off what he had, liked being looked at, boy instinct telling him that his fourteen year old boy body was meant to be looked at and admired.

"Nice cock," David approved, and indeed it was a nice cock. Possibly even nicer than Jim's and that was a really nice one.

David thought it was a little bit smaller than his own, and certainly not as thick, but it was a real Cavalier officer, foreskin still a bud beyond the tip of its hardness.

Both boys could, of course, have given the precise measurements to the nearest tenth of an inch, and did so as a matter of course.

"Four and five-eighths," Brian announced, unasked.

"Four and seven-eighths," David boasted, and giggled, "Was this morning, anyway."

Then they were in the bed, side by touching side, David uncertain what to do but wanting to do it anyway; Brian, well aware of what to do but careful not to seem too eager just in case David wasn't as much of a sex maniac as he was.

Brian waited till both boys were holding hard cock before he dared to ask, "Wanna just wank or you wanna try really dirty stuff?"

"Really dirty, if you like," David answered, thinking how nice it felt to be naked in bed with another boy and feeling each other's cocks, but somehow guessing that there was a lot more they could do, though what that was he had no idea.

"Dirty like this?" the kid suddenly rolled on top of David, his hard four and five-eighths pushing at the crack between David's closed together thighs.

"Bugger me!" David gasped, overwhelmed by the thrill of having naked boy flesh pressing against his own naked boy flesh from shoulders to ankles, and when the kid's hand went down between them and tried to guide his four and five-eighths between David's thighs, he parted his legs to let it happen and then closed them as tight together as he could so those inches were trapped between them.

"Bloody yes!" the kid whispered and started to move his hips so David could feel the cock trapped between his legs moving in there.

"Bleedin' hell!" David gasped, the filthiness of what they were doing almost blowing his fourteen year old mind.

"Ever snogged?" Brian was whispering to him.

`Snogged?' David had heard the word but didn't know what it meant. He knew it was dirty, but not what it actually was.

"What's that?" he had to ask. He supposed that kids from Council houses who went to Sec Mod schools knew a lot more about dirty things that Grammar School boys did; they were rougher and got into trouble loads more, so they must know more about dirty things.

"Kissin'" Brian told him, "But yer does it with yer mouth open and yer sticks yer tongues in each other's mouths."

David was Brian's first Grammar School boy and he was stunned by how innocent he seemed to be. Dirty and filthy certainly, a sex maniac more than likely, but incredibly innocent, knowing nothing about snogging and sucking and never done it in bed before and that made doing it with him even more dirty and delightful.

"What for?" David was confused. What was sexy about putting your tongue in someone's mouth? He knew all about kissing, of course he did. You saw it in films when the man and woman got their mouths together and then the film cut to waves breaking on a beach, but why they actually did it he had no idea.

"Cos it get's yer goin'" Brian explained, "Makes yer really wanna do it."

"I does wanna do it," David said, puzzled.

"Yeah, me an' all, but snoggin' makes you wanna do it even more."

"Alright," David conceded, "But yer won't laugh if I gets it wrong, will yer?" Being laughed at for getting something dirty wrong when you were in bed with another boy and no clothes on would be a humiliation too great to bear; he wouldn't even want to have a wank if that happened!

"Course, not," the kid assured him, "An' yer won't get it wrong, anyway, cos you's as dirty a bugger as what I am, ain't yer."

"But you done it before, so you knows what to do," David reasoned out loud.

"Only once," Brian lied, "But it got me well goin' an' I shot loads after."

Shooting loads was the clincher; if snogging made him spunk loads then he'd most certainly try it. Spunking loads was what dirty things were all about.

So David lay with his mouth open, waiting for Brian's tongue and when it came his world went crazy. He couldn't work out why playing twisting tongues in another boy's mouth should be so unbelievably sexy, but it was. It was even more dirty than feeling a boy's cock in some strange sort of way, and the fact that he had Brian's cock between his thighs, that their naked bodies were rammed against each other made it the dirtiest, filthiest thing he'd ever done and he wanted to keep on doing it!

It ended suddenly, Brain breaking the snog and rolling off him.

"Gonna shoot if we keeps doin' it," he gasped, "You gets on top and has a go."

David did, and as soon as his cock was gripped between Brian's thighs he went in for more snogging, because it was just the dirtiest, filthiest thing imaginable, and he wanted to pump his hips so his cock was like being wanked between the other boy's legs, and he wanted to keep going till he shot but he held off and stopped because, however much he wanted to shoot he wanted to try being sucked even more.

