Young Critics' Tale


Young Critics

Intro: Hi! This is a group effort story based on some pretty true events. We wrote this "Memo to Nifty Writers" that got posted in the Nifty Information directory about a month ago and it caused a bit of a stir and we got so many emails we had to write another Memo to answer them all.

We didn't set out to piss anyone off, we just wanted to say that we thought the stories could be better in certain ways. Anyway, lots of emails said it's easier to criticize than to write and that we should try it before we shoot our mouths off. We thought about that and agree that we should take a shot and see if we can write something decent.

We really struggled to come up with a plot that hadn't already been beaten into the ground and then figured that what's below might work since its based on something that's mostly true about how one of us got started with sex and all, about 4 years ago. Even though its written in the first person, we (6 of us) all helped write it and we added stuff that's different from what really happened.

Well, here goes and we're prepared to take as good as we give, so let us have it at:

Jarrod's Journey

God, I'm not sure how to really begin this because it's pretty personal and was a very traumatic time for me. It also happened over 4 years ago and I have changed a whole lot since then both physically and mentally. But since I hang with a group of guys that includes kids who were my age when this happened, I can use them in some ways to remind me of just what is was like to be barely 12 and then be literally hurled into the world of gay sex.

Boy that was hard to just write "gay sex". Guess I have done a pretty good job at blocking that word and just thinking about it as sex--simple feel good sex--but it is more than that. It is sex with guys and since that's all I've ever done so far, it makes me least for now. Truth hurts. No, I take that back. It makes me feel a little scared or nervous maybe that what I'm doing is not considered to be very acceptable by the masses. I've always known that but I love having sex so much that I'd never think of stopping. I figured all I needed to do was keep it secret, which has been pretty easy so far. But what if I never want to do it with girls? What if I ever really fall in love with a guy, instead of just being in love with sex itself? How will I be able to keep that secret? What would we do, go live in a cave?

Shit, I never thought I'd ever have to worry about this kind of stuff when everything started late one summer night 4 years ago that seem to have gone by in a flash. Christ, 4 years from now I'm gonna be half way through college! Pretty freaky how quickly things go. By the way, my name's Jarrod...Jarrod Taylor. Most everyone also calls me Jarr, which is pronounced "Jair" not "jar" like in jar of pickles or something. And never "Rod" like in "suck my rod" J .

It was a pretty hot night and I'd been tossing and turning for a while before I finally got up to take a piss. Because we live a few blocks from the ocean in California, our house doesn't have air conditioning and really doesn't need it except on those rare windless nights. My tee shirt was pretty much sweat-soaked and it stuck to my stocky 12-year-old chest and back, making me feels claustrophobic, like I was in a straight jacket or something. I stumbled down the hall toward the bathroom and when I turned on the light, the brightness hit me like a camera flash going off.

Wincing as I raised the toilet seat, I used my left thumb to hook the waistband of the gym shorts I was wearing and then I pulled them down below my scrotum as my right thumb and index finger took hold of my prepubescent penis. I stared at my thin smallish circumcised penis that would only measure out at 3 1/2 inches hard, and limp, would not hang the length of my sack and was only good for a two finger hold, unless I wanted to piss all over my hand. Not a hair on me yet, but I knew they'd be coming because in recent months a kind of white fuzz had started to show up down there and in a certain light, like the stark light of the bathroom at night, I could see that they were looking a little bit darker than the cotton white they had started off as.

I wasn't really worried about it because no one my age that I saw in the showers after wrestling practice or on the scales during weigh-ins had any either. Well, except for the kid we called "Ape" who was the biggest 12-year-old you ever saw and had pubes since like 4th grade. I knew everyone wanted them now and especially since showers were mandatory after gym when we started 7th grade during the upcoming school year. But I figured "no sweat", I'd be there by the end of the summer at the rate things seemed to be changing. I looked up into the mirror to inspect the fuzz that had begun to cover my upper lip and saw it too was darkening somewhat. That and my recent discovery of toe pubes (really...I swear, pubes were growing on the top of my big toes and the ones next to them!) had me convinced that I was right on target.

