Virginia and Giselle's Pas de Deux (Act Five)

A couple of days after our anal adventure, I was doing some morning yoga stretches when I got a most unexpected call. I glanced down at my vibrating cell and had a moment of panic when I saw it was Virginia's mom. The oddly timed communication led my overactive imagination to believe she was calling to bust me for corrupting her daughter. I breathed in all my courage and tapped speakerphone.

"Good morning, Aisling! How are you today?" I said with all the positivity I could muster.

"Giselle...hello! I am well...and you?"

She sounded cheerful but tentative. And that heavenly Irish lilt! Oh, how I wished Virginia spoke that way.

"I'm just peachy, thanks!"

"Did I catch you at a bad time?"

"Not at all! What can I do for you?"

"So...Virginia got accepted into a big dance competition a couple of weeks from now..."

"That's great!"

"Yes! Thank you...and we were hoping you might have time for some extra coaching between now and then...?"

"Of course!" (Easy now, I told myself, stop sounding too eager!)

"Oh, that's wonderful. Such a huge help. Now...the tricky bit is the competition is in the Hamptons over an entire weekend, and I'm on call for the most part." Aisling is a registered nurse. "I may only be able to come for the final part, you see, so...might you be available to take her out there and stay with her?"

It was all I could do to not cry out, "Fuck, yeah!" and I mouthed the words instead. I composed myself and said, "Umm...what weekend is this?"

"It's the 10th and the 11th."

"Hmm..." I pretended to check my schedule, but in truth I would have canceled tea with the Queen of England for the chance to be alone with Virginia for two whole days.

"Assuredly, I will cover any expenses; hotel, meals, and pay you for your time, of course."

"I'll have to get someone to teach my class, but otherwise I'm free."

"Are you sure? I hesitate to impose, and please don't think I'm asking you to babysit her. You know she's a good, quiet girl."

I almost choked, thinking, "Quiet, my ass!" What I actually said was, "Oh, she's a doll. It's no trouble, really."

"You're a treasure. I cannot thank you enough."

"You know, I happen to have a house in the Hamptons where we can stay, if you don't mind."

"All the better if it's not too much of a burden!"

"It's my pleasure, trust me." I licked the corner of my mouth, convinced I could still taste her daughter on my lips. "And I'll only accept payment for the coaching, not for the weekend away. It'll be fun to get out of the city and take a break from work to get in some girltime."

"You do work hard, I can tell. Virginia always comes home exhausted!"

I clasped both hands over my mouth to keep from exploding with laughter.

"You're doing wonders for her," Aisling continued. "She has a fresh glow about her, have you noticed?"

"I...believe so. Yes."

Then I heard Aisling chortle slightly. "You know, I think our girl may have a wee crush on you. She talks about you morning, noon, and night."

Holy crap! OUR GIRL???? Does she know?? Could she possibly be okay with all this? Best to diffuse the conversation at this point...

" precious. Well, Aisling, I could listen to your sexy voice endlessly, but I should get my day going here. Can you text me all the details and I'll get back to you with some feasible times for coaching sessions?"

"That would be lovely."

"Fab! Okay, talk soon...bye-bye!"

I clicked end and rolled onto my back, cradling the phone dearly as if Aisling lived inside. Not only had I escaped disaster, she actually trusted me implicitly. I kicked my bare feet into the air and hooted with glee. I cut my workout short, put a Tegan and Sara album on repeat, and spent the rest of the morning twiddling my twat while dreaming up innovative obscenities for my clandestine getaway with Virginia. I would later learn that she was across town doing exactly the same thing...

The next two weeks were pure heaven; between the regular Sunday morning class and our private coaching, I got to see Virginia four times a week. Of course, we had to back-burner our comprehensive lesbolicious lessons and get down to some real work, only leaving time for a few vanilla kisses and some conventional cunnilingual quickies, but getting to be around her so often left me feeling giddy 24/7. It's been so long since I've had a schoolgirl crush on an actual schoolgirl.

Finally the day we were so breathlessly anticipating had arrived. I dolled myself up in my favorite yellow halter dress with little purple flowers on it, wore a fresh pink hibiscus in my hair, and got into my cute little red Mini-Cooper to go pick up Virginia for our weekend away. When I pulled up in front of her building, she was eagerly waiting outside for me along with her mother. I quickly took in the vision of Virginia's tiny body in her breezy white eyelet dress before getting out of the car to greet them.

