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Shady Pines Nudist



Cindy has been taken to nudist resorts from the time she was a baby. She grew up knowing what the life style of nudist was like. She had visited resorts all over the south. The family lived in Georgia but traveled to camps from Florida to North Carolina.

When Cindy was at these resorts all she was interested in was playing in the pools and playing games like tetherball with girls her age. If the girls were too old they could beat her too easily so she always looked for girls her age.

Her mother had her own friends and would do her own thing. She tended to get into card games that would last a long time. Bridge had been her choice most of the time but now that Texas Holdum has become popular on satellite TV she changed her game.

Back then her mother would get into games that would consume her interest for days on end. The closest resort to their home was Shady Pines, Georgia. She owned a notions store but she made her real money by gambling. At these card games she could make 3 or 4 thousand dollars a weekend. Of course she could lose her take but in the long run she made a living at it. Unknown to Cindy the other incentive to play was the side bets. The winner could demand that the losers perform all kinds of debasing sexual acts.

She had one friend her age that spent a lot of time there. A girl named Janice. She didn't care for cards all that much so she would find other ways to entertain herself. She spent a lot of time with other guests watching the children playing games.

When Cindy was about eight years old Cindy's 34-year old mom got into one of her normal marathon card games that would last for days.

Cindy had always like Janice because she treated her like an adult most of the time. Janice invited Cindy to stay in her cabin that night because she had a television. Cindy and her mom did not have one in theirs. Cindy asked her mother for permission and received it while hardly looking up from her cards.

They retreated to her cabin and Cindy perched herself on the foot of the bed to watch the TV. Janice really didn't care for the program and spent her time giving Cindy a back rub and foot massage. Janice was very good at it. She would take one of Cindy's feet and bend her toes and then run her thumb from the arch to the ball of her foot very hard. When she was finished with one foot she kissed the bottom of the foot and the toes before doing the same thing to the other foot.

Janice was very flirtatious that night she was telling Cindy how pretty she was. She told her that her lips had a perfect cupids bow and that she was the prettiest girl at the resort. She added that she would someday have boys clamoring for her to be their girlfriend.

Cindy told her that she thought that boys were gross. Janice looked her in the eye and agreed with her saying that they all only wanted one thing. Cindy had no idea that Janice had more than one meaning in her response.

When the movie was over they agreed to go to bed. They took turns taking a bath. Cindy was first and when Janice came out and got into bed with Cindy she turned out the light and they went to sleep.

The next night Cindy didn't even ask if she could stay with Janice she just sought out her company after dinner. They were in the cabin by the time the sun went down.

This night she massaged her feet again while she complement Cindy's face, hair and body she asked Cindy if she would like to watch a "SPECIAL VIDEO" with her. Cindy felt very grown up and her complements had her feeling like she was very pretty.

Janice put the video into the VHS but before she pushed the play button she said, "There is a lot of stuff that only big girls like to see. Are you sure you would like to watch this movie?"

Of course that warning only went to guarantee that Cindy would say, "Yes."

Janice started the video and this message appeared "This movie is meant for adults and contains scenes of an adult sexual nature. The message had the girls making each other feel good kind of like the massage only more so."

Cindy was sitting on the edge of the bed when the movie started. Janice was watching Cindy's face. Cindy figured that Janice had seen it enough that she didn't need to watch it and wanted to see if she enjoyed it more. Cindy figured she had to look like she enjoyed it even if it was some boring movie. She tried to put on her grown up face.

When the screen changed from blue to an actual picture there was a swimming pool in the background. There were naked people lying on lawn furniture on the concrete apron around the pool. There were some children splashing in the pool. Some were jumping off the diving board. It was obviously a nudist resort.

Cindy had been going to nudist resorts like this one in the south at least five times a year from the time she was born and this pool was not one she had ever seen before. The people in this one were bad actors to say the least. The pool just did not look like a typical Olympic sized pool. It just looked more like something in the back yard of a private home.

The camera focused on two ladies sunbathing by the pool. The camera made sure to show them applying sun screen to their vaginas even thought they were golden brown all over. They were all smiles as they talked to each other.

One lady said, "Which one of the children is yours?"

The second lady said, "The one just jumping off of the diving board in mine. Her name is Beth."

