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Farm Girl Seduction





The sun was coming up in the east over the farm located in Eastern Washington. The farm house was nestled up against a small mountain to keep as much flat land as possible for crops. Most of the neighbors have cattle and horses but Sara's family just has a small farm with a mix of sheep, and chickens with a large number of pets running around the property.

The farm does not turn much of a profit so her father has to work for larger ranches to make ends meet. Her mother stays home to take care of the animals. She had a younger sister and brother.

Every one in the family are blondes with blue eyes. Nature had endowed her with breasts like her mother. She had a rather slender body considering that she was so top heavy. Her mother was always telling her to enjoy it now with time her body would get as heavy as her own and those bags she is so proud of would soon begin making her back ache every day.

Sara loved to watch her mother work around the house or farm. Her breasts sag a little and her big bottom moves so sexily as she walks. She was head and shoulders taller than Sara.

Mom has a friend named Yvonne. They went to school together and have remained close friends even after mom got married. She drives out from the small country town to visit with her several times a week. The kids never knew when they got off the bus on their way home from school if they would see Yvonne's car parked on the gravel driveway. They all liked her but she was there to visit their mom. They would pay their respects and change clothes and either do their chores or homework.

Their mom ruled the home. She even bossed their father around. They never heard "Wait till your father gets home". The punishment came swiftly from her hand. They didn't have satellite or cable and got to watch very little television. Their mom wanted them to read and work with their hands for entertainment.

When Sara was seventeen she was selected for a field trip at school. The thing was her family was taking a trip all the way to Seattle for a holiday at that very same time. In order to allow Sara to make the school trip, it was arranged that Yvonne would come out to the farm to keep the animals fed and when Sara got home she would stay with her the last couple of days before the family got home.

You have to appreciate that Yvonne is a big woman. She had been an average sized girl when her and Sara's mother were in school but after marriage she put on weight quickly. Her husband was cruel to her. He belittled her for becoming a fat ass. To say that Yvonne was upset about the way he treated her would be an understatement. She was totally feed up and pissed about it.

She was 44-years old when she came out to look after the farm for Sara's family. When Sara got home from her field trip she was happy to have the company. She was not uncomfortable with Yvonne's size. She knew how sensitive Yvonne was about her size.

Yvonne worries about her size and that her sweating so much would cause her body odor would offend people so she bathes daily and more often if she is working. In addition she uses a light perfume to mask any personal odor.

Sara knew that Yvonne's thighs were bigger around than her waist because she had tried on her panties one time and was able to pull one leg hole up around her middle with no trouble. Sara had no idea what size her breasts were but they looked like pillows to her.

The first night that they were alone Yvonne was reading a cheap paperback book and Sara was doing her studies when Yvonne asked her if she would like to sit on her lap while they read.

Sara thought that might be nice and she curled up on her lap and lay back resting her head on Yvonne's big breasts. It felt so comforting to be resting her body on this big soft woman's body. She could feel her breathing. It was such an even pace that almost rocked her.

Yvonne wanted to talk because she was upset about the way her husband was treating her. She started crying as she related the cruel things he had said to her. Sara wanted to comfort her and turned her body so that she could hug Yvonne. Yvonne gave her a weak smile and returned the hug. She stroked Sara's back as she hugged her.

Sara was able to see the book that she had been reading. The cover had an artist rendering of and older woman standing behind a younger girl. They were both naked and the older woman was kissing the girl's neck while her hands were grasping the breasts of the girl. The title read, "Women that Seduce Girls".

Sara wondered if Yvonne had asked her to sit on her lap because she wanted to seduce her. She let her own school book close and slide to the floor. She took the book from Yvonne's hand and opened it to the place she had been reading and read the first paragraph.

It was a graphic description of the woman making love to the girl. She read a couple of pages and was getting turned on. Then she felt Yvonne's hands resting on her ribcage. She continued to read and felt one hand move up her ribs to the swell of her breast. The other hand was sliding down the other side of her ribs to her lower tummy. She started rubbing Sara's tummy and with each stroke her fingers moved farther down her tummy until Yvonne could feel the girl's pubic hair through her skirt and panties.

The way Sara was resting the side of her body against Yvonne she could tell that Yvonne did not have a bra on under her simple dress. Her big nipple was plainly visible through the cotton material.

Sara was no stranger to masturbation but she had never thought of her mother's friend as a sexual being before. She wondered what Yvonne was reading that was turning her on so much.

Yvonne hardly even noticed that she had been playing with Sara's nipple with her left hand. She debated with herself if she should let the daughter of her best friend know that she wanted to have sex with her.

