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By X

Part Six: Gave Up

"What the hell!?"


Chris stuck her head into the bedroom, her roommate-- now girlfriend-- was cursing, something that was a bit out of character for her. Not because Kaeley didn't curse, but because she usually did not curse while working, unless she was very frustrated, actually she did not say much while working at all. Christine didn't think she could get frustrated to the point of cursing so quickly, she had only just started working some thirty minutes ago.

"Nothing," Kay called out, frustration still edge her voice. "I forgot my other disk at work." She said without turning around.

"Do you have to run to the office to get it?" Chris asked, making her way inside the room that they now shared.

The room was technically still Kaeley's, they had not really arranged it any other way and it was fine with both of them. Christine's personal things were still in the next room, and they hadn't had the time to move them around. And Chris wasn't in any hurry to do anything, not now. She was comfortable of what they have at the moment, besides, it would've been such a hassle to try to divide the closet space.

Not that it would be much problem, since Kaeley was not big in material possession, ones other than her computer, her movies, and books. Nice clothing was essential, and Kay had plenty of it, but she never bought things she didn't need. Christine on the other hand was quite different in her shopping habits.

And she could just picture the closet that they would share.

Sitting down on the mattress, she reached out a hand and rested it on the broad shoulder. Her gesture was rewarded with a loop side grin as Kay turned to face her. "Nah," she said. "I'll just call the office and have someone e-mail the files to me. I think Taylor is in."

"Then call them then." Chris reached over and grabbed the phone then tossed it to the smaller girl. "And I thought your computer crashed or something." She admonished.

"Baby," Kay drawled. "If my computer crashed you will hear me scream and then follow by the sound of my head solidly connect with the desktop."

"I'll remember that," Chris commented, watching as her love dialed the phone with practice ease, her hand was still rested on her shoulder and she could see Kaeley looked at her from the corner of her eye.

It didn't take long before someone answer the phone, and to Kaeley relief, Taylor was at her desk for a change. She knew that her friend would be able to find what she wanted without much problem and without going through every drawers of her desk like she knew others would.

It was probably the only good thing to have Taylor snoop around her desk all the time, especially when she was in.

Taylor had been acting a bit strange for the past weeks, ever since she let her know about the changes in her relationship with Christine. Kay wanted to ask, but decided that she would let this for just a little while longer, whatever it was that was on her friend mind would be very difficult to get it out of her, especially when she did not volunteer information first.

Of course there was always the limit as to how long she would wait before bring it up herself.

Hey Kay, what's up? Greeted Taylor.

"Not much, I forgot my disk at the desk and I can't continue with this piece without it."

You want me to bring the disk to you? Taylor offered quickly.

"Well, just e-mail it to me, I don't think just the disk is worth the trip."

All right, where is the disk?

Kaeley started telling her friend where she kept the disk and waited as she listened to the brunette muttered something under her breath and hearing the banging sounds of drawers being opened and closed in the background.

"She found it?" Chris asked, still sitting on the mattress, pulling the pillow into her arms.

"She's looking for it." Kay replied, her voice low, she was turning to face Chris completely now, her computer screen forgotten. "Hey," she exclaimed suddenly. "Did you find it?"

Christine lifted one brow at the sudden exclamation then she caught on that Taylor was probably back on the phone. She looked at her lover noting how good Kaeley looked even with the old worn T-shirt and drawstring pants, she saw one hand folded in her lab, so she reached out with one hand, and took the smaller hand in her own.

Kay's eyes flickered in her way for a moment, a smile glint in them.

Chris watched the short conversation between the two friends, she could make sense out of what Kaeley said. It amused her to hear her lover swear casually at her friend, like she just made another non-offensive comment, though come from anyone else with different tone it would be raise a lot of argument and even in some misunderstanding.

In her hands, the smaller one held.

Chris ran her hand over the open palm of Kay's. Pleased that the girl did not attempt to stop her, but instead letting her do what she wanted.

Another quality that made her loved the girl so much.

Kay would let her do what she wanted to do, even if that meant letting her making mistakes. She never put her down for any of them, only be there when she needed her, supported her. And Chris wondered if it was maternal instinct or something else. Often enough she wondered what her family was like to have raised a daughter like Kaeley, how patient they were, or if they were strict, but that was a thought for another day. Another thing that amazed her was that Kaeley was so forgiving and patient.

Which was why she had never understood why Kaeley did not keep in touch with all her ex's.

Maybe it was the problem with the ex's, but at the moment she wasn't going to ask.

Chris let her thumb traced the line on the smaller hand, her short nail caught the trails of the lines in the middle of Kay's palm, one started from the very heel of her palm and ran up to the base of her middle finger. She remembered someone once said that it was the fate line... but not much after that. She wasn't sure what it meant exactly, only that the longer and straighter was the better.

