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Shady Pines Nudist 2





Amber was thrilled when her mother informed her that they were going on a holiday at a nudist resort called Shady Pines. The resort was located just outside the city of Social Circle, Georgia. That was only an hour's drive from their home.

They talked about what it would be like there and what they could do. Her mother told her that it would be very much like any other resort except that everyone would be naked. She assured her that after a day or two she would hardly even notice that the people would be naked. It was funny to pack for a week's vacation and only have one small bag. She only had to pack things like a hair brush, toothpaste, and toothbrush and of course plenty of sun screen. She packed her favorite beach towel and sandals.

The ride to the resort was thrilling to the eight year old girl. An hour's drive seemed like forever to her. When she mother pulled off of the main road onto a gravel road she was looking around at everything, the dust bellowing up behind the car and the pine trees that were approaching. They had to pass through a gate that had a watchman there to allow them to pass after he checked to see that they were registered. They drove through the tree lined road to a rustic building with a lot of cars parked in front of it.

They checked in at the desk. Amber could not take her eyes off of the people behind the counter and in the lobby. They were all naked. Some were young but several were old. Their skin looked dry and it sagged like an ill fitting suit. Some were very tanned and some had sun burns that attested to the fact that they did not normally get out into the sun that much.

Her mother signed them in and was handed a credit card that both served as the key to their cabin and the way they charges all their expenditures to their room. She handed Amber her own card with a cord attached so that she could hang it around her neck. A naked bellboy carried their bag to their cabin.

They checked out their cabin. It had two full sized beds a TV and a round table in front of the window looking out onto the grounds with two chairs on rollers. There was a dresser against on wall and a bathroom with both a shower and tub. The sink counter was spacious enough for the two of them to use at the same time. Fresh towels were hung for them to use and there was even a little water heater in the bathroom to make hot tea or coffee along with an ice bucket.

At her mother's suggestion they took off their clothes and hung them up in the open fronted closet space provided. Amber felt self-contours about walking outdoors naked. The two of them put on sandals and when outdoors with their key cards around their necks.

They looked around. There was a heated game of volleyball going on one of the three volleyball courts. The men playing were all old gray haired men. They obviously lived there all of the time or visited a lot. They were tanned all over. Most had small sagging butts and pot bellies. They had gray pubic hair and their dicks were a variety of things to see. Some dicks were barley visible. They just looked like knobs resting on their scrotums. Others hung limply between their legs and swung as they raced to get to the ball. Still others had scrotums that hung almost to their knees. Amber saw nothing sexy about these old men. She turned her attention to the women.

They walked to the lake and saw a variety of people enjoying the cold water. There were even some children there. When they walked out into the lake to their ankles they decided it was too cold for them. They wandered around and found the stables where there were a plenty of horses and tack. They knew they would have to go ridding before the week was over. Amber had even picked out the horse she wanted. She was a pretty palomino mare with white stocks and a star on the forehead. She fell in love with her. The name above her stall was Missy.

Her mother had to tear her away from the horse so that they could see the rest of the place. They found the swimming pool and even tried the water there. The temperature was comfortable so they decided to stay a while. Again most of the people lounging around the pool were old, and as dried up looking as the men were the women looked even more dried up. Their breasts sagged like empty balloons. Their skin looked dry and weathered. Their faces were covered with moisturizing creams to protect them from the drying effect of the sun. That is not to say that there were no younger people there. It was just that Amber noticed the older ones first.

Her mother notices what she was looking at and told her that there would be more people soon. Most of these were retired people that chose to live here all of the time. The next morning Amber was happy to see a lot more children. She even got into a volleyball game with a group of boys and girls close o her age.

At first she felt strange playing a game in front of a bunch of horny boys. They were too young to cum but not to young to get boners. Most of the boys had hard-on that caused their dicks to stand out like little flag poles that bounced up and down when they ran around after the ball. She notices the men and women lounging around the volleyball court. They looked like they were enjoying the sight of the naked children playing.

She saw the looks on their faces and observed some of the men and women pointing at one boy in particular. He had a penis as large as most adult men. It looked so out of place on such a skinny boy. He obviously enjoyed the attention because he played with it whenever someone was getting ready to serve the ball.

She also noticed one girl on her team. She looked about her age. She thought she was very pretty. She started talking to her and found out that she was her age and her name was Cindy. After the game they talked for a while. She found out that Cindy had been coming to nudist resorts all of her life. While they were talking a women approached them.

