Jaded Submission

Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females.


"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." -Edgar Allen Poe

The staircase felt cold and dark against my bare feet as i descended into what felt like the
unknown. It was home, where i belonged, only it felt different to me. It was as if i was a
stranger, wandering with only my free will to guide me. As i reached the landing my feet met
with a velvet carpet which led into a larger room. i peered into the den letting the pungent
aroma of burning candles fill my nostrils, becoming familiar with the sound of the ivory keys
nearby. i ran my hands down my body, covered only in a single layer of white silk, feeling
chills of sexual fervor drown my senses.

"Mother...you don't play the piano."

The figure glanced up from her instrument, turning her head slightly but never failing to
continue her sensuous melody.

"She's...we've been waiting for you Alice, do join us..." she said softly.

i lifted my hands from between my open legs and ran them through my long, straight...black
hair. It was black, it was the night...just like She loved it. Perfect.

i stepped into the room, overwhelmed with a soothing warmth against my skin. My body became
a haven of comfort, pure and young, perfect for Her. Along with the erotic rhythm of the
piano chords came the faint coo of my sibling, bundled up in her crib across the dimly lit
chamber. A quiet cry from the infant, unheard by all except the vast walls of our mansion,
filled the air.

"Won't you care for my sister, mother?" i asked.

The melody came to an immaculate halt, but my mother did not lift her head.

"That's not what you want Alice, you want me to be here for you above all."

A smile grew on my face as i lifted my silk attire past my hips, revealing my naked, dripping
sex to my mommy. i yearned to be touched, to be held by her. In response Linda turned to me
fully, opening the front of her blouse, revealing her flawless breasts to me, and then reached
into her lap to continue.

"Your wrists sweetheart..."

"A test." i answered, staring down at the small detriment just above my palms. The sensation
was warm and pleasant, delighting my fingers with the crimson fluid's calm trickle. "I passed..."

Her hand reached inside her pants fully and began to create a pulsating bulge on the outer layer
of the rough material, rising up and down with every passing second.

"Come to me my daughter...release me..." she moaned, closing her eyes and trembling from her
self induced gratification. The cry grew louder, and yet it became quieter for us all.

"Yes, that's much better. I like this. Show me more my mistress." i said, peering into the
shadows as i approached my fellow vassal at the piano.

(...Why of course my child...there is so much I want to show you...)


The shrouded figure came into full view once more. Her hand was on my thigh as i sat in her
office chair, cuddled up and frightened.

"Alice? Are you awake now?" the figure asked, leaning closer from her own chair.

"Who...who are you?" i asked.

The mysterious beauty pushed her long black hair aside, smiling at my query. "Forgetful are we?
This is our first session though, I understand." She turned away for a second and returned with
a small mirror in her hand. "I like to do this after every one of my patient's first
discoveries. here...take it child."

i reached out my unscathed wrists and let her drop the small article into my hands gently. i
lifted it to my face and gazed at the young girl in the reflection. Curly blonde hair...blue
eyes full of tears and a look of confusion in her weary expression. She had a very elegant
shape to her face, her lips were smooth and cream colored. Her features were young and pretty,
even enticing.

"Who is that Alice? Who's that in the reflection?" she asked.

i stared at the image as it stared back at me. The person mimicked my every movement and
breath meticulously, it was quite amusing.


She placed her other hand on my thigh and smiled happily. "No, that is who I am child, look
again. Now, who is that in the mirror?"

Her hands began to caress my leg gently, making me feel comfortable and allowing my mind to
think more clearly. It was as if her touch aided me, taught me. i could feel myself becoming
warm in-between my legs as i sunk further into the chair.


"There, that's better," she said softly, bringing her face closer to mine. "She's beautiful
isn't she?"

"Yes...I like her."

"She's almost perfect in fact." Selina added.

i nodded along with the Alice in the mirror, grinning happily as i watched the tears roll down
her face. My mind emptied of all thought for a moment, filling instead with a dark sense of
pleasure. My body began to writhe in the chair slowly, trying to inch Selina's hand farther up
my thigh but to no avail.

"Reward..." i whispered.

"Why of course my dear." Selina replied as she reached for a nearby surface and picked up a
small goblet. She then brought it within my grasp and aided my hands in holding it. "I think
you deserve some for now, but we'll have to work on those manners of yours."

i stared into the dark liquid and looked for the person in the reflection once more. The fluid
was thick and viscous, a familiar shade of carmine. Selina held on to my hands as she guided
the cup to my lips and let a small bit empty into my throat. It was only my second taste of
the liquid which she had said, at the beginning of our session, would by my Reward for
accomplishing my new goals. i remember she had prepared it after i had been learning for some
time. She had stood behind me, just out of my view, whispering into my ear as she tickled me.
i never once saw her taste it herself though, she must have wanted to save it all for me. How
sweet of her.

After i let a small bit slide into my mouth i felt my mind beginning to drift again, set into
ease from the calming effects of my Reward. It had a very bitter taste, one that i was hardly
able to bear upon my first attempt earlier. i closed my eyes and tightened my grip on the
goblet, letting her let go of it in the hopes that i would be fine on my own. i attempted to
gulp down a large portion of it at once but failed without her assistance. Within an instant
i felt the warm liquid pour down my chin and onto my clothes, dropping the cup completely and
licking my lips of the cherry colored delicacy.

"Ffff...fuh...kk meee..."

The figure leaned back and returned her face to the shadows. "Naughty, naughty Alice...we can't
have any of that child. Not just yet."

The mirror shattered against the floor boards below us both, taking with it the pretty teenager
inside. i threw my hands over my face and began to cry, licking my lips in hopes of swallowing
more of my Reward to ease the vexation. After a few seconds her hands were placed on my stained
shoulders, holding me up and causing me to lower my hands into my lap. Selina stood from her
chair and brought her lips close to mine, making sure not to touch them just yet.

"Soon my child...soon. You won't make yourself a bit realer by crying." As she spoke i lifted
myself from the chair and let my tongue begin to stroke her soft cheek, leaving a trail of my
warm saliva following each lick. "Mmmmmm...you're learning Alice, you're learning. Soon I won't
even have to work with you each session before you'll become disciplined."

i listened to her every word as i drooled all over her face and myself. i felt my cunt dripping
with desire for one single touch. She knew all too well how it began with everyone she had
disciplined, but there was much more to be done before...perfection.

"It's time to rest my child. Until our next session..."



"Alice? Alice?"

I opened my eyes to find myself lying in bed, covered up in my own blankets with my mother
standing over me. My mind was a haze of unsure emotions.