I also noted how messed up my black head of hair had become as it stuck out in all directions from my round boyish blue-eyed face that everyone said was very handsome...but I never knew whether to believe them cause it was just me, to me that is. At 5'6" 125 lbs., I was good-sized for a soon to be 7th grader, and while I wasn't a ripped muscle guy, I was really strong from wrestling and playing football on the little league teams. Plus, I worked out with my older brother a lot and was starting to get these veins in my biceps and forearms to stick out which was really cool.

The initial sweet feeling of my now full-on piss was eventually being replaced with a sense of impatience that it wouldn't end as I had to take several deep breaths while I continued to push for what seemed like forever. My older brother had thrown a party that night and, with his permission, I had downed a few beers. I'd heard the term "beer piss" before, but this was the first time I had ever taken one. "Son-of-a-bitch," I thought, "do these things ever end?" When, at last, I was finished I shook the last drops out as the shaking action caused my penis to lengthen and tingle in a very pleasant manner. It started to swell in the manner I had become accustomed to in the last year, which had become the source of many anxious moments riding on the school bus or sitting behind my school desk.

God knows I'd seen other's walking around with a pronounced lump below their belts and heard the "boner, boner!" taunts. But, I'd never been busted for one yet and I had become really good at quickly repositioning my erections in a straight up manner where they could rest between the waistband of my boxers and my belt until they eventually deflated. Of course, nothing was worse than getting caught with a rod in the showers. I'd seen what happened when anyone got one after practice or during a weigh-in, and the razzing was cruel and unmerciful, causing more than one kid to quit. And my brother told me about this kid who kept getting them when he was in 8th grade and had to move away because of all the mean-spirited teasing and the towel whippings his classmates would give him.

While I knew all about hard-ons, I was a total novice at jerking off. I knew what it was from kid talk and the Internet, which really lets kids know everything about anything they want to research. But when I'd get hard at night and try to do it, I'd either fall asleep doing it or my arm would just get really tired and sore before anything happened except for the feels-good-feeling when I'd first start to rub myself. Other kids kept saying stuff about the super great feeling that happened when the orgasm occurred and I knew that with older kids with pubes, all kinds of sperm stuff would shoot out. So I thought maybe I was broken or something so about 6 months ago I figured I just ask my brother about it.

Yeah my brother Brandon was a fount of knowledge for me and had been my whole life. I absolutely worshipped him then. I still love him, of course, and he is the first one I talk to when I have a real problem. But when I was 12 Bran had just graduated high school and was getting a full football scholarship to Stanford where he was going to play quarterback, just like he had for 3 years in high school where he set so many records I lost count. Brandon was 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighed 220 pounds of pure cut muscle. Like a "Greek God" people would say when they saw him with his shirt off at the beach and stuff.

He had black hair and blue eyes like me, but we didn't look too much alike because he looked so much like my Mom it was freaky--his face that is. I mean I was a "tweener" could see my Mom and my Dad in my face, but if my Mom had black whiskers and a bigger face, she and Brandon could be twins. Not that he looked feminine or anything. I'd seen Brandon naked plenty of times and I remember like I was looking at a picture or something how he and all the other 8th graders looked when I was in 3rd grade and had joined the little league wrestling team. It was the only time we would ever be on a team together at the same time. I and the other 3rd graders only had our bald little baby dicks, except for Ape who didn't have any pubes yet but he was close and he had a huge cock for a kid his age...everyone said so. But lots of the 7th graders and almost all of the 8th graders had hairy dicks of differing degrees. Brandon was pretty much middle-hairy from what I could see and he was pretty big too. I didn't outright stare at them, of course. But I was curious so I made my mental notes that stay with me even today.

When we weren't on the same teams anymore, I'd still get to see him because, after football games and wrestling matches, I'd hang in the locker room with him and his pals to celebrate. I'd never invite myself in because long before, Brandon had told me how we needed to have separate social spheres. I knew that he loved me and all but I couldn't just hang on him all the time and needed to give him his space when he was with his friends, and I had no problem with that. Being Brandon's little brother was the coolest thing then and kids wanted to hang with just because of him. So when Brandon set out rules, I wasn't gonna argue and ruin anything. Hell, he or his pals would always call me over when they saw me anyway, so I just got real good at getting invited. And I'd always be sure to be near the locker room door to congratulate him and the others after a game or match and Brandon or one of his friends or even the coaches would always tell me to come on in. Eventually, they'd all strip and shower and I would make my notes of where their bodies had changed, knowing that someday mine would too.

