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Joining the Sisterhood Chapter 2


Julie & Jan

Linda knew that Jenny had missed her bus ride home and offered to give her a ride. Jenny was thrilled at being taken home by her teacher. They went upstairs to the faculty parking lot.

Linda led her towards a little Mini Cooper that was a cute blue with a white top. She opened the passenger door and held it open as Jenny slipped in.

The neat thing about Coopers is they are so small that a driver can reach over and feel the crotch of the passenger with ease. Ms. Scott did so several times before she got Jenny home.

Jenny never even questioned how Linda knew where she lived. They pulled into the driveway and got out.

Jenny's mom and her sister Alice met them at the door with warm hugs and kisses. When her mom invited Ms. Scott in she excused herself saying, "I'm sure there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. I better get back to the school."

They all waived goodbye as the little car sped away. Then they entered the house. Jenny's mother was named Sherrill. She hugged Jenny again. I know you have a lot of questions so why don't you and Alice help me with dinner and we can talk.

The three of them went to the kitchen and started preparing their meal. Sherrill was chopping vegetables on a cutting board as she thought back to what brought about her entry into the sisterhood. As they worked Sherrill started telling Jenny her story.

"When we moved here a couple of years ago I met Martha. (Martha was a neighbor a couple of houses down the block) We were having wine one evening when you girls were in bed. Eventually we started kissing and that led to us having sex on the couch. After that evening we had a few more dates that also ended in our sharing one another's body.

One day she invited me to a party. I had no idea what to expect. When we arrived I found that it was a small party hosted by a distinguished woman that turned out to be Ms. Carry Otis, your principle. As the party progressed it gravitated to the pool.

At first the women at the party were content with just kissing and feeling each other. In a short time everyone was naked. They were lounging around the pool or in the water.

Martha had undressed me and led me into the water. She had me backed up against the side of the pool and was kissing me. I was nervous about her making out with me in front of all of these strange women. I was looking over her shoulder nervously and saw that the other women were not only kissing but feeling each other up. Then several young girls came out of the house carrying trays of hors-d'-oeuvres. Sherrill told Jenny that what was interesting was that all of the young girls were as naked as the day they were born.

They moved among the women offering the contents of their trays. The women were taking the finger food and feeling up the girls at will. When the trays were empty they placed the trays on a table and some dove into the pool.

I saw Martha's daughter surface next to another woman. She kissed the woman and clung to her. A girl that I didn't know surfaced between Martha and me. She kissed me on the mouth and wrapped her legs around my waist. Martha stepped up behind her and sandwiched her between us. The girl said that she had heard that I had a couple of daughters and she wanted to know if she could meet them.

I was thrilled by this little nymph but at the same time terrified at what would happen if her mother found out about what was going on. Martha saw my concern and said that her mother was right over there with her daughter.

When I looked in their direction I saw the woman sit Martha's daughter on the side of the pool and parted her legs so that she could lick her pussy. I could not believe what was going on. All of the women at the party were either sucking a girl's pussy or having her pussy eaten by one.

She introduced me to Carry Otis and explained that she ran a school for girls. All of the girls at this party are her students and the women are their mothers.

After that I enrolled Alice in her school. Alice enjoyed the school and I decided that you would too. Alicia and I decided to enroll you long before school started this year.

By the time her story was over they were almost finished eating dinner. Alice and Jenny cleaned up without rancor for a change. After everything was cleaned up the three of them retired to their mother's bedroom and they sat on the bed together to discuss their feelings about the new relationship.

Alicia told Jenny "When I started school I was a little older than most girls admitted to the school. I was never in Ms. Linda Scott's class. I was in Ms Carters class my first year. She invited me to her office much as Linda did you but in my case she also invited another girl named Judy. Ms. Carter told me that she wanted Judy to help her teach me about "The Sisterhood." I had no idea what she was talking about. The three of us were sitting on the couch facing the desk."

"Judy was running her hand under my dress while Ms. Cater was talking. I feared that Ms. Carter would see what she was doing and tried to stop her. I placed my hand on top of hers but Ms. Carter took hold of my hand and pulled it away. Judy ran her hand all the way up my dress and felt my crotch. Ms. Carter was kissing my fingertips while Judy was rubbing my panties. I was breathing hard."

"Judy knelt on the floor and reached under my dress to pull my panties down at the same time Ms. Carter stared kissing my lips. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. Judy had her head under my dress parting my legs and using her tongue to part my pussy lips. Ms. Carter was feeling my little breasts with her hands while she was kissing me. The feeling that swept over me was more than I could resist. I started grinding my hips into Judy's face and groping for Ms. Carters big tits."

