Virginia & Giselle's Pas de Deux (Act Two)

As I held my youngest lover in the wake of her first-ever orgasm, a thousand thoughts raced through my head about our future. She'd just told me that she wants to feel like this forever. What a dear for saying that...but does that mean she wants to feel like this with ME forever? Or is that just one of those things that lovers say in the heat of the moment?

Staring into Virginia's dazzling blue eyes, I was convinced that she was giving herself over to me, body and soul, forever and ever. "What utter nonsense!" an irritatingly rational part of myself screamed at the hopeless romantic in me. "A ten year-old girl couldn't possibly sustain that level of commitment!" Of course, that's what I feared when I started dating my darling girlfriend when she was only fourteen. Her precocious wisdom and devotion remain astonishing -- she actually encourages my dallying with young girls, thinking that she'd be robbing them of some sort of divine sexual enlightenment if she didn't. I swear, she says these things! She's unbelievable. Truly the love of my life. I wouldn't place myself so high on a pedestal, but I really do seem to have a way with the young ladies. I think it's because I respect them so much. Heck, I practically worship them! Their open minds and trusting nature are so wondrous to me. And the soft angel presently in my arms, certainly the most wondrous of all. Right then and there I wanted to make Virginia the only sweet young thing in my life. But my dear, devoted honey...would she be open to sharing my heart as well as my body?

"I can't wait until my next lesson...." Virginia's voice snapped me back into the moment. I have a bad habit of overthinking and getting way ahead of myself, if case you haven't noticed.

"Why wait?" I responded, breathless. "We still have tons of time left tonight." My whole body was still tingling from our near-simultaneous orgasm several minutes ago. The scent of her moist pussy so close to mine was hypnotic. I would have dived face first between her creamy thighs and never looked back, but never having tasted pre-teen pussy before, I wanted to savor this novel experience.

I cast my gaze down Virginia's naked (but for the borrowed anklet) body and wondered if I looked this enticing at her age. A lifelong dancer like me, she was all muscle, slim but not too skinny, no sign of inevitable curves anywhere in sight. She was quite petite for her age; four-foot two if she was an inch. I found the contrast between her and my 5' 9" frame such a turn-on. I couldn't wait to have the confidence to play rough and throw her around my queen-sized bed for a couple of hours...

Whoa! I must have looked like a ravenous beast, for Virginia's suddenly wide eyes attracted my attention. Still smiling, she bit her lip slightly and snuggled in closer for a gentle kiss. Her lips were salty with light perspiration. As I stroked her long, red hair, my tongue slipped into her mouth, causing Virginia to melt further into me. I marveled at this child's kissing prowess; she kisses with her whole body, writhing her entire self against me in perfect rhythm with our undulating lips and tongues. Getting considerably worked up, I broke away and looked into the face of sheer ecstasy.

"Goodness gracious, Virginia, what are you doing to me?"

"What do you want me to do to you?" Virginia's earnest, seductive eyes pierced me to the core.

Short of an equally clever answer, I said, "You are so fucking hot!" Virginia giggled and squealed as I dove my hungry mouth into the most tender part of her neck. I worked magic with my tongue for a couple of minutes before sliding down to her succulent nipples. Virginia found a comfortable perch in straddling my thigh while I mercilously teased, sucked, nibbled and licked her supple nipples. I couldn't tell if this was working for her yet...if someone did this to me, I'd be able to cut glass by now! I pulled back to admire Virginia's wonderfully flat chest, glistening with my saliva. I'd never been so entranced by such pre-pubescence before. Was it the opportunity of having a front row seat to witness this little girl's development of womanly breasts and curves that I found so exciting? Or was this a turning point in what gets my motor running? Or both? Whatever it was, I liked it...a lot.

Changing my tactic to discover what gets Virginia's motor running, I gingerly placed my parted lips over her mouth-watering left nipple and applied a slow, easy suction. After about a minute, Virginia's nipple started to stiffen in my mouth. I knew I was on the right track when she lay her head on top of mine and ran her fingers through my curls. Her lips opened with a low moan when I allowed my fingertips to breeze up and down her back and thighs. My roaming hands settled on the roundest part of Virginia's body; her smooth, perfect ass. I squeezed her cheeks lightly. She giggled and then her nipple grew as erect as possible. And finally I felt her increasingly wet pussy grind into my thigh. "Oh, really?" I thought to myself. "All this from first contact with her glorious ass?" This must be explored further...

