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Youngblood And Wildbear chapter 2 Hard Head


As Casey readied himself for bed that night, he couldn't stop thinking about Shawn and what they had done earlier in the day. He knew that what they had done was wrong, or was it? It had felt so good to be that close to another human being, another boy like himself. The closeness they shared felt so right. How could that be wrong? Casey wasn't sure what to think. He only knew what he felt in his heart and sole. He hoped his new-found friendship with Youngblood would continue.

When Casey woke in the morning he had a brainstorm. He would make Shawn a new fishing pole. He had never attempted to build a fishing rod before, but he had watched his father for long hours as he crafted custom fishing rods for other people.

Casey hurried down the stairs to find his father sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee, looking at his newest rod building supply catalog. He hugged his dad from behind and kissed him on the back of his neck. This was uncommon, as he and his father seldom exchanged physical contact, but he just felt so good he couldn't help himself.

"Good morning Daddy."

"What's that all about?" his dad asked.

Suddenly, Casey felt embarrassed and awkward. He stammered for words to explain his actions. "I... I'm sorry Daddy. I just wanted to let you know I love you."

His father turned and put his arm around his son's waist and pulled him close. He looked into the young boy's dark eyes and smiled. "I love you too Casey." Casey smiled back.

Casey sat down at the table across from his father and excitedly started to tell him about making friends with Shawn the day before. He didn't tell him all, about his new friend.

Casey's dad laughed as he heard the story of how the two boys had met. His dad knew that Jack was having his nephew for the summer, and had planed to take Casey over to Jack's so the boys could meet each other. But as fait would have it, the two young boys met each other on their own terms.

"I feel bad that Shawn's fishing rod got broken. Will you help me make him a new one? Please?" Casey pleaded.

Casey's dad grinned. "Sure Casey. I have a couple of blanks in my shop that came in the wrong color. The rod company said I could just keep the wrong blanks and they sent me new ones. If you don't care what color it is."

"Oh Daddy." he squealed, "I don't care what color it is. I just want to make Shawn a new rod."

"Okay. After breakfast, I'll get you started."

Casey jumped up and skipped around the table. He hugged and kissed his father again. "Thanks Daddy."

Casey's dad was pleased to see the boy so excited and happy. He had been worried about his son. He seemed to never be happy, he didn't have any friends to play with and stayed to himself.

"You know, you can't build a rod overnight. It takes a long time. It may take you a week to make."

"I know Daddy. I've watched you a bunch. Just help me and make sure I do it right."

After breakfast the two sat out to Casey's dad's work shop. Casey's father got him started. After about two hours Casey was already getting fatigued. It was a little more than he expected. He had made several mistakes that his father made him correct. Casey was getting frustrated.

His father explained to him, "Casey, you're trying to go too fast. You need to take your time. I think you need to take a break and come back to this after your mind has had a chance to clear. I told you... there's a lot to this."

"I know Daddy. I just thought it was easier than this."

His father laughed. "Why don't you ride Onyx over to Jack's and play with Shawn. He's probably board over there. Then you can work on this when you get back."

Casey looked up from the rod in the vice. "Okay Daddy. I think I do need a break from this for now. You make it look so easy." His father chuckled again.

" You get now. Go play with your friend."

"Okay Daddy. Thanks for helping me."

"You're welcome Casey. Go on. Have fun." Casey hugged his father and skipped out the door.


As Casey rode Onyx up the sandy bank of the Snake River, he saw Youngblood skipping rocks into the water. Casey's heart started to beat harder and faster. Youngblood was looking in the opposite direction and didn't see him coming. Casey thought he would play a trick on Youngblood.

Casey lead Onyx up into the woods and tied him to a tree. Like the Indian boy that he was, he slowly snuck through the trees to get closer to Youngblood. Wildbear giggled to himself. Shawn had no idea Casey was near.

