A Primitive Hope Part II

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My head hung low as my body felt a sudden, friendly warmth encircle my womb. Hot scalding breath pacified my groin as Cindi hungrily sealed her mouth upon me. I briskly jerked, realizing how sensitive I was down there without any pubic hair to absorb the swift, loving actions. I could feel the strength in her tongue as it carefully traveled along the folds of drenched vagina... I screamed my delight aloud when she unearthed my hidden, yet eager pearl. Since my sight had been hooded, millions of tiny bursts of light came over the darkness as my entire body focused it's energy on my simmering womb. No one had ever brought me to the early stages of orgasm so quickly; another convincing indication that this indeed was right... pure.

My wide hips were clutched in Cindi's grip as her dedication flourished with each thrust of her tongue. She must have inhaled my clit into her mouth because it completely robbed my entire body of any remaining resistance. All I could feel was the weighty mass of steel dangling from my head... and quick, rapid jolts of my body as Cindi skillfully guided me to impeccable and utter delight. I began panting out loud... trying to be as boisterous as I could so that all could hear the pleasure I was feeling... I wanted to proclaim to all that this moment (and this woman) was mine for all of eternity. Each scream inspired Cindi to trounce her tongue across my clit... each gasp sustained her feast... My body that has dangling in mid air now swayed, only to be held in place by the sheer power of Cindi's grasp. My head fell back as the cold steel chains now lay upon my face... this shocking, bold new experience was all that I could have ever hoped for. Why did I waste all those years with a man when I could have had this? No time for questions... I was about to cumm, and hard.

My wails of rhapsody were shouted against the muffling links of steel... I tried saying her name over and over, yet now my flesh was dealing with the violent tremors that held me hostage. My groin thrashed about as I felt Cindi's assertive fingernails dig into me... there was so much hope between us at this moment. I knew it... and each loving gesture Cindi bestowed upon me sent me closer and closer to a nirvana never before experienced. She must have had her entire mouth over my pussy... there was no way anyone could ever do this to me. With my arms still bound above me, my involuntary muscles lifted me up in towering ecstasy as wave after wave washed over me... I was now crippled in undying devotion from this creature...

"Cindi... oh my Gawd what are you... what are you doing?" I tried to voice, realizing that I probably wasn't making much sense.

I felt the gentle reverberations of her low, voracious moans resonate throughout my swollen pussy. There is nothing quite like feeling a woman's moans within your most sacred and tender region. I knew she was loving every fleeting moment of this incredible act of unconditional love. I responded by lifting my legs up, and wrapping them around Cindi's head, resting upon the foundation of her shoulders... I easily held her in place as my actions only encouraged a deeper swabbing of my fertile womb. I felt her head gyrate side to side, sliding her moist lips between and under the folds of my pussy... whimpering in bliss with each stride. My ankles rested on her back now, tightening my lock... Another flash of light came out of nowhere... I shot up again... she lunged... I begged for me, she replied twice fold.

"Cindi, gawd... you... you... have me..." I tried to declare.

I was met with a soft wet tongue moving down my pussy, now focusing it's efforts on the scanty area of skin between my pussy and asshole... together, we discovered just how susceptible I was there. Slow gentle hearted strokes of her tongue greeted my flesh as I felt her soothing tongue revolve around my asshole... I shrieked at the top of my lungs; aghast yet delighted to feel this beautiful sensation now upon me. God, her tongue was so carefully slow and attentive... I had no clue how she was positioned for this feast, but it was unthinkable how she must have been. Throughout the flurry of images and feelings dancing throughout my mind, I could see me doing the exact same thing to Fiona the night before... just the mere act of having her tongue perform anal intercourse with me was mind boggling in it's concept.

Loud and erratic gasps followed as I attempted to structure a sentence; "Oh... you're... you're tongue fucking me... my ass... in my ass."

My bowels savored that warm slithering piece of flesh that eased inside me as I tried to relax my muscles... I wanted her inside me, no matter where it was. To have someone you care so much for actually inside you holds a powerful meaning for us females. It is a expression of so much truth, and carries vast significance... and the deeper her tongue went, the further I fell for her. I then felt her palms grasp each globe of my full, ripe ass... kneading the thick knolls together as she swam her tongue inside my ass... I simply couldn't believe that this could feel so good. My cheeks were aggressively massaged, and with each gesture of her hands, an equal and generous 'stab' of her tongue was felt inside. I then tightened my sphincter muscles to see what she would do... 'milking' her tongue in a way. I glowed with rapport as I heard a inaudible moan of approval emerge amidst my full ass. It was simply divine.

Cindi robbed me of all possible hints or thoughts of ever returning to a life of heterosexuality. How could one ever rightfully decide to do so after such incredible acts of love are bestowed upon them? To me, there was no choice, except that of just her, and only her. She annihilated all the pain and suffering that poisoned my heart for so long... and hanging there like a gutted animal felt absolutely wonderful. It was just the right prescription needed for a complete recovery. After slipping her tongue out from within my enchanted rectum, Cindi stood before me and lifted the veil of chains from my face. My mouth was swiftly pressed against hers for an arresting soulful kiss to seal our act of unconditional love. Between her lips and tongue, I could taste the fruits of her labor... my ass. It was just as if I had tongued Fiona's backside, purified with the sacred aroma of sex and ass juices. It was distastefully erotic...

I was soon set free, and now had ample opportunity to settle my score with Cindi... Up above I noticed a large oil funnel that dangled down into the pit... with a gentle nudge, I motioned Cindi beneath the funnel, and clasped the valve together as a flood of automotive oil flowed downward along her beautiful body. The shiny lubricant cascaded across her chest and arms in seconds, and soon her abdomen and legs gleamed in the radiant oil. My hands quickly rubbed the lotion into her gradient skin, taking my time in the erotic texture and feel of oil against flesh... Somewhat odd I agree, but I tossed aside all that I had ever known or thought about lovemaking. Instead, I embraced all that was possible using whatever I could to show this woman my love and fascination for her. Her powerful body glistened beneath the single bulb of light that barely illuminated the dark pit. My flesh soon fell into her arms as we hungrily made out with each other for what must have been hours. We both cupped our hands beneath the funnel, and poured generous amounts of oil across our bald heads... down our backs, across our asses and thighs... The raw, untamed aroma of automotive oil gave our lovemaking a unique twist indeed. Cindi was a machine... refined and made whole since our days of adolescence. Perhaps I was to be the lubricant she needed to smooth out her own life... perhaps...

