Virginia & Giselle's Pas de Deux

As I lay naked on my luxurious, four-poster bed, I daydreamed about the little 5th grade cutie who would be arriving soon for her first private dance lesson. I'm a classically trained ballet dancer who teaches dance at a Sunday school. I`m not a very religious person, but I do believe in planting the seeds of confidence in young people. I guess that's why the mother of my new student is sending her daughter to me today, but frankly I don't see any real lack of confidence in her. Every Sunday when I come to class, she's already running around barefoot with her friends. The cutest, tiniest little feet...goodness gracious, they're beautiful. And she's very smart. And serious. While the other kids are horsing around, making poop jokes and calling each other retard, she's always very focused and gives very thoughtful answers to my questions. She reminds me of myself in a lot of ways; advanced beyond her years...and perhaps not taken seriously because of her youth. That's it. That's why she was coming over. She does need me.

I looked around my bedroom with a resigned sigh, as I often do. My decor hasn't changed much since I was twelve. I add things, of course, but my taste is still quite childish. Brand new Supergirl statues nestled in with old Barbie dolls and frilly ballet memorabilia. My collection of Willow Rosenberg action figures invading my collection of figure skating tchotchkes. And I still live at home at the age of 23. But you know, my students love it. They come in and feel right at home. Unfortunately, today I'm the one that feels out of place. You see, I've never had such a young girl come over for private lessons before. They're normally all 13 and older. Heck, I met my girlfriend of four years when she was only 14. I'm comfortable with teenagers...but ten year-olds? If this girl wasn't so special, I never would have agreed to tutor her. My honey and I have such a fantastic relationship. She understands that I never seek these young girls out...they just seem to enter my orbit. She knows that they need a positive sexual role model. I guess because I was hers, she understands this far more than I do. I'm still not quite at ease with my Goddess status.

"Shit, I'd better get dressed!" I said to myself, jumping to my feet. Yes, I daydream too much and I talk to myself. Now shut up.

I quickly threw on a pair of black, footless tights and a red cami top. I used my vanity mirror to make sure I was tucking the twins in properly for maximum cleavage -- damn, my boobs look good in this top, I thought. And my hair! Total FFH -- that's Freshly-Fucked Hair -- not that I was, but I sure hoped to be soon. I admired the chaotic curls framing my face. Okay, I looked wicked hot and I don't care how conceited that sounds.

The sound of a tiny fist knocking found my ears and I felt an intense rush of adrenaline. I clapped and skipped my way over to my bedroom door, took hold of the knob, and composed myself. "This girl looks up to you," I told myself in my head. "Don't freak her out."

I opened the door just enough for my young visitor to get a good look at me, keeping my annoyingly distracting bedroom out of sight. There stood my student, looking like a fallen angel; beautifully innocent and hopelessly lost. I felt kind of bad for finding this fragile doll so delicious.

"Hello, Virginia," I said, summoning my best Lauren Bacall inflection.

Virginia's face sprang into a heart-melting smile. "Hi, Giselle!" She knew I was being silly.

"I'm so glad you're here. This is going to be so much fun..." My gaze wandered down and I placed my hands on my hips, dramatically. "Now where on Earth are your shoes, missy?" She was SO barefoot.

"They're by the front door," Virginia replied, meekly.

"You don't like wearing shoes, huh?"

"I hate shoes!" Virginia declared, firmly.

"Right on, sister!" I raised my hand for a high-five which Virginia enthusiastically engaged. "Shoes should be outlawed." Along with bras, I almost added. "Slow down, tigress," I thought. "This tasty treat is under your spell, just look at that sparkle in her eyes."

I swung the door wide-open and Virginia's face brightened like it was Christmas morning. "Oh, Giselle, your room is so cool!" she said, entering. And there you have it; I'm eternally doomed to be upstaged by my fascinating clutter. Virginia beelined over to the authentic Rajasthani Barbie doll on my vanity. "She's beautiful! I've never seen this one!"

"I got her in India."

"You've been to India??" Oh, thank goodness...she was fascinated by me again.

"Mm-hm." I adjusted Barbie's veil a touch.

"Her nose ring is funny."

"Yeah, I love that. Her anklets are my favorite." I took another peek at Virginia's lovely, pale feet. "Have you ever worn one?"

Virginia shook her head.

"Here, sit down. I'm pretty sure I have one that I've outgrown."

Virginia sat at my vanity while I searched through my jewelry box. Virginia amused herself by pushing Barbie's giant hoop nose ring back and forth. "Do you have any piercings?" she asked.

What a brazen question...I love it! "Just my ears," I replied, disappointed in my mundane response. I finally found a small anklet of silver and glimmering sapphires.

"I want to get my belly button pierced," said Virginia as I knelt before her. "But my mom won't let me."

"Well," I said, as I lifted the cuff of her jeans slightly. My goodness, I hadn't touched a leg that smooth in Goddess knows how long. "hopefully she won't object to a harmless little anklet." I clasped the jewels to her ankle.