Her stance created a dark silhouette over my face and hair as I tried to focus my eyes. The
morning light tried to force it's way through the heavy blinds shrouding my windows, but the
room remained in the shadows still.

Her face looked concerned, but also confused. "I didn't here you come in last night, were you at
the doctor's that long?"

I reached for my golden locks and sighed. "Doctor? What doctor?"

"Oh sweetheart, you must not be feeling well." she said as she reached for my forehead.

I pulled my head away. "Mom, what doctor?"

Linda returned her hands to her sides and took a deep breath. "That woman who is going to help
you deal with things honey, Dr. Jade is it?"


"I...I don't remember mom." I said, closing my eyes for a moment.

As I began to sit up slowly the warm covers fell from my shoulders into my lap. I was
completely naked. Immediately my mother pushed my shoulders back to the sheets gently and
covered me up, frightened by my exposure.

"Alice, why did you take your clothes off last night?"

I searched for the answer, figuring I could come up with it easily. As I went over my memories
of the last few hours I drew a complete blank. I turned away from her, holding my eyes closed

"I don't know."

"Ohh sweetheart, why can't you just tell me what's going on?" she asked.

I looked up at the ceiling, trying to come completely to my senses. "Mom, will you stay here
with me today, please?"

She turned away from me for a moment. "I...can't honey. Your sister..."

I tried not to burst into tears as she turned and slowly left the room, and me. I looked
around once more, searching for answers. I set the covers aside and stepped out of my bed
onto the carpeted floor. I looked at my own naked body and smiled for some reason. I felt
content and natural almost, I had always hated standing around nude before.

(...Almost perfect...)

"Almost perfect." I whispered, repeating the words I felt pulse through my head.

(...get dressed now child...)

I stumbled over to my dresser and opened the top drawer. Inside was a pair of wrinkled blue
jeans and a sweat shirt with a red stain all over it. I tossed the two articles aside and
rummaged in search of a more suitable outfit for my...for whatever I was getting dressed for.


As I stepped into the large office room there came a quiet breeze from the open windows nearby.
I peered at the designs on the wall, most of them being old paintings but a few of them looked
to be plaques of some kind. Surprisingly there was no desk in the room even though I was
instructed to go to Her office. The room itself seemed inviting, having only two comfortable
chairs near the center along with a small coffee table with papers scattered all over it.

"Hello?" I asked, fearful to step any further into Her warm abode.

"Good Afternoon Alice."

I jumped on the spot, almost screaming in fright, before turning around to see a woman standing
directly behind me. "Did I startle you child?" she asked.

I pushed my hair out of my face, calming down as fast as I could. "Of course not, I'm not

A gentle smile spread across her lovely red lips. "That's nice to hear Alice. I'm sorry I kept
you waiting, shall we?"

Her arms directed me to the two chairs I had observed seconds earlier. She sat gracefully into
the leather padded seat and placed a notebook she was carrying onto the nearby table. As I set
myself down onto the cold material I felt myself shiver for a moment, but quickly hid my
discomfort. She was dressed all in black except for a white blouse which protruded from her
open blazer. Her pants were loose and comfortable, and her bare feet fit perfectly into a pair
of black heels.

"Well, welcome back Alice. I'm Dr. Jade if you recall." she said, reaching her hand out in front
of me politely.

I reached out my own hand and shook hers, knowing for sure that this was the first time I'd ever
seen her


She slowly crossed her legs and placed her hands in her lap, never failing to smile at me

"So how do you feel today Alice?"

"Why?" I asked, defiantly.

She looked into my eyes for a moment. "Your state of emotion is important in determining your
ailment child. And you may call me Selina."

I leaned back in my chair, trying to become comfortable. "I'm not sick, I'm fine."

"Of course child, may I assume you think this is our first session together as well?" she asked,
putting her hand on her thigh.

"It is." I answered quickly.

I searched for answers in her eyes but found none. The more I looked into them the more I
noticed how black they were...not even the darkest shade of brown, totally dark like her long,
flowing hair. I placed my elbow on the arm of the chair to hold my head up. Just a little
drowsy but fine.

"Tell me about your family then." Selina said.

"Why?" I retorted.

Selina leaned back into the leather and closed her eyes for a second. "Questions, you don't like
being asked these types of questions I see."

"I don't see why I should tell you."

A small grin appeared on her face. "Well, how about this...I'll ask you a question, and if you
answer mine you may ask one of me this once. Okay Alice?"

"Okay." I answered.

"Well then...Do you have a boyfriend?" she asked.

"No," I replied, smirking at her question. "What kind of questions are these?"

"I like to keep the subject along the lines of what you're interested in Alice." Selina answered.

Instead of taking the time to think of a more complex question to throw at me, Selina leaned
forward and blinked her eyes at me...affectionately almost.

"You realize the quaint analogy which is associated with your name don't you Alice?"

"What would that be?" I answered, fidgeting with my hair.

"Why, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, of course. Have you read it my dear?"

"A long time ago, I didn't really understand it."

"So you like things to make sense for you whenever possible. You fear the unknown and conform
with society's views, never taking the path of your own choice." Selina said, still staring at

"How can you determine stuff like that just by my telling you I didn't like a book?" I asked,
wondering about her strange insight but making sure not to expose myself in any further way.

"Well, am I correct then?" she replied.

I paused for a moment before answering, "No."

Selina just kept on smiling, somehow looking as if she was penetrating my defenses though I knew
she couldn't.

"Do you ever dream of being in places like Wonderland, where everything is different and events
that aren't normally common happen to you often?" Selina asked.

"I don't dream."

"Really? You mean before the dream you keep having now, right?"

I shuddered for a second. "How did you know about that?"

"You just told me my child." Selina answered, grinning at me.

As I continued to play with my hair Selina reached out her hand, as if to assist me.
Immediately I pulled away.

"What are you doing?"

"You know...you are a very pretty young lady Alice. Did you know that?"

"Why did you say that?" I asked, pretending not to be affected by her words. I knew a doctor
couldn't help me, I was fine.

"Do you not like it when you are complimented by other women Alice? Why?"

I remained staring into her eyes. "I do...just not..."

"Not what?"

I began to feel warm, confused. I hadn't been expecting such strong questions.

"It's not right." I said, quoting many people of the past.

Selina leaned forward and kept on smiling. "Is it perhaps that you have been brought up in a
society where such actions are taboo? Is it that in your quest for attention and acceptance that
you faded into that which clouded who you really are, what you really want?"

A tingle between my legs...

"No, it's wrong." I said, almost angrily.

"Who taught you that Alice," Selina asked. "your mother? The one who cares for your younger
sister more than she does for you? Or your father perhaps? The one who left your family for
someone better? Is what he did wrong? Do you still live by the rules of a society which shuns

"No...it's not like that." I answered, running dry on rational explanations.

