W.A.R. Part X -3

The Day After

by Jeff Wilson

Did you ever want to do something for so long that you thought it was never going to happen? Like waiting for Christmas or getting your license? But when you finally get what you wanted, you didn't expect it to change you. You didn't expect it to consume your every thought...

Brett Reilly knew he was gay. He knew he loved his best friend Billy Roberts. He knew that they had a bond that was so special and so perfect that nothing could ever break it. It brought tears to his eyes when Billy had called him his boyfriend. There was nothing in the world that Brett loved more than Billy.

Billy Roberts had pretty much given up on trying to convince himself he was straight. He knew that he was helpless to stop the feelings he felt for Brett Reilly. This was something different from every other friendship he had. He loved Brett so much that it hurt to be apart from him. There was nobody that Billy loved more than Brett.

It was only a matter of time before the course of their love began to express itself in more physical ways. Their time together was often clothing-optional. Each boy felt his inhibitions around the other fade away. There was nothing that they hadn't shared. Their love had grown to the point where there was only one thing they hadn't done. One thing that if they did it, they knew that there was no going back.

"What we do now, it's fun." Billy had once said. "But once you've done it, you've done it. I don't think I'm ready for that yet."

But teenagers being teenagers, things happen. One thing led to another. Barriers came down. And a fter a big fight, Billy finally asked Brett to do it. The boys made love one hot July afternoon in Brett's room. It seemed so simple at the time. Billy got on his back, and Brett did him. After a minute or so, the deed was done. And after about three minutes of being joined at the hips quite literally, they were in their clothes and out of the house on the way to a party for Billy's father.

And that's where the story of two fourteen year old virgins ended, and the story of two fourteen year old boys who had just tasted their first bite of the forbidden fruit begain.

"Fuck you!" Brett yelled angrily.

"You already did!" Billy replied even more angrily. "And that's the goddamn problem!"

"Kiss my ass then, you jerk off!" Brett snapped.

Oh... Well... Maybe we should start a little earlier. To find out where you're going, you sometimes have to look back at where you've been.

Billy awoke the day after feeling pretty sore in the nether regions. It wasn't an active kind of pain. It was just a dull ache in his butt that reminded him of what he'd done the previous day. He rolled out of bed and looked at himself in the mirror. He didn't look any different from the day before. A tall fourteen year old boy with dirty blond hair and green eyes looked back at him. He smiled at his reflection and looked at the boy in the mirror's braces. The only thing he was wearing was a cast on his left hand and arm where he'd foolishly punched a mirror. His dick was exactly the same as it had been yesterday. He still had two healthy balls down there. From the outside, he was exactly the same boy he'd been when he'd woke up yesterday. Except that boy was a virgin.

But you couldn't see that from the outside.

Across town, Brett slowly stirred from his peaceful slumber. He couldn't get the thoughts out of his head. His mind kept replaying it over and over. He'd become a man right here in this bed. He re-heard every sound of pleasure Billy had made. He reheard every thought that had gone through his head. When he closed his eyes, he saw his penis disappear into Billy's body over and over again. It was all too much for him to take, and his hands found that tool he'd used so expertly the day before. Brett was ready to relive the experience all over again.

"I've had sex." Brett thought to himself. He might as well have worn a shirt that said that from the way he was thinking about it constantly.

"Morning daddy!" Billy said when he saw his dad sitting at the kitchen table for the first time in months. He had never missed somebody so much as he'd missed his dad while he'd been in the hospital. He hugged him as tightly as he could. It was only after he sat down to eat that he realized he'd called him "daddy." He felt a little embarrassed.

When Billy's mom sat down, she smiled. "Well. I just realized that this is the first time this family's sat down together at this table since May."

Billy's dad laughed. "Well let's hope it goes better than the last time."

Billy felt his face turn red with embarrassment. His head sank and he looked forlornly at the plate of eggs and sausage in front of him. He suddenly didn't want to eat anymore. The last time the family had sat around the kitchen table, Billy's temper had exploded and he'd ended up getting slapped for his disrespect.

"Hey, cheer up Mr. Negative." George said cheerfully. "Nobody's allowed to be in a bad mood today."