Virginia giggled, "I feel like Cinderella."

"Perfect fit. I guess we're going to live happily ever after." Our eyes met and locked for a moment. Does this girl have any idea how much I want to kiss her right now? Finally, I said, "Come on, let's get started."

I moved to the floor in front of my bed and Virginia followed. "Here, sit facing me. We're going to begin with an observation exercise. When you dance a pas de deux, it's very important to be observant of the person you're dancing with."

Virginia nodded in agreement.

"We'll start with verbal observations and work our way towards physicalizing what we observe. Now, pretend we don't know one another. We can only mention things we observe at that very moment. Okay?"


"Great...I'll have long, straight, strawberry blonde hair."

"You have black, curly hair."

"You don't need to observe the same kind of thing that I do...try again..."

"You like to go barefoot."

"Remember, you've never seen me before so you couldn't know that."

"You're barefoot."

"Good. You have freckles."

"You're really pretty."

"You're...wearing blue jeans," I blushed.

"You're blushing!" giggled Virginia.

"Ah! Now we've crossed the line between observing and interacting. Do you see what happened there?"

Virginia shrugged.

"What made me blush?"


"Exactly. Now why did I blush?"

"Because I said you're pretty?"

"Mmm...kinda. But I could have had a hundred different reactions to that. Why do people blush?"

"Because they're embarrassed?"

"Sometimes...but do I seem embarrassed?"


"No, I'm not...what else?"

"You're nervous?"

"Maybe a little..."

"You're flattered!"

"Yes! See, we've made a connection now. You caused me to do something, so now you can either continue observing or interact with me non-verbally. You start this time..."

Virginia leaned over and gave me the softest kiss on the cheek.

"You smell nice," I whispered, breathlessly.

Then she slid her arms around me and held me close.

"You're so affectionate," I said, embracing her gently.

Virginia leaned back a bit to look me in the eye. "Your skin is really soft."

"Babe, you are totally flirting with me."

Virginia pressed her rose petal lips to mine and we kissed tenderly for Goddess knows how long. I couldn't believe how relaxed she was. Wish I could've said the same...

"Your heart is pounding!" cried Virginia, breaking our first kiss.

"You're so calm."

Virginia held her palm against my heart and took a peek down my cleavage. "And your nipples are pointy!"

Whoa, full body blush! I took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly. "...nice observation. What does that tell you?"

"You're cold?"


Virginia started poking her finger at my left nipple, giggling. Her laugh alone was enough to make me fall in love with her. "Ohh, honey..." I cooed. My nipples are so sensitive.

"You're very excited."

"Fuck, yeah, I'm excited!" I said, pulling Virginia into a blissful, open-mouthed kiss. As Virginia's dainty fingers continued teasing my nipples, her silky tongue explored my mouth. I felt her whole body sigh when I closed my lips and sweetly sucked her lovely tongue. My nipples were on fire by now, so I needed to speed things up. I pulled away from Virginia's delicate face, causing a loud smack, and swiftly whipped off my cami top. My young student stared at my bare breasts in wide-eyed amazement as I languidly lay back in my purple bean bag chair. "If she wants me," I thought to myself, "she has to come and get me."

Virginia kept on admiring me for a moment and then bit her lip, shyly. She slowly removed her frilly, pink top and I smiled at the sight of her smooth, not-yet-developed body. Then she crawled over to me and lay her head down on my warm bosom. We stayed like that for a very long time, just breathing and drinking in each other's warmth. I loved the feel of her slender form on top of me. So comfortable. This felt so right.

The tips of Virginia's fingers started tracing circles around my areola. "Mmm, that's perfect," I moaned. Virginia smiled and repositioned herself to trace the same pattern with the tip of her tongue. The teasing sensation was unbelievable and I did not breathe again until her moist mouth descended upon my breast and sucked my nipple in. I let out a throaty moan and squirmed against my tiny lover. My fingers wandered down Virginia's bare back and lingered in the dimples above her pelvic bone. I felt a warm rush of blood to my pussy and I suddenly realized that I've always wanted someone to make me come just from nipple play...and Virginia was the girl to do it.

I bolted upright, scooping Virginia up in my arms and then cradling her to my other breast. She giggled with joy and latched her hungry mouth to my erect nipple. After a few minutes I said, "You're so good at that." She really was. A perfect balance between licking and sucking. What a natural.

But it wasn't quite enough to bring me home, so I brought her hand up to my other nipple and she lightly squeezed it. Still not enough. I put my fingers on either side of hers and squeezed harder. And harder. And roughly tugged on my now swollen nipple.

Virginia's mouth detached from my breast and looked up at me, wide-eyed. "Really??"

"Oh, yeah," I insisted, and moved my hand away. Virginia firmly clamped her thumb and forefinger down on my nipple with all her strength. "That's it!" Good adjustment, I thought. Sigh. Always the teacher.