I can't remember how long we spent together in that grease pit, but we ended up embraced on the hard concrete floor in one anothers arms. We both fell asleep in the comfort of our nearness... But before my mind fell asleep, I gently lifted my bald head to gaze into her wondrous eyes once more...

"I love you, Cindi. I always have." I whispered.

Cindi's convictions held me firm.

"I've loved you ever since I can remember." she replied. "I always wondered what ever happened to you since we graduated. Now..."

I smiled in such tender bliss, peacefully whispering; "Now."

Our lips meshed together a second time, reassuring ourselves that this affair was honestly true. A lifelong love denied and neglected, yet now falling victim to the assertive grasp of destiny. As her mouth engulfed mine, I knew then Cindi and I were going to be together for a very long time indeed. Our pasts were of little concern to us now, for we were acting as one... There were to be no questions or doubts... no hesitation, nor any reluctance on any of our parts. My head came to rest upon Cindi's brawny chest, silently slipping away to a peaceful sleep tucked beneath the protective hold of my lover's cover. My restored soul soared high in the Heavens of tranquility as I listened to Cindi's mellow heartbeat... The comforting vibration validated my thoughts as my life eased into a realm of new and intriguing promise. Cindi was to be mine for all eternity.


We awoke sometime the next day, beginning the dawn of our love affair with a gentle kiss. We made our way from the grease pit into a spacious, dimly lit bathing area that was far different from my own private bath. The room consisted of decorative marble and ivory sculptures of large, voluptuous women that resembled an exotic, ancient Greek setting. Once inside, Cindi instructed me to wait as she slid into the deep waters of the steam bath where two younger looking girls intuitively came from side doors to bath her. My guess was they were in their early to mid twenties. The youthful ladies were silent, yet attentive as they slid out of the vestiges of their scantly clad, ancient looking fabric. Cindi stood in the middle of the bath, staring aimlessly ahead as the two girls tediously began their intimate, yet thorough purification of their champion. The girls were your typical looking women, not sculpted or bald like Cindi or Fiona was. This clued me in that perhaps they allowed other types of females inside their secret domain.

The girls worked in unison as they shared a single bar of soap, lathering Cindi's sculpted frame and bald head. Cindi remained motionless, almost in a trance like state as hands roamed her physique, dousing her chiseled flesh with rich, lathery soap until all the oil had vanished. Their next task was foaming her bald head with soap-- shaving the crown and eye brows clean. I so wanted to ask what was happening, yet something told me to remain silent. The sight was simply erotic to behold, like something from a ancient scene depicted in a museum, or painting from long ago. Two willing mistresses serving their Warrior's every need. I tried to examine their expressions to see if perhaps they were resisting an inner will to seduce their Master. Yet no signs of desire was seen... they appeared to be programmed to do whatever they had been instructed to do. I sighed heavily, appreciating this erotic, and captivating exhibition.

Cindi was then motioned over to the side of the reservoir where her legs, armpits and groin was meticulously peeled with a razor. Perhaps this was a daily event that she was subject to, and she obviously delighted in each second of it. The girls paid special attention to their shave, watching in acute concentration as Cindi's flesh was wiped clean of all remnants of hair. I then watched as they delicately exchanged the razor, sharing a soft meaningful kiss before initiating another stroke of the razor. I gasped, so enamored with the loving sight of two beautiful women tasting each other's precious lips. The sound of their moist kiss echoed throughout the chamber. It was magnificent to see and hear.

The young Mistresses finished their undertaking, each lifting Cindi's arms outward as they guided her to the steps of the bath. They painstakingly motioned Cindi (still enveloped in her hypnotic state) out as they set out to dry their Matriarch's every curve with large, billowing towels of cotton. Cindi's arms remained stretched outward, now slowly rotating her body around as the girls did their best to pamper every inch of her Herculean body. Still somewhat damp, Cindi was then marinated in an assortment of rich body oils. The Heavenly fragrance filled the room, reminding me of a glorious garden filled with rare and exotic flowers. The girls' palms gingerly coated Cindi's body, now bright with oil. Cindi stopped, lifting her arms skyward as a low moan of indulgence was heard. The girls quickly responded by lathering her arms and back as Cindi gazed up into the Heavens, basking in the effluent grace of power and glory. One of the girls knelt, inspired to knead Cindi's lower abdomen and legs while the other affectionately grazed the smooth, bald head. Streams of warm oil oozed between their fingers as the skin was tediously stroked. My heart was pounding by this point, so inspired by what I was seeing. I had to act, otherwise I would lose all control and attack every one of them.

"This is their ritual." A familiar voice whispered into my trembling ear.

Turning around, my eyes were greeted with the angelic smile of Fiona. I gasped in delight as she lovingly placed her finger upon my lips to silence me.

"Ssshh." She softly replied. "They'll be here for quite some time." She added.

I wanted to jump into Fiona's arms right there. Her hand slipped into mine, motioning me to leave the sauna with her. I somewhat resisted, glancing over my shoulder as we departed. The last thing I saw was one of the girls on her knees, arching her back as Cindi awoke from her trance, grasping the wide healthy cheeks of her ass. It was as if the girl was offering her flesh as a sacrifice to her one and only God.

The cumbersome doors silently closed as Fiona could now speak freely. I looked down to see her dressed in a charming, cream colored feminine gown that hung to her ankles. I happily embraced her as she too was glad to see me.

"Oh, Fiona. What happened to you the other night?" I asked, relishing in the loving embrace we shared.