Also, girls just threw themselves at Brandon and I would tease them and him about it until he started to give me these good "sex training tips". He knew I knew all about it from a physical nuts-n-bolts standpoint, but he also knew I didn't know jack shit about girls and what makes them tick and how to make them like me. So he told me to always be nice to them no matter how much one might piss me off, because they were gonna turn into beauties some day and being nice now would pay huge dividends later. We talked about girls and sex a lot but it never made me hard or anything, it was just like him coaching me in wrestling or football was all.

Brandon also was a 2 time state wrestling champ, but Stanford's football coach wouldn't let him wrestle too, which really pissed me off cause I loved to watch him wrestle and figured he could win in college too and maybe get a shot at the Olympics. It was pretty obvious that I was upset by it but Brandon and my Dad sat me down and explained how wrestling is a dead end sport--nothing to do with it professionally, except that fake WWF shit or extreme fighting--and how Bran really had a chance at the NFL. So why should he risk fucking up his throwing shoulder or wrecking a knee or something while wrestling.

"Hey Jarr," Brandon said, "I was getting pressure to quit wrestling for the last two years. Not by Dad, but from Coach Tucker and from all those coaches and recruiters who have been visiting since the end of my sophomore year."

"I never knew that. Why didn't you tell me?" I asked.

"Hey squirt, some stuff you don't need to be bothered with. I knew it would upset you so why should you have to deal with that?" he said with a broad comforting smile on his face.

That was the first time I learned that Brandon kept stuff from me, and I wanted to know what else he wasn't telling me because my life, thoughts and fears were and open book to him. When I started to pry at him I saw on his face that he wasn't going to go there--wherever "there" was, so I just let it go.

Anyway, it was an automatic conclusion for me to go and talk to Brandon about why I couldn't get this orgasm thing to work and I went into his bedroom after dinner one night and asked if he could take a break from his home work and talk to me.

"Sure Jarr, this shit is boring me anyway," he said smiling his 'what can I do for you little brother' look.

"Well, it's a sex thing OK?" I began. "I've been getting lots of hard-ons and trying to do the jack off thing but my arm gets too sore or my dick does before anything ever happens. Am I OK, or do I have some issues here dude?"

Brandon looked at me seriously but I thought he might be laughing inside as he replied "Could be lots of things I guess, but you're probably just not ready yet. I mean if you can let yourself stop, your sex drive probably just isn't there yet which is totally cool."

"I don't let myself stop," I protested. "My fucking arms just give out or I get really sore on my dick so that's why I stop."

"Shit Jarr," he laughed "once I stared my feet would have to have fallen off too before I would have stopped...or the bed sheets would have to have been full of sand, and my dick would have to have come off in my hand. Sorry to laugh, but you'll understand later that there's no such thing as stopping. And mix in some baby oil from the bathroom to keep your dick from getting sore. Meanwhile, you're not even 12 yet so what the fuck are you doing whacking off anyway? I didn't do it 'till I was at least 12 I think. Yeah it was during the summer before 7th grade when I first got myself off...shit was that a night to remember" he said with a fond reminiscent smile.

"Everyone is talking about it and I want to know what its all about," I said impatiently and feeling a little bit stung that this was yet another thing I was too fucking young for.

Brandon smiled sympathetically and said, "OK, sorry. Show me what you got these days. I don't think I've seen you naked in months."

Without the slightest hesitation I dropped my jeans and boxers and held up the front of my tee shit, peering down at myself as Brandon began to check me out.

"Your balls are all the way down," he said and I realized I had no idea that they had ever not been. "And size wise you look fine, but I think I was probably a little fuzzy at your age. You are totally bald above your dick, so lets talk about this again if you get some hair going and still can't get off. Until then don't sweat's all good."

Relieved, I pulled up my pants and said thanks.