And the line on her lover's soft palm was certainly very long.

"What are you doing?" The question brought her out of her muse, and Christine realized that Kaeley finished her conversation with Taylor already.

"Oh nothing, just looking."

"At my palm? You're going to read my future?" Kay grinned, making no move to pull her hand back.

She tilted her head to the side slightly, looking at the expression on Christine's face. She pulled up one leg to tuck underneath the other, getting comfortable, it seemed that she was going to get back to her work just yet. From the corner of her eye, she noted idly that the e-mail had arrived.

Chris's smile got wider and then she faked a serious look on her face, peering down at the open palm intensely. "Um..." she murmured.

"What do you see?" Kay leaned closer, her forehead nearly touch Chris's.

"You," Chris said, frowning.

"Of course you see me, it's my hand." Kaeley commented dryly.

"And me," Chris paid no mind to the comment and continued as if she didn't hear it. Then she looked up and grinned at her lover.

"I think I know where you are going with this." Kay offered, leaning closer, close enough that their noses touched.

"Really?" Chris purred, parting her lips, "where am I going with it?" She murmured, feeling the soft breath on her lips as Kay leaned in even closer.

"Do you really need me to tell you?" Kaeley chuckled softly, pressing her lips against Chris's, giving her small attentive kisses.

She felt fingers tangling themselves into her short hair, holding her in place, as their kisses became heated. Kay placed her hands on the small of her lover's back, leaning, almost falling off of her chair.

Chris smiled against the soft lips, tossing the pillow that she had been holding aside, then she reached up, and tangling her fingers in the strands of hair at the back of Kay's neck, not wanting to let go of her. Knowing that even though they had been talking about making love, they had yet to agree on the right time and she knew that this felt like the right time to her. And she did not want Kaeley to pull away.

Because if she did, then they might just have to wait longer.

And at the moment, she didn't think she could.

Pulling her Kaeley closer, Chris felt one hand on her back fell away and the other guided her onto her back. The lips and tongue that had been occupied her left, trailing down to her chin, kissing, nibbling. Chris sucked in a deep breath, feeling like her body was getting out of control and there was nothing she could do about it.

Not that she would want to.

Kaeley looked down at the prone body of her lover, smiling; she placed her hand on the hem of Chris's T-shirt and pulled it upward. The pale skin of the plane of her flat abdomen came uncovered, the smaller girl leaned down and placed more kisses across her taut stomach. The shiver that she felt underneath her touch was more than enough to tell her that what she was doing had the wanted effect on Christine.

"Kaeley," Chris breathed, arching her back, allowing the smaller girl a better movement in maneuvering the worn, white T-shirt that she wore off of her. The hands that trailed up on her side, the fingers light and gentle on her skin, she found it even more difficult to breathe.

"My baby," Kay smiled, throwing one leg across the prone body, straddle her, she settled her weight on both knees and careful not to actually sit right on top of her lover's body, she wouldn't want to cause her anymore difficulty in breathing than she already have right now.

She watched the milk white chest came into her view as she worked the fabric higher and higher. For some unknown reason, Christine was wearing no bra today.

"Well, someone is certainly prepared." Kay chuckled softly, pulling the T-shirt over Chris's head, watching the flush spread from her pretty face down to her throat and then her chest. God, she's adorable.

Tossing the shirt aside, Kaeley settled back on her heels, intending to observe just a little longer, but Christine had prevented it by sitting up and wrapped both arms around her.

Chris blushed, feeling those ice blue eyes on her, ranking across her exposed top, she could barely hear anything else but the blood coursing through her vein, thundering in her ears, and her own heart beat. "Someone has to plan something," Chris whispered, kissing her again, and again, dropping her hand down and proceed to yank the shirt Kaeley was wearing over her head and off of her.

The kisses and caresses became more frantic, Chris was pushed down onto the mattress again, and this time, she was completely undressed, her shorts and underwear were tossed onto the floor, closing her eyes, she welcome the soft weight that settled onto her, Kaeley kissed her again, parting her lips with her tongue, tasting deep inside of her mouth.

Christine tasted of apple.

Kay rested her weight on one hand that placed by the blond hair while she used the other to touch her forehead, tracing her eyebrow down to her heated cheek and her chin. A soft moan escaped the parted lips as the hand traveled lower, down to her collar bone, then the slop of her chest.

Kay cupped one breast in her palm, feeling the soft weight, her thumb rubbed over the hardening nipple, in her mind-eye she could see the color, her touch filled in the memory of texture. Soft and smooth; like silk.

With one swift move, Kay nudge her legs apart, and placed her knee between the spread thighs, pressing down, feeling the wetness, she bear her weight down a little more, knowing that it would provide just enough friction to keep the moisture flowing, but would not be enough to let her lover satisfying her need just yet.

