Willing, Ch. 6

By Lisa Summers

"Hey, I'm gonna take a shower," I said to Virginia.

I was headed toward the bathroom, when I heard her ask, "Uh, is there room for two?"

I looked back at her, sitting on the bed nearly naked, her long brown hair attractively resting on her shoulder, curled along her neck. She smiled coquettishly, batting her long eyelashes at me. I felt a shiver run through me. I felt my nipples getting stiff, and I could see hers already were.

"Yeah, I think I could get you in," I said, smiling back at her. "I know the owner." Virginia got to her feet, and walked over to me, taking my hand in hers, love in her eyes. I couldn't resist, and kissed her, loving the feel of her lips on mine, the urgent press of her body into me. We bumped hips as we walked to the bathroom, the warm feel of her against me always welcome.

When we got there, Virginia slipped her panties off her wide hips, her back to me, displaying her absolutely delicious butt. She looked back at me over her shoulder. "Hey, don't look at me undressing," she said.

"I was just thinking about breakfast," I joked.

I turned on the faucet, adjusting the temperature to warm, near hot, and pulled the curtain so water wouldn't splash out. " 'kay," I said, as I stepped in, holding the curtain for her. Virginia stepped in and immediately slipped into my arms and we kissed deeply, as water ran in rivulets down our bodies.

"I've never been so happy, my entire life," Virginia whispered, her voice just audible over the hiss of the water. Her eyes were shining.

I felt a strange pang in my heart. I wasn't sure where it came from, but it seemed to be something like a fear that I'd wake up from a dream of love, alone, in the sleeper of my truck cab, on the way from here to there by myself. It was incredible to me that I was standing in the embrace of a woman who wanted nothing more than to be with me, loving me.

"Oh yeah, me too," I said. "But, c'mon, time's a-wasting, let's get cleaned up" I took a squirt of my herbal shampoo and began soaping up my hair. "Have you ever tried this?" I asked Virginia.

She looked at the bottle. "No, how is it?" she asked.

"It's wonderful," I said. "It's got a lovely fragrance, and my hair has a glossy sheen when I use it - see?" I shook my head from side to side like a model on TV, and Virginia burst out laughing.

"I almost expected to see your hair do something, like in the commercials," she said. "But it's only like two inches long..." I laughed along with her.

"It's the choice of butch dykes everywhere," I said, smiling. Virginia kissed me again, pressing her ultra-feminine body against me. Her pregnancy really agreed with her, at least so far. Her breasts seemed bigger, her hips more seductive - of course, I'd only known her less than a week, and she was only two months along, so there was a slight chance it might be my imagination.

"Well, why not try it?" I said. She shrugged, and turned her back to me, dipped her head under the shower, turning her tousled locks into a sheet of shiny wet hair, ready for shampooing. She looked over her shoulder, rather seductively, I thought, and looked at me.

"Okay," she said expectantly. Then it occurred to me that I was supposed to do her hair.

"Oops, sorry," I said, applying a dollop of the cream-colored goo to her scalp, then began massaging it in. "Mmm, that feels SO good," she moaned, pressing her round ass back into my crotch.

"Ohh, jeez, we're never gonna get out of the bedroom, are we?" I said, comically. "We're just gonna fuck ourselves to death, or starve to death when Sneezer the cat refuses to bring us dinner in bed anymore, or something..."

Virginia giggled. "Okay," she laughed. "But could you finish doing my hair, and then I'll do yours? It really DOES feel good, and I don't think anyone else has ever done my hair for me, except my mom, or the girl at Super Cuts."

"Okay," I agreed. "And I'd just like it noted for the record, that I really DO like fucking you, I'm not trying to get out of anything..." Virginia backed her ass into my crotch again, and looked around at me.

"Oh I KNOW you love to fuck, especially me."

"ONLY you," I corrected her. She shivered, maybe with happiness, the water was getting hot so it wasn't from cold. I finished up her hair. Even wet, her hair looks dynamite. "All done," I said.

She turned to face me, water droplets hanging from the end of each nipple, her whole body freckled with clear droplets. I smiled at her. "You look pretty, decorated with drops of water like that."

"Shut up, lesbian seductress," she said. "I wanna do your hair. I've got some ideas." She put some shampoo in her palm, then reached up and began doing my hair. Of course, it's not very long, I'm not that fem, so it didn't take long. Virginia giggled. "It sure doesn't take you long to do your hair, does it?"

Then we soaped each other up, and yes, it was quite enjoyable to run my hands over Virginia's slick, soapy, ultra-feminine body. What did you think I'd say? And you might be asking, did we make love again?

In a word.....no. We had both really lowered our energy levels for that kind of pursuit the night before. If you read Chapters four and five, you'll know that. But we both really enjoyed touching each other, and whispering fondly as we bathed. It was just a nice way to get closer to this woman who had stolen my heart. Soon enough, we got out and dried off, big, fluffy bath towels rubbed briskly over each other's body. The temptation was building to wrap Virginia in one of those towels, nearly bigger than she was, throw her back on the bed, and ravage her, but it was resisted - barely.

We both dressed for a day cleaning up around the house. We planned to go to Nouvelle Génération, the new lesbian and gay club Virginia had found in Fort Smith, later, after a quiet dinner at home, but for the meantime, it was jeans and a golf shirt for me, and a skirt with a cute cotton blouse for Virginia. We were both sitting at the kitchen table, and had finished our late breakfast.

"Okay, I'm gonna do your hair," Virginia announced. She pulled the table away from me, so I was just sitting in the straight-backed kitchen chair. "Sit up," she commanded me. I straightened up. "Don't fidget," she said.

"Fidget?" I asked.

"It's what my mother used to tell me when she was going to cut my hair, as a little girl," she explained. "I'm pretty sure it basically meant, 'if you get up, I will smack you SO hard...'" she said.

"Well, I won't get up then," I said. "But look, you're not going to doll me up are you? I like my look," I said.

"You mean, your butch look?" Virginia said, her hand on my shoulder. Then she turned and, straddling my legs and facing me, sat down in my lap, her face inches from mine, her pussy, covered only by her skirt, only inches from mine, which was, sadly, clothed in jeans.

"Baby, I LOVE your butch look," she said, her eyes on mine. "I ADORE it when you're on top of me, and in me...." Her eyes softened a little. I could see she wasn't kidding. She continued.

"I'm not gonna do anything to fem you up, sweetie. I don't want THIS to stop...." she took my hand, and brought it under her skirt, to her damp slit. She wasn't wearing any panties. She pressed my hand against her heat and wetness, and leaned forward to kiss me, her lips warm and soft on mine.

"And I want you inside me....fucking me. And speaking of fucking me, that thing you had up my butt last night? I'd like it in here, too," she said, pressing my hand against her hole again.

I gave an embarrassed cough. "Uh heh," I mumbled. "Um, you figured it out?"

"It's hard to stay asleep with a dick up your ass," she said, grinning.

"Why didn't you say anything?" I asked.

"Well....because I LIKED it, and because YOU liked it, and because you were having a REALLY good time." I began teasing her clit with my thumb and forefinger, but Virginia shooed me off, getting up off my lap, and grabbing the comb and scissors she'd placed on the kitchen counter, next to a large handheld mirror and a bottle of hair gel.

"No, no, no First your hair. Then if you want to have your way..." she promised. I shrugged.

Virginia began combing my hair, this way and that, and snipping at it here and there.

"Do you happen to know what you're doing?" I asked, a little timidly.

"Uh huh," she said. "I got a hairstylist's license in Arizona, and I've done a lot of boys' hair. And obviously, your hair is more like that than anything else. Don't worry, you'll still look dykey and hot when I get done." I let her get to her business. I respect a professional. She did her thing, then whipped out a handful of hair gel, and massaged it through my hair.

"God, that feels GOOD," I sighed, as her greasy fingers ran through my hair, followed by the comb.

"Yeah, it does, doesn't it? Everybody likes their scalp played with," she said absently, concentrating on my hair. I was surprised at how serious she looked doing my hair, but, like I said, I respect a professional when they're at their work.

Virginia walked around me about three times when she was done, just staring at my head, and 'tsking' a couple of times with her tongue between her teeth, then finally smiled, and said, "Okay, you're done." Then she picked up the hand mirror and showed me her work.

"Damn" I said. "That is HOT" I said. She looked at me, not sure if I was kidding her, or mad, or really liked it. She'd made my hair into an elevated flat top, about an inch higher than a guy's would be, and just combed down and closer to the scalp along the sides and back. Picture the leader of a '50's gang in a movie from that era, complete with the greasy hair look. The only thing missing was a spit curl in the front. And of course, I'm a dirty blonde.

Seriously, it was a combination of dykey butch, girl sexy, and pretty darned classy looking all at the same time. I could see somebody like Angelina Jolie doing her hair that way, and walking around in a wife beater - as I say, sexy

"So, you like it?" she asked, smiling, standing in front of me. I stood up and took her in my arms. We kissed passionately, then I spun her down my arm, did an Elvis sneer, and said, "Thank You Very Much," in my best impersonation of the King. She rolled her eyes.

