Willing, Ch. 3

By Lisa Summers

Copyright, 2009

We pulled into my home in Fort Smith about 11 pm. I live in a manufactured home on an acre I bought from a farmer right on Old Union Town Rd in Rena, north of Fort Smith. It's got a nice, long circular gravel driveway in front - I'm damned if I'm gonna be backin' up when I bring a semi to my house.

Now, in case you're thinkin' it's some old rattletrap mobile home, it's not. It's a Sun Building Systems, two story, 2200 square feet, 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Its most prominent feature is a cathedral ceilinged great room/living room, with an open loft above it for the bedrooms and two baths. I'm proud of it, and I'm not bragging.

But I AM bragging when I tell you it has hardwood floors, nice carpeting and I had it decorated by Ann Coleman Interiors. I may be a poorly educated ex-military truck driver redneck Arkansas hick, but I will be damned if I don't do my best to have a nice home. A home for Sneezer the cat, and Bruiser and Polly the dogs, and me, when I'm in town.

"Whoah," Virginia said. "Nice place."

"Yeah, thanks," I said. "To tell the truth, I'm lookin' forward to a nice, long, hot bubble bath, followed by a good night's sleep in my very own bed. And I've got a guest bedroom all fitted out for you, and you're sure welcome to a bubble bath, too."

"With you?" Virginia said, startled, her eyes wide.

"Heh, well, if you like, but I meant in the guest bathroom. I'll be in the master bedroom."

""I didn't mean, I mean, I think it would be fine, uhh, I haven't, I don't.....umm."

"Are you done, honey?" I chuckled. "You're my passenger. Just think of me as your low rent bus driver, and I don't think bus drivers go around propositioning their passengers, do they?" Virginia's face was bright red. Of course, I didn't tell her how much I'd have loved a bath with her...

"It's been a long, long day, sweetie. Let's get us some rest, okay?" Virginia looked relieved as we entered.

"Wow, this is really nice," she said, when we got inside and I turned on the lights. The front door opens directly into the great room, with its cathedral ceiling, so, yeah, it makes a pretty nice entrance. The spiral staircase to the second floor gets some comments too. It's just too bad I've never had much opportunity to have someone over. Relatives were out, hadn't talked to my family in some time. Neighbors were sort of out. With a one acre lot the smallest in the rural area, it's hard to get to know your neighbors, and because I was on the road so much, I didn't have that many friends in Arkansas. And....lovers. There hadn't been any of those.

Thinking about it, I was probably closer to the guys at Arcturus, based in Los Angeles.

"Would you like something to eat?" I asked Virginia. She smiled wearily.

"Naah, maybe just show me where my bedroom and the bathtub are?" she said.

I pointed at the kitchen. "Everything you'll need for eats are there, feel free to root around if you get up before me, okay?" She nodded.

She marveled at the staircase. "Don't you get dizzy?" she asked, jokingly.

"Only when I roller skate down," I replied with a smile. I let her go first. Virginia sure did a nice job of filling out her jeans, and I felt a stirring in my loins, no matter that I'd sort of tried to keep things non sexual. The stories we kept telling each other made that goal kind of iffy.

She held onto the railing as I led her to her bathroom and bedroom, as the hallway is open to below on the one side. "Wow, I feel kind of a vertigo," she said.

"Sorry to say, I hardly notice it anymore, but that railing will keep you from falling, don't worry." I said.

"It's a really nice view," she admitted, referring to the view of the living room from above.

She was thrilled at her bedroom, down the other end of the hall from mine. The decorating had extended to the three bedrooms, the fourth bedroom I'd turned into an office, and it clearly hadn't had a woman's touch, unless you count mine. It was pretty business-like. It was next to my bedroom.

I left her there, after telling her she could take that hot bubble bath if she wanted, and that I'd be in my office catching up on paperwork for an hour or so. I had settled into my desk, reconciling my fuel logs for the last few months. After about ten minutes, it occurred to me that there was no bubble bath in the guest bathroom. So I went to my bathroom, where I kept a spare. There is an herbary in Fort Smith that makes a luscious cucumber melon mix, and I wanted to share it with her, I thought she'd like it.

As I neared her room, I heard subtle noises. I thought, maybe Virginia was talking on her cell phone, but I remembered she didn't have a cell, or much of anything else. Her boyfriend, Mike the Pathetic Ass Hole, had taken all her stuff when he left her in the truck stop. So I eased over by the door, I didn't want to disturb her. It was then that I made a terrible, yet wonderful, discovery.