"Is it that you want the attention which goes along with being different, but you are afraid to
show the world who you truly are? Do you find me attractive Alice?"

Questions...questions...I grabbed my head with both hands.

"Stop, I...can't...Selina."

"But you want to." she answered.

I lowered my gaze from Selina's eyes to her black blazer...her blouse beneath it...and beneath

"Do you get complimented often Alice?"

"Why do you care?" I asked, failing to return eye contact this time.

"I find that people can be more content, more open with others if they feel good about

"I...like compliments Selina." I said quietly, feeling the urge to smile back at her. Her gaze
soothed my body. I liked her watching me for some reason. She was paying attention to me, she

"Does your mother compliment you often?" she asked.

I didn't answer her question, but I began to think about my mother as well as Selina. All of

"My sister. She..."

"Yes, your infant sibling again. Do you resent the attention she receives compared to you


"Are you sure?" she asked, forcing my mind to fully explore the question I hated.

"Why can't someone be there for me when I need it most?" I asked, able to move my head slightly
to look into the darkness of Her pupils once more.

Selina ran her hand down her black trousers slowly. "Was your father there for you?"

Ohhh god...touch me Selina...feel...squeeze...

"Mmmmm hmmm." I mumbled, shaking my head at the same time, not even fully paying attention to
what she had said.

"But now he's gone, and I am here for you." she whispered, watching me slowly lower my defenses.

My hand slipped between my legs, cautiously rubbing up against the zipper of my jeans.

"I like that Selina." I said, slurring my words a bit.

At an instant her attention turned to the entrance of our new sanctuary. Another young woman
was standing at the door with her hands at her sides. She was near my age only with Selina's
black hair instead. My face flushed as I smiled at her, she was quite beautiful...perfectly

"Yes Margo?" Selina asked, still looking in my direction.

"Bonne après-midi, auriez-vous besoin d'aide avecvotre nouvelle patiente aujourd'hui?
Puis-je vous observer, maîtresse Jade?"

I rumpled my expression in confusion. I had no idea what she had just said, looking at Selina
for answers. She gave me a quick wink and remained looking at me though conversing with the
young maiden at the door.

"Perhaps Margo." she answered, signaling the mysterious person with a slight movement of her
hand. "But first could you maybe..."

Her sentence trailed off. Seconds later the girl at the door nodded in approval, curtsying to
Selina respectfully.

"Je vous apporte votre gobelet et votre seringueimmédiatement. Mon corps vous appartient
Merci beaucoup, maîtresse."

The dark haired figure slowly backed out of the room, stepping into the shadows of the hallway
and out of sight. I watched her body gradually disappear, clenching my fist tightly as it laid
in my lap rubbing up against my jeans.


"What did...she?" I asked, uncrossing my legs to become more comfortable.

"Margo just came in to wish you well Alice, everyone in my care will care for you as well. You
will be granted all the attention you need and deserve here."

Without knowing it I began to drool with happiness. I smiled as the fluid left my lips and
trickled down my chin. It was warm...hot...sensual.

Watch me...love me...

Selina quickly reached forward and pulled a handkerchief from her breast pocket to wipe up my
involuntary display of approval. "Yesss...good my child, but not very sanitary." she said, with
a small grin on her face.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to Selina."

"Hush child, apologies are never required. I'm not here to hinder you from your delight, rather
I am here to help you develop it beyond your given capacity." she said.

"Your hair, how come she has it?" I asked, trying to sound dignified but failing miserably.

"Margo, yes. You like her I see." Selina said, narrowing her eyes. She then uncrossed her
legs and ran one set of fingers through her own hair. "She is indeed a great achievement. I
discovered her on one of my trips to Marseille, a very beautiful city in France."

The most impure of thoughts filled my throbbing head as I thought of the new girl touching
me...speaking french while kissing my body...making me wet for her...

"I...want to...to..."

Selina reached forward and placed her hand on my knee. I felt a sudden jolt of sensations,
filtering out more conscious thought, replacing it with perfection as it was called.

"I understand you play the piano Alice, is this true?" she asked, reverting to more intense
questions surrounding my fading will.

I nodded my head, snorting foolishly as if drunk. I felt myself becoming warm beneath my
clothes...between my legs. I began to rub my jeans harder with my fist, not bothering to hide
my actions from her anymore.

"I do." I answered, feeling as if I was giving her my hand in marriage.

"Does your mother help you in your music?"

I lowered my head and placed my other hand on my thigh, letting myself reminisce about some of
my greatest recitals...the attention I had received.

"She doesn't play..." I said, blinking so as to hide my watering eyes.

"Mmmmmm...so you taught yourself then, Alice? That is so much better. So many more directions for
you to choose now."

I raised my head, curious as to her words and seeking her wisdom.

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"

Selina began to rub my leg, widening her grin and narrowing her eyes in delight.

"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."

A familiar quote...I searched for what came next.

"I don't much care where, so long as I get somewhere." I said, letting Selina continue to caress
my knee with her touch.

"Oh, You're sure to do that, child, if you only walk long enough."

I undid the button on my jeans at last. I sighed with pleasure, calmly trembling as the
excitement grew within my hot body. Selina watched attentively as I unzipped my pants and
peered at my wet underwear.

"Good girl..." Selina whispered.

I began to giggle quietly, looking at myself...touching myself. My hands rested on top of my
mound and began to move up and down, grinding deeply into my covered flesh. Selina raised her
hand without looking at the door again. "You may enter Margo."

I looked up to see her beautiful body again, walking closer to us, holding something. I loved
her watching me. I quickly graduated from rubbing the outer layer of my panties to directly
stimulating my hot cunt. I was dripping with excitement, my hands became bathed in my own
juices at once. My mouth dropped open as Margo walked up to Selina and placed her items on the

"Voici vos instruments, maîtresse. Puis-je rester icipour vous aider?"

"Why of course you can stay and help my darling," Selina answered softly. "can't you see how wet
Alice is for you?"

"Oui, je vois."

Selina removed her hand from my knee and leaned back into her chair, letting Margo come between
her and I. I looked up into her eyes, black again. I liked black. She was dressed in a white
silk robe which barely passed her thighs in length. I craved what lied beneath just as I
knew she felt the same for me. Margo fell to her knees in front of me and inhaled deeply,
taking in my now strong musk with incredible delight. I lifted my hands out of my panties and
into the air, feeling my thick juices run down my fingers, my wrists...cleansing.