Virginia gathered up the scissors and other paraphernalia, and took them to the main bathroom upstairs. I heard the doorbell ring, and went to answer it. I opened it, to see a good looking guy of about twenty-five standing there.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah, I'm looking for a woman, about twenty or so, brown hair, nice shape," he said.

"What?" I said. It was the oddest question I've ever gotten at my door - and I live in Arkansas.

"Yeah, her name's Virginia, Virginia Staples. I'm pretty sure you gave her a ride from Arizona, and I've been tracking her down, wanted to bring her home." He looked through me as though he expected me to lay down for him and let him come right on in.

Fuck It was Mike the Ass Hole. I hadn't seen him at all when he literally dumped Virginia in a truck stop parking lot. Her meth head ex-boy friend had come a-calling for something he had no right to.

I had not considered this happening.

"Oh, yeah, the hitch hiker....I let her off in Flagstaff. I think she was catching a bus to New Hampshire or Vermont, or something. Sorry I can't tell you much more than that, she didn't talk much. Sorry." I just looked at him, leaving the ball in his court. I didn't think Virginia was too interested in talking to him, but as much as I loved the girl, it wasn't my place to tell the guy to go to hell. I'd do it if she asked me to, or for that matter, send him there, or whatever else she wanted to do, but we hadn't planned for this eventuality.

"Oh...yeah?" he said, plainly not believing me. "That's too bad, I have the money I owe her, a couple thousand bucks." I was getting angry, either because HE was an idiot with that stupid story, or he thought I was an idiot who'd fall for it. Either way, I was done with this dog turd.

"Yeah, well, I hope you find her," I said, and started closing the door on him. The next thing I knew, the door was being slammed in my face, knocking me off my feet. This guy outweighed me by about 75 pounds and a couple of inches, but he REALLY got my blood up. He started kicking me, and screaming, "Where IS that fucking cunt, you fucking dyke???"

I took one shot to the stomach that knocked the wind out of me, then grabbed his Doc Marten on his second swing, and simultaneously twisted his foot and pushed his leg up into his hip. That threw him backwards on the floor, and I leaped on top of him and started choking him. I've been in a few fights with chicks his size who were probably as vicious as he was, but none of them had the muscle mass a guy would. It would be a matter of time before he wore me down.

I also saw that he had what looked like a snub nose revolver of some type in his right front pocket. Not that I'd care, but I can tell the difference between a guy's dick there, and a gun, and I figured he'd use it if he got a chance.

With the difference in size between us, and his obvious state of rage, it wouldn't be long before he'd have me down for good. So, choking him or kicking him in the nuts seemed the best choices to incapacitate him. Gouging eyeballs is on the list, too, but honestly, I'm too squeamish for that. Then I heard Virginia rushing down the stairs, screaming, "OHMIGOD Michael What the fuck are YOU doing here?? GET OFF LINDA, YOU ASS HOLE"

Between the two of us, busy as we were, it didn't seem that we were going to be explaining things to her in much detail, so I yelled.

"Virginia, in the cookie jar, the Colt Python" I hoped she'd understand. Other than my joke about crazy lesbos the night before, we hadn't talked about weapons, and I had no idea if she even knew how to use one. I always keep a loaded Colt Python (but only a 4 barrel, not a 6) in a cookie jar on the kitchen counter.

My immediate, half-assed plan, was to pray she'd get it, do NOTHING with it other than to bring it out to the great room. I'd break away from the Ass Hole, and then hold him under arms and call the cops. Of course, no battle plan, especially the half-assed ones, survives the first encounter with the enemy.

Ass Hole was punching my breasts as I continued to choke him. His face was turning redder, and his eyes were bulging out, so I knew I was getting somewhere, although the pain in my left breast where he kept hitting me, was making me see stars. We were both grunting like mad from the exertion.

All of a sudden, there was a loud 'BANG' from behind me, along with the crash of smashing glass from in front of me, the sound of one of the front windows being shot out. I immediately knew that Virginia had found the gun, but it had gone off. I was terrified that she'd shot herself accidentally. I whirled off Ass Hole to see.

Virginia was standing about ten feet away looking at the Python as though it were a snake (ha ha). She didn't look injured, but I jumped up and ran to her, taking the gun in my hand for safekeeping, and to use to keep the Ass Hole at bay.

"ARE YOU ALRIGHT??" I screamed at her. She just looked at me dumbly for a second, then nodded. I looked her over, and she did look okay, just a little stunned by the sound of the Colt. Then I turned to confront Ass Hole. The door was wide open, and he was high tailing it straight across the fallow farm field towards Miz Smith's house, about a mile away.

I could see his Isuzu out the front door, and I wondered why he hadn't just jumped in IT.

"Shit" I said. I held onto Virginia, who by this point started shaking, from her reaction to Ass Hole unexpectedly showing up, and the discharge of a weapon.

I grabbed my cell phone from the kitchen counter and called Miz Smith, the sweet little retiree neighbor. She picked it up after a ring or two.

"Hey, Miz Smith, it's Linda from down the street. There's a-"

"Oh, hello, Linda dear. How are you and that sweet Virginia doing?"

"Uh, just fine ma'am. Look, there's-"

"And Sneezer? I just adore that little calico...."

"Uh, fine. Listen, there's a very violent man headed your way. Lock ALL your doors and windows, stay inside. I'm calling the cops right now, and then I'm coming over. I'll explain later"

"Alright, dear, you have a nice-" I didn't listen for the rest, just ended the call, then dialed 911, getting the County Sheriff's office - my house is outside of the Fort Smith Police Department's jurisdiction. I reported an attack by a crazed assailant, the gun going off, and that he was last seen heading toward Miz Smith's, giving the operator the address of my house and Miz Smith's. She tried to keep me on the line, but she had all the information I had, and I had to go save Miz Smith. A woman in her 70's versus young meth head Ass Hole wouldn't turn out well.

"I'm going to Miz Smith's," I explained to Virginia, who had gotten over her momentary shock. "You stay here."

To my surprise, Virginia said, "No way in hell, I'm going with you. I want another shot at him" Running out the door, I noticed a set of car keys lying on the floor - they must have fallen out of Ass Hole's pocket. To my disgust, they were on a swastika keychain. "Jesus" I exclaimed, to no one in particular. And there was NO way I was gonna let Virginia take another shot at Ass Hole.

The two of us ran past Ass Hole's Isuzu, and jumped in the Jeep and peeled out for Miz Smith's place. I drove like a maniac - halfway there, we heard the sound of another gunshot.

"Shit" I screamed. "Shit Shit Shit" as I pounded the steering wheel on the short drive.

We pulled into the driveway right behind a sheriff's deputy. He'd heard the gunshot too, so we approached him cautiously, our hands up. I left my Colt in the Jeep. He had his service revolver out, taking no chances.

"We're the folks who called you," I explained, then filled him in on the story. I know some of the people in the Sheriff's Department, two of the female deputies would come into the Ace of Spades on occasion. I didn't know this guy, though. I said I'd heard a gunshot from this location, and the only occupant was an elderly lady. He called for backup.

As he was radioing in, the front door of Miz Smith's house opened, and out walked Miz Smith. We all three looked at her, then each other.

"Come out of the house, ma'am," the deputy directed her. "All the way out." She did, looking as relaxed as ever.

"Miz Smith, are you okay?" I yelled.

"Yes, dear. But I'm afraid that rude young man isn't."

"Ma'am, where's the assailant?" The deputy asked her.

"Oh, he's on the floor of my laundry room, in the rear of the house," she said, as calmly as if she were talking about a guest who had dropped in unexpectedly. "I'm afraid he's busy with stopping the bleeding from his leg," she explained. "I had to shoot him, the poor boy."

As it turned out, Miz Smith was fortunately armed, something most folks out in the country make a top priority these days. She'd nailed Ass Hole as soon as he forced open her rear door. I was relieved that she'd paid attention to my warning, but a little surprised at how deftly she'd handled the whole thing.

Well, the next few hours were a matter of police checking out both crime scenes, and taking our statements. Of course, both Miz Smith and I had permits for our weapons, and it was the belief of the sheriff's office that both shootings were justified. As he was leaving, the first deputy mentioned that they'd also found a 'distribution weight' of crack in one of Ass Hole's pockets.

"Besides going down for numerous assault, B & E, and unlicensed weapons charges for the revolver, this dude's gonna do a long stretch just for possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell. He MIGHT see daylight in thirty years or so. The jackass claims the old lady shoved it in his pocket - can you believe the nerve of that guy?" Virginia looked confused, but didn't say anything.

Finally, the cops left, and Virginia and I were standing with Miz Smith. "Lemonade, ladies?" she offered.

"Well, perhaps a little," I said as Virginia nodded, clinging to me. We talked to Miz Smith, and she assured us she was fine, and she really did appear unperturbed by the events of the day.

"There's just one thing I don't understand," Virginia said. "Mike was a meth head. I don't think he'd ever have anything to do with crack." Now it was Miz Smith's turn to look confused.