Remember, I had very few visitors. As a matter of fact, Virginia would be the first in my eight years there. It was then that I discovered the decorator had arranged the Chatham antique dresser, with its mirror above, in such a way that I could see most of the bed reflected in the mirror, but apparently Virginia couldn't see me.

Well, it was a terrible discovery, because I had come up on Virginia masturbating.

And it was wonderful, because I had come up on Virginia masturbating.

God help me, I was transfixed. All I could do was watch. I know it was wrong. But I did it anyway.

Virginia had her jeans off, as they lay puddled on the floor by her bed, on top of her sneakers. She was wearing just her panties and one of my short sleeved tee shirts. She had her legs pulled up to her chest, and she was gently caressing the taut skin of her calves, ankles, feet and up to her shins, first with her fingernails, as though gently scratching an itch, then with her fingertips. I noticed that her nails left little white streaks in her tan skin, like little comet trails, that faded back to tan after a few seconds.

Her bottom, two marvelously perfect and full globes of female flesh, filled out and stretched the thin, pink fabric in that position, until I imagined the cloth of the panties WAS her ass, her beautiful ass naked for me, smooth and beckoning, begging the touch of fingers, and lips to caress that warm, fragrant skin.

I saw as she momentarily pulled her legs closer, her cotton panties pressing against her pussy lips, the space between them dark and darkening the pink cotton every time the fabric touched her. She hummed soundlessly, a melody I couldn't place. Then I recognized it as one of the songs from the Ronstadt CD I'd played for her our first day together. Her voice was soft and sweet. I felt a heat in my own pussy.

Then she spread her legs, still bent, so that her feet were together, nearly sole to sole. The leg holes of her panties didn't mold exactly to her legs in that position, as the muscles attaching her thighs to her hips flexed, causing gaps in the fabric, giving me a small peek inside her sweet mons. I couldn't see her pussy or anything like that, but only more of her bare skin ever closer to that wondrous masterpiece, dark shadows cast at about where her bush would be, and lower, where her slit would meet the flat skin between it and her ass. The fabric teased me with those suspected glimpses of pussy.

She caressed her inner thighs, paler than her calves and lower legs, again as before, fingernails first tracing a sweet pain across her tender flesh, quivering as they passed, then the more tender caress of fingertips over smooth feminine flesh, sighing as they went on their way.

Her fingers playing on her sweet inner thighs, strayed closer to her panties, and the magnificent treasure they hid. Index fingers straying under the elastic, she lightly bit her lower lip, her head to one side, as the barest touch of finger tip to plump, swollen lip on each side sent stray, faint tendrils of excitement through her, as she teased herself.

After a few minutes of this, she brought her left hand up under her shirt, which had pulled up exposing her navel, to lightly caress her breasts, fingertips squeezing her warm, soft fullness, then lightly pinching her nipples. I ached to see them, but her shirt still covered those lovely globes. Her right hand covered her pussy, outside of her panties, pressing on it as she caressed her breasts and nipples. Her head slowly rocked from side to side, soft sighs escaping her.

Her right hand, fingers together, and impatient now, dove under the elastic of her panties on the right side, and, wetting themselves with her now noticeable creamy fluid, stroked up and down her quivering, full labia, momentarily dipping inside her tight slit to re-wet themselves. As though noticing for the first time what her hands were up to, Virginia lifted her head slightly to stare amazed at her mons, as though unbelieving her hand to be so bold, but unwilling to tell it 'no.'

Then she momentarily brought her randy right hand up to her occupied breasts, faint shine of liquid wetness from her fingertips trailing across her slightly plump stomach where her fingers touched. He right hand slid over her shirt, addressing the full globes beneath as her left hand had, but losing interest there quickly, returning to slip under the waistband of her panties, her stomach its accomplice, as it lowered itself to allow the hand easier entry under the frilly elastic.

I momentarily glimpsed fingers through the view of the legholes, like seeing a burglar who has stealthily entered a house boldly walking past a window to the view of passersby. Ripples in the cloth of the panties only gave clues as to what her randy right hand was up to, as the cloth bulged on a line directly above her pink slit, then lowered several times, then the hand removed itself, and she brought it to her face, sniffing it delicately, the tip of a pink tongue appearing. I couldn't tell if the tongue was tasting the adventurous fingertip, or merely displaying its pleasure at events, but it remained caught between her white teeth as her right hand rejoined the left in pleasuring her breasts.