"Take her jeans off my darling, don't keep her waiting." Selina said, watching us both from her

Without hesitation Margo placed her soft hands on my legs and began to pull my jeans off slowly.
I lifted my behind from the hot leather seat and allowed my pants to first reach my knees and
then fall to my ankles. I felt my pussy throb from beneath my panties, soaking the material
with more fluid.

"I'm sooo wet." I moaned, holding my arms up high.

"Good my child, let go of all that hinders your spirit. Surrender your mind to my loving and
caring will...Submit everything that is you and rejoice with her touch."

i dropped my arms and stared into the abyss. All that was mine was now Hers, my mind, body,
spirit. i would obey.

"Yes...my mistress..."

"You will become perfect soon my child." Selina whispered as she stood from her seat.

Margo removed jeans from my ankles and tossed them aside, letting my feet dangle from the chair
freely. She then reached for my waist and took a hold of my body, pulling my cunt closer to her

"Si beau, si humide..."

My knees parted slowly...my cunt cried out for attention, as did the rest of my body.

Watch me...touch me...

The first lick was electrifying, sending waves of pleasure through every part of my body. i
moaned out loud, closing my eyes as she lapped up my juices with her hot tongue. i began to
buck my hips forward, forcing her tongue deep into my pussy at last. Then, growing more
restless for true penetration, i placed my hands on Margo's soft hair and pushed it deeper into
my mound, giggling out loud for her.

"Silly girls." Selina said, retrieving one of the items from the table and walking behind me.

"What are you...ohhhhh...doing Selina?" i asked, fumbling between each word as i felt Margo's
tongue explore my clothed mound.

"Just something to make you feel better my darling," Selina whispered, "a personal practice of
mine. You'll like it."

i leaned my chest forward, coming closer to the back of Margo's head as i listened to her slurp
on the flowing juices through my panties. Her tongue became rhythmic...perfectly taught,
teasing my clit softly and forcing my body closer to the edge of pure ecstasy.


i needed more. i squeezed on a lock of Margo's hair as she instinctively reached around the
single layer of my underwear with her tongue, taking her first breath upon the bare flesh of my
pussy as it lied before her. i thrust my hips forward once more, forcing her tongue deep into
my open folds...moaning, giggling along with Margo...pleasing Her.

A slight tingle near my neck and shoulder...almost pleasant. Insertion or extraction? I didn't
even care at that point.

"Shhhh...yes my child, release yourself." Selina whispered into my ear.

My body became sensitive to the touch. i began to writhe back and forth, slowing bucking my
hips, dancing with Margo's tongue inside me. i felt my hot cunt beginning to tighten around her
slippery tongue with every wet thrust.

"Fff...fuck. Ohhhhhhhh god...make me cum!!" i moaned, tilting my head back.

i felt her tongue run along my inner walls, caressing my slit with her movements at the same
time. Holding back what i felt was no longer an option. i watched myself whisk away from what
was left of my rational consciousness. i was meant to be pleasured now, and to please my
mistress along with the others. My mouth began to salivate uncontrollably, soaking into Margo's
hair and down my chin. The tingle soon became completed, withdrawing it's sensation from my
body as i felt Selina step back.

"Now you may cum my darling. Yes..."

i gripped the arms of the chair, screaming out loud to all who could possibly hear. "Fuck!
Fuck!! Aaaaaagggghhhhhhhh!!!"

i threw my head back, wildly shaking as a glimpse of heaven itself was made clear to me at once.
Margo licked my slit one last time as a thick spurt of my nectar poured from my swollen cunt for
Her. My journey with my fellow slave had been made complete through the words of our leader,
and i loved Her for it. i drooled heavily onto my clothes, tossing back and forth in a state of
bliss, screaming Her name with all my heart. As my flow of honey reached it's end i flopped
forward, falling onto Margo who dropped her head between my legs at the same time. We both
breathed heavily, as Selina watched our chests rise and fall simultaneously.

"Such obedient subjects," she whispered, coming back into view. "you shall both be Rewarded."

i tried to lift my head to acknowledge my mistress but could not. Instead i watched as Margo
rotated her head around, soaking in my girl cum with her hair and beginning to giggle again. As
if it were contagious i began to giggle along with her as Selina watched on, pleased with her
two vassals.

"Reward..." i mumbled, releasing more saliva from my mouth as i giggled.

Selina ran her hands through my blonde hair slowly. "Rest now child, there is still much more to
be done."

"Est-ce que je peux rester avec Alice? Je l'aime."

"Why of course you can remain with Alice my darling, you two are magical together." Selina

"Frrr...Margo..." i whispered.

Unable to finish my sentence i slid forward more, lowering my head almost into my lap...losing

(...When you awaken my child, you will feel much better...)

The words echoed through my body, calming me to the point were i went completely numb. Just
before i dozed off i heard Margo begin to moan herself, pleasuring her own body while watching
mine. She was so perfect...i wanted to be more like her, and with my mistress' guidance it
would be done.


(...That which you don't understand will be the means by which you will be disciplined...)

It was a time to rejoice, just like she said. i spun around in the darkness, dressed in my
given robes once more. The silk felt wondrous against my soft skin, waving back and forth as i
danced around in a circle. There was no room, no walls, nothing beneath my feet. There was
only the darkness, in my hair and even in my eyes, the way it was meant to be. i let the
darkness blanket my body, carrying me higher, or was i falling?

"Won't you sit with us and have some tea my child?" a voice asked.

i turned to find myself at the head of a long table, with Selina at the opposite end and two
people sitting adjacent from her nearby. Their attire was very formal except for one of the
girls who was dressed in my identical garment. Selina was dressed in a man's attire with a
large black top hat. Throughout the table were numerous candlesticks, lit with calm flames that
provided the warm light for us all.

"I am thirsty actually, Miss Hatter." i said, noticing the cups in front of each member at the

All eyes were on me...yesss...

Their eyes collectively brought me pleasure...i felt myself becoming wet, becoming perfect...

i walked to a nearby chair and took a seat, bowing my head politely. Next to me was my mother
who was dressed in a blue dress which looked very beautiful on her. She was the only one at the
table who did not share our collective hairstyle, a single flaw that could easily have been
fixed later, i thought. i reached for my chalice only to discover that it was just out of my
reach. A single tag on the beverage read: 'drink me' as i stared at it longingly. Margo
giggled as she took a drink from her own, watching me attentively but not speaking.

The Hatter rearranged her top hat. "Have some more Alice." she said, smiling at me in her
amusing wardrobe.

"But I can't have More, I haven't had any yet." i stated, still reaching out my arms

"You mean you can't have Less," she answered. "it's very easy to have More than nothing."