"Oh dear. I really AM losing my touch," she said, more to herself than to us. "I would have sworn he would pass for a crack dealer. Meth, you say?"

Virginia and I just looked at each other, dumfounded. Could Miz Smith be THAT devious? A sweet little old lady like her?

"Miz Smith, can I ask you a question?" I ventured.

"Certainly dear," she said.

"Ma'am, the rumors in the neighborhood about you getting Idi Amin thrown out of Uganda, are they true?" She looked at us so sweetly and innocently.

"Why, yes, dear. With the assistance of the Israeli Mossad and Pakistani Intelligence, of course."

"Of course," I said. "Ma'am, it is indeed an honor to know you." She nodded graciously.

"Don't be strangers, the both of you," she said. "I knew you'd get together, eventually. You make a lovely couple."

Virginia and I drove back to the house. We had to be available for any further statements, but other than that, we were free to go, which meant I could continue with my load of 'art' tomorrow, as planned. The only question was, would Virginia stay here in Fort Smith, or continue to her parents' in Fayetteville, NC?

When we walked through the door into my house, or rather, 'our' house, I took Virginia in my arms, and hugged her, and she, me, savoring the feel of each other's body. We were just so happy to have each other. Finally, Virginia spoke.

"I should have known something like that would happen. He must have watched you give me a ride, and either followed us the whole way, or done some detective work to find us. I don't think he was smart enough to do anything but follow us." She shivered. "I don't know what would have happened if you weren't there to protect me," she said, hugging me fiercely.

"Huh, anytime," I said offhandedly.

"You must be REALLY sore," she said, solicitously. "I want to check you over."

"Let's take a bath," I suggested. "I need to clean up for the club tonight, anyway."

"I forgot about that. Can I join you in the tub?" she said, with a little smile.

"I thought you'd never ask," I said. "That saves me from kidnaping you."

"Ohh, that's too close to what might have happened....or worse," Virginia said, her hands both around my right arm as we walked toward the spiral staircase. I gestured her first up the stairs - I cannot get enough of looking at her cute little tush, but this time I grabbed it when we were halfway up. Virginia squealed, then giggled, mock slapping at my hand.

"You can see it when we're in the tub together.....naked and slippery," she teased.

"Mmkay," I said.. We finished the short trip up to the main bathroom. I leaned over to turn on the water, when, "Owww" I yelped at a sharp pain in my side.

"What is it?" Virginia said, hurriedly, concern in her eyes.

"I dunno, when I leaned over, I felt a sharp pain, right about here..." I took her hand and put it on my stomach, right under my rib cage. "Oof," I said, as she pressed lightly.

"Let me see that," she said, starting to pull my shirt out of my pants.

"Hold on, let me get the bath started," I said, wincing as I bent over and turned on the faucet, then dumped in a couple of capfuls of the cucumber and melon bubble bath. I straightened up and sighed. "Okay."

Virginia unbuttoned my shirt, slowly pulling it off over my shoulders and head. "Jesus" she exclaimed as she looked at my belly and left breast. "You've got some ugly purple welts there" She traced over them with her fingers, hissing as she felt them, though I think I was just bruised, not actually swollen or lumpy or anything.

"I guess that's where Ass Hole kicked me, and punched me," I said. "It's sore."

"I should think so," Virginia said. "It looks terrible."

"Um, thanks," I said.

"Well, it does," she replied. "And it's not your fault. God, you got hurt saving me from him." She kissed my arm. "You should see a doctor and get it checked."

"Yeah, I will...later. Let's just have a good soak, okay, and then we can go out tonight." I watched Virginia as she undressed.

"What?" she said, noticing me looking at her. "Is there something on me?"

"Huh, no, I just like looking at you. And I REALLY like watching you take your clothes off."

It's funny, no matter how intimate you have been with someone, they can still be embarrassed to undress in front of you. Virginia was no different. Her face colored, and she held up the blouse she'd just taken off in front of her breasts.

"I know, it's silly, but I'm just shy to be naked in front of you just....I dunno, out of the blue, y'know?"

"Out of the blue?" I asked, absently swirling my fingers in the tub, to check the temperature. It felt perfect.

"Well, without you getting me...you know..." Her blush was deeper now.

"Getting you....excited?" I guessed. Virginia shook her head up and down, like a little girl verifying that, yes, she DOES believe in Santa Claus. I don't think she could say it, although last night she'd said all kinds of absolutely filthy and exciting things to me. I shrugged.

"Okay, I understand, but I'm gonna strip and get in the tub. Then I'll close my eyes so you can get in with me, okay?" I looked at my beautiful, though shy, Virginia.

"Okay," she said. "I know it sounds silly...." her voice trailed off as I pulled down my jeans, then my panties. Her eyes were on my pussy. I decided to tease her a little. I idly stroked one side of my crotch, my finger stroking up and down next to one of my labia, as though I were scratching an itch. Then, I pretended that my scratching was starting to turn me on a little - well, actually, playing with myself a little in front of Virginia WAS starting to turn me on.

I slowly ran my finger on top of my labia, then dipping it into my wetness inside, which was just beginning to form, and continued stroking, but both lips now, and I began stretching my body a little, moving my hips and ass, and sighing softly. I pretended to be completely absorbed in touching myself, but snuck a peek at Virginia. She was transfixed, her mouth open slightly, her tongue touching her lower lip.

"Ohh," I sighed, a little louder, then slid my forefinger inside myself to the first knuckle. I began caressing my breasts with my other hand, then deliberately looked up at Virginia, my eyes holding hers. Her eyes were wide, a sure sign of her excitement and receptivity to my playing. I smiled coyly at her, and her tongue licked both lips, her rate of breathing increasing.

She seemed unaware that she'd dropped her 'protective' blouse. I stepped over to her, and brushed my lips over hers. She shivered with pleasure. I took my wet finger, and brought it up to her eyes, so that she could see the girl cream on it. She gulped, her chest heaving slightly now, her nipples becoming erect. As her eyes followed my moistly glistening forefinger, I brought it under her nose. I could see her inhaling through her nostrils, taking in the scent of her woman, and she shivered again, swallowing twice in rapid succession.

Then I lowered my finger to slip my hand inside her skirt and panties. With my hand pinned by the waistband against her swelling stomach, I unbuttoned her skirt with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand, and my fingers continued on to her sweet little mound. Guessing that her slit would be wet already, I slowly forced my forefinger, still moist with the residue of my own excitement, inside her slit.

"Ohhh," she whispered, rising up on her tip toes as I penetrated her. I moved my finger in a 'come here' motion inside her, as she moaned, her hips rotating, her anticipation rising, her impending cum building inside her. I felt her arms go around my neck, and our cheeks caressed.

"Fuck me," she whispered in my ear, pressing her soft breasts and hard nipples into mine. "Fuck me hard, baby, and I'll do ANYTHING for you..." she whispered in my ear, the tip of her pink tongue touching my ear. Now it was my turn to shiver with pleasure. I slipped my finger out from inside her, then circled it around and on, her stiff clit. Her hips jerked into me as she came, she pressed her lips onto my cheek, and her knees buckled.

She was hanging on, her arms around my neck the only thing holding her up, until I threw both hands under her ass, and held her close as she orgasmed in my arms, her heart beating madly, and she bit my shoulder again, something I was coming to associate with Virginia's pleasure. I was beginning to like it.

"Okay, baby," I coaxed her, after she had regained her strength. "Now you can strip for me, huh?" I grinned at her. She wriggled her cute little nose at me, and finished undressing, not a bit shy this time, even running her fingertips along her breasts, and then along her labia, just to tease me. I held her hand as she daintily stepped into the garden tub, and languidly curled herself along the tub bottom in the bubble-laden water. Then I followed her in, sitting down next to her, then lying back in the hot water, relaxing in its luxuriousness, as Virginia lay on top of me, both of us partially supported by the water.

We lazily kissed, enjoying the soft haze of her post-coital pleasure. Somewhere in our moist, steamy, lazy bubble bath, we both fell asleep, our bodies and minds completely relaxed after our harrowing morning into afternoon. It's not often that two girls can have sex, a good breakfast, combat a crazed ex-boyfriend, more sex followed by a relaxing bath, with the promise of a fun evening out on the town, all in the same day. But we had to get it in, because my schedule was tightening up again, with a full truck load of 'art' in my front driveway that I had to get to North Carolina.

"Ohhh," I sighed, jostling Virginia as I awoke. "Looks like we nodded off, honey." The water was cool around us.

"Oh, man, did we really?" she smiled up at me sleepily. I leaned down and kissed her, her mouth warm and a little wet - I think she'd been drooling in her sleep. She yawned as we kissed.

"Ooh, sorry," she mumbled. "I have trouble waking up from midday naps."

"Mmmm," I said. "Well, whadda you want to do?" I asked. "Just bag going out tonight, or go finish our nap in a warm and cozy bed, or force ourselves to wake up, get dressed, and go out?"