I gently took Virginia's hard nipple between my teeth and tugged slightly, causing her to gasp. She giggled when I let go and her nipple snapped back into place. I flashed her a naughty smile and kissed her radiant face.

"Did you like that?"

"Oh, yeah!" Virginia stated without hesitation.

"Good," I said, kissing her again. "I'll be as rough or as gentle with you as you want. Don't be afraid to tell me what you like or don't like, okay?"

Virginia nodded. "It felt like I was going to come again."

My face brightened. "Would you like to come again?"

"Yes, please!" So polite and innocent, I could just cry. Then she looked a little nervous before asking, "How often can you come in a...?" She trailed off, uncertain of how to finish her question.

"That's one of the joys of being a woman; we can come as often as our bodies have the strength for it." Virginia looked so gratified at just being called a woman. "So, we could make each other come 50 times tonight, if you're up for it!"

"Wow!" Virginia laughed with nervous excitement.

"How would you like me to make you come this time?"

Virginia shrugged.
"Well, I'll show you one of my very favorite things...see how you're straddling my leg?"


I leaned in close to her face and said in an almost whisper, "I absolutely love it when a girl does that over my face."

The realization of what this implied creeped over Virginia's face. "Oh!"

"Shall we do that?"

"Yeah...good idea!" Virginia laughed.

I laughed too and reluctantly released my grip on her tantalizing backside. She stood up to stretch her legs for a moment while I lay back on the carpet. I looked up at her as she walked towards my eager face. "I saved you the best seat in the house!" Jeepers, that was cheesy! But it made Virginia laugh, that's all that matters.

"Turn around," I said, realizing she was about to mount my face in cowgirl position. Reverse cowgirl would grant me greater access to all that I wanted.

"Oh, okay," Virginia said, shifting gears.

Virginia turned around and stood directly above me. She descended upon my anxious mouth with a flawless grande pliť.

"Ooo, someone's been practicing -- mmmm..." I was deliciously silenced by Virginia's fresh young pussy landing in my mouth. Her taste was so pure, like falling snowflakes on my tongue.

Virginia shifted onto her knees and folded her feet under her cute little tush. Her weight settled comfortably onto my face as I ran my hands up and down her perfectly straight back. Virginia let go of a contented sigh. My open mouth hadn't done anything provocative just yet...I was simply drinking down the sweet juices produced by our playtime thus far.

Eventually, my tongue reached up and delicately caressed her labia. The faintest whisper of a moan escaped Virginia's lips. I slowly traced little patterns with my tongue all in and around Virginia's pussy, teasingly avoiding her clitoris every time. Virginia wriggled her hips in a vain attempt to trick my tongue into making contact with her tiny, precious organ.

Feeling I had built up enough anticipation, I surrounded Virginia's erect clit with my lips and sucked strongly.

"Yesssssss..." hissed Virginia. I realized how close Virginia was when she started to hump my face, but I didn't want her to come that quickly. I placed my tongue flat against her pussy and slid on back until...

"Omigod! Giselle, you're licking my butthole!!"

"You bet your sweet ass, I am, baby!"

Virginia gasped loudly as I dove my tongue back into her most private opening. I felt her whole body tense up and then I sensed that Virginia was holding her breath.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"" Virginia barely squeaked out.

"Does this feel okay?" I asked, tongue bathing her asshole.

"It feels AMAZING!" Virginia's body relaxed a bit. "But...doesn't it...taste yucky?"

"Nuh-uh" I grunted with my mouth full of ass. "You`re absolutely luscious."

"Wow..." Virginia sighed and melted serenely into my mouth. The feel of her velvety cheeks engulfing my face sent me straight to heaven. I never wanted to leave their cushiony embrace.

