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Hey! Everything's cool! My folks had a call from Simons Mum to say I was a pleasure to have! Shit!!

I took more pleasure having Simon, - ha-ha!

Well ok, - he `had' me too but I was coming to that bit, - you know, - the bit about waking up an stuff.

I woke to find Simons dick on my chest. He was laying on me face down with my willy in his mouth and oh fuck did it feel good!

I was getting a view of his hole and balls which was a bit of a turn-on in itself but I couldn't move to get to them and I wasn't about to bloody fight him off now was I?

Oh God!!

Now I don't know what's good or bad about this but it felt just like I wanted it to go on for like ever? It doesn't though does it!

I warned him! I bloody told him I was going to squirt but the beautiful little bugger either didn't hear or didn't care because I couldn't hold back any more and despite all my efforts to get him off me, - I came in his mouth and it was the most dramatic moment of my life!

Oh man! I went to heaven and came back again!

Simon took the lot!

He turned to face me with a massive smile on his face and swallowed! He had a little bit dribbling from the corner of his mouth which he wiped away with his tongue then he said summat like `That's alright actually! I could feel good about that!'

We went for breakfast and messed about for awhile before going for a swim and the usual shenanigans `cos we were `skinny-dipping' but all good things come to an end and shit as it was time for me to go home.

I miss him already computer?

I want to crawl up in a ball and cry but I'm fucking well not going to!

I almost never blaspheme `cos I believe in God and so it's wrong but just now, I hope he'll forgive me.

`For Christ's sake! I love Simon!!?'

School tomorrow and I wonder how it'll be. I know I've changed, - I can feel it and other people have noticed.

Oh well.

Fuck it and fuck them!






Oh right!

Simon and I cycled to school together as normal, - we've Geog together this afternoon but we hung around together in the playground before we had to go in and that was when it happened.

Now I knew that people had made comments before but I'd always been able to brush them off but this time, - I couldn't.

I got cornered by some of my mates. They sorta quizzed me like. `Still hanging with little Simon then?' and stuff.

I got a bit shitty but they pushed and pushed really hard `till it got to the point I decked Paul, - one of my best mates and gave him a nose bleed.

I didn't want to do it, - honest, - but he just fucking pushed and pushed.

I picked him up and said like sorry and then it just came out.

I said like `I fucking love Simon you wankers! Leave me alone and especially, leave him alone or you'll be fucking with me and I'll fucking deck the bastard lot of you'.

Hearing a pin drop don't come close!

Most moved away but Paul and Mark stayed and just sorta looked at me.

Mark was the first to say anything.

`You're like, gay!!'

I just nodded my head and went like `I think I might be, - yeah.'

Paul took a step back `cos he thought I was going to smack him again but he's one of my best mates and I didn't want to hit him in the first place so I told him to calm down.

I said sorry to him and like, - I'm the same mate he had last Friday but only he'd found something else about me that even I never knew.

He was cool about it as was Mark but I'll take bets my life is going to be shit or worse in the next few days.

Oh God? I want to be with him so very much? To feel his softness when we cuddle together. To feel his lips on mine and to caress his wonderful body all over but if I can't have that, - just to be with him would be good enough?!

How can I be happy and so desperately sad all at the same time?

Nite computer.

I think I'm going to have a little cry otherwise I'll never get any sleep.


8.00 AM

Yes I cried and yes I felt better and yes I slept like the dead.

Funny how everything seems like not so much of a problem in the morning? Got to research that one `cos it beats the crap out of me!

It'll be well interesting how much `the word' has spread around school about me and Simon today but that's the other weird thing, - I almost don't care? I love him and he loves me so what's the fucking massive deal?

Onwards and upwards as they say! Breakfast and `hey-ho' to the factory!! (I'm so bloody happy)!!

6.45 PM

Hey! Today was ok!

I caught up with Paul and Mark and apologised again for nutting Paul and jokingly asked him if he wanted me to kiss it better! J.C! He looked a bit sore however he declined my invitation! Just said like, - `Yeah in you fucking dreams' or summat.

We got on ok though.

People looked at me different, - like I was some fucking virus or summat. No one said a fucking bad word though and that was odd because if I'd been them, - I would have!

But nothing until it was `home-time' and as I was collecting my bike, Janette collared me. --- You remember her? The girl who's tits I'd felt up and got a smack in the mouth for! --- Yeah! Her!!

She sorta walks up and asks me like soooo up front, --- like `am I gay or what'?

I thought about telling her to fuck off and mind her own business but I saw something in her eyes.

They weren't the savage, - piss-taking eyes I'd had in the play ground, - she looked, - like scared?