"Any other interesting questions I can answer for you shrimp boat?" Brandon said sarcastically.

"Yeah, come to think of come you're suck a huge fucking JACKASS?" I said as I burst into a run laughing as I heard him scrambling to his feet to come after me.

I was halfway down the hall before he got out of his room and I had locked my bedroom door behind me before I heard his fake threat of "Plan on spending a nice night in there 'cause if I catch you you're dead."

Well, that was 6 months before, and here I was getting another in a long line of hard-ons that had yet to produce my first orgasm. I pulled my shorts down to my knees and began to stroke as I closed the toilet and sat down on top of it. Felt good as usual and, as I had just confirmed the existence of my fuzziness, if I couldn't get off now I figured I would need to continue my chat with Brandon. As I continued to pound away with my full hand, which more than covered the length of my erection, my mind turned to the earlier events of the evening...

My parents were out of town for a weekend of golf with my aunt and uncle in San Diego, so Brandon was charged with watching me. That meant that we went our own ways during the day but at night he would take me out for dinner and a movie usually, unless the Angels were in town in which case we'd go to the game. No Angels this weekend so it was Burgers and a flick on Friday night and since he didn't want to miss out on being with his friends on a Saturday night, he said to me that morning that he was gonna order some pizza for dinner and have some friends over. He also said I was more than welcome to invite some of my friends too, which was a super cool thing for me because my friends would kill to be around Brandon and his crowd.

Also, when Brandon said he'd invite a few friends over he wasn't lying. He would call the usual suspects: Bill, Pete, Trevor and Elliot probably and they would bring their girlfriends; and he'd call his then-girlfriend Jade who would invite some of her friends and their boyfriends of course. Then word would just spread and about 100 people would be there and the music would blast until around 11:00 when things needed to quiet down unless you wanted a visit from the cops...which no one did.

Who I would invite was a matter of pure reflex and politics. The automatics were my posse: Henry, Evan, Turner and Marty. Henry is brown eyed with brown curly hair that he wore on the long side back then. He and dirty blond headed hazel eyed Turner were my body size and with similar musculature, while blond haired piercing blue eyed Evan was our click's resident fat kid. Not obese by any means, just full in the chest belly and butt. He had a damned handsome face and was an excellent athlete however: heavyweight class elementary school champ in wrestling, center in football and catcher in baseball, and he could hit the ball a mile! Marty was the tall kid. Black hair, like me, but he spiked it which accentuated his vertical appearance. Great wide receiver in football and, of course, the center on the basketball team. He was a math whiz and also played a mean guitar. (Shit, my right arm was starting to get tired so I switched to my left and the difference caused a tingly surge of electricity to shoot through me.)

We were all longtime pals and teammates and I could talk to them like I did to Brandon, except they didn't have any answers. Unlike me they were either the oldest kid in their families or they had older sisters. So, many was the time that I'd ask Brandon stuff on their behalf, even after he went off to college. Like when I didn't know what to do to help Ev when he became almost suicidal 2 years later because he still hadn't started puberty...but that's another story.

Anyway, all of them had said they had gotten off and Turner and Ev had volunteered to do it in front of me so I could see if maybe I was doing it wrong. Something didn't sit right with me, so I declined their invitation. Besides I'd been to "Jackinword" and seen videos of guys beating off on the Internet, so I knew it wasn't a technique issue. (Speaking of technique, something suddenly possessed me to invert the grip of my stroking left hand, and it felt super!)

As for the political invitees, it was simply a matter of whose day I was gonna make and what was in it for me. Not to seem mercenary about it but I wanted some kind of a pay off, like from Byron Jamison. Byron was a fringe friend and was going to be throwing this big summer party in a few weeks that I hadn't been invited too yet. In fact I didn't think I would get invited because I was really popular and sometimes guys wouldn't invite me to parties because they figured I'd steal their attention. My friends would never do that of course, but a peripheral guy like Byron certainly would. So Brandon's party was a windfall for me to broaden my network of friends and no way if Byron came that he couldn't invite me in return.

