Perfect Bliss 2

by Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females.

The next day When I was getting ready for school I thought about what Sarah had told me while we had showered together the night before. I was very surprised to know that I wasn't the first girl Sarah had seduced with her charm. I didn't expect to hear that she had been with both Amy and Kristy at the same time. I wasn't sure what to think of it, or how to act toward the two when I next saw them in English class. I decided to just act as I always did in class and see what would come of it.

For school I wore a dark blue sweater and a comfortable pair of blue jeans. Of all that Sarah had changed for me, I still couldn't bring myself to dress differently for school. I got my books and left for school after I had brushed my hair and my teeth.

When I got to school I was a bit nervous about what would happen. I waited through each class impatiently until it was time for English class. I was one of the first to walk into the room. At the front of the class Sarah was sitting at her desk reading a book and quietly singing something to herself. She was wearing her glasses as usual, as well as a black blouse and a white skirt. I had come to love the way Sarah dressed now, it was so attractive but also slightly conservative. Her figure was elegant and beautiful. She never wore stockings with her outfits and let her long legs remain bare with only a pair of heels on them. As soon as she saw me in the room she put down her book and smiled happily at me.

"Good afternoon Elisa. Early for class I see."

"Hi Sarah, I mean...Miss Hamilton." I said.

I sat near the front, even though there was still plenty of empty seats in the back. Soon, the rest of the class showed up and filled the back rows first and then eventually the middle and front. Class began and Sarah went over a bit of literature and poetry for the majority of the time. She looked at me numerous times throughout the class and her smile widened more each time. I played along and returned the smile each time along with a wink. English class had become the most interesting class in school for sure. About halfway through class Sarah asked for attention as she spoke.

"Class now that you have your assignment for today, I have decided that we can end class a bit early today as long as you stay out of the hallways and don't make any noise. Does that sound okay with each of you?"

Everyone loudly agreed and quickly grabbed up their books and left class. I was one of the last people to leave and as I got to the door Sarah spoke again.

"Oh, Elisa. I was hoping to have a word with you if that is okay."

"Okay." I said, as I turned around.

"Could you maybe close the door for me Elisa. I don't want us to be disturbed."

As soon as she said that I started thinking. What could she possibly want to do here and now that the door would have to be closed for? I closed the door and walked up to her desk. She was sitting and reading from that same book again.

"What are you reading there Sarah?" I asked.

"Oh, its just a little romance book I bought a while ago. Its very interesting." she answered.

"What's it about?"

"Its about two lovers who make love to eachother in very public places. Doesn't that sound adventurous?" she said happily.

"I...I...You brought a book like that here? Hasn't anyone noticed that you have it?" I asked.

"You'd be surprised how much the students actually pay attention to what you're doing when you aren't speaking to them." Sarah replied. "You know sweety, I don't have any more classes in here today."

>From what I knew about Sarah, I realized what she was getting at immediately.

"Sarah we can't. Alone at your place is one thing, but here at school, in public, I can't do it." I said nervously.

"Oh sweetheart. You wanted me to teach you how to have some fun right? The risk adds to the excitement believe me." she whispered.

Sarah pushed her seat back from the desk and turned to me.

"Come sit on my lap honey. It's alright."

I did as she said and sat down with my legs hanging off the side of the chair. Already I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and my face had become flushed.

"I had such a good sleep last night sweety. All I could think about was doing this again. You're so cute and pretty. It just feels right when we're together like this doesn't it?"

"I'm nervous Sarah." I answered. "I don't know if we should do this now."

"Its okay Elisa, everything will be fine. Trust me."

Sarah put her arms on my back and brought me close to her face. I closed my eyes as she lightly gave small kisses to my neck, sending tingles down my body. It was hard but I trusted Sarah and decided to let myself go and let her continue. I giggled and then sighed as her lips lightly touched and caressed my neck, giving me goosebumps. Sarah put her hands at my waist and slowly lifted my sweater off my body.

