Willing, Ch. 2

By Lisa Summers

Copyright, 2009

There was a long silence in the cab when I finished my story about Katia and me, I guess my story brought us both down a little, I didn't mean it to, but there it was. Soon enough, though, Virginia and I began chatting again, about a ton of different things. I found myself liking the brown-haired, brown-eyed young girl. I had been put off by her earlier comment about trading sex for her room back in Bullhead City, but when I asked her about that, it seemed that it was more of a boyfriend/girlfriend thing, not the outright sex for money thing I'd first thought.

I know a girl with her looks would have to have a fair amount of experience with sex, at least in my experience. Her eyes were deep and dark, the kind of eyes that people get lost in. Her complexion was tan, and under the quick fix up of the bruise her boyfriend had laid on her, and her smeared tears, she had fine features. Her voice was melodic and pleasing, and she seemed very bright, and sharp, asking a lot of questions.

She was shorter than me, about 5' 3 and around 130 pounds, and shapely, with full breasts and a generous ass. Out of my league, that was for sure, but a girl can look, and dream, right?

"I thought I loved him," Virginia said, talking about her boyfriend, AKA 'Mike the Ass Hole.'

"At first he was sweet to me...the sex, well, I didn't really care about that so much." She hesitated. "Then he got into that whole crystal meth thing. I could see things going downhill rapidly. And now, now I've got to be more responsible. There's more than just me to think about." She was referring to her pregnancy, which had apparently brought about the abrupt breakup with 'Mike.'

As we pulled into a truck stop just on the far side of Albuquerque, I told Virginia that I had to take a ten hour break so that I didn't go over my hours of service "I'm not about to lie on my log book," I told her. "Trucking's my life, I don't want to lose my CDL.'

"Well, thanks for the lift all this way - I don't know what I would have done without you," she said. Her smile looked kind of too bright to me, y'know? Kind of a 'stiff upper lip' look?

"Umm, you still don't really have any prospects, do you?" I asked her. She looked apologetic.

"No, but I've imposed way too much," she said.

"Look, I don't want you to think I'm coming on to you, though you ARE really cute, but how about we finish this trip together? I can drop you off at your parents, I've got a pretty big cushion of time going this way, and I'd welcome the company..."

"Seriously?" she asked, her brown eyes on mine. "You REALLY wouldn't mind? Oh, but I'm costing you money..."

"Well, you can pay me back when you get to your parents. It's only meals and stuff anyway," I said. "You can sleep here in the back tonight, it's a little cozy for two, but I promise, I'll behave." I smiled, and she smiled back.

"I'd like that," she said.

"Oh, and my house is in Fort Smith - you know, in Arkansas - so we can overnight there tomorrow, okay?"

"Sure," she said.

"Okay, since that's settled, let's go get sump'n to eat, and then a shower, okay?"

"Wow, a shower would be GREAT" Virginia said. "I feel as grubby as hell."

We hoofed it over to the restaurant, which was fortunately set up as a diner rather than the usual brand name fast food place. It would be nice to have something closer to real food for a change. We both showered first, and when Virginia came out of her shower cubicle, I whistled.

"You sure clean up good," I said.

Virginia blushed. "Hey, speaking of looks, you said something earlier today.....is it okay if I mention it?"

"Umm, sure," I said, not knowing what she was talking about.

"Umm, you said that you had a face like shoe leather. You're a good looking woman, Linda, you shouldn't put yourself down like that. I'll admit you've got a pretty good tan, though..." she looked apologetic.

I remembered the brief frown that had passed over her face when I said that, in telling Katia's story.

"Well, I appreciate it, but this mug has been through a lot. It's okay that I'm a little weathered, I don't mind." I did mind, though, everyone wants to look good, and accepting age is kind of tough, at least for me. I'd gone through my life, and what did I have to show for it? 38 years old can be ancient, depending on where you've spent those years.

Virginia looked dubious. "If you don't mind, I could show you a few things you can do, I had a job at a spa for a year. How about when we get to your house, okay?" I shrugged. I'd never really gotten into lotions and such since entering the military. Travel light, or don't travel at all.

We finished up in the female trucker's locker room - and thank god for those, I remember the old days - and I put my arm around Virginia's back, she put her arm around my back and we stood looking at the mirror. "Looks like we BOTH clean up pretty good, huh?" She squeezed my hand.

