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Joining the Sisterhood Chapter 3


Julie & Jan



Jill had been disappointed that Ms. Otis and Ms. Clair had not stopped but she was anxious for Cindy to tell her everything about what kept her after school. Cindy told her everything and by the time she finished Jill was masturbating like mad.

At the same time Jenny was telling her mother and sister all about the office visit. The results were that they went to bed together and had an enjoyable evening.

The next day at school Cindy invited Jenny to come home with her and Jenny told her that she would have to ask her mother first. That night around the dinner table she told her mother that Cindy wanted her to stop at her house. She added that her mother would bring her home before bedtime. Her mother agreed and Jenny kissed her for allowing her visit her friend.

Alice spoke up, "Mom I was thinking about staying after school to do some work in the library."

Sherrill was about to remind her that the school library closed shortly after school was out but she remembered seeing the librarian at the pool party and understood her daughter's desire to stay late.

The librarian stood out because she was a very attractive French woman. What made her so special was the fact that she was unshaven. She had dark brunette hair that hung down her back to her shoulder blades. Her vulva was covered with a dark coat that trailed down the inside of her thighs. Her white arms and legs had dark hair on them. When she lifted her arms her armpits were unshaven as well. She had even noted one time when she was getting out of the pool that her anus was ringed with dark hair. Sherrill had a mental picture of her daughter giving her a tongue bath. She smiled with her understanding and told Alice to have a good time. She was resigned to being home alone for the night.

The next day Jenny told Cindy that she had permission to get off the bus at her house. They were giddy all day at the thought of her coming home with Cindy for a visit. When the bus stopped at Cindy's house Jenny got up with her to leave. The driver said, "Jenny this is not your stop." Jenny grinned from ear to ear, "Mom is letting me visit Cindy to day." The drive smiled and gave her a playful swat on the seat of her skirt and said, "Have fun honey."

They were greeted at the door by Jill and both girls got a warm hug and a kiss before they headed for Cindy's room where she turned on some music.

They started dancing with each other and that led to Cindy kissing Jenny. Jenny could smell a sour odor on Cindy's breath at first but after they kissed for awhile she forgot all about the odor. They started undressing each other without fear that Jill would barge in. They both understood that even if she did she would not be upset with them. When they were down to nothing they licked and sucked each other's bodies lovingly.

When Jill came to Cindy's room with soft drinks for them she listened at the door long enough to satisfy herself that they were making love. She tapped on the door and announced that she had drinks for them before entering.

The girls didn't even bother trying to hide what they were doing. Jill sat on the bed next to them and gave them the cans of cold drinks. She kissed Jenny on the mouth and slipped her finger between the lips between her legs so that she could smell her pussy later but when she tried to leave Jenny did just what she hoped she would by grabbing her hand to prevent her from removing it.

She sat back down and the girls undressed her. The two were sucking on her big breasts and probing her wet pussy. She wrapped her arms around them and put her fingers in their little wet pussies.

Brenda Cindy's 13-year-old sister walked by the open door and could not resist joining the fun. She knelt in front of her mother and started sucking her gapping pussy.

Back at the school Alice had stopped by the library close to closing time and asked Ms. Backhaus if she could help clean up. Ms. Backhaus gave her a warm smile of understanding. She told her to take the cart and start putting the books back on the shelves.

Alice knew the filing system and started putting the books back in their proper place. When the clock chimed quietly to announce the hour Ms. Backhaus locked the door to the library and went looking for Alice.

There were not many books left to put away. She started helping and made a point to pick the books that required her to reach high up or bend over to put them in place. She was giving the young teenager plenty of opportunities to get a view of her hairy arms and legs.


Alice asked, "Ms. Backhaus I have been attracted to you for a long time because I have never seen a woman that had as much hair on her body as you do."

Ms. Backhaus beamed, "I know that some people are repulsed by women with as much hair as I have but there are plenty that are attracted to it. With that she lifted her arm to show Alice her underarm.

Alice could even smell the underarm odor from arms distance. Rather than being turned off she felt her clit tingle and her pussy getting wet. She approached the woman; her head was about the same height at Ms. Backhaus' underarm. She moved so close that her body was pressed against the woman's hip.

Ms. Backhaus wrapped her arm around Alice's shoulders and drew her close. She tilted her head upwards with her left hand and kissed her on the mouth. She pressed her tongue against Alice's lips until she opened her mouth to receive the tongue.