"Lets just get this off for now." she said.

I lifted my arms and allowed her to pull the sweater off and place it on the desk neck to her. Now, in only my bra and my jeans, Sarah ran her tongue down the middle of my chest, leaving a wet trail of her warm drool behind.

"Oh sweetheart, even your skin tastes nice." she whispered.

I took off Sarah's glasses and put them on myself playfully. We both giggled as she continued running her tongue across my skin.

"I love your glasses Sarah. They suit you so well." I said.

"I need them for reading, but I don't mind wearing them all the time sweety." she replied.

Sarah slipped her fingers under my bra straps and let them fall down, revealing my bare breasts. As she ran her tongue around one of my hard nipples, I took her pony tail in my hand and brought it near my face.

"Your hair smells beautiful too Sarah. It makes me feel so...horny." I whispered.

I inhaled the enchanting aroma from her hair and smiled. I took the end of her pony tail and rubbed it on my chest, soaking up some of Sarah's saliva into it. I then brought it up to my face and slowly sucked on her pony tail, swallowing Sarah's warm drool. As she moved on to my other breast, I released her wet hair and gave her forehead small kisses. Sarah withdrew her lips from my breast and gave me a kiss of her own. Now when I felt her tongue deep within my mouth, I was quite alright with it and it made me feel even more hot. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and explored, licking up her sweet saliva. Our lips parted and Sarah looked into my eyes, which were still wearing her glasses.

"Stand up and take off your pants sweety. I need to have your cute little pussy bare for me."

I stood up and took a step back from Sarah and then faced her again. First, I slipped out of my small sneakers and then went for my jeans. I unbuttoned them and then undid my zipper. I slid the pants down slowly, moving my hips and keeping my eyes closed. I heard Sarah sigh happily and I could tell the sight was very pleasing for her. My jeans hit the floor and I lightly stepped out of them and slid them aside. Now in only my socks and my panties, I walked up to her again.

"Take me Sarah..." I whispered,

She put her hands on my hips and pulled me closer. The air was a little cold on my bare skin but Sarah's warm touch kept me from shivering. I felt her fingers slip inside my panties and begin to slide them down my legs. My sweet aroma immediately filled the air as my wet panties fell to the floor.

"Come sit in my lap again honey." she said.

My vision was blurred but I knew the unmistakable look of love as well as lust in Sarah's beautiful eyes. I sat in Sarah's comfortable lap with my back facing her and let my legs hang down the sides of the chair. I laid my head back on her shoulder and let her hands touch my soft skin. I let my hands rest on the arms of the chair while Sarah ran one hand up and down my stomach and the other across my breasts softly. Her hands then moved lower until they reached my newly shaved pussy. My legs trembled and shivered slightly as I felt the first finger run across my quivering slit and finally slip inside.

"Ohhhh...Sarah yesss...slowly just like that."

Her second finger entered and began to caress my now swollen clit slowly as I said. She let her two fingers soak in the building juices before pulling them out and bringing them to my lips. Instinctively I opened my mouth and let Sarah's fingers move inside so that I could taste my own young, wet pussy. After I had sucked up what I could from her fingers she took them out of my mouth and licked them with her own tongue. The slow progression and excitement was unbelievably hot and sensual. I loved every second of it and moaned for Sarah to continue.

My hot pussy dripped onto Sarah's skirt as her fingers slid inside me once more. I felt two at first, but soon a third and finally a forth finger slipped into my juicy cunt. My pussy was very tight around each of Sarah's four fingers which caused my excitement to rise as well.

"Aaahhhh...Oohh god that's tight...Sarah I love it." I whispered.

Sarah's index finger ran across my throbbing clit, while the other three rubbed up against my wet pussy walls, making me moan louder with each thrust in and out.

"Unngghhh...Oohh Ffff...that's so good!"