"We sure do," she said. We headed down to the restaurant. It was a pleasure to tuck into their meatloaf. Virginia had the pan-fried chicken. We each had two beers, well, I had two Buds and she had two O'Doul's. As I said before, I don't drink much, and never before driving, but I had a mandated 10 hour break, so I didn't see much problem with it this time.

"Oh, this is GOOD" she said, wolfing the meal down.

"Don't eat the bones, now," I kidded her. She pretended to throw the naked leg bone at me. It was nice to have somebody to kid with on the road.. I rarely ever have passengers. We finished up with 'pie alamo'.

"'Alamo?'" she asked.

"Just something from when I was a kid," I said. "I used to call pie with ice cream, 'pie alamo,' cuz I didn't know any better, and my parents thought it was cute."

"Tell me about your family," Virginia asked.

"Not much to tell, really," I said. "I grew up in Arkansas, my parents' house is about ten miles from mine."

"So, you see them all the time?" she asked.

"Well....no," I said. I felt a little pang at the memory of the last time I'd seen them.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Well, when my parents found out I liked girls, my father threw me out....I guess it was time I was goin' anyway, so I joined the Air Force."

"Why would your father throw you out?" she asked.

"It might have been the shock of it, more than anything else. Plus, he was a fundamentalist Baptist minister."

"Ouch," Virginia said. "So, how did it happen?"

So, I began my story.

"I was on the girls' track team, Northside Senior High in Fort Smith, the Lady Grizzlies - y' see, the Grizzly Bear's our mascot. Anyway, I ran the 400 meters and the 4x400, you know, the relay with the baton and all?" Virginia nodded.

"Well, unbeknownst to me, Celia Watkins, one of the cheerleaders had taken a shine to me. She was an 11th grader, and I was a senior, and I really hadn't noticed her, other than her humongous tits. She'd been held back at least once, I think she was older than me, and I was eighteen. Now, I was scared shitless that people would find out I even liked girls, much less that I LIKED GIRLS, y'know? So, it wasn't like every girl who had an urge that way knew they could look me up for some good times." I chuckled.

"She started coming up to me around the start of track season, spring of my senior year, and asking about stuff, totally random, and we'd have conversations, nothing special. I didn't think anything of it, other than that she was cute. She was a Catholic, anyway, so we didn't exactly run in the same social circles. I didn't really think anything of it, because to be honest, I was mooning over my English teacher, Miss Smith, who was about the prettiest woman I had EVER seen up until I left Arkansas.

"So, one day in April, we'd just half finished a joint boy-girl track meet at Southside - we won, by the way - and I was sitting in the girls' locker room. I'd pulled up after completing my part of the 4 x 400, with a cramp in my calf, so I left the meet early to get dressed. I was alone, not really thinking about anything, when Celia strolls in, dressed in her cheerleader outfit. The cheerleading squad would come to the close by events, mainly to cheer for the boys.

"Sounds like the beginning of a porno movie," Virginia said, grinning.

"Yeah, but I don't know about 'happy endings, exactly,'" I said, ruefully. "Anyway, what happened was a complete surprise to ME."

"Hey," said Celia, "that must have hurt." She was a cheerleader-cute blonde, short, maybe 5', kind of plump, and as I said, with big tits. I nodded. "Yeah, kinda."

"Can I rub your calf for you?" she asked. "I've had training in that kind of thing. Johnny (her brother, a shot putter) showed me how to do it."

"Okay," I said. She sat down on the floor in front of me, her knees bent, her feet pointing in the same direction under her ass. She put her hands around my leg, and started gently massaging my calf. I've gotta say, that girl DID know what she was doing, in several ways. I've never felt hurt go away so fast, nor pleasure come in to take its place. Not like that.

I couldn't help but notice that her skirt was pulling up towards her hips every time she changed position, and also that she was looking at the crotch and leg holes on my track shorts as often as she was looking at my face. God help me, once it began, I did NOT want it to stop

I caught myself moaning once or twice, and she had this secret little grin that excited me more than it warned me what was up. Pretty soon, I could see the panties of her outfit - now, you know, those are the panties that all the guys, and more than a few gals, are lookin' at when the cheerleaders do flips and such. You don't see nothin', but it's surely pleasant to look at, and think about. And I WAS thinkin' about it.

I guess we woulda' both enjoyed a chaste little show, except that Celia's fingers began to move up my leg, massaging their way up to heaven, heh. I could feel myself getting wet, and when I found myself moving forward on the locker room bench to let her GET to heaven, well, we BOTH knew what was up then.