First lady said, " Oh my, Beth is so yuuuuuuuuummmmmmy." She said in a manner that Cindy had never heard before from any women before.

Second lady said, "Thank you."

First lady, "How old is Beth?"

Second lady, "She is nine."

First lady, "She is a little old for my taste but she is yummy though. Can I take her to my room for a little taste?"

Second lady, "Sure sweetie just bring her back when you're finished with her." She said it as if she was loaning a friend a coffee maker.

Cindy was staring at the TV trying to look like an adult that had seen everything. She could make out Janice out of the corner of her eye and knew that she was watching her face. She could also make out that Janice's hand moving in her lap. Cindy had no idea what masturbation was. She just assumed that she was scratching some itch. Cindy kept her eyes on the TV screen to see what was going to happen next.

The next scene moved to the door of what was supposed to be a resort. The first woman was still nude as she led the young girl through the door. The girl had a beach towel wrapped around her body and her dark hair was wet. She was a very pretty looking girl. The girl was much smaller than the lady. The lady looked like she was about 120 pounds and the girl could hardly be more than 60 pounds. The lady had long blonde hair, fair skin with a light dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks.

What Cindy was about to see would change her life forever! The lady sat on the bed and the young girl stood in front of her. The lady unwrapped the towel from around the girl's body. The look on the ladies face was that of person who was buying something in a store.

The girl must have known exactly what she wanted. She stepped back and posed for her. She placed one hand behind her head and the other on her hip. The girl turned around to show the lady every part of her body.

The woman placed her hands on her little bottom and said, "mmmmmmmmm...What a pretty little bottom you have honey. Would you like to bend over for me Honey?"

The little girl nodded over her shoulder and bent at the waist, while looking over her shoulder. The lady leaned forward and kissed the little girl on the cheek of her butt. She kissed both cheeks then zeroed in on the girl's little pink puckered anus. Cindy could not believe that a woman would actually put her tongue on anyone's rectum. Then the lady started licking the girl's asshole and from the look on the girl's face she must have loved it.

Janice's comment startled Cindy. "Do you want to watch the rest or for me to turn it off?"

Cindy had to swallow to be able to respond. YES I would like to watch some more movies, if you don't mind."

Janice flashed a big smile like that first evil grin. (Cindy was to see that grin many times in the future.) She scooted over even closer to Cindy until their naked thighs were touching. Janice put her mouth tight next to Cindy's ear and whispered "You don't know how much that pleases me. You can watch every movie I have if you like sweetie under one condition."

Cindy asked, "What would that be?" She never took her eyes off of the screen. That beautiful little girl was having that lady sticking her tongue into her little butt-hole. She would learn what rimming was all about eventually.

Janice said, "Give me a kiss."

Cindy that ought that was no big thing to ask and quickly turned her head and kissed Janice on the cheek like she did her mother. Janice grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her body. Cindy turned her head to watch the TV but Janice grabbed her head, "Sweetie not like that. Kiss me like this."

Janice was still holding her head and kissed her on the mouth. Her tongue parted Cindy's mouth and swabbed her mouth. Cindy thought she had a fat tongue and it mopped the roof of her mouth and forced her on tongue around inside her mouth.

At first it surprised Cindy but she found that the way Janice kissed her caused her to have a nice feeling down deep in her tummy. She found that she loved the way it made her feel. She tried to stick her own tongue into Janice's mouth but she was not strong enough to force Janice's tongue out of the way. Cindy didn't need any encouragement to let Janice kiss her like that again. When Janice let go of Cindy's mouth Cindy turned bat to the TV screen to see what was going on.

By the time she got to look at the movie the lady was laying on her back and the little girl was squatting over her head. Cindy watched as the girl lowered her crotch down onto the lady's long tongue. The girl's little pussy looked like her own.

Janice announced, "Cindy honey I am going to rub both our pussies now. Is that OK? You just watch the movie and enjoy it."

Cindy felt her reach around her and place on hand in her lap. She felt her long fingers rub her little mound. I felt great and she looked at Janice as she placed her other hand on her own pussy and started rubbing her mound hard. Janice had dark blonde pubic hair. Cindy thought she was trying to rub her pee-pee so hard that it must hurt.