Margo reached out once more and easily grasped her goblet. Yet instead of drinking it this time
she tipped it onto her silk drapery, splashing a red liquid all over the white material. A look
of confusion came to my face first. As i continued to watch the thick red fluid soak into her
clothing my expression turned to that of giddy approval. A premonition?

Margo and i both laughed at each other as she got up onto the table itself and laid out for me
running her hands down the drenched silk, moistening her hands. i turned to the Hatter for
permission and found a blanket propped in her arms. She was cradling my sister and whispering
to her softly. She then handed the baby to my mother and leaned back in her chair.

"Well, what are you waiting for Alice? Make love to her while your mother and I watch." she said
to me, sipping her beverage.

Margo lifted her garment past her stomach, writhing upon the table with her dripping cunt
waiting for me. "Embrassez-moi Alice. Je te veux."

Her legs spread apart, knocking my mother's chalice onto the tablecloth. As i inched closer i
pushed my hands between my legs, letting my own wetness become visible through the flowing silk
at last.

i needed her...her soft skin, her firm breasts...everything. i stumbled onto the table, causing
another candle to tip in my clumsiness. The attention remained upon me, as it should have.

Yesss...watch me, love me...fuck me...


I came to my senses at last. The room was dark. What else could it have been, I thought to
myself. I was home again, safe. Slowly, I sat up from my pillow and looked under my covers to
find that I was at least clothed this time.

"Selina? Margo?"

There was no answer, they were both gone.

"Mom?" I called out, hoping to be heard by someone.

After a few seconds of silence there was a knock at my door. I gave the word and the figure
entered. Though the room was still cast in shadows the face was all too familiar and even
relieving as well.

"Yes dear? Did you call me?" she asked.

"Mom, yes I did." I answered, sighing to myself.

"Everything's safe now Alice, I'm here."

"Selina...Dr. Jade. Mom where's my sister?" I asked, hoping to be reassured.

There was a pause. "She's sleeping Alice. Why?"

"I...I don't know, I just..."

Linda hushed my words and came forward to hug me. I reached out my arms and let her embrace me
tenderly. After a moment she held back, pulling away and narrowing her eyes.


"Yes, it's me mom, what is it?" I asked, looking a little frightened.

She reached for a nearby lamp and turned it on, flooding the room with a light that forced the
darkness away. Her look changed to one of confusion almost immediately.

"What did you..."

"Mom, what is it? Tell me!"

She backed away as I raised my voice. I jumped out of bed and ran into the hallway, heading for
the bathroom. I passed a staircase which led down...a reminder? As soon as I reached the
lavatory I hit the light switch and stared into the mirror.

"What? Ohhhh god..."

Black hair. Identical to Her's and Margo's in every way. I leaned onto the sink and began to
breathe fast, hoping that when I looked again that everything would be fine. Still, the
darkness remained.

"No!" I yelled, beginning to cry. Linda quickly came to the door of the bathroom behind me,
watching my expression through the mirror.

"It's fine sweetheart..." she said, hoping to console me with her words.

"No! It's her, she did this! I can't..."

I looked into the mirror one last time. Selina stood next to me, just barely touching my
changed hair. Her smile was of approval, looming over my body and calling forth an
uncontrollable urge to comply.

(...Who is that Alice? Who's that in the reflection?...)

"Stop it!" I screamed, grabbing hold of the large radio next to the sink.

I thrust the device into the reflection, shattering the mirror instantly. I shielded myself as
large shards of glass fell into the sink and onto the floor with a loud crash. Linda screamed
as she turned away from the flying debris. I fell forward at once, still holding myself up
using the sink, watching my chest heave and my eyes turn hazy through the large shards.

"Ohh sweetheart, I want to help you. I'll call the doctor."

"No! Mom please don't, I'm fine...I'm sorry."

Linda came to her feet and stumbled away, heading towards the sound of a faint cry.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to Selina." I whispered.

(...Hush child, apologies are never required...)

"I know...."

i quickly remembered my lesson, panting with exhaustion but now at attention on my feet. i
watched all of the people below me, waving back and forth from within each shattered reflection.
They were perfect...i was perfect.

(...We're waiting for you Alice, you don't want to be late...)

"No...I don't." i answered, gazing at the many faces of my own at my feet.

They were all looking at me...i liked that...

i fell to my knees, cracking more of the mirror in my haste. The words were soft and inviting,
echoing her question through every shadow in Her new home.

(...Are you willing my child? Do you really wish yourself to be with me?...)

"Always, mistress...what would you have of me?" i asked, running my hands down my body, Her body.

(...That mirror, pick it up...use it to prove your obedience this one time...)

My hands grasped the shiny object carefully. i looked into the reflection one last time to find
Alice caressing her mistress, my Reward for obedience.

Kneeling before Her...i imagined...licking her...

The incision was paltry, easily imitated on my other wrist. Warm and calming...flowing very
slowly with silent endearment. i dropped the jagged shard and smiled for myself, knowing i had
completed a difficult task.

Her indulgence would be satisfied in time...i attempted to stand but immediately knelt once more.

(...Good girl...you have proven yourself, now rest until the time comes...)

i slowly removed my sweater from my body and let my hands explore my skin, becoming familiar
with the curves...learning about myself, what felt best...how i would touch Her...

My skin became painted rose colored as my hands passed over it. My breasts became
full...sensitive as i ran my fingers past my nipples...


i closed my eyes and drifted away, smiling in anticipation of the unknown. Once again I
embraced the darkness on my own, falling gently through the air, waiting to be summoned by my


Hours later i was finally awakened by the calm chimes of a distant song which echoed through my
head. i slowly sat up from my position, cracking more broken mirror quietly as i came to my
feet. Staring into a final shard of reflective surface i saw who i wanted to see, the beautiful
creation of my mistress in full bloom. Around my pupils the white of my eyes had turned to a
bright shade of red, almost as if i had been strangled, though i was completely free of any harm.

So beautiful...so perfect...i loved me...

There came a call soon after i dropped the last shard among the shattered remains. i turned to
the door and stumbled into the hallway, weaving back and forth without balance. As i reached
the long, shadow filled hallway i glanced at the item near the staircase. It was a long, white
curtain by the looks of it, only it was shaped differently. Upon further inspection i realized
it to be clothing...my clothing.

(...For you my child...enjoy...)

"Thank you so much mistress Jade, I've always wanted my own..." I said, affectionately.

i began to peel away the remaining clothing i was wearing, shedding the articles one by one to
the floor until i was completely naked. The cool air brought goose bumps to my soft skin almost
immediately. Before i knelt to apply my gift i ran my hands down my perfect body starting from
my long black hair, then my full, sensitive breasts. My figure enjoyed the feeling of being
touched now more than ever even by my own hand, my senses had become enhanced beyond plausible
capacity. Even the aroma of the silk made it's way to my nose along with an infinite number of
other fragrances which lined the walls, ceiling and floor.

