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Summer Intern



Barbara is a sixteen-year-old junior from a private high school. She is a very pretty blonde with blue eyes. She comes from a respected Episcopal family that lives in a very affluent community. The area was deliberately laid out so that no street passed straight through the community. That way people didn't live in the area would go around rather than zig zag their way through the area. Each parcel of land was large enough that the homes were set back from the roads behind trees. A passing car would not get a good view of the homes. Most of the homes even had separated living quarters for maids or other domestic staff. Private swimming pools and tennis courts were viewed as necessities and garages housed a variety of vehicles. The Soccer Mom's Sport Utility Vehicle was a must. The husband's sports car for his ego was required. At least one luxury sedan for formal occasions was also required, preferably an English or German one. Each child in the family selects their own car as long as the car does not embarrass the family. Something as plebeian as a Volkswagen Van or a Neon should not be in the driveway.

Barbra opted for a Porsche Boxer in silver for her sixteenth birthday. She was a smart girl and she had taken advanced placement classes all the way through school. Being the good Republican she was selected to be an intern for a Republican Congresswoman.

The Congresswoman was a respected member of her party. For the sake of this story we will call her Victoria.

Forgive me for adding a couple of political comments about the Republican Party. The Grand Old Party (GOP) has nothing to do with the party Abraham Lincoln was a member of. The members of today's party would have been in the Wig Party in the 1860's. They ran away with the party after the Civil War in a rush to make as much profit by taking advantage of the south losing for the War. Today they are the party of Big Business and the Extreme religious Right. They cry for government to stop interfering with business. As a result the monopolies of the past are reforming again. At the same time they want the government to leave business alone; they want government to legislate morality.

It would be funny that these hypocrites are making the laws if it were not for the fact that the world labor market is turning the US into a two class society at the expense of what was laughingly called the middle class. If they had their way there would be no Social Security or welfare and we would be back to backroom coat hanger abortions. They sight the Christian bible for the condemnation of homosexuality. But they don't want to talk about the fact that that same bible says that a father can kill is sons, sell his daughter into slavery and an adulterous wife can be stoned to death. Good God they sound like the same Moslem Religious Right leaders that condone killing all infidels.

Anyway our Congresswoman preached the party line publicly but privately her sexual preference was for younger women if not girls. When Barbara was introduced to Victoria after being accepted as a summer intern the congresswoman could not help but evaluate her chances of seducing her.

When she saw this fresh young blonde working at her home office, she found her to be a bright and competent young lady. She found out about her family background. The girl was dressed very well and she had a natural communication skill that showed promise. Her political manager knew about her sexual tastes and worked hard to keep it under wraps. At the same time she was willing to help her take a new girl under her wing on the pretence of advancing there political ambitions to get what she wanted.

Victoria was a fifty-five-year-old woman that was putting up the good fight but age and gravity was slowly winning the war. She died her hair a dark auburn and kept it in a good wave and shoulder length. She did watch her weight and exercised regularly to keep herself in the best shape she could. She was a tall woman, close to six feet tall. Being in a public office she made sure that the press only saw her in business suits or at dinner parties in designer gowns. She has a very charismatic personality. People felt comfortable around her and she had a natural talent to win the confidence of even her political opponents to get her way.

She was not above using that talent to seduce young interns. She started showing an interest in Barbra around the office and giving her plumb assignments. Barbara performed well and did manage to impress her superiors in the office.

When it came time for Victoria to return to Washington it was no big surprise to anyone that she invited Barbara to accompany her. Because of the short time Barbara would be working for her before returning to school Victoria offered to allow her to stay at her home for the rest of the summer.

Victoria kept a home in Maryland and commuted to the Capital when necessary. The home was a nice two story and the staff was discrete. Barbara was as impressed as any school girl finding herself away from home and ridding in a limousine when the Congresswoman went to work. Not that there was a lot to do. Congress was on summer vacation. But there were still deals to be made and contacts to keep up.

Barbara was given a room close to Victoria's to use. Her room was very nicely appointed and even had a desk with a computer. She was able to type up the minutes of Victoria's meeting on it when they were home and that gave Victoria an excuse to spend time in Barbara's room.

She would stand behind her looking at the monitor over her shoulder with her hands resting on Barbara's shoulders. They also spent some time playing tennis in the back yard too.

It was just such a time that Victoria let her hair down. Barbara would have dressed in a white tennis outfit had this not been a private court. Here she could be more relaxed. She opted to dress more casual. She just put on a sports bra with a light-weight blue polo shirt and cut off jeans that were frayed at the bottom. They were cut so short that a little white was showing on the front pocket. She rolled down her sweat socks over her tennis shoes.

Victoria had hopes of seducing Barbara so she had selected black Victoria Secret matching bra and high rise panties. Then she picked blue shorts and top so that her black underwear would not show. She put on a sweat band around her head to keep the hair out of her face. Then she put on her tennis shoes and socks.

They spent the next hour or so playing. The woman was not going to beat a teenager but she did play a pretty good game. By the time she was exhausted they were both sweating profusely. They went back into the house to escape the heat. They took a couple of cold drinks upstairs and Victoria invited her to join her in her room.

There was a recliner near the window so that she could enjoy the morning sun and they sat on it next to each other. They sipped their drinks and chatted about trivial things. At one point Victoria complained about being uncomfortable and pulled her top off and lifted her butt enough to take off her shorts.

Barbara was impressed with her underwear. She complemented Victoria on what a nice figure she had. Victoria returned the complement and said she wished she was still as firm as Barbra. She punctuated her comment by reaching out and hefting one of Barbra's breasts.