"I'd really like to get into bed with you," Virginia began, which sounded like the best option to me, "but I'd rather get a chance to show you off to the other women at this club."

Ugh. Women always choose things like that. Showing off something instead of fucking.

"Okay," I agreed. "Let's get dressed then." I could always hope that she'd change her mind halfway through getting dressed. Unfortunately, the words, "Oh honey, I've changed my mind. Can we just spend a cozy evening at home?" never came, so we found ourselves heading out to Nouvelle Génération, the new lesbian club in Fort Smith.

We'd never been anywhere together except traveling, and shopping, so this was pretty much our first date.

Even though we'd slept together already.

Even though we had decided we were in love. It's a crazy world these days.

Anyway, we parked and headed in to the club, which was close by the district we'd gone shopping at the day before. The club itself was on Garrison Avenue. There was actually a really hot, raven-haired latina at the door, checking IDs and turning away obvious straight gawkers, though there seemed to be straight, lez and gay couples in the place. I had to think that the black-haired chick couldn't be the bouncer, as she looked way more elegant than she did as a bruiser.

That seemed like a good sign, as the door chicks at every other lez bar I'd ever been to were about twice my size, and three times uglier than me. Some places, like the Ace of Spades, were so dead that they didn't bother with someone at the door, just a bartenderette with a cut off baseball bat hidden behind the bar.

We found ourselves a table in the back after walking past a clump of about 15 2-tops, with a very small singer's stand at the front by the bar, then a nice wooden dance floor, about half filled with girls dancing, then a mixture of a dozen 2-tops, and about 10 4-tops in the back. There was a long mahogany bar along about half the length of the place, maybe thirty feet long. The door to the restrooms, an unlabeled door, probably to the manager's office, and a fire exit filled out the wall to the rear of the bar.

"This okay?" I asked Virginia over the loud, bouncy music.

She nodded. "Uh huh," she had to say, a couple of times, until I caught what she was saying. She shrugged, and gestured towards the speakers scattered around. I nodded, agreeing with her. It was pretty loud. It finally quieted down after about five minutes, I guess the manager noticed it was a little loud and turned down the amp.

We sat together, our bodies touching, and faced the dance floor. The girls dancing were pretty cute, for the most part. The butch girls weren't overly butch. I mean, no denim overalls, or rolled up sleeves, trucker ball caps, that kind of thing. It seemed to me that they were getting a higher class clientele here than at the Ace of Spades. The fem girls looked really cute, and about half looked to be college age, the rest late twenties and a sprinkling of thirty-somethings like me.

"What kind of music is this?" I asked Virginia.

"Oh, that's called 'Trance,'" she said.

"What? Trancer?" I asked.

"TRANCE," Virginia said, giggling. I couldn't help but laugh too. "It's electronic dance music, kind of bouncy, fast, you know," she said, a little louder for my benefit.

"What would you two like?" We were both startled by the voice, as we'd been intent on trying to hear each other, and the music cut off just as the voice began speaking. Virginia and I looked to our left, to see a really gay looking waiter smiling impatiently at us.

"Well, come ON ladies, I'm not getting any YOUNGER," the waiter said, tapping his toe impatiently.

"Geez, man, just hang on, would you? We just got here, PLUS this is our first time here. What do you HAVE?" Well, I guess that made all the difference, because he just changed his attitude completely.

"You're NOOBIES? Well, paint my butt pink and call me ELIZABETH"he exclaimed. Virginia and I looked at each other and giggled.

"Okay, girls," he said in a more normal voice, but still VERY effeminate, "MY name's Drew, and I'm VERY pleased to meet you. This place is Nouvelle Génération, and we hope to make it the hottest, most welcoming gay and lesbian hot spot south of the Mason-Dixon line. So, welcome"

He then went on to explain all about the place, where everything like the restrooms were, how to order, and so on. One thing he said caught my ear.

"You said you serve meals here?" I asked. He nodded.

"Yes ma'am, we do," he said. "Would you like to see a menu?"

"Please," I said. He brought one over, and I ordered a Sam Adams White Ale and Virginia had a Prostel Alkoholfrei that the waiter recommended. I'd never heard of that, but I'm learning there's an awful lot I don't know. We weren't planning on staying out late in any case, since we'd already had a pretty exciting day, and neither of us could think of anything better than being with each other in a warm bed anyway.

This night was more of a 'check out the new place' kind of a date, and so far I was pretty pleased. Virginia looked like she liked the place, and she told me so. Her hand was warm and soft in mine as we watched the people on the dance floor. There were two women on the floor we noticed right away, one a blonde with shoulder length hair, a little older, maybe in her thirties, and dressed like a professional woman, like a lawyer or something. The other black-haired, in a pixie cut, much younger, dressed like a student. They were both very cute, both fem, and pretty good dancers.

At one point, one of the two girls noticed us looking at them, and pointed us out briefly to her girl friend. They continued dancing, then went to sit down, a few tables away from us. Almost immediately after they returned to their 2-top, the pixie cut girl came over to our table, and introduced herself.

"Hi, my name's Amy, and my girl friend over there is Brenda. I know this is kind of forward, but by any chance were you all over at Creative Kitchen yesterday? You looked familiar, and I wondered if you were the same couple."

"Yeah, that was probably us, we were there yesterday," I said. I looked at Virginia. "We're new here, we don't really know anyone in this club...would you guys like to sit with us?" The whole time, Virginia didn't show any of the little cues that would tell me if I ws going off the rails, so I felt okay about making the invitation.

"I dunno," Amy said. "Let me check with Brenda." She wandered back over to her own table, leaned over and said a few words to the blonde. She looked over at us, and shrugged, then nodded, getting up and picking up both their mixed drinks.

The two girls made their way over to us. I was pleased to see how cute they were up close, but also a little disturbed by my physical reaction to them, given that I'd fallen in love with Virginia, and really determined to be faithful to her. Still, it is always pleasant to look at a beautiful girl, isn't it? I looked over at Virginia, and she seemed interested too. She looked over at me uncertainly.

Virginia and I moved over to the4-top next to us, sitting closely next to each other, and the two women sat on the other side, also touching, clearly 'together' as Virginia and I were. Up close, it became clear that, while Amy was college aged, Brenda was more in her late twenties, or even early thirties. Very cute and fem, though, both of them.

We introduced ourselves all around. Amy was 'Amy Lomborg,' and Brenda was 'Brenda Cartwright.'

"So, what's your story?" Brenda asked. She was clearly the more assertive of the couple.

I explained how Virginia and I had met, and had fallen in love on our cross-country journey. From their smiles, and the way they interacted, Virginia and I both gathered that Amy and Brenda had a similar story, and we were interested in hearing it.

After I finished, not leaving out too many graphic details, I said, "So, tell us how you two met."

Brenda began their story.

"I'm an adjunct professor at Webster University's Fort Smith Metro campus, teaching courses in Musical Theatre, in the Department of Theatre and Dance. Amy's a senior in the Department, majoring in Theatrical Production - you like to keep your sweet looks back stage, huh, honey?"

Amy smiled at this, and squeezed Brenda's hand.

"Anyway, I had been married to my high school sweetheart for six years. We'd gotten married our senior year of college, then I'd gone on to get my Ph.D, and begin teaching at Webster. I had no idea I could ever be interested in another girl, or maybe I just really did a good job of suppressing my attraction to females. In any case, I had no clue.

Amy, on the other hand, has known she was a lesbian since - what, when you were about twelve?"

Amy nodded, and agreed.

"So, when the whole thing started, it came as a distinct surprise to me. Amy says she knew I was a lesbian all along, even if I didn't know. We were putting on a production of Tartuffe, with me directing, a cast of dozens, Amy as one of the stage hands, and one girl in particular, Samantha Brooks, who was playing 'Mariane', who is a girl of marriageable age in the play. She was, to put it mildly, "hot."

As director, I found myself handling all sorts of things back stage, including fetching things for the actors. I guess it's a little different on Broadway, or for that matter, Off-Broadway. I got a note from Samantha, via one of the extras, that she needed a bottle of water in her dressing room, as her throat was 'a little sore.' A sore throat in a key player can be fatal in a stage production, what with the need for them to project their voices.

I hustled back to her dressing room, really, just a little closed off cubicle. I was stunned to see her reclining back on her chair, with her legs up, and somebody under her voluminous period dress, doing something, which it gradually occurred to me, was eating her pussy. Samantha's blouse was open, and her full breasts and nipples exposed. Even in my shock, I had to admire their beauty, really quite magnificent. I was slow to react - I had never actually seen such a thing, though I had, from time to time, read passages in fiction which had briefly described such things, and I confess, I lingered over those passages, and even thought about them later, when my husband was busy trying to please me.

"Oh, my," Samantha cried, in the most dramatic, unconvincing way. "I didn't expect you NOW" She moved to rearrange herself, again, rather unconvincingly, and the person under her skirt backed out. I was very surprised to see that it was Amy. Of course, she was dressed in black jeans and a tee shirt, typical for stage hands - I had thought it was one of the males in the crew.

