You Tell me what love is.

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2008


You Tell me what love is.
by Larkin

Nicky was so fucked up.
I guess it was pot and of course, he didn't save me any.
He stood in the doorway of his messy and cluttered room.
He was speechless and specter like from the weed.

I came into his room and putting both my arms around him, I sort of hung myself on his tall body.
Looking up at him, I parted my lips for our first luscious kiss.
The kiss was so delicious and natural that my modest penis expanded into a brilliantly glowing little boner.
I whispered into his ear,
"You can do anything you want to me."
This idea had always excited him.

Even though I was the younger one, only twelve, I was the one who taught him how to fuck me.
When we first met, the idea had never occurred to him.
I snuggled close and felt the shape of his cock through his pants.
He looked at me so surprised.
I looked into his brown eyes, smiled and said, "I won't tell."

I made the first move because I knew he wouldn't have.
I could tell that he really needed me; he just didn't know it yet.
Nicky needed help to crank out his big cock more than once a day.
He did it anyway, but in secret solitude.
I knew because I accidentally interrupted him once.
He pretended like he wasn't doing anything.
The big ole lump in his pants gave him away.
I began dreaming about him at night.

The first time we did it, I ran my hand back and forth over the warm stiff lump in his pants.
He looked at me with a disbelieving smile but did nothing to stop me.

He said,
"Hey, be careful, you don't know what you're getting into."

In my pouty voice I said, "I don't care."

Girl like, I struggled with his belt buckle and opened his pants.
Without helping he continued to let me have my way and looked on with amazed fascination.
Only when I was struggling to pull his pants down did he bother to lift his ass off the bed to make it easier.
His old white underpants were strongly scented and stretched out from his big boner.
What could be prettier?

His vanity provoked friendly and good natured aggression.
He got up on his knees with me trapped between his legs.
His boner was so rude.
I just lay there looking up at him.
Maybe he was afraid of getting into trouble.

He said, "You sure you want to do this?"

I shook my head yes and watched while he displayed himself and demonstrated his masculinity.
My pliable nature made him bold.
He pulled on his cock till it was so stiff that it bobbed up and down.
Stroking it slowly, he moved up closer.
It was already on the way to being a real man's cock with a wicked foreskin.
When he pulled down his foreskin and showed me the pretty part, I opened my mouth.

It didn't take him long.

He fucked my mouth and started breathing hard.
I think he was afraid to cum in my mouth so he pulled his cock out and came all over my boy belly.
He didn't have to.
When I saw it squirting all over the place, I felt so happy inside.
He looked down at me and he could see in my face, all the love I had for him.
I made him feel good about himself.

If this isn't love, you tell what love is.