I figured 6 guys would be my limit, so when I called Byron--who just about shit himself when I told him he was invited to one of my brother's parties--I told him he could invite Rick Spessio, his best friend who I thought was pretty cool for a computer junkie. Before I hung up he said "By the way Jarrod, I've been meaning to call and invite you to a party I'm throwing in a few weeks."

"Really?" I said feigning ignorance. "What day are you having it?"

"On the 27th," Byron replied "and I'm pretty sure I have already invited Marty and Turner, but let Ev and Henry know they can come too, OK?"

"Sure, will do and thanks...see you tonight."

"You bet and man, thanks so much for tonight I am totally psyched," Byron signed off with, as I gave myself a congratulatory "Touchdown Jarrod Taylor!!!" for my political gamesmanship.(My dick was still rock hard as I continued to slide up and down its length having no intention of stopping and, while I was thinking of it, I rose up and pulled out the bottle of baby oil from the cabinet and set it on the edge of the sink, cap snapped open and within easy reach. Then my mind returned back to the night's activities.)

The usual sequence had begun to unfold and by 9:30 or so the place was rocking and me and my friends were having beers and BSing with some of the older guys. Brandon stopped by several times to chat for a few minutes with the usual "God your brother is so fuckin cool" falling from someone's mouth after his departure. Oh yeah, and then there were all the girls...beautiful big breasted half drunk giggling foxes openly sucking face with their boyfriends, who had their hands up blouses and down pants fronts or backs while girl hands were equally roaming the guys' bodies.

Brandon's girl Jade was the most gorgeous of all but she had to stay close to Brandon to shoe away the many single girls who would jump at the chance to strike up a private conversation with him. (OK, it was time to switch back to righty J ) At around 10:30 Brandon started to tell people to start getting ready to leave because he was going to shut it all down at 11:00. Byron and Rick said they had curfew and needed to split but they thanked me profusely for the great time. It had been cool to hang with them so I said sure and that I was looking forward to Byron's party in 2 weeks.

"It's never gonna top this," Byron said emphatically.

"I'll bet we'll have a great time," I replied reassuringly as we shook hands and they split.

Henry and Marty took off at 11:00 with almost everyone else and Ev and Turner called their folks and got permission to hang until midnight, so we each grabbed a last beer--our third ones--and sat down on the lawn chairs on the porch as we watched Brandon, his 4 closest friends and their girls start to make out again by the Jacuzzi.

"Hey," I said softly "I got an idea."

"What's that," Ev said as he repositioned his erect penis through the top of his jeans.

"I'll tell Bran that we're gonna go watch TV and then..."

"Are you fuckin nuts!" Turner snapped at me "They look like they might get naked it a few minutes and do some fucking!"

"No shit dick wad," I fired back "but they'll kick us out first and it will be too late for what I have in mind so shut up and go with me on this." Seeing their reluctant looks of trust I yelled out "Hey Bran, we're gonna go watch TV. Will you check us out in and hour in case we doze off cause these guys need to be home by then."

"Yeah, sure thing Jarrod," he called back and then the other guys said "Later fuzz-nuts" and shit like that while the girls gave us these super sexy "Goooooddd Niiiight boys...sweeeettt dreeeeeams!"

"Now what," an impatient Evan said glaring at me as we walked through the screen door into the kitchen.

"Now asswipes we go out through the garage and out behind the pool equipment behind the Jacuzzi where we can watch and no be seen."

"Pure genius Jarr," Turner said with a sly smile on his face.

"You da man Jarrod," Ev conceded as we made our way, beers tightly clenched in hand. Kissing and groping away with eyes shut, they wouldn't have seen us in broad daylight. After we positioned ourselves behind the shrubs that surrounded the pool pumps, all we had to do was peer through one of the many gaps in the foliage and we had a clear view of the action some 10 feet from was perfect and made only better when Brandon said lets hop in as he removed the cover and then turned on the lights and pumps drowning out our whispered speech from that point on and putting a veritable spotlight on what they were doing. (Oh man, I was feeling something new now but I couldn't put my finger on it and the pain of fatigue in my arm had become inconsequential.)

Bill and Pete said they'd love to but they had to get their girls home in 1/2 an hour and with drive time they needed to split now.

