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We Three


Ash squeezed the trigger of the airsoft gun at a paper target. There was a considerable hole in the target from the previous 35 shots. So he aimed for the lower left corner. The five rounds tore through the paper in a nice tight cluster. He heard clapping behind him and turned around to see Caden standing behind him. His brown hair was a mess on the top of his head. Slight in the shoulders he was a little taller than Ash.

"That your new gun? It's modeled after an Uzi right?"

"Yeah, it is pretty accurate," Ash gestured towards the target. "Like the real thing, though, I wouldn't want to use it at long-distance."

"So, because you want to play with your new toy here I'm guessing you have us in the woods today." Caden said with a grin.

Ash glanced at the gun and said innocently. "Maybe." Most of Ash's property was woods, but there was one large open spot near the road across from a cornfield. It made for a very nice battleground.

"Can I try?" Caden asked.

Ash smiled. "Sure, but you know the price."

Caden smiled and pushed Ash against a tree before kissing him on the lips. Kissing was still new to both of them, but they were both enthusiastic practitioners. Ash opened his mouth as Caden pulled back. Their tongues sliding over each other, spit intermingling. It was weird and exciting. One second he was the smooth underside sliding across Ash's tongue and then the rougher top. The warm body pressing against his chest made Ash hard. Not that it was particularly impressive.

Vaguely Ash heard a bike skidding to a stop on the stone driveway followed by the voice of his other friend Matthew. "Starting without me?"

Caden pulled back and answered, "Just warming up."

Matthew came over and gave both of them a kiss. The tallest by half of a head, his lips were full and his kiss gentle. Ash was still surprised by how different his friend's kisses were. He liked both. Ash could remember when he thought kissing was just kissing; now he knew they could be soft, hard, quick and long. He liked them all.

They all took a turn with the new gun before splitting up to play a three-way game of capture the flag. Each of them had their own strategy. Ash attacked while Caden preferred to hang back until at least one of them was knocked out. Matthew waited until the two of them were going at it before he made his move. Alliances would form and just as quickly fall apart. When they quit for lunch Ash was up by two games.

As they walked back to the house Matthew asked, "Are we ordering a pizza or did your mom leave something?"

"Pizza," he answered.

"That'll take a half hour to get here right?" Caden asked. "I brought a deck of cards."

The other two laughed.

While waiting for the pizza, Caden and Matthew went to the living room to close the curtains. When Ashley returned to them, they were already sitting near the coffee table. Caden brought out the cards and started shuffling.

"All right, you all know the rules. The cards are numbered 1 through 10 with the ace being one and all face cards being a 10. The winner is the high card unless there's a tie in which case it's the one card that's different."

"Thanks, we all needed a refresher on the rules of the game we have been playing for three years." Matthew said.

Caden put the pile of cards in front of Matthew. "I hope you pull lots of tens."

The three of them had decided to make all the face cards the ten because it increased the amount of times you had to do the dares together. It was the reason they split up black and red.

"Yeah, well I'm going to make you suck on my toes." Matthew said.

"Are you two going to fight or make out? Because I'm getting a weird vibe from you two tonight." Ash asked smiling. He had large lips that gave him a large smile, but they could also make him look like a smart ass. The pretzel that he threw at him bounced off them nicely too.

Shuffling the cards Matthew pulled two off of the bottom and set them aside facedown. They had found out if they didn't do that, they ran out of cards. He dealt out the rest, all facedown. With six cards in front of each of them they formed them into a pile. Then without a word they each flipped the top card over.

Ash's card was a 10 which was not the best because it was the most likely to tie with someone else. As he looked at the other he saw there was a tie, but it wasn't with him. Both Caden and Matthew had nines

"I dare you two to do a salt-and-pepper kiss."

Matthew's face twisted in a grin while Caden groaned. "Every time, why does someone do this one every time?"

"Because it's funny." Ash retorted.

"Yeah yeah, go get the stuff." Matthew muttered.

Ash stopped before they headed up the stairs. "Should I get anything else?"

"Whip cream if you have it in a can," Matthew added.

"Whip cream?" Ash asked. Caden was right most of the dares were along the same lines every time mostly because there's only so much you can do. "We have never used Whip Cream before."