As I continued working magic with my tongue, my hands traveled up Virginia's firm tummy on their way to her tasty nipples. I discovered that Virginia's own tweaking fingers had beaten me there but she was more than willing to let me take over. I lay my palms flat against her chest and sandwiched her stiff nipples between my index and middle fingers. She placed her soft hands on top of mine and I could feel the weight of her head roll back into full repose. The tips of her long, ginger hair brushed against my forehead. I spent several more minutes sweetly sucking every last inhibition out of my tiny lover before heading back to her now dripping wet pussy.

Impulsively, my tongue took advantage of all the extra lubrication and slid effortlessly up into Virginia's virgin canal. Virginia groaned loudly and then cried out, "Oh, yes, Giselle!! Fuck me with your tongue!!!"

Her pre-teen voice sounded so hot shouting out such filthy commands. I ferociously thrust my curled tongue in and out of her tight cunt, delighting in every grunt, growl, moan and scream raining down upon me from Virginia's adorable mouth. She began to bounce upon my face, driving my tongue deeper and deeper inside her. Ultimately, Virginia got down on all fours and rode my face to a killer screaming orgasm. A tsunami of unrestrained lust crashed over Virginia's body as an unreal amount of girl juice coated my tongue and ran down my cheeks.

Spent and sweaty, Virginia collapsed on top of me. With our deep breathing in perfect sync, our bodies melded into one supremely satisfied being.

"You...are...a goddess..." Virginia proclaimed in between breaths.

I planted a lingering kiss in between her glistening labia. "You're pretty divine yourself, babe."

I enjoyed the feeling of Virginia's head resting against my stomach, rising and falling with our breathing. She ran her fingers through my pubic hair and purred, "You smell so good..."

"Mmm..." I cooed in return, rubbing my cheek against her tender thigh. "I can't wait till you're a little taller so we can sixty-nine."

"What's that?"

"It's like the way we're lying now, only we can lick each other's pussy at the same time."

"Holy crap, that's hot!" I could sense Virginia's excited energy returning.

I laughed, "I know, right? That's my favorite thing to do."

"I can't wait..." Virginia caressed my sides, realizing that I just expressed my desire to continue our relationship into her womanhood. She resumed her stroking of my pubic hair.

"You have such wonderful hands, Virginia. That feels so nice."

Suddenly, Virginia popped up to her knees and spun around to look me in the face. "I have got to make you feel as good as you just made me feel..." Then her expression changed to one of utter shock. "Whoa! Did I do all that??"

Grinning like a goofball, I rubbed her succulent nectar into my cheeks. "Yes, you did and I love it!" I sucked some of her yumminess from my fingers. "You slimed me good, girlie!"

Virginia stared for a moment with wide-eyed, jaw-dropped amazement. I giggled and finally she started laughing with me.

"Amazing to find out what your body can do, huh?"

"Totally!" Virginia exclaimed through her laughter, mind still blown. "That's...awesome..." It was fun to see Virginia tongue-tied for once. Made me feel like less of a lovestruck goob.

I scooched backwards to give Virginia more room to do whatever it was she wanted to do to me. Propping my head and shoulders up on my beanbag chair, I watched Virginia crawl towards me, giving me mere seconds to wonder where her tongue would land. In one decisive move, she flipped my legs up into the air and slowly dragged her smooth tongue in between my ass cheeks. Her tongue retreated into her mouth to sample the flavor. As one would savor a decadent pastry, her heavy eyelids fell gently and a small smile crept across her face.

"Yummy..." she said, breathless. Eyes still closed, she dove back down, almost in slow motion, and buried her face in my ass.

"Ohhh...that's my girl!" I sighed deeply and completely gave myself over to the perfect marriage of Virginia's ten year-old tongue and my asshole.

Virginia settled down to lie flat on her stomach and kicked her scrumptious feet up in the air behind her. The sight of her savory soles and the feel of her long, loving licks almost took me to the brink of my next orgasm. I shut my eyes and basked in the tingles Virginia's teasing tongue was sending throughout my whole body. Virginia and I achieved total serenity after her soft, warm tongue delivered several more minutes of pure anal pleasure.

Virginia gave her tongue a moment's rest and started applying gentle kisses to my ass cheeks. I awoke from my dreamlike state and said, "You have the tongue of an angel."