Stepping back, Fiona soothed my questions with a fingertip to my chin. She had just done her nails too, now glowing in a fiery vermilion hue.

"I had to leave, sweetheart." She replied. "That was just the way Mother wanted."

"Mother?" I asked.

"The lady with the buzz cut, honey. She is our Mother here. She owns this borough." Fiona explained.

"But..." I tried to ask.

"Sssh. I'll explain it all shortly, sweetheart. Now we have to feed you, and get you out on the rocks." She said.

I nodded in agreement, and followed her lead out of the bathing area.


I was guided to a different part of the compound after Fiona dressed me in a more suitable outfit. A short, coal black satin robe that barely covered my hips and busty chest. I felt a bit more relaxed now, yet desperately wanting a bath considering I was still quite grubby from the night before. I abandoned that wish soon after I was brought into what looked like a cafeteria. Soft, melodious music was heard as I strolled into the dining area where dozens of other women were gathered for breakfast. It was astonishing to see... women of all different types dressed in elegant robes and gowns of ancient design. Large artistic murals covered the walls with scenes of women throughout the ages. Enormous tinted windows surrounded the area, allowing all to see the majestic landscape of the desert outside. The warm sun cast a heavenly glow to the room. I gazed about, seeing women of African descent... Asian, Hispanic... so many varied forms of splendor and grace. I then saw a string quartet sitting off to the side, gently performing a classical piece. The room evoked nothing but peaceful and harmonious affection. You could just tell that nothing but love and tenderness dwelled in this domain. Several guests greeted me with warm smiles and gracious welcomes as Fiona took me to the breakfast bar. The server, dressed in an elaborate servant's outfit, handed me a plate with a single piece of wheat toast, and a grapefruit.

"You're on a strict diet of nothing but healthy foods and nourishment." Explained Fiona.

I didn't say a word as I graciously thanked the lovely servant as Fiona and I sat down to eat our breakfast. I tried to take in all the lovely elements of this place as I hungrily ate my meager breakfast. Fiona finally began to explain to me what this intoxicating place was... It was a haven that 'Mother' started years ago, building a place where all women were welcome to discover their identities and inner will. Mother had built this with her own money since she was independently wealthy. Apparently, she owned thousands of acres here, and devoted every inch of land to this sacred commune. Women from all across the globe could come here and live without a fee, giving them a chance to discover their true selves through a healthy lifestyle of exercise and diet. Mother had excluded all men since it's conception, focusing on the true beauty of a woman's essence, and the natural calling each woman has to sapphic devotion. I was briefly amused by it's concept, yet was intrigued by how something like this could exist.

After breakfast, Fiona took me back to the room where I stayed the first night. Seeing the room was somewhat of a surprise considering all that had happened to me.

"First things first. Let's pack up your belongings, and send them back to your Mother." Fiona said. "All of these things represent the old you, and don't have a place here where you belong."

I was shocked, wondering how I would explain this to my Mother. How could I just 'up and leave' like this without a convincing explanation? I could see it now. "Oh yea Mom, I'm at some lesbian camp with a bunch of gorgeous women. Oh, and I'm gay now too." I thought, laughing to myself as I quickly packed my suitcases. It was all somehow making sense though. There was nothing for me back in Chicago. Nothing but pain and heartache... I loved my Mother dearly, yet I hoped she would understand my decision. Fiona promised me that after my reconstruction, I could make contact with my family and friends to let them know I was okay. Quite frankly, I didn't care at this point... I wanted this way of life. I wanted Cindi.

Writing a short note to Mother, I explained that I was 'home' now, and that I didn't need my things anymore. Fiona arranged to have it all shipped out, and soon, I was dressed in primitive rags that scarcely clung to my frame. Fiona also dressed herself in similar attire (looking quite sexy in the two piece ensemble I must add), and took me outside in the blistering heat of the desert landscape.

With no shoes or any protective clothing, Fiona and I walked for what must have been miles to a huge rock quarry. She carried a small carrying case filled with water for our journey as we walked hand in hand to the site. There, we found about five other couples doing what looked to be like manual labor. This must have been what 'Mother' meant as 'getting me on the rocks'. All of the workers were dressed like I was, primitive and bare. They were busy moving and busting massive rocks as their overseers watched their every move. I sighed from the sweltering sun above, knowing I was about to get a good tan as well as a great workout. Fiona set aside her bag, and showed me what to do in my designated area.

Soon, I was busy shattering large sections of rock with a sledgehammer. I never had done manual labor like this before, yet knew that this would quickly shed all of the unessential fat I had. The barren setting of this quarry was so secluded, and very different from anything I had ever seen before. At times, I would glance over to see the other women struggling in their efforts, yet all of them seemed willing to be there. There was no cruelty or harshness from their partners... Hours passed by as I slowly adjusted to my tasks, perspiring heavily as Fiona sat comfortably a few feet away. I occasionally would glance up at her, taking in the full beauty of her commanding body. The thoughts of us making love gave me comfort in my efforts, and as the day lingered on, I felt the sexual urgency growing between us with each thrust of the hammer. I wondered what Cindi was doing while I was out here... what she ended up doing to that scrumptious, voluptuous matron who willingly gave her self to her...

By about mid afternoon, Fiona ordered me to take a much needed break. Sitting down beside her, I felt my skin burning with a red tan. Fiona praised my work as she doused me with water from her bottle... I could only imagine how I must have looked with my bald head and untamed garb on my sweaty body. Yet I felt good... I felt alive for some odd reason. The workout flexed every muscle in my body, and for the first time in my life, I felt extraordinary. Wiping the deluge of water from my bare brow, I noticed a co-worker sitting a few feet away from me. She too was taking a break, catching my gaze in her direction. She was African, yet her flesh seemed to have a slight hue of Caucasian in it... She returned my warm gaze, charming me with an affectionate smile. I cracked a thin smile as Fiona took notice.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" asked Fiona in her low, soothing tone.

