By X

Part Four: Wish

Taylor sat around in her own living room, she was bored and there was not much for her to do, not on Sunday afternoon anyway. She swung her feet onto the coffee table and leaned back, tipping her head back on to the back cushion of the couch.

She thought back of the last weekend, Friday night to be exact. When she basically forced Kay to let her spend the evening with her and her roommate. The whole evening was fun, to be sitting around and watch movie with them. They both had such extensive knowledge of the movie that they picked that Taylor could understand why they loved the movie so much. And for someone that only watched the movie in passing, she understood the attraction of the films now.

She did enjoy the way Kaeley acted around her roommate, her friend was a lot more relaxed and she looked like the young woman that she was. Instead of this, expert and talented artist who knew all and could do all. The character that she seemed to be in especially at work.

The banter that Kaeley shared with Christine...

She couldn't get the sinking feeling out of her stomach whenever she thought about it. They were so comfortable with each other and Kaeley was a lot more accommodative than she thought she would ever be. She had always been on the cold side, compared to most people. The banter showed her how relaxed Kay could be, and also reminded her that even though they were friends, they were still not as close as Taylor would like them to be.

Taylor had also seen the way they looked at each other.

There was something in their eyes that she couldn't really place, there were... love... maybe. The way they would lean against each other and especially when Chris growled in Kay's face and then Kay snapped her teeth mockingly, as if she was about to bite her nose. Their faces were just a little too close together for her comfort.

It was as if she was intruding on lover's moment.

Although they seemed to insist that they were not.

And when Taylor came to think of it, they were doing almost everything except saying out loud that they loved each other.

She remembered falling asleep while watching the movie.

Slowly, Taylor came to consciousness, she turned onto her back to find that she had a little too small a space to move too much, or she might have an unwanted meeting with the floor. It took her a few second to realize that she was not at her own place, and a few more to remember that she was over at her friend's, spending the evening watching movie.

So she came to the conclusion that she had fallen asleep sometime during the last movie.

The lights were off, so she assumed that Kaeley and Christine had gone to bed and left her sleeping where she was. The blanket had been thrown over her, Taylor sat up, feeling her body cried out to perform a certain bodily function, one that could not wait any longer.

Taylor got up, trying to navigate her way in the dark without tripping over anything, there was no lights on at all, which she found very weird. Normally, with most people anyway, there would be at least the light in the kitchen or bathroom left on, just for this kind of situation.

After a few bumps she found her way into the bathroom and took a few minutes to finish up her business while give herself a chance to looking around. She wouldn't go ahead and looking into their private stuff, of course, but just the observation of the bathroom and the arrangement could tell a lot about a person, or persons that using it on regular basis.

And as she exited the bathroom, turning off the light and left everything the way it was she walked by the two bedrooms, one of the doors was leaving ajar. The other was closed. She remembered it to be Kaeley's room, for she saw her walking in right after the shower.

It was not like she had not been here before, but she had never had the chance to actually spend hours in here, nor she had the chance to learn where things were and which room belonged to whom.

The last time she was here she had only been in the living room and she was only here for, the most, thirty minutes and no more.

For some reason she wanted to look through the open door, she told herself that she shouldn't, but curiosity won over as she debated over it, so she looked inside.

To her surprise, the room was empty.

By now her eyes were already adjust to the darkness that she could see things around her. And what she saw was that the bed was empty.

And since Christine was no where around, she only assumed that she was sleeping in Kaeley's room.

Taylor groaned in her throat, that morning, or rather noon, she woke up to find them in the kitchen, talking. She really didn't know what to do or say about what she found out the night before, it was none of her business, she knew, but she wanted to say something.

Of course, she knew for certain that Kaeley would not appreciate what she had to say.

Actually, neither of them would, and she didn't want to lose her friendships that way. And most of all, she thought that she still stand a chance, after all, they said that they were not involved. At this point most people probably thought that she was crazy, but she had her crazy moments, and she could count this as one of them.

Besides, she really liked Kaeley.

Something about that ice princess façade attracted her. She had never thought about being with another woman before but since the first day she saw her...

Kaeley had the personality to go with her looks, even though she seemed a bit cold when they first met, after a while she learned that it was just the way she worked and how assured of herself Kay was.

"What am I going to do." Taylor mumbled.

"A bunch of us are going to the club tonight." Michelle offered to her classmate. "You can come along if you want to, it'll be fun."

"Tonight?" Christine queried, appeared to be thinking. "I don't know..." She absently tugged at the strap of her Abacrombie & Fitch bag, and closing it. It was a gift, after she dropped her backpack into some snow bank one day and her backpack ended up being soaked and wet. She remembered Kaeley laughing so hard at the expression on her face when she picked it up and found that underneath the snow was a puddle of melting ice.

