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Tuesday November 17th 2009


7-00 AM

Got the third degree from my old man later last night. He quizzed me about the bruise on my temple and stuff. -- Said summat like, `pleased you're sticking up for yourself' or summat!

What an arsehole I am!!

I just came straight out with it!!

I said like, - `it wasn't for me, - it was for Simon!'

My dad just looked at me and never said a fucking word for like, three fucking years or something!!

Then he said, `You must really like Simon? - You've always never bothered before?'

------- Damn!! He was so gentle with me!!

I told him about the swimming and how I nearly could and stuff but that fucking frog came back! Oh bollocks!!

I said too much and Dad saw I was on the verge of crying!

Oh fuck, - I couldn't stop myself!!

(This bit is seriously fucking secret!!)

My dad cuddled me!!

Never before has he done that!! Not ever, ever!

I felt so good!

I'm thirteen for heavens sake!

He rocked me in his arms and I let the whole fucking lot go, - no messing! My tears could have refloated the `Titanic'!

It was soo good to feel wanted by my old man!

Hey!! This was nothing to do with sex, - not ever!! I just moulded into him as I should have done all those years ago, - the `son/father' bond came alive!!!

He really loved me and I realised that I wasn't just the `pain in the arse' little kid I'd always seen myself as!

As I calmed down, he talked like, quietly to me and it was like this.

He'd seen a change in me.

Didn't understand!

Thought I'd got a girl and was trying to `get it on already', - loves young dream or some such bollocks.

Well I was, but not with a girl but then he told me he knew that as well!!

OMG!!! I wanted to die!!!

My Dad, --- , I've not called him like `Dad' ever?!

Oh Damn!!

My Dad told me it was my life!

He loved me!

He'd always be there for me no matter what!!

How awesome can a `rent be, for fucks sake!!!?

Never, - not ever, think you can't approach the old bastard who raised you!


They've been there, - done it and under way, way more intimidating circumstances!!

My Dad loves me and I'll bet, - your Dad loves you too. -- Give him a fucking break here!!!?

I went back up to my room later, - that is after I'd calmed down.

My Dad took my Mum down to the pub and I'll put money on the fact I'm going to be the point of conversation!


It's kind of a relief somehow.

Can't explain it really, `cos it's not like Simon and I have done anything like, `gay' or anything?

We just, --

Oh bollocks!!

10-00 PM

Simon's on line!!

`You ok Jack? How's the head?'

`Alright I guess. Hey. Thanks for dressing it up and stuff lunch time?'

`No worries! What are friends for!'

`Friends! -- I'll tell you something.

My Dad found out about it and in a moment of fucking stupidity, - I sorta told him why I did it.

He was like, - well cool with it!

He fucking cuddled me for Gods sake! ------

You wanna know something? It felt like, so fucking nice!

I was crying! -- I don't cry, - well I didn't until I met you, - you bastard!!'

`Sorry. -- I...'

`Sorry be fucked! It's ok! Let's talk about summat else?'

`Ok. Looks like it's going to be a long week with only two Geog periods but hey!

I've talked my Mum and Dad into letting me cycle to school!

I thought that I could meet at yours `cos it's about half way and we could go on together!

Ok with you?'

`Nah! Don't want to be seen with an ugly little cunt like you!! - HEY WANKER? Joke already!!

I'm sorry!!

My gob gets the better of me sometimes.

For fucks sake Simon, - that would be so very fit!! So very ok!!'

`Cool! -- t'other thing.

My Mum thought that with this swimming thing and stuff, - maybe you should like, - stay over on Friday or Saturday night, - ok, - maybe both?

Well it's up to you.

The offer's like there, - but as you recon I've a face like a cunt already? ...!

`Hey Simon.

Always dreamed about kissing a cunt?

Gotta go before I start crying again.

See ya tomorrow morning!


You do understand, don't you?'

`Absolutely! Just so long as I can kiss a fucking prick back!!

Nite Jack, - and thankyou!

My hero!!



Nite computer!!

Oh fucking OH!!

That would be like, so good! --

Shit! -- A sleep over, - - maybe two.

Oh God?

Like I said,

Nite computer!!!

Wednesday November 18th 2009


7-00 AM

I nicked a pair of Samantha's thongs!!!!

They're really tight around my balls and my dick keeps falling out but they feel sorta good up my crack.

I'm a bit disappointed.

I thought that would be cool but girls don't have much to offer `down there' so I gave up on it, - only now I've got to figure out how to get them back in her dressing table without her noticing!

I'd better get dressed and get some fodder. -- Simon should be here soon!

8-00 PM


Good enough day.

Me and Simon cycled to school together which meant that we got to spend some time with each other before lessons began.

I told him about the thong `thing' and the little fucker laughed at me!

Normally, that would have warranted a smack in the gob but from him, - ok! I laughed as well!

I'm getting very close to him computer?

It still bothers me `cos I don't want to be like, `gay' or nothing but I just can't help but sorta `wanting' him somehow.

I get hard when he IM's me and can't wait for his emails even though they're fucking stupid sometimes. It's like he took the trouble to send them and so he's thinking about me as well.

That sound daft?

Well fuck it, - it doesn't to me!

Anyway. We've sorted the weekend and I'm going to his Friday evening. My dad will roll me over there in the car `cos they recon my bag will be too heavy to take on my bike.

Fucking hell! How much stuff do I need for two nights!?

Oh well.

Nice of him to offer I guess.

Still only Wednesday night!

This week is going to drag summat bad, - but hey! We've Geog tomorrow!

That's Thursday sorted!

Something else that could be interesting?

I've special PE Friday morning?!

Now I have to decide if I admit that I can swim already, - or if I just `delay' the announcement!

Simons' out with his folks tonight at some fancy bash or other so I'm hitting the sack early.

I'm still bothered about my crying.

Never done this before, - not ever, - something's happening to me and I don't understand.

Oh! Hey! Guess what!

Fucking awesome!

I'm growing some hairs around my dick!! Cool or fucking what!!

Nite computer.


I miss speaking to him?



Thankyou for reading and I hope you found it enjoyable and hopefully, - a little amusing as well.

There will be a `Part Five' but without spoiling the innocence of this piece, - I'll probably call it a day at that.

Thanks for the mail I've received, - really appreciated all of it.

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