Hypnotic Embrace

by Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females.

The day began as any other day would have. sitting up from my bed I quietly sighed to myself before I stood and stretched out slowly. I let my older sister, Alyssa, have her shower first before I went in and washed myself up. I was looking forward to the new school day and also meeting with my new boyfriend, Kevin, in between classes. It was my first serious relationship and just thinking about it made me excited inside.

I had very long blonde hair that passed my shoulders and I also had a cross between green and blue eyes. I considered myself attractive but I had always been the shy one in my group of friends. There was no doubt that I was more on the skinny side but I had to admit that my breasts were very well developed for my age which helped keep my confidence at a nice level.

After I finished cleaning myself up in the shower I threw on a towel and walked into my bedroom to change. I put on what I would usually always wear; a pair of blue jeans, a black tank top with a white blouse over top and a nice pair of ear rings that I had purchased a day earlier. When I was all ready I walked downstairs into the kitchen for a quick breakfast with my mom and sister. I sat down at the table and Alyssa immediately began to bug me as usual.

"So how's your new boyfriend Alexis? Have you done the wild thing yet?" she asked with a smile on her face.

I was a little surprised that she was talking about such things in front of our mom but I knew it was meant to annoy me anyway.

"Oh whatever Alyssa, at least I have a boyfriend." I answered back.

We were both used to annoying each other. Fighting was a daily occurrence between the two of us and it was actually kind of fun. Alyssa was only two years older than I was but she still looked the same as I did in terms of appearance. The only major difference was that she had light brown hair instead of my blonde and it was slightly shorter and very curly too.

"So how is school coming along honey?" my mom asked, looking at a catalogue.

"It's fine mom." I replied. "All of my teachers are nice I guess."

I didn't bother telling her about the one teacher that I really liked as we spoke. Miss Jenkins actually wasn't a teacher but she was certainly one of my favorite faculty members and she was even a good friend too. As the school counsellor she helped a lot of students with their problems and even though I didn't really have any she seemed more interested in me than any other person. I was surprised that she didn't have a husband or even a boyfriend since she was pretty much the most attractive faculty member in the school. The only other teacher who came looked as nice as she did was Miss Hamilton but I wasn't in any of her classes.

After we finished eating, Alyssa and I kissed our mom goodbye and left for the bus stop at the end of the block. While we were walking Alyssa said, "So why has Jenkins been calling you to her office so often lately Alexis? Is it about Kevin perhaps?"

"Of course not." I replied. "She just likes my and wants to get to know me better. I'll bet she's glad that I have a boyfriend."

"Ya, well we'll just wait and see how long this guy Kevin can put up with you Alexis." she said, grinning at me.

Once we got on the bus I immediately headed for the back and sat down near Alyssa. Not much later I noticed that the bus stopped to pick up none other than Kevin who had been standing on the street corner.

"Kevin, what are you doing taking the bus today?" I asked happily.

He sat down beside me and returned my smile the way he always would.

"I just thought it would be nice to see you in the morning for once Ally." he said.

"Oh, that's sweet of you." I answered, staring at him.

"So what are you doing after school today Ally?"

"I don't know. Nothing I guess. Did you have something in mind Kev?"

"Well I was thinking we could get together and have something to eat after school and maybe go to the mall."

"Mmm...sounds fun Kevin. Okay lets do it." I answered. He then put one arm around me and held me close as I let Alyssa watch. I could tell she was just a little jealous and for a sister that was always a good thing.

When the bus finally reached the school, Kevin and I both got off and he gave me a little kiss before we parted for our morning classes. First, I went to my locker and rummaged around inside gathering up all of my books for the day. A few seconds later I noticed a light tap on my shoulder from behind and I quickly turned to see who it was. Miss Jenkins was standing there with a few folders and notebooks in her arms and a bright smile on her face.

"Good morning Alexis, how are you today?" she asked.

I stood up and looked around for a second before answering, "Hi Miss Jenkins. I'm doing fine, thanks."

She was wearing a pair of nice black trousers with matching heels and a black blazer that was unbuttoned a bit. A particular item that she had immediately caught my eye as I looked at her, smiling. She was wearing a strange necklace over top her blazer that had what looked like a huge emerald in it which was dark green in color. It shined brightly in the hallway light and had an unexplainable beauty to it. It was the prettiest thing I had ever seen and every second that I stared at it, the more I enjoyed it's incredible appearance. It was just...


"Did you hear me Alexis?" Miss Jenkins suddenly asked.

I blinked my eyes a few times and shook my head before looking back at her. "What? What did you say Miss Jenkins?"

"I asked if you were busy at lunch today. Are you?"

"Actually, I was planning on having lunch with my friends today Miss Jenkins. I'm sorry."

