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Joining the Sisterhood Chapter 1


Julie & Jan



Summer was almost over and that meant getting ready to go back to school. For Jenny, that meant trips to the mall with her mother and older sister Alice to buy new clothes, a backpack and new sneakers. It also meant she'd finally be moving into a new school, one in another community. Her mother had told her it was a school just for girls.

It was only after she'd spent her first week or so there that she began to see that this wasn't just a school for girls but something much more as well. Just what it was would soon become much clearer after she discovered her mother had a deep, dark secret. A secret that shocked, yet at the same time also aroused the impressionable pre-teen.

The pieces all started falling into place that second Friday after Jenny had started school. She was asked by her teacher, Ms. Scott, to stay after class so she could help with a very special project she was working on.

As the bell rang, marking the end of class for the day, some of the other girls glanced at Jenny and giggled as they picked up their books and headed out the door. Jenny was a little confused by their amusement that she should be asked to stay after school.

Once the room was empty, Ms. Scott asked Jenny to pick up her things and to follow her. She then told the girl that she had to stop by and drop off some papers at the main office and then they would go down to the basement, where she had an office.

So it was with no little interest and apprehension about what she wanted her help with, that Jenny picked up her things and followed her teacher down to the main office. She stood around outside until Ms. Scott came out. Then she followed her down the stairs. The basement was clean but was only lit by a few florescent lights. They passed several doors with the names of other teachers on them until they came to one with Ms. Scott's name plate. Ms. Scott said "Jenny why don't you call me Linda if you'd like."

Wow Jenny thought, Ms. Scott wanted her to call her by her first name. That was something she'd been taught not to do whenever addressing adults and yet she didn't want to make Ms. Scott mad at her. As they opened the door she turned and said, "Linda, my mom says it's not polite for girls my age to be calling adults by their first name.

Linda smiled down at Jenny as she unlocked her door and said, "That's ok honey, your mother and I are good friends and she told me that it'll be ok if you call me by my first name. In fact I'm sure she'll be very, very glad to hear you tell her that I told you to do so" with that Linda put her hand behind Jenny's back and guided her into the still darkened office.

Once inside Linda reached beside the door and flicked on the light, along with a second switch, which turned on a small hidden camera. Next she turned her attention to the door, to make sure it was locked so she and Jenny wouldn't be interrupted unexpectedly, not that anyone else would be apt to try and come in anyway. If anything those few teachers and other female staff members who did remain would probably be similarly pre-occupied, preparing to introduce yet another of the new 4th grade students to a whole new world, a world which grown women like Linda and yes, even Jenny's mother called the Sisterhood.

As this was all starting to unfold in Linda's office, just down the hall in the office of June Davis, another of the school's 4th grade teachers, another nine year old by the name of Cindy Adams was already several steps further along with her own introduction to the Sisterhood. The only thing difference in this case was the fact that her office also included Cindy's mother Jill as well as her 13 year old sister, Brenda.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the principle's office, behind her sound proof door sat the school's principle, Carry Otis, enjoying the various views from both teachers' offices downstairs on a large screen TV which took up the better part of one wall in her office. Carry wasn't there alone either, in fact besides herself she also had her twenty-one year old personal secretary Clair as well as another pair of students who had just moved up to the 5th grade, twins, Betsy and Betty Wills.

As Carry flicked the control she scrolled through the views which revealed what was happening in each if her teacher's offices as well as the school's gym locker room, she casually glanced down between her legs and smiled as she felt young Betsy, who had already pushed her skirt up and began pulling down her panties.

Looking over, she saw her secretary already hungrily nuzzling on young Betty's pert little nipples, as the girl eagerly responded by kissed the woman's neck and shoulders. Other than for Carry, who retained just her skirt, the other three were completely naked. Their clothes scattered across the office floor as was typical of most days after classes had been dismissed.

Flicking back now to Linda's office view Carry saw her helping the young Jenny up onto the loveseat which was standard in each office. As she did, Carry saw Linda glance up and smile towards the hidden camera as she reached over and picked up a remote that controlled the television and VCR player. As Linda hit the play button, she reached over and flicked off the light switch. However since the camera worked equally well in subdued lighting the room still appeared on Carry's screen upstairs. Hitting the volume button Carry turned up the volume just in time to hear Linda saying, "I have a special tape I want you to watch. I only show this to girls I feel are old enough to enjoy it. If you have any questions, please save them till the end. Do you understand honey?"

"Uh, sure, but before it begins, can you tell me why you picked me to help you with this project?" Jenny asked.

"Sure Linda replied, all the girls who come to us get their turn sooner or later and after your mother and I talked the other day, she said it was your time. Don't worry, as I said before she'll be extremely glad to hear that I've asked you to help me, so are you ready now?"

"Sure Ms. Scott, I mean Linda."

With that Linda hit the play button and as the black TV screen went to a snowy white and black screen for a second. Linda reached down and lightly rested her hand on Jenny's soft inner thigh.