Cindy introduced her as Janice. Amber asked if she was her mother. Cindy put her arm around the woman's waist and said she is my special friend. Amber did not know what that meant but figured that she was just a close friend to Cindy's family.

It was Cindy that invited her back to the pool for a while. She assured Amber that they had plenty of time before dinner. They headed to the pool and the girls jumped into the water. Janice simply walked in from the shallow end and joined the girls.

As they frolicked in the water Janice stayed by the edge of the pool watching them play. In time Amber and Cindy joined Janice by the edge of the pool. Janice put her arms around Cindy and as the girls talked the woman was resting her hands between Cindy's legs. Amber didn't notice that the woman was stroking her new friend's pussy.

While they were talking an older man came by with his arm around a boy no older than they were. He greeted Janice like an old friend. They talked to each other about the traffic getting there.

Even Amber could not help notice that the man had his hand on the boy's penis and was stroking it between his finger and thumb. The boy had his free hand resting behind his body and gripping the man's cock. The boy was sliding the skin back and forth exposing the man's cock head. Amber was embarrassed by the sight of the man and boy doing such a nasty thing to each other right there in front of them. She knew that Janice had to see what they were doing but she carried on a conversation as if it was perfectly normal.

When the two of them moved on Amber asked Cindy if she had seen what they were doing. Cindy told her of course. You will see a lot of things like that here. She said Janice and I have a lot of videos that shows you what can go on here if you would like to see them. Amber had to think about that for a while. She was intrigued by the idea of what she could see. She agreed to come to their cabin later that night. They had to get out of the pool and shower off the smell of chlorine before going to the dinning hall.

Amber found her mother. They sat at a small table near a window while they ate lunch. While they were eating Amber asked her mother what it meant for a girl to say that a woman was her "special friend".

Amber's mother asked where she heard that term. Amber told her about meeting Cindy and how she told her that the lady named Janice was her special friend.

That seemed to intrigue her mother. Amber pointed out where Cindy and Janice were sitting. Amber didn't know the third woman sitting with them. When her mother and Amber made eye contact with Cindy and Janice they smiled at each other and gave each other a subtle wave.

When lunch was over Amber and her mother stopped by Cindy's table where they introduced themselves to each other. Amber was glad to meet Cindy's mother finally. She learned later that Cindy's mother was more interested in the card games that she supplemented her income with. Janice was the one that looked after Cindy.

Janice invited Amber and her mother to stop by later that evening if they liked. Amber's mother thanked them and assured them that they would be pleased to stop by that evening. She told them that they had an appointment to go horseback riding after lunch. They politely kissed each other on the cheeks and Amber and her mother made their exit.

Amber was very excited about getting to ride a horse. Like a lot of girls her age she had always wanted a horse of her own.

When they got to the stable a female stable-hand had saddled several horses. There were other women milling around and checking out the horses. Her mother introduced her to a couple of women as her friends. They kissed each other on the cheeks and they kissed Amber too. The stable-hand had to cup her hands for Amber to step up so that she could reach the stirrup and swing her leg over the saddle of the horse she wanted. She was thrilled to get to ride Missy.

The reins had been tied in an overhand knot and hung over the saddle-horn. She picked up the reins and the stable-hand told her how to turn the horse by moving the reins to either side of the horse neck. The pressure of the neck told the horse what direction to go.

These horses had walked all of the trails so many times they knew by the direction they were headed which trail to take. They didn't need much direction. The stable hand led the way on her horse and her saddle bags were full of things like a first aid kit. The other horses carried sandwiches, fruit and soft drinks. They were all in single file on the trail. Amber was just behind the stable hand and her mother was right behind her.

While the other women were talking to each other Amber and her mother was watching the stable-hand's bottom. The woman had wide hips and her butt and back was evenly tanned. Her hair was a naturally sun streaked blonde. The waves flowed down her back to almost the middle of her back. Amber thought she was very pretty and had the best job in the world. She got to be around horses all of the time. A young girl like her was full of romantic images of ridding horses all day. She didn't appreciate the amount of work required to keep a horse, shoeing them and shoveling their shit all of the time.

When they came to a clearing with plenty of grass and a running brook they stopped and dismounted. The stable-hand hobbled the horses so they would not head home and strand them.

They enjoyed the fresh cold water and had a little picnic. While her mother spread out on the grass to take a nap, Amber felt the need to relieve her self. She found some toilet paper and headed up a trail into the trees. When she was far enough away she got off of the trail and squatted down and she went to the bathroom outdoors for the first time. When she was done she wiped herself front and rear very carefully. Then she realized that what she had done would stink up the place. She found a stick and scraped dirt and pine needles over the mess. She was heading back down the trail when she ran into a couple of women from the party.