"Ms. Carter started peeling off her own clothes. Judy was also struggling with her own clothes. When they were naked they both started removing my clothes. It didn't take long before we were all naked."

"I had seen mom naked before but this was the first time I had a chance to inspect an adult pussy up close and personal. I sure had the chance to inspect hers that day. She sat on my face while Judy ate my pussy. I don't now who came first Ms. Carter of me. We changed places several times and were like animals in our desire to devour each other's cum."

"When we were sated we dressed and Ms. Carter sent Judy home with a kiss and led me upstairs to the principles office. I could not figure out why she was doing that."

"After she knocked and a voice said enter we went in and there in front of us was Ms. Carry Otis behind her desk. It took me a second to recognize mother with her back to me. She was sitting in a high backed chair facing Ms. Otis's desk. I thought I was in trouble at first. But it had not been my fault Ms. Carter had started it all."

"Ms. Otis invited me to come and stand by her. I walked around the desk and stood there by her swivel chair. She turned on the big monitor facing her desk as Ms. Carter and mom turned to watch it too."

"The screen light up with the picture of Ms. Carter's couch and I was watching everything that had just gone on in her office. While I was watching the action too dumbfounded to say anything I felt Ms. Otis slip her hand behind my legs and run up the inside of my thigh all the way up to my pussy. I could not believe that my principal was pulling my panties aside and feeling me up with my mother right there in the room watching the action on the monitor. I was even more surprised when Ms. Carter knelt in front of mom and lifted her skirt and started sucking her pussy. Mom didn't have any panties on."

"I was so weak knees that mom had to help me out to her car. We sat in silence on the way home. I didn't know what to say. As we pulled into the driveway mom said Jenny is spending the night with a friend so we can talk."

"We talked about what the Sisterhood was about and when we should include you into the Sisterhood."

Then it hit Jenny that what she had been doing in Ms. Scott's office could have been seen on a monitor too. "Do you think Ms. Otis was watching Linda and me too?"

Sherrill smile, "I'm sure she was honey. She does enjoy watching every girl's first time."

Jenny felt strange that she had been spied upon while she was naked and making love to her first woman. She didn't get to fret about it long because Sherrill gathered her into her arms and kissed her on the mouth. Alicia took her place at the foot of the bed where she could pull the panties off of her younger sister.

In no time Jenny was withering under the assault of her older sister's mouth. Jenny had always wanted to see her mother's pussy and now was her chance. She felt for the crotch of her mother's panties only to find that she wasn't wearing any. When she rolled to face her mother Alicia had to roll onto her back to keep contact with Jenny's pussy.

Jenny was pleased when her mother moved up and opened her legs so that her baby could inspect her cunt. She found that her mother had shaved her pubic hair into a little heart above her crack. Sherrill started using her fingers to open her pussy and she stuck her middle finger deep into her hole. She masturbated her cunt for a while and then ran her finger under her daughter's nose so that she could smell her sex.

Jenny could never describe the smell but it was enough to cause her to feel her own cunt getting wetter. Alicia certainly noticed how much more juice she was lapping up.

Sherrill stuck her finger into Jenny's mouth and gently fuck her mouth with it. When she removed her finger Jenny kissed her mother's pussy for the first time. Sherrill stroked her hair and enjoyed the feel of her baby daughter's mouth on her wet cunt. That was something to be seen, the mother reclining on the bed being sucked by her youngest daughter while her oldest daughter was laying on her back slurping up the juices produced by her younger sister. Neither girl wanted to get up for school but Sherrill untangled their legs and insisted that they shower and get ready for class.

Ms. Scott gave Jenny a warm smile when she entered her class. As she headed for her desk she felt like every girl there knew what had gone on the day before.

She sat down and put her book bag under her seat. Cindy Adam sat right behind her and when she sat up Cindy leaned over her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Welcome to the Sisterhood."

Jenny quickly turned around and looked into her friend's face. "You knew?"

"Of course I was next door in Ms. Davis's office with my mother and older sister. I have been wanted to party with you for days but wanted you to know what I wanted first."

Jenny turned around and sat looking at the back of the girl's head in front of her as she thought about what was going on. She looked around the room and it dawned on her that every girl in the class was a member of the Sisterhood. She felt her panties getting wet just thinking about getting to know them all.

Jenny was having all kinds of fantasies about the girls in her class when she was startled back into reality by the bell. She remained in a sort of mental fog most of the day.

As she gathered up her belongings and was about to follow her classmates out of the door she felt Ms. Scott's hand on her arm.

"You and Cindy are wanted in the principles office." She said as she gave her a warm smile and stroked the seat of her skirt.

Jenny looked at Cindy and Cindy grabbed her hand and led the way to the office. When they entered the outer office she walked directly up to the very pretty secretary's desk and announced, "Ms. Otis wanted to see us."