We walked home together, - her place is about ten minutes from mine so we went to my place and my Mum almost died when I told her we `had something to discuss' and we would be doing it in my room and then she would be on her way. ---. --- Not the best way to get your point across!!!


Turns out, -- Janette has a bit of a pash for Olivia. WOW! No wonder she didn't like me touching her tits!

Hey! Olivia is a bit `butch', - well sexy though but I'm getting to the point that my wank fantasies aren't about girls and Janette said it was the same for her but like reversed, - she played with herself thinking about girls. --- How do they do that? --- I'll maybe ask her sometime but the upshot is this. Simon and I, - Janette and Olivia are going out together as a `four-some' on Friday evening `cos we've shared problems and we all of us understand. Great!!

She told me that she thought I was very brave telling everybody that Simon and I were an item and that she didn't know how to go about telling anyone else.

Hell! We talked and talked for like ages! I've never talked to a girl for so long, not ever!

Then my Mum barged in on us and I recon she was well surprised not to find us half naked on the bed snogging each other `cos she was almost lost for words! She just said summat like `Your tea will be ready in five minutes' and left the room. So bloody funny!

Janette looked at her watch and said she should be going. When we stood up she gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek and said I was nice and how much she'd liked our chat and like, could we do it again sometime like before Friday.

Anyhow, - we're all four of us getting together tomorrow after school that is if Simon and Olivia are up for it.

Happy days!

I'll I.M. Simon later and see what he thinks and Janette is going to talk to Olivia and let me know by email.

10-45 PM

Simon's well up for it! He kinda suggested that we all went to his after school and if we wanted, we could have a swim and he would order in some grub for all of us.

I've emailed Janette and I'm just loafing around waiting for her reply.


6-30 AM.

Got fed up waiting last night. It had been a weird day yesterday and I was knackered but I got her reply this morning. Bloody good job I didn't wait up `cos she never sent it `till gone midnight!


She had a little trouble convincing Olivia that it would be a fun thing to go to Simons place tomorrow and especially the `swimming' bit but relented when she fully understood that me and Simon were not trying to get into their knickers, - just that we needed each others friendship given our situations.

I never knew Olivia was such a fucking `man-hater'? A lezzo perhaps but she really hates us boys so I wonder how it'll go this evening.

Simons Dad is going to some conference or other in Manchester and his Mum is tagging along to do some Christmas shopping so they won't be back until the wee small hours. That means we'll have some privacy at least.

Anyhow, - breakfast awaits!

10-30 PM

Hey! That went quite well!

Olivia was like a cat on a hot tin roof to begin with so Simon `liberated' a bottle of red wine from his Dads cellar and the four of us demolished it a bit quick and then we had another and we got a bit pissed up but it kinda calmed the atmosphere somewhat, - thank fuck.

We talked about Simon and me and how neither of us could give a toss about people knowing about us and kinda how it just came out unexpectedly and so there was fuck all we could do about it.

Olivia asked why I never denied it so I told her how I believed in God and the bible and shit and how it would be like St Peter denying he knew Jesus just before he was crucified and if you really love someone, you should be there for them no matter what.

That gave her something to chew over!

A bit later she said something like `Well if we did `come out' what would we do about the bullying?'

My beautiful Simon!

He had the whole fucking lot of us in hysterics `cos he countered it by saying summat like `Well it's up to you but personally, - I intend to keep doing it'!

I honestly thought Olivia was going to give herself a fucking hernia she laughed so much!

That was the clincher!

That was the moment that brought us all together.

We decided to go for a swim and pointed the girls pool-side and Simon and me went into the lounge to change.

Janette and Olivia were already in the water by the time we made it back. We swam around for a bit and then had a `two-aside' water polo game, - Simon and me against Janette and Olivia. Then we changed over. Simon and Janette against me and Olivia.

Fucking hell, - Olivia is strong! We beat the others hands down and it was all down to her really `cos I'm not that good in the water!

Needless to say we were all of us well fucked after the shy side of an hour of that shit so we dragged ourselves out, - showered and got dressed.

Simon ordered a Chinese meal for us and snuck another bottle of wine, the bastard!

The rest of the evening was great. Barriers down and everything understood between us.

We demolished the food and we all relaxed in front of the TV, - Simon and I cuddled up on one couch, - Janette and Olivia on another.

God? It just was so very natural!


All good things come to an end and stuff.

I walked the girls to the corner of my street and at that point they had about a five minute walk by themselves.

I did offer to escort them but Olivia sorta tilted her head on one side and winked at me and said like `I'm here for her, - just like you said!'

I was about to say my `good-nights' when they both gave me a hug and a kiss!


Big muscular Olivia hugging a boy?!!

Fuck it. We're mates now!





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