"And Elena (Trevor's girl friend) and I are having our 'monthlies' right now," Jade said, which I would later come to learn was code for being on the rag.

"Guess that just leaves us," a Cheshire cat grinning Elliot said to his blond knockout steady named Donna. Then my brother and the others grabbed beers from the cooler and then walked around to the front yard to give them some privacy. As Elliot and Donna renewed their kiss and began to slowly undress each other, our three boy cocks were at full strength. I thought I was gonna scream when I saw Donna's big tits fall out of her shirt...the first ones I'd ever seen that weren't in a movie or on the net or in a Playboy. (I felt a real strong surge during this part of my reminiscence--almost like a jab in the stomach and something starting to feel weird on the inside of my thighs way up high near my butthole--so I took a moment to squirt some baby oil on my throbbing penis as my mind began to replay what happened next.)

"They're gonna fuck, they're gonna fuck!" an overly excited Ev whispered. "Hey, lets jack to it...what do you say?" he said looking more at Turner than at me.

"Cool with me," Turner said now looking my way, and the peer pressure was way more than my inherent shyness could resist. Sort of seemed like fate to me I guess. Here I was about to jack off with the two guys who had volunteered to show me how to do it about 6 months before.

"Sure, I guess so" I said with a bit of reluctance in my voice but hoping that maybe I'd be able to orgasm this time.

We had no sooner pulled our pants down and resumed our kneeling positions when Turner said "Holy shit will you look at that," as our three sets of pre-teen eyes saw the first live mature erection of our lives as Donna fished Elliot's fat long dick from his shorts which then fell to his feet as Donna feel to her knees and began to suck away at it causing us to marvel at how she could possibly take so much into her mouth and throat.

I looked to my left and right and saw that my pals were actively stroking away while my north pointing boyhood was not yet being attended to. Ev and Turner's eyes were bulging as they concentrated on the live sex show just through the hedges we were hiding behind, I seemed to be more interested in watching the two of them. Though is was night, the lighting of the lawn and the moon allowed me to fully inspect their aroused genitals, although the hang of Ev's belly made things a little more difficult when it came to checking him for any fuzz or pubes. Ultimately he straightened up enough for me to note that he was totally bare above his penis, while Tucker was lightly fuzzed like me. Neither of their dicks was any longer or fatter than mine...pretty much index finger size, a boy's index finger that is, which is probably more like the little finger of an average adult sized hand. (Oh Jesus I was feeling good as I squirted on some more oil and switched back to my left hand.)

My observations were interrupted when Turner stuttered out "Holy shit, will you look at that!" Through the hedges, Donna had ceased the blowjob and was now standing totally naked. God she had big beautiful tits and her light haired bush was neatly trimmed and looked soft as cotton.

"Well she's a true blond," Ev croaked out and only the whine of the Jacuzzi pump prevented our only partially muted laughter from being heard. "Oh Christ he's gonna fuck her," Evan moaned in wonderment. He and Turner were really beating on themselves and now I had joined them but I could hardly feel myself as I did it because my mind was so riveted on the action before us. We couldn't hear them but their faces told us they had to be moaning or something cause their mouths flew open as Elliot knelt down and slowly rose as he began to insert his seemingly huge cock into a standing Donna who was leaning against the redwood lattice fence that surrounded the Jacuzzi. When he was all the way in, she draped her arms around his neck as Elliot began to pump.

Slowly at first and then faster and faster and faster..."Oh mother fucker!" Evan cried out hoarsely fighting to control his volume, and as I looked at him his face took on a strange contorted look like the ones I'd seen in porn mags. He began to buck his hips as his strokes became slower but somehow more pronounced. Then his face turned beet red and the veins in his next bulged out as he grunted and groaned in a zone of pleasure I had never seen. He had a look of total fatigue as he finally released his dick and I watched it begin to sag for a second before diverting my stare. Meanwhile, Elliot was now slowing his pace and was thrusting into Donna in long deep strokes and then his ass muscles totally tensed up and he just kind of stood there doing half strokes inside of Donna who had her fingernails digging into the back of his shoulders.