Now, behind Shawn in the woods, he picked up a rock a threw it towards the other boy, landing five feet short behind him. Shawn snapped his head around to see where the noise had came from. He didn't see anything and skipped another stone into the river. Casey giggled again and picked up another rock and pitched it towards Youngblood again. This time landing only a couple of feet behind him. Shawn again looked around. He still didn't see anyone or anything.

Casey lay flat on his belly, laughing to himself.

Shawn picked up another stone and skipped it into the river. Casey picked up another rock and threw it in the direction of his friend. Only this time, his aim was off and the rock hit Shawn in the back of his head with a thump.

"Ouch! What the fuck!" he screamed, rubbing his head. He brought his hand down and there was blood on it. He started to run towards his uncle's house.

Casey jumped up and started to run after him, calling out to him to stop. Youngblood stopped and turned around to see Casey running towards him. He rubbed his head again and there was more blood. Not a lot, but enough to see on his hand.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit you." Wildbear screamed out.

"Why did you hit me with a rock?" Youngblood screeched, looking at the blood on his hand.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit you. I was just trying to throw behind you. I'm sorry."

Shawn reached up to rub his head again. He pulled his hand back down and there was little fresh blood.

"Let me look at it." Casey said, as he parted the boy's long black hair. It was sticky with the blood. "It don't look bad." he said, " I'm really sorry Shawn.

Shawn wiped his fingers across Casey's face, leaving streaks of blood and giggled.

With Casey so close to him, Shawn wrapped his arms around his friend and pulled him close. "You dip-shit. You could have killed me."

The two young boys embraced and hugged. They just held each other, feeling the other`s breath against their necks, feeling the other`s heart beat, smelling the other`s scent.

"Let's get you back to Jack's and get you cleaned up. We better put some peroxide on it."

He rubbed his hand over the back of Shawn's head and felt a lump where the rock had hit him. "Ouch!" Shawn whimpered.

Casey kissed the boy's forehead. "Come on... let's go."


Back at Uncle Jack's cabin, the boys went into the bathroom.

"I might as well get in the shower. The sink is too small to wash the blood out of my hair... it'll only make a mess if I do."

Casey watched as Youngblood started to take his clothes off without any hesitation. Shawn pulled his t-shirt up and over his head. Casey watched as he lifted his arms high, reveling his smooth, young, hairless chest and belly. His arm-pits had a light touch of dark peach fuzz. His dark nipples were the size of a nickel. His chest and belly were rippled. Shawn had a beautiful body for a fourteen year old boy. And Oh... That cute, little outie belly button of his. Casey's groin stirred. He felt his face become flush.

Shawn saw Casey watching him in a trance, fixated.

Shawn said, "What are you looking at... you perv?" as he threw his t-shirt into Casey's face.

Casey grabbed the shirt from hanging over his head and face. He pulled it off and threw it back at Shawn. I... I... "I'll just wait in the kitchen. Holler when you're done. I'll come back and look at your head." Shawn giggled.

As Casey sat at the kitchen table, he listened as the water of the shower started. He wished he could have seen Shawn take his jeans off and get completely naked. This thought, did make him feel like a perv. Why did he want to see his friend naked? He got up from the table and walked into the den of the cabin. He looked at the mounted animal heads Jack had on the walls, trying to take his mind off his young, naked friend in the shower in the next room. Soon, Shawn called out. "I'm done. You can come back in now."

Casey walked back into the bathroom to find Shawn standing naked outside of the shower. Shawn had a devilish smirk on his face. His dick was half hard. Casey stared at the beautiful, young, Indian boy. His own boy dick started to get hard.

"Aren't you going to get dressed?"

"Not yet." Shawn replied. After you clean my head with the peroxide... I want to rinse it out. I don't want it to bleach my hair. I`ll get back under the shower."

Shawn handed Casey the bottle of peroxide. Casey's dick got harder as he watched him step back into the shower. The boy's bronzed butt wiggled with each step. His skin looked so soft and touchable. Casey stood, staring again.