Apparently the presence of its bolder sister encouraged the left hand. The two pulled up her shirt, exposing to both Virginia and me, her breasts, two full apple sized fruits, capped by two large, brown nipples. Both breasts heaving as she breathed in and out more intently now, excitement building. Both hands returned then to their familiar homes, her left softly and idly caressing those sweet and tender breasts, now available for both Virginia and I to feast our eyes on.

Her right hand returned to its favored spot, attacking her pussy through the right side opening of her panties, her still spread legs making the invasion rather easy. With insolent familiarity, the fingers slipped themselves into her wet opening, caressing labia and slit both.

Her hips began to react more now, as her excitement and pleasure grew, each source of sexual pleasure involving itself greedily and insistently. Momentarily, her legs slid down, then up toward her chest, undecided where more pleasure might be found, then spread themselves again, her favored position, feet sole to sole.

To my surprise, her left hand then invaded her hips, perhaps anxious to sample some of the pleasure and intensity her sister the right hand had drunk in. Her left hand seemed to have some familiarity, slipping into her heat and wetness from both the left side opening, and from above, slipping under her waistband and copying the sensual actions of the other, but unfortunately still hidden from my view.

To say I was torn, would be to minimize my emotions. I felt guilt, spying on a person I had come to appreciate and care for. Mixed in with that was an intense sexual excitement, at the rare pleasure of being able to watch a beautiful girl play with and caress herself, hopefully to a shattering orgasm. I had no idea what I should do, but I was very clear on what I wanted to do. Aside from a desire to rush into the room and fuck her senseless, was a strong desire to see her contorted and frenzied in the most intense pleasure a woman can endure.

To make her aware of my presence would end her pleasure and mine. So, I did nothing, but continued to watch. If that makes me a bad person....I can live with that. I pressed the heel of my hand against my pussy, through my jeans. My other hand was caressing my breasts through my flannel shirt. My nipples were stiff with desire....for her, for myself, even for Katia of my past. Years and years of frustration were building inside me to unbearable levels.

Virginia's hands returned to her favorite position, right hand at her crotch, left up high, on her breasts. To my pleasure, she moved her panties aside momentarily at her crotch, her pink pussy and swollen lips plain to see, wet and dark with passion and desire. Her fingers roamed lightly over her beauty there, no pubic hair to be seen, which inflamed me even more. I so wanted to run to her, and thrust my own fingers deep inside her heat, to feel her wetness, to smell her hot musk, salty, sweet and rich with her feminine ecstasy. To taste her sweet, feminine moistness and heat, to feel her silky smooth skin at her mons.

But I was afraid I would terrify her if I did that.....I held back, pleasing myself selfishly instead. I thrust my hand into my jeans, my fingers squeezing my wet, swollen and plump lips together, fantasizing that her fingers on her own cunt, were thrusting into mine instead. That my fingers on my wet, hot pussy, were on hers instead, that her moans were for me, and I stifled my own sighs, though I ached to whisper them into her little ear, and into her mouth as we kissed, and even into her dripping vagina as I licked her to cum after cum. God, what was happening to me?

I heard Virginia say something, and I thought for an instant that she'd noticed me. Then her words became clearer.

"God, Rachel, squeeze my nipples, yeah, that's nice, pinch me, make me hot" she whispered. I felt a pang in my heart, I don't know why, Virginia wasn't mine to own. But then she followed with, "Oh Linda, uhh, yeah, stroke my pussy while Rachel kisses me. I want you on my cunt, licking me, eating me out, make me crazy with lust, let me cum in your mouth..."

Wow. Virginia was fantasizing that both Rachel, her only girl on girl experience, and I were BOTH fucking her The thought that I was a part of her sexual fantasy made me cum, my thumb and forefinger squeezing my clit as electrical sparks lit up my lower body. I stifled a moan. It wouldn't do to be caught now.

I re-focused on Virginia's sweet, erotically supple body, reflected in the mirror, knowing now that, in her imagination she was entwined with me and a beautiful young girl, both of us teasing and pleasing her. I began to see my hands, and another girl's hands, in place of Virginia's, as she writhed on the bed.

Her top was completely off now, as she aggressively caressed and squeezed her full breasts, nipples erect and lovely, long and hard, brown in a small island of brown areola, and surrounded by her paler, plump flesh, her breasts so soft and feminine. My mouth watered.

