This story is written as fiction about two teen boys. It involves mutual sex between two under-aged boys and their sexual awakening. All disclaimers apply.

Copyright 2009 Steve Bubner


Youngblood and Wildbear


Casey wasn't your average all American boy. Though he was rather cute, almost to the point of being pretty. His long, jet black hair shone like polished ebony. His black eyes sparkled like jewelry. So deep they were, that they hid the boy's darkest secretes. His black eyelashes were long. Girls would kill to have them. His black eyebrows were thin and delicate. His cheekbones were high. His nose and dark lips were small. He seldom smiled. His chin was long and square. His complexion was smooth and dark. Dark as if he had a tan all year long. To say the least, Casey was a deep, dark kid, through and through. His ancestry was pure Shoshone Indian, and it showed deeply in his features.

Casey was a loner. He didn't know anyone to call friend. The closest he could come was his horse, Onyx. Like Casey's hair, Onyx was jet black and beautiful. His coat was as shiny as polished cast iron. Casey spent long hours with his beloved stud.

Casey lived in a small farming community along the Snake River, below the Shoshone Falls. Most there were potato farmers.

Unlike most boys his age, that played video games and played on computers, the fourteen year old boy spent his free time with his horse. He would saddle Onyx and ride for hours along the banks of the river. This was Casey's sanctuary. His solitude. The place where he could talk to and be with his God. Not the same God that the Mormons from town prayed to.

Casey liked to fish. Sometimes he would take along his fly rod and catch trout and largemouth bass from the clear, shallow waters of the river, while Onyx waited patently for him. The boy would proudly take his catch home to help feed his family. After he cleaned the fish, his mother would fry them to a golden brown for their dinner. This was always a treat. It made Casey feel good to be able to supply such a feast for his family. They would praise him for being such a good fisherman, and he would smile.

One day while riding Onyx along the banks, taking in the new sights, smells and sounds of his God's gift to him, he saw someone up-river fishing. This upset the young boy. Who dared invade his river? His private domain. The anger swelled in his firm, strong chest, like an Indian warrior from the past that he had read so much about. Fearless, he snapped the leather reins twice and Onyx bolted into a full run. He hunched low to defy the friction of air.

As they neared, the intruder looked up to see a wild horse charging. He could not see a rider. It was as if he were seeing a ghost rider. As it was inevitable that the fisherman would be trampled by the fiery steed, he jumped into the water to save his life.

Casey rode past and turned Onyx around and charged again, only this time through the water, splashing water high into the air. Casey rose and let out a war whoop that would curl your hair. The fisherman was petrified as he tried to half-crawl and half-swim to safety in fear for his life. Casey abruptly brought his war horse to a halt. The face of the fisherman was soaked with water, mud and fear. Casey looked down at him. This was no fisherman, it was a fisher-boy. A boy that looked much like himself.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" Casey demanded.

The frightend, young boy, near in tears stuttered, "I... I... My... My name is Shawn. Shawn Youngblood. I... I was just fishing. Please don't kill me!"

Casey turned Onyx around in a circle and let out another war whoop in triumph. He had brought his enemy down to his belly, like a beached fish gasping, with fear for his life that Casey held at will.

"Your life is my desire. I shall decide if you live or die."

"Dear God Of Earth And Wind. Please spare my life!"

His plea made Casey think. This was no ordinary boy. But a boy of faith much like his own.

"Get up. Your prayer to the God Of Earth And Wind has heard your plea. I shall spare your life."

The young boy stood, dripping of water.

"Come here... Youngblood." Casey demanded.

The boy walked closer and looked up into the face of his captor. Casey looked down and realized how stunningly beautiful the young boy was, with his long black hair and dark bronzed skin.

Casey turned and pointed towards a log that was laying on the bank. "Sit"

The boy, still shaken by all of this, did as he was told. Casey nudged Onyx and he walked to the bank beside the log. Casey jumped off and stood before Youngblood.

"What tribe are you?" Casey demanded.


Blackfoot were long time enemies of the Shoshone. A long time ago, before the white man invaded and stole their land. But now they were brothers of the same God.

This was just a game to Casey. The power he had over the boy made his chest even bigger. He stuck his hand out in friendship. Youngblood offered his hand in return.

"I'm sorry I scared you. I thought you were another tourist. They come here and trash the place like they own it. My name is Casey Wildbear. I'm of the Shoshone tribe."

Shawn snickered. "That's a funny name."

"What? Casey?"

"No. Wildbear."

"It's better than Two-dogs-humping." Casey laughed. He had heard all the Indian jokes. Shawn laughed too.

For a land that once belonged to their families by God given rights, there were few true Indians that lived there. Even if Youngblood was with the Blackfoot, he was still a brother. Casey was glad he didn't kill him. All he would have had to do was tell Onyx to dig, and he would have pawed the boy to death. But that was not Casey's intent to start with. He just wanted to scare the intruder.

Casey looked at the soaking wet boy. He could see his small nipples poking out from under his wet T-shirt. The thin cloth sticking to the young boy's firm chest and stomach. There was a small bump caused by his outie bellybutton. Casey had an outie too. He was intrigued by the boy's body.