Celia leaned forward and kissed my knee, looking up at me, taking her cue from my reactions. Then she began kissing the inside of my thigh. I closed my eyes, figuring if I closed my eyes, whatever happened wouldn't be my fault. Then Celia brought her hands, and especially her fingers, onto my thighs on the inside of my legs, tracing her fingertips lightly on the sensitive skin there. I gasped, the pleasure was so intense, and let her go on. There was no doubt in my mind what she was doing, and surely no doubt in HER mind what I was going to let her do.

Then I felt her fingers go to the waistband of my white track shorts, and begin tugging them off my hips. I lifted up my ass, and the slick, satiny white material slipped right down my thighs to the floor. That left my thick white athletic panties, and to my shock and horror, and exquisite happiness, she pulled them off, too. My little pussy was exposed to her, and she smiled like it was Christmas morning, then leaned in and kissed me right on my clit. What a shock ran through me

I knew what a clit was for, god knows I'd touched it and played it like a banjo enough times, but I'd figured I'd never actually have another girl touching it, much less kissing it. I came just like that, she'd done such a good job of building my anticipation, without me even realizing it. I suppose my moans further encouraged her.

Celia's mouth lingered over my cunt, and after a minute, she started lapping at my hole. Running her rough tongue up and down my swollen pussy lips, then thrusting it inside my hot, wet hole, she brought me to another peak quicker than anyone ever since. I was lying back on the bench, my legs spread wide, while her face got all wet and creamy with my cum juices. I had my arm over my face, like I could pretend it wasn't me enjoying another girl's mouth on my spasming hole, in case God was looking or something, lol. God, my hips were raising up and down like the elevator in a two story fat women's dress shop on sale day.

I guess I came a half dozen times, then begged her to stop. I raised myself weakly up on my elbow, to see that she'd pulled down those virginal cheerleader panties, AND the much cuter bikini panties underneath, and was finger fucking herself while she ate me out.

"Give me some of that" I gasped, scrambling off the bench. Celia stood up and shimmied off her red skirt (Our school colors were red and white, y'see), both sets of panties already laying on the floor at her feet. After months of imagining my OWN face between Miss Smith's legs, here was the real thing just offering itself to me, and I wasn't gonna miss out

Celia lay back where I'd been on the bench, and pulled her legs up towards her breasts, her sweet little pussy, all pink and wet and hot, and dripping her excitement, looked like a little orchid. Her ass hole below it, was all puckered, a nearly round little tan opening, but squeezed tight shut, then kind of winking. I hadn't thought about another girl's ass hole in my fantasizing before, but hers was awfully cute.

I brought my face close to her hole, as she urged me on. "Go ahead, Linda, lick my hole I've been dreaming about us licking each other's cunts, and you sucking on my nipples, they're all fat and plump for you to suck on" I did what she'd done, but I started with her hot little lips, first, the cream was just everywhere, and getting all over my face. God, it tasted so GOOD Musky, creamy, hot, her little pussy was like manna from heaven. I could feel her hands on the back of my head, urging me deeper between her thighs.

It was kinda hard to breathe, but I wasn't complaining. I lapped at her pretty, pink slit for the longest time, then wrapped my lips over her swollen clit, which was exposed and reddish and gleaming wetly, showing her excitement. Celia moaned as she came, her hips bucking around and up and down, moaning, "Fuck me, Linda, make me cum" over and over, until finally she slumped down, her sweet, plump ass flattening on the hard wood of the bench. I was just putting my finger on her tan, puckered ass hole, wanting to feel her heat and tightness inside there, when the locker room door slammed open

It turned out, we were in the wrong locker room - we were in the home boys locker room, and those sweaty males came pouring in, stopping and gaping at us when they spotted us, Celia with her pussy wide open, and me with my face covered with her sex cream, my finger poised to slip inside her ass. Now, boys in Arkansas don't get exposed to a lot of the things that happen in the big city, but they're smart enough, and horny enough, to figure out two girls carpet munching when they see it.

In some ways, if we had to get caught, it was good and it was bad. If it had been our own locker room, either the boys OR the girls, everyone would have known exactly who it was, and what we were doing. Maybe they woulda kept it to themselves, maybe not. But since it was a bunch of Southside boys who didn't know us, and whose brains went into vapor lock when they got a good look at not just one, but TWO very wet pussies, we were able to escape in the confusion.