Aisling and Virginia strided over, and Aisling and I took hands and kissed each other on both cheeks. "Thank you again for all this, Giselle. We have a very excited girl here."

Indeed, Virginia was clutching my waist, wearing a grin you could see from space. "I'll bet we do," I said, smoothing Virginia's hair. "You ready to have the most fun you've ever had in your whole life?"

"Yes!" Virginia blurted, looking as if she would burst into fireworks right then and there.

Aisling chuckled affectionately. "Now Giselle is in charge this weekend. You need to do everything she asks of you."

"Yes, mom."

"That's right, missy," I teased. "You know I'm SO strict."

Virginia nudged me knowingly with her shoulder. I could tell she was biting her lip from the inside to try and prevent herself from busting out into hysterics.

Aisling took Virginia's face in her hands. "I love you, Ginger. Have the best time, and I'll see you Sunday."

Virginia hugged her mom, while I took her bag and opened the car door for her. Virginia got in as Aisling moved in close to whisper to me, "You're sure I can't help to pay for meals or anything?"

"Wouldn't dream of it. I so rarely get to spoil someone silly."

"What a gem you are. Call me if you need to."

I threw Virginia's bag in the back, and returned to the driver's seat. I looked over at Virginia, and the little minx had already ditched her shoes and had her bare feet up on the dashboard. That sight will always cause my heart to skip a beat.


She turned to me and said in her breathiest Ava Gardner voice, "You're in charge this weekend, you got that?"

"Oh, my stars and garters!" I said, fanning myself dramatically with my hand.

Virginia started twirling her hair. "I have to do everything you say. EVERYTHING."

My bosom heaved as I tried to calm my breathing.

Her voice grew raspy: "Mommy said so."

"You're a wildcat!" I started the car and peeled away from the curb.

After driving for a bit, I realized that Virginia never stopped staring at me and kept on twirling her hair around her finger.

"Stop that."

"Stop what?"

"That passive aggressive flirting. You've got all my favorite goodies laid out."

"Not all of them."


"I'm just being comfortable."

"Right. And stop looking at me like that!"

"Like what?"

"Like with those bedroom eyes and Veronica Lake peek-a-boo come hither foolishness  you'll get us in an accident!"

"It's not my fault that I'm irresistible  who's Veronica Lake?"


"I've just never seen you in a dress before. You look so pretty."

"Never? Guess you only see me in dancewear. I always wear dresses."

"You do?? You're such a femme, I love it!"

"Did you just call me a femme?? Where do you pick up this stuff?"

"I...know things."

"Yeah, ya do!"

Virginia smirked and we rode in silence for a moment.

"I don't only see you in dancewear," muttered Virginia.

"You shut your slutty little mouth! I'm gonna get you so bad!"

"You better!"

We both laughed until our cheeks hurt.

My mind started wandering, curious if my brazen girl was going pantyless under that little white dress.

"I love your dress too," I said, swallowing my frisky impulses.

"Thanks! I wanted to wear something special for you."

"I always love seeing those great legs of yours."

"Do you want me to wear more dresses?"

"I want you to be you. I'll see your legs one way or the other."

We stopped at a red light, and without looking I reached over and ran my fingertips along Virginia's warm inner thigh. Virginia gasped noisily as her whole body stiffened with the electricity generated by my wanton gesture. She stared straight ahead and let her naked feet slide to the floor. Sitting bolt upright, she stayed very still and quiet, keeping her knees together with her hands resting in her lap, wearing a small smile. Virginia remained like this for a few blocks until I heard her breathing deepen. I glanced over and saw a small bead of sweat roll down her brow and her upper lip was dewy with perspiration.

I turned east on a deserted Upper West Side crosstown street and halted at a stop sign.

"You're awfully quiet."

"I'm trying not to make a mess in your car."

I giggled. "That's all it takes for you now, huh? Just a teeny-tiny caress of your thigh?"

"Giselle, don't tease!"

I turned to look her directly in the face. "I never tease. You make all the messes you want. I'm going to fuck you to your heart's content when we get there."

Without breaking eye contact, Virginia's mouth fell open as she convulsed moderately. A gentle stream of girl nectar cascaded from between her legs, and I reached down to marinate two of my fingers in Virginia's succulence. All these sights and sensations made me moisten my panties a little too.

"Damn, girlie!" I said, slurping some love spurt from my fingers. "I don't even need to touch you, do I?"