The silk became draped over my body, leaving only my head, neck and arms visible. i calm breeze
now gently flowed up from beneath my robe, tickling my bare sex with every passing moment. The
path laid out before me was one that served my memory well. A long, dark staircase which led
down. i traced my own footsteps down the steps as if i was re-living the dream exactly. Once
at the bottom I stepped onto the velvet carpet for the second time...or the first time.
Questions...things i hated having to think about. At once my mind was cleared of all conscious
thought, returning to a state of purity and bliss.

"Mommy. Are you in here?" I asked, knowing the answer but still feeling a little playful.

The song continued, leading me closer to it's origin with each staggering step. Then, at long
last, the scene which had echoed in the end of countless dreams had been brought to life
meticulously by my loving mistress.

"Alice, your wrists..." my mother said, rotating her head to look upon me.

My answer had already been set before me countless times in my dreams. And, just like in my
dreams, it was repeated through my lips as I peered down at my small detriment. The
premonition's transformation into reality? Or a continuation of a dream...of Wonderland?

"I passed the test..."

Across the room Selina sat in a large, padded chair close to Margo who was on her knees just off
to the side of her. At the piano sat my mother, who was dressed in her regular attire still,
only with a soft, clueless look on her face. As soon as i proceeded further into the room i was
met with all eyes including Selina's

"There she is, my perfect darling. Isn't she lovely girls?" Selina asked.

Margo immediately nodded her head and gave me a small wave with her hand.

"Elle est parfaite maintenant. Un ajout de plus ànotre famille."

Selina leaned back into her chair. "No, not just one new addition to our family Margo."

The young servant turned to the opposite corner of the room, gazing upon a crib and the contents
which could not be seen in the dim, candle lit chamber. She smiled with approval like
always...and so did i.

"Nothing to say Linda?" Selina asked happily. There was no reply, only a gentle swaying of my
mothers head to signify consciousness to some degree. "In that case I thank you for your kind
gifts to me, I will take good care of them both."

"Yesss...care for me my mistress...touch me please..." i moaned, stepping closer to her.

i stood next to Margo, who was still sitting on the floor quietly, and reached my arms out for
Her. Selina smiled as she had countless times before, breathing slowly and uncrossing her legs.

"Good my child. Now...fall to your knees." she whispered, watching my body sway back and forth
at first.

Immediately i came to my knees, obeying her every loving gesture calmly.

"Ohhhh...Selina...please let me have you..." i answered.

"Mmmmmm...that's a good girl. Do I make you wet darling?" she asked.

My mouth drooped open as i lowered my head to prove her query. i reached underneath my silk
cover and let my fingers make a single pass across my dripping folds before bringing them back
up to show my mistress.

i wanted Her...i needed Her...

In approval, Selina undid the first button of her black trousers, smiling at me to continue.

"I'm going to let you lick me Alice, would you like that?" she asked softly.

My mouth remained wide open as the saliva began to flow. i nodded my head slowly, letting my
black hair impair my already blurred vision for a moment.

"Ohhhh ffffuck...yes my mistress...by your wishes..."

Selina stood from her chair and continued to remove her black pants slowly, never taking her
eyes away from mine as she moved. At the same time, with a small gesture of her expression,
Linda turned back to the piano and began to play once more. i watched as Selina stepped out of
her heels and discarded trousers and sat back on the edge of her seat before me.

"Soft, slow and perfect my child," Selina whispered, looking down upon me. "you may begin."

i inhaled deeply, turning to Margo for a brief moment to find her looking into my dark, red eyes
in admiration. The blur of my vision had become commonplace. It made things more soft, more
simple for me. The physical appearance of my eyes was an unexpected Reward given to me by her.
Margo continued to watch as she laid herself out and lifted the silk above her waist, ready to
join in on her own accord.

With the aid of my mother's sound i drew my head closer and closer. The fragrance was so
powerful and consuming...soothing. i reached out my hands and placed them gently upon her
thighs, feeling the calming warmth of a woman who truly was perfect. Her skin was soft, and
flawless in my hands. As i ran my fingertips further up towards the still clothed source of my
lustful desire, i began to drool profusely.

"Fffffuck...mmmmm i...like this." i moaned, receiving pleasure at the mere sight of my mistress'
elegant figure.

Selina took a deep breath as i neared her hips and took hold of the waistline on her panties and
pulled down on them with an overwhelming anticipation. As more of her was revealed to me i felt
a similar sensation between my own legs, making me more wet in return. Then, at long last, her
beautiful mound was revealed to me for the first time in my existence.

Soft...and perfect...

Her enchanting cunt was completely bare, void of any hair in it's infinite beauty. Selina
opened her blazer as my breath first met her hot, sensitive flesh. i let my tongue protrude
from my lips for the first touch which came moments after she had opened her blouse. My senses
were met with the wonderful taste of Selina's moist folds, dripping and wet. A calm sigh came
from my mistress in quiet approval. Seconds later her legs staggered for a moment, regaining
control quickly from the exhilaration.

"Good...girl...mmmmmmm." Selina whispered, narrowing her eyes slightly.

With a calm stroke my tongue ran across her wet slit slowly, and sensually as commanded. The
motions remained constant until further orders were given to proceed further inside.

"Push your tongue inside me darling...yessss..."

A warm trickle of Selina's juices on my tongue became the first sign of my entry into her
quivering pussy. i let myself lick up and down her inner walls, soaking in the moist discharge
carefully while continuing to drool all over myself at the same time. Soon the calm sighs
became quiet moans, urging me to proceed further...deeper. A flux of images, dark and sensual,
flooded my mind. Transmitted from my mistress as her own body became subject to such forbidden

Watch me...watch us together...

The other inhabitants of the room remained silently watching my erotic display of sexual
fulfillment, watching me...giving me attention for my actions, not paying mind to the rival
sounds of a young cry.

"Unngghhhhh...yesss child, slow just like that..." Selina moaned, now fulling closing her eyes.

i swallowed, letting her warm juices flood my throat for a moment. Different than the liquid
Reward i had become accustomed to but no less sweet in it's flavor. The melodious sound of
Selina's moaning drove my tongue deeper, passing her hard clit momentarily but not failing to
give it a slight bit of attention as a tease. It then became the main focus of my tongue's
attention, learning that my mistress derived the greatest amount of pleasure from it's

Margo was now moaning loudly, shaking with her hands between her legs.

i noticed my own body becoming more aroused than i ever thought possible from the stimulation of
another woman at my own hands. i felt a small pool of my own juices on the floor as my legs
passed over it momentarily. My own cunt had become excited, waiting for a similar touch which
was to come very soon. i continued to lick Selina, deriving more pleasure for myself as I let
my tongue run up and down across her hot clit repeatedly.

