Flights of Fantasy


By the Fire - Part 2

Flights of Fantasy

By the Fire. Part 2

Lenka lets out a sigh and sits back on the couch. Her legs are still open and I can see her
pubic area is shiny from her juices. She makes no attempt to cover herself or use the towel
to dry off her pussy.

She has a look of quiet satisfaction on her face. Her eyes are closed but I can sense her
alertness. My heart is finally slowing down to normal.

I hear her take a breath and she says “Selena, you are a very special woman.” Her accent
is heavier now, breathy. It sounds especially seductive to me at the moment. It’s exotic. I
remember that this woman lived most of her life in a communist country. I wonder if she
was attracted to women back then. I wonder if she had to pay a price for that?

“Selena, did you like touching me there?”

I feet my heart skip a beat. “Yes Lenka. So very much. I especially loved the way you

“Was that your first time touching a woman there Selena?” Lenka’s voice seems
disembodied, not part of the half naked body with the severe face and the closed eyes.

“No. But it has been many years. And never like that.”

“Like what then? Tell me how you touched a woman Selena.” Her husky voice and
accent makes me think of some Germanic sounding actress from an old movie but in the
heat of the moment I can’t remember which one.

“It was in a shower in college. Several times actually. A girl from my dorm. We would
touch each other and sometimes cum.”

“Did you ever taste another woman’s pussy?”

“No I haven’t.”

“That’s a shame. But still it’s not too late is it Selena my darling?”

“No Lenka.” My breathing is fast and shallow. This woman is controlling my emotions
now. Playing my desire like a fine tuned instrument.

“Selena, when you were touching me did you possibly imagine that I might touch you
like that?” Her question makes me shudder a bit and starts my already damp pussy

She must have sensed my shudder and says “You aren’t afraid of Lenka are you my
dear? I haven’t inspired fear since the fall of the iron curtain.”

I am not sure whether she is joking or serious. I can see her using her position as a teacher
with the backing of a communist state to seduce young women. Or maybe it is my
fevered imagination.

I give a little laugh and said “No Lenka, I assure you it’s not fear.”

“What then Selena my dear? Perhaps anticipation?”

My hearts skips a beat at the word anticipation. Is that it? Did I imagine this stern elderly
woman touching my wet pussy with her fingers? Perhaps doing even more? I feel my face
get hot and know I am blushing.

We are still sitting next to each other on the couch. Our bodies practically but not quite
touching. Lenka puts her arm around my shoulders and pulls me to her. “Relax Selena. If
you are cold I will warm you up. If you are afraid I will calm your fears.” Her husky
voice is right next to my ear. “You are such a full woman my dear. I have stared at your
breasts since I first saw you. I can see through you sleeping clothes that they are heavy
and soft.”

She reaches out her hand and gently touches my left breast. I feel the warmth of her hand
through the material of the pajama top. She runs her hand up and down the side of my
breast very gently. “Do you like that my dear Selena? It feels nice doesn’t it?”

Her hand finds the nipple at the end of my breast, nearly at my waist. Her fingers graze
the nipple as they move back and forth. Each graze of the nipple sends a shiver through
me. Despite the shivering I feel I am glowing with heat. Is it the heat from the fire or
from within? Both I assume.

Her mouth is to my ear and I hear her whisper “Undo the buttons on your top.” It isn’t an
order but it isn’t a request either. My fingers fumble at the buttons opening them one at a
time. The pajama top remains closed. I am totally immobile.

“Take the top of for Lenka my dear.” I tremble a bit as I take it off, exposing my breasts
for her to see. My heart is pounding again. I am sure she can see it. I feel like a teenage
girl, showing my breasts for the first time to a guy.

She reaches out and uses her hand to lift my right breast and I felt relief as she takes the
weight off my shoulders. “They are very heavy are they not Selena?” She lifts the breast
so the nipple is now pointed out and with her other hand, gently runs her finger around
the edge of the areole. The sensation is intense. I can feel the nipple getting hard without
even being touched and my pussy lets go with a wave of juices.

“Stand up Selena!” Her voice is firm. Demanding. I do as I am told. “Take your bottoms
off.” Again I do as I am told, having difficulty keeping my balance on one leg. I stand
before her naked now. My breasts swaying heavily as I try to control my breathing. She
motions me forward with her crooked finger. Like I am a naughty child. I approach her
from the front. Her legs still slightly parted. As I approach her knees she motions me to
spread my legs so I can straddle hers. I inch up to the sofa till my shins touch the cushions
on either side of her knees. My pussy is inches from her face.