"You better fucking touch me!" Virginia's hungry mouth thrust forward and practically sucked my tongue right out of my head. I relished the intoxicating cocktail of her pungent pussy juice, salty sweat and sweet saliva. Virginia pulled away from our lusty smooch with the brightest grin on her face.

"You make me so happy!" she said, earnestly.

I rubbed my nose against hers. "You wanna change before we get going?"

"Nah, I'm good."

"Atta girl."

I flipped on my Kylie Minogue playlist and we set off for the Midtown Tunnel. We drove the rest of the way without further erotic incident, chatting about school and movies and such. After a quick stop for some groceries in town, we were driving through the grove on the way to my house. Virginia's face was priceless as she marveled at the wilderness so different from our city home.

We finally pulled up to my cozy little Irish cottage and Virginia stared at it in disbelief.

"Welcome home, angel!" I chirped.

"You're like my sexy fairy godmother...and I'm your lesbian fairy tale princess!"

"I thought you were my anal queen."

Virginia shot me a sassy knowing glance. "We're in the prologue."

"Ooo...backstory. Love it!"

We exited the car, grabbed our bags, and I let Virginia into the cottage. She took a brief spin through the rustic interior before returning to embrace me tightly.

"I absolutely love it here. I never want to leave."

I held her close, feeling precisely the same sentiment. We breathed as one for a moment, until Virginia opened her eyes and saw the view through the French doors out the rear of the house for the first time.

"Is...that yours too?" she said in amazement, gazing out at the lush field dotted with tiny purple flowers.

"Yep...all mine!"

She seemed to float towards the doors as if in a trance. She opened them slowly and took one step outside.

"Can anyone see me?"

"Only I can."

A naughty grin crept across Virginia's face as she broke into a run, stripping off her dress in one swift motion.

"You little hussy, where are your panties?" I whispered to myself as I watched her beautiful bare bottom bounce off into the distance. Suddenly remembering my caregiver responsibilities, I snagged the bottle of sunscreen by the door and called out, "Hey, Virginia!"

She stopped frolicking and strained to see the bottle I was waving in the air.




"I can't hear you over all those clothes you're wearing!"

I sighed and slipped out of my panties. "Brazen little hussy," I said, under my breath. Virginia started turning naked cartwheels while I unzipped my dress, tossed it off over my head, and ran after her with the sunscreen. Once I caught up with her, I slathered the lotion all over her lithe little body. I gave myself a good rubdown too, and took a good long look at Virginia's shimmering freckled skin.

"I have pictured you out here like this so many times, I can't even tell you."

Virginia nibbled her finger with mock nervousness. "Oh, dear! Are you going to take advantage  wait, can anyone hear us out here?"


Virginia raised her voice to the heavens. "I want Giselle to fuck me in the backyard!"

"It's a meadow."


Her excitement was beyond adorable. "Yeah? Gotta catch me first!" And with that, I went dashing across the grass with a squealing Virginia in hot pursuit. I let her chase me around for a few minutes, laughing and shrieking whenever Virginia almost caught me but didn't quite make it. Ultimately, she managed to take a flying leap into my arms, sending us both backwards onto the soft sod. She sat on my chest and pinned my shoulders to the ground.


I looked up at the victorious pre-pubescent child atop me, her au naturel physique gleaming in the sun, muscles pulsing as her breathing transferred from the thrill of the chase to premonition of pleasure.

"You sure do," I said, my eyes welling up with happy tears.

Virginia's ginger locks tickled my face as she leaned down to kiss me. Our tranquil tongues danced together for an infinity, free of urgency, without a care in the world. Conflicted about ending what was unquestionably the longest our mouths had ever been pressed together, I wanted to escalate our activities toward my supreme fantasy.

Firmly grasping the back of Virginia's head, I tilted it slightly so that I could trace my tongue around her darling little ear. She stayed very still, moaning and sighing lustily. I was treated to a throaty "Oh, Giselle!" when my tongue explored the opening to her ear canal, before spending a few enchanting moments nipping and sucking at her supple lobe.

I pushed Virginia up just enough for me to admire her beguiled face, eyes still closed in a desirous daze. I planted a lingering kiss on one eyelid...then the other...then on her petal-soft lips...and finally a quick peck on the tip of her nose, which made Virginia laugh.

I peered up into her eyes, as green as the grass we lay upon, trying to telepathically transmit all the love I was feeling. It must have worked because Virginia began to blush big time. I found the softest part of her neck with my tongue and proceeded to make out with her dainty décolletage.

