Willing, Ch. 5

By Lisa Summers

"Mmm, this is a REALLY good pizza," Virginia said, brushing back her long brown hair with the back of a sauce-speckled hand.

I giggled. "It's a store brand, Virginia. How good could it be?" Virginia was my pregnant lover, and I'm Linda - I'm a blonde dyke, and I drive trucks for a living. We were starved after making love for the first time.

She thought a minute. "I dunno. I guess getting your brains fucked out makes things taste that much better, huh?"

"I just hope we don't put on weight," I said, mock-seriously. "If we make love every night, and food starts tasting too good, we might end up looking, well.....kind of, um, heavy." Virginia looked distressed.

"I'm going to put on weight, whatever I do," she said, and I remembered her pregnancy - I had only known her for a few days. I felt like an idiot.

"Oh god, I'm sorry," I said. "That's a different kind of weight. That's the greatest kind of weight ever to put on. You know that, and it's really wonderful"

"Yeah, I know," Virginia said, "but we need to talk about it anyway, so it's good you brought it up now. I AM pregnant, and that kind of ends up being a pretty long term commitment. I'm okay if you just want to fuck for a while, and maybe we just be friends after that? Even friends with privileges if you want, but you don't owe me ANYTHING. I'm headed to my parents', and I'll be fine there, really." She had started as a stranger to whom I gave a ride, from Arizona to North Carolina. Last night she had become much, much more.

"I'm sorry, but I won't be fine if you leave. I understood that you were pregnant, and what that means if we become a couple - I mean, I ALREADY think of us as a couple. Miz Smith thinks we're a couple. Jami and Jennifer at Creative Kitchen think we're a couple. Are you calling them stupid?" I meant every word of it, except for the last part, which was just a joke, to make her smile. It worked.

"Well, I want us to be a couple, too, but I don't want to put any ties on you. It wouldn't be fair," Virginia said, tears running down her face even as she smiled her beautiful smile.

"Silly, that's what being a couple is," I said, "putting ties on each other, because it's what we want." She leaned closer to me on the bed, and rested her head on my shoulder.

"I love you, Linda. You're the sweetest person I've ever known. And you make me feel good, really good, that I'm in love with a woman." I kissed her. I was fascinated by how good her lips could feel on mine.

"Hey, you taste like pepperoni. You said you were going to eat the vegetarian part," I said, frowning.

"Oh, it was just a little bit," she said. "And I didn't eat the pepperoni part of the pizza, I just had a couple of pieces of pepperoni."

"How is that different from eating the pepperoni part?" I said, not really expecting to win the discussion in spite of the fact I had logic on my side.

"Oh, look, you got some sauce on your nipple," Virginia said. "Here, I'll lick it off." She leaned down and took one of my nipples in her mouth, and won the argument. We were both completely naked, in bed, and had polished off the large, half veggie, half pepperoni pizza. I lay back on the mattress, my head on the pillow, as Virginia turned our post-sex snack into a pre-sleep seduction.

She kissed my nipples, her warm, soft lips touching, then surrounding, my nipples as she took them into her mouth, and began lightly sucking on them. Then a thought occurred to me - Virginia would begin lactating at some point, I had no idea when - that would be hotter than hell, to drink milk from her sweet breasts. I felt a tickle in my slit, and knew my pussy was getting wetter.

"Oh yeah, Virginia, suck my nipples, ohh, I want you to suck me hard, I want you to drink my milk, it's hot and sweet for you, baby, your mouth and lips and tongue feel so good on me, sweetie." After a few seconds, her head raised up.

"God, I'M going to be giving milk when I give birth," she said, wonderingly. Her hand slipped down between her legs as she fingered herself. I KNEW mentioning baby milk would get her hot. We hadn't been together that long, but I could see we were already meshing, at least on some things - the things that were important to us now, anyway. She went back to sucking my nipples, then brought up her hand that had been between her legs. I could see two of her fingers had been in her cunt, apparently deep in her cunt, there was girl cream all over them.

She took those two fingers and slipped them inside me. I eased my hips up, and spread my legs more to allow her in.

"Ohh, please fuck me with those cum-covered fingers, baby, I want your cum inside me Your fingers are filling me, it feels so fucking good to have you inside me, unhh, yeah" Her fingers really felt so hot in me, and the thought of this beautiful girl working to make me cum, and to mix our fluids together was exciting. My hips began moving, rotating around, as Virginia slid her fingers in and out of my pussy.