Cindy didn't have to say anything. The way Janice was rubbing her pee-pee felt so good she never wanted it to stop. Cindy never took her eyes off of the screen. The little girl started saying things that confused her. She was saying things like, "Fuck me harder mommy." Cindy knew that that other woman by the pool was her mother, why would she be calling this lady mommy?

Janice was rubbing herself faster and she was rubbing Cindy harder and faster too. Cindy saw that lady get off of the bed and actually sit on the dresser. She spread her legs and put her heels right on the edge of the dresser. Her pussy was gapping open and her anus looked much larger than what Cindy's looked like.

That lady's pussy was almost eye level with the sweet little girl. The girl put her face right between the lady's legs and kissed her on her pussy. She stuck out her tongue and licked her all over. She put her tongue right into the hole. Cindy didn't know the name of that skin bridge between the vagina and the anus (pudenda) but that little girl moved her tongue across that bridge and stuck her tongue into the lady's asshole. Cindy thought she had seen everything at this point but there was more to come.

The girl stuck two fingers into the lady's pussy and added finger after finger until she put her thumb into the hole. Slowly she pushed her fist into the hole until the girl had half of her forearm in her pussy. The lady was moving her butt around as if she were trying to get away from the girl's fist but what she was saying was very different. "Fuck mommy's big pussy baby!"

While the lady was begging the girl to fuck her harder the girl stuck fingers into her asshole. Cindy could not believe that the girl was actually able to fit her other hand into the woman's asshole at the same time her other arm was still in her pussy. When she had her second fist in the woman's butt-hole the woman was not moving anymore. The girl took turns shoving one fist in while pulling the other out. The lady was moaning things like, "You fuck Mommy so good. Oh sweetheart that makes mommy feel so wonderful."

About that time Janice slid off of the bed onto the floor. Janice was moaning like the lady and her legs were jerking. (That was the first orgasm Cindy ever saw.) Janice lay on the floor with her breasts heaving up and down until her breathing returned to normal. Afterwards Janice sat back on the bed and asked, "Do you have any questions honey?"

Cindy had a million questions to ask but she didn't know where to start.

Janice explained, "What you saw me do was have a climax playing with her self."

Cindy asked, "Why didn't I have one?"

Janice said, "You will in a few years but you can enjoy the feeling of a sexual high for a long time until then."

Cindy asked, "Do a lot of women and girls do what those did in that movie?"

Janice said, "More than anyone would ever know. People don't talk about that much. There are laws against such things."

Cindy wondered why but didn't ask.

Janice asked, "Did you enjoy the movie?"

Cindy said, "YES, very much."

Janice said, "We can watch more another time. Right now we need to go to bed."

Janice watched as Cindy positioned herself on the bed and pulled the sheet up over her body. Then Janice laid down on Cindy's right side but she moved her body up until her head was resting against the headboard so that her 36-C breasts were right over Cindy's face. Cindy looked at her nipples and felt her mouth water because she wanted to suck on them. Janice lowered her breast down to her mouth and Cindy opened it and took the nipple between her lips and sucked on it. The longer she sucked the harder she sucked.

Janice reached down between her legs and rubbed Cindy's vulva gently. The harder Cindy sucked her breast the harder she rubbed her pussy. At one point Janice pulled her tit out of Cindy's mouth and got on her knees sideways and put her face between the girl's legs and sucked her pussy.

Cindy's right hand was free now and she felt the sagging breasts and then ran her finger along that band-aide strip of dark blonde hair until her finger found the swollen labia. It surprised and delighted her when she found out how slippery it was. She used her finger to wiggle the clit like Janice was moving her clit with her tongue. It wasn't long before Janice was gasping for air and her body was trembling all over. When her climax subsided she finally lay down next to Cindy and put her arm under her head and kissed her sweetly. "That was so sweet of you darling. You made me feel wonderful."

Cindy rested her head against the soft breast and looked lovingly into her eyes by the faint light filtering in through the drapes. She kissed Janice on the mouth and smelled her own pussy juice on her face. She lay on top of her and kissed her way down to her breasts. As she sucked on one nipple she played with the other tit with her hands. With the tit in her mouth her own vulva was pressed against Janice's band-aid strip of hair. She found that it tickled her when she rubbed against the hair.

She looked up at Janice and asked, "Should I kiss you down there?"