Sadly, while the details were a little fuzzy in the story that followed, Northside was able to figure out with near certainty who it was. So there wasn't enough 'evidence' to 'convict' us, but the rumors dogged the two of us until the end of that term. We were too embarrassed to ever get back together, sadly, and my dad was so disappointed in me that it just became easier for me to cut ties and join the military.

I haven't talked to my dad since, and just cards to, and from my mom at Christmas and birthdays."

"You haven't seen them since?" Virginia asked.

"Nope," I said.

"Well, I'm sorry for that....but that's a helluva hot story."

I smiled. "Yeah, I really wish I coulda got together with Celia one more time, she was a pistol."

"Do you at least hear from HER?" Virginia asked.

"Yeah, she's a fat mom of seven, and has two grandkids." I laughed. "I wonder if she'd ever do THAT again?"

"Well, maybe not, with seven kids hangin' around," Virginia said.

"You'd be surprised," I said. "Lotsa women seem to figure out things a lot later in life."

"I suppose," she said. "Hey, I'm done," she said, looking at her plate, and thus reminding me that we had to figure out accommodations for the night. As we got up from the booth, the young mother in the next booth looked up at me curiously. I guess I'd been overheard - I probably was a little louder than I should have been. She smiled nervously, and I nodded at her. I suppose I'd given her something to think about. I paid our check at the cashier, putting the tip on the ticket. Virginia wrote the total down.

"I AM going to pay you back," she said. I nodded, and we walked out across the lot to the tractor trailer way in the back, behind a couple dozen others parked for the night. We saw a slim shape step down from one cab and walk over to the one next to it.

"Is that, um, a hooker?" Virginia asked.

"You mean a lot lizard? Yeah," I responded.

"Lot lizard? That's what hookers are called?" Virginia asked.

"At truck stops, yeah," I said. "It's pretty rough - for them."

"Have you ever..."

"God, no" I said. "I'd sooner go through life alone than touch one o' them. Those poor skanks, nobody benefits from what they do except some truck driver's dick."

Virginia slipped stepping up on the climb to the passenger side. I caught her as she nearly fell, her body warm in my hands. She giggled.

"Oops, my bad," she said.

"Huh, no more beer for YOU," I said, mock sternly.

"Well, I'll sleep well," she said. I followed her in.

"Okay, through there," I said, pointing to the sleeper. Virginia crawled in, and I couldn't help but admire her ass. I followed.

"Now, this is a pretty small bed, it's a little smaller than a double, so it's sort of cozy for two - I hope you don't kick in your sleep."

"No, I don't think so, leastwise I've never gotten any complaints. If you don't mind, I'm sleeping in my panties, okay?" She looked at me.

"Works for me, that's how I sleep too, most times. Though in the winter, I'll wear a flannel nightgown." Virginia grinned at me.

"An old granny nightgown? You must look cute."

"Well, you're not gonna see it tonight, honey. It's too damned warm for that."

I had made a mental vow not to put Virginia in an awkward position. I am a lesbian, of that there can be no doubt, but I wasn't going to put the moves on a woman who was in my care. At least, not unless she asked for it first. Of necessity, we ended up with us spooning. Her body was warm and supple next to me, her back to me. I thanked god that I wasn't a guy, I'd hate to have a boner pushing into her butt.

I pondered her situation, and something we hadn't talked about. She was pregnant, and I wondered how she was going to deal with it. I heard her snoring softly, then the next thing I knew, I was waking up, but it was still dark outside. I wasn't sure what had wakened me, until I felt it, a slight, rhythmic jiggling of our bodies. Virginia was in my arms, our bodies close together, my face in the warm hair at the back of her neck.

"What the fuck?" I wondered to myself, then I realized that Virginia had her fingers between her thighs, stroking herself lightly, so's I wouldn't notice. Once I realized what was happening, I smiled. Virginia was playin' with herself while I held her - man, that was somethin' I'd never experienced before.

I could feel myself wetting at the thought of a half-naked, beautiful woman masturbating while I hugged her - don't that beat all? But I was too scared to see what she'd do if my fingers joined hers at her hot little cavern. As close as we were, if she'd wanted me to join her, I figured she'd let me know. Eventually, I dozed back to sleep. I guess I dreamed her moans when she came, I don't know.

