In which a thirteen year old boy who up to recently saw himself always as a straight `alpha-male.


He finds himself falling hopelessly in love with another boy and by using a computer diary as a means of expressing himself, tries to come to terms with his emotions and sexuality.


This isn't overly sexual in content but I hope, - a little erotic.







Tuesday November 10th 2009


Sorry computer. Shouldn't have thrown you about last night but I'm so pleased you still work for me! You are a bastard though, - one minute you work, - the next you freeze on me.

Sometimes I recon it'd be better if you just fucking packed up altogether and then I'd have something to go to the old people about and then maybe get a newer version!

------ No! Sorry I don't mean it!

Oh why is my normal bad attitude fading? Shit I'm going soft!

I had a good day today actually! Yeah! Fucking great!

I'd all my homework in on time so didn't have to go through all the usual ball-ache lectures and stuff like normal.

Yey! All was really seriously ok until Mr Easton's class. Don't get me wrong, - hey I kinda like Mr Easton, he's well sorted that guy, - you know, like almost cool? He was there though but I made sure I sat well back from him `cos I don't want to get near him.

Oh who the fuck am I kidding here!

Shit!! Shit!!

I wanna be so near him!

I'm scared God!!

Why the fuck is it every time I look at him he's looking back at me! Is he kinda perving me or what?!

More scary.

Am I perving him?

I didn't give much attention to the levels of rainfall in Guatemala. I was just trying to get my fucking pulse rate down.

I went for a shit-break before class finished so I didn't have to get too close when we packed up for the afternoon.

I don't know why I did that `cos, - oh God! I want to be near him but I don't but I do!!

I'm so fucked up! I wonder sometimes if I'm a bender.


Oh God.




Another goodish day. Some kid told me how nice I was for helping him when the little runt slipped on the gravel and cut his ankle and I helped him to the matron.

Give me a break!

I mean anyone would have done it, wouldn't they?

Funny though, - they didn't but I did?

Told you computer, - I'm going soft, oh and by the way. Thanks for trouble-free boot-up!

I saw him again this afternoon.

He looked at me again and smiled. Fucking hell I nearly popped a hard-on right then and there!

No I'm a lying bastard. I did pop one and did an `exit stage left' to the bogs to take care of it.

I wanked myself stupid but I'm only thinking of him all the time I'm doing it.

Nice cum though!

Took my mind off of him for fuck, - ten seconds minimum! Or was that maximum!

We had PE this afternoon.

I love PE! Hey! I'm fit and strong, - strongish ok!!

I'm looking at my mates in the shower now.

A back was a back was a back.

A bum was a bum was a bum.

A dick was a dick was a ... dick.

Jesus H Christ!

I'm looking at my mates `bits' like deliberately here!

Good job he's a year below me in everything but Geography or I'd be in shit street.

Sorry computer but I have to tell you this.

He is just so perfect! I've never seen something more beautiful in my life, --- even Janette's tits, - they were like well special!

Fuck! Well worth the smack in the mouth she gave me when I copped a feel!

He's different though. Can't explain. I recon I'd get bored with Janette's tits after a bit but I'm not sure I would get bored with...

Oh bollocks!

I am aren't I?

I'm a fucking pervert!

Hope he is too!?

Nite computer!

Have a happy shut-down!





Short but sweet part two.




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