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Part Eleven: Everything Is Back to Normal...

As soon as the door close behind them, Chris dropped the bags in her hands and reached for her girlfriend. Kaeley was clearly still a bit dazed, having spent the past hour or so on the road sleeping. Christine actually felt bad for waking her up from her sleep, it seemed like she needed it after the long night from the night before and early morning to have breakfast with her mom and cousins before they left for their place.

Even as they were leaving Silvia, Kayley's mom, was able to secure their promise of returning in a few weeks for a visit. With the long weekend that she had spent with them and seeing how happy and relax Kay was, she had no objection to more visit at all.

Except one thing.

Being in the old house with a mom down the hall, they weren't able to make love.

It was the only thing that kind of bothered her, though Kaeley seemed entirely unaffected by this, of course she didn't ask her for sure either, even though she knew how well her girlfriend hide things from the surface. But in any case they were home now and they could make love if they wanted to.

And that was exactly what Christine intended to do.

But that would have to wait, she decided, after considered the condition of her girl right now.

Kay was a bit dazed, being woken up from her sleep she really felt like going to bed right now, but mindful of the fact that it was still early in the afternoon and Chris might still wanted to do something before turning in for the night.

An arm came from behind and wrapped itself around her chest startled her into dropping her backpack. Loosing her balance, Kay fell back against the taller girl and she relaxed, knowing she would not fall.

"Tired aren't you?" A soft voice asked.

"A little," Kay mumbled.

Chris smiled and wrapped another arm around the smaller frame's mid section, then hugged Kay to her tighter. Gently she kissed the back of her head. "A nap?" She asked.

"Ummm.." Was the only answer.

And Chris let go of her then took her by the hand proceeded to lead Kaeley to their room. "The bag," even in her tired mind, she still thought of the clutter that they would make by leaving the bags on the floor at the entrance.

"Leave them, I'll get them later."

Once inside their room, Chris turned down the bed and watched as Kay got into it with her jeans and all, the only thing she took the time to take off was the boots. As soon as her head hit the pillow she went right back to sleep. Chris gazed at her fondly, rarely she had the opportunity to see her like this. So rarely she got the chance to take care of her for a change.

Now she could see where Kaeley had gotten that caretaker trail from. She could see it mirrored in Silvia. The old woman took care of everything while they were over, she made sure everyone had everything they needed and nothing was out of place, everybody was happy.

After a few minutes of just looking at her, Chris decided that Kaeley looked a bit uncomfortable in her jeans. So she proceeded to undo her jeans and pulled them off of her before tucking her in. She couldn't help but smile at the boxers Kay was wearing and knew what she was going to get for her on the next shopping trip.


The next few days had been uneventful for both of them. After long weekend they were both well rested, for the most part. Chris was back to school, and Kaeley was back full force at work once again. And this time, she didn't have the luxurious of time like her previous project. For some reason the usual allotment of time was cut in half and she was given no explanation for it.

As a result she spent almost all of her time in front of her computer with sketchbook at hand, the stereo constantly playing in the background. And today was the same.

"Hon, why don't you take a break?" Chris called from the door. She came home from work to find Kay in the same place as she was when she left for work several hours earlier, and she didn't need to ask to know that she probably hadn't move since.


"Yes, you can. You have to take a break before you go nut over there."




"Kaeley..." Chris said, her tone warning as she entered the room completely and came to stop behind her lover. "Come on, I'll order Chinese food, your favorites." She baited, leaning over the back of the chair, her hands rested on the broad shoulders.

Kay closed her eyes and sighed, if she really try she probably win this argument but then she'd probably end up in a doghouse and a couch in the living room, which was not something she wanted. Tipped her head back to look at the smiling face of the taller girl, she gave her a crooked grin.

Chuckled softly Chris bent down even more and gave her a kiss. "Come on, let's go. You can order whatever you want today and I'm going to get a quick shower."

Kay opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, Chris added, "and no more work tonight."

The smaller girl thought about protest for a moment there but then decided not to and followed Chris out to the living room.

"Ok... What do you want?"

Kaeley started going over the menu in her head, and told her what she wanted for dinner.


It was long into the night and the entire apartment was quiet, but Chris was still awake. She laid quietly in her spot, looking up at the ceiling, beside her, breathing evenly was a sleeping Kaeley. Kay was also on her back her short hair spread across the dark pillowcase, she was tucked in snugly that Chris almost couldn't help herself from laughing.

Rolling on her side, she reached across and tucked the blanket down from where it rested, under Kay's chin. Pulling it down to her chest, Chris let her hand roam, her fingers played airy tune just above the soft skin of her girlfriend's cheek. Overcame by the urge to touch her, she did. Chris placed a hand on Kay's cheek and leaned over to kiss her.

Asleep, Kaeley didn't kiss back.

But she wasn't discourage and Chris simply tucked at her bottom lip with her teeth while her hand slid downward.


Kaeley didn't wake. Chris watched and chuckled softly to herself, as she saw her lover try to swim up from the dept of her sleep, but yet able to make it to the surface, the muscle in her arm twitched slightly, but there was no more move being made. And she leaned over once again, taking one delicate earlobe between her teeth and started to nip lightly.

She felt the body beneath her try to move, but still there was nothing, Kay was still deeply asleep and Chris had every intention of waking her up. Hand reaching the hem of the t-shirt, Chris pulled it up over the flat stomach and ran her fingers lightly over the taut muscle, up to the valley between her small breasts.

Grinning to herself, Chris let her hand covered one breast, but only rested it there, and make no more move. The breathing turned into a sigh, and she leaned in again for a kiss, this time, the soft lips kissed back.