"Ohhhhhhh...darling...Alice don't stop." she said in between moans, increasing the volume of her
voice considerably.

i felt her thoughts being transmitted to my mind, every desire, every dark emotion, every moan
of sexual gratification. Selina's voice bombarded my head from every direction, including from
the inside out, as the peak of her excitement approached with every consecutive lick and thrust.

The candles flickered all at once. Margo was now screaming out loud on the carpet. My mothers
melody had begun to reach it's culminating point. Everything was...perfect.

With Selina's throbbing pussy oozing her hot liquid down into my throat, i took her pulsating
clit into my mouth and began to suck on it for the final moments of her bliss. After one final
touch with my tongue, i waited as my mistress' dark rapture came to a glorious climax for the
first time at my hands.

"Darling!! Yessss!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Every light in the room was eradicated as my mistress' body began to spasm in her seat, lost in
the forbidden pleasures of our highest moment of voluptuous enjoyment. Her screams surpassed
the seemingly quiet whimpers of a weakened Margo as a thick course of her honey engulfed my face
and senses, which were still held deep between her spread legs. The almost syrup-like liquid
filled my nostrils and mouth before i was finally able to pull away and enjoy my newly created
nourishment fully.

The melody came to a stop.

Lust...dripping, dark...i liked these words. As i thought of such things, even more decadent
temptations seeped into my once innocent mind. i swallowed my mistress' serene nectar,
thirsting for so much more than i had already been given. The room was nearly pitch black,
only numerous shadows and the sounds of heavy breathing from all of it's inhabitants remained.

"Mistress...fffuck me...i thirst..." a voice whispered, it was my voice.

i began to writhe around upon the moist carpet, reaching for anything within my grasp to
touch...to embrace. Seconds later my hand met with another, immediately feeling the spark of
physical contact. Almost immediately i reached further out pulling the dark figure directly
against my glistening body. Without words or sounds i pulled my own face close to hers and let
my tongue meet her forehead with a lustful kiss. Then the action was repeated to every inch of
the unknown figure's face as i drooled all over it uncontrollably.

"Mmmmm...so full of energy aren't you my slave?" a voice whispered in the distance.

At that moment i felt my partner's tongue slip from her open mouth to meet my own. i physically
began to suck on it, moaning deeply and savoring it's sweet taste. It was...different than
before, strange and yet so exhilarating. i struggled to focus my eyes but couldn't make out the
figure only inches away from my own face.


The response came from behind my body, in the area still enveloped in darkness.

"Oui Alice? Je suis ici."

A small candle was lit, lighting the center of the room so that Selina and her chair, Margo and
myself could all be seen in the dim flame. Margo was sitting just out of my reach as i turned
my neck, this time completely naked and holding herself as if to restrain her movements towards
me for a moment. Selina was wearing only her blouse which was unbuttoned and flowing in the
gentle illumination. It was then that i turned back to the one who i had been licking and
caressing, realizing who it was.

"Mom...?" i whispered, confused and waiting for direction from my mistress.

Selina stood from her chair and walked over to us, kneeling to educate her newest achievement.

"Your mother is resting now my darling," she said softly. "she hasn't had enough time to be
fully treated but she is here with us for now."

i peered into the eyes...completely dilated, looking through me even.

"Mmmmmm...I like her this way." i answered, smiling at the silent figure.

Selina turned to her second servant.

"Margo, bring us our special Reward." she said.

Reward...i began to salivate once more...the result of my mistress' conditioning in full effect.
The word itself made me thirst.

Immediately Margo rose to her feet and turned to a nearby table, retrieving two shiny goblets
before returning towards us slowly.

"Reward...I thirst." i whispered, continuing to not blink as i had been doing for some time.

"Why don't you take off your robes for now my child, we might spill."

i pulled the soft material over my head and tossed it aside, watching as Margo handed a single
chalice to Selina and remained holding on to the other in her still dripping fingers. i came to
my knees once more and placed one hand on my wet sex and the other just above my chest. Selina
dipped a single finger into the goblet and soaked in the thick, red liquid before bringing it
to my lips. i then took the dripping finger into my mouth and sucked off every last drop
obediently, growing more excited as Margo knelt beside me.

"Fuck me anyone...please." i whispered, letting a small trail of Reward run from my mouth.

The moment had arrived after so much discipline and dreams which set forth the events which were
now becoming a reality. i let myself gently fall back until my shoulders met the wet carpet.
Selina brought the chalice over top my breasts and began to tip it ever so slightly, making my
eyes narrow in dark felicity.

At first there came a few small drops of the rosy liquid onto my chest, but as Selina lowered
her goblet lower she let a tiny stream begin to pour out onto my bare skin. i sighed loudly,
tickled by the calm fluid as it ran down my breasts slowly. It was slightly chilled, thick and
wonderful. i had grown fond of the mere sight of the red fluid. The sight of my new reflection
and colored eyes pleased me just the same.

Dr. Jade set the goblet aside and looked upon Margo, who obediently lowered herself towards my
stomach with a mere expression from our mistress' face. The touch of her long hair first graced
my drenched body, soaking in the Reward as Margo's lips passed over my naval with a hot breath.
Her tongue then slid onto my bare skin just above my stomach, moving upwards towards my breasts;
the main focus of the recent spill. Selina marveled in the sight of her two slaves on top of
each other moaning and bathing in life's precious fluid together.

The attention...a promise kept and the time to reap it's benefits at last...

Her fervid lips mounted my left breast, kissing in circles around my wet nipple which had become
erect with passion. My hands remained at my sides, shaking slowly as my finger nails dug into
my palms with euphoric stimulation. Margo's tongue guided her lips over my nipple until it was
held gently in her mouth as she brought it pleasure. i felt my entire body, not just the part
which was covered in liquid, become moist and dripping with perspiration. And between my legs
an eternal fire which could not be quenched with anything less than full penetration.

Look at me, yesss...fuck me now...

My mistress brought herself forward and placed her hand on Margo's shoulder, smiling with her
calm control. Margo digressed for a second, sucking on my nipple slowly before removing her
lips from the now clean skin, dripping the fluid from her mouth as she rose. She then lifted
herself up and let one leg cross over my body as she mounted my stomach, still facing me
affectionately. i could feel her warm folds rubbing up against my soft flesh as her and i
stared at each other, a reflection of two almost identical beings with only minor physical and
mental differences but perfectly treated. Selina grasped the other remaining chalice which was
still full to the brim and handed it to Margo while taking her position between my legs.