Virginia's honey-tongue resumed its seduction of my nipple and I was almost there. Perfect. The roughness of her tweaking fingers. The tenderness of her tongue. Pleasure and pain...just what I needed.

I held Virginia tightly as the first wave of my orgasm thrust into her hip. Virginia held on to my nipple for dear life which only made me come even harder. It was so beautiful I started crying, and I convulsed with waves of passion for what must have been two and a half minutes.

"Wow, you had an orgasm!" squealed Virginia. I nodded, flushed and grinning. "I did that??"

"Yes, you did, doll."

"Wow..." she whispered with a look of amazed accomplishment.

"Have you ever had one?"

"Uh-uh," Virginia grunted, still nipping at my breast.

"Would you like me to give you an orgasm?"

Virginia's face lit up. "Yes, please!"

I stood, quickly, lifting sweet Virginia in my arms. She shrieked with delight and I kissed her. We kissed for the longest time. Deep, long, meaningful kisses.

I thought about laying her down on the bed, but instead I lowered her to the floor again. Beds are so conventional and I was feeling naughty.

I brushed my fingers all up and down her chest and tummy and arms, which made Virginia squirm and giggle. I almost started to unbutton her jeans and go straight for her girl goodies, but I wanted a little snack first. I picked up one of her feet and quickly recoiled. "Your feet are so dirty!"

I trotted off to my bathroom and dampened a washcloth. I returned to my patiently waiting love and wiped off her delectable tootsies. I held a foot against my face and sniffed her now-clean toes. The scent drove me wild. I licked her from heel to toe and back again, making Virginia laugh and moan. I held both of her feet up, side by side, and planted sloppy, wet kisses all over. Virginia was loving it. Finally, I got to the teensiest, most precious morsel of all, as I slipped her pinky toe between my lips.

"Ohh, Giselle..." sighed Virginia. I saw her fingertips tentatively creeping under the waistband of her jeans.

"You want to touch yourself, baby?"

Virginia panicked and yanked her hands away from her jeans. "What?? No..." she said, unconvincingly.

"It's okay, honey...I touch myself all the time."

"You do??"

"Of course..." I said, standing and sliding off my tights.

"You're not wearing any panties!"

I blushed, mildly, and kneeled back down in a cowgirl position. "Just watch me." I drew breath sharply as my fingers found their way through my lush pubic hair to my labia. After a few rhythmic circles around the folds, my fingers landed firmly on my clitoris. I leaned back slightly so that Virginia could see everything. My eyes were locked on her lovely face the whole time. She was enthralled.



"I want you to take off your blue jeans..."

"And my panties?"

"...and your panties. I want to watch you touch yourself."

Virginia exhaled, nervously, and stood up. Still transfixed with my masturbating, she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down, along with her panties, all in one shot. She stood before me, fully nude.

"You're so beautiful." This made Virginia's nervousness melt away and she lay back down in front of me. At first, her eyes were shut firmly and her legs were locked together as her hands slowly explored the outer areas of her hairless pussy. I imagined how wonderful it will look when the soft tuft of ginger hair grows in a few years. Finally, she spread her legs slightly and allowed her fingers to part her labia. Her eyes darted open and she seemed surprised when her middle finger started teasing her adorable little clit. Virginia's gaze met mine and I watched her get more and more worked up.

"Suck my toes again! Please?" gasped Virginia.

I knew she was my dreamgirl. I raised her foot with my free hand and slurped three toes in. Virginia was over the moon, inhibitions cast aside, legs wide open, vigorously rubbing her pussy.

"Giselle, I want you to make me come!!" Virginia begged.

I secretly wanted to watch her make herself come, but far be it for me to be a buzzkill. Keeping her yummy foot in my mouth, I straddled the sexed-up child and landed my clitoris solidly onto hers. Virginia's expression was one of total shock, as I rolled my hips in perfect sync with her writhing body. Then it happened. Virginia's eyes rolled back in her head. Her back arched. Her pussy became extremely hot and then she exploded. Her inaugural spasm could have launched me into space. Her orgasm made me shudder gloriously with my own mere seconds later. And she came. And came and came and came. And finally...

"Oh, my fucking God!!!" Virginia exclaimed. "Being a lesbian is awesome!"

I laughed. "It has its moments, yes."

She sat up and looked me square in the eye. "You are the most incredible person. I want to feel like this forever." I love how earnest young girls sound when they speak in hyperbole.

Our legs still intertwined, I wrapped my arms around Virginia's petite frame. "It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?" Virginia nodded and I regretted having to remain somewhat aloof. My heart was overflowing with promises that I could not commit to yet, in all fairness.

Finally, Virginia said, "I can't wait until my next lesson..."

"Why wait? We still have tons of time left tonight." And thank goodness for that, because I was simply dying to taste her...

(to be continued...)