I knew Amy, she was one of my students the previous semester. A sweet girl-"

She smiled at Amy and kissed her.

"-but I had no idea she was interested in other girls, though thinking back, in class she was definitely tomboyish - look at me, calling my lover 'tomboyish.' "

Brenda smiled at her own naivete.

"Well, it was a little embarrassing, but definitely exciting. I felt a strange excitement in a part of my body where I'd never actually felt such a thing. You can guess what that might be Amy mumbled a few things, the funniest was, 'Hello, Professor Cartwright.'"

"Umm, hello Amy," I said, not knowing how else to respond. Amy said something about having to see to the curtain drops for Act 2, and backed out. I noticed her wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand, and wondered what she was wiping off, until I figured it out. I felt as though I were a slow learner sitting in Honors class. Sex hadn't been a big part of my marriage, or my social life before marrying. Really, I could take it or leave it, fucking a man wasn't that exciting.

"Ohh, Professor, I'm so sorry," Samantha said. "I don't know how to explain it," she said. "I think there's something wrong with me..."

"Wrong?" I asked her. I was still all at sea, picturing Amy's face so close to Samantha's vagina.

"Yes, look," Samantha said. She released the clip holding her skirt and petticoats on, and they draped themselves over the chair as she stood, her entire lower body instantly naked.

"Samantha, where are your panties...why did you do that?" I asked her, confused.

"Look," Samantha said, then stepped closer to me, took my hand, and pressed it to her vagina. Remotely, I remember thinking that grammatically she would have been more accurate in saying 'feel this,' rather than 'look,' but that thought fled rather quickly.

Amy giggled next to her. I looked at Virginia. She looked highly entertained.

"Oh, Professor Cartwright....may I call you Brenda....I don't understand why I'm so wet, and hot...do you?" Her eyes bored into mine, her lips approached my cheek. I didn't quite understand what was going on, but I could feel an exciting glow rising in my chest, up toward my face. It wasn't embarrassment, but sexual excitement I was feeling. I'd barely ever touched my own vagina...my pussy, and certainly never that of another girl.

Her lips came closer to my cheek, my hand still on her pussy, and I realized I would let her kiss me, and that her hand was no longer holding my hand against her pussy, which most certainly WAS both hot and wet. My hand was just staying there of its own accord. I noticed a beckoning scent filling the small room, and I realized it was Samantha's pussy giving off an excited fragrance of feminine sexuality. I then felt a distinct itch in my own pussy.

Then her warm, soft lips touched me, completing an electrical circuit, and I felt powerless when her lips removed themselves from contact with my cheek, then touched back down on my lips. It was like an instant revelation to me. I had been married for six years to a wonderful man who had made love to me dozens of times over that span..."

Virginia and I looked at each other, I could see Virginia doing the math in her head, then we both looked to Amy. She shrugged and grinned.

"...and never once had I felt with him the excitement I felt from a beautiful girl merely kissing me on the lips. I felt my breathing increase, become shallower. My breasts were heaving, my nipples becoming hard, and then I felt a strange tickle at my pussy, and to my shock, I realized I was becoming wet there.

When Samantha brought her hand down between my legs and began hitching up my knee length wool skirt, I felt powerless to stop her - no, that's a cop out - I didn't WANT to stop her, I even spread my stance a little, realizing that her fingers were going to be at my pussy any second. The back of her hand as it rode up my inner thigh, her fingers busy on the fabric, felt like a soothing massage building the anticipation inside my clitoris. For once I could pin down EXACTLY where that maddening pressure was, my clitoris, that never before seen (in my life, anyway) pearl of pleasure between my legs.

I felt my arms go around Samantha's neck, I badly wanted to feel a female, with her inner sexual wisdom, in my arms, to smell the fragrance of a woman's body, to feel HER touching and stimulating me. I was approaching a near volcanic level as she expertly brought me higher and higher, from prim, married woman to eager sapphic initiate.

Samantha's other hand went to my breasts, her hand outside of my thin blouse, but I could feel it burn my skin with sexual, lust-filled promise as though I were naked, no blouse or bra to stop her from making me cum. I don't know how she knew, maybe it was just chance, but my breasts have always been very sensitive. On the few occasions when I'd masturbated as a single girl (something I'd NEVER done as a married woman), my breasts had played a very prominent role, as my fingers kneaded and caressed them.

Then her fingers reached my pussy, brushing against it through my panties.

"Mmm, your little pussy is wet," Samantha moaned into my ear, her lips now on my ear. "Its making your panties wet....I'd LOVE to lick your sweet little slit," she sighed, her warm breath racing over my ear lobe.

I started panting, needing just the slightest little push to cum explosively, to ascend to lustful, lesbian heaven, to realize that all I could ever want, all I could desire, would be to immerse myself in naked, writhing female bodies, licking, sucking, filling sweet, tight, wet holes, and having my holes ceaselessly filled by strong women and girls.

Suddenly, Amy swung open the door. "Jesus Christ, Samantha, your scene's up in 30 seconds"

Samantha became a blurry whir as she threw me off, reattached her clothes, and rushed off to do her soliloquy, the one scene she didn't have to share with anyone else. Say what you will about Samantha, she could really focus when it came to her star turn

So, there I was, all ready to fuck, and she'd left me in the lurch.

That was when I saw Amy close the door behind her, with just the two of us in the close confines of Samantha's dressing room. Amy didn't say a word, she stepped over to me, inclining her face to mine, obviously to bring her lips to mine, to kiss, to join me orally with another ripe, ready, lusty and beautiful young college student.

I had no hesitation....my clit wouldn't have let me do anything else, anxious as it was to explode for the first time. I put my arms around Amy's neck, easily allowing her to replace Samantha as the woman who would fuck me and bring me to my first lesbian orgasm. To be fair, I would have spread my legs for any woman who entered at that moment, who was so inclined to take me."

"It was MY good luck that it was my beautiful Amy," Brenda said, looking at the raven-tressed girl with the short hair sitting next to her.

Virginia sighed. "Aww," she said. Amy looked rather proud.

So Amy pressed me against the wall of the cubicle, and knelt before me, slowly lifting up my skirt, to gaze hungrily at my panty clad pussy, said Brenda as she continued with her story.

"How beautiful you are," Amy said, as she pushed the hem of my skirt into my paralyzed fingers. She just expected that I would be an accomplice in her understudy seduction, the star player having fled the scene. And she was right. I was powerless to stop her from doing whatever she wanted to do to my sex-starved body, humming with need for her like a tuning fork.

And I would have done to her anything she wanted me to....and I did.

Amy traced her fingers lightly over my inner thighs, my sighs and gasps of pleasure sweet musical accompaniment to the pleasure she was bringing my highly strung body. When she began to trace her warm, soft lips over those same places, I quivered with the beginnings of what would be dozens of orgasms. It was as though they had been accumulating in me all my adult and adolescent life, and Amy was the ultimate key to loosing them.

I felt her hot breath on the crotch of my panties, then the flick of her tongue on the damp fabric, as streams of multi-colored electricity coursed straight from my pussy into my brain. Amy pressed her lips on my pussy, as I cursed my panties for their obstruction. I reached down and pulled them down off my ass and hips, the soft, wet fabric gathering in a knot at the top of my thighs, just under my curved ass globes.

Amy reached around my hips, her fingers lightly caressing, then squeezing my sensitive bottom, ass cheeks quivering under her warm, strong feminine touch. "Uhh, kiss me there," I moaned, my darkest sexual thoughts from my repressed youth coming back to wash through my imagination. "Lick me, tease my holes with your sweet lips."

Amy didn't disappoint me. She licked the crease between my thighs and pubic area, millimeters away from placing her mouth on my pussy, as it dripped with desire. Then, after preparing the way so wetly, she dipped her rough tongue between my silky and wetly gleaming labia, fucking me with her mouth, lapping up my copious love cream. Her tongue fucking in and out of my highly tuned cunt, brought me to cum after cum, my hips rocking with intense pleasure, my fingers curling through her short hair, as I humped myself onto her face, avid to eat my feminine center.

Amy's lips fastening over my unhooded, unprotected clit, brought me to a massive orgasm, and I produced a scream of pleasure that was surely heard in Little Rock, if not in the audience watching the night's play. I could only imagine the secret thoughts of each woman in that audience, at the pleasure some unknown female was experiencing and voicing, and had I the ability, I would at that moment have gladly licked and kissed the pussies and ass holes of each of them, the thought of hundreds more female slits hot and wet for me bringing me to a second crashing orgasm in a matter of seconds.

"My god," I exclaimed. Amy laughed.

"It's all true," she said. "And imagine Samantha's frustration at that point. She had to hear it, on stage."

Virginia and I both squirmed in our seats, but were enjoying ourselves greatly.

"So, I shook and quivered and nearly crushed poor Amy's head as I tried to shove it up my cunt," Brenda laughed, continuing again her story.