I nodded, chugging a large amount of water. I never imagined myself being attracted to a woman of color, yet the idea was captivating me. My eyes took full notice of her curvaceous figure that was dressed much like I was. Her chestnut hued legs and hips glowed in perspiration, and I was finding myself looking more and more at this divine, shapely creature. Her body was much like mine, curvy and molded nicely. She had the most irresistible set of thick legs and hips I had ever seen...

"Let me introduce you two." Said Fiona as she took my hand, and walked me over to where the woman sat.

"These two seem to like each other." Fiona said to the dark woman's instructor.

I stood there, spellbound by our meeting as I whispered a friendly hello to this enticing woman. She stood, and took my hand in hers as we began a long, alluring gaze into one anothers eyes. I could tell she too was mesmerized by this encounter.

"I couldn't help but notice you over there." She spoke in a soft, compassionate manner I found so invigorating.

Fiona and the African's Instructor held a quiet conversation between themselves, not being able to hear what they were saying because my senses were flooded by this African's magnificence. She crept forward, now taking both of my hands in hers as I closed my eyes in utter ecstasy. I couldn't believe I was about to make it with a complete stranger. Usually, I would want to know them, or do the typical 'song and dance' before initiating any kind of romantic flair... Feeling the nearness of her sent my head spinning as I felt my rags being whisked off. Looking up, I saw Fiona behind me stripping me for this erotic coupling. God, I was about to kiss this woman... Never would I have imagined me making it with a black woman, let alone being so powerfully overcome with such wanton desire.

"Oh my..." whispered Fiona as my body was now fully nude. "Look at those breasts... so full." She said as the black woman cupped my teeming breasts in each gentle hand.

I looked down to see her ebony fingers curl around each bosom, dancing upon my skin as if they were in a royal ballet of sapphic adoration. My senses levitated in the thoughts of this woman making love to me, and the scorching heat of the desert sun.

"Kiss her." I heard Fiona utter.

I briefly saw a set of full lips approach me as I was smothered whole... I let out a momentary, helpless moan of rapture as I accepted this African's demand for a loving kiss. Those pouty wet lips smothered mine, suckling me as if I were an essential feast. My tongue rolled up to taste her lips, savoring the taste of her spicy saliva.

"Oh God, you two are so hot." Fiona gasped as she reached around and ripped off the African's rags.

Our large breasts now pressed together as both of us moaned with unbridled lust. It was refreshing to feel a womanly body pressed to mine... full of curves and contours that evoked a purity never before known. Before today, I had only made love to a woman of muscle and strength... now I was about to experience a woman in all her glory and sumptuousness.

I felt her fingertips dance across my bald head, tapping my flesh gently as she held my head still... she wanted to make sure I didn't budge an inch. My arms soon wrapped around her waist, locking us both in for a powerful kiss that broke all barriers of humanity. Her fleshy tongue swam in my mouth, briskly tasting my teeth and inner cheeks... I had never been kissed in such a depraved manner, and I was loving it. My palms instinctively found the round, plentiful globes of her ass. I lost my footing in sheer delight, having felt such gracious flesh... she held me firm in her arms, still tasting my surrendering flesh... My tongue was inhaled into her mouth, suckling it as if it were a nipple, or some nourishing appendage. My mouth fully agape, I let myself descend into our kiss and cupped her ass in a sign of zestful hope.

"She loves ass." I heard Fiona whisper.

She was right. I did indeed.

"She's going to love hers." I heard the other Instructor quietly comment.

My hands pulled apart the African's moist globes... pulling at tugging at them as if I were holding on for dear life. They felt so incredibly glossy and soft in my palms. I had to have her... had to taste this woman's most forbidden orifice that demanded my tongue deep inside. My partner's hunger grew as she now ravaged my neck with a violent hunger. I pulled her to me, now falling back against a rock... we both could feel that this union was now unquestionable. The other workers soon halted their progress, and were ordered to join in our affectionate ceremony. I felt a flurry of fingers and hands caress my flesh as I tried to remain latched to my African Princess. My arms were stretched out as swift, hungry kisses soon blessed both of our bodies. I opened my eyes to see at least six other women hovering above us, now entangled in a web of passion and lust. I simply couldn't tell how many other lovers were now with us... it was too much to take in.

A lovely image of a Hispanic woman soon came into view as she kissed me deeply. All I could hear now were a series of slurps and moans amidst the endless array of legs and thighs around me. My kiss was abruptly ended when a set of wide, tanned ass cheeks settled over my face-- who they belonged to didn't matter. I had to have ass, and now. My lips were fully consumed by the warmth of a delicious vagina... My mouth opened as far as it could possibly go as I drank in this feast of feminine delight. I slipped my arms out from under a body to wrap around the waist of this woman, locking her in for my nourishment that was so necessary to survive. So much activity was on all sides of me... I was lost...

I tried to focus my efforts on my partner's ass now, taking prolonged, wiping strokes of my tongue along the crack of the ass... Ripples of pleasure washed across the spherical cheeks as my tongue found it's dark, tangy treasure... I lifted my head with all of my might to bury my face in the flesh, squashing the cheeks to my face with urgency... I felt my feet being swallowed into some mouths... My thighs undergoing a bustle of kisses and kind-hearted caresses... How I wish I could have seen what this orgy must have looked life from a distance. The aroma of perspiration and sex filled my nostrils... there was simply too much.

My frame was then motioned over as someone straddled my back. A demanding set of teeth clamped themselves upon my neck, causing me to yelp in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I tried to left my arms to touch my lover, but my wrists were quickly brought to the ground. All I could tell was that someone was thrusting their groin against my back and ass... a muscular, sweaty arm soon rolled around my neck, locking me into the fold of their arm as a divine spectacle was soon brought into view... two of the most delicious cheeks were displayed before me... wide, full, and ready to be swallowed by my famished mouth. It was my African's ample ass that lay exposed to me now, and my involuntary nature soon brought my face against it's magnificent, full texture. Eyes sealed shut, my mouth parted as I lazily kissed her left cheek. Saliva drooled out of my mouth upon the flesh as long, tedious kisses coated the cheek. The wonderful feeling of ass pressing my face arrested my thoughts... it was a sensation that I was growing used to. Wild, primitive and lustful acts of frivolous desire turned me into nothing more than a animal. There was no thought given to consequence or outcome... I was now a bloodthirsty beast wanting to mate.