I glided my tongue down and over to Virginia's underarm and lapped rapaciously at her sensitive flesh. She was frozen in astonishment while gauging her reaction to this novel sensation.

"Holy crap, that's hot!" she finally said. Her approval made me loiter there longer than intended, and I varied my wide sweeping licks with tantalizing little torments from the tip of my tongue. "Why is this so hot??"

"Cuz you're freaky like that!" And before Virginia could protest or comment, I latched my whole mouth to her right nipple and nursed emphatically.

"Fuck, yes!!" Virginia barked, ferociously grabbing my curls with both hands. I mercilessly nibbled and tongue-bathed her breast, arousing hysterical screeches and squawks from her audacious mouth. I took one last nosh on her nipple and then turned my attention to its shy twin sister with a more pacific approach.

I nuzzled my nose airily against the sweet pink nub, and Virginia loosened her grip on my hair somewhat, melting serenely into my subtle lovemaking. I persisted in caressing her flat chest with my nose until I laid my head back to lightly blow of her perfect areola. Virginia's lips parted with a sigh, encouraging my further coaxing.

"That's it, darling," I whispered to her nipple. "'re the bashful one, aren't you? You can do it. Come out and play with me."

To my delight, I got to witness her nipple rigidify and grow pointy through my seduction.

"There you are!" I said, gaily, and flittered my tongue at the very apex of the gland. Virginia's seizure of my coiffure firmed up again. I agonized her like this for a full minute until I ceased the torture with renewed Eskimo kisses on her now super-stiff nip.

I kissed my way down to Virginia's toned belly and hung out there for a spell, wafting in her fresh fragrance. Hovering with a ready kiss above her navel, I looked up into Virginia's eyes and she quite literally had never been more radiant; her scarlet hair glowing in the late afternoon sunlight, emerald eyes shining with the auspice of ecstasy, rosy lips smiling peacefully. With our gazes fixed, I made a path of sedate kisses from her bellybutton on downward. Pausing before my destination, we ogled each other for as long as we both could stand it.

"Tease," Virginia accused. I smiled impishly and placed my thirsty lips around her perky clitoris. Her eyes closed heavily as her back grew stick-straight. She allowed her head to loll to one side and her waist-length hair brushed across my breasts. I ministered deep, unhurried, soulful kisses to her clit and vulva, which generated winsome hums and purrs from Virginia's mesmeric spirit. My tongue conjured its sorcery with languid licks in and around her lush labia. Even my laziest lovemaking was causing her puerile pussy to drip, evidenced by the precipitation present on my chin. Not one to waste such perfectly ambrosial appetizers, I accelerated my advances by prematurely slinking my tongue all the way up inside Virginia's vagina. Fully expecting to be met with Virginia's customary hollering and detonating, she instead sank further into my face as she would with her most comfortable seat (which I guess I was). It dawned on me that I hadn't been sheathed by her slick socket since our very first encounter. I took a few moments to amply appreciate the Elysian texture of her muscular conduit. Virginia's measured breathing motivated tight contractions around my tongue. I was becoming dizzy and damp with desire, and wondered how Virginia was remaining so chill. Resigned to receiving no help from the dallying doll roosting upon my visage, I swirled my tongue throughout her interior as best I could while trying to honor her apparent aspiration for some sort of Zen orgasm. After a few minutes of scrumptious but futile exploration, I took a rest and started mentally choosing drapes for my squishy new home.

As pleasant as the thought of my tongue taking up permanent residence in Virginia's pussy was, my lips still endeavored to seek out her elusive feminine ejaculate. My lips started buzzing almost imperceptibly in a kind of tantric prayer, and my tongue followed suit soon thereafter. Subsequently, Virginia's whole body began to vibrate, just as subtly at first, then with increasing amplitude, and astonishingly she still had not moved a muscle. I felt the advent of the tempest when Virginia's vagina virtually squeezed the life out of my tongue before dilating entirely to release a downpour of deliciousness. My anointed throat gulped gamely to keep pace with the surge of fluid invading my insides. Imbibing so much love liquor made me delirious to the point of hallucination. I dreamt that if I should drown, my epitaph would read, "She died as she lived; guzzling gallons of goo from a little girl's honey pot." The deluge gave way to a steady stream and concluded with a faint trickle. With my final swallow came the awareness of having been spared splendid oblivion. Never in my life had I felt so contentedly full and warm.