"What..." Kay mumbled as they broke the kiss.

Her ice blue eyes still blurry with sleep, but they were more focus now by the second.

"You are so adorable." Chris murmured kissing her again. "I want you so much."

Closing their eyes, both were more than content to let their instinct take over, nothing else but the feel of even teeth, soft lips and their tongues. Chris tucked the bottom lip of her lover lightly with her teeth and entered her mouth, tasting her, the arms that previously were under the blanket were now around her neck, holding her tightly, then one hand moved lower, reaching down.

Chris threw the blanket off of them with one hand then returned her attention to the lips and the feel of one wandering hand on her back. Kaeley was fully awake now and her hand was exploring, as if the familiar path would offered her something new to her touch.

Christine rolled over and now her entire body covered the smaller one beneath her, her legs fell easily between one thigh and Kay lifted her knee up, efficiently made contact with her center. A soft moan emitted from her lips into the waiting mouth.

Kaeley took the hem of the shirt Chris wore to bed in her hand and pulled it upward, intending to get it off of her so she could feel her skin, but was stopped for they both were still kissing. Kay broke off the kiss and urged her love to sat up so she could get the shirt off her. Chris gave her a smile and sat up, still straddled one thigh, she pushed Kay's hand away and grabbed a hold of her own shirt and pulled it over and off of her.

Milky white skin exposed over the flat plain of her belly and up to her breasts tipped with rosy nubs that were hardening with their activities. Chris was now looking down at her wearing nothing more than just her underwear and a smile on her face. And Kay wondered how she had stayed so close off to her for so long and not allowed herself this.

Then she pulled her back down and rolled her over, Chris found herself on her back and looking up into Kay's ice blue eyes, which now were dilated fully that she couldn't see more than just the black pools of her pupils. Dark and mysterious.

"Someone is over dress." She said, her voice hoarse.

"I'm sure the situation will correct itself soon enough." Despite being so aroused right now, Kay kept her cool out look. She intended to take Chris first and showed her what she would get when she woke her up in the middle of the night for this.

"But now..." She trailed off and leaned down.

Started at her chin, she made her way downward, kissing, licking and sucking at every inch of skin that came in contact with her lips. Supporting herself on one elbow, Kay had one hand buried in the blonde tresses and the other cupped one breast then with her thumb she slowly rubbed over the hard nipple, making it impossibly harder. Her mouth finally made its way to the other, waiting, nipple and took it.

With her teeth and tongue she made sure that both would get equal attention, and that neither would be neglected. Chris was writhing underneath her, sighs and moans filled the room, Kay felt hands came up, one hand gripped her shoulder tightly and the other worked itself into her hair. Chris seemed more than happy to let her indulge herself with the task at hand, though she had other things in mind.

After a minute or so Kay made her way ever downward, still placing kisses on her way. She poked her tongue into her belly button and felt the laughter vibrated her lover's entire body. Then the last obstacle came into her path. Kaeley sighed with annoyance while Chris groaned at the lost of contact as she sat up.

Hooking her fingers in the waistband. Kay pulled the offended white cotton underwear down, Chris helped by lifted herself up off of the mattress long enough for Kay to took them off and watched as she tossed it on to the bedroom floor.

Now Chris was bare to her observing eyes, and she blushed a deep red at the eye that traveled from her face down to the tip of her toe.

Leaning back down, Kay murmured in her ear. "You're so cute when you blush." Then she kissed her again, and again, while her hand moved down. Chris spread her legs and pulled up one knee so that she had better access. Kay first cupped her mound in her palm and then with the heel of her hand she pressed down slightly, feeling the wetness seeping out and into her hand. Chris was wet, and more than ready.

Chris gasped at the pressure that was applied to her and she parted her legs even further.

With one finger, Kay pressed down at the top of the cease and slid downward, making sure that she had firm contact with the hardening clit, making Chris moan even louder. She spent a few moments just ran the tip of her finger in circular motion before continued down where all the moisture came from.

"Oh god," Chris moaned, arched her back, wanting more.

"Shhhh..." Kay said. "It'll get there."

And true to her word, Kay let her finger circle only for a moment before entering. Chris tensed up at the penetration, her breaths now came in short gasps. Slowly she stroked the soft inner wall, then added another finger, feeling the muscle contract, then added another finger.

Moving them in and out, Kay decided it was time for her to join in and taste Christine properly. And so she moved down, leaving trail of quick wet, kisses. Reaching the juncture of her legs, she took a deep breath, the whole room was starting to smell of Chris, of sex.

Hooking her thigh with one arm, Kay slowly licked just above the patch of well trim dark hair. Above her, Chris gripped tightly to bed sheet with one hand and the other holding on to the blonde head between her legs. Tongue pressed to her clit and she gave out a loud cry, it was becoming very hard to breathe now as Kay slowly sucked on her clit and moving her fingers in and out faster.

"Oh my god." Chris bit off the cry. "Yes, Kaeley... Yes, please... harder... I'm.."

With one firm pushed, Kay curled her fingers upward, and pressed on the smooth little spot just inside, then circled it, and let her thumb take up the caress of the erect nub before moving up to kiss her love.

Chris tasted herself on the soft lips. Parting her lips, she let Kay's tongue enter her mouth and she gladly met it with her own, her moan lost into their kiss and then she felt it. Came over her so hard she thought she was going to black out.

Finally, she arched her back, despite the weight resting on top of her, her entire body tensed up, her breath caught in her chest. The last thing she heard for a while was a soft whisper in her ear and her own heartbeat joining with another.

To Be Continued.