A Story by Seymour Dixx

This is a story that was too risque to share on, so I've posted it here instead. While the names have been changed, this story is based on an actual experience. If you like it, drop me a line at All flames will be ignored.

  The year is 1977 and I’m 16 years old. On this particular weeknight, I’m working as a lifeguard at the local public pool. It’s mid-summer. But first, a bit about me. I'm tall at 6'2", and my hair is longish, dirty blond. I weigh about 165 lbs, and I'm already sexually experienced, but not always in a good way. I started having sex when I was 10 or 11, first with a neighborhood boy, then later with grown men. I enjoyed being sexually active until I was raped when I was 12. Since then, the most I've done with another guy was  showing my  "hardware" to him, and, of course, mastubating alone at home. In the last 4 years, I'd become rather inhibited, but this story is about my sexual re-awakening.

  I teach 2 swimming classes in the afternoon, then afterwards I’m the second lifeguard on duty for open swim until 7:30 p.m.. Mary, a college girl, is the head lifeguard. The open swim period starts out fairly busy, but as the evening wears on many of the kids leave the pool and head home for dinner.

  It’s about 6:30 when I first notice him: he’s tall (5’10”), lean, with short dark hair and very light skin. His body is quite well toned, while not being overly muscular, and he even has a few freckles on his shoulders. This boy is absolutely gorgeous! He is wearing a tight-fitting red speedo, and he’s speaking with a larger, older boy (most likely his older brother). I catch just a bit of their conversation, but enough to know that they are speaking Russian. The older brother is there with a fairly pretty girl who I assume is his girlfriend. Anyway, after a bit of a discussion, the older boy and girl leave the pool, and the lean, younger boy dives back into the pool. Into the shallow end, yet. Of course, this is a breach of the rules, so I go over to have a talk with the young Adonis.

  “Ahem, umm….I’m sorry, but you really can’t dive into the shallow water--it’s very dangerous”, I say haltingly to the boy. He looks up at me and replies, with a slight Russian accent, “Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. It won’t happen again.” That’s when I saw his eyes. Those wonderful, stormy-blue Slavic eyes. The eyes that could melt a heart. Wow.

  “T-Thanks”, was all I could get out. He smiles at me and says “My name’s Yevgene, but you can call me Gene.” I take a deep breath, and while trying to sound like I’m in control of myself, respond “My name’s Seymour. Nice to meet you.” He smiles.
I can’t help watching him for the next hour as he swims, dives, and even dives from the 3 meter springboard. Not only is he incredibly beautiful, but he’s quite a talented diver as well. I tried not to stare too much, but with only him and another girl in the pool it was hard not to notice him.

  Finally, 7:30 came around, and Mary blew her whistle. “OK, pool’s closed now!!” she yells, Yevgene climbs out of the pool and walks over to retrieve his towel. I hold the door open for the boy, then Mary comes by and tells me “I’ll lock up-you can go now. I’ll see you Thursday, then?” “Yeah, see you Thursday”, I reply, and add “Bye”, as I close the door. Mary locks it from the other side.

  I hear the water running in the shower, and I slowly walk in that direction. Yevgene is already standing under the warm flow. “Hi, Seymour” he says as I enter the shower. He smiles. “Hi, Gene” I respond. About 10 seconds later, he unties the drawstring on his speedo and peels it off. He stands facing me, his penis uncovered. Not only is his body gorgeous, but his penis is too! He’s probably 4” semi-soft, with a ring of dark pubic hairs around the base. Oh, yeah, he’s uncut, too.

  Now, you may find this hard to believe, but this was the first uncut penis I’d ever seen, at least up-close. I look at it, and he notices me checking it out. “You never saw a foreskin before, have you?”, he asks. “Ah, um…n-no, actually, I…I haven’t”, I nervously reply. He smiles again, and says, “Is just a bit of skin covering the penis. Almost all boys in Russia have them. It slides back, too.” As he says this, he retracts his foreskin, revealing his perfectly shaped glans. He slides it back again, then says something that really surprises me: “Do you want to try it?”

  I say nothing, but slowly reach my hand out toward him, stopping just before touching his now-hardening penis. I look up at him, and he says “Go ahead”. I grasp his foreskin lightly between my fingers, and then slowly, gently, pull it back. His foreskin feels so soft, and it fits over his penis so snugly, too. I leave the skin retracted, then look up at his face. “You have a boner, I see”, I say to him, smiling. He slides his hand across the front of my shorts, and then retorts “You are hard as well. Can I see it?” I quickly pull my trunks off, uncovering my full 7.5” of hard, cut dick.

  “Wow. You are large”, he tells me, as he wraps his fingers around my throbbing penis. “I  would like it very much if we could e-jaculate together” he says in his slightly broken English, adding “You are very handsome, you know.” I’m sure that my face blushed when he said that, since I was never really that hot. I ask him “how old are you, anyway?” “Twelve years”, he answers, “but will be 13 in 3 weeks. Don’t worry, I have done this many times before with other boys.”

  It only takes me a few seconds of sliding his foreskin back and forth before Yevgene is completely rigid, his penis a full 6”, maybe even a bit longer. We stroke each other rhythmically, and in less than a minute I shoot my load all over his taught, buff abdomen. He smiles broadly as the semen runs downward, onto his penis, and only a few seconds later I notice him biting his lower lip. He closes his eyes, trying to prolong the ecstasy, but he can’t hold it in any longer. He shoots two quick jets of hot jism straight onto my chest, and continues to ooze a bit of semen as I pull his foreskin back over his glans.

  Yevgene wraps his arms around me, holding my body tightly against his. We kiss, embracing each other under the warm water spray. Finally, we wash each other’s bodies, and leave the shower. Afterwards, as we were changing into our clothing, I notice that he has a really nice butt, too. “Maybe we can play with it next time?” he asks. He also asks me what my hours are.

  We saw a lot more of each other that summer. The next time we met, we tried oral sex, and before the summer was over he would even allow me to fuck him. Once school started, though, we lost track of each other, and we haven't seen each other since.