Alice was tingling all over. She placed her hand on the woman's breast and gave it a squeeze. She wanted to find someplace to consummate her relationship with the librarian. It was up to Ms. Backhaus to take charge.

She led them to a place she knew was monitored by one of Ms. Otis' cameras. She didn't want to deprive the head mistress of her favorite pastime.

The spot she led the girl to was behind the checkout desk. She checked to see if the little red light was on and when she saw that it was she proceeded to remove Alice's clothes before she removed her own.

When they were both naked she allowed the girl to feel her body. Alice was captivated by the sight of such an attractive woman with so much hair. There was even a sparse ring of hair around her areolas. It felt strange when she placed her mouth on the nipples. She could feel it under her tongue. When she licked her way down the center of her body she found hair in her navel. She gathered up a mouthful of pubic hair and pulled it with her teeth.

Ms. Otis was not missing a frame of the action on her monitor. She didn't have any company this evening so she just masturbate slowly as she watched the girl making love to the librarian. Ms. Backhaus was kind enough to make sure she got the best view. She turned her body on the floor enough to give the camera the best view of the fresh faced teenager lapping up her pussy. She eventually placed the girl on the floor and squatted over her face.

She ground her anus into the girl's face until she stuck her tongue into the hair ringed hole. She used her hands to part the girl's vagina and give the camera a best view of her sticking a couple of fingers deep into the slimy hole. She masturbated Alice until she climaxed before she allowed herself the pleasure of coming.

When they were sated she helped her dress and asked if she needed a ride home. Alice clung to her arm and thanked her for both rides. That brought a laugh as they headed out of the door.

Jenny was not home when they arrived so Jill was randy for company. She would not let Ms. Backhaus get away. She insisted on making dinner for the three of them. Alice was holding hands with Ms. Backhaus most of the time. She insisted on Alice wash the dishes afterwards. That way she could have a talk to Ms. Backhaus.

By the time Alice was finished washing dishes and put them away she found her mother in the living room. They were talking about sex of course. Alice entered the room and knelt on the floor between the librarian's legs she went under the dress and pulled the panties aside so that she could put her mouth on the hair pie. Not to ignore her mother she slipped a hand under her dress and found her mother didn't have panties on. She was masturbating for all she was worth.

Ms. Backhaus started kissing Jill and feeling her breasts. They stripped each other to the waist and took turns sucking each other's breasts while Alice did her best to make both women cum. They were sweating profusely but they did cum.

Ms. Backhaus said her goodnights with kisses and was gone before Jill brought Jenny home. Everything was quiet for a couple of days but one day Jenny was talking to Alice and they thought it would be fun to join the swim team. They talked it over with their mother and she agreed it would be a good way to keep in shape.

They went to see Ms. D'Antinio. She was thrill at the idea of adding a couple of new girls to the team. After school they met at the gym and were assigned permanent lockers. As Ms. D'Antinio was introducing them to the girls on the team she made an announcement to the team.

"Girls I know how expensive the competition swimsuits are and how hard the chlorinated water is on them. So I thought that you girls would appreciate the idea of practicing in the nude."

The girls all let out a hoot and cheered at the idea. They all felt a rush at the though of doing laps with the cool water flowing over their bare flesh. When the girls gathered at the end of the indoor pool they saw that Ms. D'Antinio was naked too.

There were eight lanes separated by lane lines in the pool but there were at least three times that many girls. They were lined up on the blocks by age. The older girls were in the middle and youngest ones on the outside lanes. She started the first wave and the second took their place for the second wave. The third wave was last. By the time the third wave surfaced the first wave were on their way back. They passed each other on the right.

Jenny was glad she had on swimming goggles so she could look at all of the naked bodies in the water. She was a good swimmer but it would take time for her to increase her endurance. She was willing to work hard though. She didn't like the idea that anyone was going to lap her.

Of course Ms. D'Antinio had discussed her plans with Ms. Otis. They had installed new cameras to take advantage of the new show. They had 8 cameras set up. One at each end, one on either side, one underwater at each end and one underwater on either side. Ms Otis and Ms. Clair were watching with extreme interest.

With 24 young girls swimming up and down the pool they were getting a great view. Ms. Otis had all eight cameras on screen at one time. What better way to spend a couple of hours than to watch girls swimming naked.

After the workout Jenny and Alice were welcomed to the team by all of the girls. They were kissed, felt up, licked and fed pussy until Ms. D'Antinio entered at which time they sat back to watch the coach have her way with the new members of the team.

This year they would surly hold their own in the league. There were plenty of girls willing to spend extra time in the water.

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