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Part Seven: Last ( Enough of the Witch )

"Hi baby," Kay greeted, waving her hand from where she was sitting, on the couch in front of the big screen television, a controller in hand. She was playing her favorite racing game.


Chris couldn't help but smiled at the way her love's face lit up with a smile, the kind that she only offered so rarely -- and by now Christine was certain that it was reserved only for her -- the kind that light up the whole room. Quickly, she hung her keys up and made a beeline for the couch, dropping the bag she had been carrying on the floor and leaned over the backrest of the couch to give Kay a hello kiss.

Chris felt a hand came up and grasped the back of her neck, holding her lightly as the kiss went on longer than she had intended, though she wasn't objecting.

"I miss you," Chris murmured when they parted.

"I miss you, too." Kaeley smiled, patting the empty space next to her on the couch.

Christine quickly jumped over the backrest and came to sit snugly where Kay indicated she should be sitting. "Playing this game again?" She asked, picking up the black controller. "Don't you get tired of it?" She let her eyes trailed from the top of the screen where the number indicated the time and the number of lap that the car was on, Kay's was on the last lap and on the first place.

"Hey!" Kay exclaimed as her roommate and lover pressed on the start button and continued on where she left off a moment ago. "I was playing that."

"Oh I know, and you're about to win, too." Chris remarked as she accelerated. "And since you love me, I know you would let me finished this and save on my card."

Kay rolled her eyes, but smiling. She did so adore Christine. And even though she didn't like to admit it aloud, she always more than happy to indulge her. Absolutely, anything that would make her happy.

Five weeks ago when they made love for the first time. It was... Kaeley couldn't even begin to explain. Neither were first for the other, but it felt like the first time, like the first time they ever got it right. Like everything in the past were just... wrong.

No, Kay wouldn't say wrong, but she couldn't really think of any other word at the moment. Being with Chris was special. And she hoped that they would be like this always.

Of course, life tended to throw some interesting curve ball at them whenever they least expecting one.

Like that night when Lizbeth showed up at their door, demanding to see Christine and to talk to her.

Chris was devastated, Kaeley was furious.

She was ready to throw her out on her ass, Chris had been the only thing that stopped her from doing that, she even let the witch inside. She said that at the very least, they should be polite. Kay saw no reason to, of course, but she allowed it anyway.

Once she was inside, Chris had asked her lover to leave them alone for a while, knowing that it would be difficult for Kaeley to suppress her anger. And worse, trying not to react to the look that the other woman threw at her, and the verbal implication of something she didn't do, but being blamed for.

She knew for a fact that Lizbeth had been blaming Kaeley for the their problems in the relationship, though there were no bases for them. From being the topic of some of their fights, to their breaking up. The actuality was that Lizbeth was jealous, and that was it. And everytime they were in the same room, Liz would try to provoke the other girl, despite their sizes. And even though Kaeley was passive, most of the time, and she would ignore the woman, deeming her insignificant, she had her limits.

It would be just a matter of time before Kay decided that she had enough and shut her up.

Chris knew for certain that once Kay got going there would be nothing that can stop her until she had beaten the source of her aggravation into something less than human. So she opted to keep them apart. Even though it was very hard without her being there physically for support.

It turned out that she had been the one that called in the middle of the night for the past few weeks. The calls that they didn't bother to answer. And today she was here to ask Christine to give her another chance.

Chris told her, of course, that it would not, and could not happen.

Then she asked her to leave.

That was the beginning of the end.

Lizbeth got up and started screaming, calling the taller woman every name in the book and accused her of so many things. Things that no one else did but Lizbeth herself.

You have problem, Chris finally told her point blank. Why don't you just leave me alone and find someone else that would take your shit.

It was the first time that she said those thing without afraid that she might hurt her ex-girlfriend feelings. She had always wanted to remain friend, but now she saw that there was no way. She would not be subject to this abuse anymore.

Fucking bitch! Lizbeth screamed.

Call me whatever you want, the taller girl replied coolly. But I don't want to see you anymore. I don't want to hear from you...

And if you come anywhere near this place I will have you arrested. Came the icy promise from the opened door. Kaeley walked into the living room, her arms crossed over her chest, a frown etched deeply on her beautiful face. And don't think for a moment that I won't do it.

Kaeley would be hard pressed to admit that she actually was amused by the look on the other woman's face. The look that said all. The look of someone that knew there was nothing else she could do here, nothing she could even dream of doing to inflict the damage, nothing.

With a huff, she left the apartment, slamming the door shut behind her.

Bringing herself back to the present, Kaeley grabbed the memory card for their game system as per the taller girl request. Handing it over to her she mumbled. "That was mine."

