Willing, Ch. 4

By Lisa Summers

"Hey, maybe we could celebrate something or other on the town tonight? What about that bar you mentioned," Virginia said. I looked at her, thinking about my response.

Virginia and I had arrived at my house in Fort Smith, and had a couple of days free before we had to continue our trip: me to deliver "art" to several cities in North Carolina, and Virginia to return to her parents' home, pregnant and after being dumped by her semi-psychotic druggie boy friend. There had been a lot of sexual innuendo between us during the trip, but because of my fear of rejection, I had been reluctant to make a move on her.

I guess I was hoping that just, somehow, it would happen. Virginia seemed to be warming to me, but the magic moment just hadn't come along yet. There were still a few days before I would leave her with her parents...

"The Ace of Spades?" I said, referring to the girl bar that I visited, on the few occasions that I actually went out for company in Fort Smith.. "Honestly, I think you'd be bored there. I know I usually am. Think of a southern bar full of fat, redneck guys. Now replace them with fat, redneck girls, most of whom act like guys."

"Uh, that's not the image I think of when I think of girl bars," Virginia said. She thought for a moment. "Can I use your computer?"

"Sure," I said. "It's in the office upstairs." I was a little puzzled. Virginia smiled at me, gave me another peck on the cheek, and rushed up the stairway. Her kiss burned on my cheek.

A few minutes later she came running down again. "There's a club in Fort Smith called Nouvelle Génération," she said excitedly. "It sounds like it's new, and it has a younger crowd, and it's definitely a girl bar. Can we go?" She sounded like an eager little girl.

"Umm, okay," I said. "But if we don't like it..."

"Sure, we can leave, no problem." Her eyes lit up. "But I get to dress you up. You need to get away from that trucker shtick."

"What, you don't like flannel?" I joked. Hey, it makes me feel secure. But it did start me thinking about appearances. Flannel was great for the truck, but maybe I didn't have to wear it at home.

"Huh, you can do better, sweetie," she said. It sounded real nice, coming from her.

"Well, before you dress me up, I need to take a shower. I didn't get a bath last night. Oh, how was yours, I heard the water run..."

"Heavenly" she said, with a rapturous expression on her face. "I was SO tired, and that just turned my muscles to rubber bands." I smiled, replaying for a few seconds the mental video of her 'bating, that I watched last night.

"That's good," I said. I got up and headed upstairs. I ran the shower, stripped down and stepped in. It's a conventional bathtub-shower combination. I didn't have enough money after everything else I had done in the house, to do anything fancy, like a jacuzzi, unfortunately. The hot water and soap felt really, really nice, and it was nice to use a scented soap instead of the crap at truckstop showers. I was humming to myself, when I thought I heard Virginia calling.

I stuck my head out, around the edge of the shower curtain, to see Virginia standing hesitantly at the doorway. "Hi, sorry to bother you...do you have any throwaway razors? I really need to do my legs," she said. Her eyes seemed to be focused on the edge of the curtain. Could she be scoping me out?

"Uh, sure, you can find a pack of them in that drawer there." I pointed, and in so doing, "accidentally" lost my hold on the curtain, and it swung away, exposing my whole, naked and soap covered body to her. What the hell, I was getting tired of being a chicken with the girl who was so big a part of my current life.

Virginia's eyes widened, but she didn't look away. "Oops," I said. I moved to grab the curtain.

"You're pretty darned hot, Linda," she said, admiringly. Her eyes finally left my tits and the curve of my hips, and met mine. It was nice to be cruised by a beautiful girl for once.

"Not bad for an old lady, huh?" I said, smiling tentatively.

"I'm not taking you with me to the club if you're going to do that 'old lady' thing, Linda," she said, semi-seriously.

"Sorry," I said. "If I hang out with you, I imagine I'll feel a lot younger." Ha Another double entendre from the hick.

"Yeah, it'd be good for both of us....well, gotta go," she said reluctantly. "Oh, before I forget, can I borrow a pair of panties? I feel so awkward asking that, but I don't have any choice, and I feel yucky wearing yesterday's."

"Yeah, I'll get you a pair after I dry off, okay?" She nodded, and left. I closed the curtain, then finished up my shower. I thought about those panties....so close to her skin....absorbing her smell and the cream from her many cums last night...I began to think it might be nice if I got my hands on them. I couldn't resist letting my hand drift down between my thighs, find my soapy slit.... of course I'd have to scrub myself there, a girl must have a clean pussy....especially when going on a date.

A date Was that what it was? Why not, even if she didn't know it. Could I touch her hand while we walked, perhaps my hand on her shoulder as I pointed at a particularly attractive antique armoire...my face next to hers as we watched passersby at lunch. An appreciative kiss on her soft cheek, thanking her for her company, so pleasant and companionable. The smell of her, her warmth lingering on my lips...