When the screen changed to an actual picture that showed what looked like a typical residential home. In fact Jenny soon realized that it was her own house. Soon, her mother appeared, walking out of the kitchen wearing a short, short skirt and a thin see through blouse with no bra on. Along with her came her older sister, who was also dressed in similar clothes.

Jenny thought it was funny she didn't recall ever seeing her or Alice ever wearing anything so revealing before. She wondered if they bought those things that day mom said she and Alice had to go out somewhere and they couldn't bring her. The girl was so transfixed by what was unfolding on the TV that she hardly noticed Linda slowly working her hand upward, pushing her skirt up as she did so.

Linda said, "Now I want you to pay strict attention to what happens next"

Just as she said that, Jenny saw her mother turn and put her arms around her sister as both their faces drew close. Then, without hesitating, Jenny saw her sister open her mouth and place it against her mother's mouth. As their mouths met, Jenny saw her mother pushing her tongue in between her sister's lips as her arms pulled her sister even closer. The kiss didn't end, as the kisses her mother had given her in the past. Instead it continued as her mother and sister ground their bodies against one another.

About this time Linda's hand reached Jenny's panties. Jenny almost jumped off of the couch when she realized what Linda was doing. Linda held her down and reminded her to keep watching the monitor as she continued stroking the warm cotton crotch. "Oh Ms. Scott should you be touching me there?" she asked. "Do you want me to stop dear? Ms. Scott replied. There was no response, only a soft moan.

Jenny watched as Alice opened her mother's blouse and started sucking on the big brown nipple of one of the tits. She felt the hand seek out the waistband of her panties and slip inside. As her mother started sucking on one of Alice's own nipples Jenny felt a finger slip into her hairless crack. The thrilling shock of the fingertip touching her little clitoris caused her to suck in a lung full of air.

Ms. Carry Otis was extolling Betsy to suck on her pussy harder as she watched Linda masturbating Jenny. Betsy was a sweet looking freckled faced redhead and she was lapping at the pussy before her for all she was worth. She only stopped one time to dislodge a pubic hair from her teeth.

Back on the TV monitor Jenny was shocked to see her mother pulling down her sister's panties and kneeling in front of her as Alice spread her legs and her mother started licking her pussy. Jenny would have never believed it if someone had told her. The child was in a state of shock and bewilderment but what she was watching on TV could not be denied.

Linda was pulling her panties off and Jenny did nothing to stop her. Carry was watching very carefully as Linda knelt in front of Jenny and started licking her way up from the knee to the soft inner thighs. Jenny even spread her legs wider as Linda reached her little pussy.

Jenny had rubbed her clit before but never long enough to reach a climax before. As she watched, her sister change places with her mother and started licking their mother's pussy. Jenny found herself being carried away as much from watching her sister and mother making love as from having Ms. Scott sucking on her little pussy. Eventually an unexpected thrill filled her body and when it did she shot her legs straight up in the air and grabbed two hands full of brown hair.

If it hurt Linda she didn't give any indication. She was too busy lapping up the moisture in the girl's pussy. When she was finished she turned around and gave the hidden camera a big wet grin.

Jenny was still watching her mother and sister removing each other's clothes and playing with each other's tits and pussy as they smiled at the camera.

Linda stood up and removed her own clothes as much for the camera as for Jenny's benefit. When she was naked she sat down on the leather couch next to Jenny and spread her legs and showed the camera her gapping cunt. She placed her hand on the back of Jenny's head and pulled her head towards her face and kissed her.

Jenny could taste the urine smell of her own pussy on the lips of Linda. She had no idea that the principle was watching them while having another girl sucking her pussy. At her age such depraved activity was beyond her imagination.

She only took one last look at her mother licking her way down Alice's body before Linda placed her head in her lap. Jenny could smell the odor of Linda's pussy mixed with her urine smell. Linda had shaved off most of her pubic hair. Jenny instinctively began licking the pussy of her teacher.

Linda amused herself at the same time by reaching behind Jenny's back and slipping one finger into the child's vagina and another into her asshole.

Jenny continued sucking Linda's pussy. In time Linda pressed her heels into the floor and her head against the back of the couch and lifted her hips off of the couch. Jenny understood that Linda had climaxed just like she had and felt a little pride that she was able to make a woman cum.

When she lifted her head and looked at the monitor on the TV she saw her sister with her tongue up their mother's asshole. She was exhausted and her little chest was rising and falling as she breathed hard.

Then her mother and sister sat on a couch and as they hugged each other they both said "Welcome Jenny! To the Sisterhood"' Jenny could not believe what she was seeing or hearing.

Carry was cumming in the mouth of Betsy too. In fact her secretary was cumming in the mouth of the other girl too. She also had her finger in the girl's pussy.

With the session ended Jenny was allowed to get dressed and Ms. Scott took Jenny home to her mother and sister. There were a million and one question's to be answered before Jenny would return to school.

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