And the next day she found this bag sitting on her bed when she got back from school. Apparently her friend went out during the day and picked it up for her. She also sprayed on the waterproof spray for her. It was a sweet gesture and she was touched by it.

"You're busy tonight?" Michelle asked, trying not to appear too anxious. She wanted to get to know her classmate better. It wasn't that she dated all that many women, mostly she dated men, but she wanted to try and Christine seemed to be a good choice.

She found her to be very pretty and Michelle knew for the fact that Christine preferred woman.

She didn't think it would be this hard to work up the conversation with her, however. She had made her intention clear a few weeks ago, and Chris did say that she would think about it. She had hoped Chris would make up her mind already.

Chris stood still for a moment, she knew she was going to be a bit late for the next class if she stood around any longer. Michelle did proposition her once a few weeks ago, she didn't exactly decline or except it then and she wasn't about to do either of them now. She had someone else in mind and if she went ahead and just except it in the mean to settle for something that she could have instead of trying her luck with the thing that she really wanted.

It would not be fair to any of them.

And most of all it would not be fair to herself.

"No, I'm not busy tonight, but I do have to let my roommate know that I'll be out." Chris replied, finally.

Michelle tiled her head to the side a bit, her long dark hair tied up in a tight ponytail brushing over her shoulder. "You can bring your roommate along if you want." She offered, thinking that it would probably put the other girl more at ease if she had someone that she knew around. And she would be more likely to agree.

"Sure." Christine smiled and agreed before leaving for the next class.

"But I don't know these people." Kay mumbled, buttoning up her black shirt.

It was only Wednesday night and it was rather unusual that anyone would go out and party, middle of the week could be such a hassle especially when one had to get up early in the morning for work or school. She didn't really want to go out but Christine had insisted that she go.

So she reluctantly agreed.

"I don't know them either." Chris replied, tucking her shirt into the waistband of her khaki then sat down heavily on the mattress.

"And why are we going with them if we don't know any of them?" Kaeley questioned, hands on hips.

"I know Michelle, she's in one of my classes and she invited me." Chris looked up. "And I don't want to go by myself with a bunch of strangers."

"OK." Kay shrugged, putting on the fine silver chain around her neck. Her back was toward her friend while she rolled her eyes. It's only Wednesday night for crying out loud, who would go out on Wednesday night? She thought to herself, reaching for her favorite black Doctor Martens boots.

She turned to sit beside her friend on the mattress and pulled her shoes on while Chris was watching her.

"Come on," she tucked the sleeve of her shirt as soon as Kay was done with the shoes. "Let's go."

They left the room and the apartment, agreed that Kaeley would drive tonight.

Michelle stood in front of the club's gate, her friends around her mingling about, waiting. She was in her best outfit for the night, tight, black leather skirt black stocking, showing off her legs and two inch pumps that made her calf muscle pop out.

"Where's your friend?" Someone asked, and she didn't really pay attention as to who.

"She should be here soon, she said she might run a little late."

She was practically bouncing up and down on the ball of her feet, in passing her eyes caught the silvery, sport car drove by and turned into the parking lot, in the back of her mind she thought that the car was beautiful, but first and foremost... Where was Christine?

A few minutes flew by and she opened her purse intending to take out her cellular phone and give her classmate a call, to see where she was at the moment and that nothing happened.

"Hey," someone tapped her on the shoulder and she turned to look, one of her friend pointed in the opposite direction, one from the parking lot, Michelle couldn't quite hide the smile that spread on her face.

"There she is..." She gestured in Christine direction for her friends to see.

"Well, she is... certainly tall." Jake mumbled just beside her.

"Shut up Jake." Michelle hushed him with an elbow to his side, leaving him huddled over, holding on to his midsection. "Hey!" She shouted, waving her hand over her head, calling the attention of approaching woman.

"We're late," Chris mumbled as Kaeley pulled into the parking lot.

"Not by much, late entrance always create interests." Kay wiggled her eyebrow, looking at her friend from the corner of her eye.

She heard Christine snorted a laughter, "yeah, interests. We'll get plenty of that tonight without the late entrance thing."



Kay glanced at her briefly before parking the car in one of not so many empty slots, wondering yet again, who would be clubbing on Wednesday night. As they exited the car and headed for the club entrance, she saw a group of people stood there, mingling about, looking as if they were waiting for someone and was not so pleased at the moment.

"Well, I do think that we created entrance." Kaeley murmured, guessing that the group of people that she was observing were the group her friend was talking about.