She continued to smile and ran her hand through her medium length black hair slowly. She always seemed to wear either very dark or black clothing to school and yet she still always looked elegant and beautiful each day.

"Well maybe we could have a little talk after school today instead. Does that sound nice Alexis?" she asked.

"I was actually planning on going to the mall with Kevin today Miss Jenkins but..."

"Oh that's quite all right dear....You're the one who is in control here of course...."

It felt as if her words were trailing off inside my head like an echo. The smile remained on her face and I began to wonder what she meant by what she said for a few moments before quickly forgetting about it. My gaze returned to the emerald necklace once more and I just stared at it nonchalantly.

"What's...what's that?" I asked, curiously.

"Oh this?" Miss Jenkins ran her fingers around the emerald in small circles and kept on smiling. "It's just something I found at a small shop a few days ago. I thought it looked pretty so I bought it for myself. Do you like it honey?"


The emerald was just perfect in every sense of the word. Miss Jenkins' fingers seemed to dance around it in circles gradually becoming slower and slower. Either the emerald was getting brighter or the entire hallway was becoming darker...I didn't care. A similar smile to hers appeared on my face and I just kept staring at the wonderful piece of jewelry

(...You're not doing anything at lunch today, remember Alexis?...)



"...Huh? Oh...yes it's beautiful Miss Jenkins." I answered.

I struggled to remember what we had been talking about but my mind was completely blank. I looked into her eyes and saw the exact same color that the emerald had within it.

"So how about lunch together Alexis? You're not doing anything right?"

"Uhhh...I don't think I am...no, I guess that would be all right. Okay."

As I looked away from Miss Jenkins I noticed that the hallways were completely empty.

"Okay then honey, I'll see you at lunch then. You should be off to class now I think." she said.

"Oh...right, thanks." I answered, walking away slowly.

"Alexis honey." Miss Jenkins said. "I think you forgot something."

I looked back and saw the books I had been holding. They were in a pile on the floor and my locker was still wide open. I quickly walked back and grabbed everything up before closing my locker. Then I turned and started a light jog towards my classroom while Miss Jenkins just remained standing behind me. I could still see her smile in my head for some reason as well.

As I sat through my morning classes I kept thinking about the conversion I had and even Miss Jenkins herself. I was confused but also a little curious about what had happened between us. While I had been standing there I felt like I never had before. For some reason I had an uncontrollable urge to see her at lunch exactly as she had said.

"Alexis?" one of my friends said, leaning towards me. "Why were you late for class? That's a first for you isn't it?"

I gave her a slight smirk and answered, "Ha, ha. That's so funny." in a sarcastic voice.

My friend's words sounded distant and almost like quiet whispers even though we were sitting right next to each other. I felt that I was waiting for someone else to speak; the only person who was on my mind.


"Yes...I'm here." I whispered.

The voice I heard in my head was unmistakable but also impossible. I knew there was no way that Miss Jenkins could actually be speaking to me because she wasn't even in the room. I opened my eyes and looked up. All of my classmates were picking up their books and leaving the room as I sat still, confused. I quickly stood up and grabbed my things before leaving the classroom in a hurry. As soon as I realized what time it was I felt the pounding urge fill my head again, beckoning me to comply, to...obey.

(...time for lunch honey, come to my office...)

I began jogging towards my destination, rushing to reach Miss Jenkins' office and I didn't even know why. When I reached the door I opened it and quickly entered the room with my chest still heaving.

"Ohh...Alexis. You're earlier than I thought you'd be."

Miss Jenkins was sitting at her desk reading a novel, and her smile was as bright and cheerful as ever.

"Hi..." I said, nervously.

"Why don't you close the door and sit down dear." she replied, softly.

I did exactly as she said and closed the door behind me. Before I could turn around to take a seat she said, "Maybe you should lock it too honey. Just so that we aren't disturbed of course."


I turned and looked into Miss Jenkins' eyes, still a little nervous. Her gaze seemed to soothe and calm me as I stood before her, almost shaking. I locked her office door with my hand and moved towards her, sitting in a chair in front of her desk.

"Miss Jenkins I don't know what's happening with me today but I've been feeling a little...strange lately."

"You can call me Christina dear." she answered calmly. "Now how do you feel?"

"I feel so weird and...I just can't explain it. I could have sworn I heard your voice in class today even."

Christina placed the novel on her desk and looked at me, not just in my eyes this time.

"Have you ever felt this way before Alexis?" she asked.


"Do you like these new sensations you have been feeling dear?"

A single bead of sweat dripped from my forehead as I spoke the only word that I could possibly use as an answer.

"Yes Christina..."

"Good honey. I can make you feel so much better dear. Just relax and look into my necklace for a moment, you'll like it..."