Chris arched her back, trying to push up against her, but couldn't, Kaeley was making sure that she didn't have enough room, she groaned with frustration and a little more than arousal. "Kaeley, please..." She pled.

Kay at this time was already worked her way down to the other breast, taking one nipple into her mouth, with the tip of her tongue she caressed the already hard nub to become even harder almost to the point of pain. Chris buried both of her hands in the strands of shiny blond hair, tangling her fingers in, holding her tightly.

"Please," she pled again, copious amount of moisture flowing, she could feel the slippery feeling between her legs where it pressing up against the soft flesh.

"I..." She trailed off, and gasped when Kaeley suddenly pressed harder against her. "Oh..."

The hand that had been caressing her breast had left, and before Chris could protest, she felt it drop just above her pubic hair, and fingers combing the trim triangle down, stopping just above the crease. She closed her eyes tightly, anticipating the next move, knowing where it would go.

Kay was still paying as much attention to the hard bud between her lips as in the beginning, even as she had to divide her attention to where her hand was going and what it was doing. And at the moment, her index finger slipped downward, touching the sensitive nodule, making the body beneath her tense up, and another cry issued from those lips she had been kissing.

The hands that had been holding her head tightened, so she intensified the pressure and slip her hand further downward, finding that opening that she had been looking for, then slip inside.

"Kaeley," Chris whimpered; spread her legs further apart and raised up left knee, giving more access to her lover's wandering hand. "Yes, harder."

She couldn't think straight right now, all she could do was feel what her Kaeley did to her, the way those fingers move inside of her, that little spot inside that drive her crazy when she pressed on it just right, the way the pounding of her heartbeat echoed in her ears, her own voice echoed in the room, the breathing...

And finally it was the warmth the engulfed her.

"When is the deadline on that thing you were working on?" Chris asked lazily, snuggling deeper into her love's arms.

"Um..." Kay breathed, pulling the sheet up to cover both of them, the sweat was starting to dry and it was getting a little chilly in the room. "In a week." She said finally, wrapping an arm around the body that was curling against her. For once she wanted to be able to wrap herself around Christine, who, right now, trying her best to snuggle completely in her arms.


"Well, I don't want to get up right now." Chris murmured, running her hand over the flat abdomen underneath the sheet. She let her fingers traced on the muscular outline, the stark testament of how well her muscle defined and how trim she actually was underneath all the usual loose clothing.

Chris had never really go to gym with her, of course, their schedule had not permitted that, though she planned on going with her some time soon. She wanted to see those muscles in work and it would also be fun to see how many people would be watching.

And it would do her ego wonders to know that she had what they wanted.

"You don't have to." Kaeley said simply, eyeing the completely black screen of her forgotten computer from the corner of her eye.

"And I don't want you to get up either, so if you don't have to work on that thing right now we can just stay here for the rest of the afternoon."

Christine smiled as she felt the vibration of the laughter underneath her cheek and the soft alto ringing in her ear.

She couldn't believe how good it felt to finally be able to be touched by Kay like that, to have the other girl covered her body with kisses and caresses, to feel the sweat slick body sliding against her. And to be able to do the same thing in return. To see her writhe and hear her cried with pleasure and it pleased her even more when she thought about how she was one of not so many, or maybe the only one; that was allowed the pleasure.

And she knew that she would not be able to imagine herself with anyone else.

"So..." Kaeley started after a while.

"So?" Chris who had been dozing off opened her eyes.

"Any comment?" Kay asked, her voice low and shy. "Was it all you imagined it to be?"

Chris grinned and lifted herself up on her elbow, and threw an arm across her chest. Looking down at Kaeley, she bent down and kissed her. "All of that and more."

She watched the satisfied smile spread across the smaller girl's face and laughed. "You are so cute." Chris murmured, kissed her again and lay back down.

Jesus! Who the hell keep calling at this time of the night?! Kay swore silently to herself as she was yet again, wakened by the intrusive ringing of the phone. Like all the other night, she opted to not answering the phone, hoping that whoever it was would just give up and call at a decent time.

She put her head down on the pillow and found that Chris was also awoke, her sleepy eyes peering up at her, questioning. Normally, Chris was the heavier sleeper of the two and on most occasions Kaeley was the only one suffering the midnight phone call's effect.

Maybe I should just exhausted myself every night so that I wouldn't hear it, Kay thought, still not wanting to answer the phone. Or better yet just put the damn phone outside.

After about five rings the phone went quiet, the answering machine was picking up the call.

Closing her eyes, she told Chris to go back to sleep. And just as she was about to doze off again the piercing shriek of the phone entered her already overloaded hearing.

"God damn it!" Kay swore loudly and jumped up to answer the phone. "What the hell do you want?!"

To Be Continued