I let my hips move up and down in sync with Sarah's hand movements, making our chair move from side to side. I heard the intercom come on and ask Miss Hamilton to page the office but Sarah didn't even seem to notice. She was too occupied with making me moan and sigh with pleasure. I felt Sarah's warm breath on my face and then near my ear.

"I want you to cum hard for me Elisa." she whispered. "I've missed your thick honey on my skin."

I clenched the arms of the chair as the speed of Sarah's hand pumping increased. I then felt Sarah's tongue lightly touch the side of my face and then slowly slide into my ear.

"OOOOOHHHHH Sarah! I can't hold it in for much longer! Unngghhh!!"

I could feel my pussy beginning to contract on Sarah's wet fingers. Her hot tongue in my ear was driving me crazy, I loved it so much. Doing these things when we both knew we could be caught at any moment was dangerous as well as exciting. I felt the juice inside me begin to build up quickly and I was ready to erupt. Sarah finally withdrew her tongue from my ear as my legs shook from the excitement.


I slid down lower on the chair as the climax hit me and the girl cum came pouring out. Sarah made sure not to let any of it touch her skirt as it splashed onto the floor and all over her hand. My whole body shook and Sarah's glasses fell off of my face. She was able to grab them with her free hand before they hit the floor. I tried to keep my voice down but the orgasm was so intense that it was impossible to do so. I felt Sarah's tongue slide up and down my cheek calming me slightly.

"Shhhh...that's it sweety. What a good girl." she whispered.

When the last drop of my thick honey hit the floor Sarah brought her hand back up to her face and sucked on her sticky fingers. I was still shaking and the partially cold air was causing me to shiver now that my orgasm had subsided. I went completely numb and slid off the chair and onto the wet floor. I laid there for a few seconds until Sarah stood up to help me back to my feet. Just as she put her hands on my shoulders there was a knock at the classroom door.

"Ohh...Elisa stay down."

Immediately I curled up and didn't say a word as I heard the door to the classroom open.

"Sarah, you're missing the staff meeting. What are you doing in here?" the voice said.

"I...I was just grading some papers from today's class and I got a little behind." Sarah said, trying to sound okay.

I was hidden behind Sarah's desk and laying in a pool of my own girl cum. The sweat dripped from my forehead and I feared that we might possibly be found out. Sarah fumbled around on her desk and put her glasses back on.

"What's that on your skirt there?" the voice asked.

"It's just...water. I spilled a bit on it earlier today. I got quite a bit of laughs for it from my students."

"Well don't be too long now. Be in the staff room in ten minutes okay?"

"Of course. I'll see you there. Now if you'll excuse me." Sarah said, as she sat casually in her chair.

I heard the door close and I looked up at Sarah.

"Is it okay now?" I whispered.

"Yes, you can come out now honey. He's gone."

I struggled to get up on my shaking legs and held onto the desk for support. I stood with my body oozing with the cum I had been sitting in.

"How am I supposed to get this off of me?" I asked.

Sarah opened up a drawer and pulled out a colored towel to give to me.

"I've had this around for a while. Just in case." she said.

The towel had a strange aroma. It was a scent that I had never smelled before. I didn't ask about it as I wiped myself off and handed it back to her. Sarah watched intently as I put all of my clothes back on and gathered up my books.

"Oh god Elisa, you make me feel so hot. I'll see you tomorrow okay sweety?"

"Well I don't think we should try this again tomorrow but maybe I'll make a trip to your house on the weekend Sarah." I said.

"That sounds perfect honey. I'm glad you did this with me today. Wasn't it fun?"

"I loved it Sarah. Hopefully we won't make a habit of it though. I don't want us to be caught."

"Neither do I Elisa. Now you'd better hurry to your next class. Here take this note to your teacher to explain why you're late."

As Sarah handed me the note I walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the lips. We both smiled then I turned and walked out of the class. I was still very weak and my vision was a bit blurred from wearing her glasses but I was otherwise okay.

I was glad when the school day was finally over. I stood at my locker packing up my things and getting ready to leave when I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder. I turned and Sarah was standing there with her big smile.