I looked up to see Virginia's beaming face perfectly framed by my still airborne thighs. "Oh, Giselle, I love your ass so much!"

"I never would have guessed," I teased.

Virginia flashed a cheeky smile. "I love making you feel good..."

Virginia's nimble fingers ambushed my labia, parting the folds until all my pink glory was unveiled. Virginia stared into my juiciness for a moment with glassy eyes.

"So beautiful..." she whispered and then her lips surrounded my clitoris. Virginia dissolved into me with a lengthy yummy sound. Her hands traveled around to hug the tops of my thighs, leaving my labia to envelop Virginia's young mouth and reciprocate her moist kiss.

After a few seconds, Virginia blurted, "God, you taste like pure sex!!" before resuming making love to my burning pussy. Not caring that she'd had no previous context for making such a statement, I rewarded her lustful outburst with a single spasm of love liquid. Virginia's ravenous mouth slipped down slightly, making sure she slurped up every last drop from my oozing opening.

"Was that another orgasm?" asked Virginia with a proud grin.

"A little one, yes"

"There are little ones?"

"Sure!" I laughed.

"Neat! You've only given me big ones..."

I pondered a moment. "Medium ones, I think."

Virginia's eyes grew wide and I giggled. Her slender fingers explored the inner layers of my labia.

"May I finger-fuck you?"

"Good lord, yes!!!" I exclaimed, thoroughly turned on by the way she so politely made such a raunchy suggestion.

Virginia caught the few remaining droplets of my self-made lubricant from her chin and slicked up her fingers. She slid one small digit inside me and I knew right away I would need many more.

"Use two fingers..."

"Okay..." Virginia obliged, as she penetrated me with her middle finger.

I looked directly at her but Virginia was too intent on watching her gently thrusting fingers for our eyes to meet.

"One more..." I begged, tenderly.

"Whoa!" Virginia's eyes darted up and fixed on mine. "Really?"
I simply stared at her with wanton determination.

"This is so cool..." Virginia said under her breath. Three lovely fingers were now enveloped by my vagina. She started to sweetly massage my insides and I threw my head back, moaning. I felt Virginia's smiling lips press against my vulva, followed by her supple tongue dancing around my fully engorged clit. I writhed blissfully and squealed like -- well, like a 5th grade schoolgirl -- while my luscious little darling perfectly stimulated all my erotic senses at once.

I easily could have had my third orgasm of the evening right then but I held back with all my strength, hoping to push my boundaries to the limit. As if she was reading my mind, Virginia lifted her head to gauge my reaction to her now slower paced fingering and deeper thrusts. My squeals gave way to throaty growls and I nodded in approval.

"One...more..." I said, breathlessly.

"Dang, girl! Why don't I just stick my whole hand in there??" Virginia exclaimed, sounding twice her age. We both laughed, flushed with excitement.

I took a deep breath. "...why don't you?"

Virginia's jaw hit the floor. "Are you serious??"

"I've always wanted to try it. You've shared so many first experiences with me tonight...I want to share one of mine with you."

A look of complete adoration overtook Virginia's face and she leaned forward to deliver a love-soaked, open-mouthed kiss. I drank some of my own juices from her lips and tongue as Virginia caught a sampling of her own still-present yumminess from mine.

" that how I taste?"


Virginia's free hand visited her dewy labia. Her fingers conveyed a slippery aperitif to her mouth, causing her eyes to roll back with this tangy revelation.

"Pretty tasty, huh?" I said, redundantly.

"I don't know how I'll ever leave the house!"

I laughed and Virginia looked down to rediscover three of her lissome fingers still enshrined in my patiently waiting vagina.

"Oh, right," continued Virginia. "This scrumptious morsel will get me out of bed in the morning!" And with that, she anointed her already incandescent face by caressing my sopping wet pussy lips with her cheeks, chin and forehead.

"Oh, my darling..." I cooed. "Are you getting ready to put your pretty head up inside me or just your hand?"

Virginia lifted her head and momentarily entertained the possibilities of my absurd suggestion. "Dude, that would fucking rule! Can you imagine...?" I viewed her more assertive, less formal expressions as a good sign of Virginia's growing sexual ease.

"Okay, how do we do this?" Virginia inquired, as she focused on the task at hand (so to speak).

