Flights of Fantasy


By the Fire - Part 1

Flights of Fantasy

Lenka was a regular visitor in our apartment when my husband and I lived in Eastern Europe a few years ago. She appeared to be in her early 70's and seemed very prim and proper. She still had a nice hourglass figure and always wore knee length skirts and elegant blouses. She had a sharp featured face with a network of fine wrinkles. She always wore bright red lipstick which accentuated the sternness of her Eastern European features. She looked like a typical old fashioned schoolmarm and you could believe that she grew up in an iron curtain country.

She was a language teacher, teaching the local employees of my husband's company English and the "imported" ones like ourselves the local language. She often needed a place to spend the night and we volunteered to put her up as we had a spare room.

She had spent the night in our apartment several times with both my husband and I there but on this occasion my husband was travelling and we had the apartment to ourselves.

After we had both showered in the evening we were sitting in front of a fire at either end of the three seat couch in the salon. I was wearing modest cotton PJ's and she had a long flannel nightgown with a towel thrown over her shoulder. We just sat there for a few minutes staring at the fire. It wasn't one of those awkward silences but rather a comfortable one where neither of us seemed to feel the need for words at that moment.

"The fire is so nice," she finally said. "It warms me up inside."

"Yes, I love the feeling of the warmth. It's so comforting."

I heard her clear her throat softly, as if announcing she was going to say something. She seemed to hesitate and then in a soft voice said "Would you mind Selena if I aired out my private parts a while. The doctor told me that I should dry myself well after a shower."

I could feel my heart skip a beat as I thought of this woman baring her pubic area in my presence. As I judged her tone I couldn't as much sense embarrassment as not wanting to impose on me.

"Of course you can. I understand completely and besides, it's just us girls here." I laughed lightly at this trying to reassure her.

She gives me a little smile as she pulls her nightgown up to her hips. She takes the towel from her shoulders as she does this and lifts her rear off the couch, placing the towel under her so she is sitting on it. I am not ashamed at all and look as she does this.

I am surprised to find her pussy is completely shaved. "Why do you shave yourself like that?" The words are out before I can think twice about them and I am suddenly afraid that I have crossed some as yet undefined boundary.

She says "Initially my doctor told me to shave to help my privates dry faster but to tell you the truth, I kind of like the feel of it this way."

Our talk died away for a few minutes as we started at the fire. I couldn't help glancing at her bare pussy every minute or so.

"I'm glad you're not embarrassed by me sitting here showing my private parts like this."

"No, not embarrassed at all. In fact I kind of like the shared intimacy."

"Yes it is nice," she said. "Do you mind if I were to rub some medicinal oil on? It doesn't stain and I'm sitting on a towel. My doctor prescribed it."

"Sure go ahead. I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to ask."

She takes out a small bottle of oil with a prescription label from her nightgown pocket, pours a little on her fingertips and starts rubbing it around her pubic mound. I am getting really turned on as she does this. She is sitting at an angle that I get a clear view of her now glistening pubic region. I'm not sure she is aware of this or not. My head is spinning now and I'm not sure of anything.

She then starts rubbing in her vulva and her inner labia. They are shining now and clearly visible. She opens them up and rubs inside up and down the length of her slit. I look at her face and see she is clearly enjoying this.

She rubs oil carefully around her vaginal opening. She has long nails and is careful not to hurt herself with them. She then takes some more oil and rubs it over her clit. It started growing slowly. She takes more oil and drips it carefully from her finger onto her clit. It is fully engorged now and poking out from the hood.

She looks up at me and sees me starting at her crotch. I'm afraid she is going to be upset but instead she asks "My nails are so long now and I'm afraid to put my finger inside. Since your nails are short, would you mind putting some of the oil inside my vagina? I know is very intimate and it's alright if it bothers you and you don't want to do it."

I can barely talk so I nod. She turns her hips to me so I can reach her pussy and leans back on the couch. I slide over on the couch to be next to her. I take the oil and pour some in her vagina. I use my finger to work in into her hole. She gasps a bit as my finger slides in. I put two fingers in and pour some more oil over them so it drips inside.

I used my fingers to rub inside her vagina and reach up for her g-spot. She is moaning now. Her face is in a tense mask, like she is concentrating fully on what is happening, the sharpness of her features making her look as if she is going to punish some poor pupil for wayward activity in class. I am working fingers in and out. I use my other hand to rub oil on her huge clit. She starts bucking against my hand gently. I start finger fucking her harder, stopping every few strokes to rub her g-spot. I am still rubbing her clit.

There are no pretenses now. She clearly wants to cum. I am turned on myself. I want to feel her cum. I keep working on her g-spot and clit with both hands.

Finally I feel her shudder and her pussy squeezes down on my fingers. She lets out a loud shriek as she squeezes her legs together trapping my hand between her thighs.

I can't believe how wet her pussy is. I take my hand out of her pussy and she grabs it and pulls it to her mouth and starts licking my hand like a puppy, licking up her cum. She sucks each finger like a big nipple, licking the skin between my fingers and then does big wet licks on the palm. There is hunger and passion in her eyes.