I did as she said and stared into the necklace once more. Surprisingly it was so much more different than the previous time. I seemed to let myself go and within seconds I lost myself in the beautiful colors all over again. The more I stared into the emerald the more I felt myself losing control of my actions and rational mind. I pulled back sharply and tried to look away in a final attempt to free myself but it was too late. My eyes remained locked on the emerald which now seemed to be illuminated with every color imaginable.

"Now Alexis...every word that I say you will hear and listen to. You will hear no one else's voice but my own and you will obey my every command. You are now under my control Alexis, you are now my slave..."

"I...I am...under your control..." I said slowly.

My mind instantly emptied of every single thought and my body went completely limp. My body sunk into the chair and rested as Christina quietly giggled to herself for a moment. I had given into this strange power and I had become completely helpless.

"Oh my god, I never thought this would actually work!" Christina giggled to herself. "Now Alexis, stand up for me slowly."

Like a doll I stood up and remained staring at the mesmerizing colors that shined from the emerald necklace. Christina moved her chair back from her desk and crossed her legs giddily.

"Can you feel that honey, it is starting to get warmer in here and you like it." she whispered to me. "You can feel the lust within you growing now dear, don't fight it. Just stay relaxed Alexis."

Within an instant I felt the temperature of the room jump and the heat bombarded my body quickly. I could feel the moisture between my legs and the urgent need to satisfy my own dark desires.

"Touch yourself Alexis..."

I used my left hand and cupped my breast gently, powerless to resist her command.

"Now...I want you to take off your blouse and tank top dear..."

My arms slipped out of my blouse and I took it completely off, letting it fall to the chair behind me. I then lifted my tank top over my head and let it drop to the floor of the office obediently. Christina undid the rest of the buttons on her blazer and uncrossed her legs, smiling devilishly every second of the way.

"So beautiful...and now your bra Alexis. Take it off."

"Yes Christina..." I said in a monotonous voice.

I reached around with my arms and undid my top as ordered. What was left of my consciousness was telling me to stop but a stronger force told me to continue on. The feeling I felt from touching myself made it impossible to resist her words. As my bra fell from my skin to the floor a small fire seemingly sparked between my legs and the arousal grew within me.

"Ohhh this is so wonderful." Christina said quietly. "You're my little slave now Alexis, and you're going to do whatever I say."

"Yes Christina..."

She stood up from her chair and walked around her desk until she was directly in front of me.

"Sit down again for me dear."

I sat back in my chair and awaited my next command. My breathing was now loud and erratic and my chest rose and fell almost rhythmically.

"Now, I want you to undo my pants and take them off very slowly honey." she whispered, smiling at me."

I reached my arms forward and unbuttoned Christina's trousers, obeying her every word obediently. Her pants slowly slid down her thighs revealing her white underwear to me. Her legs were so firm and slim as they shook with giddy excitement regarding her new found power over me. Christina stepped out of her pants and pushed them aside with her foot, never taking her eyes off of me.

"And now I want you to take my panties off honey."

Her command sent tingles down my spine as soon as I heard the words leave her mouth. I felt the growing heat between my legs and I could tell that Christina felt exactly the same way. I slid her underwear down ever so slowly, savoring the sight of every new inch of her smooth flesh which was revealed. As her incredible sex was finally in full view she let out a sensuous moan in anticipation for the inevitable actions that were soon to follow.

The inner layer of Christina's panties was moist with lustful secretions and I knew that it was the same between my own legs as well. Her white underwear gently fell to the floor like a feather from an angel's wings. Christina was now completely naked from the waist down except for her pair of black heels which she still wore.

"You want me Alexis? Well now you can have me. I want you to make love to me darling..."

Christina stepped out of her panties and took her heels off before sitting on top of her desk for me.

"Take me Alexis." she whispered.

"Yes Christina..." I replied quietly.

I moved out of my chair and fell to my knees in front of Christina's waiting pussy. I completely submitted my will to her as I took my first lick of the wet lips of her dripping sex. As she began to moan quietly from my first touch, a small dark stain appeared on my jeans between my legs. I had become just as horny and lustful as my mistress and I was growing more aroused every minute that I was in her presence.

"Ohhhh yessss dear...mmmmm. Lick me just like that Alexis..."

I dipped my tongue into Christina's beautiful slit, immediately overwhelming my senses with the sweetest taste and the most incredible aroma I had ever experienced in my lifetime. I felt my tongue become slightly tickled as it gently pushed deeper inside, creating an erogenous pleasure seemingly for both of us at once.

"Mmmmmm hmmm...ohhhh god yes Alexis! Deeper! she stated loudly.