"So did you get a chance to talk with Amy or Kristy yet Elisa?" she asked.

" actually. I'm not sure what to say to them. We don't exactly hang out together or anything."

"Oh...well maybe you should just approach them and ask if you could spend some time with them or something. They are both very nice and I'm sure they wouldn't turn you down." Sarah said.

"They may not even remember me though Sarah. We don't really even speak with eachother usually."

Sarah stood there for a moment, with her hand still on my shoulder. I waited for her to come up with some kind of solution.

"I'll tell you what Elisa. I'll introduce you to them and then ask if they wouldn't mind spending some time with you. I know it will work out okay."

"Sarah...I don't know if..."

"Its okay honey. These girls are very nice and I'm sure they would love to get to know you a little better."

I closed my locker and Sarah walked next to me as we went searching for Amy and Kristy. I had no doubt in my mind that they would be together somewhere in the school. Sarah led me in the direction of their lockers, which, surprisingly were right beside eachother. Sure enough Kristy was standing there waiting for Amy who was kneeling down grabbing books from her locker. Kristy was running her fingers through her beautiful brown hair. She was wearing rather tight looking khaki jeans and a tank top. Amy was wearing blue jeans and a partially open blue blouse. I could definitely tell that they both weren't as conservative as me when it came to clothes. Sarah and I walked up to the girls who then looked at her first and then at me.

"Oh, Hey Miss Hamilton! What's up?" Kristy said, with a huge piece of bubble gum in her mouth.

Amy finished with her locker and stood up, looking at me.

"Hi girls. I just wanted you to meet someone. This is Elisa." Sarah said. "She's in your English class as well.

"Hi..." I said in a very quiet voice.

"Oh I remember you." Kristy said. "Your that girl who didn't want to..."

Amy gave Kristy a little poke with her books, interrupting her.

"Hi Elisa. I'm Amy. I'm pleased to meet you. Now what were you and Miss Hamilton going to ask us?"

"Well girls, I was hoping you might consider spending a little time with Elisa here. She's been under a fair bit of stress lately and she needs to relax. Can you help her out?" Sarah asked.

Kristy turned to Amy and waited for a second. When she turned back to Sarah to say something Amy spoke first.

"We'd love to Sarah. How about coming over to my house this evening Elisa? Does that sound nice?"

It felt good that Amy was being so nice to me even though we never really spoke to eachother. It seemed that Kristy, on the other hand, was a little more aggressive towards me.

"Sure, that sounds nice." I said.

"Great, I'll call you later Elisa. What's your number?" Amy asked.

I gave her my phone number and she gave me a small hug. I had never had anyone be so nice to me before, besides Sarah of course. The two then said goodbye to me and Sarah and walked out of the school.

"There, that wasn't so hard now was it?" Sarah said.

"Thanks Sarah. They seemed very nice. I think I'll have a good time."

"I know you will honey." she answered. "Oh and that reminds me. I was going to go out for dinner tonight with Amy's mother for a nice talk. You can tell me all about it tomorrow. Seeya sweety."

No one was around so she gave me a small kiss on the cheek and then walked away. Her pony tail swung back and forth as she walked. I stood there by myself for a minute. I was the last student to leave the school that day. A first for me.

I waited alone at home for about two hours before the phone finally rang. I jumped up and ran to answer it.

"Hello?" I said.

"Elisa? Hi, its Amy. Why don't you head on over here now."

"Is anyone else there too?" I asked.

"Kristy is, of course, but my mom went out to have dinner with someone. So it will be just us three." she said.

"Okay I'll be there." I replied, as I hung up.

I locked up the house and hopped on my bike to head for Amy's house. It was about five blocks away so it took about ten minutes before I finally arrived there. I went around back and set my bike up against the side of the house. I noticed that Amy had a rather large swimming pool in her back yard, and a very big house. I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Soon I heard someone unlocking the door and Amy appeared and let me in.