Sara continued to read and it seemed to match what Yvonne was doing to her body. In the story as she read about the mature woman placing her fingers on the vulva of the girl and rubbing it she felt Yvonne's fingers run through her pubic hair and start rubbing her own pussy. The feeling was incredible. She didn't know if she should do anything or not.

As she read on the woman pulled her breast out of her dress and used her hand to lift it up and offer her nipple to the girl to suck on. Yvonne let go of Sara's body and put her hands behind Sara's back and unbuttoned the top of her dress. She pulled the material aside to expose both of her young breasts.

Sara was reluctant to turn her head to see but she stopped reading and turned her upper body a quarter turn and looked at her mother's friend's breasts. They were huge and as Sara placed each hand on either side of one of her tits she held it up and looked at the large areola up close. The nipple was equally large. She opened her mouth and tried to cover the areola as she used her tongue to stimulate the rubbery nipple. In her efforts to get comfortable Sara had to turn her body and drape her legs over the arm of the chair they were sitting in. That gave Yvonne the opportunity to access Sara's crotch.

Yvonne placed her hand on the soft inner thigh of Sara's leg and gave it a squeeze. "I hope you are comfortable with what we are doing honey." she said. That was enough to cause Sara to get a tingling sensation in her vagina. She wanted to rub herself but she hoped that Yvonne would be doing it for her soon.

Yvonne was actually savoring the feeling of the soft flesh of Sara's thigh. She kneed it gently much as she would have a ball of dough. The stimulation was enough to cause Sara to start secreting vagina fluid. Before long the warm room began to smell like a horny girl in heat, which is exactly what Sara had become. Even Yvonne was getting so excited that her own pussy was leaking fluid too.

The older woman could not resist it any longer and she ran her finger tips up the inside of the girl's leg until she was tracing the outline of the elastic of the panties on her leg.

Sara's mother was a very domineering woman and Sara would never think of rebelling against her. Her mother selected her conservative under clothes. She would never have bought her a thong or anything that could be considered sexually provocative. Right at that moment the only thing on Sara's mind was the thrill of the feeling of the fingers on her panties. She would not have carried if they were full of holes. There was no thought of what was right or wrong, good or bad. She just wanted the feeling to last forever.

Yvonne slowly started removing Sara's clothes. She kept one hand between Sara's legs rubbing her crotch while she unbuttoned Sara's blouse and removed it. The breasts were quite large for a girl so small. She fumbled with the clasp and unhooked the back of the bra. The weight of her breasts helped pull the straps off of her shoulders. Yvonne only had to slip a finger between the top of the bra and her flesh and the cups fell away.

Sara's breasts were almost perfect. They were larger than a C but not a full D size. The skin was creamy and the only imperfection was a mole next to the areola on her right tit. The nipples were pink and about the size of erasures on Ticonderoga pencils. Yvonne could not resist toying with the nipples. She flipped them and watched them bounce right back. When she twisted one of them Sara moaned in pleasure.

Sara was driven to distraction. She let go of the massive tit and wrapped her arms around the woman's neck and kissed her on the mouth. She had kissed boys at the movies before but this was the first time she had ever kissed a woman with the same passion. She welcomed the woman's big tongue as it invaded her mouth.

Yvonne hugged her tightly and kissed the girl with all of the passion she could muster. She found the buttons at the side of the girl's skirt and when the button was free she pulled the zipper down. With the clothes loosened she slipped her hand down the back of the girl's panties and felt the soft round orb of Sara's butt. She squeezed the flesh and slowly stroking the valley between her cheeks. Sara was about to cum just from the hand at her bottom and the tongue in her mouth.

Sara could not stand being in clothes any longer. She struggled to stand up so that she could remove her skirt. She also pulled off her panties. Yvonne could not take her eyes off of the youthful form of the girl. The hips were no wider than a boy's. When she bent over to remove the panties and take off her shoes and socks Yvonne got a great view of Sara's backside. The anus was a sweet rosy pink puckered thing. In addition her puffy little vulva was visible as well. The thing was shaved clean except for a tuft of hair above the crack.

Yvonne stood up and led Sara to her bedroom. In the past Yvonne had always slept in bed with Sara when she was spending the night at their house. Sara had no idea just how much it had tortured Yvonne to be pressed against Sara's body and not be able to show her how much she wanted her. Tonight she was going to make up for all of the times she had wanted to make love to the daughter of her best friend.

