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Part Eight: Let's Get Together

Kaeley put down the phone after ordering pizzas. One large cheese pizza and one supreme, and she wondered if they would ever finish both of them after looking at the other three girls that were sitting in the living room. They all were so skinny, sighing to herself, she suspected that she would ended up being the one that clean out the whole thing.


She looked down at her belly; this isn't going to be fun.

"What are you doing, contemplating your perfect body?" Taylor teased as she entered the kitchen.

Startled, Kaeley looked up, she didn't hear her friend came in, and wondered if all the chatter and the loud music she had been indulged in already did the damage. Taylor was grinning at her, hand on her hip, waiting for her respond, apparently.

"Perfect body?" Kay rolled her eyes. "You've got to be kidding."

"Seriously, man." Taylor exclaimed, walking over to the fridge, open the unit and picked out a can of soda. "You have the body of a model. How long to do workout?"

"Right," Kay mumbled and walked out to the living room with Taylor. "With all the pizzas I just ordered, if you guys don't finish it, my—as you put it—perfect body will no longer contain its shape."

"Meaning, you have to eat the left-over."


Taylor just laughed as her tall friend rolled her eyes.

Chris looked up from the DVD that were on the floor in front of their big screen TV as she heard the laughter coming from the kitchen. From her place, she could see the mock reproach look on Kaeley's face and Taylor was laughing.

"What's so funny?" Christine asked as soon as they came close enough.

"Oh, nothing," Kaeley said quickly, sitting down next to her, looking at the DVD that were scattered on the floor. "Which one you guys want to watch first?"

She looked over to Michelle who had been rather quiet and seemingly bewildered.

"Did we just dazzle you with our charmingly childishness?" Kaeley joked, grinning.

She remembered Michelle from when they went out to the club together, once. Chris never said anything, but she suspected that Michelle must have had some kind of a crush on her classmate, no word really needed since that night, Michelle had done nothing but trying to get Christine's attention. Nothing worked though.

And now Kaeley realized that the poor girl never got the chance.

Hopefully she's over it now.

They spent the next few minutes arguing over what to watch and in what order. Then they settled down, getting comfortable with a drink in hand and chips in the bow in front of them. As the movie started the discussion of the movies and the characters then the plots began.

"I don't know, I like this one better than Hannibal."

"People always like the first one better," Kaeley voiced her opinion. "Which one do you prefer?" She turned and asked Chris.

"This one," she indicated the movie that was playing. At the moment it was the scene where Clarice Starling meet Dr. Lector for the first time. "I don't like the end of Hannibal."

"You just don't like the brain eating part."

"Ewwwwww.." Taylor and Michelle said in unison.

"Oh Jeez!" Kay exclaimed, "let me guess, you have weak stomachs."

Chris stuck her tongue out at her as Mich and Taylor took some popcorn and tossed at her.

"Now how am I suppose to eat later."

"That," Kaeley dodged yet another popcorn flying at her way. "Is your problem, my friend."

Michelle was feeling a little out of place at first, looking at the way Christine staying so close to her girlfriend, she felt a little jealous. Not necessarily because she was not the one with Chris, but because they looked happy together. At first she really didn't know what to expect, since she didn't know the other women, and she knew Kaeley only in passing.

But after listen to them debating on the movie selection and decided to voice in her opinion, she felt more comfortable as the minutes past. The way they simply draw her into the conversation with such ease amazed her. And before she even knew it, she was chatting away with them like she had known them for a long time.

Mich found Kaeley to be very lively and very charming, since she had dropped the cool and calm exterior. She almost couldn't recognize that she was the same girl she met that night at the club. So composed she was that night. And now she could see why Christine would fall for her.

Just as the argument came to an end, the door bell buzzed, indicated that someone was requesting an entrance.

"I think it's the pizza guy." Taylor turned to look at the door, as if she could see through it.

"I'll go get it." Kaeley quickly got up and headed out the door.

"I'll get you the money," Taylor offered, and got up after her.