My fingers worked to clean my cunt, two fingers on labia, one finger, the longest, penetrating me deep, deeper, thumb on my swollen clit, mustn't forget to clean that, and oh, it was too much, the gush of pleasure as I imagined taking Virginia in my arms, right there on Garrison Street, kissing her as she was born to be kissed. Her returning my kiss, hotly, gasping into my mouth, "Yes, Linda, yes, please, let's go, now, I can't stand not being naked in your arms"

I shuddered there in the shower, hot water cascading down my body, sheets of soapy water turning to droplets of clear water beading on my skin, as intense tremors of pleasure coursed through me. Oh, Virginia, would it ever be? I felt a trepidation following my ecstasy.

Could I change my life, here with this beautiful girl, end my loneliness, give her my life in return? Would I dare to roll the dice? Would I dare NOT roll the dice? It seemed if I didn't, that I had no more excuses left...left only to join Katia on that dark highway.

ENOUGH I shouted in my head. No more dark thoughts, 'do your best, God will take care of the rest,' Miz Smith often said. Time to take my girl to town.

I dried off, and got dressed in my femmiest clothes, a belted suede skirt that ended just above my knees, and a cream long-sleeve jersey top with button top, and Clarks Weave Strap sandals. I even dabbed on a touch of 'Insurrection,' somebody gave me once. I strolled down the hall to Virginia's room, holding a clean pair of panties.

"Hey, you decent? I'm coming in even if you're not..." I pushed open the door after a few seconds. Virginia was sitting on her bed, wrapped in a towel.. She gaped when she saw me.

"Holy shit, Linda. Umm, you ARE Linda, aren't you?"

"Don't be catty," I giggled.

"Well, you sure clean up good," she said, admiringly.

"Thank you, miss," I said. "How about you get these on and look through my closet to see if you can find anything to wear?" I held out the panties. She reached for them, but I pulled them back a little.

"Give me your others, I'll do a wash later," I said.

"Oh, okay, thanks," Virginia said. She gathered up her dirty stuff, all of it, not just the panties. As she was bending over, the bath towel came loose. "Whoops" she said, grabbing for it.

It fell to the floor, and I frankly admired her shape.

"Don't look" she said, scrambling to get it wrapped around her again.

"Why not, you're a beautiful girl....and I am the sort of girl who looks at other girls, you know."

"I know, but I want to be made up....besides, I'm getting fat."

"Fat? You're kidding, right?"

"Hold on," she said, slipping on the plain white panties, then dropping the towel. Her breasts were amazing, teardrop shaped, she could have modeled for any artist and driven him to tears over his inability to properly pay tribute. "See?" she said, her fingers gesturing to her slightly plump belly, like Vanna White pointing out the letters T, N, and S on a game show board.

"Um, you're pregnant, Virginia. That's not fat, that's a little person. Well, a little person and your body making a home for her...um, or him."

"You don't think I'm fat?" she asked. Typical woman.

"No, you're just beautiful, honey," I said, happy to slip the endearment into the conversation. "So, c'mon pick out something."

She looked through my stuff. I could tell she wasn't overly thrilled with the selection. I've certainly never been a clothes horse, and let's face it, I tend more to jeans and flannel, where Virginia is about the most feminine girl I've ever met. She cobbled together a jeans and tan blouse outfit, and made it look nice and girly, which pleased me no end. She wore her sneakers she'd worn the whole trip, as my feet are two sizes larger than hers.

The way she tsk'ed about the whole thing, though, I had a feeling we'd be buying her some clothes in Downtown, so I made sure I had enough cash, and a credit card, just in case.

We drove down to Downtown Fort Smith, and I pointed out places from my past, some of them, anyway. Virginia seemed really interested, and pretty soon I guess I let down my hair and talked more about my fears and my hopes. It felt good to confide in somebody. About the only people I could talk to, besides Miz Smith, were the boys at Arcturus. You can imagine what that's like, even though they're all really the salt of the earth.

We walked around the district for hours, pausing for lunch at Creative Kitchen, one of the small food places there.

"Linda" Jami, one of the owners yelled when we got in the door. "Honey, what happened to you? You look like Glenda the Good Witch finally took pity on you And who is this beautiful young lady you're squiring around? Would there be anything you want to tell your friends? Jennifer, come out of the kitchen, see who's here" Jennifer was the other owner. Neither lady was a lesbian, as far as I knew, but they were two of the sweetest people I knew.

Both of them fussed over the two of us. When Virginia and I both assured them we were just friends, the two of them exchanged one of those looks. They obviously didn't believe our protestations. Ordinarily, Creative Kitchen doesn't serve meals, but the two ladies are always happy to make their specialty catering sandwiches for friends, served with the tap water of the South, sweet tea. We enjoyed their pleasant company and food, I caught up on the doings of a lot of people I don't know, and we generally had a good time. After a bit, we bid them farewell and continued shopping.