Billy smiled slightly. "I just remembered how the last dinner we had together went."

"Oh?" George asked.

"Yeah. I didn't mean what I said."

"I know you didn't." George replied. "Fourteen year olds are allowed at least one big blow-up-I hate-my-parents moment. It's in the constitution or the bible or something."

Billy laughed but Paula scowled slightly at the joke about the bible. But the meal continued about as happily as any at the Roberts house ever had.

A little later, a boxer-clad Brett walked down the steps from his room and into his empty kitchen. His mom had long since gone to work. Even on Saturday she was busy. He foraged his way through the r efrigerator looking for something good. Finding nothing of interest, he worked his way though the cabinets. He eventually settled on a bowl of Wheaties. He took the box, an empty bowl, and the milk with him to the living room and sat down on the couch. The television occupied his mind while the cereal satisfied his belly.

After the third bowl, Brett left his bowl and milk and cereal all sitting on the table and walked back upstairs to shower. He washed everything, including his hair and brushing his teeth. He found some shorts and a green tee-shirt with the name of his bowling alley on it and headed out of the house, leaving the mess on the table for his mom to find later.

"Billy, your shadow is here." Billy's mom yelled when she saw who was knocking on the back door. Billy was up from the living room floor where he'd been watching tv and at the back door in about 1.5 seconds. He opened the door and let his best friend inside.

"What's up, Holmes?" Brett asked.

"Whatever." Billy replied.

"Hey Mrs. Roberts. The place looks great." Brett said.

"Thank you Brett." Paula replied.

"Where's the big guy?"

"He's in the living room. Come on." Billy replied.

Together, the boys entered the living room and found Billy's dad in his usual chair.

"Well, if it isn't my other son..." George said as he watched Brett occupy the couch.

"Feeling better, Mr. Roberts?" Brett asked.

"I feel like shit." George said, laughing.

"Well, you look great." Brett replied.

"Thank you Brett. Complements from you always mean so much." George laughed.

Brett laughed nervously and turned to the television. Brett always felt a little nervous around Mr. Roberts, but it was really awkward to sit there and talk with him knowing that just a day before he'd had sex with his son. Brett's usual tricks with adults never seemed to play right with George. It was like he could see right through Brett. It made Brett feel like he had to be even more cautious around him, which, of course, made him act even more awkward.

For his part, George didn't mind Brett's ways at all. He knew that Brett was being raised without a father and that he probably felt uncomfortable around adult men sometimes. To George, Brett was a part of the family. Even though he had a pretty good suspicion of what was going on between the boys when they were alone, he was determined to let Billy be whoever he was destined to be.

"So dad, you mind if I go with Brett over to Emily's today?" Billy asked.

"I don't think that would be a problem." George said. "Just remember that you can't go jumping in the pool with that cast on."

"Don't worry Mr. Roberts. I'll keep my eye on him for you." Brett said.

"I'm sure you will." George replied. Billy just sighed.

An hour later the boys were walking down the street and across a few yards to go to Emily Barnhart's house.

"You think your dad knows what we did yesterday?" Brett asked.

"No." Billy replied quickly.

"I forgot how weird it is to talk to your dad sometimes." Brett admitted.

"How do you mean?" Billy asked.

"It's just... weird."

"So my dad's weird now? I'd like to see how you'd be if you had half your brain fucked up." Billy fumed. "No no... It's not that. It's just... It's always been weird ever since we started doing naked stuff. It's like he..."

"He doesn't. Just shut up about it, okay."

"Okay. Hey..."

"What?" Billy asked.

"Are we cool?"

"You might be. I'm a dork." Billy replied.

"No... I mean me and you. We haven't really talked since..."

"Yeah." Billy said.

"So? Are we cool? You seem different."

"I'm not different." Billy said swiftly. "You're sure imagining things lately."

"Well I mean... You're just..."

"I'm what? So I'm a little crabby today! I know I am. It's the middle of summer and I've got a freaking cast on my hand because I was stupid. My dad just got out of a rehab center, and my mom has been on my ass because of stupid shit. You'd be cranky too."

"It's not because of what we did yesterday, is it?"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Well... It changed things, didn't it?"

"What did it change?" Billy asked.