"If you have it." Matthew repeated.

Ash headed to the kitchen to get the stuff and the other two went to the bathroom. Ash found someone whip cream and dropped it off in the living room as he carried the rest of the stuff in the bathroom. It was only a half bathroom and with the three of them there it was a real tight fit. As the challenger Ash popped the tops off the shakers and scooped salt-and-pepper out of each spoon before handing them over to Matthew and Caden. "30 seconds." He looked down at his digital watch. "Now!"

Both boys downed the spoonful, faces twisting. The spoons clattered to the floor as they forced their mouths together, their tongues invading the others. They were supposed to be French kissing, but from Ash's own experience, he knew they were just trying to force as much of the other stuff out of their mouth and on to the others. Their cheeks bulged outwards as they wrestled while holding onto each other.

"Time," Ash called.

They pushed away from each other like two North facing magnets and spat into the toilet. Ash chuckled as he handed them a glass of water. They took turns sipping, swishing and spitting.

"We should have a rule that that dare has to skip every other game." Caden said wiping his chin with his sleeve.

"No more rules," Matthew responded as we went back into the main room. "Besides, it's not like Ash can come up with anything original."

He smiled, but Matthew was right to some degree. It was hard to come up with new things even with the simple rules they had. There were only three of them. You don't talk about what happened to anyone outside of the group. You couldn't do anything illegal or too dangerous and you couldn't directly involve outsiders. The last rule had been Matthew's idea. Caden had one dared Matthew to kiss his little brother.

The next card Ash pulled was a two and he was sure he would lose. Caden and Matthew pulled a king and queen. Everyone's attention turned towards Ash again. The blonde chewed on his lower lip. It was a habit of his.

"Rub your bare butts together." Ash said finally. "For 1 minute." He added.

"Why don't we save a little time and all just get naked now?" Matthew said as he stood and pulled off his shirt.

Ash was silent for a second as he stared out at Matthew. His friend had a six-pack which was arousing and unfair since he was just in as good shape. The trance only lasted for a second though and he shook his head. "I can't, pizza guy!"

"You could just throw on your shorts," Caden said.

"Oh, yeah." Ash said.

Standing up he undressed like the others. After a minute when they were all undressed they just stared at each other naked. Matthew's body was well developed with large balls and a cock that seem to get bigger every time. Right now, though, it was semi-hard so Ash couldn't be sure. Caden was more like him only thinner. His testicles were bigger than Ash's. Ash knew he was attractive with wide shoulders and a body that had muscles, mostly concealed under his skin.

"The butt thing?" Ash reminded the other two.

Moving away from the table Matthew and Caden turned to face away from each other and bent towards each other. There were a few inches of height difference between them, but bending over placing their hands on their knees they were able to put their butts together. They started rubbing them. The back and forth motion produced a weird sound of skin against skin. Ash tried to hide his smile and suppressed the laugh that threatened to erupt. Then Caden pushed a little too hard and Matthew fell. Ash left as Matthew scrambled to his feet showing of his semi-hardness. He tried to push back against Caden and then the rubbing turned to pushing as an ass fight ensued that only ended when Matthew ended up losing to Caden well past the minute mark.

Matthew's bad luck continued with the next round losing again to Ash. This time he only had to suck on his own big toe for a count of 10. During the next round Ash's luck ran out. He pulled a three, Matthew pulled a nine and Caden pulled a Jack.

"Revenge!" Caden thrust his arms into the air as if he had just won the lottery.

Ash crossed his arms. "Do your worst."

Caden paused for a second. "All right, when the pizza comes I dare you to answer the door naked. No hiding your stuff and no rushing. You have to try talking to the guy, for at least a minute."

Ash's stomach flip-flopped, but he hid his fear with a grin. "Easy," Ash claimed.

"I don't know," Matthew said. "You sure you don't want to back out Ash?"

He was tempted to, he really was. "No, but I'm not sure that I would want to talk."

"You just have to try," Caden said and added, "and besides it might be a girl."

That thought made Ash's face turned red, but he didn't back out.