She had her eyes closed as she sucked on my nipples, then went to kissing my breasts, her lips warm and wet on my soft skin. I felt her take her fingers out, then pause. I put my hands on her hair, loving the feel of her glossy mane in my fingers, loving the way her hair looked and smelled.....

Suddenly, I felt her finger at my ass hole. It was unexpected, and I was a little surprised, but very pleased. I pulled my legs up further to give her better access to my tight rosebud. I moaned, and Virginia giggled as she kissed my breast, then raised her face up to the pillow, and kissed me on my mouth, lightly, because she began mixing kisses with her words.

"Do you like that, baby?" she asked. "Do you like feeling my finger at your little rear hole?" I could feel her eyes on me, and I opened mine to see her intently staring in my eyes.

"Uh huh," I moaned helplessly. Ass play makes me weak and hot. She smiled evilly.

"Then tell me what you like, baby," she said, her finger teasing my pucker, and hole.

"Ohhh....I like to feel your finger at my ass hole....I'd like to feel you fuck me there, fuck me with your cummy finger, slide your slick, wet, tasty finger in my ass, do me, make me your whore....I'll do anything you want me to," I said, starting to lose it as I felt my anticipation building.

"I'm going to fuck your little girl ass hard, and deep, I'm going to cum inside your ass, my hot female cum's gonna be dripping out of you ALL. NIGHT. LONG...." she said, the last, very slowly and deliberatively.

"Ohh, fuck, yes, fuck me, Virginia, make me your hot slut, cum inside me, cum on me, I want to cum for you, ohhh, oh yes, I'm cumminnnnngggg" My hips began shaking, sensual electricity shocking me, as she slid her finger up my ass, fucking it in and out, her dirty, nasty lovemaking thrilling me endlessly.

Virginia kissed me as the waves of pleasure washed over me, and I groaned into her mouth as I couldn't put my feelings into any kind of words, just sounds that had no detectable meaning, but were a release for the pleasure in me that I thought would make me explode.

Virginia embraced me, our bodies hot and sweaty together (yeah, girls sweat - when it's for a good cause), slippery and the musk, stray perfume, and perspiration from our earlier lovemaking reigniting and filling our noses with wonderful smells of woman on woman sex, and love....and I think I actually passed out for a few seconds.

"Linda, hey, you okay?" I heard Virginia saying, as I came out of my fog.

"Um, god, I think I passed out for a few seconds, damn..." I muttered.

"That's weird," Virginia said. "You actually fainted, are you sure you're okay?" She looked worried.

"Don't worry, honey. We've been up all day, and just had the most marvelous evening together...I'm just not used to having someone I love so much, make me so happy."

"Well, okay," Virginia said. She still seemed a little dubious.

"Baby, there's something I REALLY want to do," I began, anxious to return some of the pleasure she'd brought me.

"Okay," Virginia said. "What do you want me to do?"

"Just lie on your stomach," I said. "I'll do most of the rest." Virginia rolled over on the queen size bed, her cute ass in front of me. I separated her legs, and knelt between them, her plump ass cheeks separating slightly, and her puckered brown hole becoming visible, and opening slightly,

"Mmm," Virginia muttered, the side of her face in the pillow, her eyes closed.

I put my hands on her warm ass cheeks, and parted them, her sweet little brown eye now prominent. I leaned down, my face directly in her ass, and sniffed her butt.

"Oh, that's so gross," Virginia moaned. "Are you smelling my ass?"

"Oh yeah, baby doll, I'm smelling your sweet little fragrant ass, and soon I'm gonna be kissing and licking your tight little hole. Do you like that?"

"Ohh, fuck," she said, pressing her thighs together, and rocking her ass from side to side. "That's the fucking hottest thing I've ever heard." Her hand slid down between her thighs, and I could see her fingers moving into her as she stroked her labia, and her clit.

"Mmm, so good," she moaned, ass moving more now. I put my hands firmly on her hips to hold her still. She cooed with pleasure at feeling my strong grip on her body, and pressed against it. She was getting excited from my restraint on her movement. I leaned down to the immediate object of my affection, her hot little ass hole, and began lapping and licking her there.