They lay side by panting side, feeling and fondling each other's bodies, not just cocks but everything that could be felt and fondled.

David had never felt anything of another boy than cock before and was overwhelmed by how sexy a boy's body was. How sexy it was to stroke thigh, how amazing it felt squeezing a boy's bum; how incredible it was having his bum squeezed and his thighs stroked; how much more there was to a boy than just his cock!

"Bugger me," he sighed, "Yer was right about doin' it in bed like this!"

David didn't know the precise meaning of `bugger me', and would probably have been horrified if he had, but he was in such a state now that, if Brian had suggested such a thing, he might well have agreed to try it!

"Wanna try bein' sucked now?" Brian asked and he didn't need to ask twice!

The amazing glories of snogging faded into cloudy sunset when compared with the sensations that came with having his cock in Brian's mouth!

He'd tried several ways of making it feel better when he wanked lots of soapy lather when he did it in the bath, even nicking some of his mother's hand cream and slapping that on his cock so his hand slid right up and down, and they'd all been good, but nothing like having his cock sucked.

This was just the most incredible feeling ever! If this was what homer seckshalls did then he could understand why they did it! Not that he'd wanna do it with a homer seckshall, of course, but doing it with a boy was amazing!

Brian wasn't just sucking his cock either! Oh, no, he was playing with his balls, feeling his legs, even titting him up and that was incredible as well!

Can you actually tit a boy up? Boys don't have tits, do they, but that's what Brian was doing to him, rubbing and even pinching his nipples and sending bolts of electricity all the way through him, right down to his toes!

Sec Mod kids obviously knew a lot more than Grammar School boys did about sex and things; they may be thick in many ways, but they certainly knew lots about dirty things!

"Wanna have a go?" Brian was grinning at him, offering his cock for sucking.

"Yeah," David didn't hesitate, he wanted to find out what it was like to have a boy's cock in his mouth. Brian had seemed to like doing it, so it couldn't be bad, could it?

"Let yer know if I'm gettin' close," Brian told him, "So yer can get yer gob off it."

Strangely, David wasn't sure if that was what he wanted. Of course, it would be filthy beyond filthy if Brian actually shot in his mouth, but he couldn't help wondering what it would be like if he did.

"Spose it'd be really homer whatsit if yer shot in me mouth, wouldn't it," he half sniggered, "Probly make me puke up an' all."

"Dunno about pukin'," Brian seemed to be a bit thoughtful about it, "I mean, it can't be poisonous or nothin' can it, cos yer squirts it in a bird when yer gets her up the spout, like, an' if it were poison of some sort yer wouldn't do that, would yer."

"Would she get preggers if yer spunked in her mouth?"

"Dunno," Brian said, sex education, even in Sec Mods didn't stretch that far. "But you ain't a bird, are yer, so yer can't get up the spout, can yer."

David had to agree to that, and that left only the taste to worry about. He hadn't got a clue why, but the urge to suck Brian's cock until it shot in his mouth was growing by the second.

"Won't make me one of them homer things if you forget to warn me, will it?" David was well aware that, at the moment when spunk started to spurt up from his balls he thought of nothing but shooting and Brian might well be the same.

"Can't, can it," Brian pointed out, "Homer seckshalls is blokes, ain't they, an' they all wears dirty macs an' has their cocks out under them. We ain't blokes, is we, we's boys."

Brian's logic was irrefutable and David did have this strange urge to find out what spunk tasted like. He knew it was obvious he was a sex maniac, so he may just as well be a proper one and suck Brian's cock until it spunked. It would probably be the only chance he'd ever get because he couldn't imagine Colin or even Jim agreeing to let him suck them, even if there was anywhere that they could go so he could.

"Tell yer what," David suggested, shy and embarrassed but determined anyway, "If I sucks you an' I likes doin' it, then how about I just sucks you till I've had enough, an' you just lets it happen an' if yer shoots, then yer shoots an' yer don't have ter warn me it's on the way, like? That be too dirty, you think?"

"No way would it be too dirty," Brian grinned, "Be bleedin' marvellous!"

From the moment Brian's cock went in his mouth David knew for certain that wanking a boy was never going to be enough again! Cock felt just so right in his mouth he couldn't imagine why he'd never done it before. It was such an obvious thing to do; cocks were meant to be sucked and his mouth was meant to suck them.