The fingers of her right hand openly stroked and fucked her pussy, and I could imagine the feel of her slick, moist heat on my fingers as they skated over her plump fullness there, and the rich smell of her excitement, my face inches from her liquid slit, as streams of her excitement dripped from her lovely hole, down to her dark and exciting ass hole.

Virginia pushed her panties down off her hips, excitingly pushing them to her knees, but stopping there. She pulled her knees up to her breasts, exposing her pink slit and plump labia, richly engorged with her excitement, and gleaming with the wetness of her fluids. I ached to lick her there, but instead, thrust my own fingers deep inside myself, almost more than I could take, but not caring, only wanting to fuck her and to be fucked by her.

My other hand brutally squeezed my breasts as I came yet again. I feared I would bruise myself in my excitement. Virginia echoed my savagery on herself, fingers thrusting inside, fingers pinching exposed nipples, hips rocking as she came, experiencing the same pleasures I was experiencing.

I looked up at the mirror again. Virginia was now completely naked for me, with the exception of her small panties, now at her ankles and holding her feet together as if tied in bondage, her legs spread wide, hips thrust upwards. Virginia's fingers, and my fingers, and excitingly, Rachel's imaginary fingers, now circling tightly around, on and over Virginia's aroused pussy, the flower of her sex, a lovely pink, bedewed orchid, so plain to see and vulnerable, waiting to be brought to ultimate pleasure by the three of us, and by Virginia alone.

Virginia's mouth was open, her jaw slack, as her consciousness was concentrated on her pink pearl, her whole world and awareness now a tiny organ the size of a pea, but holding a universe of sensation. Now she seriously attacked her clit with her fingers, stroking around that small fortress, afraid to invade it, anxious to invade it, so thrusting and crossing, but not quite touching it as she, and I, would like.

My own fingers, bolder than hers, stroked my clit, and in my imagination, stroked hers roughly, cherishing her cries of anguish and excitement as she felt me in control of her pleasure, she fearing what I would do to her....and hoping I would do it.

Virginia brought the panties on her ankles up towards her, by spreading her legs, opening up her luscious, lovely slit. I could feel my tongue stroking over it, and her little shudders of pleasure as I did, then she pulled them off her feet, and her pussy was free to open wider, liquid gushing out as she opened herself for all the imaginary fingers and tongues and dildos fucking and filling her.

Virginia's head rocked from side to side. Her mouth opened, she cried out near soundlessly, a small thread of saliva drooling down her cheek from her red, plump lips, echoing her lips below. Her hips were wild, thrashing up and down, and up again, rocking, first one hip, then the other. Her legs were frantic, lying flat one minute, then pulled up towards her the next. Her hands went from breasts to pussy to thighs, returning always to her hungry clit, the queen of her being, demanding and cruel.

Now the two hands worked in happy harmony, a conspiracy between them to drive Virginia insane with lust and pleasure. Left held her labia aside, exposing her wet slit and her pearl at its top. Right sped up her assault on the now defenseless little clit, which had risen up to its fullest standing, proud and eager for the fight. Left mounted a rear attack, wetting herself inside the slit, then sliding down to first, tease, then invade, her defenseless rear hole.

She cooed, loudly now, not caring who heard, or perhaps hoping someone special would hear, as Left invaded her rear hole, taking her by surprise. As Virginia's attention was diverted, Right roughly crossed over Queen Clitoris, once, then again, Virginia's hips jerking as bolts of pleasure coursed through her. Her feet shook as small, building cums ruled her lower body.

Virginia winced, as though in pain, but it was in fact an overwhelming orgasm that forced her body over on her side, and moaned out a single word: "Linda."

And then she lay silent. Her body slowly collapsed back to the mattress, the tension of her massive climax unwinding, her body relaxing into the soft bed.

I eased myself back down the hall toward my office. Then, a few minutes later making noise, calling, "Virginia, I've got some bubble bath for you" I made my way back toward her room, after giving her time to dress. I knocked on her door, ignoring the fact that it was open and I could see her. She could see me now, too, our eyes locking in the mirror.

"Umm, I remembered there's no bubble bath in your bathroom. Here's a special blend I get in town. I hope you'll like it...." I said, edging into the room.