"Well... I mean... We had sex."

"Well thanks, Mr. Obvious! You did me. It didn't change anything except it made my butt hurt." Billy said, looking at his feet as he walked.

"It still hurts?" Brett asked.

"A little bit." Billy admitted. "But then it was so quick..."

"Hey! I was excited."

"Yeah, I noticed. Honestly though, the weird thing was when you came inside of me."

"What was weird about it?"

"You wouldn't understand. Nobody's ever fucked you before. You don't know what it's like to have somebody squirt it inside you. It's really starting to freak me out, okay."

"Why is it freaking you out?" Brett asked.

"I don't know. It just really dawned on me this morning. I was sitting there at the table talking with my mom and dad and it was like, I still had your stuff in me. It's been all I've been thinking about. I mean, now all I think about is that I've had your dick inside me."

"So are you saying you wish we hadn't?"

"I don't know." Billy replied. "It's not like we can change it now, can we? For the rest of my life, you're going to be the guy I gave my virginity to."

"Well I was a virgin too you know. I gave you mine and you gave me yours."

"So what, are we supposed to be even?" Billy asked.

"I just want to go have fun at Emily's and forget about it for a while." Brett replied.

"Fine." Billy replied.

Emily wasn't having one of her typical pool parties that day, but Billy and Brett were always welcome at her house. Another person who was always welcome was Dustin Smith. And while Billy was happy to see him, Brett wasn't thrilled.

"So are you going to go swimming today?" Emily asked.

"I can't." Billy said, showing off his lovely cast. "Not allowed yet."

"Oh, shoot." Emily said. "That's right. What about you Brett?"

"I don't know." Brett said. "I really don't want to go without Billy."

"Come on, Brett." Dustin replied. "Billy can survive for a few minutes without you up his ass."

Emily and Dustin laughed at his comment, but both Brett and Billy looked at each other with a slight hint of fear. Dustin knew they were together, but to hear a comment like that in front of people who didn't know kind of scared them.

Dustin noticed that neither of the boys was laughing and frowned.

"It was a joke."

"Ha ha." Brett said flatly. "But really though, I didn't bring my trunks and I don't want to walk home all wet."

"Well that's an easy one," Dustin said. "Use my trunks."

"But you're bigger than me." Brett said.

"I'll bet I am." Dustin laughed. "Heck, I'll bet I'm bigger than everybody."

"Dustin, don't be gross." Emily scolded.

"All I'm saying is have some fun, Reilly." Dustin said. "You don't have to hog Billy all the time."

"I'm not hogging him, I just don't want to leave him and go do something fun if he can't go."

"I'll stay with him." Dustin replied. "You use my trunks, I'll stay with the Warrior. Besides, I'll burn if I go out there too long anyway."

"You'd burn if you walked under a light bulb." Billy teased.

"Don't make me hurt you." Dustin replied. "Redheads are known for their tempers you know."

"Well, go get changed, Brett. I'll meet you outside." Emily said. Brett reluctantly took the swim trunks from Dustin and went to the bathroom to change. When he came back, Dustin and Billy were already blasting away at each other on a video game.

"Are you going to go out at least?" Brett asked.

"Maybe later." Billy replied, more focused on the game than anything else.

"Okay." Brett replied. He walked outside leaving Billy and Dustin to play.

"Thanks for letting him borrow your shorts." Billy said.

"I figured some sun would do him some good. He was awfully clingy today, wasn't he?"

"Well... I guess so."

"Sorry about the butt comment."

"Well, I don't think it would have phased us if hadn't just had sex yesterday." Billy replied.

Dustin paused the game and turned to Billy. "Holy shit! He fucked you?"

"Yup." Billy replied.

"Oh my god." Dustin replied.

"It doesn't change anything."

"Yes it does. You got laid."


"So! Billy... You... You got laid."

"I know that. So what? So have you."

"Yeah but..."

"But what? I'm the same guy I was yesterday."

"Wow... Brett fucked you... I just can't believe it."

"Well, believe it. Mike fucked you, too. Remember? I don't see what you're all worked up about."

"It's a shock, that's all. I didn't expect you to give in so quickly."

"Give in to what?" Billy asked.