"Hi Elisa! Me and Kristy were just watching TV in the living room. Just leave your coat on the table here and come on in." Amy said.

I did what she said and followed her into the living room. Kristy was laid out on the couch watching TV. Amy sat down beside her. They were both wearing rather tight soccer shorts with t-shirts and socks. The room was actually quite warm and I was still in my jeans and sweater from school.

"Elisa is here Kristy."

She looked at me and then looked back at the TV.

"Hey." she said.

I stayed standing, looking at what the two were watching. It was some action movie where the characters seemed to swear every five seconds. It wasn't exactly something I was interested in but I kept on staring at it.

"You don't just have to stand there Elisa, you can sit down if you want." Amy said.

She pushed Kristy over a bit and made room for me to sit next to her. I sat down and continued to watch their movie. The couch itself smelled strange, I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Every so often they would both laugh at some kind of joke in the movie that I didn't get at all. At one point, Amy laughed so hard that she raised both of her hands into the air. When she brought them back down she put one arm around my neck casually. I was very jittery and extremely nervous as I sat with Amy and Kristy.

Then, a few minutes later Kristy stood up and stretched out a bit.

"I'm going to get a drink. Would you like something Amy?" Kristy asked.

"Sure, that sounds nice Kristy. How about you Elisa?"

"Ummm...Okay I guess."

Kristy left the room, and me and Amy were left alone. She kept her arm around me and muted the TV before looking at me.

"So you like Miss Hamilton too?" she asked.

"I...I guess so. She's really nice to me." I said quietly.

"I'm sure she is." Amy replied. "You are actually very pretty ya know Elisa."

I began to blush and I smiled politely.


"Your hair is so cute. And it smells nice too." she said.

I was now completely red in the face and Amy's smile widened when she noticed.

"So aren't you hot in that big sweater Elisa?"

"Well, a bit. But I don't have another shirt on under this." I said.

"Oh, well that's okay then. As long as you're comfortable." Amy answered.

Kristy returned to the room holding a two bottle and three glasses.

"Would you care for some pepsi and vodka Amy?" she said.

"Sure! Its always nice to try something new. How about you Elisa?"

I stayed silent for a second before opening my mouth.

"I...I don't know. I've never really tried alcohol before." I said nervously.

"It helps you to relax alot." Amy said. "As long as you drink responsibly you'll be fine, trust me. It tastes good when you mix it with soda."

"Okay...I guess."

Kristy put the glasses on a nearby stand and filled each about two fifths with vodka and the rest with pepsi. She handed me and Amy each a glass and then sat back down on the couch with hers. Amy immediately took a big drink of hers and then closed her eyes for a second.

"Hey, this does taste pretty good Kristy!" she said.

Kristy took a drink from hers and then they both looked at me. I didn't want to disappoint them so I brought it to my lips and sipped a small bit of it. I could definitely taste the vodka mixed in with the pepsi and I almost spit it out. I was able to drink about the same amount that Amy and Kristy had themselves.

"Is it good?" Amy asked.

"Its okay." I said quietly.

I was still shaking quite a bit, due to my nervousness, but as the minutes went by, I began to calm down considerably.

When I was about half finished my drink I began to feel slightly disoriented. Even though I was wide awake it was a little difficult to keep my eyes open and move my arms and legs. As their movie progressed I got a little more into it much like Amy and Kristy did. I continued to not get the jokes but every time the two laughed, I easily joined in even though I had no idea what they were laughing about. At one point, Amy laughed and accidently spilled a bit of her drink onto her t-shirt.

"Oops..." she said.

Kristy and I looked at eachother in the eyes for the first time that night and laughed at what Amy had done. She stood up and set her drink on the floor.

"Now what?" she said, with her shirt dripping.

"Well, why don't you just take it off?" Kristy said. "You don't mind do you Elisa?"

"I...I...ofcourse not."