Next thing I knew, early morning sunlight was streaming in the small window over our heads. She woke when I moved. "Morning, sleepyhead," Virginia said, turning in our little bed, her breasts full, her nipples brown and erect, little creases in the skin from the sheet. She smiled.

"That was a nice night's sleep," she said.

"I guess it was, you've got drool all over your chin," I teased.

"Aack," she said, wiping with the back of her hand.

"Okay, how about we get dressed, have breakfast, and then hit the road?" I said.

"Umm, I really hate to impose even more..." she said.

"What?" I said, a little impatient. Sometimes chicks drive me crazy - just say what you're going to say

"These are the only clothes...." she began.

I smacked my forehead. "My bad," I said. "I've got some extra stuff here, blouse, panties, jeans...it looks like they'll fit you, more or less. Would that do?"

"That would be very nice," she said, sitting up primly, with her hands together in her lap, and those sweet breasts exposed. I started laughing.

"What?" she said, offended.

"Oh, you just sounded like some Baptist church lady: 'That would be very nice...may I please have some more sugar in my tea....oh, yes, another cookie would be lovely'"

She blushed. "I guess it did sound funny, sitting half naked in the back of a truck with a lesbian I spent the night with, huh?"

"Some lesbian I am, " I said. "I didn't make a move on you all night."

She shook her head sadly. "Nope, not one move," she said. "Disappointing." I didn't know if she was still kidding or not. She sure didn't mention whatever she'd been thinking about while fingering herself.

"Well, let's get going, okay? I'm gonna have to push it to get to Fort Smith inside my window."

I hustled some clothes together for Virginia, and except for being a little wrinkled, she looked just fine. We went back to the diner for a nice middle American eggs and pancakes breakfast. When I remembered to get her two Amaretto creamers and three sugars for her coffee, she looked pleased. For some reason, that made me happy. After filling the diesel tanks, we headed back out onto I-40.

Again, we defaulted to girl talk, and I hesitantly asked her how she felt about being pregnant.

"It's not the way I would have chosen for it to happen," she said. "I'd like to get married to somebody I could love forever, and raise a family like that. Not get pregnant by some meth head, and not have a job or a house or really, much of anything."

"Well, at least you have your family, right? 'Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.' I think Robert Frost said that - at least I got ONE thing out of school."

She looked surprised. "I like that,' she said, then repeated the saying, as though committing it to memory. Returning to our conversation, she said, "I'm not going to give the baby up - and I certainly wouldn't do...anything else." She crinkled her nose in displeasure at the thought.

I didn't want to impose my views on the subject, that's as personal a choice as they come, but I was glad.

A ways along, I said, "I've told you a couple of stories about my bein' a lezzy. Now, be honest, have you EVER done anything with another girl?" She looked thoughtful.

"Yes, and not that long ago, either," she said, kind of surprising me.

"Really," I said. Interested cat was interested. Virginia began her story.

"Yeah, Mike and I sort of had a party about a year ago. It started as a wedding reception at one of the casinos in Laughlin, it wasn't even anyone we knew, we were just working, but after we got off work, they asked us to stay at their reception anyway, so when we were pretty tanked, a couple of us made our way back to Mike's house in Bullhead City, on the other side of the Colorado River.

There were three girls and two guys, plus Mike and me. We smoked some dope at the house, then people started pairing off, until there was just Mike and the girl and me. It seemed the most natural thing for the three of us to end up in bed together. I think Mike planned it that way - he'd often talked about a 'threesome.' I once thought about asking him if he'd go for two guys on one girl, but by that time he was already showing a temper, so I figured I'd better leave that alone.

Anyway, the girl, Rachel, I think her name was, and I lay on the bed, while Mike sat in a chair watching us. Rachel was a tall, about your height, green-eyed cutie, with long, black, wavy hair, small tits, and a nice, but small, ass. We started kissing, Rachel and I, it felt really nice. There's something about a girl's tenderness and gentleness - don't get me wrong, a hard dick is nice, but girls are...special, y'know?" Our clothes came off pretty fast, and I was really interested in checking out another girl's body from a different angle.

You know, breasts look different that way, you can SEE her pussy without using a mirror, and you can see and, well taste and touch another girl's ass, where that ain't likely with your own. Plus, you've got all the sweet sounds a girl makes when she's hot, not all grunting like...." Virginia paused.