I closed my eyes and listened to every single word and moan that came from Christina's mouth as she almost lost control of herself in the moment. The sensations were driving her out of her mind, while at the same time I didn't even have control over mine. She lifted her legs higher into the air and held them steady with her arms as she writhed around on her desktop, pushing papers and notebooks aside with her wild movements. Even with my eyes closed I could still see her glistening pussy being filled with my tongue and the beautiful colors of the emerald necklace which beckoned me to continue.

"Yesssss!! Ohhhh Alexis fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue!! Ohhhh god I'm so close!" Christina yelled.

Obeying her command I began to pump my tongue in and out, progressively increasing speed and brushing up with her clit with every powerful thrust. Her warm pussy walls were covered in a thick love juice which lubricated my tongue and filled my mouth with the wonderful taste of Christina's throbbing cunt.

"Make me cum Alexis!! Unngghhhhhh yesss! Don't stop until I tell you to honey!"

My school counsellor was only seconds away from an orgasm that I was about to give her. The mere thought of that made me even more horny and wanton than I already was while under her control. With both of us consumed with a sense of hypnotic lust, every other event that was happening around us seemed meaningless. Seconds later my tongue was met with a hot, thick liquid which was ready to burst forth from Christina's irresistible cunt.

"Alexis!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh!!!!"

Her pussy began to convulse and a steady stream of hot cum poured out onto my tongue and chin passionately. Christina pointed her toes straight into the air and tried to catch her breath so that she could speak again. As the flood of her girl cum continued I kept on thrusting my tongue in and out, obeying the commands she had given. She gasped for air and moaned, "Ohhhh God stop honey, stop! Ohhhhhhhh!!"

I pulled my tongue out and leaned back into my chair obediently. My mouth still hung open, waiting for my mistress to give me my next command. For a few minutes no words came out of her mouth at all, only giggles and quiet laughs of excitement and satisfaction. Christina even brought her fingers down and into her dripping pussy to excite herself again as she stared at the ceiling for a few moments.

"Mmmmm...for obeying my wishes so well Alexis I think you deserve a little reward dear." she said softly.

Christina stood up in front of me and stared at my half naked body gleefully.

"Now stay perfectly still and don't move dear. I want you to relax and close your eyes now."

I closed my eyes again and rested my hands on the arms of the chair, waiting. I could still see the colors of the emerald necklace as clearly as if my eyes were open as I sensed Christina move closer to me. Her gentle fingers brushed up against my cheek affectionately, making me sigh to myself. As much as I wanted to move and writhe with pleasure it was impossible for me to disobey the commands of my mistress. After a few moments her two hands met at my waist and began to unbutton my jeans. The sound of our heavy, lustful breathing echoed in my ears as if we were in a mystical cave together. My zipper was undone within seconds and Christina slowly slipped my jeans off at last. The stain that had been between my legs on my jeans was twice as large on my white panties.

"Oh my god, I've never seen someone so wet before." Christina said in amazement. "You are an angel Alexis. I want you to take off your panties, I'll watch you instead."

Remaining obedient to her words I slipped my fingers inside my panties and pulled then down my thighs. A small string of my thick juices remained attached to my soaked underwear and my cunt for a few moments until my panties slid past my knees and fell to my ankles.

"Now you will masturbate for me Alexis. I want you to excite yourself for me." she commanded.

"Yes Christina..."

I took both of my hands and brought them near my crotch to begin mindlessly carrying out her orders. It felt as if someone else's hands began to touch me as I placed both of my hands between my legs and began to touch myself sensually. My fingers gently pushed inside my wet slit, instantly shooting an incredible feeling to every inch of my body. The arousal had been created was almost too much to handle but I couldn't stop myself.

"Yesss...faster dear. Now moan for me."

The intensity of my motions continued to grow and I began to wish that it would never end at all. Christina had turned me into her young, naked sex slave and I had absolutely no power over any of my actions. With no way to control myself, Christina continued to watch and love every second of my self inflicted pleasure. Soon my mouth dropped open and my loud moaning filled the entire room. Without any control over myself I couldn't help but drool from the corner of my mouth, also unable to cease the stimulation I gave myself under her command.

"Mmmmmm...such a good little girl. Yesss...you're my little slave aren't you Alexis?" Christina said in a playful voice.

The drool stopped flowing from my mouth for a moment as I looked up and answered, "Yes Christina..." before slowly returning to my masturbation.

