This is the first time I've ever written something like this, let alone to a bunch of writers! But me and my friends read so much of the stories on Nifty, that I just felt like I had to set the record straight...a whole lot of you guys are really off base in how you are describing the kids in your stories: From their physical descriptions to the words you have them say and especially how, when and why they are having sex. We want to help make your stories better so I'm writing this to give you our input, not to be some smart ass a-hole, OK?

We read (or at least start to read) everything that gets posted in the Young Friends, Adult Youth, and High School directories. When we find one that works...that is well written and believable, we read them out loud while we are doing it...that is so cool and I'm sure lots of the Nifty readers do that too. Unfortunately, lots more of the stories fail than pass. Thankfully the ones we think are crap usually get caught really early so we don't waste our time. But there are more than a few that start out great and then get crappy at the end for one reason or another. Those are the ones that really kill us...where we have invest our time and emotions and then get slapped. Of course, finding a truly good one makes all the searching worth while. But so many of the stories could get a passing grade if they only were written realistically.

I guess I should begin by telling you about me, so here goes. I'm 16 and I have been having sex with boys since I was 12. Some of you might say I'm no expert but fuck, I have been doing it for 4 years which is as long as it takes to get through high school or college, so I think I've earned my degree and can speak my mind and have some credibility here. Also, my favorite sex is with kids who are younger than me and I mostly go after kids who are just starting out. I love virgins and kids you don't cum at all or maybe just a little bit, but I also have lots of sex with kids my age who are pretty hairy can shoot a mouthful.

How we meet each other and figure out that we want to do sex stuff is night and day to the way about 90% of you guys write about it and it kills your stories cause its such bull shit. I will be very specific in a minute, but I want to be general and say how good your stuff could be if you just wrote them realistically. I (and when I say it I really me we...which is a regular group of 6 kids right now and there are another 4 who are less regular) think that most of you must be pretty old and maybe you've forgotten what it was like to be our age. Or maybe you never did stuff as kids and so your making it all up in your heads. But if you get it right what you write will be so much better. I mean I'm not writing this to be mean...I only want to help you so that I can read your stuff and really get into it, OK?

So here goes:

  1. Kids do not easily or quickly come to the decision to have sex with someone else, no matter how horny we are. It is a very scary thing to get that private with someone else and you really got to trust them because fear number 1 is that someone would tell. Even though it might not make sense to you, we're always scared that someone we do it with will say something to someone else and it would become generally known. We live in a very progressive area, but kids having gay sex would be outcasts with their peers and their folks. I wish it wasn't so but it is!
  2. When me and my friend first did it at 12, we spent so much time making each other promise we wouldn't say anything until we trusted that we wouldn't, and when we brought other in with us it was the single most hard part. It's just so unimaginable how bad getting caught would be, and even though we may be dying to do it we rather just jack off than risk it.

  3. Kids will do it with other kids a million times easier than doing it with an adult. To lots of us doing it with an adult seems really gross...we want to do it with what were familiar with, kids with our bodies types now or when we were younger.
  4. Only one of us has done it with an adult and liked it...he still does and talks about why but none of us gets it, and the other one who sexed an adult just hated it. Sorry to burst your bubble guys but its just not what were looking for mostly, and a super bond would have to get created first. So, the stories about kids delivering papers or cutting lawns or whatever where the kid just hops in the sack with an adult is totally BS.

  5. The idea of anal sex is really gross when you are like 11-15. We all jacked each other for a long time before even thinking about sucking on some one, and then when we started to cum it made it gross so we had to get through that and we did. But until the oldest of us became Jrs in HS, we had no desire to do butt stuff, except some hole rubbing...not entering though. It was as if we'd been reading about it so long we decided to give it a try and I must say we do like it now...but NEVER when we were younger. First off everyone knows it hurts and the idea of getting shit on your dick is revolting and we can't get rubbers so stop writing about young kids doing it willingly.
  6. And forget about us doing THAT with an way we'd take some horse cock in the ass, so don't go there!

  7. Young kids don't cum at all and when were getting our pubes we hardly cum that much. Hell, even with a pretty good crop, no one is filling a guys mouth and stuff the way most of you describe it. One of us is a really hairy bear and he can cum big time, but its easily handled, OK? Most of us have one or 2 really good shots and the rest comes out lots less hard and with less volume. Bald kids don't do anything except maybe a drop or 2 that doesn't shoot at all, and kids with a few hairs or just the side patches shoot maybe a thin first one and then just spilling stuff after and nothing 1 kleenex can't wipe up.
  8. Also, you have to remember that when you start dry with someone and then the cum starts, its really gross OK. It's warm and salt fishy and it's from someone else's body. It takes getting used to. But you guys make it seem like kids are lining up to guzzle it like vanilla shakes! In the words of the Sopranos: "Forrrrrrr Gettttt Abouuuuuuuuttttt Ittttttt!!"

  9. Nobody talks the way many of you write when we have sex. No "fuck my boy pussy" or "come hear cock sucker and suck my cock you little cock sucker" or any of that rude shit that gets written. Talk about a turn off! Trust and respect is what it's about and conversation is minimal if not non-existent during sex, certainly not that mean shit. And when you write stuff about forcing other way, we all know that would be the surest way to get busted, plus why would we want to make someone do it who didn't want to...were not rapists you know!
  10. Finally, on the topic of violence, some rough stuff can be cool and a turn on but its reserved to the older teens and really only one of us likes being the way it sure as Hell isn't me! But I will say I must have some kind of dark side because I get off watching it but I'd never do it or want it done to me. So, kids willingly submitting or raping or whipping and stuff isn't happening like some of you seem to think. Just the same, mixing it in as an exception to the rule is least with me.
  11. Oh yeah one last thing, none of us think we're gay. We think maybe were bi at worst and probably straight but can't wait for girl sex to become available. We need for whatever reason to have sex with others and the only others when your young 11-14 is other boys. Hell I only just did it with a girl this year at 16 and its not any where near frequent enough for me to totally stop with the guys yet. I remember when I first started to jack, I never even considered doing it with anyone...a boy or a girl. Then suddenly I thought about having someone jack me and it just seemed natural to assume that another boy would want to but not a girl.

But these stories where the kid says I'm 11, 12, 13 and I'm gay and I know it is crap. We really don't know what we are except hooked on sex, but scared to death of ever getting caught. We're probably just as scared to think we really might be gay and have to sneak around our whole lives so we just don't think about I guess. It's just way to early for any of us to say one way or the other.

There's other stuff too but those are the biggest points. We really appreciate you guys writing all the stories and stuff, but please try to keep it real. I mean fantasy is cool too but like the real critics write, for it to work you have to be able to suspend your disbelief. It's just that some things aren't suspendable.

I hope this gets posted by Nifty. I thought about going into your chat room and having this conversation, but when I visited hardly any of the names I knew were there or the ones I knew were the ones who write really well...also the chat in there was not really about the writing which is odd for a writers room.

I have a secure email which is: so write if you want. If I pissed you off then I'm sorry and it's not what I intended. It's just that as YOUR reader I only want you to do your best so I have more to read...OK? And THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Young Critic