Of course, I was exhausted, part of my rampant desire for another woman sated. But not all of it

I urged Amy to her feet, and framing her sweet face in my hands, brought her lips to mine, savoring the hot, moist smell of a woman's pussy juices - MY pussy juices - that coated her face and neck so abundantly. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, over her incredibly, wonderfully soft lips, lapping up her saliva, my cum, whatever fluids she wished to bestow on me. Later, we would discover other fluids of ours we could enjoy together, but this is the story of my first time, no?

Amy didn't particularly need much by way of encouragement. You see, she had been secretly in love with me ever since the previous semester, and, suspecting what even I did not suspect, had arranged the entire affair - the note supposedly from Samantha for ME to bring water, her timely seduction of Samantha, not for Samantha's sake, but rather to bait ME, the overall timing so that Samantha could not possibly consummate her subsequent seduction of me.....well, you can see how a woman that devious and brilliant rarely comes along, and you must grab her while you can

"Incredible," I murmured to myself.

"Indeed," agreed Brenda.

So, I took the lead for once. I broke our sweet, sweet kiss, Amy's moist mouth reluctantly removed from its communion with mine, and began unbuttoning her black jeans. Brass rivet loose, zipper pulled down, stripped off her hips, to the floor, kicked off to some far corner, faded khaki tee shirt pulled over her head, cast away to join jeans - just like that, my dream girl was naked.

Pushed back onto dressing table top, stage makeup bottles scattered everywhere, on her back, lifting her slim thighs and legs up, up, and up

I had my naked, sweet young seductress just where I imagine she wanted to be - compliant, submissive and available for me to take, in any manner I chose. She willingly and eagerly held her thighs to her breasts, her ripe, ready and as yet ignored pussy opening its small, tight flower-like self to me. I knelt between her slim, pale thighs, marveling at the utter beauty we women carry around with us, but must hide from others, the small, slight, pink, red and purple Orchid of Pleasure, glossy and glistening as though with the morning dew, smelling of the most intoxicating fragrance humankind could ever conceive.

I leaned forward, inhaling the pleasant aroma of her excited, sweet vagina, her fresh, young body demurely abundant with the pleasures of womanly cream. Trickles of her fluid traveling from the bottom of her slit, to be discovered by my questing mouth later on the way to her other feminine treasures.

I lapped at her hole, my first taste of another woman's pussy, of the heart of her sex. I marveled, and salivated at the slick smoothness of her small labia, almost childlike in dimension, but quickly swelling as Amy realized that her deepest desires of lust and womanly sex would soon be realized. Heat from those small lips, guarding an even smaller opening.

I imagined that her vagina, so small and delicate, would be damaged irreparably by a man's crude thrusts, but that a woman's tongue would tease and please it perfectly. I dreamed that Amy's pussy, in short, was the first created by our Creator for the touch only of another woman. I would respect that divine provenance, by worshiping her there.

"Such a sweet, beautiful pussy you have, Amy," I whispered. "I would love to spend eternity licking and kissing you to madness. Shall I?" I asked.

She groaned. "Fuck me, Professor Cartwright. Make me cum, I want to cum on your face, and your thrusting fingers, and on your naked body," she whispered. I couldn't wait any longer, I lapped at her thick wetness, the taste of her female cream both salty and musky on my tongue. I lewdly kissed her labia as though they were her lips, rapidly thrusting my tongue in her, her tightness, and silky heat there was heaven-like.

I brought my fingers to her clit, circling her emerging pink nubbin with my forefinger, slowly at first, then faster, increasing the slight pressure, her hips tensing as her anticipation of abrupt release built inside her.

"Unnnh," Amy moaned. "Oh god, yes, fuck me with your sweet tongue, baby, ohh, your finger is driving me fucking CRAZY Uhh, yeah, that's it....so good..Ummmm, yessss, I'm cumming, cumming, cumming, YES YESSSS Her thighs squeezed together reflexively as Amy spasmed, my tongue inside her, her hands vainly trying to reach me to press my face harder into her opening, gushing as it was with her fluid.

I lapped gently at her as she came down from her orgasmic high, the sexual tension visibly leaving her body, muscles relaxing, small satisfied sounds from her throat. Then I pushed her legs towards her breasts a little further, and lightly licked her small, pink ass hole, tightly puckered and full of so many promises of future pleasure for us both.

I heard Amy's voice, still shaky from her orgasm. "Baby, please don't get started on my ass hole HERE. We're liable to get arrested if you do...."

"And that was both my first time, and how Amy and I got together," Brenda said to the three of us at the table. "My divorce followed a year later, and Amy and I have never looked back."

"Wow, that's a great story," I said. Virginia nodded her agreement.

"Would you like to hear MY first time?" Amy asked, shyly.

"Sure," Virginia and I said in unison, and probably a little too loudly. Brenda and Amy laughed.

"Okay," Amy said, beginning her story.

I realized early on, that I was a lesbian. I used to dream, for years, of hugging and kissing other girls and women, but I had NO idea of the actual mechanics of how girls "did it." As a result, it

wasn't until Orientation week at Webster University that I got clued in, ie, lost my virginity to another girl. Make that, 'girls.'

Orientation is held during the summer, before Freshman year, when the campus is pretty much deserted. The intent is simply to familiarize the young freshmen with the campus, so that they'll be comfortable when they come back for the real stress of classes. It's also an opportunity to start making college friendships, some of which may last a lifetime.

Because the campus is deserted, it's possible to wander off and not be disturbed by anybody, but every freshman orientation group of thirty or so, is assigned a group leader overall, and each freshman has a 'Personal Buddy' who can 'take them under their wing,' and answer any and every question.

Our group leader for this orientation group in July was Melissa Perkins, a junior, and my Personal Buddy was Elly Samuels, a sophomore. Orientation lasts three days, so there's plenty of opportunity to interact, especially with your Personal Buddy. You're assigned to room for the three days with your Personal Buddy, to get a sampling of dorm life.

I found Elly to be really cute and friendly, and a natural attraction seemed to form between us. She had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, a cute face, and an athlete's body, tall and slim. She played softball for the school, and she spent the whole orientation wearing hiking shorts and a softball jersey. Melissa, on the other hand, was red-haired, with long, curly hair, big green eyes that looked even bigger behind the thick glasses she wore, and dressed very conservatively, in a long skirt and long-sleeved blouse.

Webster seemed to be a big improvement over my religious-based high school, which was pretty rigid, and homophobic. I got little vibes off Elly that maybe she could like girls too, but I had zero experience with gaydar, and I was terrified that I'd make a mistake if I said too much.

Our first day was wonderful, I learned a lot about Webster, and it seemed like a good place to get my degree. After dinner in the dining hall that first evening, Elly and I retired to our room, which had two double beds. Elly surprised me by pulling out a bottle of a white wine, some kind of Portuguese wine in a funny shaped bottle.

"Let's celebrate," she said. "You learned a lot today...and there's a lot more to learn." She smiled, a very pretty smile, I thought.

"Umm, okay," I said. I figured I wasn't the one who made the rules, and she'd know if it was okay or not to drink on campus, since I was only eighteen. We began talking about school, which then turned into talk about the social life there. The whole time she was kind of vague about gender of the people she went out with, she'd never say "My boyfriend kissed me," rather she'd say "my friend kissed me," or "my date kissed me," or something like that.

We got halfway through the bottle, and I was starting to feel light headed, I wasn't much of a drinker at eighteen. She suggested we watch TV, then insisted we 'get on the bed and cuddle' to get comfortable, that 'that's the way we do it in college.' Truthfully, that was fine with me, my

inhibitions were slowly disappearing, and cuddling with a cute college girl would have been about as close to heaven as I'd ever been.

I don't remember what we were watching, it was just some movie. I do remember her telling me stuff about it, like what other movies the star was in or something, but her voice was just a sweet

sound in my ear, as she lowered her voice. We were both lying on our side, she was behind me with me kind of spooning into her. She began massaging my ears, it really sounds funny, doesn't it, but it felt really nice. I giggled, and then she began massaging my neck softly, I guess now I'd say she was caressing it. I really became aware of the heat and softness of her behind me, of course we had our clothes on, shorts and shirts.

I sighed, it felt so good. She whispered in my ear.

"Does that feel good?" she whispered, her voice just a light, little feather, her breath warm over my ear.

"Yeah," I said back, then she lightly rolled me onto my back, facing up at her. She paused a few seconds, looking in my eyes - her eyes were so blue, and beautiful - then she leaned her face into mine and softly kissed me. Even if I was really experienced, I think I would have thought it was beautiful, the way it happened. But as inexperienced as I was, I fell in love with her, just for treating me so sweetly and lovingly like that.

Our lips were joined together for the longest time, and I could see she knew how to kiss, which was good, because I didn't. When her tongue slipped into my mouth, I was shocked, but then I became excited. It seemed like the sexiest thing one girl could do to another, put her tongue in her mouth, and I still think that, kind of.

Then I felt her caressing my arms, where they were bare, and, oh man, that felt like heaven, too. I moaned, and she broke the kiss, smiled down at me, and said, "Do you like that, little one?"

I nodded and smiled up at her. "Yeah...yes," I said, really wanting her to know I liked it and hoped she wouldn't stop. And that I really liked her.