Janice stroked her hair and said, "Honey you don't have to do anything."

Cindy inched her way down Janice's body until she was between her legs and Janice begged her to kiss her inner thighs. Cindy placed her cheek against the inside of the leg and felt the soft warmth and kissed the soft meat. Then she put her cheek against the other thigh and did the same thing. She moved her head closer to the junction and repeated the kissing until she could smell the powerful aroma of her pussy. She was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. She sucked on the flabby labia and used her tongue to seek out that little love button and whipped it around with her tongue. The oral stimulation continued until Janice climaxed again; after which, she pulled the girl up her body and kissed her on the mouth with all of the passion she could muster. Her tongue swabbed the child's face as she relished the taste of her spent cunt on the girl's lips and tongue. They cuddled up and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning they woke up and kissed again. They took turns using the toilet to pee and Janice let her use her toothbrush to brush her teeth. They brushed their hair and headed for the dinning room for breakfast.

They had filled their tray and sat down at a table near a window so they could enjoy the view when Cindy's mother came in and joining them.

Cindy asked her mother. "Did you win the card game?"

Her mother beamed, "I won four thousand dollars. I'm calling the sundries shop to tell Dorothy that we are staying here for a couple of more days."

The news thrilled Cindy and it showed on her face.

Her mother asked, "Did the two of you enjoy yourselves last night?"

Cindy blushed and Janice said, "Your little girl grew up last night honey."

Cindy's mother gave her daughter a knowing smile then reached out and took hold of both of their hands and kissed their fingers.

Her mother said that she was about to start another game for higher stakes could you and Janice keep yourselves company until it is over. Janice and Cindy looked at each other and knew that they would be more than happy to entertain each other as long her mother would allow them. After the breakfast they parted ways as her mother headed to the area behind the windscreens that were positioned to prevent the cards from flying and still allow the nudists to enjoy the suns rays.

Janice and Cindy watched her mother settle in at the card table before they moved on. They wanted to spend some time in the sun. Why would a nudist go to a resort and not work on their tan a little. Cindy wanted to play on the swings like any girl her age would so Janice decided to get some sun on one of the chase lounges near the playground. Cindy played on the swings for a while then she headed for the slide. They were clever enough to make the slide with running water that emptied into a pool that was no more than three feet deep at that end of the pool.

Cindy was wondering how many of the children there had found out what she had found out about sex. She was watching more closely now and observing things that in the past she would probably not even have noticed.

Even though she had no interest in boys she did notice a group of boys in a corner of the pool and she could tell they were groping each other. There was a woman in the pool with two girls hanging onto her. She knew them and she was not related to the girls. They were hugging her. Cindy saw the girls playing with her breasts. Then she heard an older gray haired men call out Johnny's name. She saw Johnny climb out of the pool he was excited as he rand towards the man. Johnny's little pecker was about the size of a raw winner and bobbing up and down as he ran to the man holding a towel. The man dried him and they walked towards the cabins together with the man's hand on his shoulder. Cindy knew Johnny's parents and this older man was not his father. She wondered why she had never noticed these things before.

While she was sliding down the water slide she noticed a girl she her age named Ann was always right behind her every time she started climbing the ladder. When she got to the top of the ladder she paused before letting go and Ann bumped into her. When she slid down the slide she stood up in the water just as Ann landed right behind her. Ann bumped into her hard enough to almost knock her off her feet. Ann apologized and they walked toward the edge of the pool when they reached it Cindy turned to Ann and bluntly asked, "Ann have you every kissssssed a woman before?"

Ann gave her a knowing look and said, "Yes."

Cindy was not sure Ann understood what she meant with the way she said kiss and asked quietly again, "Do you know what I mean by kissed?"

Ann beamed "You're talking about kissing a woman here." As she said that she reached under the water and cupped Cindy's vulva with her hand.

It shocked Cindy that the girl was so bold. "Would you like to watch a movie with me and Janice there?" She pointed towards Janice as she reclined on the white plastic chase lounge with dark sunglasses on to hide her eyes.

Ann beamed as she looked at Janice. "Sure. What kind of movie is it?"

Cindy said, `Wait here while I ask if you can watch with us."

