Wow, where do we begin? We had no idea that our "Memo To Nifty Writers" was going to get us so many emails with lots of really great questions. David who runs this great site said we could keep writing in this Information section to answer you all at once instead of a whole lot of separate email responses...THANKS DAVID!!!

Also a house keeping note, Ryan has been getting credit in the emails as the Memo author, but it was a group effort and it's just that his computer and email are the one that safe from prying eyes and stuff. So from now on, except where one of us may specifically answer a question cause the others don't know jack about it, we'll be writing in the "we" voice and call ourselves "Young Critics" J .

One more thing, and that is that we have written back to some people who emailed us with comments and not the questions for this Q/A thing we are going to write now. A pretty regular thing we have replied to is that we didn't mean to imply that we were somehow superior or had the only viewpoint on the planet. We recognize that different stuff happens, but for us, we have a consensus view of things we wanted to share and hopefully get more of what we think are the really good stories written. Obviously what we think is good, is just us and we mean no offense to people who like to read other stuff, OK?

Sorry, one last thing before we begin. Lot's of you have asked us what stories we really like and why and to let them know when new stories come up that we like. The "new" ones we can handle pretty easily and we plan to do a Memo thing on them after we get a good list compiled. But the older stuff will take us some time to go back and find. Some of them we have saved and can tell you those when we do the 1st new stories Memo. Otherwise we'll try to go back and find the others whose name we have forgotten. We'll also let you know by authors so you can use the author directory to find them OK? Summer vacation starts for us in about a week so we'll have time then, but some of us are getting dragged away on vacations so we'll have to see how that works out especially when it's Ryan and the rest of us won't have access to his computer.

Here goes with the Q/A:

Q: Who are you guys...the 6 regulars and the 4 occasionals?

A: Well, to begin with we won't tell you everything for obvious reasons, but here's what we feel comfortable saying. The "regulars" are 3 16-year-olds, a 14 1/2-year-old, a 13 and a 12. By grades this year that's 3 Juniors, a Freshman, an 8th and a 7th. We're 4 Caucasians, an Asian and a Hispanic. We're Catholics and Presbyterians a Lutheran and an Episcopalian, but none of us is really that religious and our folks don't go to church that much or if they do they don't make us except on the big holidays.

The "occasionals" are a 14, 13, and 2-12's. They are all Caucasian and 3 of them are big time church goers (2 Catholics and 1 Jewish).

Q: How did your "group" get started?

A: Two of us who are now 16 hooked up when we were 12 in 7th grade. We'd known each other since kindergarten and were in cub scouts and played ball and stuff. We weren't best friends but we were pretty good friends. We did lots of sleep-overs and camping trips and we'd seen each other naked before but never though about sex until that year, because we both learned about jerking off and were pretty much hooked on it. Then it seemed like we kept having these conversations that got more and more personal. We started to find time to be alone to talk about stuff so that we didn't feel like we were the only ones who felt the way we did about what was happening to our bodies and brains. Neither of us had older brothers and no way we were talking to our dads about that stuff!!

Anyway, after a months not hours or days...we became very comfortable talking about beating off and the stuff we did and what we thought about. By the time the summer rolled around we had gotten up the courage to jerk off in front of each other and then we jerked each other and then after a pretty long time doing that, we did oral stuff. At first we felt super guilty about it and we were scared one of us might tell but we talked our way through it. Neither of us could cum but we had unbelievable dry orgasms that left us dizzy. We got totally hooked on it and jerking off alone just sucked compared to having someone else do stuff to you.

Q: How often were you getting together in the beginning and how did you do it without getting caught?

A: We did it almost everyday because we were totally hooked on it and we did it alone a lot too before and after we got together. One of us had both parents working so the house was ours except for keeping away from his older sister which was no biggie cause she was out a lot and we'd just lock his door and turn up the music if she was home.

Q: When did you expand your "group" and how did you do it?

A: After a while that first summer, we began to talk about how other kids must be doing this too and wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to find them with out getting caught. So we basically just kept our eyes open and found ways to start talking to our friends that wouldn't get us busted, but would let us know if a guy might be interested. Stuff like "Hey what's up?" "What's dick for Christ's sake I'm so fucking horny!" Now that can easily be passed off as a joke, or it can be met with the more sincere answer of "Me too" or even better the "What do you mean?" because we found that lots of guys our age were relieved to find someone to talk to about what was happening to them (it's pretty amazing how lots of kids think they invented jerking off J ).

Anyway we hit and missed with about 4 or 5 at first where it just didn't go right, but we sure hadn't exposed ourselves. The concept of getting our little brothers was raised, but quickly rejected because one of us thought that was gross and also figured that because brothers fight all the time the younger one might use it to get back if he got pissed enough. Then one of us had a conversation with a guy that went just like it had for the two of us before we began doing stuff. So we started hanging with him a lot and then we invited him to a sleep over where we got him super horny talking about stuff but we didn't do anything. The next day he kept saying how horny he was and that he couldn't stand it so he was going home to jackoff, and then he said something like "unless you don't care if I jack off here" which was perfect. He basically did the asking and we felt like there was no risk now, so we jacked with him and then it took off from there. The guilt thing came up and we worked him through it fine.

It was just the 3 of us for the next 2 years. During that time 2 of us had hit puberty and were getting hairy and starting to cum more and more. That was an adjustment for us but we got through it but one of us really liked only sucking on the one who still didn't cum. Of course that kid felt really inferior about being kind of late and stuff, so he started making excuses to not do it anymore cause he was embarrassed. We talked about it and figured we'd see about getting someone else involved without pubes and stuff so he'd feel better, and that also would work great for the one of us who really likes the baldies. He, by the way, became the "recruiter" because his dad was the coach of a little league sports team and he made his son help at all their practices. The sport in question involved a whole lot of body contact so he was able to touch a lot of 11-13 year olds in a way that seemed accidental but was really on purpose. It was just a matter of time until someone gave him a look or a reaction that was other than "fuck dude you just touched my unit!"