She moved over to kind of running her hands over my breasts, kind of seeing what I said.

I didn't say anything, I liked it. I could feel my nipples getting harder, and making two little pointy places in the shirt. I started to get embarrassed, and put one arm over my breasts, and she said, "What?" kind of joking with me, and lightly pulled my arm away.

"You're so pretty, don't hide how pretty you are," she said.

"No I'm not," I said, kind of shy, kind of wanting her to say it again, and moving my arm back over myself.

"Oh, believe me, sweetie, YOU are beautiful," she said, and I looked up at her, my eyes getting blurry.

"I am?" I said, then she took me in her arms, holding me really close, and kissed me, and I kissed her back, and I knew she really DID think I was beautiful, and I loved her SO much then. I felt her hands all over my body, and I wanted it, I wanted her to touch me in the places I'd

touched myself but was afraid I'd get in trouble for....and she DID touch me there, again and again, and in the best ways that made me not care if I'd get in trouble.

"I want to see how beautiful you are," she said, sitting up. Knowing my face was getting red from blushing, I twirled around where I was sitting next to her.

"See?" I teased. Then I felt her fingers on the bottom of my tee shirt, pulling it up, over my head.

"There," she said, as I found myself naked, at least on top, in front of her. I thought, what could be the harm, she was another girl, I couldn't get pregnant or anything, plus I WANTED to be naked, and to see her naked, too.

"Hey" I exclaimed, but I was thrilled that she was looking at my breasts, and that she LIKED them. I could see it in her eyes, and in the little smile playing over her mouth.

"I won't be shy if you take off your top," I said. I really wanted to see her breasts.

"Sure," she said, pulling her top off without a moment's hesitation. Her breasts were bigger than mine, and you can see mine are a pretty good size..."

"Very nice," I said.

"Yes, nice," Virginia agreed. Amy looked pleased. Brenda giggled and rolled her eyes.

"So, it seemed pretty natural to cup each other's breasts, especially since she encouraged me to touch hers. Her breasts were warm, and soft, I enjoyed touching her. It felt so....feminine, I guess, like something all women should share. Of course, she was feeling mine, and cupping and squeezing them, and she complimented me on how beautiful my pink nipples were, and how she loved the color of them.

Then we hugged again, and kissed, our breasts now touching, with nothing between us, and she started whispering in my ear about how close we were that way, and why didn't we take our shorts and panties off so we could be totally close?

After a couple of glasses of wine, and wanting badly to see her body naked, I pretended to be shy, but finally said, "Okay, I'll take mine off, IF you take yours off."

Then she surprised me, and said, "Let's take each other's clothes off, that'll be even more fun." I hadn't expected anything like that, but the idea excited me.

"Um, okay," I said. So I stood in front of her as she sat on the bed. She put her hands on the waistband of my terrycloth shorts, and began sliding them down off my butt and hips, pulling them out as she went so they wouldn't pull my bikini panties off. As she did, she made sure to cup

my ass cheeks, and caress my thighs as she pulled them down. That felt very nice, and I thought that I'd do the same to her. I looked down to see a wet spot in my panties at my pussy. I hoped she wouldn't notice.

Then Elly kind of caressed down my legs, first one then the other, from near my pussy all the way down to my toes, using her fingernails, and her fingertips. I was in heaven, I'd never felt anything as good as that. I shivered with pleasure, then Elly put one of her hands between my thighs, right under my pussy. As a matter of fact, her thumb was resting on my pussy, tapping it a little. I squeezed my thighs together, and she grinned at me. "Not through yet, baby," she said.

I rested my hands on her shoulders, as Elly cupped my ass through my panties. She slid her hands inside the back of my panties, without taking them off me, and I knew my panties were getting very wet then, especially as her middle fingers trailed down the cleft between my ass cheeks, over my rear hole. She pulled me to her and began kissing, then sucking, my bare breasts, her warm lips finding my nipples and sucking on them. I felt a shock go straight from my nipples to my pussy, and moaned, my head leaning back, as I heard Elly's throaty chuckle.

Her finger continue to play with my rear hole, tracing around the outside, then teasing her way inside, until I was moaning with excitement. "Like that, baby?" she whispered. In front of me she very deliberately pulled her hand off my ass, then brought her middle finger to her nose, smelling it, smiled and slipped it between her lips, wetting it, then put her hand down the back of my panties again, her wet, slick finger pressing into me again.

I hid my face in her long, blonde hair at her throat, embarrassed that I was letting her play with my most intimate and private place, but afraid that if I said anything, she would stop. I wriggled my ass around under her strong hand to make it easier for her to penetrate me.

I felt a high-pitched whine escape me when the tip of her finger slid into my tight anus. "Relax your butt muscles, baby, it'll hurt less and feel better" she whispered. I did, and felt her finger slip inside me as far as she could get it. I moaned, pleasure filling my brain. Elly lifted my chin up and kissed me, her lips on mine as she began fucking my tight ass with her finger. It felt as big as a softball bat inside me, but I didn't want her to leave me empty inside by removing her finger.

I felt an immense tension building inside my clit, as though my body was responding to ass fucking, which surprised me immensely. I didn't think that my butt could bring me so much pleasure. Elly must have felt my excitement building, by my breathing, or heart beat, or whatever. All I knew was that I needed to cum, to get release from the exquisite tension inside me. Just as I felt myself nearing the crest of the hill inside me, Elly pulled her finger out of my ass.

I whined in frustration, but Elly took her other hand and pressed it hard against the front of my panties, on top of my clit, the pressure of the heel of her hand balanced between building

tension, and release. As she balanced the pressure on my excited clit, she brought her dirty finger, the one that had been fucking my ass hole so deliciously, up to my nose.

"Smell it," she said.

"No," I said.

"Smell it if you want to cum," she commanded. I hesitated.

Then, finally, wanting release, needing release, I inhaled the fragrance of my ass on her finger. To my surprise, I found it pleasant and earthy, and smelled it several more times, actually enjoying the odor of my ass as expressed through her finger. As I smelled, Elly gently increased her pressure on my swollen clit, and I whined again, still needing release from her sexual denial.

Suddenly, Elly slipped her dirty finger between my lips, into my mouth, and commanded me to suck on the filthy digit. I began shaking with my desired release, ecstasy washing over me, as I hungrily sucked on her nasty, naughty finger, as though it were a female cock. "Aaah fuck," I crooned, hips shaking and rocking with a shattering orgasm. Tremors of pleasure coursed through my body and mind, and visions of women using my body for fulfillment of their most extreme desires kept me in a continuous state of orgasm, my clit almost vibrating with tension, my nipples painful with excitement and lust, my pussy dripping a stream of feminine cream.

It was my first orgasm brought on by someone other than myself, and as such it forever marked me in four ways. First, it was after being dominated - I SO enjoy having someone force me to enjoy myself, that gives me permission to do the dirtiest things Second, it was at the hands of another girl - I've never had sex with a boy, I never want to have sex with a boy, sex with women and girls is absolutely fantastic, women have the most imaginative ways to make love, and we drag it out forever - such exquisite torture Third, it centered on my ass - I ADORE sex using my ass, and other girls' asses - it is the most entertaining orifice on a girl. Finally, well, you'll hear what the fourth thing was, in just a few seconds...

I thought that I had reached girl heaven, that there was nothing that could happen to me to bring me any more ecstasy. I was wrong.

After my earthquake of an orgasm, Elly crawled along my body, her breasts hanging in my face, her nipples stiff and pink, then continued until her still clothed hips were above my face.

"It's your turn to take MY clothes off, baby," she said, her voice seductive and throaty. Hands shaking, I put my hands on the top button of her hiking shorts, and unbuttoned it, then pulled down the little brass zipper, slowly pushing them off her hips and ass, down to her knees. She smiled down at me.

"That's SO nice, Amy, I like the thought of you stripping me naked, baring my pussy....it's SO hot for you, wet and fragrant with my girl smell. Do you want to see my little cunny, sweetheart?"

"Oh god, YES," I moaned. I put my hands on her panty-clad hips, her skin felt so warm and smooth. She wriggled her lips a little, kind of saucily, as my fingers grasped the waistband of her sports panties, and slid them down her slim, muscular thighs. Her pussy was completely bare, and I gasped to see her fat, swollen labia, the deep pink, glistening slit between them, and her prominent clit, large and already stiff and exposed. I could smell her body, a combination of a faint floral body splash, her daily sweat, and the enticing, rich fragrance of her hot cunt. My mouth watered.

"Kiss my pussy," she commanded. I reached up, and pulled her hips down to my face, my hands on her small but round female ass cheeks, and my lips close to her fat pussy. I licked over her labia, and it was as though I'd opened up a gusher. Her hot, sticky cream was actually dripping into my mouth and on my face, and I buried my nose and mouth into her slit, tight as it was.

I felt Elly cum on my face, and pressed her into me, squeezing her ass cheeks as she shook with pleasure.

"Ohhh, fuck me, Amy, you are SUCH a good girl" she moaned.