While we did look at a lot of antiques and crafts, honestly Virginia and I had no need for any of that, so we concentrated on clothes shopping for her, and a little for me. We ended up buying her a couple of tops and skirts, a pair of jeans, and a pair of sandals. I got two blouses and skirts.

"If you don't mind, could we stop at Walmart and I could pick up some panties and a bra, maybe some socks, and some personal hygiene stuff?" Virginia pleaded.

"You sure you wouldn't like some place nicer?" I asked.

"You mean, like 'Tarjhay'?" Virginia joked. "Sweetie, I'm just a down home girl, Walmart'll do me fine." I liked how she kept trying on different endearments. We made a quick stop at the Super Center on Rogers Avenue, and Virginia picked out what she needed. It felt so comfortable to do such humble things with her, and I could see that being something I'd want to do a lot more of.

Then we headed back to my house, and spent an hour playing with the two dogs in the yard. Bruiser and Polly were very definite about their liking for Virginia, and she seemed to feel the same about them. Sneezer alternated between the two of us, nestling in the lap of whoever sat down first.

"Honey, you play with these critters, I'm going to do a load of wash," I said.

"Can I help?" Virginia offered.

"No, you tire these three out...please. Otherwise they'll keep us up all night between them." I headed inside. The laundry area is on the other side of the kitchen from the staircase, so I went upstairs and bombed Virginia's dirty things and mine over the railing. It's a lot easier than carrying a laundry basket down a spiral staircase, but more than once I've heard an indignant 'YOWWLL' when a pair of jeans landed on top of Sneezer getting snoopy. She's since learned to duck when she sees the panties flying.

I picked up Virginia's panties from last night, and I found the temptation to be too strong. I sat on her bed, and brought the crumpled panties to my nose. I inhaled deeply, and felt a rush of intense emotion and excitement, as her deepest, most intimate fragrances coursed through my olfactory system, setting marks in my memory that would never, ever erode. I would always know her smell - the richest, most wonderful feminine scent I have ever smelled.

I know it's bad, but I took that pair of panties and hid them in my dresser, then tossed the rest of our clothes downstairs. I started the wash, then went outside to rejoin Virginia and the animals. "Linda, do you hear that?" she asked me quietly. I listened.

"I don't hear anything?" I said.

"That's it, the sound of silence," she said, a content look on her face. "It's been a long time since I heard that," she said, a smile on her face.

"I never thought about that," I said. "I'm on the road so much, with the whine of the highway in my ears, I never thought about what it is that makes this place so welcoming to me. It's the...the 'nothing', the quiet, no horns, or neighbors, other than Miz Smith, and she keeps to herself. Did I tell you, the neighborhood rumor is she used to be a spy, kind of?" Virginia looked intrigued.

"No, do tell," she said.

"I will, sometime. Right now, I guess we'd better get dressed, huh? Dinner, dancing, drinks?"

"Sounds like a date," Virginia teased. I felt my face color.

"Well, um," was about all I could manage. I tried to change the subject.

"You ever been to a girl bar?" I asked, curious.

"No," she said. "One time in high school, a bunch of us tried to get into one in Portsmouth, Virginia, we were just curious. Course, they threw us out before we got more than two feet inside the door. Honestly, some of those chicks were 'some tough lookin' hombres, pilgrim.'" The last she did in a horrible John Wayne voice.

I put on a serious expression. "You were lucky they didn't shoot you, though," I said. "Some dykes take the whole thing very seriously. They don't like to be made fun of."

"Seriously?" Virginia said, her eyes widening. "Shoot teenagers?"

"Oh, yes," I said. "Many lesbians have been threatened in general and learn to pack heat. Why, I know of many who sport ankle holsters as well as a gat in their purse. .357 Magnum Colt Pythons with six inch barrels are the weapon of choice among lezzies. You never know when you'll set an angry dyke off. If you do, it's best just to hit the floor and count the shots. Since they're revolvers they hold six shots. So, when you count six, you'll want to get up and bolt."

I sat back and looked blankly at Virginia. She just sat there, mouth open for a moment.

"You're....you're kidding, right?" she said. I grinned.

"Oh, you" she squealed.

"Careful, don't throw that cat," I warned her. "Sneezer's considered a dangerous weapon in Arkansas. You could be up for a long jail rap."

Virginia got up, walked over to my chair (without Sneezer) and leaned in and kissed me, hard on the lips. Well, I didn't have any answer for that, other than to kiss her back. I guess that's when the dams broke, and everything changed forever for the two of us.

I leaned forward, and put my arms around her. She casually brought her arms around my neck, neither of us breaking the kiss, or wanting to, and I sorta pulled her into my lap. She cooed as we embraced, our bodies warm against each other, our heart beats could be felt by the other, as our breasts mashed together.

Finally, I DID break the kiss.