After a while, Virginia emerged from euphoria. Opening her eyes, she felt the soon to be setting sun on her face and said, "I'm home."

I praised her inner thighs with small kisses as she spoke. "This is where I belong. Here in this heavenly meadow, kneeling upon the face of my beloved, spraying her with  hey!" Virginia snapped out of it when she looked down at my positively squirt-free face. "I just gushed like Niagara! Where'd it go??"

"In my belly!" I guffawed, proudly.

"Whoa." Virginia's eyes grew as wide as I'd ever seen. "You're crazy."

I fluttered my eyes at her. "Flatterer."

"You gonna even have room for dinner?"

"Perhaps not, mommy," I mocked in a little kid voice. "But you know I always have room for dessert!"

An exasperated Virginia shook me by the hair. "Ugh! You're so corny and perverted, I fucking love you so much!"

"I"m still thirsty down here," I continued, stroking my pubic region. "You have anything left for me?"

"Oceans. I've been saving it all up for two weeks."

I could have melted into a puddle of my own upon hearing such marvelous news. Virginia slid on back, over my breasts and belly, reached back to splay my legs wide open, and flopped backwards down on the abundant flora. Bending my knee, she wriggled one of her legs under one of mine and hugged my foot close to her cheek, crying out "Hello, gorgeous!"

Her foot that remained on top of me barely reached my boobs. I pouted at her pretty pedal-pusher and pawed pathetically at it, whining, "I wanna cuddle too!"

"You'll get your chance!" Virginia laughed.

I turned my frustrated attention from the pinkness of her soles to the pinkness of her pussy. I could see her inner labia were still on full display from my oral expedition, so I peeled my own folds aside, slanted my hips to the right, and yanked her leg forward to embrace her sultry vulva with mine. Virginia looked utterly bewildered at the heat emanating from my smouldering cunt.

"You're on fire, girl!" Virginia howled. "I've never felt you like this!"

"It's all for you, baby." Truth be told, I hadn't touched myself in three days. Not sure what it says about me that I have less self-control than a ten year-old.

For the first time in this particular recreation, neither of us was on top, so our recumbent bodies finally got down to some authentic scissoring. I steadily massaged my muff into hers and she gave back as good as she got. Before too long, we rocked and rolled our hips in equal measure, agilely matching each other's changes in speed and movement. While I loved our reciprocity of gratification, my one regret about this position was it didn't grant me a good view of Virginia's face. Sure, I have gotten off plenty without seeing her luminous beauty, but nothing makes me come quicker than looking into those green eyes in all their orgasmic glory.

At least I could hear how worked up she was getting. I so adore how her pre-teen voice sounds when she's going wild; growling and squeaking and snarling with total abandon.

"You're a beast!" I cried, admiringly.

"I love you so fucking much!" Virginia grunted, picking up the tempo. "I want..."

"What do you want, baby? Tell me."

"I want..."

"You want to come?"

Virginia seemed to be struggling with what she desired most. "I want...YOU to come!"

"You first, baby," I said, affectionately stroking her bottom. Then, recalling how much she likes dirty talk, I continued, "I want you to come so badly. Please? Please come inside me. I need you to come in my pussy right now!"

"Oh, Goddess..."

"I need it! You're the only one who can give me what I want. You're my one and only squirty girl. I love feeling your squirt inside me. Give it to me. Please? Please put a baby in me."

"Oh, Goddess...YES!"


And that did it. Sometimes the most preposterous fantasy is what puts us over the top. The rapids swelled forth from between Virginia's loins, irrigating my vagina while one rogue fountain stream splashed smack-dab on my face. She didn't fill me up quite as much as she did the last time, but she definitely provided enough lubrication for the next phase of my evil plan.

Virginia quivered her last quake and then relaxed her body into the cushy grass, huffing the scent of feet and foliage as she regained her breathing.

"Mmm...your feet should always be surrounded by wildflowers," Virginia said, as she burrowed her little freckled face into my velvety arch. My foot returned her caresses in kind until the headiness of being petted by my dishiest body part hypnotized Virginia to succumb to my will. I grazed my toes over her enthralled face, feeling her hot breath as I playfully offered up my little piggies for nibbles, only to jerk them away at the last second. After a few attempts, Virginia's ravenous mouth snapped up three of my toes and held fast. I let her snack for a moment or two before wending my way to her breasts. My slicked up tootsies toyed with her nipples for a couple of minutes until they were hard enough to cut diamonds. I trapped one of her nipples between my second and third toes and stretched it forward as far as it would go.