Virginia's face was flushed, her hair tousled. "Oh, thanks," she said, with an embarrassed smile. "I just fell asleep for a few minutes...the craziest dream." she lied, a charming fib. The smell of female sex was hot in the room.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I wake you?" I lied back to her, two women conversing in the language we perhaps know best.

"No, no..." she said, without further elaboration. A woman knows that lies are best served bereft of decoration, as it leaves less to remember later.

"Well," I said, "I brought....this," offering the scented syrup to her. "It's one of my favorite scents, and it's made by a crafts lady here in Fort Smith. I hope that you'll like it. That is, if you still intend to try a bath tonight."

"I think I would like that very much," Virginia said. "No offense to your profession, but it's been hard to remember that I'm a woman after spending so much time in a truck."

"Please don't think I'm trying to seduce you," I said, "but I would find it hard to forget you're a woman." Virginia blushed.

"You've been so kind to me. Thank you, Linda. You took me off the street, literally, and let me stay in your home. I don't know anyone else who would do that." Now it was my turn to blush.

I thought she might get up to kiss me on the cheek, and panicked. "Well, enjoy," I said, turning away, then reluctantly returning to my office.

A note to the Reader - Why on earth would I turn away from a beautiful young woman who felt indebted to me, in my own home, and when I knew for a fact that she was sexually attracted to me?

Why, indeed? Well, let's remember that real life is nothing much like fiction, is it? If this were an erotic story, chances are that we'd share a chaste kiss of thanks and welcome, which would then turn into gradually more intense sexual action and reaction, until we were both quite covered with each other's juices and rather spent from our mutual passion.

But, Dear Reader, I am a real, live person, and such responses don't come so easily to me. All my life, when I've been presented with real love, or should I say, Real Love, I've become the coward. Katia was just one example of my weakness when forced to make life choices. My life as a trucker, another choice where I chose not to choose at all, but just went with the ebb and flow of life. My love affairs were nothing more than one night stands. Sex, yes.....love, not so much.

I could only hope that somehow, in some mysterious way, Virginia and I would indeed come together, yes, in that amazingly sexual way that you are hoping for, but also in that marvelous way of love that so few of us have ever really experienced.

THAT is why I did what I did, or maybe, failed to do. Don't judge me harshly.

I heard the water running in her bathtub, and I smiled. Virginia deserved a nice relaxing bath after all the stress she'd had, and after the shattering orgasm I'd so innocently given her. Well, Rachel and I gave her, lol.

I finished my office work, and reset the program in my travel computer to account for a side trip to drop off Virginia at her parents' home, then transferred it to a flash drive to enter it in the laptop in my cab later. After that, I undressed and went to bed. I didn't sleep well at all. I dreamt about Virginia, and a faceless girl named Rachel fucking my Katia, while I sat in a chair, bound and gagged.

I woke up about nine the next morning, to the smell of bacon cooking. Wondering, I threw on cutoffs and a tee shirt, and went downstairs.

"Well, hey, sleepyhead," Virginia said as I stepped off the bottom rung of the staircase, to see her frying bacon in a skillet. "I looked in on you while you were sleeping. I hope you don't mind me poking my nose in. You looked so cute - you were all tangled up in your sheets, and your hair was all mussed up, like a little girl. Uhh, it's still all mussed up," she said, smiling prettily. "Oh, you can see I found the bacon, and there's coffee brewing, too."

I felt a little ashamed at her apologizing about 'looking in on me.' I'd done a lot more than that last night. "You didn't have to do that," I said, although it smelled mighty good. The bacon I mean....though the other was so nice, too.

"Oh, I don't mind. I used to cook for Mike, and he was an Ass Hole. I really like you, so it's the least I could do." That made sense. I sat down at the pine dinette table in the kitchen.

"Would you like eggs, too?" Virginia asked. "I held off on those, cuz I didn't know when you'd be up, and they don't hold up so well."

"Okay, sure," I said. "Three eggs, scrambled?" Virginia nodded and smiled, and poured me a cup of coffee.

"Here, while you wait, this'll help you wake up some." She set the cup in front of me. It was perfect, and of course, black, no sugar.

"You remembered," I said, smiling sleepily. To my utter shock, Virginia then leaned down and kissed me on my cheek.

"I'll never forget," she whispered, her deep brown eyes locked on mine, her hand resting lightly on my shoulder, and a delicious shiver ran through me.

"I know I won't either," I said. Virginia got misty-eyed. Then I said, "Two amaretto creamers, three sugars." Virginia mock-smacked my shoulder.