Her scent there was quite pleasant, the musky smell of her vaginal cream that had been dripping down there over the last few hours of our lovemaking, plus her hot sweat, salty and pungent, and the earthier smell of her ass itself. The more I smelled and tasted of her ultra-feminine body, the hotter I became. My pussy and clit were driving me mad with need.

I licked all around, and on, her tight brown pucker, the muscle tightly closed.

"That tickles...but don't stop," she giggled, eyes still closed, as she concentrated on her pleasure, fingers furiously stroking her wet pussy. I wasn't about to, I wanted to eat her ass as deeply as I could get away with. I pressed my tongue into the tight opening, urging her to relax her anal sphincter so I could taste her inside, too, in her warm, pink tunnel.

Gradually, my saliva filled her little, tight hole, then slipped past her reflexively closed anus, lubricating the opening, and allowing my tongue to enter deeper and deeper, her anal opening slick once liquid was applied to it.

"Unnh," Virginia groaned, as I forced deeper inside her, my tongue exploring deeper into her nasty, lovely ass hole. Her hips bucked as she came with force, victim of the excited stimulation of my tongue fucking her naughty ass, the strong grip I had on her, and her frenzied stroking of her sensitive clit.

Virginia screamed with excitement as all this stimulation came together in her brain and her clit at the same time, giving her a massive orgasm. "Ohgod, fuckme, fuckme, eatmyass, makemecum, againandagainandagain OHOHOHFUCK" She thrashed on the bed for at least a minute, hips pumping up and down, in spite of my holding her, until finally, eventually, she slowed her movements, then relaxed, exhausted from the tidal wave of ecstasy that had drowned her, stray jolts of sensual electricity still making her body jerk occasionally.

I slid up next to her, just holding her as she lay there, hardly moving at all, just moaning a little. She snuggled herself closer to my naked body, even though we were already in full contact.

After a few minutes, Virginia began to rouse, gradually rolling to her side so she was facing me. She took her left hand, and exhausted, put it on my hip, her eyes open now and shining, her smile tired but very, very happy.

"I think that was the biggest cum ever," she said.

"The best you ever had?" I asked, proud and happy.

"No, the biggest cum that any human being has had in the history of the world," she moaned. "Seriously."

"Mmm, I'm glad," I said. Then I got an evil thought. "Now it's my turn." She looked at me inquiringly, but didn't say anything.

"Roll onto your back," I said, simultaneously pushing her away from me. With a 'whoof' sound she complied. Then I got up on my knees, and straddled her face, my own wet, hot pussy inches from her face.

"Now lick me, bitch," I ordered her.

She began to protest, squirming a little, but I said, "Shut up, slut. Put your tongue on my pussy. Suck and lick it, make love to my woman hole with your mouth and tongue. And do a real good job, I want you to make me squirt my cum in your mouth, filling your mouth with my hot cream." As I said this, I reached back with one hand, and began caressing her pubic area with my fingertips.

As I suspected, my verbal description of what I wanted began to get her hot, and into our continued love play, even though I knew she had to be tired from her previous orgasms. She submissively began licking my labia, as I positioned myself to make it easy for her to reach me there without straining herself. I didn't want her to end up with a sore neck, though I was okay with her tongue getting a workout.

My excitement was building rapidly, due in part to the thrill of sexually dominating my female lover, but even more to the wonderful job she was doing licking my hole. She licked along my lips, pausing occasionally to lap up the girl cream dripping from my hole, then thrusting her long tongue inside my tight slit to get more. She was becoming wonderfully depraved, and enthusiastic about lesbian sex. She'd only actually been fucked by a man, or men, before.

After a few minutes of teasing and caressing my wet hole with her tongue, as I pressed my crotch closer to her, she licked her tongue lightly over my clit, sending sparks of electricity through my groin. I began tracing my fingertips over her wet, swollen labia, hot under my fingers, and she moaned under me. Our mutual excitement grew, both of us writhing together, me, spread legged over her face, my cunt dripping on her face, my wet heat bathing her mouth and nose, and she, hips rocking, legs moving apart to give me greater access to her female opening.