Amy pulled the t-shirt over her head revealing her bare breasts to me. It was so unexpected that I almost choked right there. I had thought that she would at least have a bra on underneath her shirt.

Amy picked up her drink and finished what was left of it then set it aside. She sat back down and put her arm around Kristy. Soon, I was the only one left who hadn't finished my drink. I felt very strange as I swallowed the last bit of my pepsi and vodka. I no longer paid attention to the movie, as I stared at Amy and Kristy, who were also looking directly at me.

The movie ended and Amy stopped the tape and turned the TV off.

"Its pretty hot in here, do we really need this shirt Kristy?"

Amy put her hands under Kristy's shirt and began to lift it over her head. When it was off she threw it aside and they both giggled.

Kristy laid back and just watched as Amy moved closer, keeping her gaze focused on me.

"Now its your turn Elisa. Take off your sweater for Kristy and me. Its just us girls here."

"I...I can't." I said nervously.

I wasn't even thinking straight now. I felt so weird that it was hard to even focus my eyes on Amy's face. My gaze was locked on her almost completely bare body.

"Oh, come on silly. It'll be fun." Amy said.

She slipped her hands underneath my sweater and took it off slowly. When it was finally off, Amy tossed it aside as well. Now in only my bra and my jeans, I laid there. I was very nervous but also strangely relaxed.

"Now your bra Elisa. Come now." she said, in a motherly voice.

I went red in the face again as Amy slid my bra straps down my arms and undid it in the back. She let the bra fall into my lap and then tossed it onto the floor. My breasts now showed to both Amy and Kristy, who smiled happily.

"You look beautiful Elisa." Kristy said.

"...Thank you." I whispered.

I could tell the effects of the alcohol had gotten to me. I wasn't used to feeling this way at all. I felt a great heat between my legs, and I wanted to touch Amy.

"Well now that we've come this far, how about we get totally naked." Kristy said.

"That sounds fun!" Amy said. "Let's undress eachother!"

I hardly heard what they had said, keeping my gaze on Amy's pretty breasts.

The two began to slowly untie eachother's soccer shorts and let them fall to the floor. Neither of them were wearing panties underneath. I now realized why Sarah wanted me to meet these two so much. I had never seen two girls so horny and lustful for eachother, besides Sarah with me. It was impossible to take my eyes off of each of their cute pussies as Kristy sat back down and Amy walked up to me.

"Now I'll do you Elisa. Lie back." Amy said gleefully.

Amy got on her knees on the carpet and let me have more room as I laid back on the couch. I began to shake again as she lightly put her hands on me. First she took my socks off one by one. She lifted my leg and brought one of my feet near her face.

"You have such cute feet Elisa." Amy said. "I just want to suck on them."

She put her lips around my toe and lightly sucked on it, sending chills down my spine. I writhed and moaned as she tickled my foot with her tongue. She finally took it out of her mouth and gave it a small kiss.

"Oh god I feel so horny." Amy whispered.

Kristy sat up and moved herself closer to me and put her hand in my hair.

"Let's have some fun with Elisa here Amy." she said.

I didn't speak, but just kept my eyes closed, and waited for them to begin. I could feel Kristy's warm breath on my cheek and then I felt her lightly blow into my ear. I moaned lightly, while Amy began to remove my belt on my jeans. Kristy placed moved her hand down from my hair until she reached my soft breast. She slowly caressed it as Amy unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off my legs. Then Kristy brought her face right next to mine and kissed me on the lips, while I kept my eyes closed. I felt her tongue slide deep inside my mouth and I tasted her sweet saliva. I responded by sucking on Kristy's tongue, making her moan as well. I let go of her tongue and she slowly pulled away, leaving me drooling on my breasts. I finally opened my eyes and saw Kristy licking her lips, and Amy staring at my panties, which were completely soaked.

"God you're wet Elisa." Amy whispered. "I can see why Sarah likes you."

Amy ran her hands up my legs, inching closer to my wet panties.