Amber guessed that they were as old as her mother. She could not keep from admiring one of them. She had blonde hair. Amber didn't know that it was the result of a bottle. Her eyes were blue-green. Her lips were full and a nice shade of red. Her shoulders were straight and her breasts were firm too. The child didn't know that she had silicon bags in them to reinforce their shape. The areolas were large and the nipples stuck out in front of her like accusing fingers. Her waist was a little thick and wide hips but not really fat. Her legs were set so wide that with her knees together you could still see plenty of light between her legs. Her pubic area was shaved into a narrow strip of dark brown hair. The woman was looking at her like she approved of what she saw too.

Amber had been named well. Her hair was a natural auburn and her eyes looked gray. She still had the figure that looked like a little boy's except there was no meat between her legs. Her little vulva was as smooth as the day she was born. In fact it was hard to even make out the crack.

The woman approached her and smiled at her very warmly. Amber felt so naked standing her unable to hide her body from the look the woman was giving her. The woman put her arm around her shoulders and complemented her on her pretty eyes.

Amber thanked her and felt like she should start walking but could not bring herself to do so. The woman bent down and kissed her on the mouth. The woman could not help notice that she had a roll of toilet paper in her hand. "Honey I need to go too. Why don't you stay with me so that I can use your paper?

Amber could have simply handed her the paper and left. Instead she followed her up the trail until she selected a spot behind a tree where she squatted down and relieved herself. Amber stood there watching the pee splash on the pine needles and handed her the roll when she was done. She watched the woman wipe herself. She took the roll back as the woman stood up and kicked needles over the wet ones.

The woman thanked her and put her arm around her again. As they walked down the trail the woman placed her hand on her butt and gave it a gentle squeeze. She thanked her for coming to her rescue.

The ride back was just as much fun for Amber. When they got back to the barn the stable-hand asked if any of the guest would like to help her unsaddle the horses and curry them out.

Amber was thrilled to help. Of course she could hardly pull the saddles off of the horses. Her mother stayed behind and unsaddled the horses for her. She flung them over the wooden horses and draped the saddle blankets over the saddles to dry. Amber stared currying the horses and brushing them. The stable-hand was pitching hay and giving hem oats.

When they were done the stable-hand thanked them for their help and headed for the staff quarts. Her mother led Amber back to their cabin so they could shower before dinner.

When they entered the dinning hall and filled their trays Amber's mom looked for Janice and when she saw her she was with Cindy at a table for four. They were waving for them to join them.

After the greetings Amber's mother asked where Cindy's mother was. Janice told her that Cindy's mother played cards for money and would spend days at the card table.

After dinner they exited the dinning hall together and headed for Janice's cabin. Janice offered Amber's mother a drink and she made the two of them a stiff cocktail while Cindy got a couple of cans of soft drinks for Amber and herself.

When the four of them were back in the main room of the cabin Janice and Cindy sat on the foot of the bed so that their guest could have the two chairs in the cabin. They sat there talking about each other and found out that they didn't live that far from one another.

It was Amber's mom that brought up the subject their relationship by saying, "Amber tells me that you and Cindy are special friends."

Janice gave her a knowing smile, "Are you one of us?"

Amber's mom said, "I have been one of you all of my life. I have just never let Amber know about my desires before. I brought Amber here this weekend so that she can find out about what turns me on the most."

Amber turned her head to look at her mother. She was not sure what her mother meant by that... She wanted to ask about what they were talking about but she didn't know how to ask what "one of us" meant.

Janice said, "We have a wide selection of informative videos here that should give Amber a better understanding of our sisterhood."

Mom asked, "Do you have something in mind for a novice?"

Janice showed a look of deep thought before she casually said to Cindy, "Honey why don't you get out the Birthday Gift for Amber to watch."

Cindy scooted off of the bed and pulled a case out of the closet and flipped through the cassettes until she found what she was looking for. Janice likewise got up and came over to the chair that Amber was sitting in and held out her hand and pulled her to her feet. She sat down in the chair and pulled Amber down to place her on her left legs. Amber looked at her mother and got a nod of approval. When Cindy stood up she ran to Amber's mother and sat on her lap as the video started.

Amber felt strange sitting in the lap of a strange adult while both of them were naked. But watching Cindy sitting on her mother's lap was beyond weird but not as strange as what she was beginning to see on the television?