The late afternoon sun broke from behind a cloud, rays of brilliant dying yellow behind her head making Virginia look like a silhouette, like you could buy at a state fair of your kids, her features indistinct, but the outline of her unmistakable.

I eased her forward off my lap, and she gave a little mew of disappointment. I smiled at her, and without a word, took her hand in mine, then led her into the house, through the back hallway to the great room, up the staircase, and into my room. There I embraced her, and we kissed again, lovingly and gently, our bodies in as close a contact as we could manage.

"You don't know how long I've been wanting this," I gasped into her hair, as I began unbuttoning her blouse, her sweet breasts spilling out against me, nipples already fiercely hard and erect.

"Oh yes I do," she muttered, her own fingers busy with the belt at my skirt. For a long while there were no words.

I felt my skirt slipping down when Virginia had undone the belt, and pulled the side zipper halfway down. I shimmied my hips a little to help it. It took a couple of shakes, and I thought my hips might be getting bigger. My own hands were cupping Virginia's boobs. Maybe it was my imagination, hell, I'm sure it was just my imagination, but they seemed bigger, Perfect handsful, impertinent nipples poking into my palms as I squeezed and held her soft warmth.

Virginia moaned as I pressed her nipples. Her face lifted up a little, her lips brushed sideways over mine, her eyes closed. Her head dropped back, exposing her throat to me, a sign of submission or passion, I don't know. I kissed her there, I could feel her breathing, I could feel her pulse, hot and strong. I could hear the small murmurs in her throat, her nearly silent approval. I kissed her throat harder, and all over, on both sides. Her arms went around my neck.

Her hips pushed into mine, the rough denim of her jeans against my panties. I looked down, her butch crotch against my feminine mons. That was a real turnabout, I thought. I closed my eyes, I kissed her throat again. Her scent filled my nostrils pleasantly. She had tried on a perfume in one of the stores, 'Flora' I think it was called. She joked at the time that it was an 'asshole repellent.' It fit her perfectly, blending with her woman sweat, excited musk smell. I felt myself becoming very wet.

My hands went to her hips. She was wearing one of my belts. It felt strange to be unbuckling a familiar belt from the other side. She waited patiently while I fumbled, then murmured, "aahh" softly when she felt it loosen. I felt her face in my hair as she sought out my ear. I felt for the brass rivet, as she nosed closer, I thought she'd whisper something. But she knew we didn't need words just then.

I felt a warm, wet touch on the outside of my ear, and I giggled. Her tongue, curious to taste me there. I loosened the top button of the jeans, then the button below, and below that, and that was enough. She took her arms off my neck, all this time holding me close, and pushed the jeans off her hips, down to mid thigh. My hand went into the tangle of denim just below her panty-clad pussy, and cupped her vee, hot and moist. Her hips were rocking slightly from side to side, her hips moving up and down just a little.

Her teeth nipped at my ear as I pressed harder, feeling her heat and damp there, the slight bump of her swelling mons. She purred in my ear, approval. Her hands back on my neck. I felt as though we were dancing, but we weren't moving at all, and the only music was between us.

Then we kissed again, we had all night, we could take it slow, and we would, I knew. Virginia took her arms from around my neck again, and began unbuttoning the five buttons at the top of my jersey. She looked from the buttons, into my eyes, her eyes smiling, joyful, happy, really happy, then back to the buttons as she undid them.

Momentarily, a small pink tip of tongue appeared, trapped between almost perfect white teeth, as she worked the third button over and over, then tongue disappearing, replaced by beautiful smile as she succeeded. The last two seemed to volunteer to open, we all, including the clothes, wanted her to succeed. She pulled the fabric apart now, she could see a lot of the skin at the center of my chest, and almost to my slight cleavage, and leaned in and kissed me there, her breath warm and moist on my breasts. I sighed. I'd never been touched in that way before.

My hand still on her vee, my other went to her rear, cupping each full, warm, soft globe in turn. Her perfect, woman's ass alive in my hand, the soft fabric keeping me from her full intimacy. But we had all night, we could take it slow, and we would. I took her more fully into my arms, holding her with a strong, firm grip, and she melted in my arms, loving a strong embrace. Her arms yet again around my neck, we kissed yet again.

Our tongues met and danced together, our breathing clashed, breath into breath, then we synced, and breathed each other's breath, one inhaling as the other exhaled. She shivered in my arms, the tenderness and the rightness of the moment bringing her to a small orgasm, tendrils of ecstasy touching her down, then up, her entire body. Her breathing became ragged, but we adapted and stayed together, still sharing our breathing.