The secretary pressed intercom and announced, "Cindy and Jenny are here."

The warm voice of Ms. Otis came back through the little speaker, "Send them in and you may come in as well."

She stood up and brushed her skirt to smooth out any wrinkles and followed the girls through the door to the principal's office.

"Clair would you close the door behind you." Ms. Otis asked.

When the door was closed and the girls were standing in front of the desk and Clair was standing behind them Ms. Otis said, "I invited you here to talk to you. Now that you have joined the Sisterhood I want you to know a few things. The first thing you have to remember is that you don't mention the Sisterhood around anyone that is not a member. When you are alone with any member you are free to enjoy anything as long as the other party is willing to participate. Do you understand the rules?"

Both Cindy and Jenny looked at each other and agreed.

Ms. Otis said, "If you like you may come around here and watch the monitor with Clair and me."

Clair pulled a chair around the desk and held out her hand to Cindy. Jenny went around the other side of the desk and sat on Ms. Otis's lap as she turned her chair towards her and gestured for her to have a seat. My Otis turned her chair around to face the large monitor on the opposite wall.

Jenny looked at Cindy and Clair as they adjusted their chair. Cindy was cuddled up in Clair's lap. They were kissing each other. Ms. Otis picked up her remote and turned on the monitor. Jenny was surprised to see what was on the screen.

It was the shower room of the gym and swimming pool. Apparently the swimming team had just finished practice and was filing into the showers. There were a couple of girls that headed for one of the showers together. The taller of the two turned her back to the tiled wall and drew the shorter one towards her and they were kissing. None of the other girls seemed to mind and even seemed to enjoy the show. The shorted girl knelt on the tile floor and had her head between the taller girl's legs. They were really getting into it.

Jenny felt Ms. Otis running her hand under her skirt. She loved the way the hand felt on the inside of her thigh. She even spread her legs a little in anticipation for the thrill of the approaching touch. When it came she was not disappointed. She took a quick look at Cindy and saw that Ms. Clair already had her finger in Cindy's pussy. Jenny turned her attention back to the monitor just as Ms. D'Antinio entered the shower room dressed in her one piece bathing suit in red with yellow piping. She was a full figured Italian woman. The girls gathered around watching the couple under the shower parted as she approached. She watched the action for a moment.

Jenny thought she was going to stop them but instead she pulled the straps of her swimsuit from her shoulder and her tanned breasts fell out of the top of the suit. She struggled to roll the spandex fabric down her body. The girl being sucked was watching the action and reached out and placed her hands on the breasts of he coach. She pulled the women towards her until Ms. D'Antinio was pressing her crotch against the back of the girl's head that was on her kneed. Another girl squatted behind her and finished pulling down the bathing suit. She had to shift back and forth to step out of the discarded garment.

While that was going on Jenny was enjoying the felling of Ms. Otis playing with her clitoris. She was getting in the mood and stuck her hand inside Ms. Otis jacket and blouse. She was pleased to find that she didn't have a bra on at all. Her small hand hardly covered the large breast. The nipple was poking the palm of her hand.

When Jenny looked at Cindy she was stripped down to her panties and they were being pulled down too. Ms. Clair was stripped to the waist and her skirt was pulled up around her waist. Cindy slipped to the floor and faced the secretary so that she could part her legs. Ms. Clair did not have panties on. Cindy was free to give the hair patch all of the attention the woman could stand.

Jenny started undressing the principal because she had never seen a woman as old as her naked before and she wanted to see what she looked like. Of course she was being stripped just as quickly and she had fewer things to take off. It would be hard to say who was getting the most enjoyment out of the sexual play.

When Jenny was totally naked she took one last look at the monitor in time to see the girl on her knees turn around to suck the coach's pussy. The taller girl was sucking on the breasts.

Jenny knelt between Ms. Otis legs and gave her pussy a tongue bath before sucking her clit into her mouth. Ms. Otis placed her feet in her desk and tilted her chair back as far as it would go. It was not long before Ms Clair and Ms. Otis were practically singing a duet as the girl's sucked them off.

Ms. Otis was quick to place Jenny face down across her desk so that the child could watch what was going on in the shower while she moved her chair close behind her so that she could part her buns and lick her little hairless crack and pink rosebud of an asshole. Jenny could not take her eyes off of the orgy in the shower while Ms. Otis used her tongue to bring her to a climax that left her exhausted.

Of course the girls had missed their bus and had to be taken home. Ms. Clair was in the back seat feeling up Cindy and kissing her all the way home. When Cindy's mother invited them in they begged off because they still had to take Jenny home. Cindy's mom pouted as they drove away.

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