The lips still bound to my raw neck, I could hear growing moans of anticipation just inches away. It was Fiona mounted upon me.... I could never forget that tone in her voice. How could I have? All that mattered was this plump, delicious ass in front of me-- begging for it to be devoured whole. My lips pulled at a mouthful of ass flesh, just as I would a beautiful breast... Just as I was beginning to relish the taste, I felt Fiona fumbling with something behind me. She soon eased back down upon me as I felt a thick, protruding bulge press against my ass.

"We'll see how much you love ass now, woman." She hissed into my ear.

I tried to move about, yet felt my frame locked securely to the rugged ground. Her strong hands gripped my hips, spreading my globes apart as I felt a slippery nub glide between the cleavage of my conquered ass. My mouth broke it's seal from the African's flesh, amazed by what I was feeling for the first time. I soon realized that Fiona must have put on a strap-on... Knowing there was no possible way I could resist her demand, I relaxed my backside... I had never had anal intercourse with anyone before today, not even with my ex since he deemed it an 'unnatural' act between people. Yet I had always been deeply intrigued by it for some reason... it seemed natural... beautiful. And as Fiona motioned her plastic cock forward, all those thoughts quickly vanished as I accepted her passionate intrusion.

Her powerful arm came about once more, clutching my neck as her mouth huffed against my ear. God, this was amazing... the plastic cock filled my rectum as I groaned in slight discomfort. Her movements were slow, knowing that my muscles had to adjust to such a large shaft being slid inside.

"You feel that, huh sweetie?" Fiona whispered.

"God yes... oh God yes." I replied, trying to suckle the mahogany flesh before me.

Fiona's tongue filled my ear, circling about several times. I loved hearing her ravenous breath mixed between the wet, soggy saliva. I never understood why women would ever use such sexual devices-- thinking it was silly for them to rely on something that resembled a man. Yet at this moment, I cast aside all thoughts of a man, for this was something they would (and could never) comprehend. The bewildering stimulation of my rectum being filled took my breath away... each inch of that cock sluggishly made it's way forward. My open mouthed gasps grew as did Fiona's efforts... I could feel the hope in Fiona's efforts. I knew she wanted this just as much as I did. I had to tell her...

"Take me." I huffed.

"Oh I will... I will." She replied, catching her breath.

More of the thickness slithered inside me. I gulped in shock, feeling the thickness demand my unconditional acceptance with each gentle prod. Fiona was taking my anal virginity away from me... defiling the remnants of whatever innocence I had left in the wake of her powerful, yet loving manner. I tried to imagine what our bodies must have looked like together during our 'mating' ceremony... envisioning her brawny build matched against my supple, motherly body. The contrast between us made me delirious with wantonness. This clearly was another affirmation that my life had to reside here... where I belong.

I couldn't tell how long Fiona's synthetic cock was, but every delicious inch of it was whole-heartedly welcomed inside my willing ass. I could feel the thickness ease my opening apart in it's tender mercies. Sensing my full relaxation, Fiona brought her weight down upon me as I groaned in a long, encouraging moan of delight. Her sweaty groin now pressed against my cheeks as she withdrew from me... another slow, tender lunge came again with a passionate kiss upon my neck.

"You're fucking me, Fiona... you're really fucking me." I gasped.

"Fucking that ass." She replied with a hungry grunt.

"Oh my ass... Yes... God, my ass." I responded, frantic for a breath.

My head collapsed, falling upon the African's fleshy cheeks. Trying to aim some of my raging passion elsewhere, I buried my face between the mounds. I could hear my efforts to breath smothered in flesh as Fiona cautiously continued her anal ritual. My hands were set free, now clutching the browned heap of flesh before me. This was simply too much to take at once... the harmonious culmination of all the senses being seized at once catapulted me into a new dimension of pleasure. My tongue pressing against my African lover's asshole; tasting a feast so gratifying-- feeling the bulky girth of Fiona's extension... I momentarily passed out from the vivid ecstasy.

Darkness surrounded me. No sounds could be heard. I then awoke to feel a pair of strong hands gripping my shoulders. Fiona had found her rhythm in her thrusting, yet there was no ass below me anymore. Briefly confused, Fiona lifted my body up by my hips, setting me on my knees as my asshole now fully accepted her cock. I could hear the marvelous sounds of her plastic length plopping in and out of my ass... The wet gurgle of her thrusting caused me to cry out in shock. I glanced back to see her, now fully nude in all her glory. Those large, weighty breasts gently swaying with each plunge... ripe, muscular arms that held my hips in place... Her eyes quickly looked my way before gawking at my wide hips and ass now bowed high in the air. She kept watching my ass cushioning each blow she hurled upon me... Large, billowing waves of energy and love flogging against my ass... My mind permanently ingrained the look on her face... astonishment... wondrous delight... fascination... passion.

Fiona looked back at me, as if to ask; "How can I be doing this? How could I have ever found such beauty?"

"I have ass... I... have ass." Fiona breathlessly declared, cringing her brow in feeble vanity.

She looked so helpless... I responded by shoving my body back against her... our sweaty flesh now slapped together in unison. Her burly hands rested upon my quivering cheeks, clutching my fleshy skin in urgency with each lunge. The sounds of our bodies smacking together sent both of us over the edge... her thick cock diving into the deepest regions of my bowels... She hurled herself against me time after time, trying to get even deeper than before. The slurping sounds of each thrust matched with the echo of our bodies knocking together was so much to take in... Words just cannot grasp what celestial joy was upon both of our ravaged minds. It felt as if she had that plastic cock lodged all through my stomach and intestines now... she was so deep... and I wanted her to go further. Deeper... more.