Youngblood pointed towards his fishing pole that laid in the rocks and sand.

"You broke my fishing pole."

"I didn't do it... Onyx did. You shouldn't have been here to start with... Sorry about your luck."

Youngblood hung his head and said, " My grandfather gave me that pole, he fished with it when he was a little boy."

Casey felt like a heel and sorry for what he had caused and said. He put his arm over the boy's shoulder and pulled him close to himself.

"I'm really sorry! I didn't know." Youngblood just nodded.

Casey felt the closeness and heat come from Youngblood's body. It stirred something in his groin that he had never felt before.

Shawn let his head rest back against Casey's shoulder.

He said, "It's Okay. I shouldn't have been here." As he sucked in snot and swallowed. His pretty long, black eyelashes covering his eyes.

"I'll take it home and fix it. I have a small workshop in a shed at home, where I tie flies." Casey told him.

"Really? You tie flies?"

"Yeah... I make flies better than you can buy." Casey told him proudly. "My dad taught me. Would you like to see my shop?"

"Sure!" Shawn said excitedly.

Casey mounted Onyx. "Get your pole and jump on." he directed the young boy.

Shawn picked up his trashed fishing pole, looking at it, knowing there was no way it could ever be fixed. It was history.

Casey held his hand down to help Shawn up. The boy jumped up onto Onyx behind Casey. He scooted up close. His chest touching Casey's back. Casey felt it again. A stirring in his groin.

As they started to ride, Shawn rapped his left arm around Casey's belly to hold on while he held his pole in his right. Casey felt the heat from the other boy and could smell his scent. The friction between their pressed bodies together as they rode, was stimulating for each of them. Neither of them understood the feelings they were having, but they both enjoyed their closeness.

Shawn leaned forward so he could talk to Casey. The smooth skin of his face, touching and rubbing the side of Casey's face as they rode. Their long black hair mingling in the breeze.

"How far is it?"

Casey wasn't hearing what the boy said. He could only think of the feelings of their skin touching.

"Huh?... What?"

"How far... to where you live?" Shawn asked again.

"Oh... It's not far... about a mile."

As they rode along they talked. They shared stories about their families and their past. Where they went to school and just, typically boy things.

Shawn asked, "Do you have a girl friend?"

"Ha. A girl friend?... I don't have any friends... far less a girl friend."

Shawn pulled his arm tighter around Casey's belly, giving him a hug.

"Why don't you have any friends?"

"I don't know. I just don't like the things the white kids like, and they don't like me because I'm Indian. They always make fun of me... Fuck them."

"I know how you feel. I feel the same way. We can be friends though... can't we?" Shawn asked.

Casey's mind was lost again thinking to himself. A friend? A Indian friend? His mind started going a hundred miles an hour, thinking of all the fun things he could do, if only he had a friend to do them with. They could go fishing together. They could explore the land together. They could even play ball together and play Indian games like he had read about. They could build a hidden fort together and sleep under the stars near the river. Yes, Casey would like to be friends with Youngblood.

Shawn squeezed him tighter, shaking him back to reality.

"Huh?... What?"

"You don't lessen very good do you?"

"Huh?... I was thinking."

"I asked you if we could be friends. I don't have any friends either."

"Oh... Yeah... Ah... Yeah, sure."

Shawn pulled his arm tighter and laid his chin on Casey's shoulder.

"Oh... It will be so cool!" he said. "We can do all kinds of neat things together."

Later; at Casey's little work shop.

"I'm sorry Shawn. I can't fix it. It's too fucked up. The bamboo is shattered."

"It's Okay. I didn't think anyone could fix it. I'll just take it to my grandfather's grave and bury it."

"No! That wouldn't be right. It would be dishonoring to give it back broken." Casey scolded.

Shawn lowered his head in shame "We'll... just throw it away then."

"No. We'll take it back and give it to the river, where it belongs." Casey argued.

Shawn looked back up and smiled. "That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that?"

"Because... You're a dumb ass." Casey chided him.

Shawn said, "Hey... I'm not a dumb ass." as he lightly shoved Casey.

The two young boys started to tussle in a playfully way. Each in turn, trying to conquer the other. They were soon on the floor of Casey's small shop rolling around like normal boys do, wrestling. First one would be on top, then the other. When they tired, Casey was on top of Shawn, holding his arms to the floor. Casey again noticed how beautiful his friend was. His body felt nice under him, Casey liked touching Shawn. Casey lowered his head, close to Shawn's face.

"Say uncle."

"Ugh. Get off me, you Shit."

"Not till you say uncle."

"Okay... Okay... Uncle. Get the fuck off of me! Your squishing me."

Casey smiled with domination. Then he did something he never had ever thought about. He leaned forward and kissed Shawn on the lips.

Stunned by his own actions, he jumped up off of Shawn.

"I... I... I'm sorry. I... I... I don't know..."

"It's Okay. I liked it. I never kissed before."

Shawn stood up. He laid his hands and arms over Casey's shoulders, pulling his face close to Casey's. He tried to look into Casey's deep eyes, but saw nothing but darkness.