Barbara was a little embarrassed at having the older women take such bold liberties with her. She wanted to tell her to stop but didn't know how to say it. At the same time she found it very exciting to feel this woman was feeling touching her breast this way.

Victoria moved closer to Barbara by sitting up and folding her right legs under so that she was sitting on it. She took her left hand and turned Barbara's head to face hers and kissed her on the mouth.

Barbara felt a rush of blood to her cheeks was well as her vagina. She has made out with plenty of boys from the country club before and even made out with some girlfriends as they practiced with each other. This was far more than that. If Victoria didn't stop right now she knew this was going to be her first lesbian experience. The reality of what was happening frightened her but the more she thought about it the more receptive she was to the advances of this powerful and beautiful woman.

Victoria continued the kiss and used her tongue to pry the girl's lips open. She loved the taste of Barbara's mouth and she felt the way the girl's chest rose and fell with every breath she took through her nose. She pressed her cheek against Barbara's nose and waited until she had to open her mouth wide to breath. When she did Victoria stuck her tongue deep into the girl's mouth.

She gently kneaded the breast of the girl and thrilled at the feel of the mound through her shirt and sports bra. The spandex fit like a second skin and she did not feel any seams as she squeezed the tit. When she felt the girl's hand rest on her bra she knew that she was going to chalk up another victory.

She broke the kiss and pulled back to smile into the sweet face with the button nose and the hint of freckles across the bridge. Barbara looked at the older woman's face and felt a rush of desire that caused her to grip the black lace covered breast. Victoria had to move Barbra's hand out of the way so that she could pull her own bra down below her left breast.

When Barbara saw the creamy white orb she immediately placed her hand on it and bent down and placed her mouth over the nipple and began hungrily sucking it like a baby.

Victoria tossed her head back to enjoy the feeling of the greedy young mouth on her tit. She stroked the girl's hair and moaned her approval. She offered verbal encouragement for Barbara to suck harder. "Yes precious suck it hard. Bite it and make me scream."

Victoria started pulling Barbara's Polo shirt up. She had to push Barbara away long enough to get the shirt over her head. Barbara wanted to go right back to sucking the tit but Victoria wanted to admire the sports bra covered breasts. Her eyes were fixed on the black covered mounds. The nipples looked like little marbles on her breasts. She could not resist pulling the bra up and over her head. While Barbara returned to sucking her breast Victoria started playing with the blonde's breasts too.

Victoria let go of one breast and placed her hand on the crotch of the cut off jeans. The heavy cotton was not what she wanted to feel. She worked her long fingers up the inside of her thigh until her fingers touched the silken crotch of the panties.

Barbara let go of Victoria's breasts long enough to give the front of her jeans a quick tug and all five of the brass buttons opened. As Victoria pulled her hand out of the leg on the jeans and stuffed it down the front of the girl's panties Barbara stuffed her hand down the front of the black laced panties covering Victoria's pussy.

The two of them kissed again as they both stuck a finger into the valley looking for each other's clitoris. Victoria bit Barbara's lower lip when Barbara fond her clit with her finger. Victoria pushed Barbara backwards on the couch until her head was resting on the arm. She pulled the girl's jeans and panties down together. She hovered over the naked girl to admire the smooth succulent flesh. "Oh! You are a beautiful precious thing. I want to taste you badly."

The girl had shaven her pubis until there was only a little inverted triangle above her crack. Her labia were hidden from view until she parted the lips of her cunt. She let out a lustful moan and lowered her head to kiss the girl's cunt. She continued to knead the girl's breasts as she parted her crack with her tongue to seek out her clit. The way Victoria went about licking and chewing on the girl's cunt it looked like she was devouring her flesh. Only the way her eyes rolled back and the look on her face would give the clue that the girl was having the time of her life. It took a long time for Victoria to bring the girl to a climax. No matter, she was in no hurry. "Yes oh yes yes yes" she moaned as her orgasm built and swept over her. Never before had she experienced anything nearly as delightfully over powering as what she had just felt.

Barbara was breathless for awhile and her heart was pounding. She felt so spent that her arms felt like they weighed so much that she could not lift them. It took her awhile before she felt like she could move. She had been looking into Victoria's eyes and wanting to kiss her mouth so badly.

When Victoria sat up Barbara did too. Now it was Barbara's turn to push Victoria backwards until she was lying against the other arm of the couch. She pulled the black thong panties off of the wide hips and got her first look at the sex of the Congresswoman.

Victoria was more than clean shaven. She had had electrolyses that had removed every hair follicle from her underarms and crotch. When Barbara placed her face against the woman's vulva it was as smooth as a baby's bottom. She tried to do everything to Victoria that she had done to her. It felt like she could not get close enough to the woman's gaping cunt. She was actually butting her face into the cunt as she struggled to get her tongue even deep into the wetness of her hole. She eagerly rolled the swollen clit in her lips as her tongue darted in and out of the steamy hole. Purely by accident her tongue tip dragged across the congresswoman's anus causing her to jump and squeal with delight. Her hips lifted and she moaned, "More more lick me more darling make me cum in your mouth."

When Victoria's climax subsided she pulled the girl up so that she was lying on top of her as they rested. She tenderly caressed the lips that had pleased her so as she said, "You have made me very happy Barbara. I promise to reward you handsomely for your service."

For the rest of the summer Barbara spent her internship on her back servicing the Congresswomen day and night. By the time she returned to school for her senior year she was an experienced lesbian that not only kept in touch with the Congresswoman but sought out other girls and mature woman to indulge in the kind of love making she found so rewarding.

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