"Come on... I'm getting cold."

Casey snapped out of his gaze and walked toward the shower stall. Shawn bent forward and Casey opened the bottle and poured the peroxide over his friend's head. It ran down his neck and face. Casey rubbed it in, and all around the bump on the back of Shawn's head.

"Ouch!" Shawn cried, as he stiffened up.

"I'm sorry!"

"Easy! It hurts!" he cried again.

Casey poured more peroxide over Shawn's bump and gently massaged it in. Even though it was wet, his hair felt thin and light.

"That should work. You're not going to die. You`ve got a hard head." Casey teased.

"Oh yeah? Let me hit you in the back of the head with a rock... and see how it feels."

Casey chuckled. He was sorry that he had hit Shawn with that rock. "Finish up and let's go. I want to show you something."

Shawn looked up and smiled. Peroxide, running down his cheeks.

"Have you been to the waterfalls yet? Casey asked.

Shawn shook his head.

"Hurry up. I'll wait outside." The waterfalls was the coolest place Casey knew.

**Youngblood and Wildbear** chapter 2 part 2 / The Waterfalls

As the two young Indian boys rode up the bank of the river they neared the deep swimming hole where they had been intimate with each other the day before. Shawn wrapped his arms around Casey's chest and hugged him. He leaned close and spoke into Casey's ear. "That was nice yesterday."

Casey had been thinking the same thing. "Ah huh." He felt that stirring in his groin again. That tingle that started somewhere in the bottom of his belly then spread between his legs. This was happening to him more frequently.

Shawn pressed his firm, young chest against Casey's back as he started to rub his hands up and down the boy's tight chest and belly. The tingle quickly spread like wildfire through every nerve in Casey's body. Visions of his naked young friend from the day before played through his mind like an old movie.

Shawn rubbed his fingers across Casey's nipples. Playfully, toying the hardening buds hiding under the thin fabric of Casey's T-shirt. He leaned even closer and licked the side of his neck sending more electrical charges through the boy's body. Casey moaned softly as he leaned back deeper into his friend's embrace.

Shawn's right hand slipped down to feel the growing bulge between Casey's splayed legs, giving it a little squeeze. Casey closed his eyes as he tilted his head back into the hollow of Shawn's neck and shoulder. Shawn licked the side of the boy's face, tasting him again. "Umm. I like the way you taste." he said. Casey felt dizzy. He didn't understand these feelings he was having, but he liked them.

"Why are you doing this to me?" he asked, as he leaned forward trying to regain his composure.

"Because I like you. I want to make you feel good." Casey felt his face flush. He liked Youngblood too. He liked the closeness the two of them were sharing. But there was that thorn in his mind that reminded him, that boys weren't supposed to feel this way about other boys.

"Don't you like me?" Shawn asked in a pleading tone.

Casey stuttered, "Ya... Ya... Yeah, I like you. B... Bu... But, I don't know. I mean ain't this kind of queer?"

"Is it queer to like someone?" Shawn replied. "Why is it queer if I want to make you feel good? Isn't that what God wants us to do? Make each other feel good? To love one another?"

Casey thought for a second. Shawn's words of wisdom made sense to him. Casey longed to be loved. He was sure his mom and dad loved him and he loved them too, but this kind of love was different. It stirred the very sole of his flesh.

"Casey? You need to open up and let others love you. You'll never be happy if you don't."

"I'm sorry Shawn. You're right. It's just that... "

"Don't lock yourself away Casey. Let me love you and make you feel good."

Shawn hugged him even tighter and kissed him on the cheek. Casey melted into the arms of the boy holding him from behind. Shawn rubbed his hands up and down Casey's chest and belly again.

"That's it Baby. Just relax. Let me show you how to love." Casey felt content in the arms of this boy.

Shawn reached lower and felt Casey's crotch again, rubbing back and forth over the tightness of his jeans.

"Lets stop a while. My legs are cramping up. I need to stand up and stretch them out." Shawn said.