My entire body was now moving around restlessly in the chair, unable to control itself at all. I had entered a state of pure, mindless bliss; a feeling that I wanted to last forever. Even as I writhed and moaned loudly for my mistress the sexual pressure inside me continued to grow substantially. My hands were both dripping with my juices and my neck and breasts were covered in my warm saliva which now flowed constantly from my mouth like a tap. All of these factors contributed to the growing need within my body to release what had been building up for so long. With Christina controlling my every move it allowed my fingers to do things to my pussy that I had never even dreamed of. My mistress fell to her knees in front of me and spread my legs even further apart than they already were. If I had been in control I knew that I would never have gotten as far as I had made it without exploding. Christina placed her chin directly in front of my pulsating mound and spoke the command I had been waiting to hear for seemingly an eternity.

"Now cum for me Alexis, let yourself go dear..." she whispered softly.

With no command from my mistress to speak I remained silent but threw my head back as an unearthly climax hit me instantly following the sound of her voice. My pussy convulsed and let loose a hot squirt of my sweet nectar which shot out onto Christina's chin. My heart was pounding madly within my chest and my breathing had become heavy and quick, barely able to withstand the incredible pleasures of my greatest orgasm ever. The force behind my stream of girl cum gradually decreased but still wouldn't stop as I stared at the ceiling with my eyes and mouth wide open.

All of the passion and love that I had for anyone else was lost and I knew at that moment I truly was Miss Christina Jenkins' sex slave.

After a few silent moments my head finally flopped onto my chest and I almost fell asleep from exhaustion. The orgasm I had experienced had felt as if I had came at least three times simultaneously, and just that would have been enough to crack any other person into submitting their will to my mistress as well. The chair I was sitting in was now wet with my thick juices and my entire body was still tingling with hypnotic arousal. Christina stood up again and licked her lips, already prepared for even more forbidden pleasures. Just as she seemed ready to caress me once more there was a quiet knock at her office door. Startled, Christina gasped and bent over quickly to gather up her clothes which were all over the floor along with mine.

"Hello? Miss Jenkins are you there?" the voice asked.

As she slipped her trousers back on, she did her best job at sounding calm and replied, "Yes, what is it?"

"Have you seen Alexis around here? I heard someone say she came around here a while ago."

Christina whispered a command into my ear softly, making sure not to be too loud.

"...Stand up and put your clothes back on quietly Alexis..."

"Miss Jenkins?"

"Uhhh, well yes she was in here earlier but she's gone now. Kevin is it? I think she said she was feeling sick and was going home."

"Can you let me in please?"

As I casually put my clothes back on, still under the hypnotic power of Christina's necklace, she finished with her own clothes and sat in her desk nervously.

"Sorry Kevin, I'm just...very busy right now. I can't."

Kevin seemed determined to know what was going on and nothing short of a miracle was about to stop him from finding out what was going on. Just as he started fiddling with the knob the sound of footsteps grew louder as someone else walked up to the locked door.

"Kevin, can I help you with something?" the other voice asked.

"Oh Miss Hamilton, yes. Could you just open this door for me, I have to get in."

There was a pause but then the voice answered, "Now Kevin, I'm sure the counsellor is very busy right now and doesn't want to be disturbed. You can come back after lunch if you want to speak to her. Now run along." she said happily.


There were no words between the two and after a brief moment one of them started to walk away. Seconds later there was another light knock at the door.

"Is everything all right in there?" Miss Hamilton asked.

By this time I had all of my clothes back on and the tension Miss Jenkins had been feeling was finally able to calm inside her. She stood up from her chair and walked over to the door, opening it for Miss Hamilton.

"Hi Sarah." Christina said, sighing in relief. "Thanks for the help just now."

"Now where would you be if you didn't have a friend like me around to help you out Chrissy?" she said smiling. "What is it this time?"

She looked over Christina's shoulder directly at me as I stood up straight with my eyes half open, seemingly staring into an abyss.

"Oh it's just a student who I have been ummm...getting to know better." she said, looking at me as well.

Miss Hamilton smiled brightly. "Well you two girls have fun then, and try to stay out of trouble silly."

With that she gave Christina a sly glance and walked away with her ponytail waving behind her.

"Well...I think that was a little too close dear. We'll have to try this again later, we haven't even begun yet." she said. "Now Alexis, when I touch you on your shoulder you will regain control and awaken for me. You will have no memory of what has happened in this office for the last little while. Oh, and most importantly, tonight you will leave your house just after nine and come to see me no matter where you are. If anyone asks you will say you're going to a friend's house, and you won't let anyone stop you from meeting me tonight. Understand?"

I replied with the same two words and the same tone of voice that I had been using for the entire time that I was with my mistress in her office.

"Yes Christina..."

She took a step forward and lifted her hand slowly, ready to end her control over me for at least a short while. As soon as her hand met my shoulder I blinked my eyes twice and looked around, puzzled.

"Are you still feeling strange dear?" Christina asked.

"Huh? Miss Jenkins?" I said, confused.

"You said you weren't feeling well Alexis, are you okay now?"

