The truth about us chapter 2


This is a work of fiction, any resemblance are coincidence if you are not of age, please don't continue. to the rest enjoy reading.


... There she stood in front of me...

I thought about pinching myself just to make sure that it was real, I decided against it as she held out her hand to greet me.

"Hi there, how is your head feeling? I never got your name, my name is Chris if you forgot, and it's nice to see you again."

Just keep quiet, I tried telling myself, I felt like an idiot blabbering and why did I tell her my name again. Now I'm quiet, what can I say; I hope she doesn't think I'm weird now.

"Hi, my name is Shane, thank you again for helping me this morning, I wanted to thank you this morning but uhm, uhm the hit influenced my thinking and speech." Wow, okay that was close; I couldn't tell her that I was so attracted to her that she influenced my thinking. "I didn't expect to see you here, thought you might be with your boyfriend or something."  I tried to fish a bit; hopefully I wasn't to forward with my statement. "Uhm, can I get you a drink or something?"

"Yea, sure, I'll have whatever you are having, I'm not much of a drinker, but I think I might have something to celebrate tonight. And to answer your second question, I do not have a boyfriend, the two you saw this morning on the beach are just good friends."

The two I saw, damn, I was caught, she caught me staring, or maybe I was overacting or something, damn this was harder than I thought it would be. Uhm I need to change the subject. "Well, Chris, what are you celebrating tonight, maybe I could join you, that's if you don't mind?"

I don't have a problem with that; well it's not actually a celebration, more than a job promotion or something. You see, I am a part time lifeguard/ paramedic, or I was. Today was my last day; I start on Monday my new job as a recruited paramedic, who they are training to be trauma doctors. They only picked a handful of paramedics, and I was lucky enough to be one of them. I hope I'm not boring you with this, I know it might not be as exciting to everyone...

"You don't ever have to worry about boring me, that I can promise you and congratulations on the new job. By the side of it, I know you will enjoy it and make a huge success of it." We continued talking, drinking and enjoying ourselves for the evening, eventually we ended up dancing. First we just moved to the music until the music changed, the dancing got more passionate and she started grinding her body against mine. This was making me very hot and I needed to take a break. By twelve, I decided to call it a night, well at least at the club. I invited her up to my hotel room, not knowing what to expect. To my surprise, she accepted.

The night turned into more than I imagined, the girl I had on my mind since the beach was dancing with me, and now invited me to her room. A rush of nervousness and excitement ran through my body as we walked upstairs. I kept looking at her ass as she walked in front of me.

As soon as we were in her room I pulled Shane towards me and our lips met in a furious kiss, our tongues battling for control, I moved us towards her bed, pulling her on top of me as I sat down. We continued our make out session, till we had to take a break to get some air.

I suddenly felt embarrassed. I know I had feelings for her, but with my career and secret, I knew that this could never be more than just a one night stand, and that was not who I am. She deserved better. "Chris, stop. I can't do this."

That was definitely not the words that I wanted to hear from Shane. I knew Shane was attracted to me, and I was head over heel for her, so to hear her say that, confused me a bit. "Uhm, what's wrong, did I do something wrong?"

For the next fifteen minutes I tried telling Chris that nothing is wrong, it's just that with my career, this couldn't be more than just tonight. `If you don't mind me asking, what is your profession?" "I am in a military position for the united states of America." I didn't tell her that I was pretending to be a man while I'm at it, but okay, I hoped that will be enough for now. She tried to act like she understood, but I could see this bothered her. We both stood up from the bed, I pulled her to me and just wanted to hold her for a moment before it would be gone forever. We exchanged telephone numbers, which I doubt we will ever use.

Sunday morning after waking up at ten I decided to head back to base early. The thing with Chris still was on my mind. I got dressed, made sure to put my bandages back on then headed back to my life as Private Shane Davids. I tried to put Chris out of my mind, but the drive alone to base gave me more time to think than anything else. I arrived at the base around 1oClock, and then spent the afternoon in my bunkers getting everything ready for inspection and parade on Monday.

I was awake early Sunday morning, and the first thing I could think about was Shane, or how she acted last night. I thought that it didn't bother me, but it did. Now more than last night, was she just a tease, was she in a relationship and I was just her release for the weekend, until her conscience got hold of her. Could she be that shallow? I tried to put it aside, tried to think about something else, although we exchanged numbers, I knew we would not be using it. I finished cleaning my flat, and then headed to the hospital around 2oClock. Upon arrival I saw one of the residents who took me to the conference room where there was a few other people dressed as paramedics. There the Chief of surgery the started the debriefing, the only problem was that the location that the training was moved. We weren't going to train at the hospital, but at the nearest military base where the staff can give us the proper trauma training that we require and that we should be at the base at 7oClock Monday Morning.

Wake up you sissies!!! Inspection and parade in 1 hour all of you on the platform ASAP!!! Move move move!!! As soon as the lieutenant left, Private Rogers started his dissing and cussing. They are flippen mad if the think I am going to get up at 5 for and paraded that is only suppose to start at 7, this is the reason that I hate this job. Wish I never joined!!! Just hush up and get ready Rogers, you know this will not change anything now. I Guess boys will be boys, since we got here 6 months ago Private Rogers and Dodkins kept going at each other...