Casey nodded his head and led Onyx to a shaded area just inside the woods line. He slid off his horse and turned to help his friend down. Shawn's leg got bent trying to lift it over the back of Onyx, causing him to fall into Casey's arms. Casey staggered with the extra weight of the boy and fell over backwards with Shawn falling on top of him. They both started laughing.

Shawn looked into Casey's dark, sparkling eyes. His face looked so smooth, so inviting to touch. Shawn placed his hands on the boy's checks, feeling the heat in his finger tips. He slid his fingers down to Casey's lips, caressing them, tracing the outline. "You're beautiful." he said.

There it was again. Shawn, calling him beautiful. Casey smiled, then opened his mouth to speak. But before he could make his tongue move, Shawn put his finger into the boy's mouth. "Shush. Just go with it. Let me show you love." he said.

Casey closed his lips around Shawn's finger and started to suck on it. Shawn moved his finger around in Casey's mouth, petting his tongue. He slowly retrieved his finger with a popping sound. Both boys giggled.

Shawn bent forward and kissed Casey. They moved their lips against each other's. Shawn pushed his tongue against his friends closed lips, wanting to be inside of his mouth. Casey eagerly let him in, sucking the boy's tongue in deep. Casey wanted to have more of this boy inside of himself. To become part of him. To taste his very inner being. They fell into a very hot, wet kiss with tongues as their animal lust for each other took over.

After several minutes of swapping spit, Shawn lifted himself up to straddle Casey's hips. With his knees on the ground, he reach down to rub his hands along Casey's firm, hard chest, feeling the boy's ribs that lay under his skin. The boy's scent drifting upwards. Shawn inhaled deeply, savoring the smell. "Let's take our clothes off." he said, with a giggle.

Throwing all caution into the wind, Casey nodded. Shawn stood up, then Casey stood up. The two young Indian boys stood looking at each other.

Shawn reached and took a hold of the hem of Casey's T-shirt, pulling it up over his belly and chest. Casey lifted his arms to allow his shirt to be removed. With Casey's arms up and his shirt tangled around his head, Shawn leaned forward and licked Casey's right arm pit, tasting the boy`s essence of youth. Casey squealed as he tried to pull his arms back down to stop Shawn from tickling him any further with his tongue. Shawn snickered as he jerked the shirt off over Casey's head, tossing it onto the ground.

"That's no fair." Casey said, as he reached for Youngblood's shirt. In the same manner, Casey removed his friend's T-shirt to reveal the smooth, young flesh of his desires.

Both boys reached for the other, their hands and finger tips exploring the other's naked flesh. They both had boners straining at their seams.

Shawn reach down and rubbed the bulge in Casey's groin. Feeling the hardness of it. Feeling the heat of it. Casey moaned.

Shawn then undid the boy's belt and zipper, opening the fly of his jeans. He reached inside to feel Casey's cock, that was trapped under his white briefs.

"Man! You're hard as a rock." he said, smiling.

Casey reached down to feel the lump in his friend's paints.

"Yeah... I know. So are you." he said softly.

The two boys stood fondling each other, looking into one another's eyes, trying to read the other's mind. How far would this go? This was only the second time Casey had felt another boy's dick and it excited him very much. He wondered again if Youngblood had done things like this with other boys. He was so forward and leading, but gentle in his ways.

Without a word spoken, Shawn knelt to the ground, pulling Casey's paints and underwear down past the boy's knees. Casey's dick popped out, brushing against the side of his friend's cheek. Shawn took a hold of the hard boy boner and felt its heat. He smelt the scent of the other boy. He studied the boy's dick, rolling it back and forth in his finger tips. He pulled the foreskin back to look at the ridged, red head. It was so smooth under the skin. Shawn then felt the boy's smooth, hairless scrotum with his other hand, tugging gently at the young, fertile nuts inside. This made Wildbear shiver with new sensations. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. Reveling in the new feelings his young friend was implementing throughout his body. Casey placed his hands on his slim hips and pushed his groin forward, offering his body to the other boy.