"You need love." Shawn said, as he leaned to kiss Casey again. Casey rapped his hands around Shawn's back and pulled him tighter to touch their tight, young chests together. There lips met. They just held each other still. Their heads not moving, only their lips touching together.

Casey enjoyed their closeness. He had never felt like this with other boys. There was something special about Shawn. It made him worry. He had heard stories about queers and homos. Casey wasn't no fag, after all, he was a Shoshone Indian warier. He was all man... well half a man, half a boy yet.

Not understanding these new feelings he was having, Casey pushed himself away from the other boy.

"Where do you live?" Casey asked.

"I'm spending the summer with my uncle Jack... he lives just below the falls, about a mile. He has a great place near the river."

"Jack Whitedeer?"

"Yeah. Do you know him?"

"Yeah. Him and my dad work together. He's pretty cool. He traps in the winter and gives me fur to make flies with."

"That's uncle Jack alright. He loves to trap."

"Well... Come on. I'll give you a ride home. Jack's place is just up the river from here. Besides... I have some new flies for him. I haven't seen him for a while. He tells the best stories."

Shawn smiled. "Yeah, he's a story teller alright. I can never tell when he tells the truth or not."

The two young boys laughed.


Casey helped Shawn up on the back of Onyx. Shawn held onto Casey's sides, just above his waist. Shawn gave him little squeezes on his love-handles. Casey giggled, he liked Shawn touching him like that, he felt his penis twitch and begin to stiffen. Shawn wrapped his arms around the boy's belly, holding him tightly. His naked, hard chest firmly touching Casey's bare, sweaty back. As they rode, their bodies rubbed up and down together, causing an erotic feeling for both boys.

Shawn's hands started caressing Casey's hard belly and chest. His skin was so smooth and tight. He touched Casey's small, hard nipples. Casey shuttered at the feeling of another boy touching him like that, he liked it very much. His penis stirred again. Shawn was the touchy-feely type. Casey was taught that boys weren't supposed to be so affectionate. Especially with other boys. But it made him feel good to be so close with Shawn.

Shawn leaned forward, taking in the Indian boy's scent. As they rode along the banks of the river, they made small talk, getting to know each other more.

"It's nice here. You're so lucky to live here." Shawn said.

"Yes, the Gods have blessed me." Casey replied.

Shawn reached down and squeezed Casey's penis through his tight jeans.

"Yeah... You've been blessed in more ways than one." Shawn giggled.

It disturbed Casey that the other boy was so forward, but he liked the feelings he was having.

Shawn said, "It's so hot today. There's a deep pool right up here. Let's stop and go swimming for a while."

Casey thought that would be a good idea, maybe the cool water would help his boner go back down.

The two bronzed boys came to the pool and dismounted Onyx. They sat on a near-by log and took off their shoes. Shawn stood up and started to take his jeans off.

"What are you doing?" Casey asked him.

"We're going swimming aren't we? I like to skinny dip. No sense in getting our pants wet. Is there?"

Casey shrugged his shoulders. The boys wiggled out of their jeans and underwear. They stood looking at each other's young, naked bodies. Casey had never seen another boy naked so close-up before. He thought his friend was beautiful. As the two boys stared at each other, they both started to get boners. Their young, hard, man-hood standing proudly outward. They each had the beginnings of pubic hair, each with a tight patch of short, black hair above their cocks. Yet they were hairless, other than the long black hair from their heads.

Shawn reached out and ran his hand down Casey's smooth chest, touching his taught nipples, then down his tight belly. "You're beautiful." he said.

Casey blushed, but you couldn't see it with his dark features. No one had ever told him... he was beautiful before. He in turn reached out and felt the hardness of Shawn's chest. Shivers ran up his spine from his fingertips. His penis grew harder from feeling another boys nakedness.

The two Indian boys embraced and kissed. Their hard penises touching. Shawn started to work his hips around in circles, grinding their tools together. Casey took hold of Shawn's firm butt and pulled his groin tighter into him, feeling the hardness and heat of their pricks between their bellies. They continued to kiss lips. Casey felt Shawn's tongue push forward, trying to enter his mouth. He let his lips part and Shawn's tongue entered, touching his own tongue and teeth. This was so naughty and sexy to Casey, surely Shawn had done this before, he thought.

Standing on the sandy edge of the riverbank, before their God of the air and of the sun, as the wild animals watched. The two young boys made love to each other.

Their urgency quickened. Their breaths sharpened. Their mouths gasping for more air. They laid their chins on each other's shoulders as they held each other tighter, grinding their straining cocks against one another. Now holding each other so hard, neither could hardly breath. Their gasps for air stuttered.

Nearing their young orgasms, the boys cried in turn. "Ah... Ah... Oh... Oh."

With their pre-cum lubricating the way, they both erupted, shooting their fertile sperm between their bodies. Their legs shaking, their hearts pounding in their chests like wild mustangs on the run. Their breath, all but stopped. They held each other as they lowered themselves to the earth.

The two young Indian boys became as one that day. Blood brothers, if you will. They each found someone they could love and trust. Explore themselves sexuality. To spend time with. Grow and learn together. It would be a summer to remember.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Steve