Cindy climbed out of the pool and ran towards Janice. The cool water dropped onto Janice and woke her up. She shaded her eyes with her hand as she sat up. Cindy asked, "Can my friend Ann over there (as she pointed towards the girl closest to them) come watch a movie with us?"

Janice looked at her and asked Cindy, "Are you sure she would like to watch one of our movies?"

Cindy said, "I know she would love to watch one."

Janice agreed to get her come with them. And Cindy motioned for Ann to join her. Ann climbed out of the pool and ran to join them. Janice gave the girl an apprizing look from behind her sunglasses and must have approved of what she saw.

Ann was a very beautiful girl. She had long black hair with blue-gray eyes. Her even allover tan gave testimony to the fact that she spent a lot of time in the sun at nudist resorts.

Janice sat up and handed the girls towels and they dried off before they headed towards Janice's cabin. Janice told them that they smelled like chlorine. She told them they might like to take a shower first. Cindy and Ann headed towards the bathroom and got into the shower together. They washed each other's body with soap and of course Ann did a good job of washing Cindy's cunt and kissed her on the mouth while she probed Cindy's mouth with her tongue. When they were finished showering they dried off in the shower so the floor would not get wet. They even used a blow dryer to dry their hair. Janice brought them glasses of punch as they returned to the other room.

The girls sat on the end of the bed right in front of the television as Janice selected a video to put in the VHS. When the screen changed from blue there was a woman and girl all dressed up in party dressed. The girl had on a sweet looking short dress with puffy sleeves and a white starched lacy apron over the front of her party dress. She had on Mary-Jane shoes. The two of them were putting up birthday decorations. The doorbell rang and when they opened the door there was a woman standing behind a girl the same age as the party girl. She was dressed up in a party dress too and had a gift-wrapped package in her hand. They hugged and greeted each other before returning to decorating the room. The door bell rang again and a girl that looked about twelve was behind a girl the age of the party girl came in as the woman drove off. This kind of thing played out until there were six girls all dressed up in party dressed and a couple of other women to watch off the group when the party started. In a short time they had cut the cake and served ice-cream and punch with the cake. They sang happy birthday to the girl and then the group retreated to the girl's bedroom where the older girl propose a game of spin the bottle. She told the other girls that before each girl was kissed they had to remove an article of clothing. That caused the young girls to giggle but they all agreed.

The birthday girl spun the bottle first and it stopped in front of the older girl. She pulled her dress over her head and the birthday girl kissed her on the mouth. The older girl spun the bottle and the girl tried to take off one of her shoes but the older girl insisted that she take off both shoes before she kissed her. It was not long before all of the girls were naked. One girl figured the game was over but the older girl assured them that it was not over by a long shot. They looked at her and one said, "We don't have anything to take off now."

The older girl said now when the bottle points at you, you have to kiss the spinner between the legs. She demonstrated by pointed the bottle at herself and she leaned over and kissed the birthday girl right on her pussy. The girls all giggled but they began to play. They had spun the bottle about three times when the door opened and the women came in carrying glasses of punch.

The woman of the house said this room is too crowded. Why don't we move to the living room? All of the naked girls stood up and followed the women to the living room.

The women gathered up a couple of girls next to them and began kissing them. The girls undressed the women and they played with the women's breasts as the women kissed them.

Cindy had her arm around Ann and she stated playing with her leg. Ann turned towards her and kissed her on the mouth. Janice sat down next to Ann and placed her hand between her legs too.

Ann turned her head and saw that Janice's breast was right in front of her face so she opened her mouth and took the nipple into her lips. Cindy went to the floor and parted Ann's legs and started licking her crack. The remainder of the day was spent watching movies and doing to each other what the girls and women were doing to each other in the movies. They were exhausted by the time they realized they had not had lunch and they were starved.

They headed for the dinning hall to get something to eat. They didn't even clean up. They also didn't notice that their pussies were swollen and red from so much sex. The women serving food noticed and gave them the warmest of smiles.

While Cindy's mother played cards the rest of the week Cindy never left Janice's bed. She found that she like having sex with both girls and women. Janice brought another woman to the cabin to join her in making love to Cindy.

The last night they were there her mother had won a lot of money and was ready to celebrate. She joined Janice and Cindy for the night and Cindy got to make love to her mother. Cindy knew that nudist resorts were never going to be the same for her.

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