"Fuck...GISELLE!!" Virginia yelped, slapping the ground in pleasure and pain. "You're ruthless! You still need to come!"

"All in good time, my angel."

I released her nipple, allowing it to rebound swiftly, then massaging it with the mounds of my toes. Virginia wrapped her arms around my foot as if it were a puppy or her favorite doll. "Your feet make me so happy!!"

I crept my foot down and out of the hug and placed it flat against her abs. I gently pushed her back a couple of inches, unsticking our pussies from one another, and wiggled my toes down to her vulva. Virginia sat bolt upright, leering at my foot as if it was the first to discover fire. My toes fiddled around her clit and labia, while she figured out that her extended leg was just long enough to reach my honey pot. Her foot romped through my pubic hair and I started tugging at her labia with my toes. Virginia's big toe started to orbit my clitoris and mine did the same to her. We both got super quiet as we concentrated on stimulating each other.

Virginia finally broke the silence. "You're a fucking genius," she whispered. "How have we never done this before?"

"I've been thinking about doing this for a while now. I wanted to wait for a special moment."

Virginia's eyes darted up from my clit to meet my gaze. "You spend time dreaming up things for us to do together?"

"You bet."

"Wow...I thought only I did that. I like that you think about me when we're not --" The distracted Virginia let her big toe slip down and penetrate my vagina. "Oh, God! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to --"

She tried to retire her foot from my snatch, but I snagged her heel and held it steady. "I want this. I've always wanted this."

Virginia smiled and nodded. "Me too."

I pressed her foot further into me until all five of her toes were inside. We both looked surprised and relieved that she fit inside me without too much fuss. I eased a little more of her foot in and then let go so my hips could do all the work.

Virginia could not take her eyes off our unconventional coupling. "I wish you could see this, Giselle!" she said in an urgent but hushed tone. "I've never seen anything so sublime in my whole entire life."

The feeling was just as exquisite, although the modest pumping I could manage from this trajectory wasn't quite enough to hit my sweet spot. I sat up, raising my tush off the ground just enough to get on my knees and shift myself into cowgirl position, maintaining the appendages' place in my pussy all the while. I slackened my leg muscles and let gravity take over, my thighs sinking earthward and Virginia's foot burrowing deeper and deeper into me. When it could advance no farther, I simply sat there feeling the wonder of this angelic child's foot buried within me.

"Oh, Virginia, my love. It is so apt that I am on my knees right now because I have literally prayed for this moment. From the first time you and your precious, tiny bare feet walked into my studio, I knew you were the one." I wept lightly and began using her foot like a teeter-totter. "...and it fitted her perfectly."

Virginia tittered. "What?"

"Cinderella. Remember when you first came over you said you felt like Cinderella? You're my fairy tale princess. I'm your slipper."

"You're my everything."

I leaned over to kiss Virginia and rattled her foot around in my vagina to ferret out the ideal angle. I stumbled upon the bulls-eye and started bouncing briskly.

"Oooooooooo...fuck me, Virginia!" I whimpered. "I've wanted to fuck your pretty foot for so long! So perfect...this feels so fucking perfect!"

"Oh, Giselle...I want you to come for me."

I could never defy those pleading eyes, so I spread my legs as far as achievable, almost like a figure skating split jump, and got up onto the balls of mt feet. Crouching over Virginia's foot and working my quads, I gave myself the most pitiless pussy pounding ever. This drove her foot to hitherto unknown depths and I rejoiced in every curve and ripple juicing up my tender insides.

If I could bottle and sell the look on Virginia's face, I'd be a wealthy woman. Well...a wealthier woman. First, she hilariously could not decide where to look. Her eyes kept dashing around between my bobbing breasts, my tireless thigh muscles, my flushed cheeks, and my pliable pussy. She seemed most fascinated with the now-you-see-it, now-you-don't trickery my vagina was playing on her fair foot. She fell more and more in love with the sight of her foot disappearing into me over and over.

A lovely breeze wafted over our naked figures as my orgasm pulsated throughout my body. Rivers of tears streaming down my face, both hands over my heart, I thanked the goddesses for answering my prayers.

My throbbing cunt sent tremors through Virginia's foot...or was her trembling foot making my vagina throb? Either way, we were both shaking like mad. My tears stopped flowing while the final throes of bliss scattered electricity throughout my nervous system.