In terms of skill, it wasn't the best sucking Brian had enjoyed, David was just learning after all, but in terms of filthy excitement it was at the top of the list. The other boys Brian did it with never did it for long enough for there to be any chance of shooting while being sucked, but this time he was going to actually squirt his spunk in a kid's mouth and that was just about as filthy, dirty, sexy as it could get!

For David, the excitement was just about unbearable. He wanted Brian to shoot in his mouth, wanted his mouth filled with spunk, wanted to taste it and swallow it and when, after what seemed to be ages and ages of sucking, Brian still hadn't shot, he started waking him while he was still sucking him, keeping just the tip of his cock in his mouth and using his tongue to poke inside the bud of foreskin, treatment that no fourteen year old boy could take and not shoot.

He guessed that Brian was getting close from the way his legs stiffened and he almost stopped breathing, and he actually felt the spunk surging up Brian's cock before it shot into his mouth, and his own stomach tensed as if he was shooting himself, and then his mouth filled with Brian's spunk and it was just the best ever.

Hot, slimy and tasting a bit like swimming pool water, David slurped it around in his mouth, milking every drop he could get from Brian's cock, savouring it and at last, letting it trickle down his throat.

"Bugger me!" Brian panted, when the last oozing had been milked out and licked up "I ain't never had it done like that before! Bleedin' amazin'!"

"You liked it?" David needed more confirmation that his filthy deed had been appreciated.

"Too bloody right!" Brian gave him that confirmation. "Give us a moment an' I'll finish you off as well. You warn me, though, cos I don't want it in me mouth, not this time. Wants yer to shoot all over me face instead."

David did, and that was filthy as well, seeing his spunk shoot out all over Brian's face. Brian had his mouth open so one shot actually landed there and he got a taste of spunk as well, and didn't seem to be at all bothered about that, any more than he was bothered about the shot that got him in the eye.

"You think you'd ever let a homer seckshall do you?" Brian asked as the two boys lay, still naked, in bed, smoking an after shooting fag.

"I dunno," David answered thoughtfully. Somehow it was much easier to talk about things like that now he knew what spunk tasted like. "I ain't never thought about it before, but I spose, if one wanted ter feel me, wank me an' suck me, I might let it happen. Don't think I'd wanna do it with one, like this, you know." He meant naked, in bed; that might be going a bit too far. "What about you?"

"Probly would," Brian confessed, blowing smoke at the ceiling. "Thought, when I leaves school, wouldn't mind a job on the barges. I bet loads of the blokes what drives them is homer seckshalls. I mean, loads of them has boys helping them, don't they an' I bet they gets at their cocks at night. An' their bums an' all."

"Their bums?"

"Course their bums. That's what homer seckshalls does, ain't it, sticks their cocks up boys bums."

"Do they?" David had never heard of that before, unless that was what was meant by `bumming'.

"Course they does. Where else they gonna stick it? Boys ain't got fannies, has they."

It was, David realised, obvious when you thought about it like that, but he wasn't sure he'd want to be bummed, not at all sure!

"You let a bloke bum you?" he asked, curious.

"Spect I would," Brian blew more smoke at the ceiling. "I mean, if I was on a barge with him like, an' he stuck his hand up me shorts and felt me around a few times, an' then, cos there'd only be one bed wouldn't there, I had ter sleep in it with him an' he wanted more cock and sucked me a bit, I spose I'd let him bum me an' all."

"Spose so," David agreed, "Dunno if I would, though."

"Might be quite nice, I spose," Brian took a final drag, "I mean, some kids must like it or it wouldn't happen, would it."

"Spose it wouldn't."

"Wanna do it again?" Brian asked, "Still got a couple of hours."

"Yeah, sure."

Being fourteen recovery and reload time could be measured in minutes, not hours.

"Fancy tryin' it so we can suck each other at the same time?" Brian suggested, a suggestion that appealed instantly to David, and, fag ends safely deposited in ash tray, they shifted to a position where such an exercise was possible.

"No warnin's this time?"Brian asked hopefully.

"No warnings," David agreed. Another mouthful of spunk would be ideal and this time he was going to shoot in Brian's mouth as well.

If only every time he went fishing ended up like this, life would be just about perfect.

Next time he saw Jim he wouldn't say `Wanna have a feel?' he'd say `Fancy letting me have a suck?' instead!