"It's all your fault." Chris grabbed her hand and started to walk faster.

Michelle watched with some interest as the second woman came into view, apparently, Christine did bring her roommate. It was still a bit too far for her to see the detail, but apparently her classmate was dragging her roommate along.

She greeted her friend when the women came closer.

"Hi, sorry we're late." Chris said apologetically, pulling Kay up beside her.

"It's ok, we just got here, too."

They took a few minutes to introduce themselves and exchanged pleasantries, until someone suggested that they should go inside.

Inside, the room was dark and a bit smoky, not something Kaeley really want to be in. She couldn't really stand the smoke. The music blasting, some techno number at the moment, on the dance floor people were moving, dancing, letting their body feel the music.

Most people though were at the tables and the long counter of the bar.

"Nice place," she heard Chris murmured from beside her, though in truth she was probably speaking loudly. Here was the place to kill a few hearing cells.

"Yeah," Kay replied.

They all found a table in one of the quieter corner, the table was big enough for them to squeeze in without leaving anyone to get their own separate table. Some of them started getting some drink or dance, Michelle however immediately turned to Christine and asked if she would like anything.

At the same time Kaeley was getting up to grab something.

"No, thanks." Christine nearly shouted. "Kaeley is getting me something."

"Oh," Michelle said, looking a little disappointed. She turned to look at her classmate's roommate. Noticed that the woman was still standing there, looking at her, questioning.

"Would you like me to get you something?" Came the polite question.

"No, I'll get it, thank you."

Kaeley's light color brow lifted at the tone, but turned around and headed for the bar anyway. She noticed the way Michelle placed herself next to Chris and seemed to be staring most of the time. It was a wonder that the brunette didn't walk into anything or anyone when they entered.

She barely kept her eyes on where she was going.

For the next hour it was a series of drinks, dance, and more drinks.

The only person that seemed to be retraining herself was Kaeley, she still had to drive after all. She made sure that Chris didn't drink too much and that she was careful about her alcohol intake. And at the same time she was receiving curious looks from almost everyone at the table. Maybe it was the way she mothered her roommate, but well, someone had to.

By the end of the night, Christine was still having enough sense to walk a straight line, but nothing more. The rest of the group was no better, lucky that they also had their designate driver for them to get themselves home without getting kill.

"Come now, don't hit anything." Kay teased gently, letting Chris use her as a supporter. Her friend took her arm and leaned heavily against her. And she felt thankful that she had been working out and keep up with her sparing session with her teacher, or there was no way in hell she could take the full weight of someone taller than her.

"Good night everyone, nice to meet you guys," she said and gave a quick wave to Michelle's group, intending to leave the place as quickly as possible. Who would have known that Christine wasn't so good at holding her liquor, she wondered silently to herself as she felt the clumsiness of the touch when her roommate slip a hand over her shoulder.

Michelle watched, she was a bit drunk, but not enough to stop her from feeling a little jealous. Apparently, the only person Christine seemed to be dancing with tonight was her roommate, not that she declined everyone's invitation, but she would only remain for a few minutes, and not even long enough to finish one song. She had tried a few times and everytime was the same.

With Kaeley, she would stay and danced, even the slow songs.

She could've told me that she's got a girlfriend.

"Hey Mich... come on."

"Yeah, I'm coming."

"You're really drunk." Kay laughed lightly, pulling out of the parking lot. Her friend was giggling, her head lolling back against the seat.

Chris tilted her head to the side to look at Kaeley while she concentrated on the traffic, one hand resting on the side of her own seat, the other she used to guide the wheel.

"Do you know how many people were staring at you in there?" Chris asked out of no where after a moment of silent. "Do you know how many people wanted to ask you out to dance, even the straight ones?"

Kay threw her a curious glance, "I don't care to count." She replied with a good humor, kept in mind that her friend was a little drunk at the moment.

"Well, I do care, and they all envied me `cause you danced with me." The amount of alcohol she consumed loosened her lips and Christine babbled out what she was thinking, without the normal inhibition that usually kept her from saying anything concerning her attractions. "You were... are so beautiful. They were all looking at you." She continued, staring at the serene features of the smaller girl.

"You, my dear friend, are drunk." Kay said lightly, reaching with her free hand to ruffled her straight blond hair.

"Yeah, I'm drunk but I'm not blind." She pouted. "And I love you."


"I wish you know how much." Chris continued on, not really hearing as her friend calling her name. "I wish you love me..." The last part was almost a whisper, but thank to Kay's exceptionally good hearing, she caught every word.

"I love you." Kaeley waited until she had fallen asleep and answered quietly, more to herself than anyone.

To Be Continued.