I felt a little shaky as I replied, "Ummm...ya I guess. Seeya then."

I walked past Christina and left her office. As before, I was still feeling strange but only in a different way this time. My heart was beating unusually fast and I felt weird between my legs which was confusing. I was able to get through the rest of the school day without any problems but just as I picked up my books to leave my last class of the day I was confronted by Kevin. He seemed a little confused himself but I was glad to see him.

"I thought you went home." he said.

"What? Who told you that?" I answered.

"That counsellor, Jenkins. She said you weren't feeling good and you left a while ago."

"Well I didn't I guess, but I haven't been feeling like myself lately for sure."

"You still want to go with me to the mall today right Alexis?"

I wanted to say yes but something in the back of my mind began telling me not to.

"I guess not Kevin. Maybe we can do something tomorrow. I just want to go home and rest I think."

"I...okay. I'll call you later then."

"That would be nice Kev, thanks."

We parted again, only this time without a kiss or even a hug. I didn't know why but I did feel a little strange and lightheaded anyway. I left the school and got on the bus, eager to get back home to rest.

When I finally reached the house I unlocked the door and went inside, heading directly for my room. I walked up the stairs and stepped into my bedroom, keeping the lights off as I flopped onto my bed, exhausted for some reason. I realized that just before I left Miss Jenkins I had been perspiring a lot and I couldn't remember why. Just thinking about it started to make me feel warm so I decided to change my clothes.

I pulled off my blouse, tank, and jeans slowly and began to hum to myself casually. As I removed my pants I looked down and noticed a small, wet stain on my underwear. Now I was really confused. I took off my panties to take a closer look at them when I suddenly felt a slight tingle run through my body which actually felt good. A familiar feeling began to grow within me and while I was momentarily still in control of myself I was able to tell what it was; a feeling of unimaginable lust and desire.

I threw myself onto the bed and giggled out loud, bewildered and excited at the same time.

"Whoa! What's happening to me?" I thought to myself.

At that moment I heard the voice of my actions, the voice of my mistress.

(...Submit yourself to me Alexis...Obey me...)

Once again I gave into Christina's strange power over with this time with even less resistance than before. The entire room went dark and I began to perspire fiercely. There was a different feeling inside me now; it was more than just a passionate desire for my mistress. I felt a dark lustful, almost animal urge to embrace my mistress and attend to her every need for all eternity. The drool returned to the edge of my mouth and poured out slowly...sensually.

(...Make yourself cum for me dear...)

I turned onto my stomach and lifted my hips into the air before answering, "Yes Christina..." My hand reached between my legs and I gently inserted a single finger deep inside of me, causing my hips to shake momentarily. My actions were more slow and fragile this time. I let my finger just rest inside my pussy, gently massaging my throbbing clit and I drooled all over my bed sheets. Within seconds I felt just as wet if not more than I had the first time I was under Christina's control.

I moved my hips back and forth in the air, playfully exciting myself mindlessly and without care. No words came from my mouth even though I felt like screaming out loud and proclaiming the heavenly pleasures which were being brought to me by my mistress.

(...Such a good little girl...yesss...this will prepare you for later tonight sweetheart...)

My warm juices built up quickly and eventually began to drip from my hot cunt as it moved rhythmically just above my bed sheets with my finger still inside. Time itself seemed to slow as an undeniable pressure built up within my body, begging to be released in a flood of sexual ecstasy but I would not let it be so. I wanted to live out the rest of my life experiencing the sensations which I was giving myself at that moment. I knew that no other girl or even guy would have been able to satisfy my infinite desires at that point except for my mistress; the only important being in my life and the one that I would forever be in obedient service to. Christina was giving me pleasures beyond absolute bliss with her unique power over me which was something that I hoped would never end.

My breathing quickened as my finger slowly graduated from slow movements to a uniform motion in and out, never failing to build up my excitement by brushing up against my now swollen clit after each gentle thrust. The fantastic pleasures didn't even feel like solitary expression for me any more. I felt the soothing presence of my mistress and it felt like her finger which was travelling in and out of my soaked pussy, bringing me even closer to the peak of ultimate stimulation. I was unable to contain the sensations any more but still I waited for the command to free my imminent gush of hot girl cum.

(...Free yourself Alexis...Cum for me my dear...)

My pussy walls tightened with all of their might and squeezed on my single digit as the beautiful orgasm struck my body immediately after her words. A flood of my serene nectar spilled out onto the bed sheets below my young vagina and I gripped the sheets with my free hand, still silent. My hips jerked wildly as my honey continued to flow causing me to fall off the side of my bed. I hit the carpet with a loud thud but still felt no end to the pulsating climax. Soon the seemingly endless stream of cum came to a stop but the wanton desire for the embrace of my mistress had grown larger than ever.