"Let's get these off so we can see your cute little pussy." Amy said.

She slid them down my legs slowly, expecting to see a small bit of hair on my pussy. When they were finally off they both looked a bit surprised.

"You're completely bare Elisa." Kristy said. "I had no idea."

"It was Sarah who helped me with it." I whispered.

"It makes you look so pretty I think." Amy said.

I smiled and let the two touch and caress my naked body. Amy ran her fingers along my inner thigh while Kristy continued to rub and lightly squeeze my breasts.

"Oohhhh...that feels nice." I whispered.

Kristy stood up from the couch and told me to lie down in the middle. I did as she said and positioned myself in the center with my head laid on one of the couch's arms and my feet near the other.

"Now Amy, you lie down with Elisa." Kristy said.

Amy nodded and stood up in front of the couch.

"Have you ever heard of a sixty nine before Elisa?" Amy said, with a huge smile on her face.

"Not really." I answered shyly.

"Its where I lie on top of you so that you can eat my pussy and I can do the same to yours. Sound fun?" she said.

"I would love to try it Amy." I whispered. "But what about Kristy?"

We both looked at Kristy, who was staring at my bare feet, still dripping from Amy's saliva.

"Oh god, I feel like having Elisa's cute feet inside me..." she said quietly.

"Okay..." I replied.

Amy looked at me happily as she turned around and laid on top of me, exposing her bare pussy to my face. Instantly, the familiar aroma filled my nostrils and I remembered where I had smelled it before; on Sarah's towel at school. Amy immediately brought her face close to my wet cunt and gave it a light kiss on the lips. I giggled as she slipped her tongue inside slowly. I felt Kristy grab my foot with her hand and bring it closer to her waiting pussy, as she sat on the edge of the couch. Then, I felt my toes enter her warm, moist pussy as Kristy began to moan.

"Ooohhhh...fuck your feet feel so good inside me." Kristy said.

I didn't really like it when other people used those type of words but I was okay with it. All three of us were completely drunk and incredibly horny for eachother so we didn't really care about what we said. I let my tongue slide inside Amy's dripping slit, finally getting her to start moaning as well. I was overwhelmed by how wet Amy was as well. The juices were flowing from her as if she had climaxed already. I ran my tongue in circles around her hot clit, making her hips shake and wiggle slightly. Kristy had her hand tight on my leg, pushing my toes deeper into her juicy cunt. And with Amy sucking and licking my throbbing clit, the room was filled with our moaning and the sound of our pussies being probed.

" pussy is so tight around your toes Elisa! Aaagghhhh!" Kristy said.

Amy let her drool pour onto my mound making it even more moist for her to suck on. I pulled her waist closer and shoved my tongue deep into Amy's pussy, making her yell loudly for the first time of the night.

"Aaagghhhhhh!! Oh fuck Elisa that is sooo nice. Deep like that yessss!" she yelled.

I gently squeezed Amy's swollen clit between my lips, making her writhe and move around on top of me. Amy removed her tongue from my pussy and then I felt her fingers penetrate my tight slit. Her two fingers pushed far deeper into my cunt than her tongue had easily. A third finger entered sliding by my clit and rubbing up against my pussy walls. I thought Amy would stop there but soon I felt her fourth finger squeeze inside my throbbing pussy.

"OOOHHH! Fffff...that's so tight Amy! Aaaaahhhhhh!! I yelled.

Her hand began to pump in and out quickly soaking in my hot juices. Each of us were ready to explode and let our cum spew out onto the couch. Kristy sounded like she was going to have her orgasm first. Her hand clutched onto my ankle hard, forcing my toes deeper into her quivering pussy. Her moaning had progressed into screams of pleasure, echoing throughout the entire house.

"UUNNNGGGHHHHHH!!! OH FUCK I'M CUMMING!!!!" Kristy screamed loudly.