Also, he was able to spot the kids in the showers who were jerking off too much or not using baby oil cause they had that swollen dick head thing going. Anyway once he had a kid in mind he'd be nice to him and talk to him a lot and then introduced us to him. The kid would feel cool cause older kids liked him and then we'd do the conversation thing until it clicked or just let it go if he wouldn't take the bait. That process got us one more "regular" and the 4 guys who only come around now when they are super horny, which is fine with us, and also the 2 other young guys who have only been with us for a few months but are "regulars" for now.

Q: How often do you get together and what do you do?

A: Well, we now have 2 houses we can go to after school where both parents are at work. That usually gives us about 2 hours to do stuff before one of them gets home. We don't all do it everyday, lots of times its just 2 or 3 of us and sometimes all of us, it just depends on schedules and stuff. We all tend to hang out after school near the same area which is a recreation park with lots of stores and places to get stuff to eat and drink. We shoot hoops or mess around playing soccer or softball or we just slip off to one of the "open houses." We're usually pretty horny when we hit the front door so we don't waste much time getting into a locked bedroom and stripping down. We get off pretty fast the first time and then we just sit around BSing until something else comes up J .

That's when we do "games" or do the Nifty story round robin reading thing which is so cool when we hook with a good story. We take turns sucking each other and non-readers will 69 and sometimes fuck. The two young guys have never fucked and the 3 of us who are older do it some but only one of us is a junkie for it. Older guys are not allowed to fuck the younger ones cause there was a real bad experience with a younger kid a year ago and that kid doesn't come around any more, so we outlawed it to keep things safe and all. We always get off 2 times and sometimes some of us will stick around for 3rds.

Q: Why don't you guys want to do things with an adult?

A: Because we're kids and we don't trust that we wouldn't be taken advantage of. We just don't think it would be safe and some of us have been in situations where an adult has kind of come on to us, but we have totally avoided it so far. The Adult/Youth stories we read and like make it seem like it happens really easy and all but it's not all true so why take chances. Plus, except for one of us, we don't really like cum. We take it as part of the process but we spit it out. With a big adult dick it just seems like it would be too gross, and none of us would ever want to get fucked with a big one either. It hurts enough as it is with dicks our size!! Maybe with someone we met and liked and really trusted we'd do it but the opportunity for us to relate to an adult like that is so limited, we just don't see it happening. And the stories where kids actually go after the adults or are convined to do stuff after just meeting them seems totally unreal to us. Still we like lots of those stories, but mostly from where the kid is getting off not where the adult is.

Q: What "rough stuff" do you guys think is cool?

A: This is a tough one, but we'll try to explain. Except for one of us, none of the 3 of us who started our "group" and none of the new 3 or the occassional guys has ever been really spanked by our parents. But we all get excited about reading about it or seeing it in movies and stuff. Like in "Lord of the Flies" and "War of the Buttons" and "Slingshot" and some of the old sailor movies where cabin boys get caned. So back when there was just 3 of us, the one whose father has gone off on him when he fucks up told us all about it and how bad it hurts and scary it is, and one of us decided he wanted to see if we could take it plus the other 2 of us wanted to see it for real. The one whose father has whipped him used a belt and they both really dug it and the one who just watched got so hard he thought his dick would explode. It's not super violent and it's not a daily thing, but those 2 like it. Two of the occassional guys hated to see it so they wouldn't do it when they were around, but the 3 new young kids all like watching. One wants to try it but we won't let him, except that we let him do the spanking. The one who likes to get spanked has had an orgasm a bunch of times while it's happening which is pretty cool to see.

Q: None of you ever shot cum until after your pubic hair grew in?

A: This was a real common question and I guess we confused some people with this to. What we meant to say was we were all totally dry at 12, including the new 7 other new young guys we have let in over the years. Of course we know and see 12 year old with a little or even a lot of pubes, but that is the exception to the rule as far as we have seen, like maybe one out of every 5 7th graders has any, but by 8th grade its half or more and by 9th grade almost everbody has at least a little. None of the initial 3 could cum at all until 8th grade when our pubes started to grow some. There was some leaky drops and stuff a few months before that but nothing that shot out or any thing. And when it did start too is was hardly any, just a thin little spray that wasn't too thick or even that white. One of us is totally hooked on kids who cum dry or hardly at all, and he's the first one to cry "BULL SHIT" when stories have hairless kids cumming really big. The only time we ever saw it happen was with the one of us who was late cause his dick had gotten pretty big and all just no hair, but he was 14 and he started to cum a pretty decent amount about 2 or 3 months before his pubes finally arrived.

Also no 11 or 12 year olds we ever saw naked limp or hard had the kind of monster cocks in the stories. They have all been small and thin but really super cute and fun to play with!!! Getting the "newbies" off is so cool cause they just freak with all their squeeling and moaning and stuff. It is so great to have them to remember what it was like for us back then when everything was so neew and excellent. Not that things aren't great for the older guys now, but its just different in lots of ways and the little guys are so mezmerized with orgasms.

One final thing...we have all measured ourselves and no 16 year old is bigger than 6 inches and no 12 year old is bigger than 4 inches and all of them are thin while all of the 16's are wider and seem to be getting wider more than longer. Plus one of us started to get a curve in their dick which was scary till we read about why it happens and that it's cool.

That's it!!!!!!!!!!

Next time we write we'll talk about stories and not us, except if we get a new question we think would be cool to answer, then we'll do that too.