Silently staying in my superb squat for a bit, eventually I reached down to fondle Virginia's calves. Opening my eyes, I softy said, "Thank you."

"I've never seen you more beautiful."

I stretched my celebratory arms high in the air. "I've never felt more beautiful! Sorry about using you as my plaything for a while there."

"Quite alright! I like being your fucktoy."

I chewed my lip and giggled, blushing even worse, if that was humanly possible. " know I prefer more of a give-and-take, but...couldn't help myself."

"You're heavy on the give most days. You're forgiven." Virginia sprawled out on the grass. "Mmm...I never want to leave."

I looked around my private meadow. "It is peaceful here, isn't it?"

"Well...yes...I was speaking for my foot, though."

"Oh...right! Hello!" I waved at the hidden foot upon which I was still impaled. "Ça va? Bienvenue dans votre nouvelle maison, mademoiselle!"

Virginia looked at me like I had completely lost it.

"She speaks French," I explained. "Quoi? Ma pauvre cherie! Aww...she says she's lonely without her sister! Let's see if they can be next door neighbors." I seized her other foot and tried ramming it up my butthole.

"Giselle, that's impossible!"

Sadly, she was correct. Try as I might, either the angle, lack of foreplay and lubrication, or being already overstuffed, impeded any chance at my first double penetration.

"Nope, not ready for that." Not one to be easily discouraged, I said, "I know! They can be roommates!" and tried fitting a second foot in my vagina.


Alas, this was not meant to be either. While I could get a couple of toes to poke through, any thrusting potential was highly unlikely. Plus, I could see Virginia was getting antsy.

"Nope. Nope, nope, nope, right you are. Good thing we have all weekend...and the rest of our lives."

Virginia inhaled and exhaled with nervous excitement.

I squirmed desperately on Virginia's foot. "Uhhh, I want more of you in me!"

"My goodness,'ve gone bonkers."

"Crazy in love with my Virginia! That's me!"

Virginia scrunched herself up like she just received an invisible hug, and made a heart sign with her hands. And then I had the most clever idea.

"Here's a thought..." I sat down on the cool ground and leaned back, leaving only her toes within me. "Now point your foot like a good ballerina." She did so. "That's let me have it!"


"I'm serious. I want it. All of it."

"Okay..." She sounded unconvinced but amenable. She glided more than half her foot back in without any resistance. Then she wore a devilish grin as she unflexed and wiggled her toes, tickling me from the inside.

"You sinful little thing, you!" I shrieked.

"Just wanted to hear you squeal."

"Oh, I'll give you squealing, missy! Get your fucking foot in my twat!"

"Okay! Sheesh...what a greedy spoiled brat! You're lucky you're such a goddamn knockout."

We laughed and Virginia reverted to good girl ballerina mode. I was still laughing when her flawlessly pointed foot ventured further in, right up to the front of her heel. Presuming she might pause there, I was not prepared for her persistent pursuit of perfect pedal penetration. Her heel dexterously popped right on through and my vagina closed around her ankle, swallowing her foot whole.

"WHOA! You just did that!"

"Yeah, I did! Girl, you are wicked tight. And so freaking warm, I love it!" She tried hastening her propulsion but her movement was inhibited somehow. "Um...I don't think I have enough leverage."

"Here..." I bent my leg up and planted the butt of my heel to the ground and my sole firmly between her legs. "...brace yourself against me."

Virginia clasped both hands behind my calf and scooted forward and inch or two. My vagina briefly loosened its grip on her ankle, giving her the literal wiggle room she needed. "Yay! That's much better!" she cheered.

Truer words were never spoken. I was finally getting fucked by the foot of my dreams; seriously smol when it's out and about and on display for all to see, and yet it's the largest, thickest thing to which my cunt has ever granted an audience. The decadent spectacle of Virginia's ensconced foot prodding my love canal was forever added to my catalog of masturbatory visions. Even in our future foot fucking encounters, I would always flashback to this idyllic initiation. So captivated was I by my most massive voyager, that I didn't process my breathing becoming labored.

"You okay?"

"Never...better..." I puffed. "Ya know...just...birthin' me a beautiful baby girl-foot!"

Virginia snickered. "Have you picked out a name?"


"What the fuck? IMOGEN?! Where'd that come from?"

"It's Celtic." Virginia rolled her eyes. "Immy for short. 'cause you know...she likes being i'me."

"You're such a weirdo!"

"Guilty! You can go a little deeper."