And Chris sat there, watched her classmate watching the other two headed toward the door, and something occured to her. She smiled secretly to herself.

"Do you think they can get together?" Chris asked, leaning back against Kaeley, who had been reading quietly for the past hour.

"Huh?" Kay put the book down and let the taller girl settled snugly back against her. And Chris rested her head on the broad shoulder as her love wrapped one arm across her stomach; Chris clasped her hand over Kay's, their fingers intertwined. "Who is `they'?"

"Taylor and Michelle." Chris clarified, pulling the blanket up slightly higher. She turned her head slightly so that her face was buried into the crook of her girl's neck.

"Taylor's straight," Kaeley said finally, after a minute of thinking. She looked down at Christine, noticed that she was playing with the hem of the t-shirt she was wearing. "And you are fidgeting." She said with a smile.

"I fidget," Chris whined and continued to play with the hem of her shirt. "And I don't think Taylor is that straight."

"I remember she talked about her boyfriend." She paused. "Well, ex-boyfriend."

"Honey," Chris drawled. "I think that sometimes you are just so blind to the way people look at you." She reached up to kiss her cheek. The confused look on her face was just adorable and she couldn't help but kissed her again, on her lips and deeply this time.

Once they parted both of them were slightly flushed and breathing deeply.

"Well." Kay started, then stopped and tried again. "What do you mean the way people look at me?"

"You turn heads, Kaeley." Chris said slowly, as if she was explaining this to a child. "When you walk down the street people turn to look at you, twice. And sometimes I think…." She trailed off.

"What is it?"


Chris rolled onto her back and put her head on the pillow, she didn't really want to talk about this. She hadn't intended for the conversation to turn out into this topic. At first she just wanted to discuss about their friends. She thought that maybe if they play a little matchmaking, they could just make other two people happy, like they were. But with that one slip, it had turned into the topic that she never wanted to touch and so, it was better to not talk about it anymore.

Kaeley didn't have the same idea though.

"Chris," Kay kissed her, gently. Dropping the book she had been reading on the floor beside the bed. "What's wrong?"

Buried her face into the hollow of the smaller girl's throat, she shook her head slightly, trying to tell her that nothing was wrong. But that hadn't worked with Kaeley most of the time and she didn't know why she even tried.

"Tell me." Kay prompted gently; she had rolled onto her side, facing her girlfriend, supporting her head with one hand and holding Christine with the other, stroking her back gently, soothing her. She knew from the way the body in her arm tensing that her love was having a hard time. And she wasn't sure why.

Chris threw an arm over Kaeley, wrapping it around her and pulled herself tighter to her. This was one of the issues she never wanted to deal with; it was her own insecurity.

After a few moments she started speaking.

"I don't know, it's just… I know it's selfish, but sometimes I think it is good that you don't notice the way people look at you." She paused, trying to get her thoughts in order, so that it would make sense, to herself at least, if not to Kaeley.

"You are beautiful," she told her slowly. "And I'm not the only one that noticing how beautiful you are, and you are sweet and sincere, and you are so talented at what you do. So many people would just throw themselves at you just so you notice them.

"I know you don't think that it would happened. But you know everytime we go out, people look at you, looking like they were about to approach you."

"I don't think so," Kay interrupted.

"No, listen." Chris stopped her. "I've always love you and even though I didn't tell you before, but I felt like someday you are going to find someone and go with them, because I've been too afraid to say anything and I was too late. That you would eventually notice how much attention you actually is getting from everyone else." She sighed. "I'm not making sense."

"You just feeling insecure, that's all. But you forgot something."


"That I love you and I don't look for anyone else."

Being so close to tear for the past few minutes, those words that came out of Kaeley mouth had just made it spilled over, and she laughed. "You are such a sweet talker."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Kaeley murmured, whipping the tears away with her thumb.

Chris sighed softly, and closed her eyes. "It's good." She murmured and tucked herself snugly in her love's arms once again.