Shawn grinned, as he knew that the boy was lost in the lust of their moment. All inhibitions cast aside. Shawn wanted nothing more than to taste Casey's firm, young prick in his mouth. He liked sucking other boy's dicks. Casey wasn't his first. It was just as much fun sucking another boy's dick, as it was for another boy to suck his. Pulling down on Casey's scrotum his cock pulled down as well, making it stand at ninety degrees from his groin. He leaned forward and took the teen's meat into his mouth.

Casey's eyes opened wide to see the blue skies through the tree limbs above him. What was Youngblood doing to his cock? It felt wonderful. He looked down to see that Youngblood had his cock in his mouth. Casey had heard stories about blowjobs, but he had never thought about boys sucking each other's dicks. That would be queer and disgusting. But this felt good. Very good!

After Shawn sucked up and down on Casey's raging cock about five times, he pulled off. He looked up to see the fourteen year old boy looking down. He smiled. "Okay?"

Casey nodded his head. Shawn giggled and took Casey's hard prick back into his mouth, all the way to the boy's pubic bone. The cock just touching the back of his throat. He bobbed his head back and forth, keeping steady suction with his lips. Sometimes just sucking the tip of Casey's cock, tonguing at the pee slit. He tasted some of the boy's pre-cum. Shawn was delighted. Knowing he would soon be rewarded for his efforts.

Wildbear's natural instincts took over his body and he started pushing and pulling his cock in and out of his friend's mouth, softly moaning. His passion quickened as did his hips, thrusting in and out. Casey was now being a real wild-bear. He couldn't control his urges.

With Shawn still fingering the boy's nuts, he felt them pull up close to the base of his cock, nearly disappearing from the tight sack that had held them.

Casey started grunting and moaning louder. Oblivious to the world around him. The only thing he felt or heard was his whole body buzzing.

"Ahhhhhhh... Ahhhhhhh... Ahhhhhhh... Ahhhhhhh."

A near-by rabbit hopping through the woods stopped and flared his ears to hear the screeching of the young boy.

Casey pushed his cock into Youngblood's mouth as far as he could. His body began to shake as his boy cum shot from his teen cock. Shawn gagged with the sudden blast and pulled back. With just the tip of Casey's dick in his mouth, Shawn felt several more blasts coat his tongue and slid to the back of his mouth. As the boy relished his seed, Shawn swallowed readily. Gulp after gulp of boy sperm filled his belly.

Casey cried out, "Stop... Stop... It hurts!" his knees weak and shaking.

Shawn let the boy pull his throbbing dick from his mouth. He closed his lips and swallowed again. Again, enjoying the taste of his young friend.

Youngblood stood up. Wildbear's body was still quaking from his first blow-job. Youngblood hugged the boy. "You okay?"

Wildbear mumbled, "Uh huh. Why did you do that?"

"Because I like you. I wanted to make you to feel good."

"Bu... but why did you let me shoot it in your mouth? That's gross isn't it?"

"Well... you were holding my head and besides, I wanted you to. I wanted your seed in me. Now I have some of you in me. No it`s not gross. You taste good."

"But what's it taste like?"

Shawn leaned forward and kissed his lover. Pushing his tongue between the boy's lips, touching his tongue and the roof of his mouth. The two young Indian boys shared the flavor of Casey's sperm. Shawn broke their kiss.

"Well, what's it taste like?" Shawn asked.

Casey moved his tongue around in his mouth, rubbing it against his palate. "I couldn't really taste anything."

"See. It's not gross is it? Want to taste mine?"

Wildbear thought to himself a moment. It didn't taste gross and he wanted to make Youngblood feel good too. Besides, he had the desire as to what it was like to feel another boy's penis in his mouth. He liked touching Shawn's dick. Casey felt his nuts tingle again at his thoughts.