"Yeah?" She pulled herself closer to my upright knee, installing her leg in me up to her lower shin. I swooned from the additional pressure. "Good?"

"So good."

"Do we need a safe word?"

"Bitch, you're ten! What do you know about safe words??"

"I know things!"

I winked at her and blew her a juicy kiss. She sped up her velocity a tad and I groaned, "Mercy."


"That can be our safe word. Mercy. Don't expect to hear it from me much, though."

"I don't like it. What if one of us wants to be a Southern belle?"

"Not likely."

"Oh, mercy, this mint julep is simply divine!"

"Just shut up and fuck me."

"Yes, ma'am!"

She kept on fucking me apace and introduced small stirring motions into the mix which had me walking on air. I closed my eyes and basked in the majesty of Virginia's masterful coital artistry. She must have sensed I was at the periphery of paradise when she went full throttle and really let me have it. I threw my head back and clenched fistfuls of the tall grass beneath me.

My voice must have risen three octaves: "Holy...FUCK! YES! Fuck me, angel! Fuck me! NEVER...STOP...FUCKING...MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

My upper body crashed to Earth with an eruption of high-pitched giggles. Both of my legs twitched riotously while I flopped about like a fish out of water. Somehow Virginia managed to weather the peak turbulence without hurtling off into the beyond or being pulverized into nothingness. I lay there in my bed of wildflowers, still tormented by sporadic spasms accompanied by chuckle bouts like I was remembering a long-forgotten favorite joke.

"Oh, Giselle, I'm so close!!" This fervid floozy has been using my foot as a vibrator.

"Gimme all you got, babe! All over my face!"

Virginia promptly evacuated my vagina and I felt temporarily empty and forsaken, until she hopped over and crammed her sopping wet foot in my mouth. Slurping my own sweetness from her toes, Virginia stood above me diddling her clit before adding delicious drizzle all over her foot and my face. I drank down more of her ravishing refreshment while she thoroughly soused my hair. Growing weak in the knees, Virginia raised her foot from my mouth and rooted herself to the ground to splatter her final masterpiece onto my face like an honest-to-goodness Pollock painting.

I slicked my hair back and held my arms up to my drained darling. "Come here. Hold me."

Virginia snuggled up beside me with her head on my shoulder and one leg draped over mine. She felt me shivering and held me closer. "Are you cold?"

I shook my head. "I'm still coming." We hugged each other tight while I wept into her hair. Virginia felt me tremble for at least another two minutes before my body finally found its chill.

"Wow. You haven't had one of your giggly-weepy orgasms for a while."

"Well, you never fucked me with your foot before. Those orgasms are reserved for novel experiences."

"Good to know. Gotta keep finding ways to push your boundaries!"

"You're very inventive. I have no doubt you will get a couple hundred more 'giggly-weepy orgasms' out of me. Love the name, by the way."

"It just came to me."

"See? Inventive. We'll draw up patent share contracts tomorrow." And then a time bomb went off in the humor center of my brain. "Wait...did you just say it 'came' to you?" Virginia sniggered into my shoulder and I smacked her bottom. "You're awful!"

"I learn from the best!"

"I'd better give your mom a refund if all you've been learning from me are bad puns!"

"I think I've learned a thing or two more valuable than all that." I tweaked her nipple, playfully, and Virginia feigned outrage. "You have a dirty mind! Of course I was referring to your consummate dance instruction."

"Of course."

"I'm so ready for tomorrow. You make me feel I can do anything."

"You can." Another time bomb. "Gah! You did it again!"

"What? No, I didn't!"

"Consummate. That's a good one."

"It wasn't on purpose, I swear!" Virginia looked me right in the eye, keeping a straight face until... "It totally was," and she dissolved into giggles.

"Getting me with homographs...I've nothing more to teach you." I wiped away a sarcastic tear.

"Hey, who are you calling HOMO-graph, Miss Super Straight-Looking But Really Super-Queer??"

I laughed and kissed her ardently. Virginia snuggled back down onto my shoulder. "Do I really?" I asked.

"Do you what?"

"Look super-straight."

"You're a femme, remember?"

"Huh. I always feel like a mega dyke, so I just assumed that I come off that way."

"Oh, you can see your queerness from Venus without a telescope, but you're also way girly."

"You know, I've been considering growing my hair long again."

"You should! All those curls, you would look so foxy, I would just eat you up..."

And we chattered on like this through watching the sunset, going inside to bathe and make dinner, and all through the night.

(to be continued...)