She arched her back and immediately I felt her hot girl cum shoot out onto my foot and all over the arm of the couch. Her warm honey trickled down my leg as she pulled my foot out of her throbbing cunt and fell onto the floor. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kristy laid out on the carpet with her hand covering her pussy, finally forcing a halt to her sweet juices. Now with only my and Amy left, I drove my tongue deep into her hoping to make her climax first.

"Aaaaahhhhh!! I think I'm gonna cum!" Amy yelled. "But not before I make you Elisa!"

Her fingers rotated around within my tight cunt, rubbing up against my clit with each turn. I could no longer hold in the excitement. Just as my pussy began to contract on Amy's hand I was able to run my tongue across her swollen clit one last time before screaming out loud.


Amy's fingers withdrew from my pussy just as my girl cum shot out onto her face. The flow of my honey continued just as Amy was hit with her own orgasm.


Her hot pussy exploded as a shower of her tasty honey splattered onto my face and into my waiting mouth. Her hips remained shaking wildly as the juice just flowed and flowed out non stop. I was completely overwhelmed by how much cum Amy had produced from her incredible orgasm. My warm juices finally came to a stop, and seconds later, so did Amy's. We both laid breathless and totally exhausted, with our hot, sweaty bodies sloshing together. The room wasn't even very warm but all three of us were sweating immensely. My hair dripped with Amy's beautiful cum. I just let my mouth hang open, drooling and slightly smiling at the same time. Kristy was holding her pussy with one hand, and her other was cupping her cute breasts as she laid on the floor staring at us.

Amy finally worked up the strength to roll off of me and onto the floor. She then sat up and peered at my cum soaked legs and waist. She let her hand soak in my honey and then brought it close to her face, running it through her fingers. I looked at her puzzled.

"Wow Elisa, I've never seen such sticky cum before. Its so thick and juicy. I love it!" Amy said.

I slightly blushed, still covered in Amy's hot juices. Kristy finally sat up to take a look for herself. She let her hand soak in the cum on my legs and then brought it back to her face for inspection. She put her fingers in her mouth and swallowed every last drop of my sticky cum.

"It certainly tastes good." Kristy said.

I smiled back and laid on the couch motionless. My black hair was dripping with Amy's cum as well as my face. My breasts were covered in sweat and drool and my foot was soaked in Kristy's hot girl cum. I had bathed in each of Amy and Kristy's beautiful liquids and was very happy for it.

We laid there, with our chests heaving and our cunts dripping, for about ten minutes before we heard noise coming from the front door. I almost panicked and jumped up but Amy and Kristy both remained calm.

"It's alright Elisa its just my mom, Lorraine." Amy said.

"But we are all naked and covered in girl cum." I said nervously. "What will she say?"

The door opened and the figure stepped inside, closing the door behind her. Amy's mother stood there with her dark blonde hair and black skirt on as she looked into the room.

"I'm back from dinner girls. Have you been having fun while I was...Oh..."

She looked at my naked sweaty body laid out on the soaked couch.

"Hello, You must be Elisa." she said. "I'm Amy's mother, Lorraine."

"Hello..." I said quietly, still a bit nervous.

"I see that you girls have been a little busy this evening. I just love the sweet aroma of love making." she said. "I was out for dinner with Sarah. We had a little talk about Elisa here."

She walked into the room to admire the scene. I was quite surprised that a mother would be so tolerant for what we had done.

Later, I got dressed again and said goodbye to my new friends. Amy and Kristy were both still naked and back on the couch together. Lorraine had sat down in between them happily. I walked up to Amy, hoping to give her a hug. Instead she stood up and gave me a kiss right on the lips, before sitting back down again.

"Thanks for the fun time." I said.

"I'll call you on the weekend Elisa. Does that sound nice?" Amy said.

"I would love to come back again." I replied.

As I walked out of the house, the last thing I saw was Amy waving with one hand while she and Kristy placed there hands on Lorraine's body. I almost didn't sleep that night when I got home. I had so much to tell Sarah...

END for now...

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