Her breath, our breath, was sweet, and warm. We broke our joined kiss, and warm breath raced over cheeks, as we rested together, heads bowed, temples touching. We became acutely aware of each part of the other's body, where we touched. Her cheek was soft against mine, her smell feminine. Her breasts were full and excited, long nipples poking me gently. Our bellies rested together, occasionally quivering against the other's, a slight nervousness from us both. Our hips had a magnetic attraction for each other, both of us still panty clad, hers in satin, mine in cotton, both warm and bulging at the crotch, as our labia were swollen, turgid with excited blood, our bodies preparing for sex.

She giggled nervously, softly, as our mons pressed together, then moaned, her mouth briefly seeking out mine as she felt immense pleasure from the feel of another woman's pussy against hers. Her kiss expressed her feeling, her tongue taking the lead as she fucked my mouth, teasing me, goading me into fucking her soon, and hard.

But we had all night, we could take it slow. I so wanted this to be the greatest fuck of her life. To make love to her slowly, and teasingly, until she thought it might never end. To never LET it end, to make her happy always, to show her my love for her.

I pushed her jeans further down her thighs, tanned and lovely. The rough denim fabric slumped in defeat below her knees. She lifted her feet, first one, then the other, shaking off the encumbrance of clothing. Now she had on just her bikini panties, and her blouse, fully unbuttoned, her breasts pushing it open. I stood back, but still with her in my arms. I looked her up and down, drinking in her long, lovely and wavy brown hair, framing her heart shaped face, to her slim neck, creamy complexioned chest and full, ripe breasts, to her, yes, plump belly, so extremely beautiful to me, to wide hips covered in white satin, enticing moist vee of panties, her slim, girlish thighs and nicely shaped calves and petite feet, bare now.

Her gaze into my eyes, uncertain, knowing she was being evaluated. But she was not being judged - I found her perfect, but it was a pre-ordained conclusion. I had found her perfect the moment she laughed at my coffee joke in a windswept parking lot in faraway Kingman, Arizona.

"I love you," I said, tears in my eyes. Her eyes were shining too.

"Oh, I love you so much, Linda," she whispered. "Please make love to me," she said.

I shrugged my top off over my head, and tossed it to the side. My breasts now bare, Virginia gently brought her small hands to them, touching their fullness as though she feared they would break, then squeezing them lightly, wonderingly, her fingertips touching my nipples, stiff with longing for her. She looked up at me, her eyes on mine, her smile of discovery was evident. It was as though she had never touched another girl in this way before.

Her hands both cupped my breasts as I had cupped hers, then she leaned into me, our breasts now touching, our nipples kissing, sparks of sensual electricity jumping from girl nipple to girl nipple, then coursing down through our trembling bellies to our pussies. We both moaned with the unexpected pleasure, our lips met once again, the warmth of her lips, the softness against mine, thrilled me in a way I'd never experienced with other women.

I breathed in her scent, fully aroused, feminine musk and perspiration tang combined with her sweet breath and the traces of her perfume, a potent mix. The smell of her aroused me, on top of the feel of her, and her small, female sounds from deep in her throat. I groaned, this time with need. I wanted to be in her, and on her, and with her, to gel together and make us both one. The human sexual need and fulfillment, the fucking, the lovemaking, the tenderness, did not seem enough to express my feelings for her at that moment.

In each other's arms, she took her submissive position of placing her arms around my neck yet again, allowing full access to her supple and ripe body. My hands slipped under her loosely worn blouse, caressing her smooth back, feeling each muscle flex there, her soft warmth. She sighed as my fingers caressed her shoulders, back, and down to her hips. My hands roughly grabbed and squeezed her full buttocks, pulling her into me. She made a small 'whoofing' sound as she exhaled from the force of my passion, then moaned happily.

Her lips caressed my neck, moving to my shoulder. I pulled her hips even closer, and our labia, and now our fully aroused clits, pressed together, still separated by two layers of thin cloth. She bit my shoulder lightly as she came, her body writhing slightly as she tried to move her clit into mine, and over it. The pain of her love bite was exquisite, and I came too, milliseconds after her, whispering wordlessly into her ear.

I don't think I said any real words, I don't think she heard any real words, but my meaning was clear as I expressed my love for her, and she came quickly a second time, not carried there by words, but by meaning and my emotion and passion for her, and hers for me, which seemed to fill the air around us.

We stood together for long seconds, not kissing, recovering from our orgasms, then I slid my hands under her panties, onto the silky smooth skin of her ass cheeks, warm and soft and so, so feminine. Virginia sighed, and her breathing became more rapid as the carnal stimulation of her body began.

Her bottom was magnificent under my fingers, curving roundly, tracing the round, full globes with my fingers into a dark, hot crevice between them. She gasped, and pressed her lips against my shoulder again as my fingertips discovered the moist, tight and so hot, opening there. She murmured assent wordlessly into my skin, and my finger gathered her moisture, sweat and feminine cream that had dripped to that spot between vagina and anus, wetting and lubricating it.