"So young, so beautiful Alice dear," Selina said from behind Margo. "Welcome to your new

Instead of feeling the warm breath of my mistress' mouth which i had come to expect from my
previous practice with her the first touch was different. Selina placed her hand gently onto my
thigh and began to caress up and down my leg, reminiscent of her first physical contact with me
ever. i felt my lower body tremble with excitement as every slow stroke of her fingers came
closer to my throbbing pussy with each pass. Margo rested her hands on the carpet next to my
hips and leaned her upper body back, beginning a sliding motion along my stomach with her own
cunt which had become wet and slick along with mine. Then, with the hand that held the goblet,
she raised it above her head and dumped out the entire supply onto her forehead as she held her
mouth open to take in what little amount actually made it to her lips. The red libation now
trailed down her face and chin, neck and chest, causing Margo to hold her eyes tightly shut as
she brought forth sounds of ecstasy. Slowly, it trickled down her breasts and stomach, becoming
identically covered as my body was.

Slippery and perfect...a frenzy of lust and arousal that had no end in sight; my new existence
summed up flawlessly...

My chest heaved as i felt the first finger pass by my drooling pussy. It entered with the
greatest of ease, calmly sliding inside and taking it's place until more could arrive. The lone
candle near Selina's chair flickered. The last light of the room, overwhelmed with the daunting
task of brightening the cavernous chamber. The darkness had clearly taken over. A second
finger, this time more quickly slipped inside so as to cause a small whimper from my lips
followed by a giggle. Her fingers inside me felt like the most incredible thing ever. Selina
slowly rotated and bent them slightly, rubbing up against my inner most walls far deeper than
Margo's tongue had ever travelled. The creature astride my glistening body thrust herself
back and forth, giggling and moaning and speaking in French from drooling lips. A third finger.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yesss! Fuck me please!! Unnhhhhhh!" i yelled, raising my voice louder than Margo's
for a moment.

A steady, rhythmic movement of Selina's three fingers pushed deep within my folds, returning for a
moment before sliding back in firmly. The process became repeated, and with each thrust i
moaned louder and felt the pressure begin to build inside. i tossed my head from side to side,
giggling and yelling out anything and everything along with Margo, when my gaze came upon Linda
who was still lying seemingly lifeless on the carpet with her eyes wide open. With a slight
twitch of my mistress' body, my mother came to her feet slowly, letting her loose jeans fall to
her ankles.

"In a circle, mommy. Dance around your daughter and I." Selina exclaimed, grinning at her words.

The actress complied with her director's words as if Selina was creating a scene. Fully in
control where once every participant thought themselves to be the superior. My mistress showed
them all, including the disobedient blonde haired child in the reflection. Linda began to skip
around us all in a circle, a blind smile on her face, looking as if she were dancing a ritual
around a sacred fire. The three of us laughed at the foolish slave, but found delight in her
attention to us and her praise.

A crack of thunder and another flicker of the candle. i cupped my breasts gently, squeezing my
hard nipples as i felt Selina's fingers plunge in and out endlessly. My clit became stroked
with every rhythmic pass, bringing me closer and closer to an inevitable orgasm. My slippery
walls began to tighten on each digit, warning Selina of my approaching climax but not stopping
her from sliding in farther and faster than before. Margo drew her throbbing cunt up my body
and past my breasts until she reached my neck, pushing hard into my skin along the way so as to
bring her to the peak of excitement which she could no longer contain.

"Alice!! Unnnggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

My neck was hit with a thick splash of girl cum as Margo exploded directly below my face. She
threw her upper body back and let her head land just above my cunt as she screamed my name over
and over. Linda began to remove the remaining clothing above her waist as she continued to
prance around us in perfect rhythm with Selina's voice and hand. Margo's hair fell near
Selina's pumping hand, becoming wet in my stream of juices which was building. i felt my
muscles begin to contract, unable to take the stimulation much longer.

"Make me Cum!! Ohhhhhhh Selina, yes! Yes!!!" i screamed, grabbing hold of Margo's legs just atop
my shoulders.

My entire body bucked from beneath Margo's limp figure, gasping for air with each breath and
moaning wildly amidst my mother who was now openly pleasuring herself as she skipped around us
in circles. A feeling of light-headedness consumed my heightened senses as i felt Selina inside
me, pushing hard and deep to bring me to a glorious climax. With one final thrust there came
another crack of thunder from the dark outside. i felt my dripped, swollen cunt begin to
pulsate uncontrollably as my pussy walls gripped my mistress' fingers with all their might.


i grabbed onto Margo tightly as a wave of my creamy honey covered Selina's hand and part of her
arm seconds after my voice reached it's peak. My body shook wildly and i continued to scream,
yelling out to my mistress who i had pleased greatly with my efforts. The thick stream, ran
down my behind and onto the soaked carpet along with the remainder of the red liquid which now
stained Margo's and my body entirely. Margo's hair became covered in my wonderful fluid as her
head rested upon my small fleece. The final light in the room flickered out as Selina released
Linda from her performance and allowed her to fall to her knees, still pleasuring herself fully.
The entire room was filled with the intoxicating aroma of sweat, candles and our combined cunts
which made the air thick and hot. Margo, still limp, fell off the side of my body as i used
what was left of my strength to pull myself out from under her light weight. The sound of my
hands pushing hard against the carpet made small sloshing sounds as if the carpet had become one
big wet sponge. A floor filled with sweat, blood and the girl cum of three women. Our
breathing was loud and sensual, each unique in it's sound. i lied my head back and stared into
the abyss once more, drifting away as my body became numb.

(...Welcome to my family Alice...you'll like it here...)

Selina rose to her feet gracefully and licked every last drop of my cum from her hand, smiling
in the darkness...her darkness. Another successful patient in her ongoing quest. Our minds
linked and in eternal communication with one another, just like all of the other voices as well.

A new beginning. My first feeling of tumbling down the rabbit hole with my mistress in a life
time that was sure to bring much greater experiences. With my sister in her arms, we descended
into the shadows together. Dreaming of new patients and new experiences which would be the
clear result of our obedience to our mistress.

(...Alice, have you ever been to England? Perhaps it is time we took a little trip...)

Margo and i curtseyed side by side in the darkness, answering in different
languages simultaneously.

"That sounds wonderful mistress Jade..."

The beautiful woman smiled before us once more, pleased with her accomplishments.

(...Until our next session my children...)

END for now...

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