Sara was like a little girl as she bounced on the bed as she watched Yvonne finish removing her clothes. She sat naked on the bed and watched the woman stripping before her. Her massive breasts were still hanging out of her dress. She finished unbuttoned the front and let it fall to the floor. Then she rolled down her panties that were heavy and moist from her sweat and vaginal fluid. It was as if the removal of her clothes freed her body. She had removed all but her knee high nylons and thick heeled pumps. As she bent over and rolled the nylons down it was Sara's turn to see the behind of her mother's best friend.

The buttocks were large and dimpled. Yvonne was a dark haired woman and her pubic hair was just as dark. The thickness of her thighs made her vulva seem small and it was covered with dark hair. When Yvonne sat down on the bed Sara wanted to make love to her.

Yvonne sat with her back to the headboard and lay against the pillows in a reclining position. As Sara positioned herself in front of the woman she reached out and placed one hand on each breast and leaned forward as she sought out her mouth with her own.

She was drawn to the breasts and started sucking on the nipples and squeezing the large mounds together. She licked the flesh and put her face between Yvonne's big tits and relished the feel of her satin flesh. Yvonne felt she needed to take charge so she rolled Sara over onto her back.

Then she started lavishing her full attention on the girl's breasts. She sucked and nibbled on the nipples until the girl was beside herself. Yvonne was just beginning with the girl as she lifted her legs and put her face between Sara's thighs. She used her tongue to bath Sara's cunt. Just when Sara thought she could not feel anything more exciting the older woman added to her thrill by licking her asshole. She soon climaxed as she had never climaxed before. She clawed at the sheets on the bed and bucked her hips wildly as she came. She was sweating and exhausted afterwards.

They rested and Yvonne moved up the girl's body and kissed her lovingly on the mouth. Sara could taste her own pussy juice on Yvonne's face. She had an overwhelming desire to make love to Yvonne the same way that the woman had just done to her.

She tried to roll Yvonne over onto her back but was not strong enough to move the heavy woman. Yvonne understood what the girl wanted and moved herself into position and pulled Sara on top of her. She pulled her feet up and parted her legs. Sara slid down the sweaty body on her way to discovering what it would be like to taste a woman's pussy.

She inhaled deeply and opened her mouth to cover as much of the vulva as she could only to find that a hair got caught on her tongue. She had to spit it out before she could return to sucking the pussy. She did everything she could to make Yvonne to cum.

Yvonne grabbed her legs behind the thighs and pulled her legs towards her tummy. That effectively exposed her asshole to Sara in a way that was an open invitation for her to do the same thing to Yvonne that she had done to her.

Sara saw that the skin around her sphincter looked as if it was stained. She even had some hairs ringing her asshole. The girl put her face close to her anus and smelled it before tasting it. She found that the more she licked Yvonne's asshole the more Yvonne responded. It excited her to think that she was providing Yvonne with so much excitement. When Yvonne climaxed she let go of her legs and they came down pinning Sara to the bed. Sara's tongue was forced out of Yvonne's asshole and was wiped across the pudenda before it could be stuffed into the waiting cunt.

They made love most of the night until exhaustion forced them to fall asleep. They were both embarrassed in the morning and could hardly look at each other. They didn't want to talk about what they had done during the night.

When the family got home Yvonne made her exit rather abruptly. Even Sara's mother found her leaving so quickly suspicious. Sara would not offer any explanation for the way Yvonne had rushed home.

It was several weeks before Yvonne came back out to the farm for a visit. She spent the day visiting with Sara's mother and as the day was ending she excused herself and drove home. That was not like her. Normally when she came for a visit she would spend the night. Sara had a full sized bed in her downstairs bedroom and they normally slept together when Yvonne stayed over.

Finally one night when Yvonne came for a visit and stayed late Sara's mother insisted that she spend the night. When it came time for the two of them to retire, they were uncomfortable undressing in front of each other.

Normally Yvonne would have brought a nightgown if she had planned on staying overnight. This night she opted to keep her slip and panties on and she got in bed. She lay on her back starring at the ceiling as Sara undressed and put on her nightgown. Sara was just as uncomfortable as she crawled into bed. She pulled the covers over her body and could feel the heat at her side coming from Yvonne's body reminding her that the woman that was lying next to her been her lover. She closed her eyes and tried to get to sleep.

They had shared a bed for years but after that night of sex they had not been alone in the same room. The air was electric with the tension neither one was going to sleep.

Yvonne finally said, "Sara I can't tell you how sorry I am about what happed! I never meant for you to find out that I have those feelings for other women."

Sara thought about that for a while. Did her mother know her best friend was a lesbian? She had enjoyed what they had done she just didn't know that she should let Yvonne know that she did want to continue their relationship. It was driving her crazy feeling Yvonne's body heat and smelling her aroma. After all she had been in that slip and panties all day. She turned over and faced Yvonne.