"Well...start by pulling out so that just your fingertips are still inside me," I instructed, propping myself up on my elbows for a better view.

Virginia did so and I shuddered as her knuckles slid slowly across my g-spot. "Now cup your hand as if you were about to get drinking water from a stream."

Virginia giggled as she moved her pinky into position. "Now fold your thumb over your palm...that's it. Okay, now push into me slowly but firmly..."

Virginia's fingers began their reentry, and as her thumb ventured inside me, I became worried that I wouldn't be able to follow through on this fantasy. Remembering to breathe, I braced myself for the ultimate penetration. Once her finger joints reached the entrance of my tight opening, I thrust my pelvis forward, burying Virginia wrist-deep within me.

"Oh, FUCK!! Oh, God! Holy shit! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!!"

"I'm so sorry, Giselle! I'm sorry! I'll stop, I don't want to hurt --"

I grabbed Virginia savagely by the hair and put my face nose-to-nose with hers. "I didn't say stop, you dirty little whore. I fuckin' love it, don't ever fucking stop..."

Virginia stared into my eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks. I was terrified; I'd never spoken like that to anyone and now I'd crossed the line with the most precious and fragile of souls.

"I love you!" Virginia proclaimed, and kissed me boldly. So, she likes the dirty talk. Good to know...

Virginia's kisses softened as her expedition into my vagina pressed on. Her gentle thrusts grew deeper and my body flopped to the ground, giving over total control to my child-mistress. With the theory of such overstuffed penetration far overshadowed by the resplendent reality, I went into a blissful meditative state in which Virginia could have fucked me for hours. And for all I know, she may have.

"Roll over, " commanded a pre-pubescent voice, and in my highly susceptible mode, I did so without hesitation. This maneuver did not cause Virginia to miss a stroke. Now with my head on the ground and my ass in the air, Virginia honored my tender cunt with confident, full tilt fucking.

This perfect rendering of primal lust must have had Virginia salivating mightily, for I felt the moistest of mouths saturate my lonely asshole.

"Yes, Virginia!! Right there, right THERE!"

Virginia's sucking and slurping at my anus had me all-but unaware of the fabulous fisting still taking place in my other intimate orifice. The greedy little slut in me would have held back my climax for an eternity if it meant I could keep this angel-tongue in my ass forever. But some things are even beyond the control of the most insatiable of sex goddesses...

Feeling a massive eruption brewing inside me, I blurted out, "Oh, baby, I'm so close! Pull my hair, please? Pull my hair!"

Without so much as a spilt-second of thought, Virginia leaned forward and snagged a fistful of my curls. Fiercely pulling me up onto all fours, Virginia now found herself up to her elbow in Giselle-pussy. My sense of everything to follow was nothing short of an out-of-body experience. I have a clear memory of seeing myself in doggy position on the floor of my bedroom, my dark locks intertwined with Virginia's clutching fingers, and her lithe but muscular arm giving me the fuck of my life. Her tongue's triumphant return to my asshole set off the single most momentous orgasm of my young life thus far.

This would be a fine time to admit that on the scale of unusually tremendous orgasms, mine are off the charts. Some girls wriggle and moan while other girls convulse and scream...I tremble with uncontrollable fits of simultaneous giggling and crying.

Ripples originating from my cervix sent shockwaves throughout my body, coming out audibly as giggles; soft, squealy ones at first, which evolved into louder, throaty cackles.

Meanwhile, my wildly bucking hips were doing their best to dislocate poor Virginia's shoulder, but she was gamely keeping up with the irregular rhythm of my climax. Virginia's forearm got completely glazed with my girl goo as tears streamed down my cheeks. My laughing orgasm finally settled into intermittent hoots and hollers and an occasional quiver and spasm from my loins.

Virginia planted a lingering kiss between my ass cheeks, and she slowly started withdrawing her arm. Once Virginia was clear of my vaginal passage, I lay flat on the floor, breathing deep, contented sighs.

No more words passed between us in the remaining moments of our first evening together. The magic of our coupling could not be articulated by mere speech.

Virginia lay her head on my back and listened to the beat that my heart composed just for her.