Caden lost next and Ash got his revenge by having him down a shot of hot sauce. When he lost the next round to Matthew, he got 10 swaps on his butt. Matthew lost than to Ash and had to slide down the carpeted stairs. By the time he reached the bottom his chest was red. A double loss had Ash and Caden did a little sword fighting. Ash both won and lost that one. He made Caden climax which meant he won the match but he had to use his own hand to bring his member down.

Seconds after finishing there was a knock at the door. Matthew, who had been fondling himself on the couch, peeked through the curtains. "Pizza is here."

Ash froze for a second but pushed past his fear. Like a Band-Aid he thought it would be best to get it over quickly. His mom had left a $20 bill by the front door for the pizza and he was supposed to tip the guy with the change. From the corner of his eye he could see Matthew laying on the couch so that he could see better and Caden was just standing there.

Opening the door he said, "You made good time." Ash was relieved to see that it was a man. A woman would have been mortifying.

The man was holding the pizza, but he was staring at Ash. Even though the man was wearing sunglasses Ash was pretty sure he was being looked up and down. Embarrassed he couldn't look at the man and instead stared at the pizza box. The problem was the man was holding it at chest height and Ash could see there was a growing bulge in the man's pants. Far from scared, Ash actually was excited and although he just climaxed, he felt dick twitch.

"Truth or Dare?" The man said all of a sudden.

Ash shrugged and glanced at his watch. No, but it's something like that." He gave a little nod and the man leaned forward to look into the house. Caden's yelp was satisfying to Ash his ears.

"I see. Do you have the money for the pizza?"

Ash laughed nervously having almost forgotten about the money in his hand. "Yeah, here."

The man gave him his change Ash gave him a two dollar tip like his mom told him too.

"Thanks and don't get too carried away." The man said turning around.

Ash glanced at his watch and saw yet 10 more seconds. "Wait!"

The man paused on the first step and turned his head to look over his shoulder. "Yes?"

"If my mom orders pizza and you deliver to her, you won't tell her about this are you?"

The man smiled. "Now why would I do that? Have fun, but don't do anything too dangerous." He shook his head. "Man, I could tell you some stories, but I'm not sure I would want to give you ideas."

Ash laughed and waved goodbye with his unoccupied hand before closing the door. When he dropped the pizza on the coffee table he said with pride, "1 min. and 10 seconds."

The game was put into hiatus as they ate. They started again and Caden lost to Matthew.

Matthew thought for a moment. "Put an ice cube up your butt for a minute."

"Is that safe?" Ash questioned.

"Yeah, I read about it online." Matthew said.

Ash knew not to trust everything online but Matthew was usually the cautious one in the group. What worried him more was what Matthew did in his free time. "All right."

"All right?" Caden said. "Thanks. I don't get the ice cube for him to?"

Ash shrugged and left to get it.

Caden was resting his head on the table so his butt was sticking up into the air and when Ash returned, he gave the ice cube to Matthew.

"Yeah," Matthew said lying over the table. "You ever do this before?"

"No," Matthew said maneuvering the ice cube so it was long and narrow. "Should be funny though."

Caden reached back and spread his butt cheeks. Matthew poured some baby oil on the ice cube before he knelt down. When the ice cube first touched Caden's hole it contracted and the boy jumped forward.

"That's cold!"

"Wait until it's in you." Matthew said.

Matthew asked Ash to pour some baby oil on his fingers and used them to widen the hole a little. With Matthew's fingers spreading the hole wide, he slipped the ice cube into Caden without a problem.

Caden's leg shot and he let out a cry as his buttocks clinched. He shot to his feet and started rubbing his butt as he ran back and forth. After about a minute Caden started to calm down.

"My butt feels numb." Caden complained.

"You want me to kiss it to warm you up?" Ash asked with a grin.

Caden smiled. "I've got two cheeks."

"Both very kissable," Matthew commented.

Caden's butt was smooth to Ash's lips. He wondered if he could get away with licking it. Ash decided not to risk it. Caden had to run to the bathroom after that. Most likely because of the ice cube, Ash thought.

The next round Matthew and Caden both lost by pulling king. Ash stared at the cards for a minute. "You wanna wrap this up?" Wrapping up meant they would have sex after the next dare. When his friends agreed Ash let out a sigh and decided to put forth one of his fantasies. "I dare you two to pee on me as I'm lying in the bathtub. Then one of you puts it in my butt and the other one puts it in my mouth as the shower runs."