Sara placed her hand on the near breast and stroked the nipple through the satin material. Yvonne placed her hand on top of Sara's and held it to her tit. Sara rolled over even closer and moved so that her face was close to Yvonne's and she kissed her on the mouth.

Yvonne was thrilled and returned the kiss. She put her arms around Sara and pulled her tightly against her body. She started pulling up the nightgown and when the hem was above Sara's waist she grabbed one of the cheeks of Sara's ass. She sought out the rosebud of her ass and tickled the sphincter as she drove her tongue into Sara's mouth.

Sara struggled to pull Yvonne's slip up so that she could get to her panties. Yvonne had to lift her butt off of the bed so that Sara could pull them down. When Sara was able to roll them down over her thick thighs and free of her feet she held the moist crotch to her nose and inhaled the heady aroma of the woman's strong odor. Yvonne was embarrassed because she knew that they were rank with her odor. Sara looked Yvonne straight in the eyes as she put the material in her mouth and sucked the juice out of the double thick crotch.

It was a struggle because both of them wanted to make love to the other one first. Yvonne being the stronger pinned Sara to the bed and devoured her large breasts with her mouth. Then she went down on her and tongue fucked her cunt until Sara climaxed. While the girl was still recovering from her climax Yvonne rolled her over and tongue fucked her asshole. Poor Sara was having one orgasm after the other. She was in bliss and her head was filled with the body odor of Yvonne.

When Yvonne finally rolled onto her back to enjoy the glow of having made Sara cum so completely she was as happy as she had ever been.

Sara struggled to push the slip up until it was under Yvonne's arms. She went after those massive breasts. The areolas were larger than Sara's hand. She licked the tits and even lifted them up and licked the sweat under each of them. It was not that the nipples were that much larger than most women but Sara was fascinated with them she sucked them until they were as hard as they could get then she squatted over Yvonne's body and tried to stuff one of the nipples into her cunt. Yvonne was looking at her backside at the same time so she started tickling her asshole all over. Sara took all of the play that she could before she dismounted and lay on top of Yvonne. She put her face between her legs and started licking her big cunt. Once she found that she was able to stick her tongue into Yvonne's cunt she began shaking her head so that her face was giving Yvonne all of the stimulation she could. Yvonne could feel her chin rubbing her clit and she eventually climaxed. The vaginal fluid was fairly bathing Sara's face.

It was Sara that encouraged Yvonne to roll over and get on her knees face down so that she could provide Yvonne with the same loving devotion that Yvonne had given her butt. When Yvonne did as she had been bidden to do Sara covered her big buttocks with kisses before she parted the cheeks and licking her ass crack. She found that she actually enjoyed performing oral sex on her lover's asshole as much as her pussy. She had Yvonne moaning her approval into the pillow as she climaxed. When they were done the cuddled in each other's arms and kissed each other. They thrilled at the smell and taste of pussy and ass on each other's face.

In the morning they let each other use the bathroom by themselves because they did want anyone figuring out that they had bathed together. Sara's father was already out in the field taking care of the animals when they joined Sara's mother in the kitchen. They were not only in a good mood but ravished.

Sara's mother could not help notice the glow in both of them. She wondered what had happened between her good friend and her daughter, had her daughter been seduced by her Yvonne? She felt a little pang of jealousy as she considered the possibility. She and Yvonne had been lovers for years but as the family came along they didn't get together that much. In fact she was trying to remember the last time they had made love to each other.

She didn't know if she should ever bring it up to either of them. It was Yvonne that was in such a great mood that after the children headed down the driveway to catch the bus to school she cuddled up behind Mom and reached around her and felt her breasts as she kissed her on the neck.

Sara's mom turned around and held Yvonne at arms length and asked, "Did you seduce Sara?"

Yvonne blushed like a child, "What made you ask that?"

"I couldn't help notice the way the two of you had been acting after the family went to Seattle and again this morning the two of you are acting like lovers again."

Yvonne hung her head, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it. It just happened."

Mom, pulled Yvonne to her and kissed her on the mouth, "Why the hell do you think I have allowed you to sleep with her all of these years?"

Yvonne was stunned, "You sneaky little shit. You actually wanted me to seduce her?"

Mom, "I could not very well do it myself. Now I can catch you and we can have a menage' a trios." With that she thrust her hand up under Yvonne's skirt and squeezed her hairy cunt ."Now get down on your knees and show me how sorry you are."

Yvonne had a lot to think about on her drive home. Sara was disappointed when she got home but her mother assured her that Yvonne would be back soon.

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