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Part Ten: A Little Bit More

Chris woke up slowly, at first she couldn't remember where she was, nothing in front of her was familiar, the color of the wall, the pictures that hung on it, the large bay window which the bright morning light shone through. The only thing that familiar to her at the moment was the warm body that was curled in her arms, the body that she had been holding.

Then she remembered where she was, or rather where they were. They were visiting Kaeley's home and this was her room. Turning slightly to the side, so she could see her, Chris watched her for a moment and as slowly and as gently as possible, she extracted herself from the still sleeping girl.

Kaeley was still deeply asleep, Christine realized, for the girl simply whimpered softly in her throat and rolled over to the spot Chris had just vacant and made no more move. Chris smiled to herself as she watched the image before her. Then she reached over and tucked the blanket around her girl and kissed her cheek, one reddened from being pressed against the pillow. She took a few more moments watching her before grabbing her shorts that she tossed to the foot of the bed the night before and pulled them on.

Then she quietly left the room.

If they were home she would've just gone right back to sleep, or just lay in bed until Kaeley woke up, mostly just fall back asleep. But she had never been able to do that when she visited other places, once she was up, then she was up, there would be no going right back to sleep. Kaeley was the same way when she visited somewhere else, but this was her room, in the house she grew up in, and Chris could understand why she did not stir.

Besides, she was the one that had been driving for most of the day yesterday.

Christine headed for the bathroom across the hall; there she brushed her teeth, washed her face and finished up what she needed to do before heading downstairs. She tried to remember who else was staying the night here, but no one she could really remember, she was tired last night and did not pay all that much attention. From the corner of her eye she noted that the doors of the other rooms were closed.

She didn't expect anyone to be up this early anyway, considering how late they stayed up last night.

So she was surprised when she heard movements from the kitchen.

Wondering who it was, Chris stepped into the kitchen.

She wasn't really surprise when she saw that it was Silvia, her girlfriend's mother. Even though the older woman went to bed last she didn't seem to be the type that would linger in bed when there were things that needed to get done. She figured that Silvia was like her own mother in that aspect.

"Good morning," Chris said quietly, announcing her own present to the old woman.

Silvia turned around quickly to see the girlfriend of her daughter stood at the door way, she gave her a smile, "good morning, Chris."

She looked at the t-shirt and shorts that Christine was in and Silvia guessed that she probably did not expect anyone to be up just yet, and probably came down to look for something to drink or eat. She noticed that the girl did not touch much of anything the day before, and understood that she was probably nervous.

"Would you like some breakfast?" Silvia asked, gestured for Chris to take a seat on one of the stools around the island in the kitchen.

Chris made her way to the stool. "Yes, please." Strangely enough, she was hungry. She had never really gotten up this early, and when she had to she never felt hungry, not as much as she did now.

"This is great." Chris mumbled between bites. "I could get use to this."

Silvia beamed at the comment. Then placed another plate on the counter top, the large plate filled with two eggs, two pieces of toast, and bacons. Kaeley should be down soon, now that no one else was in the bed with her, she knew that her daughter would wake up once she reach out and found no one. She also knew that if her daughter ever had some inkling that she knew this, Kay would probably freak.

It was just something about a daughter that a mother shouldn't know.

Or so the children thought anyway.

The same thing as how they think that the word parents and sex should not be in the same sentence.

Silvia had no problem knowing that her daughter had a love-life and came with it, sex-life.

"So, did you sleep well?" She started, sitting wiping her hands with the towel.

"Yes," Chris smiled. "We were dead to the world as soon as our heads hit the pillow." She took another bite.

"I figured as much, you two had been driving for half a day and then stayed up late, I would think you would sleep till noon."

"Kaeley might," Chris said, swallowing the orange juice.

"I might what?"

Startled, Chris turned around to see a tousle blonde standing at the entrance of the kitchen. Kay still had sleepy expression on her face, her hair disarrayed. Her old, worn out t-shirt was all wrinkled, and Chris noticed that she was wearing her navy blue pajama bottom, and all she could think of was how adorable Kaeley looked.

"That you might sleep till noon, Dear." Her mom said, breaking the moment.

Chris turned back to her food, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Well, I would've but you guys were a bit loud." She complained mildly walking over to one of the empty chairs and sat down.

Kaeley had been sleeping rather soundly, that until she felt that there was no one next to her. So slowly she came awake to find that Christine was gone, and the door to her room was slightly ajar. At first she just lay there in bed for a while, thinking that Chris was in the bathroom, but she couldn't hear anything from across the hall.

So she got up and left the room in search of her girlfriend.

The sound from the kitchen let her know that her mom was already up and about, like she expected her to be. She had never known of anytime that her mom stayed in bed later than eight o'clock in the morning. So it wasn't a great surprise to her, even when she suspect that it was a late night for her as well.

Then another voice floated up to her and so she headed downstairs.

"I used to take my bow out and shoot here." Kay pointed at the hay stacked up high near the barn.

"You don't shoot anymore, do you?" Chris used one hand shaded her eyes as she let her eyes followed Kaeley's hand. "I didn't see any bow or arrow with you."