"Oh sweetie, baby, lick my hot cunt, show me what a good little cunt licker you've become," I moaned. "Make me cum, honey, let me christen you as the lesbian you've always been, but never knew, until you tasted pussy for the first time," I moaned, hot for her. "I want to see your ass shake as you cum, my fingers deep inside your honey pot, gathering your sweet cream, sticky and gooey, so I can lick you all night long..." Virginia moaned, her lips fastened to my pussy, her tongue alternately thrusting in me, and then flicking over my clit. My fingers were busily fucking her hot hole, wet and slick with her cum.

"Aah, aahh, fuck me, lick my hole, I'm so excited by you, I'm cumming, cumming, CUMMING...your mouth, in your mouth, on your sweet face..." I could feel the now familiar tremors of an impending climax, brought on by the most exciting, most beautiful, greatest lover ever, my sweet Virginia, my love, my life. My whole body became suffused by a restless energy, a cloud of excited passion filling me, waiting for a match to light it. A random flick of her sweet tongue, then her teeth grazing over my swollen clitoris, and I exploded in pleasure, my hips shaking uncontrollably, moaning and babbling, Virginia worked hard not to suffocate as I thrashed on her, my pleasure nearly complete and perfect.

I pulled my hips back from Virginia's head. Damned if her face wasn't wet again I leaned down to her, and kissed her soft lips, licking her cheeks that were streaming with the squirts of cum I'd deposited there. I giggled. "Are you okay, sweetie?" I asked.

"Yes, baby, but where do you get all that cum from?" she asked ruefully. "And could you, please, get me off, I want to cum now, you've got me so hot, ohhh fuck."

"Sure thing, baby, let me just do this..." I got up off her, turned around, facing her lower body, and sat my ass in front of her face.

"What are you doing?" she protested.

"Mmmm, I want you to lick my ass hole, you little slutty cunt," I cooed. I placed my full, round ass about six inches from her face. She could choose to be my ass slut, or not. I could hear her sniffing, smelling back there....deciding. I waited...and waited.

Would she take that GIANT step into becoming my lesbian ass slut, choosing to lick and kiss my nasty rear hole, making love to my butt hole with her sweet mouth and lips? Or would she recoil from the degradation of submitting to my filthy sapphic lust....

Slowly at first, then more rapidly as her eagerness grew, I felt her bring her hands to my thighs, and pull my ass back, onto her face.

She pressed my ass onto her face, and I sighed with pleasure, both because of the pleasurable feeling of her soft skin on my ass cheeks, and because she was showing her submissive nature, and how nasty she was willing to be with me.

I lay over her on my hands and knees, keeping most of my weight off her, but our bodies touching warmly, my own face on her pussy. Virginia hesitated....I was sure she'd never done such a thing as lick another girl's ass before, but I didn't care - I wanted her to do it, to please me, excite me and to make her even more, mine.

I felt her nose against the smooth skin of my ass globes, then the moisture of her mouth, her heat, as she opened her mouth, her lips separating, to tenderly kiss my warm butt. Her breath was sweet and warm on my ass, her kiss tentative, then growing in enthusiasm as she discovered the pleasure she took from putting her mouth on another girl's hot ass.

Her kisses were spread all over both butt cheeks, as the softness of my ass, and the hot, feminine musk of my pussy and ass began to excite her. It was fascinating to see, taste and smell the cream at her own pussy increasing as she became more and more excited by being so close to, and dominated by my ass, and my as yet untouched ass hole. I wriggled my ass on her face to signal to her that I wanted even more, and began lapping at her luscious, creamy pussy under my mouth.

She responded by licking my ass cheeks with her tongue, wet and rough. I shivered with pleasure as it began to spiral in toward my ass hole. It seemed as though Virginia had made her final decision as to whether she would become a lesbian ass licker, putting her tongue inside another girl's hot, tight and earthy ass hole.

I continued licking her wet hole, her cummy juices almost more than I could swallow, her hot girl cream filling my mouth, and coating my face. The feminine fragrance of her pussy was exciting and nearly overwhelming in its richness and abundance, the fresh smell of excited pussy as it overflows its tight confines with gushes of creamy female cum.

I began to lick from the bottom of her cunt, along the hot labia on each side, toward her already swollen clit, stopping just short of touching her little pink pearl, already out from under its protective hood, her clit a darker red now that she was highly excited, and glossy with her pussy juices.