The screen showed the front of a car through the front windshield. The car was driving down a tree lined road. There were no sidewalks on this street. The houses looked very nice. They screamed money with all of the brick fronts and French windows. Then the car pulled into the driveway on one of the Tutor homes. The screen faded out and back to a woman and a girl approaching the front door. The camera followed them into the house as they were welcomes by another woman.

They passed through the house to an enclosed backyard. The yard was set up for a party. At this point Amber saw that all of the party goers were naked. They girls were all about her age and they were playing the same games all childhood parties entail. The women were all naked too. They were all standing around talking to each other with drinks in their hands.

The party girl blew out the candles on her cake and opened her gifts. Amber watched as she opened each package and held the gift up to the howls and remarks from the girls and women. Amber had never seen the kinds of gifts she received before. There were strings of beads in a variety of sizes that looked like snap beads as far as Amber could tell. From what her mother had told her they were popular sometime in the fifties. There were bottles of lubricant that were scented and flavored based on the comments made. What shocked Amber the most was the number of rubber and plastic penis like objects she receives.

After the girl stuck one of the most realistic cocks into her mouth, to the cheers from all of her little friends Amber watched as all of the women dropped their car keys into a goldfish bowl. The birthday girl was the first girl to reach into the bowl and pull out a car key ring. She read the name on the ring and shouted out "Barbra".

There was applause and comments made that Amber could not make out. A woman proudly danced forward and picked up the birthday girl and kissed her on the mouth. She stood her on top of the table and kissed her right between the legs. That brought another round of applause.

One by one each girl pulled a key from the bowl and announced the name. Each girl was clamed by an adult woman. The camera followed them around the yard as they moved apart and started making love to the girls. The women stroked, licked, sucked and kissed their girls all over. Some of the girls claimed the women's breasts and sucked on them like babies. The girls kissed and sucked on the women's pussies too.

Amber looked over at her mother and saw her mother kissing Cindy and she had her hand between her legs rubbing her vulva. Cindy was also playing with her mother's breasts.

Janice had placed her arm around Amber even before the video started. Now she had her hand between her legs. Amber felt her fingers rubbing her little clit. She had masturbated before but this was the first time that anyone else did it to her. The difference was that she didn't know what Janice was going to do next. Just when she was getting used to her movements Janice would change the direction.

When the movie was over Cindy knelt in front of Amber's mother and started licking her pussy. Just when Amber was starting to enjoy what Janice was doing to her she stood up with Amber in her arms and carried her to the bed. Janice gathered her into her arms and fed her one of her breasts. Amber started sucking on it like a baby as she looked towards her mother.

Her mother picked up Cindy and sat her down on the bed next to Amber and Janice. Cindy started kissing Amber's mother between her inner thighs. She worked her way up to her pussy.

Amber was a sweating mess bur her clit dictated that she loved what was going on. She closed her eyes and just experienced the thrill of having her body made love to. She smelled the odor of the bodies sweating around her. The adult women had perfume on but she could smell their body odor to. Cindy wasn't wearing perfume and she smelled of soap. The air was thick with the humid scent of pines too.

Janice turned her body around without taking her mouth off of Amber's pussy and straddled her head and lowered her crotch down until her pubic hair was tickling Amber's cheeks. Amber was not able to see what was going on next to her any more but her attention was centered in on the wet hair over her face. She was consumed by the smell and drawn to the labia dangling over her mouth. She had to lift her head to suck the labia into her lips. When Janice felt the girl sucking on her pussy she finished lowering her pussy until she smashed the girl's nose and almost smothered her. Amber had to struggle to breath but she didn't want to break contact with her first cunt.

The four of them made love for what seemed like hours. Amber's mother even sucked her pussy while Cindy was sitting on her face. Amber sucked her mother's pussy while Janice was sitting on her mother's face.

Exhaustion finally overtook them and they went to sleep in a tangle of arms and legs. Amber never felt so comfortable in her life. The next morning Cindy took it upon herself to introduce Amber to the things that Shady Pines had to offer her.

They took a walk down to the lawn bowling fields. There were a number of grass pitching fields side by side. The lawns were so flat that it looked like a pool-table. The men were at one side of the courts and the women were at the other side. All of the players were older people. They all had those sweatbands with bills on them to protect their eyes from the sun. They were all either gray or white headed. Cindy led her towards the women and she appeared to be looking for someone. Then she smiled and picked up her pace as she headed towards the umbrellas where a couple of older women were seated. They were sipping tall drinks and chatting.