"I'd love to, but there isn't any archer range around, so I kept them here. I think I'll take them out a bit later in the afternoon though, right now is just way too sunny to be shooting anything." She paused and gave Chris a grin. "I wouldn't want to embarrass myself or anything."

"Too late." Chris replied and laughed at the look on the smaller girl's face.

"Very funny." She said dryly.

After a long breakfast, Silvia, Kaeley's mom, told them to go and walk around since Christine had never been to the house before. So they left the house just as the cousins slowly make their way down the stairs for some food. She took a side long glance at the taller girl beside her, Chris seemed a bit more at ease now, a little more relax than she was the day before.

It would not be long before she cousins would be out and about, and possibly just include themselves into the walk around the house, and she wanted to just take advantage of this time they had together before that happened.

"What do you think?" Kay asked, steered her girl toward one of the tree after the silent settled between them.

"Of what?" Chris turned to look at her, one eyebrow lifted in questioning.

"You know, the house, mom, family." Kay shrugged.

"They are fine," she smiled. "Certainly better than mine, you know that."

Yes, she knew. Christine never liked her relative, and even though Kaeley only met only one or two of the lot and only once—and that was a long time ago-- she understood why. They all talked about them behind their backs, and she could just feel the looks follow her everywhere. It was very uncomfortable, and at the same time she could see that Chris was getting closer and closer to the breaking point, and that was when they left the gathering.

That was the first and the last time.

Everytime Chris's mom called her up and asked if they could attend to one of those family gathering Chris usually tried to get out of it, mostly by saying that she was too busy.

"They could be just as annoying, let me assure you."

"Yeah, but they are not going to stab you in the back over money."

"I would hope not."

Kaeley steered them toward the old barn where they could actually sit down and be out of the late morning sun. But just as they reached the barn, someone called out for them and they turned on their heels looking back at the direction where the voice came from. There, running toward them, was one of Kay's cousins, but Chris couldn't come up with a name.

"I almost manage to forget that they are also here," she heard Kay groan from beside her.

As the figure came closer Chris watched her girlfriend formed a small smile on her face and waved.

"Hey, Sarah." Kay called out, but showed no sign of moving forward to meet the other woman half way.

"Hi, what are you guys doing?" Sarah came to stop in front of them, she brushed her hair away from her face and tucked the loose strand behind one ear.

"Just walking around," Chris replied. "Kay was showing me the place." She gave her a smiled, she wasn't sure if she should be disappointed to have someone else interrupted her time with Kaeley, or glad to have someone take her mind away from where it was starting to go to right now.

After all, the barn seemed to be a good place for... Oh, stop that.

"Yeah, Chris's never been here before." Kay added.

"Oh, that's right." Sarah exclaimed with a laugh.

Actually, she had been watching them from the inside of the house and decided to join them after she finished her breakfast and aunt Silvia threw her out of the kitchen so she could clean without anyone being in the way. Though, just as she exited the backdoor she received a warning look from her aunt, Sarah wasn't about to let the chance to get to know her cousin's girl slip away that easily.

Besides, she was too old for aunt Silvia to scold at her now.

"So, how did you guys end up together anyway?" Sarah asked in her typical bluntness.

Chris was a bit taken aback, while Kay winced from beside her.

I should've known this was going to happen, she thought to herself while trying to come up with explanation that wouldn't give away too much and would satisfy her cousin. Sarah was like a bulldog with these things, if she didn't get what she wanted she wasn't going to let it go.

"Well," Kay started, knowing how uncomfortable Chris would be in answering the question. "You know we were friends."

It took her a few minutes to sum up everything for Sarah, no details that would make anyone uncomfortable and still make her cousin stop asking any more question. Finally, after she felt like she was going to run out of ideas Sarah nodded her head in understanding and started on other topic. Kay swore that she could almost feel the tension leaving the air, physically.

They had settled under the tree, chatting, making small talk mostly. And Sarah started to learn more about them than just how they interact with each other. She was content with that, she like Christine better than Kay's other girlfriends.

Chris seemed a lot more polite and a bit less smug, anyway.

"Wow," Chris said after Sarah left them to go shopping with her sister and Silvia. "She is certainly direct."

"No tact is more like it." Kay laughed. "Sarah's always been that way, so don't mind her. She's really nice though."

"I know." The taller blonde smiled and leaned over to give her girl a hug. "You looked like you were about to explore trying to tell her the tale."

"What tale?" Kay mumbled. "I don't want to give her too much details. Once I give her detail on something, she wouldn't live it down and wouldn't stop asking till she has everything."

Chris pulled her sunglasses from the collar of her t-shirt and put them on, the sun was creeping up on them and the shade was getting smaller by the minute. Kay did the same and suggested that maybe they should go in the house and have something to drink.

"Just a drink?" Chris winked at her before her Oakley settled on the bridge of her nose and hid the twinkles in her blue/gray eyes. Then she got up and walked quickly toward the house, leaving Kaeley stared after her, her mouth hung open.

"Oh boy."

To Be Continue.