I felt her tongue coming closer and closer to my own dark ass hole, until I felt the rough tip of her wet, pink tongue touch, and begin circling the puckered flesh of my anal sphincter. She began salivating profusely as she discovered that the taste and smell of my ass hole were extremely attractive and stimulating to her. I heard her moan, loudly.

"Oh god, Linda, your ass and your little hole are so fucking hot Sit on my face, honey, I want more of it"

I carefully pushed my ass a few more inches down onto her face, not wanting to smother her, until her nose and mouth were completely between my round, female ass cheeks, and she began alternating her nose and then her tongue onto, and slowly, into, my ass hole. Her saliva lubricated my tight hole, and soon her tongue was dipping deep inside my ass as she licked my ass hole, then fucked it with nose and tongue.

As she continued with her nasty, exciting dirty ass licking, I began to circle her erect clit with my tongue, swirling it around her little pearl, moving closer and closer to her center with its thousands of pleasure centers. I heard her groaning, the pleasure from having her virgin nose and mouth buried in my dark hole, along with the building pleasure at her clit, causing her to lubricate wildy, and rock her hips from side to side, and up and down, anxious to explode in the pleasure that only a woman can give another woman.

Within seconds, we both reached our peak, and exploded in explosions of pleasure as we each orgasmed countless times in the most thrilling climax either of us had yet experienced.

"Oh GOD" I screamed. "I'm cumming, Ginny, I'm cumming on your face Lick my hot ass, eat me, eat my ass hole, FUCK"

Virginia was less articulate, with her face between my ass cheeks, but no less vocal, moaning and sighing loudly, as spasms of ecstasy coursed through her body, paralyzing her momentarily, then limbs thrashing, as her ecstasy became almost painful in its intensity.

The pleasure for each of us seemed to go on for an eternity, but eventually the rigidity of muscles, and the spasming nerve endings, slowed and our bodies returned to a state of utter relaxation, the different pleasure of the post-coital glow, each of us warm and comfortable, drowsy, and needing contact with the other.

I got off Virginia, then lay with her, only a sheet covering us, and we kissed slowly, and tenderly, our warm, soft naked bodies snuggling. The ass fragrance on her breath was SO enticing. After a few minutes of this connubial bliss, two mates joined, she turned herself facing away from me to better feel me holding her warmly in my arms, her soft, warm ass nestled in my hot and wet crotch, and we spooned as we drifted into a deep sleep.

I awoke hours later, in the dark. I looked at the clock on the bedside stand, 3:23 in the morning. Virginia and I were still spooning, her body hot in mine.

I was extremely horny, even after a night of lovemaking with my new love, Virginia. Her ass, so soft and warm, nestled sweetly against my clit and pussy, was driving me insane with lust for her. I was overcome with an urge to fuck those sweet cushions, to deeply penetrate and fill that tight, hot, juicy hole.

I slowly stretched my arm back to the bedside stand on my side. I had a little toy in there that I'd never used, but it was increasingly evident that it would be perfect now. I opened the drawer, and removed it, a nine inch, double headed, pink latex dildo, very thin. I brought it over and put it between my thighs to warm it, then slid it into my still creamy cunt, first fucking one end in, then, when it was thickly coated with my feminine juices, I slowly removed it, and slid in the other end, until it was completely coated in my cum on both ends.

The whole time, Virginia stirred occasionally, and sighed in her sleep, but didn't wake, only snuggling her cute ass against me. I slid the dildo back into my pussy from my rear, then brought my hand around to hold the end sticking out, about four inches, like the way a guy holds his dick when he pisses.

I pointed the dildo until it was pressing lightly against Virginia's hot, and still lubricated, ass hole. Slowly, so slowly, I pressed forward, until the thin rubber dick head slid past her anal sphincter. Virginia sighed as it was going in, then moaned, as her unconscious, sleeping body began to feel the invasion of her sweet ass.

I slowly fucked into Virginia's hot ass hole, so tight, and her body began to respond more and more, although she was still asleep. Her moaning became almost continuous, Because were on our sides as I fucked her ass, I only had my right hand free to use, but I reached around her naked body, and began caressing her soft breasts. Her nipples were incredibly hard, as her excitement at this point was already intense.