Chris looked at her and asked what she was saying.

"Oh, nothing, you know... I think we should get dinner ready, I'm starve."

"You are going to cook?" Came the query, "or are we ordering something in?"

"Um..." Kay pretended to think then grabbed the phone.

Chris just laughed.


An hour later they were on the couch, curled up around each other, watching movie. Again, it was Christine's choice. The new movie she just got on DVD, Coyote Ugly.

"I don't really like the movie." Kay murmured, taking another bite of her pizza and sip of her coke.

Chris faked a horrify look at her girlfriend, "oh my God!" She exclaimed. "How could you say that?"

"I still don't see the interesting part," she pointed at the screen, one of the bar scene was on. "You know I don't care for this kind of movie."

"Kaeley, this movie got chicks in leather. You've got to love them."

Kay just rolled her eyes at the explanation, it sounded more like a teenage boy's reason to watch the movie, but sometimes, she thought that they were so much alike it was scary.

"Ok... I got your point, but the next one is mine." She settled back and determined not to yawn as she watched more of the movie.

Chris grinned at the way Kaeley mockingly pouted. She knew that if they actually got into an argument, Kay would not give up until she had won, and there was no way in hell she would be able to try to say anything that would persuade her to give up. But like most of the time, she knew that Kay just let her win. Because it would make her happy.

Besides, they could be doing something else a lot more pleasant than arguing.

After a while they settled into the comfortable silent, the only sound in the room was that of the movie, their position had changed as well. From sitting side by side to Christine reclining on the edge of the couch, with her legs angle to the opposite side and feet up on the coffee table, and Kaeley's head in her lap.

The movie was nearing the end, and Kaeley had been strangely silent for the past five minutes, Christine looked down at the relaxed face, the naturally red lips parted slightly, the ice blue eyes were half hidden beneath the smooth lids, she was at the beginning of dozing off.

"Hey," Chris whispered, leaning down.

The half-closed eyes flicker over her face, Kay blinked sleepily. "Yeah?"

"Let's get you to bed." The taller girl said, turning of the TV and the DVD player and then urging her to sit up. "Come on."

Kaeley sat up, blinking sleepily. She had not been sleeping, really, but she was so close to it that she couldn't quite clear her mind, and if someone ask what happened on the movie in the past ten minutes or so, she wouldn't be able to tell them.

Taking her girlfriend by the hand, Chris led her to the bathroom, knowing that she would not be able to go to sleep without cleaning up first, however tired she may be.

They took very little time cleaning up and now settled into the bed and Kaeley was soon falling asleep while her bedmate still awake, thinking.


"How are you?"

"Huh?" Kaeley looked up from her note.

"How are you?" Taylor asked brightly, sitting on the edge of the desk, looking down at her friend. "You and your girl."

"Fine, I, myself, am pretty good, and Chris is busy with school, thank you for asking." Kay grinned up at her, question in her eyes.

"Just wondering," Taylor answered the unspoken question.

Kay narrowed her eyes, contemplating. She had yet to ask her friend to join them for dinner, thanking her for the little talk they had a few weeks prior, the talk that set her mind at ease enough to act on her feelings and set her doubts aside. Or she might still be sitting her wondering and driving herself crazy with a lot of unanswered questions.

Questions like, what would happen.

Now she was happy, as happy as she would ever be.

And she owed a little of that happiness to her friend here.

"You know," Kay started casually. "We decided on another one of those girls' night out and I was wondering if you want to join us."

Taylor White looked at her friend, arms crossed over her chest, taken aback. "I don't think Christine would want me to stay the night." She said dryly, remembered her friend's girl reaction when she showed up.

"She likes you just fine, I don't know what you are talking about."

"Right, of course, last time she looked like I've just hit her in the nose when I got to your place."

"It was just a bad day, Tay." She paused, didn't know if she should tell her what actually happened. "Really, come over, Friday night, we'll watch movie, play game, eat junk food." At the end she decided not to say anything.

"No getting drunk?"

Taylor grinned, she knew that she was the first person that learned about their relationship, and even though it hurt, a little, to know that she had no chance with Kay she was happy for her. Besides, ever since they got together Kay seemed warmer, not by much, and she doubted that anyone who did not know her well enough would notice.

She often wondered if Kaeley would ever tell anyone about it. She seemed so private, and even though Chris stopped by to see her at lunch a few times, no one really know their relationship... most people didn't even know Kay had a roommate. In any case, she might need something to help her get through the night, since she was still not over her, thus the question about alcohol.

"Nope... I don't drink."