"OOHHH Jezzz," Turner whined as his face went like Ev's had and he leaned back toward his heels and sort of pumped into his hand like Elliot had been doing in Donna's pussy. He made a bunch of croaky goany noises and then just before he stopped, I saw a shiny drop of what I thought was clear pee bubble out of him. Then he and Ev sat back on their bare asses in the grass and panted for air as we watched Donna and Elliot dress. I lied that I had gotten off too, but they must have missed it as I pulled my pants up over my frustrated member as they did the same with their satisfied ones. When the coast was clear, we slipped in through the kitchen door. As Turner and Evan walked out the front door to go home, they said good night to the older crowd that was still talking on the front lawn.

Soon everyone had left except for Trevor who came inside with Brandon to play some pool. They asked if I wanted to play a game of "cut throat" but I said nah, I was tired and heading for bed. "See you in the morning Bro," Brandon called after me as he began to rack up a game of 9-ball.

"Yeah, and don't beat it too hard," Trevor laughed at me not knowing that I just had but to no avail. If Trevor hadn't still been there I would have taken the opportunity to talk to Bran about yet another failed attempt, but there was no way I was bring that up in front of his wise-assed best friend!

I put on a tee shirt and a pair of gum shorts and then turned the ceiling fan up full speed as I fell coverlessly onto my bed. I was pissed at myself for not being able to orgasm and I was jealous of the great time my 2 friends were able to give themselves...then sleep overtook me.

...And now, about 2 hours later, here I was on a closed toilet seat, my juvenile erection glistening with oil and my hand flailing away as I truly felt that I was crossing into uncharted waters. Much more than just my penis was sparking now. Feelings seemed to be emanating from undefinable areas in my groin and even my asshole was tingling, and what was going on with my scrotum? It was starting to feel kind of leathery and then it happened!

"OH MY GOD," I thought as my face began to grimace in a delightful manner and I reflexively grabbed a hand towel from the sink top and bit down on it to muffle the cries I could no longer contain. My abdomen began to tense harder than if I'd done 100 sit-ups and as my testicles rose for the first time in my life, I began to see stars when my long fluid strokes released me. Totally indescribable then and hard to put to words even now, my body was taking me to a place so special and wonderful that I wanted to stay there forever. I could hear myself wailing into the towel between my teeth but I could no more stop myself from yelling as I could stop my fist from pumping...boy Brandon was sure right about that, definitely no stopping this thing once it gets started.

I don't know how many times my balls fired up into me, and I was so shocked by this special event that I wasn't really thinking of anything except how great it was making me feel. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did. Like some ultimate summit being climbed, a final spasm or wave or something hit me and I felt my balls staying pulled up high inside me and held there. My anus was clamping down so hard I could have crushed a rock or something. I knew it was over when that magic feeling started to melt and then quickly faded away completely, leaving me panting for air as I spit out the towel and collapsed against the back of the toilet.

"Holy Shit that was so fucking great," I thought to myself and then began to wonder in disbelief why I hadn't been able to get myself to do that earlier. I felt like I had wasted so much time, and then it occurred to me that I would just make up for it now...Hell, right now in fact...grab myself a Coke and then have at it again in my bed. Jesus I could do this all night and day I thought to myself as I pulled my shorts up over my somewhat wilted but far from limp penis. Then I walked down the hall, turned the corner and began to walk through the darkened living room when I came to a frozen halt.

At first I couldn't make out exactly what I was seeing and then, as my night vision began to focus, my view of the end of the couch some 20 feet in front of me showed me Brandon's silhouetted back as he kneeled up from underneath a white sheet that was covering the couch as his hips thrust in and out in the darkness. "Fuck," I thought to myself "Jade must have snuck out and come over for a good screwing. Cool! I'll just back up into the dark corner here and get off to a live sex show like Turner and Ev had earlier."

Quietly I slid back into the corner and pulled my shorts down to my ankles as my full on erection stuck straight up against my stomach. It was in my hand in no time as Brandon continued to fuck Jade and from what I could tell, he was fucking her deep and well! I knew I'd have to be dead quiet when I got off and figured I just wad up some of the bottom of my tee shirt and stuff it in my mouth. As I watched I felt that I was maybe getting close when Brandon barked out his moment as the thrust deeper and harder...deeper and harder. He literally roared out in a series of groans and cries that, while wordless, clearly communicated the pleasure he was feeling. Then he collapsed and said something like "God that was good, I've really missed doing this with you."

