The truth about us

Once again this story is entirely fiction; any resemblance to a living person is coincident. If you are under age, or by law not alowed to read these stories, please don't continue. This is a lesbian story involving two females, if this offends you. Please don't continue.

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We the jury find the defendant Shane Davids not guilty on the charge of gross misconduct. A loud cheer erupted in the court. Furthermore, the judge continued. I hereby reinstate Private Davids as a marine for the United States of America. A sudden rush of relieve travelled through my body. I was free; I was innocent and best of all I was still a marine.

I think a bit of introduction is required. My name is Shane Davids. I am a 23 year old proud female marine enlistee. I am 1.9m tall and weigh 80kilo of pure muscle. I have blue eyes and short spikey hair, well normally, at this moment it is basically just a marine razor cut.

I've always dreamt about being a marine, to fight for my country, the way my father did and his father before him. As I was an only child there was no son to carry on the tradition so I followed in their footsteps, much to the dismay of my mother, but it was my dream and it made my family proud.

It wasn't as easy as it seemed though, immediately after school at the tender age of 18 I tried enlisting, only to be rejected because of my gender. My heart skunked as I thought my dream was over. Yet my father still had hope. 2 Years later he encouraged me to try again, this time as a male. I know it wasn't ideal, but this was my dream and the first time didn't go as planned. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off, to my surprise two weeks after I applied I received the call of a lifetime and started my life as Private Shane Davids.

The only thing I now had to do was disguising myself as a boy and making sure that no one knew my secret. I started my wrapping bandages around my upper body hiding my breast. I was asked about it once or twice, but gave the explanation that it was a back injury, as it didn't weaken me or halt my performance they let it fly.

The only other thing I was concerned about was sharing my room and bathroom with11 other cadets, I was scared that shower time would be a hassle. Again luck was on my side. We had individual shower stalls and not one whole line of showers.

I tried being friendly towards all the other cadets in our bunkhouse and kept up with the jokes about girls and all the normal horny boys' conversation. The one tiny thing that no one knew about me was that I was a lesbian. Yea I know not the easiest thing to be in the army, but as I portrayed the image of a young male marine I pulled it off, as long as there wasn't any physical contact with any girls on or off the base.

After 6 months of the army I received my first leave pass, I pondered going home, and then decided against it. I climbed in my truck the Friday afternoon and headed for the nearest beach, on my way there I booked myself a hotel room and just wanted to enjoy the rest of the weekend. After arriving at my destination I ma a quick phone call home and decided to settle in for the night.

Saturday morning I was awake at 5, so much for sleeping late while on leave. After watching TV for a while. I decided to see what the beach have to offer. The sunrise is always so beautiful at the sea. I showered, then dressed in a boardshort and short sleeve t-shirt. As I was far from the base I decided to leave my bandages of for the weekend. I gelled my hair and then left my hotel room; it turned out to be a nice sunny day. There were already a lot of people playing on the beach.

That's when I saw her, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I didn't believe in love at first sight, but at that moment I was smitten. She stood in her cut-off jeans, bikini-top and flip flops. She had shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. Her facial features were angelic and she had the sweetest smile as she talked to a jock who stood net to her. Right, time to return to reality I told myself. There was no way that someone that beautiful as her could ever be a lesbian, she had a group of men around her. And I promised myself never again a straight girl...

With my heart in my shoes, I started walking away, unfortunately my mind wasn't with me and at that moment a ball came crashing into my head. Just like that and I was down on the ground. Immediately a young boy ran to me apologizing profusely. I told him that it was okay as it was my fault; the net moment that I looked up I saw those piercing green eyes again. "Hey, that was a pretty hard knock, are you okay mam?" Even her voice was angelic; all I could do was nod, again not my best response as she thought I might have a concussion. "Mam, my name is Chris, I am a paramedic, I think we should have you checked out" As I sat up trying to politely decline, I realized that the hit might have been harder than I thought as I felt a slight headache. "Please mam; follow me, just to be on the side. Kevin, mike, please help this lady up and assist her to my office please. Her voice was so soft so full of care.

The two guys helped me up and studied me till I was able to walk up to the stairs towards the lifeguard box. "mam, please take a seat, I just want to do a check up to see if it might be serious, here's an ice pack for you so long, please hold that against your head. "Uhm, no I'm fine, I snapped back to reality, its just a simple knock, I will be fine in a second or two.

How, can this woman have so much affect on me, I am like a love sick puppy, and felt so embarrassed. "Okay, it doesn't look to serious, you might have a bit of a headache and a shiner for a while. I can give you some headache tablets if you want." I stood up, took the tablets and quietly thanked her for the help, I didn't feel much for the beach after the hit, so decided to go back to my room for a short nap.


At least this is the last weekend. Then I can start my new job, I enjoyed working as a part time lifeguard/paramedic, but I knew that I was meant to do more. I received my big break a week ago, when I received a call from the hospital. They were looking for paramedics to train as trauma doctors. I jumped to the opportunity and was looking forward to start Monday morning. As usual the moment I stepped onto the beach Kevin and Mike was next to me. It's been 4 months now and every day one or both of them tried to get me to go out with them, today was no different first it was Kevin, he approached me with a bunch of flowers and wanted a kiss as a returned gift... After turning it into a joke I gave him a hug and left to find myself nice cool lemonade. As I stood by the cooler Mike came up to me and said that going to dinner with him would be a going away present. With a smile on my face I declined and told him that he really wasn't my type.

Suddenly I felt as if someone was watching me. Slowly as I turned my head I saw a beautiful woman checking me out. She had short hair and I saw a pair of sunglasses on her head, as I turned more towards her I saw that she was well built under her tight t-shirt. The next moment I saw a ball hitting her against the head. With the hit she fell down and immediately my mind went into overdrive. I went into paramedic mode and just wanted to make sure she was okay. After giving her some headache tablets she quickly thanked me and left. The rest of my working day went by pretty much without incident.

When 6oClock came around I finished my shift and my job at the beach. I wasn't ready to go home yet so after changing into casual clothes I decided to go out for the night to the local gay bar. When I entered it, I felt so much more relaxed and looked forward to my new job, the only thing I didn't look forward to was the last things I had to pack tomorrow.

I reached the bar to get myself a drink as I turned to scan the crowed I couldn't believe my eyes. There she was, the girl from the beach...

After my nap I felt a bit better, my headache subsided. I showered and decided to go to the bar downstairs for a drink. It was different from the base bars; I saw a couple women making out and felt at ease. Everyone was smiling and being friendly towards each other. I decided to take it slow at first so ordered me a Smirnoff and just started to enjoy it when I felt someone tapping my shoulder. I decided to just politely decline anything if asked because my mind was still on Chris hopeless I know, but I couldn't help it. So as I turned around I felt my smile turn around my face, the person that has been on my mind the whole day, stood right in front of me...