I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy. As you might know, I don't always write fantasy. Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference. I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place? Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?


What Me and Mozart Have in Common:
by Larkin, .... jet2larkin (at) gmail (.) com
July 2012, copyright



Part 8: Mutual JO.


Treg was apprehensive again in class. I thought the our JO phone call would have eased his conscious but I couldn't be sure if it had. I was very good and played my part as if nothing special had been goin on. Perhaps it was because he hadn't ever done anything with anyone before and he wasn't sure about it. I was a lot smaller and pretty much still looked like I was still in grammar school and Treg was trying hard to be an adult. I guessed that maybe he thought the whole thing was just too weird. Maybe that was it?

I didn't let on until the end of the day.

Then I gave a pleading look up into Treg's face and said, "Are you comin over?"

He was still apprehensive and nervous but he said in a monotone, "Yeah."

That started a ticklish bubble in my belly that wouldn't quit.


At home, my Mother said, "Carter, I want you to get ready, you're going to the Mall with me and then dinner with Janet."

I Had to think fast. I held my stomach and said, "I can't, I threw up on the bus and I still have an upset stomach. I just want to go lay down."

After troubling over me she bought the farce and headed to the Mall. I couldn't believe my good fortune. The ticklish feeling returned to my belly and I went upstairs to my room and discarded my underpants and put my pants back on and waited impatiently for Treg.


A foot and one half taller than me, he stood in the entry room and nervously looked this way and that. I took him by the hand and lead him around showing him the house.

"Where's your Mother?"

I smiled and said, "Gone."

He said, what do you mean gone?"

"Gone to the mall and then dinner with some lady friend."

I could see him visibly relax inside and give a sigh of relief. I wondered if he might be afraid of authority figures or maybe his own mother was some kind of tyrant. Who knows.

We sat together on my bed. To break the awkwardness, I decided to open my pants and begin to jerk off to show him that it was really ok. I pushed my pants down to my knees and pulled up my shirt. With my thumb and forefinger I pulled my penis up and down until it straightened up and shed it foreskin. Treg watched with curious interest but didn't do anything. I got up and stood between his legs and started to struggle with his belt. He continued to watch being even more amazed that I would do such a thing. It was so exciting because I felt the firm lump beginning to grow even before I got his pants open. He lay back and spread his legs slightly so I could open his pants. Treg's cock had gotten so big and so stiff that I couldn't get it out of his underwear. Finally he lifted his butt off the bed and pushed his pants low enough for me to tug off and free his boner that was trapped in his underwear. I was astounded. I held it in both my hands and stroked it up and down. I crawled up on the bed next to him and got him to pull his shirt up out of the way. Then I lay my head on his warm stomach so I could look closely at it while I stroked it.

We stopped and both began to undress completely. "You sure your Mother isn't going to suddenly come home?"

I said, "Yeah, she only just left."

Naked, I did what I wanted to do all along, I climbed into his arms and nested myself there, protected and happy. Treg changed too. Out of nowhere he became soft and affectionate and held me as if I was something loved and precious that belonged to him. We kissed and embraced for the longest time. Finally we both knew that it was late enough for me to worry about my Mother to be coming home. I kissed him and began jerking off at the same time. I continued until my body shook and shuttered with resolution. Treg Started jerking off as I lay cuddled against him. When he squirted his juice it sprang out landing all over his face, neck and even in his mouth.

He said, "I sorry, I always happens like that. I'm used to doing it that way."

I gave him my best mischievous smile and said, "Next time, do it to me."



I think my Mother lied to me because she came home with some man. The guy was ugly and was wearing too many gold chains around his neck. They were both drunk. They went into her room and slammed the door.


Back in my bedroom, my lady bug cell phone rang.

"Hi." It was Treg.

"I sorry to call you so late."

I said, "It ok."

"Carter, promise me, promise me please never tell anyone. If you tell anyone, I'll kill myself!"

The last line did send a thrill through me but I would never want anything like that. "Treg, You don't have anything to worry about, I promise."

He went on. "Well suppose someone asks you like your Mother or something?"

"Treg, relax, no one saw us and I'm sure not going to do anything that would ruin our geometry tutoring." I laughed.

"By the way, My Mom left another $10. for you."

He said, "I don't want it, you keep it."

"Treg, stop being a jerk.. Tell me the truth, wasn't what we did, fun?.. I did and I want you to come over again and if my Mother is home we'll sneak off somewhere."

When he heard what I had to say, he calmed down a little. I think he was afraid that maybe it was me who had second thoughts and even if I did, why would I tell anyone about it.

"Treg, I like you so much and I can't wait to see you again and I promise to always act like that is nothing goin on between us no matter what anyone says."

I let him know that I was beginning to Jerk off. "Treg, just keep talking to me."

He did the same. Treg had trouble doing it and talking to me at the same time so I talked to him. I told him how much I liked him and how I wanted to be naked with him and...I heard him gasp and moan and then hang up.




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