She trembled as she felt me wetting my finger, knowing what would come, and she pressed her teeth against my shoulder again, but not biting, her anticipation growing. Her ass rose up slightly as her body prepared for a new sensation, entirely reflexively, her sweet body conspiring against her to grant her the full seduction and introduction to woman on woman love, permitting the tender invasion of her body by her mate.

My finger, now wet and slippery, sought out the tight opening, pulsing open then closed, her anal muscles trembling and unsure of what was expected. She gasped and bit me again, as my finger slipped past her tight anal ring, deep into her rectum, and she orgasmed, her body trembling, hips shaking, a moan escaping from her as she pressed her body hard into mine.

Once again, the pain in my shoulder was exquisite, as I used it as a measure of the intensity of her ecstasy. As I slipped my finger deeper inside her, taking possession of her most intimate spot, I came again, lightly but an extended dream of ecstasy, my body almost paralyzed for long seconds by the pleasure the touch of her opening, and the passion of her cum expressed through my pain had brought me.

I have never enjoyed discomfort of any sort, but the love and passion of Virginia's shoulder bites oddly brought me pleasure I had not known before.

As I recovered from my own orgasm, and Virginia's trembling had calmed, I slowly withdraw from her. She kissed my ear softly as she felt my finger leave her. "Again," she whispered. I kissed her savagely then, as her utter submission to me, and me alone, excited me tremendously. I groaned loudly, then picked her up, off her feet, and carried her to the bed a few feet away.

Virginia squealed with pleasure at the unexpected domination by her female lover. I dropped her onto the bed from a foot above it, and she bounced a little as she settled into the downy softness of the mattress. She looked up at me, standing above her, her eyes shining, then her eyes traveled down my body lingeringly to the crotch of my panties. She reached up with her hand, and her index finger traced the line of my labia, starting from just to the side of my clit, down one side of my labia, then up the other, avoiding touching my swollen pink pearl. She slid back on the mattress using her elbows, her eyes inviting me in to the bed which had, in the blink of an eye, become her love nest, her place of domination. Now she would control her own submission to me.

I crawled between her legs, and she spread them to allow me access to her, granting me welcome to more of her lush and sensual body. I knelt between her legs, and, unable to resist her musk, leaned down to her panty clad pussy, and kissed her wet labia through the fabric. Virginia moaned, and thrust her hips upward, seeking more and greater pleasure.

I rode her thrust, teasing her need, then returned to kissing her wet softness as her hips relaxed again. I felt her hands gently on my head as she urged me in deeper, but we had all night. I kissed her inner thighs, from knees upward, to just outside the hemline of her panties, her feminine musk richly filling my nostrils as I neared her wet slit and erect clitoris, only inches and thin fabric away from my hungry mouth.

Virginia squirmed as my trail led from knee to dripping cunt, her hands urging me to the need between her legs. I teased her pussy by pulling the fabric away from a leg hole, barely exposing a swollen and hot pussy lip, my breath racing over her labia, but my lips avoiding actually touching her there. She groaned above me, her breathing again ragged, her hips squirming. I knew she was close to yet another orgasm.

I did the same to the other side, breathing in the hot female fragrance of her glistening slit, then breathing on her labia from clit down to the bottom of her hole. She moaned again, impatiently, hips rocking as her pleasure built. I then gently ripped aside the soaking wet crotch of her panties, baring her whole slit and her swollen, pink clitoris, and lightly licked along her lips, then softly kissed her erect pink pearl, wet and hot.

Virginia shrieked as her orgasm washed over her, drowning her in the ultimate feminine pleasure, babbling endearments, her hips rocking and thrusting, her fingers curling through my short, blonde hair, tightening on locks of hair as particularly intense jolts of ecstasy overcame her, nearly causing her to lose consciousness. Certainly she was not thinking of anything other than the pleasure filling her being for those brief seconds of heaven.

I allowed her to calm down, and to recover herself. It seemed apparent that this orgasm had been the most intense yet. I lay down next to her, me on my side watching her, she on her back, legs bent, knees up in the air. Her breathing slowly returned to normal, then she turned her head to look at me. I finally discovered what real love looks like in a lover's eyes.

She didn't say anything, it wasn't needed. I slid over, closer to her, and she turned on her side to face me. I took her in my arms and embraced her, feeling her heat, listening to her breathing, the slight sound of her swallowing, the smell of her upper body, and reconnecting my senses with the whole of her, rather than just her lower half. Virginia kissed my lips softly and gently, her tongue touching my lower lip. She considered the taste of herself there, and smiled, then kissed me again, just as softly and lazily, with no urgency.

My left hand rested on top of her hip, still panty covered. Virginia had given herself over to me completely, and would allow me to do anything and everything I wanted. She was fully my woman. Everything I wanted, was her complete and total happiness.