As they approached one sweet little old lady sat up and smiled at them. Cindy introduced Amber to Mrs. Whiter. The lady held out her hand to shake Amber's. After she shook it she continued to hang onto her hand.

"How can I help you girls?" she asked.

Cindy said, "I'm showing my new friend around Shady Pines and you were the first person I thought of to help teach her the ropes."

Mrs. Whiter beamed and she stood up and picked up her drink as she excused herself from her companion and followed Cindy as she led them back towards the cabins. Cindy led the way right to the older woman's cabin.

Amber was taking a good look at this woman. She looked like everyone's favorite grandmother. Her hair was as white as snow and not a hair out of place. As smooth as her skin was it looked thin and she had face cream on that felt greasy on Amber's cheek. The flesh under her arms sagged and her breasts sagged too. The areolas were stretched into an egg shape. Her nipples were longer than most women. They had to be more than a half inch long. She was not fat by any means but her tummy sagged. The sagging skin formed half moon folds below her waist. Her pubic area was sparkly covered with graying hair. The lady had labia protruding beyond her vagina that had a smoky color.

Mrs. Whiter told Amber what a pretty girl she was and pulled her to her and kissed her gently on the mouth. Cindy sat in a chair and watched as the woman drew Amber onto her lap as she ran her hands all over her body. The cabin was cool and woman's hands felt warm on her skin.

Amber watched Cindy playing with her pussy while the woman played with hers. The lady got on the bed and begged Amber to sit on her face. She got on top of the bed and squatted over her face and the woman was sucking her pussy for all it was worth. Amber could not resist bending over and putting her face between Mrs. Whiter's legs and sucked on her pussy until she climaxed.

Amber found the woman was very sweet and wanted to please both her and Cindy. When Cindy had climaxed and they were all too tired to go any longer Cindy excused them from Mrs. Whiter's presence and they headed back to the pool to rest in the water until lunchtime.

At lunchtime Amber rejoined her mother in line. It just happened that the stable-hand was right behind them. Amber asked about the palomino Missy. The stable-hand commented that she was going to take her to the lake for a swim and added "would you like to go swimming with Missy bareback?" Amber was thrilled about the idea of ridding a horse in the water and she asked her mother if she could and her mother smiled as she gave her approval.

After lunch she ran to the stable even before the hand arrived she was standing in front of Missy's stall. The hand came in and opened the stall and used a length of tope to make a hasty halter and tossed the two ends of the rope over the horses back. Then she led the horse out and grabbed a handful of mane and jumped up and pulled her body over the back of the horse and swung her leg over the horse. When she was mounted she stuck out a barefoot and offered her left hand to Amber. Amber took the hand and stepped on top of her foot. The hand pulled her up and placed her in front of her. She scooted up pressing her body tightly against Amber's back. She was being pushed up against the shoulder so when the stable-hand headed out to a trail that would take them around the lake to a secluded beach and she got the horse into a gallop the hump was rubbing her crotch so much that she was about to get off.

The stable-hand told her that her name was Silvia. She placed her hand between Amber's legs and felt her little pussy and rubbed her fingers together and felt just how slippery they were. Amber was really getting excited she had an adults finger in her pussy the horses hump was banging against the back of Silvia's hand and she could feel Silvia's pubic hair against her butt.

When they reached the beach Silvia slowed Missy down and rode the horse right into the water. She took the animal out from the shore until they were all floating. She had to hang onto the mane and Amber had to cling to it as well. She took the horse in a big cycle and back to the beach. When she dismounted she picked up a hand full dry grass and she started rubbing Missy down. Amber picked up some dry grass too. She helped dry the horse too.

When they were done Silvia took Amber into her arms and let her back into the cold water of the lake. When Amber almost shoulder seep in the water Silvia picked her up so that the girl could wrap her legs around her waist. She kissed Amber on the mouth. They she lifted one of her big tanned breasts and pointed the nipple upwards until Amber took her nipple into her mouth. Amber found that even though Silvia smelled of horses all of the time her flesh tasted clean. She sucked on her nipple as she carried her back to the grass on the beach and placed her on the grass so that she could suck the girl's pussy. Amber also sucked her brown haired pussy afterwards. She took her time and nibbled on Silvia's clit until she climaxed. By the time they were finished the horse was dry and they mounted for the ride back to the barn.

When the weekend was over and they had to leave Amber cuddled up next to her mother and stroked her pussy all the way home. Amber slept that night with her mother. That was the start of a new relationship between them.

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