Our mating ritual matured well into the hours of dusk as all of us came together in complete devotion. I cannot even begin to count the number of orgasms I experienced with Fiona, and the rest of our willing lovers. When the last rays of sun crept below the horizon, we built a huge bonfire to keep us warm for the night. With no blankets or protection, all of us slept together using our bodies for needed warmth. Yet in all honesty, I don't think any of us slept a wink that night. There was simply too much to explore... too many different bodies to discover and feel. Fiona soon found herself coupled with a slender, olive skinned vixen... My African Princess and I resumed our pairing as I got to wear a strap-on for the first time. The extraordinary feeling of power and grace a woman feels wearing one of those is simply breathtaking in it's view. Not long after that, I was falling under the spell of an Asian brunette who also shared my fetish for analingus... so many various races of women... a vast assortment of curves and contours to be fondled; all uniting together in complete sapphic unison. It is a language known to all walks of feminine existence. One truth... one understanding.


At dawn the next day, all of us awoke to carry on our work. All of us now shared a common bond, not wanting to fail our instructors. There were no egos, no selfishness amongst us... simply one goal; that of ultimate pleasure. With that in mind, our bodies were purified through exhaustive, backbreaking labor. Massive rocks were broken and carried to the nearby quarry. I really couldn't believe how far I was coming along in this incredible journey... Before I was a miserable, worn out person with nothing to live for. Now, I was a woman with purpose and ambition. I wanted to be strong and healthy... fit to be worthy enough for Cindi...

At mid afternoon, Fiona ceased all work. We were instructed to follow her to a different location in the region... Without question, all of us followed her and the other instructor through the hot, barren desert. We must have walked for hours through that unbearable heat. Our bodies were baking in the scorching rays of the sun as the excursion made it's way to our final destination.

Finally, we reached a beautiful shaded area full of thick trees and vegetation. It rested at the foothills of the mountains where a large stream flowed through the cultivated area. Exotic, colorful flowers decorated the scene; a striking contrast compared to the barren wasteland behind us. All of us were overjoyed at first sight... Fiona announced that all of us had earned the right to relax, and begin the next phase of our reconstruction... I was delighted to say the least.

Several small cabins were tucked away in the thick forest for us. An enormous, awe inspiring lagoon captured our sight as towering falls kept it full. This was indeed paradise... After our arrival, we all were ordered to choose our cabins, and begin settling in. Fiona then told us that we had to fend for ourselves here... grow our own food, and tend to each other's needs in the most primitive manner known. There was no electricity, no phones... no computers or faxes... Nothing but nature, and twenty scantily clad women to make use of it all. Showing us where all the essentials were located, Fiona and the other instructor bid us farewell, and said they would be back in a few months to check on our progress. I somewhat opposed their departure, but realized it was part of the process that had to happen.

Most of us soon arranged the commune to our liking. We discovered a shack on the outskirts that had a wealth of fitness equipment. Weights, leg irons, running mills, everything you could imagine for total bodybuilding. Every other day, all of us gathered in my cabin to shave our heads and eye brows just as Fiona ordered. I was soon ordained as the official shaver, and found it to be a arousing, and refreshing experience. My skull now retained a deep, dark tan as did the rest of my body. I began devoting four hours of the day to working out with my African lover. Remembering the exhaustive workouts from my youth, she and I were developing our own muscular physiques... Nothing like the sheer power of Cindi or Fiona, but well defined muscles that complimented our buxom flesh... we just shed all the fat that our bodies didn't need. One of our fellow residents, the Mexican siren, really took a liking to the art and skill of bodybuilding. She made every attempt to construct her body into a towering shrine of power and muscle.

Most of us ended up sharing cabins together, as did I with my African lover. Since we could not refer to each other by our previous names, I simply called her 'Princess', as she referred to me as 'woman'. Both of us made our cabin a home together... we shared everything as one... our bed, our food, and each other. We would spend numerous late nights making boundless love to one another, exploring every possible way in which two women could truly make love. We soon confessed our affection for another, yet knew that once this phase was over, we would probably be separated. We agreed that for now, we would be one... Yet in the back of my mind, I often dreamt of Cindi, and what she was doing all this time.

After a few weeks, we soon had our gardens fertile with vegetables and various fruits. We all shared dinner together every night as sometimes the meals ended up being each other... One evening in particular, 'Princess' was turned into our main feast as we fashioned a plentiful meal around her magnificent body. The initial harvest from our vegetable patch garnished her supple ebony flesh; celery stalks, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes and carrots were placed all over her delicious golden body. The Mexican prepared a nice warm creamy bouillon as we poured it over her back and thighs, coating that voluptuous body we all so adored. It was a scrumptious banquet that captivated everyone of us...

Imagining what nineteen pairs of hands and fingers must have looked like on 'Princess' still takes my breath away. There was no curve left untouched, no mound left fully suckled... Mouths completely agape waited in turn to taste every orifice she had... I know that she had every hole on her body crammed with tongues... both ears, her mouth... ass... vagina... whatever cleft was occupied left an ample opening to devour an ample thigh... or perhaps her quivering abdomen... a shoulder... her neck. I lifted myself from the immense orgy to take a ripe tomato, squeezing the juices from it as it trickled across her plentiful breasts. Like a pack of wild dogs, a horde of mouths quickly consumed the supple breasts with the savory flavor... 'Princess' looked up at me between the infinite amount of kisses with an expression I'll never forget... as if to say; "I'm home... where I belong." Beauty had claimed it's hold on her... The veracity that had been safeguarded in her heart since birth had now validated the ecstasy of sapphic grandeur.

It was as if every soul involved in this heated orgy synchronized to one need; one hope. To consummate their eternal wish of belonging. Kneeling beside Princess, my eyes beheld a endless sea of moistened curves and prying fingers. The intoxicating aroma of female fornication captivated me. Slipping away from the intricate array of bodies, I had to watch what was happening... had to see first hand the endless spectacles of pure love. I crawled to where my Asian lover was tasting the fair skinned Matron... seeing her face nestled between her legs sent shudders through my already weakened flesh... You can tell when a woman is truly into pleasing her lover... eyes closed-- each movement carefully thought out and executed with such loving finesse... Inspiration hit me as I lowered my mouth to the Asian's ear... I wanted to encourage her with every word of hope I could muster.