After Elly had cum for long minutes, she kissed me, tasting and inhaling the smell of her own sweet pussy on my face and mouth, then moved off me and turned me over and pushed me down on the bed, face down, and she cruelly ripped my soaked panties off my poor ass. I was lying on my stomach, with my ass in the air. Hot, blonde Elly was fingering my pussy, and alternately licking my ass hole, and kissing my warm, plump ass cheeks, her saliva running down them, when suddenly the door opened

There stood Melissa, our Group Leader. She was dressed in her long skirt and blouse. I was almost reminded of a high school principal in the sternness of her expression, but of course, she was only a junior in college. Her glasses and suit were quite intimidating, I guess.

"I've been hearing strange sounds," she said, "so I came to investigate. This is quite shocking."

"I must say, I'm very disappointed in you both, but you in particular, Elly." To my surprise, Elly didn't stop licking my ass hole. I had no idea what to do, I thought I might jump up and cover

myself, but that didn't seem believable, as it was pretty obvious that I was an active participant in girl on girl sex play, and my cries earlier sort of confirmed that I enjoyed it, if she had heard them.

Then Melissa said, "Elly, you KNOW how much I love fucking these freshman girls at Orientation. All these fresh young, wet and hot pussies to lick, all the stiff nipples to bite and suck on, all the plump female asses to eat, all their protestations that fade away as their first, real lesbian orgasm washes over them....every opportunity to turn a girl during the summer, means more lovers for us during the school year. Shame on you, Elly, keeping this beautiful honey all to yourself."

"Just warming her up for you, sweetheart," Elly said from behind me. "She's got the most adorable cunny and rear, and she loves doing....well, everything," she finished saying, then returned to licking my ass hole. I wriggled my ass in her face, wanting her tongue even more deeply inside me.

"Ooh, fuck me, Elly, PLEASE Your tongue up my ass feels so FUCKING good" I was shocked that I found myself so out of control, but it seemed perfectly right.

"We're BOTH going to fuck you, Amy. I hope that's alright with you," Melissa said, even as she began unbuttoning her blouse, and kicking off her heels. I answered her by moaning. "Good," she said, quickly stripping off the rest of her outfit, except for a half slip, and presumably, her panties underneath. I looked up at her, still lying on my stomach, her body was very tone and fit, her breasts small and perky, nipples uplifted, and she was tanned on most of her upper body, except for where a bikini top had covered her breasts.

Melissa slowly slipped the half slip off her hips, and down her legs. I was thrilled to see she wasn't wearing any panties at all. She had a thin landing strip of reddish pubic curls pointing straight down to her slit, which was very thin, almost like a young girl's. Her breasts were small, she was almost boyish in that respect. I found that exciting, but I love every kind of women's breasts. Still, to see a nearly boyish chest combined with a pussy, was pretty hot to me.

She stood close to my face, and began fingering herself. I found that her pussy became very wet, very fast, and I could smell her pussy's fresh fragrance. No perfume cover up, it was pure aroused and excited pussy I smelled her as she brought herself closer to my face.

"I want you to service my mouth and ass, do you understand, you little slut? I want you to lick my cunt, your tongue deep inside me, licking up my hot juices, then fucking my tight little rear with it." I was thrilled by her words, and by the authority in her voice. I moaned with excitement at being treated so badly. Or maybe it was just the pleasure of having another girl's tongue in my ass WHILE being dominated, it's hard to say.

I nodded, and gasped. "Oh god, yeah" My fingers were busy in my pussy and on my clit, frigging myself.

Melissa smiled, "Good." Then she crawled on the bed, lay on her back, her legs pulled up exposing her pussy and ass hole, and we rearranged ourselves so that her pussy and ass both were right under my face. Elly had taken something out of her bag, but remained behind me.

I knew that my task was to please Melissa, to bring her to orgasm, and I knew that I would enjoy doing so. I kissed her pussy directly, slipping my tongue over her thin labia, tasting her to see if her taste was as good as her smell. It was all great, and I began lapping along her lips, from the bottom, near her ass, then up toward her clit, which was hidden under its fleshy protective hood.

I brought my forefinger to her ass hole while my mouth was busy with her pussy. I tickled along her hole, feeling her tight, puckered muscle all around her hole. Melissa jerked a few times, as she found both areas sensitive to my amateur touch.

"Easy, easy," she hissed, and I lightened my touch, and learned to respond to her breathing, and sounds, and the very slight movements of her body to see if I was bringing her closer to her excited plateau. I returned to licking her pussy lips, and I was pleased to see her lips swelling as she became more excited, and the hood over her clit slowly retracting as her pink pearl swelled with blood, her body preparing her for an orgasm.

Meanwhile, Elly had put the mystery objects into use. The first turned out to be a thin ass plug. She had wet it by putting it in her mouth, sucking on it and covering it with saliva, though she had also been licking my ass hole, so I was sure I was quite slick back there. Still, though I enjoy being filled up in my ass, I guess you can never have too much lubricant She screwed the plug in, rotating it as it entered my eager ass.

"Oooh, good," I moaned into Melissa's wet cunt, as I felt my ass invaded. Melissa was beginning to drip with cream as her excitement increased, and the movement of her hips was less due to my clumsiness, and increasingly more due to the touch of my tongue on her pussy and my finger at her sweet little brown anus.

I felt the pleasure building in my body as Elly fucked my ass, thrusting the dildo in and out of me. Moans of pleasure escaped me, and I nearly lost consciousness as the randiness of the scene hit me. I was the fuck toy of two hot older college girls, one fucking my dirty ass hole, sending

paroxysms of pleasure coursing through my young body, and the other had her legs spread wide so that I could eat out her hot, dripping pussy.

Then Elly began using the vibrator on my pussy. I had never experienced anything like that. The only attention my poor little pussy had before this, was my finger rubbing over it. Now, the buzzing, bullet shaped pleasure machine sent shivers of movement through my pussy lips, building and racing towards my clit only inches away, electricity racing at full speed and crashing into the small pink bundle of nerve endings constructed purely for pleasure.

At the same time, Melissa pushed my face down to her ass hole, and ordered me to lick her dirty rear hole.

"Eat my tight, hot ass, frosh," Melissa commanded me. "Stick your tongue deep inside my rectum, lick my hole, fuck your mouth on my ass hole, show us how slutty you are, and tell us how badly you want to eat out other girls' asses."

"Unnh, yeah, make me lick you, make me your ass slave, I'll do anything you tell me, I'll eat out any girl you want me to, I just want to cum, and cum, and CUM" I couldn't believe that my formerly pristine mouth was whispering such dirty things, that I had become a filthy lesbian slut, and I LOVED it

So, there we three were - Melissa, on her back, with her legs up in the air and pulled to her breasts, her pink pussy and her brown ass hole wide open and under assault by my young, inexperienced tongue; me, licking Melissa's hot and randy holes, while being fucked and vibrated to madness; and Elly, naked and fucking me with a butt plug AND buzzing my pussy and clit with a silver vibrator, while she frigged her own clit and pussy with her fingers.

We soon came to screaming orgasms, our supple female bodies almost spastic with pleasure, and collapsed in each other's arms, our clits electric in our sapphic ecstasy, as we slowly recovered our senses.

"So, Amy, do you think you made the best choice in coming to Webster?" Elly asked. She smiled at me, as did Melissa.

"Yes, what do you think about our mentoring program?" Melissa added.

"I think I'll love it here, and I hope that you'll both always be available to 'counsel' me as I grow here," I said, as they kissed me and hugged me.

"Always," they both said, in unison.

"So, that was MY first time story," Amy said. "Whatta ya think?"

"Whew," I said.

"That was amazing," Virginia said. "Really, both your stories were amazing."

"I think I can speak for both of us, when I say we've never been happier," Brenda said. "Both in discovering our true natures, or at least in Amy's case, 'getting to act on her true nature,' and in becoming a couple. But in becoming a couple, and I don't think we could ever be closer to each other, we've also discovered that we have room for others....as long as we're open and sharing about it." She looked at Virginia and I.

"Um, are you inviting us to....'share' with you two?" I asked, uncertain just what she was saying.

Both girls smiled. "That's exactly what she's saying," Amy said. "It's an open invitation to you both, but only as a couple, and only with both of us aware of it. We think that sex, lust and love should be something from us both to both of you, not something to do in secret or excluding a partner."

"Umm, can we think about it?" I said, looking at Virginia. "But honestly, right now we have to be going. We have an early start tomorrow on the way to North Carolina."

We exchanged phone numbers and email addys, and kissed them both good night - but chastely, on their cheeks After that Virginia and I headed for home, and bed. Once home, we undressed and slipped into bed.

"Those were some hot stories, weren't they?" I asked Virginia, as she slipped into my arms under the covers.

"Oh god, yes," she sighed. It was a matter of seconds before our hands found and began caressing the other's pussy and clit. It didn't take much to bring each of us to rather calm and relaxing orgasms. After all that had happened that day, and the trip ahead of us, we were grateful for the gentle entrance to sleep.