I pulled our hips together, as she moved herself to aid me, then again I slid my hand over her ass once again. I could not get my fill of her magnificent and alluring bottom. She breathed silently against my cheek as I caressed her right cheek, then cooed with pleasure when she felt my fingers seek out the elastic hem at that globe, and slip under, flesh to flesh now. I felt her sharp intake of breath as she realized I wanted her dark, nether hole again.

She brought her lips to mine as my fingers pushed into her hot crevice, then neared her tight hole. The bold thrust of her tongue into my mouth told me all I needed to know about her eagerness to be fucked again by a woman's finger in her rear opening. Her anal ring was tight at first touch, then slackened as she consciously strove to ease my filling of her ass.

My finger easily slipped inside her, as she was still wet and lubricated from her previous fuck. Virginia moaned into my mouth, and her hand eagerly slipped between our thighs, seeking out my own slit. She thrust it into my panties, and expertly stroked my slit, tracing her fingers over my swelling labia, thrusting a finger inside my dripping hole, then circling my proud clit with her wet finger, and then capturing it between her thumb and forefinger.

Sudden jolts of color, sound, smell and feeling coursed through my clit and thighs, radiating out to every part of my body, as I came, explosively, under Virginia's touch. It took me many long seconds to come down, my breath calming, and then I realized that Virginia had come at nearly the same time as me, from the combined stimulation of my finger filling her ass, and the realization that she'd made ME cum while in her arms.

I felt her lips resting warmly on my cheek, as we both enjoyed each other's presence and being.

Virginia pulled back a few inches, both of us lying on our sides still, and looked into my eyes, her brown eyes tranquil and peaceful. I felt as though we were having a conversation while we gazed into each other's eyes, and it seemed she felt the same.

Perhaps there are forms of communication beyond speech, and even beyond the communication of gestures, expressions, sounds and even smells. Some perception that people have called ESP, I don't know. I'm a simple person, but we told each other of our needs and wants, desires and wishes, for both ourselves and for the other, and we agreed on all. If Virginia and I never saw each other ever again, we would be sad, but we wouldn't be in doubt about anything the other thought or believed. We totally accepted, and knew, each other, in body and soul.

I lay back, and Virginia draped herself on me partially, her body inclined on mine. Warmth and softness, the essence of female sexuality, shared between us, making the two of us together more than just the sum of our parts. Virginia idly kissed me, her eyes on mine, and smiled. I read her mind, and pushed her on her back again. She eagerly spread her legs. I brought my hands to her panties, then quickly pulled them off her hips, seeing for the first time directly, and for the first time since I'd watch her masturbate, the loveliness of her sweet pussy, swollen and hot with her desire.

She was shaved, or wax stripped, I wasn't really sure which, but bare of pubic hair, her deep pink pussy, with its darker red center, clearly the focus between her legs. It glistened inside her opening, her wetness visibly forming and dripping down to her ass. I brought my face close to her center, anxious to taste her fully and deeply. I licked along her labia again, this time over and over, instead of briefly and almost brusquely as before. My tongue roughly lingered on the slick plumpness of her there, and dipped deeply inside her slit, lapping up copious amounts of her cream.

For the first time in our lovemaking, Virginia verbally urged me on. "Lick me there, Linda...ahh, that's it, ohh Ooh, yeah, dip your tongue inside me, I'm so hot and wet for you, I want you to get me all over you, I want to lick me off your face....tickle my slit....ohhhhh....oh god, yes, my clit....oh oh oh yes, yes, YES....unnnhh....FUCK ME, FUCK ME LIKE THAT" The last she nearly screamed, her head rocking from side to side on the pillow, and her thighs pressed hard against my head as she came crashingly, her thighs scissoring closed on me. She moaned quietly as she came back to me, softly urging me with her hands to lie next to her. I moved back to her, both our heads on the same pillow, grinning happily at her. I was so full of happiness at that moment.

Virginia grinned back at me. "God, you're fabulous," she whispered. Then she began kissing and licking my face, loving the taste and smell of herself on me. "And you taste SO good," she giggled. I grinned back, and she kissed me on my lips, and I tasted her on her own breath, it seemed so hot to me. Her hand slipped between my legs, boldly into my panties, and she fondly fingered me, two of her fingers filling my wet hole.

"I know what I taste like, now," she said impishly, "but I wonder what YOU taste like..." She brought her hand out of my pants, and brought it to her nose, sniffing delicately.

"Mmm, smells good," she murmured saucily. Then she dabbed at her fingers with her tongue. She smacked her lips contemplatively, then looked in my eyes. "Tastes even better," she observed, keeping a straight face. I smiled, then she slipped her fingers between my lips. "See?'

She grinned, as I sucked on her fingers, turned on by having her fingers in my mouth, even better that her fingers had been busy fucking me only seconds before.