"To doing it. You were always so... I didn't think you'd have sex so soon."

"What are you, the fucking purity bunny now? People have sex, Dustin. Get over it."

"Did he pull out or cum inside you?" Dustin asked.

"None of your business!" Billy replied.

"Shit. He came inside you."

"What does it matter to you?" Billy asked angrily.

"I just don't like the idea of him putting his... his... thing... inside you like that. And you let him!"

"And I liked it too, okay! A lot! Jeez, you're my best friend not my fucking conscience. I thought you'd be happy for me or something."

Dustin sighed. "It's not that I'm... I'm happy that you're happy. I just never... Oh never mind."

For a while the two just sat there in silence. There was a lot of thinking, and not a lot of anything else going on.

"Why are you so worried about me and Brett doing it?" Billy finally asked.

"It just bothers me. That's all."

"Why?" Billy asked.

"It just does. You wouldn't understand."

"I understand. I felt the same way when I saw you and Mike. You're jealous."

"I'm not jealous! And I'm not gay, either." Dustin replied. "You are."

Billy fumbled around with his controller. "So how long do you feel weird after Mike cums in you?"

"I don't want to talk about sex with you." Dustin replied. "I want us to be friends without being weird. I don't want to talk about fucking or cumming or blowing or anything else you do with him. I just don't want to see you that way."

"Oh... Okay." Billy replied. "If you feel awkward..."

"I do." Dustin replied. "Talk with your boyfriend about boyfriend stuff. I just want to be your best friend without the body fluids talk."

About that time, a wet and laughing Brett and Emily returned from the pool. Brett wrapped a towel around him and sat down on a chair while Emily went upstairs to dry off.

"Have fun?" Billy asked.

"Not as much as I would have if you were out there." Brett replied.

"Oh come on Reilly. It's not like you could have fucked him out there too."

"Dustin!!" Billy said angrily.

"You told him didn't you!!" Brett snapped.


"Come on Reilly, I'd have figured it out by the way you were acting."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Brett asked.

"It means he's not yours and he's still my friend too even if I didn't fuck him."

"Mind your own fucking business, Smith." Brett replied.

"Hey," Billy interrupted. "Both of you need to knock it off. Emily's right upstairs."

"Screw that." Brett replied. "You sure didn't waste any time telling him what we did."


Before Billy could finish, Emily walked down the stairs. "Is everything alright?" She asked.

"Everything's fucking peachy!" Brett snapped. "I'm going home."

"You're wearing my swim trunks!" Dustin said.

Brett pulled them down and threw them at Dustin. He stormed off naked to find his clothes.

"Well that was a side of Brett I've never seen before." Emily said. "What did you do to him?"

"What did I do?" Dustin said innocently. "I just wanted to spend thirty fucking minutes with my friend without having him over top of me."

After about two minutes, Brett emerged fully clothed, hair soaking wet from the bathroom. "Come on, Billy. We're going." He said shortly.

"I guess." Billy replied.

"Thanks Em." Brett said as he walked to the door.

"You don't have to leave so soon." Emily offered.

"Sorry. Billy and I have to go. We'll see you later."

They walked about a block up the street before Brett finally stopped.

"I can't believe you told him." Brett said. "Anybody but him."

"And I can't believe you're acting like this. Both of you are jerks. I can't take this stupid fighting anymore! You're acting like a spoiled brat again."

"No, you're acting like a jerk. You need to get your priorities figured out." Brett replied.

"How am I the jerk? You're the one who stormed out of the house like an asshole and practically ordered me to follow you. I'm not your fucking property!"

"Oh great. Here we go again. I don't think of you as my property."

"Maybe not. But you sure like to boss me around. And you fucked me. Remember?"


"Why did we have sex anyway?" Billy asked.

"I don't know." Brett replied. "I really thought we were ready for it."

"You know you spent the whole time looking at your dick."

"No I didn't!"

"Yes you did. It was all about you getting to fuck me."

"I'm sorry. If I did that, it was only because it was something I'd never done before. It's not because I meant any disrespect by it."

"You don't understand. I mean... I love you and all, but now we've done it. We can't ever go back to the way we used to be."

"But I'm glad we had sex. I thought it was great." Brett replied.