The moment of silence that followed was one of most uncomfortable moments in Ash's life. Then Matthew laughed and Caden smiled and said. "I love you, but you're into some weird stuff."

"Yeah, you like the peeing in your mouth?" Matthew asked.

Ash felt his cheeks warm and his dick start to rise. Beneath both of those feelings though was something deeper. He had two friends; no two boyfriends who really cared about him. It was a nice feeling. Ash had zoned out, lost in his feelings. Matthew kissed his cheek brought him back to reality.

"You okay?" Matthew asked.

"Yeah, I'm just glad I have two boyfriends."

"Yeah, but we only keep you around because you have a cute butt." Caden said.

"And a nice house?" Matthew added.

Ash rolled his eyes. All three of them teased if one of them got too mushy. "If it wasn't for your dicks, you two would be useless."

There were two full bathrooms upstairs and Ash took the boys to his. Lying down in the tub so the faucet was above his head. It was a big help so when Caden stepped in at the other end Ash just spread his legs so he could come closer.

"Would you like a washcloth over your eyes or should we just avoid the face?" Matthew asked.

"Washcloth?" Ash said.

The world went dark as the cloth was draped over his eyes. It was a strange feeling lying in any cool tub knowing what was going to happen, but not being able to see anything. He could hear his two friends talking, but they were keeping their voices low. Then he heard silence followed by a shout from both of them.


Almost instantly to streams landed on Ash. Caden's stream landed on his belly while Matthew's landed on his chest. The liquid was warm and made Ash want to jump, but he liked it too. Matthew's stream moved up splashing on his neck and then his face. Ash clamped his mouth shut as the stream hit his cheek and then went back down. Caden's swept downwards hitting his balls and stayed there.

Of all things Ash started to laugh. The streams particularly the one hitting his balls tickled. Matthews's stream wandered down south joining Caden's. Ash felt himself start to become erect as he squirmed, but in the bathtub there was nowhere to go. One of the streams seemed to die down but he wasn't sure which and the other one followed.

"I'm done," Matthew said.

"Should have drunk more." Caden commented.

Ash removed the washcloth from his eyes and looked down at his chest. It was splashed with little droplets. His little cock was shining from the remnants of the two streams. Looking up from himself he saw Caden fondling himself. His friend was erect and he looked like he was in desperate need of a good sucking. Sitting up Ash was determined to do just that.

Ash kissed Caden's dick before slipping it into his mouth. His tongue slipped from it to the tip to the sack and back again. He felt a hand land down and his cheeks were spread as Matthew pushed a finger inside of him slicked with baby oil. Ash loved that feeling. As Matthew climbed inside the tub with them he turned on the shower. For a second, the water was cold and raining down upon Ash's back but it quickly warmed up.

Then he felt Matthews's member against entrance. Once Matthew made the initial penetration Ash pushed back sliding off of Caden member and let out a groan. He could feel his toes curling as Caden ran his fingers through his hair. When Matthew bottomed out Ash took Caden back into his mouth.

As Matthew started to pull back Ash went with him sliding off of Caden's erection so that only the tip was in his mouth. When Matthew pushed back in Ash's mouth followed. It took a few strokes for Caden to figure out the rhythm, but when he did the overall effect was like a piston. Matthew would pull back and Caden would push forward. Back and forth three went.

Matthew broke the rhythm speeding up just as he climaxed. He pushed deep into Ash. He could feel his friend shoot his load deep inside. Spent, Matthew pulled out and drop to his knees to attend to Ash's erection. Sucking his balls and fondling his shaft.

Caden was next grasping Ash's arms to push forward into his mouth before sliding out and sliding to the floor. His load was warm and Ash kept it in his mouth as he knelt down. Resting his head on the other boy's shoulder, he waited for Caden's lips to come to his so he could return his load to him. Matthew continued his ministrations and when the warm feeling finally spread over Ash he let out a scream echoing around the small room. Matthew climbed up to claim the load from Caden and swallowed it.

In the end all three laid down in the tub. Their bodies overlapping and hands intermingled. The water rained down on them warm and soothing. They were happy.


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