"But I want to see what you're like directly," she complained. "Direct observation can't be refuted." She got up on her knees, then grabbed my panties and pulled them off me. "Ahh, so THAT'S what one looks like," she teased, looking at my cunt. She started pushing my thighs apart. I took the hint and spread my legs for her, suddenly shy and afraid I might not please her.

Virginia lay down between my legs, and began leisurely running her fingernails over my inner thighs. "I like the way this feels, when I do it to myself," she said, and I gave a guilty start, remembering watching her do just that last night. "Oh, did I tickle you?" she said, looking down at me with a smile.

"A little," I whispered back. "But it feels good." She smiled back.

"I'm sure it'll get to feeling even better," she said. She leaned down and began kissing along my inner thighs, each one leading up to, but not quite reaching, my inflamed pussy. I didn't think she'd had much, if any experience, with another girl's pussy, unless she'd done something with the 'Rachel' of her story, but she did a very nice job of building my anticipation.

Everything she did led up to my pussy, concentrating more and more of my attention there, the need and desire for satisfaction growing until it was almost intolerable. "Lick me, lick my pussy," I whined. Virginia looked up at me, her mouth so close to my cunt, and just smirked. I thrust my hips, wriggled my ass, but she continued teasing.

"Tell me what you want," she teased.

"I want your tongue inside me, in my wet pussy, licking my cream. I'm creaming for you, baby. Your hot body makes me wet, makes me want to be naked with you, all the time, touching your hot, full breasts, fingering your tight little cunt, licking your hot little ass hole..."

She groaned when I mentioned licking her ass hole. That excited me even more, to know that she was aware of how exciting our asses are, one of my favorite places on a woman, and that we would be exploring each other there soon. She brought one hand down between her legs to play with herself while she ate me. God, she was SO hot with me

Finally, when she had settled into a routine of kissing and licking just inches away from my slit, she fastened her lips onto my labia, kissing my pussy as she would my mouth, and simultaneously thrust her tongue inside me while running her thumb over my aching clit. I exploded in passion, rocketing to the most unbelievable orgasm I had ever experienced.

Virginia gasped, though I didn't know why, but in any case, my body was thrumming with nerve endings firing spasmodically throughout my body, all sensation growing from out of my clit, then gradually shrinking back into it. I lay there, quiet and relaxing from the extreme tension she had released, when Virginia raised herself up to my head, with a rueful look on her face, as well as creamy liquid on her face, dripping down her cheek, and even into her hair.

"What happened, baby?" I asked her, opening my arms to take her in them.

She said, "You squirted all over my face when you yelped. Was that cum?"

I giggled. "Remember from my story?" I said. "Remember how Katia said I squirted on her, too, and it was the best orgasm of my life? Looks like I did it again, but harder, and more..."

"Does that mean THIS was the best orgasm of your life?" Virginia asked, now looking proud.

"Oh, yes, baby. As long as I live I don't think I'll ever cum like that....unless maybe you're fucking me." Virginia snuggled in my arms, and sighed.

"My first time ever, really with another girl, and I made you happy," she whispered, her cheek against my breasts.

"So, you never actually....um, made it, with that girl Rachel?" I asked.

She shook her head against me. "Nope, you were my first without clothes on and where we actually did something, other than talking about it. And I want to do it again, sometime, okay?"

I ran my fingers through her long, brown hair, so fine. "Forever and ever, if you want," I whispered. She looked up at me, her eyes shy.

"Really?" she said. "You'd want me around forever?"

"I'll ask you to marry me now, for when the day comes when we can do it legally," I said.

"In that case, yes, yes, YES" she squealed, snuggling into me, as though seeking shelter from all the bad things in the world.

"I do have some bad news for you, though," I said, warningly.

"What?" she asked, concern in her eyes.

"We're not going to make it to Nouvelle Génération tonight," I said, sadly.

"Oh," she said. She thought a moment, then said, "Would you buy me dinner here, then?"

I thought about it, then nodded. "If you have a liking for frozen pizza, I think we can fix you right up, miss."

"Can we eat now?" she asked. "For some reason, I'm ravenous."

"Yeah, me too," I said. "Let's go do it, or I could go make it and bring it up here, we could eat in bed."

"That sounds wonderful, but I don't want to be away from you, not even for a second," Virginia said.

"Well, we could both go make it, then bring it up here, okay?" I said. She nodded happily. She slipped her panties back on, but left her blouse on. I was amazed it was still on her. Happily, she left it open, so I could look at her sweet breasts and nipples.

I looked around for something to wear, as I was quite naked, and her jeans were closest. "Okay if I wear these downstairs?" I asked her.

"Ooh, that's hot," she said. "You're wearing my jeans...and without any panties," she finished, as I slipped them on. "I may never wash them," she said.

We made our way downstairs, and both decided on a half vegetarian, half pepperoni pizza, and put it in the oven. We sat and talked about arrangements we would need to make in our lives now, things we weren't thinking of just hours before.