(...Now my sweet Alexis, you are ready...get dressed and come to me honey...)

I stood up slowly, with a warm trickle of my juices still covering my thigh, and walked over to my dresser. I threw on a pair of blue jeans and a sweater before heading for the front door of my house. As I put on my shoes and opened the door I was confronted by Kevin who had apparently just arrived.

"Ohhh Alexis, you're home. I phoned but no one answered so I came to see if you were okay."

As if no words were spoken I closed the door behind me and walked past him without answering. Kevin quickly turned and stepped in front of me again, blocking my path.

"Where are you going Alexis?" he asked. "Are you all right?"

My gaze remained focused on the path ahead of me and my eyes never once met with his,

"I'm going to a friend's house now..." I answered.

I walked around him once more but again he blocked my path. It would be for the last time.

"What's wrong with you Alexis? Talk to me, Now!"

Kevin grabbed my shoulders with his hands as he raised his voice, trying to get my attention. Every word which came from his mouth became quiet and insignificant as my commands were reaffirmed by my loving mistress.

(...You will not let anyone stop you from meeting me tonight dear...)

I raised both of my arms from my sides and placed them on Kevin, pushing him away with incredible force. Bewildered, he remained standing still and I ran past him and eventually out of his sight. I had no idea that Christina had changed me so much. The desire I felt for her was too great to describe. All I could do was Submit and Obey.

After running as fast as I could to reach my destination I finally stopped just outside Christina's house and dropped to my knees, breathing heavily. Seconds later the door opened and my mistress stood before me, looking more elegant and beautiful than ever before. She was wearing a dark blue kimono which came down to her thighs and she was also in bare feet.

"Alexis, I've been waiting for you darling. Come on in..."

I looked up and saw the wonderful necklace still around her neck. It still looked amazingly stunning on her and it gave me the strength to stand once more. I stood up and stumbled into Christina's house as she stood with her arms open, waiting for me. I embraced her with all of my heart and held her tight, completely happy and content.

"Oh my poor Alexis, it must be freezing out there. Follow me dear and we'll see if we can make you feel better."

She turned and walked into the next room with me close behind her. As I entered her living room I was bombarded with the magical sight of many lit candles scattered all over the room and burning brightly. Near the center of the room was a large couch which Christina seemed to be leading me to. The living room itself was an extremely erotic sight and mixed with Christina wearing her lovely blue kimono, the lust within me was more than ready to burst forth.

"Sit down with me dear." she said softly, sitting down first while looking at me.

I sat down near Christina and took a deep breath, squirming slightly and feeling warm from the soothing candles all around me. The atmosphere seemed surreal and almost angelic. Neither of us were able to hold back the desire we felt for each other at that point. Christina lifted her hand and placed it on my face, gently caressing my cheek while whispering wonderful things into my ear. Her touch was so light and so fragile that I melted into the seat comfortably within seconds.

"Ohhh this is a dream come true darling. You are just...perfect." she whispered.

Her beautiful black hair shined in the candle light as she moved closer to me and lifted both of my arms into the air for a moment.

"Let's get this big heavy sweater off of you dear. You'll feel a lot better."

She assisted me in pulling my sweater over my head, revealing my bare breasts to her slowly. Christina smiled at the sight and placed her hand under my chin, moving my gaze from the emerald necklace into her gorgeous eyes. Staring at my one love, my mistress, left and feeling of true and absolute happiness in my heart. It was then, as we both realized our true affection for each other, that we let our lips meet for the first time with a kiss that was so soft and so pure.

We never parted for nearly a minute as we remained locked together. The passion was too great to be held back between us as I raised my hands and held onto Christina's head allowing our touch to last as long as possible. Our tongues danced together slowly and sensually, remaining silent but still wildly erotic. When out kiss finally ended I looked down into Christina's necklace once more. It's hypnotizing colors had faded away and in only glowed faintly now in the candle light. I looked back into her eyes this time and realized it was through my own power. Her control over me had ended but my feelings for her remained as strong as ever. With my mind free I spoke to Christina softly under my own free will, never once taking my eyes off her.

"I love you Christina."

There was a long silence and Christina finally realized that what I had said was true and not under the influence of and magical powers or hypnotic devices.

"Ohhh I love you so much Alexis. I must be dreaming." she whispered joyfully.

I lay back into the seat and placed my hands on my stomach, smiling at the mistress who did not have control over me any more.

"This is real Miss Jenkins. I want us to make love for real too..."