"You know what I meant," she said. "You rescued me. You're kind of my knight in shining armor, Linda."

"I think I'm a knight with armor that's a little rusty, Virginia...gettin' old," I said, in my usual clumsy way, not knowing how to express my growing love for the beautiful young girl.

Virginia looked at me sternly, eyes fierce now, not soft. "You stop bad mouthing yourself, Linda. You're quite attractive, and you're not old at all. I bet thousands of women would like to get to know you....well, you know. Speaking of which, what do you do for entertainment around here? You said you had a few days off, maybe you could show me the town?"

"Well, I sometimes go to Downtown Fort Smith," I said. "There's tons of exotic little shops and cafes....well, exotic for Arkansas, anyway." Virginia's eyebrows rose.

"Tons of shops? Oh, honey, I am THERE Can we go? Do you have the time?"

"Sure," I said. "I'm basically free the next couple of days, why don't we have some fun together?" Although I hadn't meant it that way, apparently Virginia interpreted my comment in a sexy way, and her cheeks colored. It made me feel pretty good that I got to her, a little bit. I'm usually behind the curve when it comes to double meanings.

"I think I'd like that," she said throatily. Wow

Virginia got my breakfast together, and I ate like a starving wolf, as my father used to say. Virginia beamed as I went through it like a tornado through a trailer park, and really grinned when I complimented her cooking profusely. She took my hand in hers.

"I enjoyed cooking for you, really," she said. "It's nice to cook for an appreciative person."

"Would you like to meet my kids?" I asked, smiling. Virginia looked confused.

"Uh, Bruiser, Polly and Sneezer," I said. "They're over at Miz Smith's." Virginia made an O with her mouth.

"I'd love to," she said. I ran upstairs and freshened up, tamed my unruly hair, and put on a pair of jeans and a work shirt, socks and sneakers, and returned to the kitchen.

"It's just down the street, we can take the jeep," I said. I had a red 08 Jeep Wrangler that served as my vehicle of choice when I was at home.

"We're not taking the truck?" Virginia asked. "Thank goodness. It's comfy, but it's SO businesslike," she said.

"Well, it IS my office, " I said. "Plus, if we took it downtown, it would be tough to park outside those antique stores." Virginia nodded.

"Then there's the whole 'getting hung up on the traffic lights thing, too," she said soberly, continuing the joke. I grinned back at her as we got in to the Jeep at the side of the house.

I peeled out, spraying some gravel in the air. "Wow, this feels like a skateboard after traveling in your truck," she said, wonderingly. We went about a half mile down the road to Miz Smith's old clapboard bungalow, and pulled into her driveway. Bruiser and Polly, my Golden Retrievers, came bounding out, and nearly bowled over Virginia. They danced around us, and after getting some pats on the head from me, immediately paid all their attention to Virginia, anxious to meet this new woman in my life.

I saw Miz Smith hold open the screen door, and Sneezer regally strolled out, tail held high, and galloped toward me in her cat like way, eventually twining around my feet. She paid no mind to Virginia. I picked her up (Sneezer, not Virginia) and cooed over her. She really demands personal attention.

"Thanks, Miz Smith," I yelled to the seventy-ish black woman standing on her porch, smiling our way.

"My pleasure, Linda," she yelled back. "That your new girl friend?" she yelled, only slightly louder. Both Virginia and I immediately colored, our cheeks bright red.

"No, just a passenger," I yelled back, with a shrug to Virginia.

"Uh huh," Miz Smith responded, not believing me. "We're all just passengers in God's Great Ark, girl," she said. To listen to her, you'd think she was some country rube, and miss the fact that she was retired from the CIA, where she'd apparently been some kind of intelligence analyst. There was also a neighborhood rumor that she'd had something to do with the ouster of Idi Amin, the late Ugandan dictator.

Waving goodbye to Miz Smith, the five of us jammed into the Jeep, Bruiser and Polly filling the back, Virginia in the passenger seat, and we drove back to the house.

Virginia said, "You don't mind if I pet your pussy do you?" and I almost hit a tree, as she grinned evilly next to me, stroking a very content and purring Sneezer in my lap. When we got inside, I set out food and water for the three of them, and then Virginia and I prepared to go out.

"Hey, maybe we could celebrate something or other on the town tonight? What about that bar you mentioned," Virginia said. I looked at her, thinking about my response.