Loving the enemy

This is a work of fiction with romance between two females. Please only continue only if you are of age and legally allowed to read these stories.

Alright, everyone on the line, we are going to run this play until we get it right, there is only 2 weeks left until the final, and if you think of being part of that, I suggest that you start playing like a team. Now that is your choice, kick the ball.

Urghh, this is certainly not how I imagined to start this Saturday morning, especially after the night I had, I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep the whole day, but seeing as I had a scholarship riding on this game I know, I had to pull myself together.

This was my time; my moment to shine and I had to take my chance. I knew that this was the only way that I could possible get into college, this was my dream. First let me introduce myself. My name is Shay, I have short spikey hair, dark blue eyes, a well muscled body and the attitude to just say stuff it to anyone who dares to mess with me. Oh and before I forget, I am and out and proud lesbian. I turned 17 a few months ago and I'm a senior in high school. Now that that is covered, let's get back to the story.

I am a defense player for Harlow Highs Girls soccer Girls first team, I am also the captain of the team, and am pretty Proud of my team. We are one of the teams to be reckon with this year for the championship title, as we are the only team to not have lost a game, and the coach and I plan to keep it that way heading into the final in two weeks time to face our rivals the Cougars. They beat us last year by one goal, and this year I plan to settle the score.

Just one little problem, my girlfriend is their goalie and one of the best around, yea I know, not a smart choice dating the rivals, but neither of us knew that heading into the relationship. We met at a club in town about two years ago, a month before school started, and we hit it off instantly, one thing lead to another and we made out in the bathroom of the club. After the night passed we each head our own way, writing it off as just a good night. Two weeks later, we met at the club again and the same happened, this time though we exchanged telephone numbers as we said goodbye. Then the weekend before school started, as usual we met at the club. This time though we chatted a bit, danced some more, at the end of the night we decided to take a chance to see if this might lead to anything more than a casual hook up.

School started and things were going great between us, then soccer season started, we both got picked for our school teams. Stef was a year younger than me, so we didn't stress too much about it knowing that we wouldn't play against each other. As we both were new to the soccer scene we decided to just enjoy the moments. At the end of the year though, I was picked to play for Harlow's First team, this was a huge honor for me, to be the youngest player on the team. Melanie, the captain then, took me under her wing and showed me the ropes. I learned a lot from her, and my soccer skills improved tremendously. We had a great season last year, until the final, Harlow versus the Cougars, we lead the first halve 1 goal to none, and thought we had the game in the bag. Huge mistake, they came back the second half with 2 goals to beat us.

Just after the game, Stef said that she had great news to share. We went out to dinner, where she told me the news. She was asked to be part of the Cougars squad for the new season. That's where things started getting tricky. We had been together almost two years and didn't have to face any issue before, now this came up. Our friends knew we were dating, but they thought it was only some casual relationship, not that we were almost making plans to move in together after school.

That brings us back to the present day. We only faced each other once this season and that game concluded to a 2-0 win for us after going into penalty shoot-out, Stef pulled her hamstring, and thus she was not the goalie for that game. Now with just two weeks until we face each other again, tension started building for both of us. For me it was about the possibility of a scholarship and to lead my team to victory. For Stef it was to prove herself to the coaches and team, as well as pay-back for the previous game. Although we never took anything from school home to our relationship, we both felt uneasiness in the air two days before the game.

The first halve of the game pretty much went as we thought it would, both teams attacking for first blood, and at the same time both teams defense was rock solid. It was the second halve of the game and the scoreboard was still 0-0 with twenty minutes to go. Our coach called a time out, and we knew that the next few minutes was crunch time. We broke through their defense twice this session, but both times the goal was prevented by Stef, 5 minutes till the final whistle, we had another opportunity to win this game. We started the kick off, ball was passed to Aidren, then to Sheila, she had a good run until their defense locked onto her, she passed the ball to me, and by now their was only about a minute left, as well as only one defense player between me and the goal. After pulling my signature move to get around her, I set my eyes on the goal, I had a shot at goal, and then saw Stef's eyes, and she looked scared and nervous. I took the shot, Stef pushed it away from the goal box, and it went to Aidren, who placed it beautifully into the back of the net. We did it, we won, we won. Everyone swooned around me and Aidren shouting and screaming, we won the championship. I tried to celebrate with my team, but at the back of my mind I felt a pinge of guilt, the look on her face stayed with me. I had a bad feeling that this game did more damage than good.

After the team met in the dressing room for the game summary, the coach introduced me to the scouts who were at the game. They told me that they have been watching me the whole season and that they would love for me to play for their college the next year, off course accompanied by a full scholarship, including my books, extra tutoring if I require as well as a nominal amount of spending money to cover my living expenses, not that I needed much as my cousins family left me their house and everything. I shared the news with Stef and she tried to be as excited about it as I was, but I knew there was more hidden behind her mask.

At school things started looking up for me, bur my personal life started going down the drain, Stef and I continuously started having arguments, over the smallest of things, my final exams was up, and I just had two tests left when everything came tumbling down. Stef and I had planned a nice evening, rented some movies, and just relaxed for the evening. Halfway through one of the movies, Stef started crying and sobbing, I found this odd as we were watching a comedy movie. I immediately stopped the movie and asked her what's wrong. She accused me of ruining her soccer career, with the winning goal, and that everything was my fault. This caught me off guard and I sat there speechless. The final soccer match replayed it all in my head over again, the final 5 minutes, then the final minute, I knew that if I placed the ball even 10cm higher that Stef wouldn't be able to reach it, and I changed my plan, because I loved her, and didn't want to be the one to score the goal, knowing that Aidren would be there beside me. Now she still blamed me for that.

"What do you mean I ruined soccer for you? I didn't score the winning goal, you deflected my attempt. I didn't ruin anything." I started getting defensive, this was suppose to be a calm relaxing night for us, to celebrate us, and now this happened. "Answer me, how did I ruin it for you?"

"I quit the team, I couldn't face them after the lose we had, I quit the team because of you!" "YOU DID WHAT? I can't believe this. How could you just quit, you are one of the best goalies, how, how, how?" My anger started getting the best of me, and I didn't know what to do. She blames me for her quitting the team, I couldn't understand that...

"I did what was best for me, well what I thought was best for me, now I regret my decision and that is your fault. Look, these last two years have been amazing for me as well as for you, but I need to get away, need to clear my head. I'm sorry Shay, it is over between us. I wish you all the best for the future, maybe we'll one day meet again." She gave me a kiss, stood up and left.

What just happened? I sat there wondering if I just imagined the whole situation just now, it couldn't be possible, and did Stef really just leave me? I pinched myself, just to make sure. Realizing, it was true I suddenly became overwhelmed with emotions, the person I thought id spent my life with just walked out of my life, it didn't make any sense, and how can you be on such a high one day, to hit such a low the next...?

A month passed, since Stef walked out on us, I haven't heard anything from her since then, and she disconnected her phone. Not even her old friends at her school knew where she went, I was still trying to pick up the pieces of my heart, when we received our results for our exams, and I passed with three distinctions, at least one good thing. At the graduation none of my family was there, well seeing that I didn't have any family it was what I kind of expected...

This is a new story that I started. I hope you enjoyed reading it, if you have any comments please contact me.


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