"Good," a kiss placed softly on the smooth forehead. "Go to sleep, I'll turn off the light."

"Good night"

"Night, love."



"Hi Mom," Kay smiled as she recognized the voice on the line. Surprise, she hadn't had the chance to call her mother for a while. Everything had been rather hectic lately that she almost forgot. "How are you?"

Kaeley hopped on the counter top, the cordless phone tucked between her shoulder and her ear, a bowl of cereal in one hand and a spoon in the other, she swung her legs back and fort, talking like a little child.

How are you, honey?

"Good mom, just a little busy that's all." She spoke, her voice high and cheerful. "I've been meaning to call you and everytime I picked up the phone I remember that you would be asleep already."

She chatted with her mom, while having her breakfast at the same time. Telling her how her work went and all the new clients and the co-workers. And in turn, her mother told her about stuff that went on in the house and how everyone in the family were.

Kaeley normally was not interested in the business of other family members, especially the cousins. They had always been rather annoying, but then, no one was perfect and occasionally she would tolerated them, just to make her mother happy.

Don't you have some vacation time? Why don't you come to the ranch and stay for a few days?

"Sounds great mom." Kaeley agreed readily, she had not been to the ranch for a while and she was starting to miss it. She missed her old room and the open space that the place had to offer. Then she remembered that Christine had never been there before.

And I want to see your friend too. How is she doing?

Kaeley laughed lightly, thinking of the taller girl who was in the shower at the moment. "She's good mom, I'll ask if she could go and I'll let you know of the plan. I think she could use a break, too." She had mentioned to her mother that they had become involved the last time she talked to her. And she was touched that her mother would accept this so easily without a question.

True she came out to her family years ago, but everytime she mentioned a new girlfriend, her mother had always responded with list of questions upon questions, each designed to draw out every little detail of her girlfriend. And at the end of those questions, Kaeley had always felt like she had just been through some interrogation that was designed especially for spy.

She wondered why this time was different.

All right, honey. Give me a call when you make the plan, OK?

"Sure mom, I'll talk to you later."


"Bye, mom."

"Who was it?"

She turned to see Chris walked into the kitchen with small towel in her hand, she was clad only in t-shirt and a pair of boxers. Her hair was still wet from the shower, her skin flushed.

"Yeah, that was my mom." Kaeley replied, slid herself down from the countertop. "She wanted us to visit at the ranch."

"I've never been there." Chris put the towel down and pulled out the chair for herself as Kaeley came over to join her. She noticed the empty cereal bowl sat on the countertop but said nothing, knowing that Kaeley would still be joining her with breakfast, even though she had just eaten. Sometimes she wondered how the other girl stayed so thin, considered how much she actually ate.

And then she was reminded of how she worked and also workout.

"I know," she murmured, leaning over to kiss her cheek. "So, it'll be fun, don't you have some long weekend coming up?"

"Yeah, the week after next week," she paused. "Did you say she wanted us to visit?"


"Are you sure it was us and not just you? I mean, I remember what you told me about how your mom was with your ex's." Chris said with some apprehension in her voice. Kaeley used to tell her how her mom questioned about her girlfriend, and how the questions were. She said that it was a surprised that her mother did not take on the career of interrogator or something. That she would've been the best at it.

And right now she could just imagine what kind of question she would get.

Kaeley laughed aloud. "I know I shouldn't have told you that horror stories."

Christine had met her mom before, but back then they were just friends, and her mother had always treated her friends very well. But now that they were involved her mom might decided that the questions were in order. But from the way she mentioned for her to bring Christine for a visit was enough to reassure her that this was different.

"She asked about you, too. And she invited us, not just me." Kaeley smiled. "So, what about it?"


"Do you want to go?" Kaeley leaned over. "I really want to show you around the ranch, it'll be fun, and there was this small pond in the back, we can swim there too. And no one around to bother us. It'll be great."

"Well, if you put it that way," the taller blonde leaned over, closing the distance. "Sure." And she kissed her gently. "We'll make plans."

To Be Continue.