"You know what I think? I think you're glad that you got laid."

"Is that what you think?"

"Yes!" Billy replied. "And I don't think it mattered to you who you fucked. You just wanted to get laid."

Angry tears began to form in Brett's eyes. "If that's what you think then you don't even fucking know me. I wouldn't have..." Brett scowled. "I hate you!"

"Not as much as I hate you!" Billy replied.

"Fuck you!" Brett yelled angrily.

"You already did!" Billy replied even more angrily. "And that's the goddamn problem!"

"Kiss my ass then, you jerk off!" Brett snapped.

And with that, both boys stormed off in opposite directions. And for close to a week neither boy wanted anything to do with the other.

And then, on a Friday afternoon, Billy decided to take a walk down to the park by the river. It was one of his favorite places in the whole town. It was the place where he did a lot of his best thinking. It was a place that held a lot of meaning for him. And it was the last place where he expected to see Brett sitting on his favorite park bench looking out over the river. But there he was.

"Hey." Billy said when he was standing just a little way behind Brett.

Brett was startled by Billy's voice, and jumped a little bit. But when he turned around and saw Billy he smiled slightly. "Hey yourself." He replied.

"Mind if I sit down?" Billy asked.

"Sure. It's a free country." Brett said, scooting over to make room for Billy to sit beside him.

For a long time, the two just sat there, looking out over the water. Neither one really wanted to say anything, but at the same time, they wanted to say a million different things that had been on their mind since they'd argued. The space of about eight inches between their bodies was nothing compared to the space between their souls at the moment.

"Nice day today." Brett finally said.

"Yeah." Billy replied.

And then both of them sat for a while longer. Billy began listening to the sound of Brett's breathing, a steady rhythm of inhaling and exhaling that he hadn't realized how much he'd missed. Brett stared at Billy's shoes, and the constant nervous tapping of his feet. He'd missed his boyfriend more than he could stand.

"I'm sorry." Both boys said at the same moment.

"No, I'm the one who should be sorry." Billy said.

"No you're not, I was a jerk." Brett replied.

"Don't say that."

"It's true. I'm really sorry, Billy." Brett said. He'd stopped staring at Billy's feet and looked him in the eyes. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It's just... Really weird now... Isn't it?"

"Yeah. It is a little awkward."

Billy stared back at the river. "I mean... I thought it was great when we were doing it. I really did. But then I thought about it later, and it started to feel weird."

"Yeah... Maybe we shouldn't have done it."

"It's not that." Billy said. "I'm glad we did it. It's just that it... It changed things. And I didn't want to change. I was happy with things the way they were."

"But Billy, things can be even better now. I mean, I know it's kind of awkward right now. But I love you. I love you even more than ever. I wouldn't have done it with just anybody. I only did it because I love you."

"I'm sorry I said that about you, Brett. About you just wanting to get laid and all... I didn't mean it."

"I know you didn't." Brett replied. "I guess I was acting like I owned you again. And I can see how that really bothered you after what we did."

"Yeah. Really." Billy said.

"So... Since we never really have had a chance to talk about it, can I ask you something?"

"Sure." Billy said.

"Did I do okay?" Brett asked.

Billy laughed. "You did fine."

"It wasn't too quick was it?"

"You'll get better with practice." Billy replied. "And trust me, you're going to have a lot of practice."

"Well, maybe next time you can do it to me instead. I want to feel what it's like."

"And when do you want this 'next time' to be?"

"Well my mom's not home..." Brett said, the smile spreading across his face.

"Well... I don't know..." Billy said. "I mean, we don't want to end up doing it every day, do we? Shouldn't we space it out a bit?"

"William Aaron, if I have sex with you every day for the rest of my life then I never want to die."

"I can live with that." Billy replied.

Well, that concludes this chapter of W.A.R.. It was a blast for me to come back to these characters. I don't know when or if I will ever get the chance to return to them. I just wanted to bring so many of the story's loyal readers another chance to spend some time with Billy and Brett. I also wanted to explore a part of their relationship that I had to skip over during WAR's original run. I hope you enjoyed it, of course. I've enjoyed sharing my writing with you, and I hope you've enjoyed reading even more!

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