"Really?" Taylor drawled, looking disbelieved. "So... who else will be there?"


"Hi," Christine greeted her classmate as she put the bag down on the floor beside her seat.

"Hi," came the reply.

"How are you?" Chris asked again, sitting down, smiling.

Michelle smiled back at her settling into her own seat, right next to Christine. "I'm good." It had been a little over a month after that night she invited her classmate to a night out with a group of her friend, she knew for certain after that night what the answer to her proposition would be, and afterward the other girl had also declined her offer politely.

So, now she settled on being her friend.

They talked, more now than before. When they got to class they would spent the time before the professor arrived talking, about everything and nothing in particular. Still she was attracted to her.

At first she still thought that maybe Christine was just playing hard to get, but after her classmate explained that she had unexpectedly gotten involved with someone she cared for very much, she knew there was no hope.

"Listen," Chris started. "My roommate and I are having a girls' night, you know... junk food, games, movie, chats. And... well, I thought you might like to join us."

Michelle looked at the girl next to her thoughtfully for a moment before deciding whether or not she wanted to join them. She had only seen her roommate once, at the club. She was pretty, but that was all she knew about her. The she mentally shrugged and decided. What the hell, she thought.

"Sure, when and where?"


Kaeley pushed the door to their apartment open with her shoulder; both of her hands were full with bags at the moment. Later that evening they were going to have their girls' night. So, she had been out shopping, getting the junk food and soda and also renting the movies. Christine was still at school and Taylor would not be here for another hour or so.

Kicking the door close, Kay dropped the keys at the table by the door, the place where she always left her keys. Unlike what her girl friend do, which was taking the keys with her and left them somewhere that she could not find them later.

Kaeley remembered something Chris said about her friend coming over, though she wasn't sure which of her friends. She didn't say anything about the name, or if she did, Kay didn't hear her.

She had been rather tired the night before, after about two hours of sparing with her teacher, she could barely keep her eyes open through the dinner, let alone trying to listen to anything meaningful, her concentration just not withstanding the tiredness she felt.

The only thing she remembered about the conversation was that she was suppose to pick up enough food for at least four people and rent enough movie to last them through the whole night. Though she very much doubted that they would be able to stay up all night.

Oh hell, it's Friday. Who cares?

Kaeley walked around the kitchen, putting the soda cans into the fridge and pulled out some stuff before put the bags away. She would have to order pizza, but since she didn't know what anyone would like she decided to just wait till they got there before ordering anything. Besides they could wait.

There were certainly enough of other stuff to hold them for a while.

It didn't take long before her friend showed up, calling her to make sure that she didn't need anything.

"Nice place," Michelle commented, walking after the tall blonde into the building.

"Yeah, and it's pretty quiet. I guess that's why we picked this place." Chris pressed the button, waiting for the elevator to come. "Kaeley certainly likes it."

"Kaeley's your roommate, right?" Michelle asked, looking at the number on the top of the doors of the elevator. She remembered the good-looking blonde from the night that they went out to the club together. The one that was watching Christine like a mother hen. She looked so controlled and so calm that she actually nick named her ice queen, out of drunkenness; she wondered how she would be in a more relaxed and friendlier place, namely, her own apartment.

Michelle remembered a few of her friends were more than interested in the girl, though at the time she didn't pay much attention to anything but Christine.

The ride up to their destination didn't take long, in fact before Michelle could count to twenty the doors were already parting, giving way for them to exit.

"Hey, you're home."

The first thing Michelle saw was a smiling face of the girl she had just nicknamed ice queen. Ice blue eyes twinkled, her cheeks reddened as if she had been running: though she doubted that it was what happened. Michelle watched in amazement at how those long legs close the distance in a few strides, and when she turned to her side she wasn't sure what should surprise her more.

"Hey baby," Chris greeted, opened her arms and wrapped them around the thin figure that approached fast.

After a few heartbeats, they part and seemed to register that they were not the only ones in the room.

"Hello," Kay turned and offered a hand to Michelle, she seemed a little embarrassed.

"Hi." Michelle took her hand and shook firmly, twice.

"This is Taylor," Kay turned and gave a wave toward her friend who had been standing in the kitchen, clearing her throat.

Taylor watched with a little more than just amusement when she saw Kay nearly ran toward her girl. It was no secret about how much they loved each other, and how much Kaeley adored the taller girl. Taylor had seen, and heard enough of it. Though it was interesting to actually see it.

When she saw them parted and Kay turned to greet the new comer, she cleared her throat, needing to get their attention and reminded them that she was still in the room.

"Well, I'm going to order pizza, if no one objects."

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