I was feeling a little hot myself. This girl was pretty good at telling stories

"Anyway, out of the corner of my eye I could see that Mike had his dick out and stroking it, sitting on a folding chair in the corner. I guess I don't blame him, I was getting pretty hot kissing her. But pretty soon he faded out of whatever I was thinking about, Rachel was a LOT more interesting.

I lay on my back, and she straddled me, her knees on either side of my chest - we were both fully dressed at this point - and started talking to me. God, that REALLY got me hot

"Hi baby," she said quietly, looking down at me. I don't think she even knew my name.

"Let's forget about him," she whispered. I don't think her head moved more than an inch in nodding toward Mike, whacking off in the corner, but her green eyes were locked on mine, like a laser beam. I was fascinated, hearing another girl talking to me like that.

"I'm going to open up that little blouse of yours, and show us your plump breasts, so soft and sweet, baby. I want to see those round beauties moving up and down as your breathing gets heavy, and your sweet, smooth skin there, soft and tasty. Then I'm going to lick and suck your hot little nipples, sweetie, make 'em hard and stiff with pleasure and desire.

When you start to squirm from pleasure running down to your hot little clit, then I'm going to tease off your skirt, and kiss and lick your smooth thighs, your pussy getting wetter and wetter. You like that, don't you baby? Your pussy getting wet, and hot, can you feel the liquid oozing down your slit? Baby, I'm going to kiss and lick that liquid, your sweet, hot cum juices....lapping your hole with my tongue."

I was starting to squirm for real, her words were getting to me, but even more than that, was her tone of voice, and the way her eyes never left mine, and the slight, knowing smile on her face. I vaguely heard Mike grunting in the corner, but my attention was completely on Rachel. God, she was getting me SO excited, and she hadn't done a damn, thing, and we both still had our clothes on. She was far more exciting than Mike, or any other boy for that matter, and she was doing it all with her words.

"I like licking your pussy while you still have your panties on, sweetie. Licking your wet hole through the thin fabric, licking pearls of your cum through the cotton, then licking around the crotch, on either side of your tight, pink hole, my rough tongue licking up your plump lips, your hot ass squirming under me....do you want me to lick inside your hole, baby?" Rachel paused, waiting for my response.

I nodded, my body unconsciously squirming with desire for her.

"Then tell me, baby," she teased.

"I want you....I want you to lick me, lick me there....in my pussy." God, just saying those words, begging another girl to eat me - I came then, the first time. Rachel smiled, whether from my surrendering to her, or because she somehow knew she'd made me cum, I don't know. But I knew that I wanted to be naked with her, and her words were driving me crazy.

"Yeah, baby, I'll lick your tight, pink hole. You're so hot inside your tiny pussy, and so red inside, cream running down inside you, as your body begs for something to fill you, do you want my hot, hard tongue fucking you there?" I nodded again, my hips rocking up and down, as I imagined her fucking me with her tongue.

"I'll fuck your sweet hole, baby, licking and fucking your hot cunt, it tastes so good, your hot hole welcoming my mouth. Then I'm going to softly kiss your clit, would you like that?" She cupped her breasts above me, squeezing and kneading them. She was making herself crazy, too.

"Please....fuck me now," I begged her. "You're driving me nuts," I said, my chest heaving. She had my arms pinned, or I would have reached under her skirt and ripped off her panties. She saw me looking at her crotch, my desire plain.

She chuckled. "Be patient, baby. While I'm going down on you, I can see your little ass hole, she wants to have some attention paid to her, too. She's tight, and puckered, she's SO shy, but she wants to play too. Doesn't she?" Her eyes were looking deep into my soul. I nodded.

"Yes," I whispered.

"Did HE ever touch you there?" she whispered, her head moving only a quarter of an inch towards Mike, still grunting. "Did he ever make you cum just by touching you there?"

She saw me shake my head slightly. "I didn't think so," she said triumphantly. "Boys don't know how to please a girl's sweet little rear hole, do they?" I nodded, hypnotized.

"I'm going to trace around your little hole, with my wet fingertip, lightly touching each little fold around your ass hole, tight and brown, but so pink inside. Do you know how my finger will be wet, baby?" I nodded. "Tell me," she insisted.

"From my cum," I whispered. "From my pussy."

She smiled. "That's right, darling. And HOW is the liquid from your cum going to get on my finger?" she teased. I squirmed under her.