That struck me as funny because I figured he fucked Jade all the time. Then I heard something that left me feeling lifeless and drained of all power to move or speak. "No problem pal," Trevor said as he climbed out from underneath Brandon. "Now it's my turn he said gleefully as he stood in front of my seated brother and presented his large cock to Brandon's face, as Brandon pulled of the semen filled condom from his melting erection.

"Man, I haven't sucked your cock in over a year," Brandon said. "Looks like you've gotten bigger, certainly fatter. You're gonna need to go slow when you fuck me OK?"

"No, I'm gonna ram it into you sideways," Trevor fired back sarcastically "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Now stick me in your mouth dude."

I watched as my brother took him in the head and a few inches at first, and then more and more until he was going up and down the full length of Trevor as he softly moaned a series of "yesses". My shock had now given way to a struggle to comprehend what was happening to my world. I mean everything I used to define myself was through could Brandon be gay? That was MY BIG BROTHER sucking on someone's cock and soon he would be getting ass-fucked too. This couldn't be must be a dream, no a fucking nightmare. Tears began to well in my eyes and I sobbed silently as my shattered former reality was being replaced with this stark new one.

What I didn't know then was that Bran and Trev had been doing this stuff since they were my age. When they became sophomores and started sleeping with girls, their own get togethers began to become less frequent and they did it maybe 3 times the next year and then not again for over a year until what I was now watching. I would learn that the only reason they hooked up that night was because they were kind of drunk and very horny and both of their girls were having their periods. So this was one for old time's sake...and it wouldn't be the last.

I began to compose myself as Brandon pulled his face from Trevor's cock and then he lay down on his stomach on the couch. Trevor grabbed a tube of something and squired it into Brandon's crack and then he rubbed some on his no condom covered hard dick before saying "You ready?"

"Yeah," Brandon replied as Trevor spread Brandon's cheeks, positioned his cock head on Brandon's anus and slowly began to push his way inside. "Ooooohhh wow," Brandon grunted in a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. In a few seconds Trevor had pushed all the way in but he wasn't humping yet.

"God you're tight," Trevor said "I'm gonna wait 'til you loosen up some."

"Yeah, I'm getting used to it just give me a sec," Brandon rasped. "OK Trev...good to go."

Long slow strokes followed as Trevor commenced his fucking of my brother and my fascination was now replaced with a feeling of erotica. My dick was totally hard and sparking as I took hold of it and, unlike when it seemed to feel numb when I had tried to get off while watching Elliot screw Donna, my penis had never felt more alive as I watched Trevor plowing into my brothers ass. While the thought of butt-fucking had always seemed totally gross to me and I would have rather watched them suck each other, the show they were putting on now was nonetheless getting to me.

Then my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, clearly out doing the first one and I almost gagged on my tee shirt trying to stifle myself. Then I pulled up my shorts and sat there in the dark as Trevor orgasmed loudly as his ass rose and fell with his last fast hard plunges. While they lay there chatting, I quietly slid around the corner and then made my way back to my room.

God I felt scared and confused. Clearly, I needed to talk to Brandon about this and it shouldn't be a problem right? But what if Brandon felt like I had been spying on him? What if it would ruin our relationship if he knew that I knew his secret? Why did watching him and Trevor get me off, when watching heterosexual sex had not? WHO THE FUCK COULD I TALK TO IF I COULDN'T TALK TO BRANDON!!!!!

Then it occurred to me that I could just ask him about gay sex generally...and then I could maybe talk to Ev and Turner about it. I needed to think about that one, but Hell we had just jacked off in front of each other so maybe it wasn't too much of a stretch to think that we might do other stuff.

I closed my eyes and the mental vision that hit me was Brandon giving Trevor a blow job, and then Brandon became Ev and I was Trevor and my dick was up and ready again as I imagined Ev giving me my first blow job. My hand knew what to do and more magic was about to visit me...God these orgasm things are addicting!!!