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Part Twelve: All For You : part I

Kaeley was surprised when she woke up to find Chris all over her, at first she thought it was just a dream that they probably neglect their sex life a bit too much. Both of them had been busy, Chris because of the school and her work, Kay, just too many projects at the same time, but either way, they both hadn't been able to just spend their night making love.

They were too tired. For them to be able to get home and at least have dinner at the same time, however late, required a lot of effort and that was all they had been able to do.

So in a way, she wasn't surprise when Chris started this, the taller girl had always been the more sexual one. Still this was a nice way to wake up, even though it was in the middle of the night.

Kay sighed quietly, a hand tracing slow, small circle on Chris's lower back. Her heartbeat was slowing down and so was her breathing. Chris was already succumbed to sleep once more, but she couldn't, not just yet. Another sigh, the body atop of her shifted slightly, and now Christine was almost completely covered her. She would've been uncomfortable to the point of being smothered if it was anyone else, but she was so comfortable with Chris that this was -- in a strange way--a comfort to her.

Still she could imagine how she would feel if they were to do this when they first met. Chris had been a little heavier then, she was not, in anyway, fat. But she had lost so much weight during the eight months with Lizbeth. The weight that she lost wasn't the only testament of her stressful time, but it was the most appearance. Granted that she thought the taller girl looked really good right now, but Kay would rather she be healthy. After all, it wasn't so much of the appearance that made her love Chris.

She can't really explain what it was, it was many things mixed together, intertwined tightly that she couldn't really tell one reason from the other. At one point she had decided that the whole thing was futile and all she was going to succeed in doing would be hurting herself further, so being a friend seemed to be the best choice all around, even though it still hurt.

Though she had her resolve, it didn't make her wanting any lesser.

But it did keep the peace, and allowed her to be in the shadow, to still be able to know what Christine was doing, though rarely. Something about compromise that Chris had made with Lizbeth, it was the issue of control and it was ridiculous, so she was still surprise that Chris would make that kind of compromise at all. And because it was petty.

Only after their break up that Kay learned of that and she felt... She didn't really know what she felt then... traded off? Unimportant? Meaningless? It was one of those, or all of them rolled into one, she couldn't really tell. She had never said anything to Chris, of course. Thinking that with everything else that had gone in the way of hell for her, she could spare her this, and so she kept it to herself.

Taking a deep breath, Kay closed her eyes, hand stilling, feeling herself heavy with dark thoughts. She need to sleep, Kaeley thought to herself, there was no need in driving herself insane with those old feelings anymore.

Tomorrow she had more work to do.

And she had only a few more hours of sleep before that.


Scratching her head with confusion. Something was missing and she couldn't really tell what, and so she rolled over. Flopping on an empty space, Chris immediately understood, Kay wasn't there. Sitting up slowly, rubbing her eyes.

"Kaeley?" She called out, thinking that her girl was probably in the bathroom or something.

After a moment there was no other sound in the apartment at all. Other than her own movement there was just silent.

"Kaeley?" Chris called out again, thinking that maybe she didn't hear her the first time.

Still nothing.

So she pushed the blanket away from her, at the same time reaching for the t-shirt that she tossed away the night before and pulled it on, then got up from the bed. Looking around the room, she couldn't find her own underwears that one of them had taken off of her the night before. They were no where to be seen, but Chris found a pair of silk boxers that belonged to Kaeley draped over the hamper in the corner of the room. Grabbing them real quick, she pulled them on and walked out of the room.

The apartment was quiet.

Unusually quiet.

A frowned appeared on the smooth forehead, Chris walked into the kitchen, and she concluded that Kay had gone out without letting her know. She looked on the table, there was nothing, but a neatly folded newspaper, there was no note to let her know where Kaeley had gone to there was nothing. And she felt anger rising slowly as she paced in the small space, she had already noticed that her girlfriend and roommate did not bring the cellular phone along, and so there was no way for her to be reached.

Chris felt like picking the tiny machine up and smashed it into the floor.

But before she could reach the cell-phone, the door to the apartment gave a small click of someone opening it. And she practically ran to it. There stood was Kay, she was holding a brown paper bag and she was putting the keys on one of the hook inside the small closet.

"Where have you been?" Chris asked, her anger showed in her tone.

Kaeley looked startled at the tone that was being directed at her. "I went and get breakfast. You were asleep and I didn't want to wake you."

"You could've left a note telling me where you went and you didn't even take your cellphone with you." Chris started ranting. "Did you even think about how worry I would be when I wake up and you were gone?"

Her first instinct was to reply Chris's words with some harsh ones of her own, but she didn't. Instead Kaeley took a calming breath as she put down the bag in her hand, realizing in the back of her mind that she probably had scared Christine by just left without any note. But she honestly did not think that Chris would wake up so soon. Besides, it wasn't like she was going to just disappeared into thin air.

"I thought I could get back before you wake up," Kay said slowly, her tone reasonable. "I forgot to charge my cell-phone last night so I didn't bother taking it with me, cause it's dead."

Chris just frowned at her.

"Come on, hon.. I'm sorry I didn't leave a note."

Offering the bag and her last trick, "I got you bagels and cream cheese?"

Kay watched as Christine left the table and went to the bathroom for her shower. She didn't get to shower herself, figured that she would get the chance later, besides it was her day off, it wouldn't have matter if she stay in her pajamas all day. But she would never be able to do that, not without getting a shower.

Chris's anger was surprising, and she couldn't figure out where it would be coming from. True that the other girl had always been a bit on the volatile side, but this was just a bit out of character. Just because she decided to go out without telling her. Kay had always done that, not because she didn't want to tell her, but because she didn't see the point to, especially when she wasn't going to be gone very long. And getting breakfast certainly qualify that.

Either way, she was glad that Chris calmed down quickly. She really didn't like to fight, not from something this small.

Must be the time of the month, Kay groaned inwardly.

Downside of living with someone else, or rather a girlfriend. Ever since the first month, to her own surprise and Chris's amusement, her own cycle suddenly changed and became the same as Christine. At least I'm not as irritable as Chris is, she thought to herself. Or we would've killed each other once a month.

To Be Continued