Christina looked into my loving eyes and finally understood the feelings I truly had for her. She reached down and opened her kimono, revealing her naked angelic body to me fully. In return I unbuttoned my jeans for her and pulled them down to my knees exposing my young, tender vagina to her for what felt like the first time. Christina pulled my jeans all the way off before taking off her last piece of clothing as well. Her skin looked so smooth and so soft that it was driving me crazy. We were now both naked except for the pair of socks I was wearing and Christina's emerald necklace which was still around her neck. Even without it's powers it made her look more radiant than ever in her beauty.

"Hold me Christina." I said, waiting for her sweet embrace.

She gently put one arm around my shoulder, holding me close as she placed her other hand on my bare thigh.

"Ohhhhh Miss Jenkins yessss...take me..." I said, closing my eyes.

Her fingers journeyed softly up my inner thigh and I slowly spread my legs, ready for her to enter me at last. Christina's hand brushed past my small patch of fleece and slowed to a stop just at the edge of my labia. Christina just watched as my waist twitched and my slit became moist in anticipation for her gentle entry into my wet pussy. When the wondrous moment finally came to pass I began to moan softly, in a voice that was my own and not a monotonous slave's.

"Mmmmmmmmm...Ohh Christina that is soooo good. I want you to cum with me too."

I lowered my head to her breasts and gently took one of her nipples into my mouth, while at the same time I took my one hand and squeezed Christina's thigh lightly. Instinctively she spread her legs to allow my fingers to begin returning the pleasure which felt so majestic on me.

"Yessss darling...that's ohhhhhhh...perfect." she moaned, with her eyes partly closed.

Our bodies had become slick with perspiration due to the multitude of candles and our bodies being so close together. It was the most intensely erotic seen imaginable as we held each other close and had our fingers playing in between each other's legs. The scent of the candles gradually mixed with the unmistakable aroma of both of our dripping cunts, causing us both to begin feeling a little light headed. Still, the moment continued building slowly but fiercely as the ecstasy consumed us both.

"Fuck me Miss Jenkins, Fuck me with your hand! Unngghhhh!!"

Her soft fingers sloshed around inside my cunt, making my clit swell with wonderful excitement. I returned my lips to Christina's erect nipple and nibbled on it ever so gently, shooting waves of pleasure through her entire body. My free hand joined with hers and we held on tight, never holding back any of the passion between us. The difference in our ages only seemed to add to the magical arousal between us. I pulled my mouth away and stared at Christina's glistening body before being jolted by a sudden thrust of power from her hand into my dripping sex.

"Ohhhhh shit Alexis! Yessss right there! Harder dear, Harder!!"

I plunged my two fingers in and out of Christina almost like a jack hammer. Her body was going crazy over the speed and the power which she seemed to love immensely. My fingers slipped back and forth across her clit quickly, which was hard and covered in her slippery juices. Our heavy breathing transformed into hysterical screams of perfect bliss causing some of the candles nearby to flicker slightly.

"Ohhhhhhhhh Christina that's gonna make me...Yaaaaaaa!!!" I yelled.

My blonde hair flew in every direction as I jumped up and down on Christina's hand, thrusting her hand deeper inside me and taking me places no other human being possibly could have. Shocked, I saw a trail of saliva leading from Christina's mouth as I looked up at her with blurred eyes. her black hair and voluptuous body glistened in the hot atmosphere along with her emerald necklace.

"Ohhhhh Alexis, I'm soooo close!! I'm...I'm gonna...Cum!!!"

Our movements transformed into a haze of furious pleasure, never halting or even slowing but growing faster by the second. I was no longer able to hold in the pressure between my sweaty, trembling legs any longer. I screamed at the top of my lungs as the greatest climax I had ever felt in my entire existence hit me like a freight train.


A tremendous wave of my girl cum shot out like water from a fire hydrant, covering more area than I ever thought possible. The flow continued to trickle from my convulsing pussy and the sensations became too great to bear. A second orgasm hit me just as Christina arched her back and yelled out even louder than I did as an earth-shattering orgasm hit her as well.


A mixed flow of our honey began to combine, covering our hands and splashing onto the couch without stop. We were both in a heavenly paradise that would not end. Our screaming continued until we ran out of breath and almost lost our voices as well. Soon out thick nectar stopped flowing just as Christina fell forward onto my body, passing out from a pleasure that no other person on earth had shared except her and I.

We lay in each other's arms for what seemed like hours in Christina's living room which now felt like a virtual sauna. The love between us had been proven with the greatest sex imaginable and the thought of that made me feel more content and satisfied than I ever thought possible. I felt a love that was unexplainable for my school counsellor now. My life had become truly perfect and it was all thanks to the power of her magical necklace. Out of breath and completely exhausted, I fell asleep along with my former mistress. My dreams seemed mild compared to the life that I truly had to live with her now. True love really did eventually come from Christina Jenkin's and my Hypnotic Embrace.


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