ATTENTION: We all stood on attention on the platform ready for inspection. Although it was summer, there was still a light breeze so early in the morning. Stop standing around like a bunch of idiots!! Drop and give me 20. In unison we all fell down and started our Jumping Jacks with push-ups in between, no better way to get warm, than a bit of exercise. After that we went for our 3 mile jog around the base. As we stood back in line on attention, a bunch of people arrived, not that this was uncommon, but all these people were women, the headed towards the nursing station, as they walked past us, I thought I saw someone familiar looking. At second glance in their direction, it hit me; the familiar woman I saw was Chris. I froze...

Oh damn, a base full of muscled jocks who thinks they are Gods gift to women, not what I expected when I was offered the job. My excitement dropped a bit, but it was still a great opportunity for me to learn. For the net 8 months this will be my new home. I hope this time goes by quickly. I felt some people stare at us, even a few hoots was heard. Urghh, men are so primal...

Over the next two weeks everything went by as normal, apart from the fact that I avoided sick by as if it was a flesh eating virus. I still didn't know why she was here. I gad her telephone number but to date didn't use it. I saw her daily as we did our jogs around base, trying to keep my head down if we jogged close to them. Private Rogers noticed this and started making jokes of it and me, in front of the other cadets. This man pushed my buttons, and I knew I had to keep my cool... Until Friday afternoon, then I reached my limits. All the cadets went to the local bar for a drink when Rogers started his comments. Hey, Davids, now that the weekend is here you can finally book that piece of meat for you. Go bang that bitch working at the sick bay and get it out of your system...

I just snapped. What was it about men and their vulgar description about women? I hated it, and now he was talking about Chris like that. Just shut your f#*ing mouth, Rogers, you don't know what you are talking about. Come on Davids, we all know you have been checking her out, now is your chance, go bang her brains out, no-one will ever know, she should be in her room about now. I tried controlling my temper; this was not the place or time for this. I grabbed my coat and headed out the door, walking back to base as fast as I can. Near the entrance of the base the other cadets caught up to me.

Hey man, are you okay? Dodkins asked as he touched my shoulder. I've never seen you like that over anyone, you know Rogers just making jokes. "I'M FINE" I tried to let go then Rogers started again. Are you on your way to her room buddy boy? Man, she was suppose to be a nurse, she has a nice piece of ass, and man, that boobs, mmm, just to see them... WHAM, I heard enough, my fist connected with his jaw. He stumbled back again; before he could recuperate I was at him again. I kicked him in the groin and knocked him to the ground. In second I was on top of him, my fist connected again. His jaw, his eyes, his mouth, I just kept hitting until the other guys pulled me off.

We've been here for two weeks and it was hell, all we did was tending to some stupid jocks who got hurt trying to impress us. It didn't feel like much trauma training to be, but then again I wasn't the one to judge. I received a lot of advances from many of the muscled jocks, but politely declined. No one knew that I was a lesbian, and I didn't think that it was any of there business. A few days I felt as if someone was watching me, and for some odd reason I didn't feel alarmed. Quite the opposite, on the days that I felt the staring, I felt calmer in my life than ever. There were only male marines around here, and it felt weird that I was calm with the feeling that one of them was constantly watching me.

Saturday morning as we entered sick bay there were two marines waiting for us. The one I Recognized as the trouble maker Rogers, the other one I couldn't recognize, as he had his cap on and kept staring at the floor. He looked shy, that seemed odd, as though he didn't really fit the image of a marine. First we attended to Rogers, he looked pretty beaten up, his face was busted up and he had two cracked ribs, whoever got hold of him beat him up pretty badly.

Please don't be here, please don't be here. I kept repeating that over and over in my head. As soon as the doors to sick bay opened Saturday morning I knew that luck was not on my side. There she was, Chris walked in with 2 other people the one was a nurse, the other I didn't know. Rogers went in first because his injuries were more serious than mine. After the finished and he was sent out I was called in. I didn't know what to do or how to react.

As soon as the other marine came in, I felt the same calmness came over me. I was never attracted to any guy in my life, but this one had me feeling safe and it bothered me. Please sit down sir, let me look at your wounds, what's your name sir? He kept staring at the floor even as he spoke. Mam, my name is Private S Davids, I know this is a weird request, but is there any other doctor that can attend to me? No offence to you mam, but is Dr. Smidt in? His voice was soft, just above a whisper. Private, I can promise you that I am qualified to tend to your wounds. Dr Smidt is not here, how can I assist you?

I felt a bit irritated by this situation; this jock of a marine was thinking that I was inadequate to help him. Listen Private, I am here to assist you, and that is what I am going to do. Now, please sit down and let me help you. I meant now offence mam, I know with certainty that you are able to assist me; it's just that, it's just that, I know you Chris.

The last part caught my attention, everyone around here knows me as Dr. Stevens, not Chris... Who are you sir??? How do you know me? Are you one of the patients I attended to before, while I was a paramedic or something? Are you the one who have been watching me since I arrived? "Yes and no." I looked up and it looked as if she saw a ghost.

What, how, Shane is this you??? I couldn't believe my eyes, how was this possible. "You, you are a man? You tricked me!!! Is this a game for you?" I started raising my voice; Shane had tears in the eyes. I went silent.

"Chris, this is not what you think, I never tricked you. I am tricking myself, or trying to. You see, I am female." I talked just above a whisper. "I am female, I am pretending to be male so that I can be a marine, and this has been my dream forever. This is the reason I couldn't take anything further that weekend. I felt an attraction to you, stronger than anything I felt before, but I knew after that weekend I had to come back to my life as Private Shane Davids. A male marine cadet...

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