"Look at you tasting her womb. Oh God... so beautiful. So pure." I silently uttered.

My words must have went straight to heart because the Asian suddenly came alive in her efforts. Her head rolled from side to side, growling in appetite as her face burrowed further into her lover's domain. Her fair skinned lover locked up; as if she was abruptly plugged in to a wall socket. Her eyes bulged out from her head-- gazing upward into the Heavens in complete amazement. Her fingers splayed, swishing through mid air as they violently came to rest upon the Asian's bald crown.

"You're doing it, love." I continued with affection. "Don't you dare let her go... hold her."

The Asian's lovely face was drenched in her lover's reservoir of sustenance. Whatever she was doing, it must have been perfect because now delirious waves of orgasm arrested her lover's body-- gyrating in urgent lunges that almost threw the Asian off... Steadfast in her pursuit, she locked her mouth closer to ensure the orgasm took root... I watched in silence as the two shared a mind blowing orgasm together. This was simply divine to watch.

Across the flat stomach, a pair of curious eyes caught my stare... it was the lovely Brazilian woman who watched with just as much curiosity as I did. Her eyes roamed the primitive display of cunilingus, only to see me staring directly at her. Her face had such a languid air to it... we laid there, listening to the bellowing wails of climax echo as our gaze joined simultaneously. I reached for her, caressing her picturesque face in tender affection. I could tell she too was lost in the moment...

An assertive hand clutched the shoulder of the Brazilian beauty, pulling her back into the heap of feminine flesh behind her... She looked at me like a helpless child being pulled away, yet a loving kiss upon her mouth quickly seduced her into the realm of absolution. I whimpered in awe of this moment... it was too much to take in.

I stood from the heap of bodies entwined, sauntering over to where the kettle of broth was kept warm by the fire. Taking it from the crude stove, I carried it to the bacchanal; lazily pouring the broth over the stewing bodies. Watching the flood of stew cascade over the flesh made me delirious with envy... where a mouth was tasting flesh, I poured generous amounts of the tasty stew. Where a bald head was, I graciously drenched it's smooth spherical orb-- watching the milky broth gradually coat their faces and limbs. My endeavor was met with complete satisfaction. Moans and cries of rapture endorsed my inundation. I heard several 'Oh fuck yeas' and 'Oh Gods' murmur throughout the poignant deluge.

I sat the kettle down, taking in the full vista of the orgy... through the curves, two heads locked in a kiss ascended, then fell. A brawny arm wrapped around a dainty waist; a voluptuous ass cheek carefully suckled... unintelligible cries of passion muffled by demanding mouths. The flaming torches that lit the scene cast a warm glow to the endless amount of sex that was taking place before me... Never before had I witnessed such a display... Never.


The days eased into weeks, and weeks evolved into months... Since we were in the southwest of the country, there was few nights when the temperature dropped below 40 degrees. We were blessed by wonderful weather, and a good climate for our every need. We had no official way to track what the exact date was, but the lovely Indian woman who was with us guessed we had been here for over six months. Luckily, her affluent heritage helped us all see nature in a different light. Since we had no mirrors or measuring devices, 'Princess' and I had no way to tell how much weight we had lost, or how much muscle tone we had procured. Yet we both noticed significant transformations in both of our bodies... 'Princess' remarked that I retained my healthy, busty figure though... a trait she lovingly adored almost every night. Our Mexican lover however became a wondrous sight for all of us to admire... gone were her petite breasts, and thick thighs... instead, her muscles now held a lavish tone to them. She was growing...

On the eve of the seventh full moon, a special ceremony was held in the encampment. Our olive skinned lover and the Mexican had fallen madly in love with one another, and requested that they be united together in matrimony. Converging in my cabin after dinner one evening, all of us discussed who would play what role in the rare and resplendent ceremony. I was voted to preside over the marriage, and I gladly accepted their confirmation. I then suggested that we hold a marriage in the theme of nature... calling upon our Indian lover to recite the ancient expressions used by her ancestors for female to female marriage. It was to be a glorious event indeed.

All of us had labored hard to decorate the area beside the lagoon. We had decided that that would be the most invigorating setting for this union to take place. Exotic flowers were pulled from the gardens, and several torches were set to illuminate the fabricated alter. And as dusk set in, the torches were lit as the two angelic brides made their way to the alter... They both were adorned with clusters of flowers and vines that hung from their shapely bodies; almost looking like characters from an ancient mythological movie. The two brides wore artistic, patterned crowns of flowers upon their bald heads... they simply looked radiant. You could tell these two were so enthralled with one another. Telling glimpses of affection were shared as I began reciting the agreed verses of sapphic union. As I spoke, our Indian lover came to my side as she bound the two brides wrists together with a crude vine; signifying their total oneness. Tears of utter joy rolled down the Mexican Bride's blushing cheek as all of us melted in envy. I too was deeply moved by the sight, wondering if I would ever see a day where I too would be that blushing bride. Images filled my mind of Cindi whispering those sacred vows to me... Her hands in mine, gazing into one anothers eyes as we unite in complete harmony... I wondered where my true love was... was she thinking of me as I was her?

"Do you take this woman as your faithful bride? To promise her that from this day forth, every thought and deed will be performed as one? To be by her side in every moment of joy and pain?" I asked the Mexican Bride.

With a tearful whisper, she replied; "I will."

I then asked the gorgeous young olive skinned bride. She passionately agreed as the Indian Lover proceeded to lift the crowns from their heads, and circle them in a spiritual act of unity. The two crept forward as they shared their first kiss as woman and wife... Their slow, gentle kiss melted us all. It was breathtaking in it's conception... Two women marrying one another seemed so perfect... so exquisite.

"I now proclaim you both as woman and wife from this day forth." I said to my fellow lovers.