My fingers caressed her hard nubbins, pinching and squeezing them lightly, cupping her warm pillows, as her moaning increased. I slowly fucked in and out of her tight hole. Her ass responded by pressing harder into my crotch, as though in her unconscious, sleeping state, she wanted to be fucked in her ass deeper and harder.

As I held the dildo against myself so it wouldn't slip, my thumb was thumping rhythmically against my clitoris, getting me even hotter, too. Virginia's ass was rotating around in little, tiny circles, even as she fucked herself into me, then back away again, the fake dick sliding in and out of her hole, both our motions increasing in speed as our excitement grew.

"Oh, fuck," I moaned into Virginia's soft, perfumed hair, as I slowly approached my own orgasm. She moaned as though she heard me, and was responding to a lover moaning in her ear. I don't think she consciously heard me, though.

I slipped my hand over her hip, and down to Virginia's pussy. It was incredibly hot and wet, wetter even than when I'd been eating her earlier. Her excitement was incredible. My fingers slipped over her labia, hot and swollen, and wet with her female juices. Her hole was tight, but her thighs moved slightly apart as she stirred. I'm sure it was her unconscious, sleeping self responding, and desiring the touch of my fingers there.

Although still asleep, Virginia began moaning, "Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh," and, "Yesssss, yesssss" Then grunting, "Unnh, unnh, unnh," and pushing her ass hard into me, trying to get the fake dick deeper inside her. I slipped three fingers into her pussy - a very tight fit, but she moaned louder, and stretched out her body, her right hand coming behind her to caress my hip as I fucked into her from behind with the dildo, and into her front with my fingers.

Suddenly, Virginia spasmed, her thighs squeezing tight against my hand, and her ass cheeks clenching on the dildo, as she came, numerous times, still deeply in her sleep state. Her orgasm launched me into mine. I only came once, but it was a large, dreamy one, the enormity of the ecstasy we'd both felt from Virginia's 'sleep fuck' giving me immense pleasure.

We both fell back asleep, still joined by the double-headed dildo in my cunt and in her ass, my fingers partially inside her pussy, my hand cupping her mons.

The next thing I knew, the late morning sun was streaming in across our bed. As I awoke, I saw that Virginia was no longer in my arms. Then she leaned over me from behind me, as she was standing by the bed, looking down at me. "G'morning, sleepyhead" she chirped happily. Her hair was beautifully tousled in the way that can only happen during wild, extended sex. She planted a gentle, lingering kiss on my cheek, and it eventually slid over to my mouth. What a wonderful thing a morning kiss between lovers is

"How'd you sleep?" she asked, sitting down on the side of the bed next to my hip. I noticed she was now wearing a pair of cotton panties. Her breasts were, as always, beautiful, and delightfully uncovered.

"Mmmm, pretty much like a rock," I said. "At least after we finished making love," I said, smiling up at her. "It was fantastic....you're fantastic," I said.

"Oh god, yes," Virginia agreed, her head nodding slightly, her smile shining like the sun. "I never, ever, EVER imagined it could be like that with ANYBODY, much less with another woman" She hesitated.

"But, I don't understand this," she said, showing me the dildo in her hand. "I don't remember this. I KNOW what it is, but for the life of me, I don't have a clue where it came from....or for that matter, where it went."

I smiled impishly, and slid my left hand inside the rear of her panties, pressing my index finger against her cute rosebud, between her lovely, warm ass globes.

"Ouch" she yelped as I touched her still tender hole. Then it dawned on her. "That went up my butt??" she said. "How come I don't remember?"

"Well, you were half asleep," I explained. "You found that in the night stand, then you began sliding it into my pussy, fucking me with it....it really felt good, thank you SO much Anyway, after you had it halfway inside me, you put the other end in your, well, your heinie there, and to put it bluntly, you had me fuck your butt. You seemed to like it, and I know I did."

"I did that?" she asked, looking perplexed.

"Yes, and I think it was one of the best orgasms you've ever had," I responded.

"Huh," she concluded. "Well, maybe next time we could do that while I'm awake. It kind of sounds like fun." Then she leaned down and kissed me again, her long, brown hair brushing over me very pleasantly. This kiss lasted for a long, long time while my hand caressed and squeezed her soft, warm breasts, and then we got up to prepare for the day ahead. Little did we know how exciting it would be....