"Because you're going to fuck my pussy with your finger." I came as I whispered the words, meant for her ears alone. My hips shook with the crashing pleasure of my second orgasm, my panties soaked with my cum. It felt so weird - in my head, I was already naked, and intertwined with HER naked body, her finger both fucking my cunt, and also teasing my ass hole, yet we were still both dressed.

Rachel smiled, fully aware that she'd brought me to a second orgasm. "That's fine sweetie," she whispered down to me, then bent down and brought her soft, full lips to mine, the first actually overt sexual thing we'd done, other than her driving me crazy with her words. Her lips were warm and plump on mine, her tongue slowly and almost shyly came to my mouth, in contrast to the bold way she was seducing me.

I opened my mouth, and her tongue slithered inside my mouth, touching me inside and caressing my own tongue. I felt a small orgasm then, not crashing like the other, but a shuddering shiver of pleasure centered on my clit and mouth at the same time. At the same time, I felt her shiver on top of me, and felt a small satisfaction that she'd cum too, as her mouth on mine became a little sloppy, her saliva dripping onto my tongue.

Rachel paused, savoring the intense pleasures coursing through her, then gathered herself together to continue.

"Mmmm, baby, that was sweet," she said, a little louder, loud enough for Mike to hear now.

"Did you enjoy it?" she said. I nodded.

"Tell me," she commanded.

"Yes, I enjoyed cumming...with you on top of me," I said, squirming again, and loving being forced to verbalize what she was doing to me. From the corner of the room, we heard Mike, sounding a little drunken.

"Hey, when are you guys gonna take your clothes off? Let's get this party started I want you two to have some fun too."

Rachel laughed, a low, throaty chuckle. I couldn't help but giggle too. Rachel turned to look at Mike.

"Oh, pretty soon. We were just getting to know each other," she said, smiling down at me. I smiled up at her, enthralled, and eager to please her.

Rachel returned to her exquisite torture.

"And so baby, what should I do with my wet finger, poised at your cute, little hole? Should I continue to tease you by caressing the sweet skin around your ass hole, or should I thrust it deep inside your tight, dark opening, or perhaps should I compromise, fuck my finger DEEP inside your tight ass, in and out, filling and emptying your waiting, eager ass, and then suck on my finger when I take it out of you?"

I groaned. Each image was hotter than the last.

"Do it all," I moaned. "I want you to do it all to me."

Rachel pretended to think about that. "Mmm, what to do?" She smiled evilly. "I know, since you want me to do all those things, I won't do any of that." I groaned.

"No, what I'm going to do, is kiss that sweet, tight, hot ass hole between your plump ass cheeks, then lick around it, savoring your hot, musky smell and taste, and thrust my tongue deep inside your ass the same time my fingers fuck your dripping wet cunt. Would you like that instead?"

I came, monstrously, as I imagined this beautiful girl eagerly licking my ass hole, while finger fucking my pussy, itchy and hot with need. "Oh god" I exclaimed. "Fuck"

Rachel leaned down and kissed me again, my mouth eager now to take her in, her tongue now teasing my lips, not really kissing me, but teasing me further. I gave up and let her do to me what she wanted. I was totally hers, after more and better orgasms than I'd ever experienced before.

Rachel then leaned down further, her soft lips an inch from my ear. "And then I'm going to make you do all of that, to me," she whispered.

The orgasm that resulted from that one sentence, spoken so deliberately for me alone to hear, outshone even the ones that preceded it, as I found myself picturing me doing to her, all the nasty things she'd just described. I pictured my mouth on her cunt, and then on her ass hole, as I rode out HER relentless orgasms. I found myself doing things I'd never even dreamed of minutes before, and cumming as she came, and it was the thoughts of our mutual cumming that thrilled me more than anything.

She smothered my body with hers, as I shook and moaned from the intense pleasure, almost more than I could stand.

Virginia stopped with her story, and I found that I'd been holding my breath.

"Wow," was all I could say. Virginia smiled.

"Yeah, it was something, alright."

"So, what happened with Mike that night?" I asked.

Virginia grinned. "Do you care?" she asked.

"No, not really," I said, and we both laughed.

"Well, to wrap the story up, Rachel and I took our tops off and Mike jerked himself off, looking at our tits, then fell asleep."

"And did you two, you and Rachel, did you actually DO those things?" I asked, curious.

Virginia looked at me, an impish gleam in her eye. "Maybe I'll finish the story for you sometime," she said, sitting back in her seat. She had a Mona Lisa smile. I kept on driving, anxious now for Fort Smith.