They broke their kiss as we all clapped in happiness. Smiles graced each bride's lovely face as all of us showered them with fresh rose petals. The Indian then guided the newlyweds to the lagoon, where they slowly stepped into the warm waters... their Bridal garments shed, both of them were immersed into the pool as the Indian proclaimed their union to the Mystical Goddesses of love. Passion poured out from their every move... all they could do was hold one another as the Indian poured handfuls of water over their heads. A meaningful kiss ensued as the Indian took her leave... we realized that they were to be alone now to consummate their eternal wedding. And as all of us made our way back to our cabins, I glanced back to catch one more glimpse of the newly wedded couple. All I could make out were two glistening bodies coming together under the bright full moon. It was a beauty so pure...

That night, Princess and I made emotional, fervent love to one another. We both were somehow electrified by what had just taken place, and that energy found it's way into our loving berth. Several times throughout the night, 'Princess' would whisper those same themes of matrimony into my ear...

"Make me your bride... Fuck the woman you're going to marry." She said time after time.

I was deeply moved hearing those words, yet somehow I kept hearing Cindi's voice saying that instead. I surrendered to her expressions, letting her ravage me with a newly found hunger... tongues disappeared into every orifice-- arms were nuzzled... each healthy breast lovingly cupped...


Early one sunny spring morning, as I was tending to our garden, something caused me to look off toward the distance. It was as if I heard a silent voice telling me to do so... There, beyond the grove stood a muscular individual holding a staff. It was Fiona. It was just like a scene out of some romantic movie... I dropped my basket of vegetables in awe... so happy to finally see the woman who was so instrumental in my rebirth. I stood, weak in the knees as she approached.

"Fiona?" I quietly uttered below my breath.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I dashed to her... I was bursting in complete joy as she saw me coming her way. My arms flung open as we met in a powerful embrace. Squealing in delight, she swept me from the ground, twirling me in her sturdy arms as a kiss quickly followed. A rapid series of kisses covered her smiling face as we both glowed in the heartwarming joy of our affectionate reunion.

"Oh my God, Fiona... I've missed you so much." I expressed with another flurry of kisses.

"I've missed you too, love." She replied, swallowing my lips.

She set me down as a more involved kiss took place. Feeling her powerful hands clutch my refined body felt so wonderful... so pure. She stepped back briefly to take notice of my enchanting appearance.

"God, you look so... so beautiful." She said as her eyes roamed my entire body.

"You like?" I giddishly replied, turning around for her to show off my fresh, sculpted body.

"God, you're amazing. I can't believe it." She answered.

I wasn't nearly the size or girth of Fiona, yet my beige body had been chiseled into a healthy form. I still retained my busty figure, yet all the fat had been shed. I really felt proud of what I had accomplished, and she could tell. My hourglass figure was flawlessly trimmed with angled muscles. My arms and legs were now carved into potent limbs of vigor. My once chubby stomach now had a slight 'six-pack' look to them... Still dressed in the same tattered rags, Fiona now beheld a purified body of strength and glory.

She lunged at me, kissing me yet again as I felt her urgency. We smiled as we then strolled to the camp; hand in hand.

When we arrived, everyone seemed as happy as I was to see Fiona. Several embraces and kisses welcomed her back as we all proudly displayed our 'new' bodies. Some were muscular, some still had their original shape; yet we were all healthy and pure. Fiona was taken by what she saw, and gladly spoke of her approval.

That evening, we prepared a glorious feast for our dearly departed Instructor. All of us excitedly prepared the dinner with gusto-- dying to make her happy in every way possible. After the feast, she instructed each and every one of us to step up on a wooden platform so she could measure and take note of our progress. We were shed of our rags, and displayed in primitive fashion. Four flaming torches lit the area as we were ordered not to speak at all during our loving inspection. It felt like we were nothing more than pieces of meat, yet we took delight in being showed off like this. When it came to me, I was guided to the platform and shed of my rags. Fiona ordered me to look straight ahead with no expression, and I did so willingly. She sauntered around the structure, inspecting me with precise intrigue. Her hands clutched my legs, squeezing them.

"Good." She replied. "These legs are smooth and vigorous."

She then examined my back, running her fingertip along my spine.

"Strong... very strong." She said approvingly.

Both hands then eased down my sides, along my waist and hips. "Still shaped like a woman too... pure."

I wanted to smile.

Her powerful palms then spread my cheeks apart, surveying my toned ass.

"Uhmm... so ripe. Very good." Commented Fiona.

It felt peculiar to be inspected like a beast, or some animal up for auction; yet I held firm my commitment to her, and this new way of life. I melted right there... I was so happy.

Her fingertips then wandered across my shoulders and arms. I could hear her growing breathing as the inspection obviously was getting to her. I knew she too was fighting off the powerful urges that demanded immediate consummation. She grasped my neck in her palm, forcing my head to the side. Her fingers flattened across my bald skull, closely looking over the smooth, tan texture of it.

"Very good." She voiced in a gentle tone.

I then saw Fiona motion someone off to the side as a black cloth was quickly brought over my head. I flinched in dismay as I felt harsh, cold chains being wrapped around my ankles and wrists. This was quite unexpected, yet I kept my silence. I had to.

From there, I was somehow carried off the platform and placed inside some type of enclosure. Since I was blind, I had no idea where I was or what was going to happen to me. Hours passed as I remained isolated and alone, somewhere in the confines of the darkness that overwhelmed me. What the Hell was happening?

I fell to sleep that night, bound in cumbersome chains and weights. I could tell I was on straw (or hay) since it's grating fiber left itchy sensations all over me. The next thing I recall hearing were several horses being ordered to move. I must have been in some horse drawn carriage. All I could hear was the team of horses struggling forward. Then came the heat of the sun beating down on me... there was nothing I could do except lay there and think. Somewhere in the stifling heat and uncomfortable pain, I passed out.

"My God, where is this journey taking me?" I thought to myself before dwindling away to unconsciousness.

To Be Continued...