The Washing Machine Box

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

The Washing Machine Box
By Larkin

David and I were friends. We played together after school and on weekends. We were both around eight and being boys, we enjoyed playing rough and getting dirty. Just to get either one of us into the bath tub was a major parental operation.

One sunny Saturday, we were playing in David's backyard when I saw a large cardboard box that had been put out in the alley. The neighbors had just gotten a new washing machine and now the discarded box was up for grabs. Both of us dragged the box back to David's yard where it was christened as our new fort. David got an old dull coping saw to cut open a door. He cut three sides so that the cardboard door could open and close. We crawled into the box and pulled the door shut behind us. We cut small observation holes so that we could see if someone was sneaking up on us. The observation holes let a little light in and David and me sat in the cardboard box and planned out a defense strategy in the event of attack. After that David made up all sorts of rules that we had to follow if we wanted to stay members manning the fort.

David could be so bossy.

The air inside the box was warm and close. We sat cross-legged facing each other. The new fort was perfect and we were pleased with our selves. David had both hands down his pants. I didn't think it unusual because he often did that. What captured my attention was that the smiling David had pulled down his pants far enough for me to see his little penis and balls. It was stiff and sticking straight up. He fiddled and it kept springing back in place. I wanted to touch it and I did. David didn't mind at all. He stood up and pulled his pants down to his ankles and then sat back down. I did the same and now both of us were playing with our penises. It seemed only natural for him to play with mine and for me to play with his. We were generating no small amount of intense pleasure between us.

I had always deferred to David and this time was no different. It must have been some sort of primal code. Not saying a word, he looked at me and I looked at him and then I leaned forward and took his stiff penis into my mouth. His twitching penis tasted vaguely sweet and although it was stiff, it was soft to the touch of my tongue. It seemed to cause my saliva to run. I had no idea what I was doing, but I enjoyed doing it. Maybe he needed variety because he got up and preformed the same thing on me. I liked it and I remember thinking how strange David looked with my stiff penis in his mouth. The day was late and not much more than that happened.

Over the next three or four days our fort became our hideout for penis games. The rules of conduct for staying in the club, ballooned and now each infraction had punishments involving penises, balls or butt holes. The consequences of a broken rule were so delicious that we both flagrantly broke rules in turn. It was so much fun. We spent a lot of time discussing the nature of the punishments. If I didn't look out the observation hole in time to see a passing car, I had to lick David's balls. If anyone mentioned this kid's name that we both hated, you had to stick you finger up your butt hole. If we interrupted each other, we both had to be punished and had to suck each others cocks.

The next day we threw the rule book away. It got hot and heavier. Soon we were both completely naked the whole time we were in the box together. Our favorite thing was to curl up suck each others cocks or one on his knees and we'd take turns. When I thought about it years later, I regret that we never kissed or licked butt holes.

I walked over to David's house all excited and ready to play more dirty games. I went around to the backyard to find the big box gone. For a moment I thought maybe David had moved it. David said his parents broke up the box and put it out for the trash. David's mother had been concerned about a strange pair of underpants she had found in the box. David couldn't give her an answer. They were mine. David told me I wasn't allowed over to his house anymore and he wasn't allowed to play with me anymore.

What a sad end to so much fun.