The Truth About Us

This is a fictional story about two females, if this upsets you, please don't continue. If this is illegal to read in your country please don't continue. Any resemblance is purely coincides. Enjoy reading further. This is the third chapter of my story. For any comments please email me at my other email has been stopped due to someone hacking into my account.

Chapter 3

What, how, Shane is this you??? I couldn't believe my eyes, how was this possible. "You, you are a man? You tricked me!!! Is this a game for you?" I started raising my voice; Shane had tears in her eyes. I went silent.

"Chris, this is not what you think, I never tricked you. I am tricking myself, or trying to. You see, I am female." I talked just above a whisper. "I am female, I am pretending to be male so that I can be a marine, and this has been my dream forever. This is the reason I couldn't take anything further that weekend. I felt an attraction to you, stronger than anything I felt before, but I knew after that weekend I had to come back to my life as Private Shane Davids. A male marine cadet...

I stood there giving her some time to process what I just said, suddenly it felt weird as I spoke, this last two weeks felt amazing to have her near me, although she wasn't aware that it was me. Now I was scared, not knowing what Chris felt. "Chris, please, just talk to me." Tears started streaming down my face.

Was this possible? How could Shane be a female, but be enlisted as a male? How could the military personnel not realize that there was a woman among them? I had more questions than any possible answers. All I knew was that I still felt attracted towards Shane, and I needed to find the answers to my questions. "Shane, is there a place we can talk?" My voice felt strange as I spoke, I was so nervous, yet excited to see Shane again. "I mean, talk privately?

I felt a bit more relaxed, she still wanted to talk. "Uhm, yea, there is a small coffee shop just off base if you want, just give me a time and ill be there. I just have to give a report about my little incident to my captain, and then I am free for the rest of the day."

"Okay, I will be finished around ten here, then ill meet you there." We said our goodbyes and Shane left, I started counting the minutes until ten, I couldn't wait to see Shane, although I didn't know what to expect.

I left the base around nine, not really knowing what to do for the next hour but couldn't wait any longer. I walked slowly towards the coffee shop; I took a table in the far corner, looking for some privacy. I only sat for about ten minutes when I saw Chris walking into the coffee shop. I waved her over and we sat down, an uncomfortable silence started so I ordered myself a cappuccino and Chris ordered a café latte.

"Uhm, so how did you get into the marine life Shane?" I tried to start a conversation, and thought Shane's work would be a suitable subject. I still had all my questions, but tried to let Shane settle down a bit as she seemed extremely nervous.

So, we started talking about the military, just passing time, I knew there were some serious questions that Chris wanted to ask, I could see it in her face, she maybe just wanted to wait for the right time.

As we sat there I thought that now was as good a time as any, so I started with my questions. "Shane, have you been watching me the past two weeks? Why are you pretending to be a man? How do you pretend to be a male marine? Have no one noticed that you are a woman? How do you do your medical check ups? What will happen when someone finds out the truth?"

"Wow, okay, you really do have a lot of questions, so yea, let's see how to answer... Uhm, yes, it was me, well I was one of the marines watching you. I noticed you the moment you walked onto base. I am pretending to be a man because of the fact that my application was turned down as a woman, I know it is not the ideal way, but like I said before, being a marine has been my life-long goal. Number 2, I've been mistaken for a male some time ago already by strangers due to my body build and short hair, the rest was easy to cover up, a lot can be hidden by bandages, as you are aware. Only 1 other person apart from you knows that I am a woman, which will also answer your other question. Dr. Smidt is an old school friend of mine, and she is normally the one who does my medicals. I know this also puts her career in jeopardy if this should come out, which I hope wont be the case. To answer your last question, I am not sure, honestly I am scared to ever see that day, impersonating someone will probably result in a discharge and with the current don't ask don't tell policy if it comes out that I am a lesbian, it will definitely result in a discharge, so I am in a little bit of a dilemma.

That was a lot to process; I sat there for a while, thinking how to reply to all the answers. "Okay, I now understand your position, and I apologize for freaking out earlier. One last question if I may? How did you end up in the sick bay this morning? There were only two marines, you and Roger; did you end up in a fight?

My face turned a bit red. "Yea, all the cadets head out for the evening last night, and Rogers just said some things that pushed my buttons the wrong way, so he ended up with broken ribs, and I ended up with a sore fist, my secret becoming more open and a penalty from my Captain for causing a fight..."

"Shane, I won't tell anyone about you, I mean I do know how you feel about the marine, and I would never say or do anything to cause any more trouble. If I may be so bold, why have you been watching me?

Well, I've been thinking about you since the weekend, and thought I was dreaming when I saw you stepping onto base two weeks ago, honestly at first I tried to avoid you at any possible corner, for fear of the truth coming out. Then I started falling for you from a distance, seeing you made my days easier, no matter what obstacles we faced. That's when Rogers started with his comments and statements which pushed me over the edge. If this should come out, I don't want you to get into trouble. I understand if you don't want to see me, and I will stop watching you if it makes you uncomfortable."

"What? Shane, what are you talking about? Please, wait, I want to see you, I want to spend every minute with you. If your secret comes out, which I hope won't be the case. I can't get into any trouble. I am not employed by the marines; I work for the hospital nearby as a trainee doctor. They can't do anything to my career, as for Dr. Smidt, we get along well, and if something should happen I'm sure something could be arranged, as she is a very qualified professional doctor."

I felt my heart skipped a beat, she wanted to be with me, the only thing that I was still afraid of was that if we were seen in public it would be seen as Private S Davids with Dr. Evens seen as a man and wife and not as two females, which made me sad, because I was proud of who I am. I am a lesbian, dating women, or well hopefully dating this wonderful woman in front of me. I needed to make sure that Chris was okay with this before I continued with my heart in my chest. "Chris, there is one thing though, I would love to be with you and spend time with you, but first, if we were to be seen in public, we would be seen as a man and woman, and not as two women. I know you are a proud lesbian, and I don't want to be uncomfortable with that."

I know it will be something to get use to Shane, but I thought as much as we started talking, and I am still looking forward to spend time with you. I know that we are two women being together, doesn't matter what the other world sees...