She reaches out with her hand and starts tracing the outline of my pubic hair. Her touch is
like electricity. I am so aroused and can feel my pussy juices flowing now, starting to run
into my crotch and down my inner thigh. Her fingers trace through the wetness, smearing
my juices over my thighs and crotch, up to my tummy. “You like this Selena. You like
Lenka touching you.” I can only nod my head.

She reaches around my hips and grabs my ass cheeks gently, pulling herself to my crotch.
Her tongue traces the same outline her finger did. She lingers and licks up the juices. I am
having trouble standing. My balance is not so good and my head is light.

She then reaches up with both hands to open up my lips. I have a moment’s fear that she
is going to be too rough and hurt me but it never happens. Instead her mouth goes to my
pussy lips and she uses her tongue to lick and up down the pink inner flesh of my pussy.
The licks are long and slow. I can hear the sound of the tongue running over my wet
flesh. She licks down past my vagina almost to my anus. Then she licks back up to the
very top of my clit hood. She does this several times, each time stopping at the top to let
her tongue rest on my clit.

After the third time the sensation is so strong I become lightheaded and I lose my
balance, falling forward and catching myself on the back of the couch with my hands. I
am leaning over Lenka with my breasts in her face and I can feel her hands reach up to
hold each breast on the side as she rubs her face over them and between them.

She then reaches out and grabs my hips and with unexpected strength, helps me to
collapse on her. I end up straddling her hips with my pussy almost over hers. My breasts
still surrounding her face. She holds that positions for a moment and I am too afraid to do
anything. Afraid of what I’m not sure. Her reaction to my falling, whether she would feel
uncomfortable or even whether she can breathe.

She reaches behind my back and pulls me into her completely. My arms relax and I settle
into her lap. She then brings her arms around from my back to the sides of my breasts
gently squeezing them together with her face between them. I can feel her tongue licking
the skin between my breasts as she squeezes them around her head.

She pulls her face out from between my breasts and wraps both hands around one of my
breasts lifting is high exposing the underside. She brings her mouth to the skin and start
licking long wet licks up and down. Her tongue does not get to my nipple or down to my
chest. Lenka is licking up and down covering the underside of my breast with her saliva.

She then lowers her face and starts licking along the line where my breast meets my body.
I am so fascinated by what she is doing is takes a moment to realize how nice it feels.
Nobody has ever shown interest in my breasts like that. She is treating the crease of breast
and body like a sex organ and I am responding as if it is. Chills are spreading throughout
my entire chest area. My nipples are hard and my pussy is throbbing. My breast seems to
have a life of its own. Its own separate nervous system. She now lowers the breast and
brings the nipple to her mouth. My nipple is long and engorged and the aureole is
extremely sensitive. She licks around the nipple, teasing it. I and totally immersed in the
sensations coursing through my body.

Lenka then takes the nipple in her mouth and sucks on it. She pulls the aureole into her
mouth and massages the entire end of my breast with her tongue inside her mouth. I
remember my babies doing that when they nursed but her mouth is much bigger and she
manages to get a lot of skin and flesh inside her mouth.

Lenka finally releases my nipple and moves to the other side. She treats this breast exactly
as the other only this time I am so aroused that the whole time I am in a heightened state
of awareness. The skin on the underside as so sensitive that waves of pleasure are
coursing through my body. My clit is throbbing and I can only resist the urge to rub it
because my hands are keeping my balance on Lenka's lap. Lenka gently squeezes and
massages the soft flesh of my breast as she licks the crease where it meets my body,
kneading it like a large mass of dough. Finally she takes my nipple in her mouth and sucks
as much of the breast as she can till her mouth seems ready to burst. My pussy feels ready
to explode and I can feel the juices drip down my thigh and onto Lenka's lap.

Suddenly she pushes back and wordlessly orders me off her. She orders me to turn
around and kneel on the floor with my head toward the couch. She gets up and points to
where she has been sitting where there is a large wet spot on the towel. I know what she
wants without thinking or asking. On all fours, I lay my head on the wetness on the towel
caused by Lenka's pussy when I finger fucked her earlier. Her scent is very strong,
stronger than mine, and having my nose in it is almost overwhelming.

I can feel Lenka moving behind me. My ass is pointed in the air as the couch is fairly low.
I cannot see behind me. I only know that Lenka is there. I know she is staring at me. I
feel my heart beating in anticipation. Time is passing slowly and still she does nothing.
With each passing second my anticipation rises. So does my apprehension as to what will
come next.